sporkeeeagarwood, You want the #debian channel.00:00
odayhow can i unhide folders in my home folder? ubuntu 12.1000:00
Dr_Willisnerder:  try renameing that file.   mv monitors.xml monitors.xml.old00:00
Dr_Willisoday:  in what app?  nautils has a menu setting to show them, or alt-h (or was it ctrl-h)00:00
agarwood#debian nobody talking...00:01
nerderDr_Willis, ok, and after that i have to change my resolution, and cross my finger LOL00:01
Oran_hello guys, can some tell me how much space i will need for ubuntu to work and programm with it00:01
Dr_Willisagarwood:  its still the place for debian support  agarwood00:01
delinquentmesudo dmidecode -t memory   <<< does this work ?00:01
delinquentmeI mean I run it ...  and I get output .. but I dont believe the output.00:01
sporkeeeagarwood, Load what ever drive when using the disc that makes ubuntu work is this a broadcom card?00:01
Oran_i going to install it on my notebook and iam not sure how much i need to give him00:01
Dr_WillisOran_:  most minimal setup i would say about 10gb.00:01
delinquentmeits telling me I've got 4 slots for memory on my laptop ... b ut im pretty sure I've only got two00:02
nerderDr_Willis, i saw that compiz open, i should kill that process?00:02
Dr_WillisOran_:  id say about 30gb for a useable system00:02
jimi_i am getting compile errors when trying to install thin.gem00:02
Oran_and whats some kind of "maximum" when i dont want to store files liek videos and musik on it00:02
Dr_Willisnerder:  after removeing that file. the user should be using the system defaults when they login next time00:02
nerderok i'll try00:02
Oran_i have ssd with 256 for ubuntu and winodws00:02
Oran_so i have enough space but iam not sure how to split it well, cause i need win for some gaming sessons i cant use just ubuntu00:03
sporkeeeOran_, Use the size needed.00:03
Oran_thats the point i never needed to split my hdd for dual boot , so i never had to made the choice00:04
Dr_WillisOran_:  if you are going to be doing just simple programing. you could just run lubuntu in a virtual box session.00:04
Oran_nah, i really want to use ubuntu more and more00:04
sporkeeeOran_, ubuntu installed stock in one partition is less than 5 gigs plus a swap partition.00:04
sporkeeethats a minimal amount00:05
Oran_i mean guys, how much space do u use for ubutnu + programms for office use + eclipse + some framworks00:05
odayDr_Willis, i just installed conky and i launch in terminal, but i can't see anything on the screen. Can it be because i use gnome desktop?00:05
Oran_i can give more than 30 with no problem00:05
Oran_i just wonder if i shall go for 50 or 100 gb00:06
Dr_Willisoday:  conky  works with gnome-desktop00:06
Oran_btw i will have secoudn hdd for big files for both systems00:06
nerderDr_Willis, Amazing ;)00:06
odayDr_Willis, so what can be the problem?00:06
sporkeeethe shell is mutter though00:06
Dr_Willisoday:  no idea. its worked for me when i ran it from a terminal under unity or gnome, or are you auto-starting it?00:07
Oran_does some got expirience about using programms for windowfs and ubuntu  on an 2 place?00:07
odayDr_Willis, just runing in terminal conky00:09
Dr_Willisthere should be a conky panel showing on the desktop if you minimize all  the windows.00:09
odayDr_Willis, nothing.00:10
Dr_Willisoday:  tried with the default conky setup>? no error messages?  does ps ax | grep conky show conky running?00:11
agarwoodsporkeee it is same like this one : http://img.diytrade.com/cdimg/1728156/24816191/0/1330333894/Best_Price_HSDPA_USB_Modem_3G_Dongle_with_Voice_Function.jpg00:11
harrisis the a free pdf for python for kids00:11
Dr_Willisharris:  since its not really ubuntu specific.. we dont know. :) you have hit up your fave search engine and looked?00:12
Wugso I don't suppose anyone has an idea about why this video will play with flash but not HTML5? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ReAjMhCeu000:12
odayDr_Willis, 23742 pts/2    Sl     0:02 conky 23802 pts/1    Sl+    0:00 conky   i guess that means yes00:12
Dr_WillisWug:  not all youtube videos support HTML500:12
sporkeeeagarwood, We can't really help with debian here.00:13
SonikkuAmericaagarwood: /j #debian00:13
Dr_Willisoday:  kill it with 'killall conky' and try with the default conky config perhaps00:13
odayDr_Willis, what do u mean by default config?00:13
Dr_Willisoday:  if you have no .conkyrc file. then conky uses the default00:13
agarwoodok no problem I understand, thank you !!00:14
odayDr_Willis, now it works. but how do i change the settings now?00:15
Dr_Willisoday:  make a conky config that does what you want00:15
DarkAceLaptopDr_Willis, turns out I'm going to need x for this00:15
Dr_Willisconky has 10000's of pages/sites/examples of configs00:15
DarkAceLaptopis there a way to do this?00:15
Dr_WillisDarkAceLaptop:  to do what?00:15
DarkAceLaptopDr_Willis, run a program as another user from the current user00:16
Dr_Willissu username   --command whatever00:17
Dr_Willisi thought worked for me.00:17
odayDr_Willis, kk, i'll make one.. should i save it as .conkyrc in the homefolder?00:18
Dr_Willisoday:  conky can be told to look anywhere.00:18
Dr_Willissee the conky homepage/docs/faq for details and examples00:18
DarkAceLaptopit says --command isn't an option00:18
DarkAceLaptopoh wait00:18
odayDr_Willis,  i got it working already, ty.00:19
DarkAceLaptopyeah, I dunno, it's saying stuff like 'You forgot to call g_type_init()'00:19
DarkAceLaptop(process:16185): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.34.1/./gobject/gtype.c:2720: You forgot to call g_type_init()00:20
Dr_Williswhat app are you trying to run?00:20
DarkAceLaptopI'm using it right now00:20
DarkAceLaptopit uses a panel icon, if that's relevant00:20
DarkAceLaptopnotification icon, rather00:21
Dr_Willisfor a gui app you may need to use gksu, or sux,00:21
Dr_Willisjavier:  you DID try the nvidia drivers in the repos first?00:30
[0_1UNDRtheBOTSjavier: try: sudo sh file.run00:30
knasHello good people. Just installet edubuntu. Cant seem to get the sound going though.  First time linux user. No idea how to search for problems or possible solutions00:30
nerderrrjavier, i think just ./file.run00:30
[0_1UNDRtheBOTSthat works too00:30
nerderrrAnybody know how can i leave the SideBar?00:30
Dr_Willisjavier:  it has to be ran from the console also.. and not under X00:30
javieralso, i am displaying on a samsung flat screen and have been trying to use the nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode ="DFP-1: 1920x1080 {ViewPortOut=1850x1055+40+25}" in oreder to get the toolbars and borders to show correctly00:31
javierI am currently running 12.10 as well00:31
DaSpawnIs this a good place to ask a question regarding LVM and mirroring?00:32
willowsknas: did you try googling something like "edubuntu sound not working"?00:32
h00kwillows: we try to refrain from telling people to google in here, it's not always quite helpful00:33
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.00:33
javierthat command is also not sticking for reason.00:33
willowsh00k: ok00:34
kexibqhey guys, I have a problem with input/output error(5) during installation, and I have no more blank discs, or USB sticks. any ideas as to what I can do?00:35
Random832kexibq: do you know whether it's an error on your hard drive or the installation media?00:35
xmlnewbi_anyone in here work with the raspberry pi? with zbar  qr codes?00:36
Dr_Willisxmlnewbi_:  theres the #raspberrypi channel00:36
giikerhaving trouble with my audio, I can hear music when listening to pandora from my terminal, but I can when trying to make a google voice chat?00:38
giikerhaving trouble with my audio, I can hear music when listening to pandora from my terminal, but I can't when trying to make a google voice chat?00:38
kexibqRandom832: I think it is the installation media00:39
Random832well usb sticks cost like ten dollars00:39
kexibqis there any way that, now I am booted into a live environment, that I can download/install the installation files needed that way?00:39
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:39
Ca103Wow I thought that this channel would be filled :(00:51
Dr_Willisbeen having netsplits all night00:51
Dr_Willisi think we got split off from the main body.00:51
Dr_Willisbut still theres 1000+ people here00:51
Ca103Lol I am still learning my irc client :)00:52
Dr_Willisenjoy your trip? ;)00:53
scxcan anyone ping browsershots.org?00:54
Pentium44this is what the ubuntu site should look like00:54
Dr_Willisworks here scx00:54
scxDr_Willis: could you show me result of?: nslookup browsershots.org00:54
dfxhello guys00:55
scxDr_Willis: ok, thanks00:55
dfx can someone tell me why icant ssh into my machine   using my 3g in phone while i can do when im connected to same  wifi network as my machine00:56
ronnieanyone know anything about rooting android?00:57
Dr_Willis totally depends on your android device ronnie .. see #android channel00:58
ronnieive got 2 lg optimus s running 2.3.3 and a lg viper  running 4.0.400:59
Kyedfx: does the phrase "port forwarding" mean anything to you?00:59
dfxronnie go see xda developpers or androidcentral00:59
ronnieive checked both and nothings working01:00
dfxKye: well ido see it in the connectbot app but ido click it nethin happaned01:00
Kyeconnectbot? is that an ssh client or something.01:00
Dr_Willisits a ssh client for android.01:00
dfxKye an android one01:00
Dr_Willistheres many alternative ssh clients for android01:00
Dr_WillisYou do need to enable port forwarding on the router to forward the ssh port to the right pc01:01
GeekDudeI have 2 hard drives. Drive 1 has windows on it, Drive 2 has whoknowshwat on it. I want to install ubunt onto drive2. I'm using a LiveUSB. I was told to disconnect Drive1 while formatting Drive2, then when done installing, reconnect Drive1 and add it to the /boot/grub/device.map and run update-grub01:01
ronnieive tryed on rootingt on both windows and linux01:01
Pentium44looky ^01:01
Kyedo you know how to get into your modem/router settings dfx? you'll find port forwarding settings in there01:01
Dr_WillisPentium44:  please dont spam stuff like that.01:02
Pentium44yes sur Dr_Willis01:02
dfxkye yes i do01:02
Kyeyou'll want to forward tcp port 22 to whichever  ip address your machine is using on your network01:02
Kyeugh it's like someone just learned that html files are editable and wanted to make fun of Ubuntu01:03
GeekDudeDoes anyone have instructions or advice on how to put ubuntu onto a second internal drive, without corrupting the first internal drive (that has windows on it)01:03
Kyethe installer should handle that for you GeekDude, but if you want to be sure, just physically unplug the drive before you install it01:04
Dr_WillisGeekDude:  tell the installer to put grub on the 2nd hd.. and it shopuld touch the first hd.. or just unplug the first hd. ;) install.. plug it back in01:04
GeekDudeKye, That's what I've done. I had to shift the second drive to the first drive slot because it wouldn't detect it, though01:04
chaotixi would like to add somethings like "open with gedit" to the right click menu in nautilus...  as i am not adept in scripting and programming languages, in fedora i would use a program called Beesu to manage my nautilus scripts...  it does not exist for ubuntu and the nautilus scripts manager does not come preloaded with any scripts, i guess you have to write them yourself...  for now, i just need a script for "open in Gedit", can som01:05
chaotixeone help me out with that??01:05
GeekDudeI also have no idea how to properly format a drive. I've deleted all the current partitions, and now I've heard I need to add a "swap" partition before making the main partitions (which should be ext4)01:05
Kyethat's odd01:05
Kye@ not detecting the drive01:06
Dr_Willischaotix:  you just need the right script in your nautilus scripts directory. if beesu wrote one on redhat. you copyd copy the script over to a ubuntu box01:06
KyeGeekDude: again, the installer should handle creating the proper partitions01:06
chaotixDr_Willis, i cant find that beesu one though...   :(  thats what i am looking for01:06
sybrekhi .. short question: how can run a sh-file from dash ? i created a .desktop-file, but when i click the app in the dash nothing happens01:07
GeekDudeKye, The drive just has junk on it, should I select "Replace XP with Ubuntu"?01:07
Kyeif the drive doesn't have anything valuable, it can't hurt01:07
Kyei thought you said it didnt have any partitions01:07
GeekDudeI was trying to remove them in the custom installation01:07
GeekDude"something else"01:08
Kyenot sure, don't use Ubuntu desktop.01:08
Kyebut if you're sure it's not the other drive01:08
ronnieim bored imma dual boot android01:08
Kyeit cannot hurt choosing that option, it's not going to ruin your drive or anything.01:08
GeekDudeThe main drive is unplugged01:08
JFogertyhey i done a fresh install of ubuntu 12.10 and when it loads compiz crashes. It's an install onto a dell dimension 2400 if that matters01:12
SkinnyVAnybody care to help me? I am setting up my first dedicated server and never really worked much with linux. I managed to install almost everything I needed but I can't for the life of me have a process autu-start with the system01:14
cyrano_I just started having this issue. X seems to crash right after logging in to Ubuntu. Just after the lightdm login it goes black and goes back to the login screen. I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this now. Any suggestions?01:14
Dr_Williswhat process SkinnyV ?01:14
Dr_Williscyrano_:  the system used to work? the guest account works? Tried making a new user see if they work?01:15
SkinnyVDeluge, a torrent client01:15
Dr_Willisan X Gui app?01:16
SkinnyVit is working if I manually start it trought SSH but nothing I tried make it auto start01:16
Dr_Willisrun it from rc.local into a screen session. as a user.. would be one way SkinnyV01:16
SkinnyVi added a script to the rc.local but it doesnt work01:17
lufiwhat do you call that thing that used to separate terminal windows? like dividers01:17
Dr_Willisthen you are doing somting wrong.  SkinnyV  ;)01:17
SkinnyVof course I am lol01:17
Dr_Williswhat is the line in rc.local starting the script?01:17
cyrano_Dr_Willis: yes the system used to work up until last night. I have tried removing the Xorg.conf as the system always worked fine without one and was trying to get a triple monitor setup going prior to that. Then I made a new xorg file using nvidia-xconfig and nothing changed still crashes back to login. I haven't tried the guest or another user yet.01:17
ArrickIdleOne, you around tonight?01:18
Dr_Williscyrano_:  common issue is the users .Xauthority file gets owned by root. Try removeing/renameing it..01:18
SkinnyVlet me try to refind what I did DrWilis01:18
SkinnyVthats the first line of the script I was trying for rc.local01:20
SkinnyVif [ -x /usr/bin/deluged ] && [ -x /usr/bin/deluge-web ]; then01:20
ZrZeRenatowhy my skype icon doest show on system tray??01:20
cyrano_Dr_Willis: that could be it, thanks! I'll try that out01:20
ZrZeRenatohow can i edit system tray icons?01:20
Dr_WillisZrZeRenato:  what ubuntu release?01:21
ZrZeRenatoDr_Willis: Ubuntu 12.04 x86_6401:22
SkinnyVI also followed this official guide withotu result; http://www.torrent-invites.com/seedbox-tutorials/83542-howto-deluge-daemon-webui-installation-debian-ubuntu-server.html01:23
SkinnyVsorry i ment http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/InitScript/Ubuntu%2011.04%2B%20(Upstart%20Job)01:23
spaceneedleUsb Bug: Usb stick won't mount. Log says: bus:1, device 7 was not an mtp device.01:25
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )01:27
spaceneedleIn fact, I have been having a problem with my Kingston usb stick too.01:28
SkinnyVShould I try to use the auto-start script from this http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/InitScript/Ubuntu or the one with upstarst here http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/InitScript/Ubuntu%2011.04%2B%20%28Upstart%20Job%29 ?01:29
jayim using ubuntu on a laptop and on boot sometimes keyboard and mouse do not respond, i have to force shutdown like 2 or 3 times until they respond, any way to fix?01:30
SkinnyVAnybody can help me? My head is going to explode if I continu trying by myself. Just want to auto-start a process on ubuntu 12.0401:33
jayadd to startup SkinnyV?01:33
Dr_Williswhen in doubt do it with a simple su command from rc.local01:34
Dr_Willissu username --command=whatever01:34
SkinnyVI am trying to have deluge auto start01:34
SkinnyVi tried this:01:34
SkinnyVif [ -x /usr/bin/deluged ] && [ -x /usr/bin/deluge-web ]; then01:34
SkinnyV   su -c deluged USER_NAME_HERE01:34
SkinnyV   su -c "screen -fa -d -S USER_NAME_HERE -m deluge-web" USER_NAME_HERE01:34
FloodBot1SkinnyV: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:34
Dr_Willisjust do it without all the if stuff.. see iff it works01:35
sporkeeeSkinnyV, I think it will start with it in the autostart app01:35
SkinnyVso i just add the 2 su line to rc.local?à01:36
Dr_Williserr. yes..01:36
Dr_Willisyou dont even know if the command sare getting ran01:36
Dr_Willisyou did check the paths to make sure there IS a /usr/bin/whatever?01:36
Dr_Willisthey could be in some other location01:36
SkinnyVill double check01:37
jayam i able to fix my laptop mouse and keyboard like that? they dont respond at all until i force shutdown and reboot like 2 or 3 times01:37
Arrickanyone here care to help out with getting outbound emails on a ubuntu server fixed? I cant seem to get the server to send with postfix, msmtp, sendmail, nor with nullmailler and mutt01:37
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mroewhen I log into the shell, it sometimes tell me "***System Restart Required***"  Is there a way to tell why it wants to restart?01:40
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Dr_Willismroe:  package updates (kernel update) is about the only reason i know of01:40
mroeDr_Willis: I agree, but I want to see a list and not just assume01:41
SkinnyVjust adding the 2 SU line to rc.local doesnt seem to work...01:43
Dr_Willisdo they work from a console?01:43
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SkinnyVsorry, it doesnt work from the prompt either, what work doesnt have username in it01:48
Dr_Williswhat command works exactly?01:49
SkinnyVthis is what work manually01:49
SkinnyV$ deluged01:49
SkinnyV$ screen -fa -d -S deluge-web -m deluge-web01:49
usr13SkinnyV: You are adding a line to rc.local that starts with su -c01:49
usr13SkinnyV: What is  "su -c" for?01:49
SkinnyVyes usr1301:49
jayis there a fix for my laptop mouse and keyboard not repsonding until i force reboot like 2 or 3 times?01:50
betraydthats like a sudo01:50
SkinnyVI supposed it was to execute the command as root, but I am taking the script from a tutorial,01:50
Dr_Willisyou want it to run as root? or as a user?01:50
Dr_Willissu  runs it as the user you tell it to01:50
Dr_WillisUsage: su [options] [LOGIN]01:51
usr13SkinnyV: Do you not know that rc.local is run as root anyway?  su -c is not necessary01:51
BlackWebHow would I create permanent Iptables, So that when the system is rebooted then they remain intact, Is a script the only way?01:51
Dr_Willissu would switch the thing to be ran as a user. if he wants it ran as user.01:51
usr13SkinnyV: And as Dr_Willis points out, it would require a password.01:51
Dr_Williserr.. it hasent in the past for me usr1301:51
usr13Dr_Willis: If he wants it run as user, rc.local is not the place for it.01:52
Dr_Willissu -c deluged USER_NAME_HERE01:52
Dr_Willishe wants it to run at bootup.  without logging in first.01:52
Dr_WillisBUT if he is using encrypted homes.. that could be an issue01:52
dfx1Dr_Willis: icant set up my router well i tho but still does not work any idea01:52
SkinnyVim not quite sure, I never really used linux, got everything working except the auto-start01:52
usr13Dr_Willis: But he just said it was to run it as root.  (I asked him what the su -c was for.)01:52
Dr_WillisI dont think he knows what he wants.. but the example code he pasted runs it as a user.01:53
Dr_Willisfrom the tutorial he was following01:53
SkinnyVwell, I have it working when i manually start it from SSH and trying to have it do the same thing automaticly once the system reboot01:53
BlackWebwould a script be the only way to keep iptables intact on reboot of the system?01:53
usr13SkinnyV: "su -c deluged USER_NAME_HERE"  Is that really what  you have in the script?01:54
BlackWebWhere would I place the command to execute the custom script for the Iptables01:54
SkinnyVyes thats what i tried01:54
Dr_WillisSkinnyV:  you DID use the actual users name?01:54
SkinnyVyeah hehe01:54
usr13SkinnyV: Do you really have a user named USER_NAME_HERE ?01:55
SkinnyVno i replace it with my own user name:)01:55
usr13SkinnyV: Oh, ok.  Sorry.01:55
SkinnyVit would have been funny tough01:55
betraydhe's decrypting it for us01:55
* Mavrik makes a note to change his username to USER_NAME_HERE on all systems.01:55
SkinnyVcan i have just ''deluged'' as a line in the rc.local and have it execute that command on boot?01:57
Dr_Willisit will run as your root user if you do that SkinnyV01:57
Dr_Willisthats the whole point of the su -c part01:57
SkinnyVi suppose it is a security risk?01:58
Dr_Willisa torrent server running as root.. would not be a great idea01:58
Dr_Willisexpecally if its got a web front end01:58
SkinnyVi see01:58
usr13SkinnyV: What tutoral are you using?01:59
SkinnyVI tried 301:59
SkinnyVthe official one: http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/InitScript/Ubuntu%2011.04%2B%20%28Upstart%20Job%2901:59
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SkinnyVits hte last one i tried01:59
SkinnyVthis one looked less complicated though: http://www.torrent-invites.com/seedbox-tutorials/83542-howto-deluge-daemon-webui-installation-debian-ubuntu-server.html02:00
usr13SkinnyV: Are you sure it's not starting anyway?02:01
SkinnyVyes otherwise I would be able to access teh webui02:01
SkinnyVI can only access the webui once I type the command manually02:01
CarlosDeJackalhello world02:02
SierraARI need to burn an ubuntu iso onto a disc as a boot disc, so that it can be run off a server to install ubuntu server 12.04. It's apparent that the instructions on the ubuntu website arent working properly because the server doesn't seem to even detect that disc isthere, but it'll detect a windows install disc02:03
Dr_Williswhat files are on the disk? not one big .iso file is it?02:06
Dr_Williswhat tool did you use to burn the iso?02:06
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SierraARI followed the instructions given here for windows 7: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/burn-a-dvd-on-windows02:07
SierraARAnd its a bunch of files/folders, not the .iso file in the disc02:08
Dr_Willisyou woldent belive the # of times ive seen people just drag/drop the iso to a cd.. and end up with a single .iso fle on the disk and wonder why it dont work. ;)02:12
midnightmagicHello. I'm op over in #bitcoin*. I understand you guys over here are experiencing the joys of cholby-stalking also, and I was wondering if any of the ops here know anything about this person that might be helpful in staving off the increasingly determined harassment he's meting out?02:13
jaycholby stalking?02:14
Dr_WillisPerhaps better to ask in #ubuntu-ops02:14
Dr_Willisand in #freenode02:14
jayhows things going over there midnightmagic? you a bitcoin dev?02:14
midnightmagicjay: No; just an op who probably just should've kept his head down instead of volunteering to op.02:15
midnightmagicjay: Other than that, I'm liking the notion that opping someone instantly imbues them with responsibility to help moderate. :) It's like magic.02:16
midnightmagicjay: Lots of deputizing lately with the growth of the channel.02:16
midnightmagicjay: Yeah. http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/07/30/%23ubuntu.html then search for cholby.02:17
midnightmagicDr_Willis: Thank you.02:18
harrisgood night02:19
spaceshipyou know i love my spaceship02:21
SkinnyVman, this is crazy, I have been trying and trying for like 4 hour straight and cant do something as simple as auto-start something02:24
Dr_Willisand most likely due to some typo/path/mistake. ;)02:26
SkinnyVwait a minute, what do they mean by changing the execution bytes when you edit rc.local?02:26
Dr_Willisrc.local should be executable bu default.02:26
Dr_Willis$ ls -l /etc/rc.local02:27
Dr_Willis-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 600 Nov 24 11:50 /etc/rc.local02:27
SkinnyVthis is so exhausting, I don't get it02:27
Dr_Willis su username   -c 'command to run'02:28
Dr_Willisfrom rc.local should work02:28
Dr_Willisor you could do it from a crontab02:28
BlackWebDoes scp do data transfers on port 22 also?02:28
Dr_Willisspecific mention of delugd here --> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145698202:29
SkinnyVsomething like that?02:31
SkinnyVsu MYUSERNAME   -c 'deluged'02:31
SkinnyVsu MYUSERNAME   -c 'screen -fa -d -S MYUSERNAME -m deluge-web MYUSERNAME'02:31
nogalhey -- i'm having some issues reinstalling steam through the software center after a system reinstall  --- getting this output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5594435/ -- any ideas?02:31
yofunhello i get W: Not using locking for read only lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.02:31
Dr_Willisyou most likely want a  & at the end of each line...02:31
Dr_Willisnot sure why some examples of su ussage for this use an extra dash...02:32
Dr_Willissu - username -c "vncserver"02:32
Dr_Willissu - username -c "command" &02:32
SkinnyVlet me test02:32
Dr_Willisthe & might or might not be needed02:32
yofundoes anyone know why my system is read only?02:32
Dr_Willisyofun:  you booted normally or in rescue mode?02:33
Dr_Willisif a hd/filesystem issue is detected - the system might remount the filesystem as read only02:33
Dr_Willischeck the output of dmesg, to see if it mentions any hd/fs errors and remounting02:34
yofunwell how do i find the isssue?02:34
SkinnyVstill not auto starting...02:35
Dr_Willisid make a script that does the starting SkinnyV  and logs what its doing.  deluged might have some logging features also..02:35
Dr_Willisthen have rc.local run the script02:35
Dr_Willisonce you verify the script works02:35
yofunoh and i just updated my system if that says anything02:36
Dr_Willisend_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 43699050402:36
Dr_Willisend_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 50176002:36
Ari-Yanghmm.. what options here should be enabled and disabled to get rid of video tearing? gyazo.com/07b65f43569b482278338aaad3a8903e02:36
Ari-Yangany suggestions?02:36
Dr_Willisnot a good sign yofun02:36
yofunand that means?02:36
Dr_Willisits having Input/Output errors02:37
yofunwell i just updated my system02:37
yofunthe update cilent02:37
Dr_Willisdosent matter... its having issues with the actual hard drive02:37
yofunanything i can run for it try to fix it?02:37
Dr_Willis EXT4-fs error (device dm-0): ext4_find_entry:1209: inode #10092922:02:37
Dr_Willisid boot a live cd and fsck the filesystem.. and be backing up anything imporntant very soon02:38
yofunoh :(02:38
Dr_Willisdmesg | grep error02:38
Dr_Willismight show a LOT of errors...02:38
Dr_Willisjust your short paste showed 3 sectors with very differnt sector #'s02:39
ShapeShifter499I know this isn't the right channel, but no one is answering me in #ubuntu+1 anyways... I'm noticing some packages stuck at their quantal version although in their package settings shows a raring version, how do I make sure these packages update to their raring version?02:40
yoojinWhat is the best way to upload a screen shot relevant to a question? My second question is, what may cause the ubuntu software center categories list to display garbled font? (On the left-hand side of the window.)02:43
nogalhey -- i'm having some issues reinstalling steam through the software center after a system reinstall  --- getting this output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5594435/ -- any ideas?02:44
sporkeee!imagebin | nogal02:44
ubottunogal: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.02:44
sporkeeeyoojin, tha was for you sorry nogal02:44
yoojin@ubottu lol, imagebin.org? OHHH okay.02:44
nogal?? I don't need a screenshot.02:44
nogaloh alright02:45
sporkeeenogal, The post above you did02:45
nogalanyway, any ideas on the software center thing? Is there a way i can get steam vea comandline, should I just grab a .deb or is there a way to fix the software center?02:45
yoojin@nogal As far as I know, Steam from the Ubuntu Software Center works just fine.02:47
nogalyoojin: if it were I wouldn't be asking ;)02:47
yoojin@nogal Actually, it installs a downloader which brings Steam up to date with the current version. That's why it downloads so quickly at first. What's it doing?02:47
Dr_Willisnogal:  i just get the steam .deb file and use gdebi to install it last time02:48
nogalyoojin: this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5594435/02:48
Dr_Willissteam is very very weird in how it works. ;)02:48
yofunn00bish:  http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/steam-for-linux-now-available-to-all.html02:48
yofunnogal: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/steam-for-linux-now-available-to-all.html02:48
Dr_Willisi guess you can say it installs a 'steam installer' that the user then runs and installs the actual steam binary02:48
yofuntab fail02:48
Dr_Williswhich is differnt then how it works on windows02:49
nogalDr_Willis: that's odd, but i guess it's what works, do you know where an up-to-date .deb is hosted?02:50
yofunnogal:  read http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/steam-for-linux-now-available-to-all.html02:50
Dr_Willisnogal:  i just googled for steam ubuntu deb  and got it from their homepage or follow the urls02:50
nogalah at the steam store page, thanks02:51
yoojinnogal maybe you should try logging out and in to the Ubuntu Software Center again? Also, how are you getting your messages to show up directly to me in red? xD I'm new.02:52
* Dr_Willis dosent see them in red for yoojin02:52
yofunme either02:53
nogalyoojin: I don't know how your color scheme is setup nor what client you're using, but i assume you're being highlighted because i'm tagging your nickname. and I did try the logout-login of the software center, as well as a hard boot of the laptop02:53
Dr_Willisirc clients can colorize things.. not the people sending the test02:53
yofunhes useing xchat02:53
yoojinnogal: Well, try deleting the associated key files? And a system update if it's not too much trouble to ensure everything is up to date.02:54
n-iCeis there a way to share internet, but not as ad-hoc?02:56
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest56454
nogalyoojin: i installed it via the .deb, i'm ok now :P02:56
yoojinnogal: Good to hear! KCSlions ....02:57
JC_SoCalwhere do i put bash scripts i want to run on every boot (i'm putting a couple nic's in promisc)03:01
=== Kyzz_ is now known as Kyzz
theDUBBERsee my project www.thedubber.altervista.org03:05
SkinnyVok I'n down to only one thing not loading from the rc.local03:06
SkinnyVDeluged now see mto start but not the webui03:06
SkinnyVI can have it work if i manualy type screen -fa -d -m -S deluge-web deluge-web03:06
cfhowlett#ubuntu channel mods: a humble suggestion; ubuntukylin (for the China market) will be released with 13.04.   Anticipating many support requests, might a suggestion be added to the !cn factoid directing suggesting the #ubuntukylin channel?03:07
frappe051hello, anyone here have a bit of knowledge on forcedeth and mcp61 ethernet controllers not working?:<03:08
Dr_WillisSkinnyV:  try  making both start from a script. starting with a #!/bin/bash line, then the 2 commands.  then run that script from rc.local with the su -c  method. It could be some default path, or settings are not being sdet03:09
=== histo_ is now known as histo
SkinnyVwhen i try to run the script there is a point where i get /etc/rc.local: line 15: Exit: command not found03:13
Dr_Williswhats on line 15?03:13
SkinnyVExit 003:14
Dr_Williserr.. its 'exit 0'  not 'Exit 003:14
SkinnyVit was written like that the first time I openned the script to edit03:14
SkinnyVso no capital E?03:14
Dr_Willisdefinatly 'exit 0' on every ubuntu install ive ever seen03:15
Dr_Willis# Make sure that the script will "exit 0" on success or any other......   in the comments at the top03:15
SkinnyVill change it03:15
SkinnyVi dont remember putting a capital tough03:15
Dr_Willisand of course that exit 0  - is the last line in rc.local03:16
RappaDrakeHey all, installed Win8 recently (Win7 actually broke several programs) and was wondering if dual-booting Ubuntu was still an easy option.03:19
RappaDrake@Dr_Willis: Know anything?03:21
Dr_Willisi dont use windows 8 ;)03:21
RappaDrakeDr_Willis: Well, in my defense, I got it for free :D03:21
Dr_Willisive heaerd its possible. but  i dont have it, dont use it.. dont plan on getting it any time soon..03:22
Dr_Willisguess he really dident want an answer03:23
SkinnyVlol he just wanted to let you know he got it for free03:26
SkinnyVwell, It's finaly working somewhat03:26
SkinnyVthat capital E probably made it harder to know which script was right or wrong03:27
SkinnyVim not sure if its really though03:28
SkinnyVThe best that worked is this03:28
SkinnyVsu USERNAME   -c 'deluged'&03:28
SkinnyVscreen -fa -d -m -S deluge-web deluge-web&03:28
SkinnyVexit 003:28
Dr_Willisyou need to use  the su user name  with the screen command also.. unless you want screen running as root..03:29
Dr_Willisand theres a space   befor the &03:29
SkinnyVI cant get it to work with su03:29
Dr_Willisyou need to qote the whole arument to su like the examples showed03:30
Dr_Willissu username -c 'screen  x x x x x x' &03:30
SkinnyVi did try that03:30
SkinnyVthe web ui would start03:31
frappe051HI.. Possible to troubleshoot?  I have an nforce mobo, mcp61.  I see in lshw that I have a *-bridge ethernet interface using forcedeth 0.64 and i see a "link=no" line which might be a hint…  I have no internet connection and I get a "disconnected" message in network manager applet.. cannot seem to get it to work.03:31
uangbesarhey does anyone know of a blackberry manager for linux?03:32
RappaDrakeHey all, upgraded to Win8; can I still dual-boot Ubuntu?03:32
yoojinhttp://imagebin.org/255003 Anybody seen this before?03:32
cfhowlettuangbesar, blackberry?  really?  sure you wouldn't rather trade that in for, say, nexus 4?  WHOLE lot easier to ubuntu with ...03:32
RappaDrake@Frappe051: I would guess that there are some driver incompatibilities.03:33
cfhowlett!dual|RappaDrake, possibly but not without some work03:33
cfhowlett!dualboot|RappaDrake, possibly but not without some work03:33
ubottuRappaDrake, possibly but not without some work: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:33
RappaDrakecfhowlett: Thanks!03:34
uangbesarcfhowlett: i have a galaxy but the bb is important for business03:34
frappe051Driver incompatibilities would be what i'm looking towards.  Need to know if anyone has messed with networking issues enough so I can ask for help troubleshooting03:34
RappaDrakeFrappe051: Have you hit the forums yet? There should be something similar there.03:35
frappe051I have searched a bit for mcp61 with some people saying they've gotten it to work but nothing I have tried worked yet03:36
RappaDrakeDamn closed-source software engineers and such, making things difficult.03:37
uangbesarhey does anyone know of a blackberry manager for linux?03:37
Dr_Willistried searching the repos yet uangbesar ?03:37
RappaDrakeuangbesar: I'd check the repos, yeah.03:37
uangbesaryeah they just have things to back up. but nothing to acaully manage03:38
cfhowlettuangbesar, http://www.progweb.com/modules/blackberry/index-en.html03:38
Dr_Willisim not sure really what you would 'manage'03:38
RappaDrakeI would recommend just hooking up to a Windows machine to do that if you can.03:38
uangbesarinstall remove apps03:38
cfhowlettuangbesar, urge you to only use native BB tools for that03:39
RappaDrakeuangbesar: That isn't built-in functionality? Dude, upgrade to Android.03:39
* Dr_Willis uses airdroid on android. :)03:39
uangbesari use a galax as well03:39
RappaDrakeAnd also, I would make sure that you're not breaking anything with non-BB software.03:39
* cfhowlett ... waiting for next check to get the nexus 4 ... or wait for the nexus 5?03:40
sporkeeeuangbesar, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/04/linberry-blackberry-phone-manager-for-linux03:40
* RappaDrake is buying a Chromebook. Any recommendations? :D03:40
cfhowlettuangbesar, given BB's rapidly declining market share, I doubt that much more effort or support will be devoted to developing much of anything for it .. including linux.  consider your options03:40
uangbesarcant install the repo03:41
uangbesarim an expat in indonesia. thats rims biggest market and it continues to grow here03:41
RappaDrakeuangbesar: I think that you'll have to upgrade soon; like cfhowlett said, the market is getting slimmer and slimmer.03:41
uangbesari have a galaxy. i only use it for bbm03:42
RappaDrakeHave you looked at sporkeee's link up above?03:43
sporkeeeI found a english link with a google search using linberry03:44
RappaDrakeDoes anyone know anything about the Chromebook? ChromeOS is GNU/Linux, right?03:45
=== stan is now known as Guest26453
histoRappaDrake: No03:45
histoRappaDrake: well kind of but a lot of differences. Not really ubuntu related03:46
cfhowlettRappaDrake, best to ask in google/chrome03:46
zoos_Greetings fellow r/ubuntuers, I need help after upgrading to 13.0403:46
ubottuzoos_,: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+103:47
zoos_I'm on a laptop, I can't reduce the volume with fn+Fnumber anymore03:47
ddsssinstalled xubuntu 12.10 on uefi box. installation went good - but after reboot I get "Reboot and select proper boot device"03:47
uangbesarnope cant download 404 not found03:47
ddsss^wht is the problem?03:47
cfhowlettuangbesar, some would say "consider that a sign"  :)03:48
zoos_Before upgrading, I could also disable my WiFi radio with fn+F12, but can't anymore in 13.0403:49
uangbesari know back at home bb would be irrlevent but here it is actually important03:49
cfhowlettzoos_, ask in #ubuntu+1 for beta support03:49
ddsssis there uubntu 13.04 final available yeat?03:49
histoddsss: did it install in uefi mode or legacy?03:50
cfhowlettuangbesar, understood.  Doesn't make it any more likely to find a linux manager however.  are there not windows tools?03:50
ddssshisto: it didn't ask me that...03:50
histoddsss: I should say did it boot in efi mode or legacy mode03:50
histo!uefi | ddsss03:50
ubottuddsss: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI03:50
cfhowlettddsss, ask in #ubuntu+1  as it's not been released ye03:50
uangbesari feel ya. just trying to not use winblows03:50
histouangbesar: you maybe able to use wine or a windows vm worst case03:51
cfhowlettuangbesar, wine + BB windows manager is a possible workaround03:51
cfhowlettronnie, greetings03:52
histocfhowlett: don't know if wine gives access to usb devices though.03:52
ronniewhats up03:52
cfhowletthisto, thus the "perhaps/mabye" disclaimer03:53
cfhowlettronnie, this is ubuntu support.  Have you a technical issue?03:53
ronnieno what would be a good server just for chatting?03:54
ronnieok thx03:55
SkinnyVgod, it is still not auto-booting, it's been hours03:55
ronnieis their a way to get itunes to work properlyon linux yet? if their is i will delete windows completly04:01
Dr_Willisbetter to delete itunes completly....04:02
ddssshisto. efi mode,trying boot repair as suggwested - but it seems to ahve stuck there....04:02
ronniena i gotta have my itunes04:02
histoSkinnyV: Did you see this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/261899/run-a-screen-session-on-boot-from-rc-local04:03
histoddsss: What iso are you using?04:03
cfhowlettjayne, greetings04:03
historonnie: Not that i'm aware of. Have you seen rhythmbox with or the music store?04:03
ronniei have but only itunes alows me to mess with my apps04:04
historonnie: Ahh I dont use apple devices04:04
ddssshisto: xubunu 12.1004:04
histoddsss: 64bit?04:05
ronnieyoud think someone wouldve found away by now lol i mean as long as this stuff has been out04:05
ddssshisto: yes04:05
=== derp_ is now known as derp
historonnie: There are already ways to manage your ipod with linux outside of itunes.  But not the app store etc...04:05
SkinnyVim giving you, I cant have the thing autostart. Is there a way to do this from the ubuntu gui?04:06
SkinnyVim giving up04:06
ronnieya i know but i use the app store alot04:06
histoddsss: On the page from ubottu about the uefi information it tells you how to determine if it's booting in efi mode or not based on the grub screen. If it's text based vs graphical....04:06
histoSkinnyV: What is it that you want to do?04:06
Dr_WillisSkinnyV:  you could make /etc/init/tty3.conf auto start it.. so you might see errors on tty3 ;)04:06
histoSkinnyV: You could have screen called in your bash_profile or whatever so it starts on login.04:06
min|dvir|usHey. I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on.04:06
SkinnyVive been trying for the past 5 hours to have Deluge (a torrent client) to auto-start04:07
ddssshisto: but it never gets to grub screen....04:07
min|dvir|usIn JACK, I have system/capture_1 and _2 connected to system/playback_1 and _2 respectively and I can hear it.04:07
Dr_Willisid just ssh in and start the stuff as needed.04:07
min|dvir|usBut plugging capture_1 and _2 into any input port does nothing.04:07
histoSkinnyV: oh..  Add deluge to your startup applications04:07
min|dvir|usIt's complete silence.04:07
cfhowlettronnie, apple stuff has ALWAYS been problematic with any OS other than Apple by design.  Direct requests for linux support to Apple ... and expect to be ignored.  OR consider linux friendly devices and free yourself04:07
ddssshisto: I get "Reboot and select proper boot device"04:07
min|dvir|usAnyone good with JACK?04:07
SkinnyVI can have it all work if i enter the command manually by ssh to start deluge and the web ui but cant auto start it04:07
histoddsss: Rigth you have to tell your system to boot from the installation media04:07
cfhowlettmin|dvir|us, ask in #ubuntustudio04:08
SkinnyVstart up application?04:08
min|dvir|usI'm not on Ubuntu Studio.04:08
histoSkinnyV: is this a cli based system?04:08
SkinnyVto be honest, i am not sure, it is my first dedicated server and never used anything but windows before so im lost04:08
ronniesorry ilove my ipod but i got android phone even though im not a fan of android04:09
histoSkinnyV: Does it have a Graphical interface or is it an actual server install?04:09
SkinnyVi can remote desktop to the gui using 22go, but have been installing stuff by ssh04:09
Dr_WillisSkinnyV:  id just ssh in and start the things when you need..  how often are you rebooting this anyway?04:09
Dr_WillisSkinnyV:  this is a vps? or a machine you own?04:10
SkinnyVits a dedicated server, not a vps as far as i know04:10
histoSkinnyV: The other option is rtorrent has a daemon that you can run and monitor a directory for torrent files. It's all cli based. Or you'd have to consult the deluge docs to figure out your issue04:10
Dr_Willis'dedicated server' means?04:10
kyleczar8i am new to ubuntu and need help accessing my files that are saved in windows 704:10
ronnieanyone know when the ubuntu for android thing will be out?04:10
SkinnyVits a computer in a rack somwhere in france04:10
cfhowlettkyleczar8, ubuntu is installed?04:11
histokyleczar8: If you installed a dualboot setup you can just go in nautilus and click on your windblows drive.04:11
ddssshisto: yes. i've pressed F12 and seelcted usb drive. I the installed xubuntu just fine. But after reboot- when usb drive is out - I still get "Reboot and select proper boot device". It doesn't recognize my hdd as valid bootable device or something....04:11
GrungemanI already search on google but I've been unable to find a solution to my issue... I have a compaq cq50 ... my internal microphone is not working.. I went to alsa settings and I turned everything all the way up.. still no go04:11
Grungemanhi all04:11
SkinnyVits basicly a computer that I can use for whatever i want but is not near me04:11
histoSkinnyV: deluge also has a daemon deluged04:12
cfhowlettGrungeman, greetings04:12
Grungemanhi cfhowlett04:12
histo!info deluged | SkinnyV04:12
SkinnyVthats what im trying to load histo04:12
ubottuSkinnyV: deluged (source: deluge): bittorrent client written in Python/PyGTK (daemon). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.5-1ubuntu4 (quantal), package size 11 kB, installed size 114 kB04:12
histoSkinnyV: http://www.havetheknowhow.com/Install-the-software/Install-Deluge-Headless.html04:12
SkinnyVthe thing is, i get it to work if I ssh in the system and manually type deluged, and then screen -fa -d -m -S deluge-web deluge-web04:13
histoSkinnyV: that's if when you install deluged it doesn't come with start stop scripts on it's own.04:13
kyleczar8i am new to ubuntu and need help accessing my files that are saved in windows 704:13
=== yoojin is now known as yoojin_
histoSkinnyV: you should be able to sudo update-rc.d deluged defaults04:13
Renzatichey, I'm having a slight problem with GIMP, and could use some advice on figuring out exactly why it isn't working04:13
histoSkinnyV: assuming it comes with them.04:13
SkinnyVi isntalled everything, jsut cant have it auto-start with the system04:13
ronniei want pizza04:13
kyleczar8i have it dual installed next to windows 704:13
histokyleczar8: Then open nautilus or the file browser and you should see your windows drive.04:13
Grungemancfhowlett, do you know how to fix it?04:13
cfhowlettkyleczar8, so boot ubuntu, open the file manger and see your windows ....04:13
=== yoojin_ is now known as yoojin
SrPxIs there a command to move all files in a folder to another folder, filtering by type ? (only directories)04:14
cfhowlettGrungeman, restate your problem ...04:14
min|dvir|usSrPx: man find04:14
histoSrPx: you only want to move directories and not files?04:14
Grungemancfhowlett,  I have a compaq presario cq50 101la. the problem is that the internal microphone is not working... I already went to alsa settings and turned everything all the way up... still no go04:14
SrPxhisto: yes04:15
histoSrPx: find . -type d -exec mv {} +04:15
histoSrPx: I'd do a dry run first04:15
SkinnyVi seem to be able to get deluged to start with rc.local, but the web ui command doesnt seem to load from there04:15
GrungemanI have ubuntu 12.04 cfhowlett04:15
histoSrPx: hodl up you need the destination04:15
SrPxmin|dvir|us: but what does find have to do with moving?04:15
cfhowlettGrungeman, got it.  lemme think04:15
ronnieis it good if im19 still in high school and already diveing into linux and can use it fairly well?04:15
Renzaticwhat it's doing is hanging when I fire it up. It'll sit around, consuming 99% of one CPU, and do absolutely nothing for the longest time. Then, sometimes an hour later if I happen to forget about it,it'll open right up04:15
kyleczar8sorry i am new, what is nautilus04:15
SrPxhisto: :)04:15
histoSrPx: because it finds the directories and then executes the move command04:15
ubotturonnie,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:15
ronnieand is my prefferdos04:15
Renzaticthough usually I kill it from the terminal04:15
cfhowlettkyleczar8, file manager04:15
histoSrPx: find -type d -exec mv {} /to/whereever +04:15
histodamn typos04:16
kyleczar8i go to my home folder in ubuntu and cant find my windows files anywhere04:16
Grungemankyleczar8,  go to /media/04:16
histokyleczar8: in the left frame of the file browser window04:16
johnjohn1011how do i now if i have the latest patched to the 3.5 kernel for precise04:16
kyleczar8do i download it in the ubuntu software manger04:16
SrPxhisto: thanks, but explain the {} /to/whereever + ?04:16
cfhowlettkyleczar8, home is your ubuntu /home ... go to /computer04:16
cfhowlettkyleczar8, no it's already installed.04:16
betraydSrPx replace the last part of that04:17
histoSrPx: {} gets replaced with the results of the find04:17
betraydwith the destination04:17
kyleczar8when i do a search for /computer i get nothing04:18
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest37460
kyleczar8same when i search for nautilus04:18
rckrdanyone here familar with the plex media server?04:18
histoSrPx: You need to backup first be carefull movign files04:19
histo!anyone | rckrd04:19
ubotturckrd: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:19
SrPxhisto: how04:19
cfhowlettkyleczar8, look for file manager.  that's nautilus04:19
Dr_Willisrckrd:  plex works. from what ive played with it.04:20
histokyleczar8: Please open a terminal and type in mount and hit enter also type in lsblk and hit enter. Then pastebin the results04:20
histoSrPx: with cp04:20
rckrdOk, well currently I have a server running on port 32400.  But i'd like to run it on normal http 80, so my URL doesnt have to be rckrd.com:32400/web/index04:21
histoSrPx: rsync -a /some/directory /to/some/destination   would be a sufficient backup of the files. Before you go messing around moving things and deleting stuff.04:21
historckrd: Are you hosting any other web pages on this box?04:22
SrPxhisto: hm okay! thanks04:22
rckrdFrom the web interface, it looks like i changed the server to port 80 and the url to /music, but even after restarting it doesnt seem to work.  The server isnt using a router.04:22
cfhowlettrckrd, possibly a good question for #ubuntu-server04:22
rckrdhisto: yeah, i have an apache web server04:22
Grungemancan I ask again?04:22
historckrd: Yes I understand that... Are you hosting any other pages04:22
kyleczar8by pastebin the results, do you mean paste the results in this window or ??04:23
ddsssif one installs Ubuntu 13.04 beta  how would one the  upgrade to a final?04:23
rckrdhisto: no04:23
cfhowlettGrungeman, yeah, repeat at 10  minute intervals04:23
historckrd: Pastebin your apache config04:23
ubottuddss: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+104:23
GrungemanI have a compaq cq50 laptop..  the internal microphone is not working..  I already went to the Alsa Settings... but still no go.. still not working.04:23
Grungemanhow can I fix it?04:23
betrayd!pastebin | kyleczar804:24
ubottukyleczar8: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:24
thomedyi have vim open and in vi i cant remember how to save i know it was w --- f i think04:24
thomedy i cant remember04:24
thomedyit has been a while since i have ran such a raw text editor04:24
dodo3773rckrd: I don't think running on port 80 will work / makes any sense. Does it work if you use 8080 or 443 etc..?04:24
historckrd: and your /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/*04:24
rhinuxHey!  hi folks! my clock seems to be buggy. it decreases two hours back, I'm in timezone berline, UTC+1, +1 summertime, using kubuntu 12.10.x, installed but deactivated ntp , when I set time to correct time manually, it sets back the time again in about 30min. any idea?04:25
betraydthomedy: :wq04:25
histothomedy: :w04:25
thomedyi did that and it seems to jsut type the :wq int he editor i remember that you have to escape modes but im hitting escape and it doesnt' seem to be doing anything04:25
histothomedy: if you forgot sudo you can :w !sudo tee %04:26
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
dodo3773histo: rckrd is talking about "plex server". I don't think it's a server OS. Unless I missed that04:26
histothomedy: Oh press escape first to get in command mode the :204:26
histothomedy: :w sorry typo with the 204:26
histododo3773: Yeah plex server hosts a web page controlled by apache. It's currently listening on port xxxx and he wants it to be his default site.04:27
RenzaticOkay, so I'm having Linux GIMP problems. Mainly that it takes three years short of forever to launch, and consumes 99% of one CPUs cycles until it does04:27
Renzaticand I need to know why it's doing that. Sometimes if I forget to kill it from the terminal, it'll just pop up an hour or so later like nothing was wrong04:27
Renzatic...and it's weirding me out04:27
cfhowlettRenzatic, are you running unity?04:27
Renzaticnope, Gnome304:27
Renzatic3.6 on Ubuntu 12.10 to be specific04:28
dodo3773histo: Oh. Is apache a hard dep of plexmediaserver or something?04:28
sporkeeeRenzatic, gimp 2.804:28
cfhowlettRenzatic, install xfce4 or lxde.  boot into that and run gimp.  lighter load on the gpu/cpu might fix04:28
thomedyokay i actually do have vi.. wtf... okay heres the context... i can do it just like i remember when i test vi  name and the :wq04:28
histokyleczar8: check in /media/owner/SYSTEM  are you windows files there?  Also your lsblk output got cut off on that paste04:28
thomedybut im trying to teach myself git repos right now04:28
dodo3773histo: I still think for some reason we are talking about 2 completely different things.04:28
Renzaticyup. I've tried the rev from the software center, and another one I grabbed off a not too suspicious looking PPA04:28
thomedyand it openes into something that mustnot be vi04:28
Renzaticboth do the same thing04:28
thomedyand in that i cant seem to get the normal :vi04:29
RenzaticI tried it a few minutes ago, and it fired right up. Then I closed it to see if it'd do it again, and same problem04:29
histododo3773: He's talking about web hosting part of plex04:29
min|dvir|usthomedy: git will use either the editor set in you gitconfig or $EDITOR.04:29
Renzaticit'll show it's loading at the top left, then just...nothing04:29
histododo3773: afaik04:29
histothomedy: which vi   will show you and make sure it's not a symlink04:30
dodo3773histo: Do you mean "flex"?04:30
thomedyim trying to figure out wher ethe editer var is in the settings04:30
thomedyso i can switch it to vi04:30
histododo3773: no04:30
thomedybut like i said im new to git04:30
Dr_WillisRenzatic:  run it from terminal yet and see if any messages give a clue?04:30
min|dvir|usthomedy: have you tried Googling exactly that?04:30
rckrdhisto: apache2.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/5594614/04:31
thomedyno ijust found out what the problem was04:31
thomedyi thought i had vi04:31
RenzaticI'll try it again. Usually it just gives me a blinking cursor and nothing else. One sec04:31
thomedyi googled that04:31
dodo3773histo: Okay. Nevermind.04:31
thomedybut im on it04:31
rckrdhisto: sites enabled http://paste.ubuntu.com/5594615/04:31
historckrd: please paste the output of ls /etc/apache2/sites-available/*  and ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/*04:31
rckrdoh i only have 000-default for sites enabled04:31
rckrdand default and default-ssl for sites-available04:32
kyleczar8i cant find a /media anywhere to begin with..04:32
cfhowlettkyleczar8, loop?  did you use the windows installer?04:32
Renzaticokay, well that's weird04:32
Renzaticit's now working without a single hitch04:32
histokyleczar8: check /host   what files are there?04:32
bitcrusherman rename is that a perl thing?04:32
historckrd: wth is plex using for a web server then04:32
min|dvir|usbitcrusher: `mv`04:33
Renzaticnow that I'm thinking about it, would a theme conflict cause it to hang?04:33
cfhowletthisto, /dev/loop suggest wubi to me ... or am I misinformed?04:33
dodo3773Renzatic: It definitely could.04:33
Dr_WillisRenzatic:  ive herd of some weird thingsd happening with some themes04:33
sporkeeekyleczar8, Did you install ubuntu from windows?04:33
histocfhowlett: ahh could be04:33
kyleczar8sporkeee, yes i did..04:33
bitcrushermin|dvir|us: hmm it says provided by:perl_5.8.704:34
dodo3773Dr_Willis: ditto. gtk3 can be a nightmare04:34
histokyleczar8: is this a wubi install?04:34
RenzaticI'm thinking that might be it. Whenever I switch it to the orange and grey theme, it'll always switch back to a mix between it and default whenever it decides to fire up again04:34
kyleczar8i used the Windows installer to do it on the website.04:34
cfhowlettkyleczar8, and there it is.  windows installer is aka wubi ... and has been discontinued for good reason04:34
histokyleczar8: I don't believe you can access the files from windows in linux when you use wubi04:34
Renzaticthis time I switched it back to default when I got into it, and it's working fine04:34
Renzaticlet me try it again just to make sure04:34
histokyleczar8: No what? If you install ubuntu as a dualboot system you will be able to access your windows partition just fine.04:35
kyleczar8I was having difficulties installing from a cd so i thought it was easier :(04:35
histokyleczar8: install from a thumb drive04:35
cfhowlettkyleczar8, consider a proper dual boot or install use virtualbox.  by design, windows is invisible to ubuntu under a wubi install ... so things don't get brokken04:35
histo!usb | kyleczar804:35
ubottukyleczar8: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:35
Renzaticha! guess that did it!04:35
GrungemanHi all.. I already tried google without any luck... I have a compaq cq50 ... the internal mic is not working, I already went to alsa settings and turned everything up all the way... still no go04:35
Renzaticstarted it 3 times, and it hasn't given me a problem since I switched the theme to default04:36
kyleczar8Thanks guys, how should i go about removing the version of ubuntu i have now?04:36
cfhowlettkyleczar8, but if your issue is ONLY seeing some windows files, install ubuntuone or dropbox on both OS and keep your files there.04:36
sporkeeekyleczar8, I think you can, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide#How_do_I_access_the_Windows_drives.3F04:36
Renzaticwelp, thanks for the help everyone! :D04:36
cfhowlettkyleczar8, just go into windows control delete ubuntu04:36
rckrdhisto: so i tried to listen on 32400 in my ports.conf, but it said that there was an error because the port was already in use.  So plex might be working not with apache04:36
Renzatictil my next stupid question. o/04:36
histokyleczar8: in control panel from windows you can remove it. There is also a migration guide but It's rather difficult if you haven't done too many modifications to your ubuntu it may not be worht migrating wubi to a dualboot. It's faster to just reinstall.04:36
historckrd: Right I'm assuming they have their own web server or something goofy going on. You'd have to ask the plex people I'm affraid.04:37
sporkeeekyleczar8, You can transfer that wubi to a partition if you like.04:37
historckrd: /j #plex04:38
rckrdok thanks for the help04:38
kyleczar8thanks for the help, i am new to ubuntu but love it so far. I think I am going to uninstall and then redo it from a usb.. seems like the wubi was not worth it in the long run.04:38
sporkeeekyleczar8, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MigrateWubi04:38
cfhowlettkyleczar8, best of luck.  come back if you need help04:38
histokyleczar8: No wubi has been discontinued as dualboot has matured enough to be safe and more reliable. Reinstall a true dualboot system or follow the migrate guide that sporkeee posted04:39
thomedyi got it... i rtfm'd and then figured it out04:40
Grungemanso.. ehrrmm hehe .... I have a compaq cq50 ... the internal mic is not working, I already went to alsa settings and turned everything up all the way... still no go04:40
exeterI recently installed Ubuntu on my desktop(HP pavilllion g6). I installed the Railink RT3290 and everything worked out, now everytime I turn on the wireless connection I get this kernel panic showing in the link below. Any idea on how to fix this issue?  https://www.dropbox.com/s/v2haom5bgmoyhvw/IMG_20130418_172908.jpg  Thanks,04:40
Grungemanhow can I fix it?04:41
histo!sound | Grungeman04:41
ubottuGrungeman: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:41
sporkeeehisto, Yes I know it has been discontinued, however you can access bthe OS from each other, and a migrate is a full install.04:41
Grungemanhisto, that's what I am saying.. I already checked the volume on the Icon.. checked that nothing is mute.. etc... also did it with alsa settings04:41
histosporkeee: I know that as well.04:41
misc--hi there. If I push "shift-insert" then this pastes whatever's in the clipboard to the screen. Is it possible to set up multiple clipboards mapped to different keys? For example... shift-9 would paste from a different clipboard?04:42
histoGrungeman: there are further troubleshooting steps there just trying to help.04:42
Grungemanthank you histo04:42
exeterI recently installed Ubuntu on my desktop(HP ENVY d030). I installed the Railink RT3290 and everything worked out, now everytime I turn on the wireless connection I get this kernel panic showing in the link below. Any idea on how to fix this issue?  https://www.dropbox.com/s/v2haom5bgmoyhvw/IMG_20130418_172908.jpg  Thanks,  kernel04:43
histoexeter: What driver are you using?04:44
RandomSortHi, any one got a good pointer as to how to compile a kernel module ( specifically cifs ) in ubuntu 12.10?04:44
exeterralink rt329004:44
Dr_Williscifs support is allready in the default kernels i thought04:44
histoexeter: http://askubuntu.com/questions/233442/hp-4770s-ralink-3290-wireless-not-working-on-12-1004:45
Grungemanhisto links are regarding different issues04:45
histoGrungeman: What links?04:45
Grungeman!sound | histo04:45
ubottuhisto: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:45
RandomSortDr_Willis: it is, I need to fix apply a bug fix for resharing a cifs mount through samba :P04:46
Grungemanmine is not low volume ... it is not recognizing the mic at all04:46
Grungemanthe internal mic04:46
eruditehermithey, my  /var/lib/dpkg/available file is empty. How do I rebuild it?04:46
exeterthis doent sove my problem04:46
RandomSorthttps://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52791 this one specifically :)04:47
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 52791 in CIFS "cf_nlink always 0 for directories on Windows 7/2008 Server mounts" [Normal,New]04:47
histoGrungeman: You need to read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting#Line_Input.2BAC8-Microphone_Troubleshooting  Perhaps you need to change the subdevice04:47
everesttI've set my .py to chmod +x ...and there's the #!/usr/bin/python line on top... but clicking on the file in nautilus opens it in gedit04:49
everestt...instead of running it... what am I doing wring?04:49
histoeverestt: not typing python foobar.py04:50
SkinnyVanyway, thanks for the help guysà04:51
everestthisto, after making the .py executable you can run it using just $./foobar.py on the console... I'm talking about running it in Nautilus.04:52
histoeverestt: http://docs.python.org/2/tutorial/interpreter.html section 2.2.2 if you want to do what you want04:52
jordan__wtf is wrong with the bot04:52
histoeverestt: ahh04:52
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:52
histojordan__: nothing that I see04:52
histoeverestt: Hold up let me try something04:52
=== Tiff48 is now known as Tiff
histoeverestt: try #!/usr/bin/env python04:55
histoeverestt: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11848650/how-to-run-python-script-with-one-icon-click04:55
everestthisto, that env thing... not working.04:56
everestthisto, I know I've successfully run a python script from nautilus many months ago... I cannot seem to do that right now... And I know what's happening... let me try out the #! with other interpreters... wait04:57
IordanisA generaly type of question: If you edit someone elses code are you allowed to distributed since it can be considered your code?04:59
IordanisThinking of it from the art work perspective05:00
Dr_Willisdepends on how they licensed their code05:00
RandomSortDepends on the licene05:00
everestthisto, I can run a gambas code from Nautilus (has a #! /usr/bin/env gbr3 at the beginning, and is executable)... something to do with python mime-something??05:01
SwedeMikeIordanis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_commons is probably a good start to read up on different licensing.05:02
SwedeMikeIordanis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_license as well05:02
IordanisSwedeMike I understand that different licenses allow you different rights over some source code05:03
IordanisSwedeMike my question is if you modify a code completely, is it still under the original owners license?05:04
IordanisIn art works if you modify another picture it is considered yours05:04
RandomSortIordanis: You're probably not going to get the answer you want, which is obviously" Yes you can do it"05:05
IordanisThat is why even on youtube, the copyright don't work over music covers05:05
RandomSortUse common sense, and the license provided by the original piece of software :)05:05
SrPxHow do I copy all files of a folder to another? including directories?05:06
bullittanyone ever remove an operating system that is dual-booted to replace it with another distro? (Dual Ubuntu/Win7)05:10
sporkeeebullitt, Many have, whats up?05:11
cfhowlettbullitt, of course.  easily done05:11
SwedeMikeIordanis: this is getting off topic for this channel, but a minor modification of a picture doesn't make it "your".05:11
bullittsporkee: I actually have an easier time using slackware, but installed ubuntu to test it out.. Would I just delete the format/delete partition and start over with a slack boot?05:12
IordanisSwedeMike, I am not talking about minor but you can't really define minor.05:12
cfhowlettbullitt, I would rather format than delete ...05:13
IordanisSwedeMike reversing the video on a youtube video making it mirror like, can get you away from copyright holders05:13
bullittRecommended to do it from windows ?05:14
sporkeeebullitt, I agree with the format of the partitition it save the #05:14
cfhowlettbullitt, boot your ISO, choose the partition, format and install05:14
bullittcfhowlett: yes, thank you. Has been a while.05:15
bitcrushercan you do type -fd for files and directories?05:19
bitcrusherlike find -name -type df instead of -type d for just directories05:20
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androidfr33kOh just so you know my question about moving my ubuntu install from my laptop to desktop booted fine no issues what so ever05:23
cfhowlettandroidfr33k, congrats05:23
betraydthat can't be you must hang out in the problem-free channel05:23
bray90820do clover trail processors run linux05:24
bray90820Intel clover trail05:24
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c_ my win7 dead how to run ghost in ubuntu05:29
=== c_ is now known as Guest42696
=== everestt_ is now known as _everestt
* cfhowlett ... ghost?05:29
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=== __everestt is now known as everestt
Guest42696the windows backup software05:30
aeon-ltdusually if you have ghost it'll be on a restore partition05:31
betraydyeah maybe you still ahve the restore partition05:31
jakechapa_oh god05:33
jakechapa_E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:33
jakechapa_I tried to upgrade my dist05:34
jakechapa_and it broke halfway through? now I'm stuck with that when running apt-get -f install05:34
cfhowlettjakechapa_, best to download the iso and clean install then05:34
tozenjakechapa_: sudo dpkg -a configure ?05:35
Guest42696how to make a windowspe in pen drive in ubuntu05:36
tozenGuest42696: what?05:36
Guest42696i just want to Installation win705:37
ziggyfishGuest42696, this isn't the channel for that05:38
sporkeeeGuest42696, Do you have a install disc or ISO?05:38
Guest42696i have a pendrive05:38
Guest42696is there something like nt6 in ubuntu05:39
cfhowlettGuest42696, try ##windows for for installing windows05:39
tozenGuest42696: you want to create startup usb?05:39
tozenGuest42696: unetbootin05:39
ziggyfishI am trying to run ubuntu-vm-builder to create a kvm ubuntu install05:40
ziggyfishThe command I am using is: sudo ubuntu-vm-builder kvm quantal --mem 4096 --libvirt qemu:///system05:40
Guest42696a windows startup usb  not linux05:40
ubottuGuest42696,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:41
jakechapa_tozen: dpkg: error: need an action option05:41
ziggyfishbut when I run that above command I get this error05:42
ziggyfish2013-04-23 05:46:57,620 INFO    : E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:42
sporkeeeGuest42696, A W7 ISO mounted with the archive manager can be extracted to a pendrive that is a ntfs with a boot flag and used05:42
tozenjakechapa_: pastebin both errors please (sudo apt-get -f install and sudo dpkg -a configure)05:42
ziggyfishhttp://pastebin.com/vHQKuFwY is the full error05:43
ziggyfishis there something I am missing?05:43
tozenziggyfish: r u jakechapa_ was before?05:43
ziggyfishtozen, no05:44
ziggyfishI am ziggyfish05:44
sporkeeejakechapa_, Did you have any other repos in your sources.list or sources.list.d? if so that is probably the error remove them, and try the sudo apt-get -f install again05:44
sporkeeejakechapa_, 3rd party repos links like PPA's05:45
jakechapa_tozen: http://pastebin.com/FH3PRmmY05:45
jakechapa_sporkeee:: hmm I think I just added one.. I was trying to get svn 1.705:46
jakechapa_I did this05:46
jakechapa_sudo apt-add-repository ppa:dominik-stadler/subversion-1.705:46
jakechapa_how do I remove it?05:46
jakechapa_sporkeee: http://pastebin.com/vHQKuFwY is the full error05:47
sporkeeejakechapa_, The easiest way is to run gksudo nautilus and navigate to /etc/apt/sources.list.d and delete it.05:47
jakechapa_what is gksudo nautilus05:48
jakechapa_actually, all I have in there are two:05:48
ziggyfishjakechapa_, thats my error05:48
tozenjakechapa_: sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:dominik-stadler/subversion-1.705:49
ziggyfishziggyfish> http://pastebin.com/vHQKuFwY is the full error05:49
sporkeeejakechapa_, gksudo nautilus get you into nautilus in root.05:50
tozenjakechapa_: gksudo is more correct way to how to use sudo in GIU programs05:51
jakechapa_lol, sorry. My error is: http://pastebin.com/FH3PRmmY05:51
sporkeeejakechapa_, Run it a window open click on file system in the left panel and navigate to /etc/apt/sources.list.d open it and remove any 3rd party links05:52
jakechapa_-bash: gksudo: command not found05:52
jakechapa_This is a webserver05:52
jakechapa_no gui05:52
ziggyfishjakechapa_, you know how to use nano?05:52
ziggyfishor vim?05:53
tozenziggyfish: what the problem with nano?05:53
sporkeeejakechapa_, Ah, not sure the as far as getting to where it is you probably have to use nano which I'm not familiar with really.05:53
ziggyfishthe command will be05:54
tozenjakechapa_: sudo nano05:54
ziggyfishsudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d05:54
ziggyfishactually use cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d05:54
ziggyfishtype ls05:55
ziggyfishthen rm <third party links>05:55
jakechapa_ziggyfish: yes I do05:55
ziggyfishjakechapa_, read previous messages05:55
jakechapa_I only have 2 distros: bjori-php5-lucid.list  bjori-php5-lucid.list.distUpgrade05:56
ziggyfishjakechapa_, sorry I come in late to this discussion05:57
ziggyfishjakechapa_, can you explain what the problem is to me?05:57
jakechapa_It happened when I tried to run: apt-get install -o APT::Immediate-Configure=false -f apt python-minimal05:59
jakechapa_then apt-get -f install05:59
ziggyfishdo you use dovecott?06:00
jakechapa_then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:00
bray90820Can you run linux on the Intel clover trail processors06:00
jakechapa_ziggyfish.. hmmm no06:00
jakechapa_I don't06:00
ziggyfishok use apt-get purge dovecot-core06:00
mrogurhi I just bought mac mini late 2012, is there any good guide to put ubuntu on mac?06:02
ziggyfishjakechapa_, sorry its apt-get --purge remove dovecot-core06:02
cfhowlettbray90820, 30 seconds of reading google top hits says "no" ...06:02
jakechapa_ziggyfish: http://pastebin.com/8V7aBapC06:02
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bray90820but what about this06:03
bray90820and this06:03
cfhowlettbray90820, saw it.  intel specifically stated that linux support will come "later" ...06:03
bray90820for the older chips?06:04
bray90820or just the new ones06:04
cfhowlettbray90820, clover is for windows 8 ... direct intel quote06:04
bray90820but you just said linux will come later06:04
cfhowlettbray90820, from your own source: n an e-mail from an Intel spokesperson, Intel said, "Intel has plans for another version of this platform directed at Linux/Android; however we are not commenting on the platform specifics or market segments at this time. Stay tuned.”06:05
bray90820so that means?06:05
bray90820will the current ones ever work06:06
cfhowlettbray90820, best you ask intel06:06
jakechapa_ziggyfish.. any dieas?06:07
ziggyfishjakechapa_, the problem is that there is an issue with some dependancies for a package that you have installed06:09
clodyhow can i run 32bit binary in 64bit ubuntu ?06:09
cfhowlettclody, should run with no problems06:09
ziggyfishso what you need to do is remove those with apt-get --purge -f remove <package>06:10
clodycfhowlett,  error while loading shared libraries: libgsl.so.0: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6406:10
clodycfhowlett, tried copying the libgsl.so.0 and the linker in the directory no use06:11
hetalHow can I downgrade flash fp11 to fp10?06:11
clodyinstalled  ia32-libs06:12
jakechapa_ziggyfish.. hmm is there a way to hone in on which package that is06:12
Fuzzleshow come ubuntu doesnt show any graphics driver in additional driver anymore whenit used to its nly been resently when ive reinstalled06:17
soeehi, any idea what can be wrong if this info genrates apacje log:06:18
soee[Tue Apr 23 08:15:14 2013] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down06:18
soee[Tue Apr 23 08:15:15 2013] [notice] Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.4.9-4ubuntu2 configured -- resuming normal operations06:18
MonkeyJackyIs there any local gist without net?06:19
clodyis there anyway force install libgtkhtml-2.0 when libgtkhtml-4.0 is the current one06:19
wookienzhiya, is there a pure-ftpd irc channel? pureftpd here is invite only.06:21
Ari-Yanghmm.. what options here should be enabled and disabled to get rid of video tearing? here's a screen shot: gyazo.com/07b65f43569b482278338aaad3a8903e any suggestions?06:23
=== randall is now known as Guest11090
clodyhow do I remove libgtkhtml-4.0 package from Ubuntu ?06:26
histoclody: apt-get remove packagename06:27
histo!alis > wookienz06:27
ubottuwookienz, please see my private message06:27
wookienzhisto, thanks06:30
histo!find libgtkhtml-4.006:33
ubottuFound: libgtkhtml-4.0-0, libgtkhtml-4.0-common, libgtkhtml-4.0-dbg, libgtkhtml-4.0-dev06:33
histoclody: apt-get remove libgtkhtml-4.0*06:33
clodythanks histo06:34
clodyhisto, my 32 binary still doesnt run on this ubuntu 64 12.04 machine06:35
Fuzzleshow come additional drivers dont show my grphics driver anymore only been since i reinstalled06:39
nevynclody: did you install the i386 package?06:40
rayjhow much less stable is 12.10 vs 12.04?06:41
cfhowlettrayj, hard to quantify ...06:41
clodynevyn, I did06:42
clodynevyn, shows error while loading shared libraries: libglade-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:42
rayjsay for doing android development/desktop use/scipy06:42
clodynevyn, do I need to add something to the environmental path or something06:43
Ins1erMay be you can help me06:46
Ins1erWhat better kubuntu or xubuntu?06:46
ubottuIns1er,: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:47
rayjif you want a 'full distro'06:47
rayjxubuntu if you want fast06:47
Fuzzlesall ubuntu family are the same06:47
Ins1erAMD Turion 2 2.2GHz, 3GB, ATI HD4500GT and bad working hard disk06:48
jakechapa_rying to overwrite '/etc/init.d/dovecot', which is also in package dovecot-common 1:2.0.19-0ubuntu206:48
rayjthat is slow, so xubuntu06:48
Ins1ermy hard drive want to die last 6 month)06:48
histoclody: huh?06:48
jakechapa_that's killing my apt06:48
histoclody: What are you trying to run?06:48
cfhowlettIns1er, x/l/ubuntu are ubuntu with a different desktop environment and packages.  you can install the lxde and xfce4 packages to plain vanilla ubuntu and try them out06:48
jakechapa_how can I get around it? I can't apt-get -f install06:48
clodyhisto, its a binary file that I created a while back06:49
clodyhow when I try to run it it says /home/yeti/Desktop/MS & MSE code/MSE/Latest 3/src/libglade-2.0.so.006:49
clody/home/yeti/Desktop/MS & MSE code/MSE/Latest 3/src/libglade-2.0.so.0.0.706:49
histoclody: Binary file for what? Something you wrote?06:49
clodyerror while loading shared libraries: libglade-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:49
rayjbtw I am running xubuntu + gedit + gnome terminal + nautilus....so not exactally lightweight06:50
histojakechapa_: mv /etc/init.d/dovecot to /etc/init.d/dovecot.old  and try06:50
histoclody: fix you application then.06:50
histoclody: Not really sure what you question has to do with ubuntu support though.06:52
Guest47156who knows a good free partition recovery? "I have lost all of my hard disk partition!"06:53
ubottuGuest47156,: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"06:53
cfhowlettGuest47156, ummm, no not what you need.  sorry06:54
histoGuest47156: testdisk06:54
Guest47156should I use testdisk? does it recover?06:54
histoGuest47156: the testdisk package from a live cd/usb may do you wonders.06:54
histoGuest47156: yes it can sometime.06:55
Guest47156histo: Thanks06:56
histoGuest47156: if you are really worried about hte data I would image the drive to some other device and work from the image06:56
Guest47156ubottu: I have nothing on my hard disk06:56
ubottuGuest47156: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:56
BigWig_Ok, So I totally ruined my clock06:57
BigWig_I keep doing ntpdate and it's returning UTC time06:58
histoBigWig_: congrats06:58
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tessier_Hello all! Anyone know why, in Ubuntu 12.04 I wouldn't have the "physical volume for RAID" option when doing the install? I can create a partition for various filesystems etc. but that option is missing from the menu.07:08
Ins1erok, thanks!) will install xubuntu07:08
=== Guest47156 is now known as Sefid_Par
chaos7theoryWould advice on suggestions constitue support here, or should it be asked on #ubuntu-discuss?07:15
cfhowlettchaos7theory, discuss ...07:16
histochaos7theory: what kind of suggestions?07:16
chaos7theoryIt's more on a question of Wubi vs. native Ubuntu and what may be sugegsted overall.07:17
sporkeeemoot point07:17
chaos7theoryEven in performance?07:18
Myrttichaos7theory: wubi isnt supported in the future07:18
cfhowlettchaos7theory, wubi has been given permission to die07:18
Myrttiin which future equals future releases, including this Thursday one07:19
chaos7theoryWell in light of Ubuntu 13.04 and seeing how vastly better it's been since 12.10, I'm debating on dual-booting or not. It's a new laptop that came with Windows 8 OOB, but I only have so much HDD space as well @_@07:19
Myrttithats the reason it's bring dropped, it doesn't work so well with w807:21
auronandaceMyrtti: and here i was hoping it was being dropped because they finally realised how much of a bad idea it was07:22
Myrttiauronandace: it works well in the function it is intended for07:23
Myrttiwell, worked07:23
auronandaceMyrtti: i found it was a support nightmare and people were using it as a long term solution (which wasn't what it was intended for, as you siad)07:24
cfhowlettMyrtti, if people only used it for its intended purpose ... "if"07:24
nevynclaude2_: did you install libglade:i386?07:25
=== security is now known as baba
auronandaceMyrtti: out of curiosity, how long left until the longest supported version of wubi is no longer supported here07:26
cfhowlettauronandace, as the last supported wubi version shipped with 12.10 ...07:27
cfhowlettnanda, greetings07:27
auronandaceMyrtti: is it the same time frame as 5 years (12.04 lts)?07:27
cfhowlett12.10 has 18 months support07:27
auronandacecfhowlett: which is much shorter than 5 years07:28
Myrttiauronandace: possibly. although things might change and support for wubi might be yanked. never know.07:28
auronandaceMyrtti: thanks for the info, the sooner its history the better07:29
cfhowlettauronandace, "wubi, come to and end, your time has.  And not short enough it was ..."07:29
tessier_ah-hah...need the alternate install cd to get software raid options07:33
lotuspsychje!ru | u1307:33
ubottuu13: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:33
u13эй нигеры07:35
lotuspsychjeu13: english only here plz07:35
histoauronandace: What is your question?07:36
auronandacehisto: its been answered thanks07:36
u13it is magic O.o07:36
u13what's happening here?07:37
lotuspsychjeu13: this is an ubuntu support channel07:37
kula1922_if u have any problem u can ask here07:37
smOBuddaWell it just so happens I have a problem07:37
histo!ask | sm007:38
ubottusm0: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:38
histosmOBudda: ^^^^^^^^07:38
u13i am on IT lesson :D07:38
smOBuddaQuick question: If I had installed fusionPBX and before the install was able to access anything in my /var/www dir then there after no longer able to what would cause the issue? I had been able to access anything in the www/ dir but now even though im able to see the folder content of /var/www/content when i try to access it at www.mywebsite.com/content it tells me "The requested URL /JPhoto07:38
smOBuddawas not found on this server." any help or direction you can provide would be great.07:38
FloodBot1smOBudda: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:38
lotuspsychjeim looking for a way to read /var/log into groups/colours anyone know something to sort?07:38
stevr1ithello, avedemùux doe snot allow me to save a video in flash format, can yu help me?07:39
=== Odysimus is now known as Odysimus_away
k610ran an apt-get upgrade + dist-upgrade -> now my ubuntu server 12.04LTS will freeze in Grub or on logon like wtf07:41
u13я вас в рот ебалъ07:41
histok610: try booting an older kernel07:41
histou13: English only07:41
k610histo, thing is i'd like not to touch this machine no more and just ssh in it all day07:42
chaos7theoryNow this IS a support question. Even even today's terms, there's no real means to uninstall Ubuntu from a dual-boot, correct? Or has GRUB changed since then?07:42
u13I am jerking off now, guys07:43
auronandacechaos7theory: you repartition and overwrite grub07:43
histok610: okay well boot into a older kernel and ssh in.07:43
lotuspsychjeu13:sort your pingpong07:43
k610how can i keep my ubuntu server updated and still be able to restart it without needing to access the physical machine07:43
histo!ops u1307:43
chaos7theoryThat doesn't damage the Windows' boot files?07:43
histok610: well you don't dist-upgrade it. You install safe upgrades07:44
starbuckhi, why is apt-get update ignoring some repositories?07:44
chaos7theoryI'm assuming a Windows/Ubuntu Dual-Boot07:44
auronandacechaos7theory: you can reinstall the windows bootloader if you have a windows install cd07:44
histochaos7theory: nvm ignore that07:44
k610i see what commands should i run to keep updated then : apt-get update + apt-get upgrade ?07:44
histok610: nvmthey got rid of safe-upgrade07:45
chaos7theoryUnfortunately it's Windows OEM, so I suppose that means I may have to request a Windows CD from the manufacturer07:45
u13linux is shit07:45
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!07:46
histok610: upgrade would be safer as it doesn't remove packages07:46
u13where are you all from?07:47
lotuspsychjejpds: u13 here is playing pingpong07:47
histok610: although neither should bust your system07:48
histojpds: sorry forgot his nick in the trigger07:48
k610dist-upgrade is definitely busting things up07:48
histoMyrtti: He is just trolling07:49
auronandacek610: dist-upgrade can install kernels so perhaps thats what is causing the issue (especially if you installed drivers from outside the official repos)07:50
k610auronandace, no additional drivers just the cd07:51
=== Jikan is now known as Jikai
sandeeprhisto, looks the apt-cache seems to have a corrupt copy of a package. autoclean and clean did not help get me past this and i continue to get hash sum mismatch error with apt-get install pkg07:51
sandeeprhisto, any thought of a way to clear the cache and get past this?07:51
histosandeepr: packages are kept in /var/cache/apt/archives/  you can apt-get clean  to clear them07:52
sandeeprhisto, the apt-get clean and apt-get autoclean did not help07:52
lotuspsychjeim looking for a way to read ubuntu logs in colours/groups anyone know a package for that?07:52
histok610: What version of ubuntu is this? also does it just hang booting the kernel or any output?07:52
k610i had 2 freezes : 1. i had to press enter in grub for it to move on with boot 2. i had a freeze just before logon prompt with any output07:53
histok610: And what it is doing now?07:55
k610had to ctrl+c on the pysical machine again then it would go on to the logon07:55
chaos7theorySomething that's never seemed to be directly answered, but looking at the Beta files under the release page of ubuntu, under the AMB64 files it mentions only AMD processors. Should it really matter if you have an AMD64 or an Intel 64 processor?07:57
histok610: Is it still hanging at grub screen on boot?07:57
histok610: or are you just venting07:57
k610venting ? ill try a reboot now again07:58
auronandacechaos7theory: its a misnomer, amd64 is the arch and it is used by both amd and intel07:58
histok610: check your grub timeout in /etc/default/grub07:58
auronandacechaos7theory: just think of it as amd64 simply means 64bit07:58
k610i did a hardware button reset and its freezing on grub now07:59
chaos7theorySo why don't they simply say x86-64?07:59
k610histo, GRUB_TIMEOUT = 207:59
auronandacechaos7theory: because they named it after amd who got there before intel (i agree it should be 86_64)08:00
histok610: and does it have a default line ot boot?08:00
k610histo, it's selecting the right line08:00
histok610: key try rebooting it should only sit there for 2 seconds and boot the default line then.08:00
k610histo, i did an ssh reboot and the machine went to a black screen without passing by grub08:01
histok610: Is the machine up?08:01
k610histo, it started a reboot then dived into a black screen08:02
k610histo, i physical reset now : it's hanging on grub08:03
k610histo, 10seconds already08:03
k610histo, selected line is : Ubuntu , with 3inux
k610histo, i'll press enter i guess08:03
histok610: try changint he timeout to 008:04
histok610: and sudo update-grub08:05
k610histo, did a "reboot now" from the command line (not ssh) -> bios -> grub -> black screen -> monitor goes off08:05
=== sergio is now known as Guest69952
rohitkavmy usb drive when copying says permission are not allowed08:06
histok610: rebooting from ssh session vs command line should not make a difference at all.08:06
rohitkavwhat to do08:06
historohitkav: fix your permissions08:06
rohitkavcould you help08:06
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
rohitkavit says "The destination is read-only."08:06
rohitkavI can't do it through changing the properties to read and write histo08:07
historohitkav: How did you mount the thumb drive?08:07
rohitkavjust clicking08:07
k610histo, you are right there was actually a short grub screen on the ssh reboot too. What's weird is that the text showing up after grub is in "block" font instead of normal [a-z] text08:07
rohitkavi dont' get your question, how did you mount?? meaning08:08
histok610: No idea could be the splash or quiet I have no idea what your config is08:08
historohitkav: please pastebin the output of mount08:08
jonysomeone with IPX knownledge, please help08:08
chaos7theoryIs Btrfs still in 'draft' so to say?08:08
histo!someone | jony08:08
ubottujony: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:08
jonyin virtualbox I have a Windows XP, and its IPX function does not work08:09
histojony: and this relates to ubuntu how?08:09
rohitkavhttp://pastebin.com/a7NnmiPQ histo08:10
jonyI have ubuntu 12.04 desktop... in this OS I have virtualbox which is running Win XP08:10
historohitkav: Okay now try pastbin the output of the command "mount"  please08:10
histojony: Why do you think your issue is with ubuntu is what I'm asking08:11
rohitkavhttp://pastebin.com/PqPxmd1v histo08:11
rohitkavcheck this08:11
jonybecause if I install XP as a real OS, the IPX works08:12
histojony: XP doesnt' know it's not installed on bare metal. Fix your network settings in vbox if traffic isn't getting out.08:12
whatever_42hey. my ubuntu server got stuck while booting and i can't figure out how to make it boot in verbose mode. there is no quiet in the boot option08:12
historohitkav: sudo mount -o remount.rw /dev/sdb108:13
rohitkavwhat this does08:13
jonyin virtualbox win xp, I can ping local and internet IP too08:13
jonyonly IPX won't pass trough08:13
historohitkav: remounts the usb drive read write08:13
histojony: You do realize that virtualbox uses a different IP for guests than you normal network unless you setup bridged networking08:14
whatever_42is there a line i can add that will make ubuntu boot in verbose mode08:14
kgalahassahi , I want to install a program which will permit me evaluation of algorithms, I'M A NOVICE08:15
histokgalahassa: have you tried searching the software center08:15
rohitkavi get same error histo08:16
jonyhisto, yes, it got a different IP via DHCP08:16
histowhatever_42: do you have the splash option on?08:16
kgalahassayes, but nothing,  i want a gui software, well done for my lessons in algorithms08:16
whatever_42histo: it does not say splash in the entry either08:16
histojony: How is your networking setup and what are you trying to communicate with over IPX08:17
CFenixjony: i think that you're looking for a channel call #windows  but that's just my guess08:17
histowhatever_42: add text to the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT  line08:18
=== cantoma_ is now known as cantoma
whatever_42i am in the gnu grub emac editor right now. so what exactly do you want me to add?08:19
histojony: Where is the device/server whatever you are trying to communicate with over IPX?08:19
histowhatever_42: text08:19
kgalahassahi , I want to install a program which will permit me evaluation of algorithms, I'M A NOVICEyes, i want a gui software, well done for my lessons in algorithms08:19
histokgalahassa: did you try searching the software center?08:20
kgalahassanothing, histo08:20
histokgalahassa: There are plenty of math programs in the software center08:20
histokgalahassa: enable the universe and/or multiverse if you which to have more options08:21
whatever_42histo: what dou you mean by text? shall i add GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT08:21
jonyhisto, it's a server and it's connected locally, in the same IP range with my desktop ubuntu08:22
kgalahassahisto, how enable universe/multiverse sources?08:22
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest19145
kgalahassaplease give to a channel where they discuss on c programming08:23
histojony: okay well you need to stop your virtual machine and fix it's network settings in virtual box so that it's in bridged mode and it gets an IP form the local network08:23
kgalahassaplease give to a channel where they discuss on c programming08:23
histo!alis | kgalahassa08:23
ubottukgalahassa: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:23
histokgalahassa: system settings > software sources08:24
histoPcntlf 1356 #debian08:24
histowhatever_42: yes as the only option. I though you were in the grub emacs thing? you could have added it there to the end of the linux line08:24
whatever_42histo: yes since my vm does not start i am in this grub emac editor whatever. well if i simply add this line it complains that it does not know what to do with it08:26
kgalahassahisto, i see, all these  were selected, already,08:26
qualiawhich one is better, emacs or vim ?08:26
whatever_42histo: is there some value i need to add?08:26
kgalahassaqualia, it depends on what you are willing to08:26
histowhatever_42: you add it at the end of the linux line..  Go to the linux line and press the end key put text there and hit ctrl+x or hit F1008:27
qualiamy will is pretty wiiide08:27
qualiai mean the range of options08:27
histokgalahassa: Then search for math and look at all the applications08:27
histokgalahassa: or algebra or whatever08:27
histo!best | qualia08:27
ubottuqualia: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:27
qualiascooby dooby dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo08:28
jonyhisto, it's on bridged mode, and it got a separate IP than my ubuntu OS08:28
FloodBot1linux: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:28
histojony: please /j #vbox  as this has nothing to do with ubuntu08:29
kgalahassaqualia, emacs is power than vim, but  is do not want a difficult environnement, use only vim, it permit  server communication08:30
* nevyn disagrees...08:30
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:31
jonyhisto, ty08:32
whatever_42ok well apparently i need to enabled vt in my bios since i set the virtual machine up at home08:35
k610histo, did a fresh install of ubuntu lts.12.04 and the bugger hangs on reboot O.o08:40
k610histo, same sht : hangs on grub08:41
pankaj_hi there08:44
pankaj_ is anybody there?08:45
petanthis is a dead channel, these 1670+++ people is just a decoy08:46
pankaj_pentan, i have a problem08:46
pankaj_PPPoE connection08:47
jatakkJust ask the question and if somebody knows the answe they'll help you08:47
jatakkYou don't need to ask to ask a question08:47
otGOhey guys! could someone help me, please. I have a laptop where I have installed ubuntu and Win 7. after bios update UEFI is not working, thus ubuntu is not loading. I have some important information saved on Ubuntu partition. is there any way to recover that info? I know the account password if that helps08:47
pankaj_surely jatakk08:47
petanotGO yes it is08:47
petanotGO you installed win 7 after ubuntu right?08:48
petanwin 7 has very shitty installer08:48
otGOpetan: not exactly. it came with win7, then I went through hell to install ubuntu( i had no idea what UEFI is)08:48
otGOand then i did bios update08:48
petanok in order to boot from uefi you need to create a boot partition in fat3208:49
petanusually ubuntu installer takes care of that08:49
otGOand then decided to do a clean Win install, where i was faced with the problem of GPT partitioning, and then realised that Ubuntu is not loading either08:49
petandid you have uefi boot before you update your bios?08:49
otGOpetan: yes I did.08:49
CFenixhi everyone, i need to create a shortcut to a program I installed but didn't generate it, i can still open it by typing the the name08:49
otGOpetan:  i think, i did.08:50
petanso you did a clean install of win7 after the udate of bios08:50
petanand are you sure win 7 didn't remove any of the ubuntu partitions?08:50
otGOpetan:  i tried to. but i was unable to because of GPT partitioning style08:50
petaneh, so can you explain to me what exactly you did? you had ubuntu + win7 working, 2) you updated bios 3) ?????08:51
otGOpetan:  not sure if you can read it, but here's a thread detailing it: rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?32160-N56VM-bios-upgrade(214)-can-t-install-Win708:51
otGO3) i decided to reinstall windows, ad it was a new laptop with bunch of bloatware.08:51
pankaj_guys! i have got a PPPoE connection, i used "sudo pppoeconf" to set the connection but still its not working08:51
=== michaelni_ is now known as michaelni
petanotGO ok and were you successfull in reinstalling windows?08:51
otGO4. during the install, i have formatted C: and recovery partition.08:51
otGOno, i wasn't08:52
petanok, can you boot into any OS now?08:52
kgalahassaplease give to a channel where they discuss on c programming08:52
llutz!alis | kgalahassa08:53
ubottukgalahassa: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:53
petankgalahassa did you try #c08:53
otGOpetan: here's a copy of the thread http://pastebin.com/5pusJG6A08:53
pankaj_guys! i have got a PPPoE connection problem08:53
kgalahassajoin #C08:53
otGOpetan: no, I cannot.08:53
petanotGO ok, do you have any installation media of ubuntu?08:54
otGOpetan: the closest i get is grub08:54
otGOpetan: yes, i do08:54
petancan you boot into live system?08:54
petanok, do that please08:54
petanthen you will be able to open gparted and then we can examine what has happened to your pc08:54
pankaj_i have got a PPPoE connection problem,08:55
petanpankaj_ can you describe it more?08:55
otGOpetan: it will take me a second.08:55
pankaj_ i used "sudo pppoeconf" to set the connection but still its not working08:55
petanpankaj_ why you didn't just use the network manager to set it up08:56
pankaj_i tried DSL setting08:56
pankaj_but  in vain08:57
petanpankaj_ I am no expert on this... maybe someone else can help you08:57
pankaj_i think my problem is universal , read this http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=150&t=2739608:57
pankaj_i know the solution but dont know how to implement http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=150&t=2739608:58
pankaj_petan can u help me modify ppp.conf file ?09:00
pankaj_can anybody help me modify ppp.conf file ?09:00
otGOpetan: update: it will take me a while. turns out that I need to re-download it, and re-burn it.09:03
petanah, ok09:03
=== nick is now known as Guest15239
Guest15239When Ubuntu 13.04 will be released?09:09
DJones!schedule | Guest1523909:10
ubottuGuest15239: A schedule of Raring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule09:10
pankaj_google it09:10
pankaj_they will release it soon09:10
linuxwhat's wrong09:13
dpreacherhow do i specify only a set of file(s) to be committed when using svn ci from the terminal09:13
dpreacherin a dir already part of svn repo say /path/to/repo i want to say "svn ci -m 'msg' somefile.c" how can i do that?09:15
=== fire is now known as Guest99604
zhongweisorry i don't know09:16
otGOpetan: I'm in09:18
linuxwhat are u doing ? u  guys09:18
MrokiiHello. What would be a proper channel to ask abotu Python-Nautilus programming?09:18
petanotGO ok09:18
petanotGO can you open terminal09:19
otGOpetan: yup09:19
jonyhisto, I managed it. Solution: it works only via LAN cable.09:20
petanotGO ok, type gparted in there09:20
otGOit says root privilages required09:20
linuxwhat's the meaning of common09:21
otGOpetan: i tried sudo gparted and it started09:21
DJoneslinux: This is a support channel for Ubuntu, general chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic09:21
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=== hard is now known as hardname
=== nathan is now known as Guest69265
pioneerFlash is not working properly for me in chromium09:22
zhongweibecause you have no more Jurisdiction09:22
pioneeri have restricted-extra installed09:22
nashantAlright guys. Anyone know if there's ever gonna be a live usb released that actually supports uefi without any tinkering?09:22
petanotGO ok, can you tell me what you see there?09:22
pioneerwhen flash content loads, its not renderd properly. has horisontal lines though the flash content09:23
pioneerlike i have a broken gfx card :/09:23
petanotGO I would like to know number of partitions at least09:23
Dragon64pioneer what browser you using?09:23
nick-newbiehey i'm trying to install Ofiice 2007 with Playonlinux  !  and i get this error " error : unable to find the CD-Rom09:23
petanotGO is there any other partition than your windows one and recovery?09:23
pioneerDragon64, Version 25.0.1364.160 Ubuntu 12.10 (25.0.1364.160-0ubuntu0.12.10.1)09:23
pioneerDragon64, Chromium09:24
otGOpetan: i can take a picture and upload it somewhere, but I see different partitions of different sizes. some have red exclaimation marks. there are 7 formated partitions and 2 of unallocated space. linux-swap partitions has a key icon next to it09:24
petanotGO no09:24
petanotGO type "sudo parted -l" and use pastebin ;)09:24
Dragon64I know that the latest version of Chrome broke flash, but I thought chromium was OK.09:24
k610histo, seems it was the graphic card i had on this box. i replaced it and got trough09:25
otGOto use pastebin i need to be conected to the internet, right? the laptop isn't connected to it09:25
pioneerDragon64, its not all the time tho. only some content09:25
petanotGO yes you need, or save the output to flash disk and open it on another pc09:25
Dragon64thats odd. anythin in common with the content like resolution, source etc?09:25
petanjust type  "sudo parted -l > output" and save that file somewhere09:26
DJonesnick-newbie: Can't help with the problem, but you might be able to get support in #playonlinux That looks to be their own support channel09:26
=== [entropy] is now known as [ent]
nick-newbieDJones: that can help thank you09:27
pioneerDragon64, mesaged you09:27
pankaj_ want to set pppoe connection09:27
pankaj_i used "sudo pppoeconf" to set the connection but still its not working09:28
oalAny good apps for resizing lots of images? GUI is preferred09:28
pankaj_how to modify ppp.conf09:28
llutzoal: resize to a fixed size?09:29
spydonIs it out yet?09:29
otGOpetan: something is not working. the command I've used didn't do anything. or at least, I can't copy it to the sepparate document09:29
oalllutz: I need to set max height and max width, and keep the aspect ratio09:29
petanotGO "sudo parted -l"09:29
petanotGO the one with > output will create file output and that is all :P there will be nothing else09:30
llutzoal: why GUI? "convert" (cli) from imagemagick does it quite well09:30
oalllutz: I've used convert before, but was hoping for a decent gui so I don't have to remember all the command line flags ;)09:31
otGOpetan: but i need to save it to the usb stick. how do i do that?09:31
andy__How to remove the "message from " on the desktop ?09:31
otGOpetan: i have created a new file on the usb stick, and trying to paste something after typing in the command in the terminal and it's not showing me a valid option of pasting09:32
petanotGO put the usb stick in your computer, wait for it to mount, then do "sudo parted -l > /path/where/is/your/usb/stick/file.txt09:32
llutz!info phatch | oal09:33
ubottuoal: phatch (source: phatch): simple to use Photo Batch Processor - GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 217 kB, installed size 812 kB09:33
oalllutz: I actually tried that, but found it very confusing :/09:34
oalI'll just use convert09:34
llutzoal: its still the best tool for it09:35
petanotGO sorry I need to go... try someone else to help you09:36
otGOpetan:  thank you09:36
Guest98218oh fuck09:37
DJonesGuest98218: Please don't swear in the channel,09:38
Guest98218im sorry09:38
Guest98218so how does one obtain longer battery life with ubuntu09:39
llutzcould someone please kick the troll09:41
pankaj_Guest98218 swear something entertaining09:43
superdoif I copy files to an usb drive (~250MB files) why the system waits 30 second after copying each file?09:43
vltsuperdo: Because it has to actually *write* to USB after reading (fast) from disk09:45
superdoso my usb drive is so slow in writing?09:45
nevynif you're getting 10mb/s to a usb drive you're doing ok.09:46
Jordan_Usuperdo: What do you mean by "waits"?09:47
superdonevyn, the writing is fast, tbh, but I gut a "frozen" state for a half min09:47
superdoJordan_U, ^09:47
nevynsuperdo: the system shouldn't be "frozen" unless it's an ancient singlecore box09:47
Jordan_Usuperdo: Do you mean that the progress bar in the GUI file manager gets close to the end then stops?09:48
Jordan_Usuperdo: Please explain exactly what you're seeing.09:48
superdoKrusader copy window, the percentage goes to 37% to 38 in a sec, then it waits for ~ 30 sec09:49
nashantAlright guys. Anyone know if there's a plan to release a live usb image that actually supports uefi without any tinkering and without having to boot a live usb and chroot after installing?09:50
DJonessuperdo: That sounds like the system is reading the first part of the file into memory and filling up the write buffer, then because writing is slower to usb, it has to pause as the buffer starts writing before it can continue09:50
superdoplus, after a file is copied, console text is: Stalled09:50
Jordan_Unashant: The current 12.10 images should do that, provided that you dd them to the USB drive rather than using Unetbootin or similar tools.09:51
superdoDJones, is it a normal behaviour?09:51
nashantJordan_U: oh. So impossible from windows then09:51
DJonessuperdo: I get the same thing with nautilus when copying large files to usb09:51
Jordan_Unashant: No, there is dd for Windows, as well as other image writers (though I haven't personally used any).09:52
nevynnashant: ubootin works for that..09:52
nashantnevyn: I beg to differ. Been trying that. It also has an issue where it copies deb and udeb files across with the wrong names09:53
nevynnashant: I used universal usb installer and installed a uefi system with it.09:53
nevynnashant: ie: I lie.09:53
superdook thanks all, I accept it, and wait :)09:53
DJonessuperdo: I doubt its anything to worry about09:54
nevynsuperdo: heavy IO should not make the system unresponsive.. unless it's absolutely ancient.09:54
Jordan_Unashant: To be clear, I don't know to what extent various liveUSB tools work WRT Ubuntu and UEFI, but I do know that dd works.09:54
nevynlike pentium II ancient..09:54
superdonevyn, i used "frozen" incorrectly09:54
nevyn console text is: Stalled ...09:54
otGOcould someone please help me to recover data from a partition I am unable to boot?09:55
Jordan_Unashant: You're being very unclear. Please explain exactly what you're doing and what you're seeing (err on the side of givng more information).09:55
pankaj_guys help09:57
pankaj_PPPoE connectin problem09:57
pankaj_tries "sudo pppconf"09:57
Jordan_UotGO: If the only problem is that you can't boot from it (rather than for example not being able to boot from it because the drive is failing or the filesystem is corrupt), then you should be able to just boot from a LiveDVD/USB and copy files wherever you want them from ther.09:58
nashantJordan_U: Right, I'm trying to do a UEFI install of server from usb. I try and run the install from UEFI USB mode, all I see is a blank screen. I've tried disabling everything possible in the BIOS, except IOMMU which is what I'm trying desperately to get to work.09:58
pankaj_sorry , tried "sudo pppconf"09:58
Jordan_Unashant: Do you get to the grub menu?09:58
otGOJordan_U: i have described the situation here: http://pastebin.com/5pusJG6A09:59
nashantYeah, I get to the grub menu, but when I select an option, screen goes blank, usb stops being accessed09:59
otGOJordan_U: that is if you would care to read it.09:59
solomonubuntu studio10:00
nashantJordan_U: Also, do you know anything about IOMMU and methods of enabling it?10:00
pankaj_have a look at my problem, please http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=150&t=2739610:01
derbarbcan someone help me? i had a funny restart in 12.10 and now when i login to ubuntu i get a blank wallpaper.10:01
Ben64pankaj_: we don't support mint here10:01
pankaj_yah i know10:01
pankaj_i have ubuntu installed , but read the post, its similar http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=150&t=2739610:01
pankaj_its very similar to my problem10:02
pankaj_Ben64: waiting for your reply !10:04
ronaldsderbarb, how is restart funny?10:04
otGOJordan_U: i can see it from the LiveCD, but I can not move those files. probably because they are password protected. I know the password however.10:04
ronaldsotGO probably encrypted home partition10:05
otGOronalds: it may be the case. is there any way to access the files if I know the password?10:05
ronaldsgoogle how to recover files from live cd ubuntu10:05
dpreacherPlease tell how to commit a single file to svn from terminal10:06
derbarbhow do i start the software sources so i can change my video card driver from cli?10:06
ronaldsby starting software sources derbard :)10:06
pankaj_have a look at my problem, please is very similar to this thread  http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=150&t=2739610:06
Jordan_Unashant: It may be worth trying Fedora, as it has better UEFI support in some areas (like graphics drivers, which seems to be at least part of your issue). If you can get a Fedora liveUSB to boot, then you should be able to get Ubuntu to boot also, with a little (or possibly a lot of) work.10:08
auronandacepankaj_: don't ask for mint support here10:08
=== baba is now known as cod3r
pankaj_its not mint guys10:08
nashantJordan_U: cheers, I'll have a look. I'll try raw writing to the usb first10:08
derbarbronalds: i had just installed 12.10 and had finished doing an upgrade, but before i restarted i changed my video card driver to the amd proprietary driver and instead of clicking on the update manager restart i clicked on the restart on software sources10:08
ronaldsderbard do sudo apt-get update10:09
ronaldssudo apt-get upgrade10:09
Jordan_Uderbarb: Both restart buttons do the same thing, a simple restart.10:09
derbarbJordan_U: yeah but instead of restarting it shutdown.10:10
qb_Привет линуксоидам10:10
auronandace!ru | qb_10:10
ubottuqb_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:10
derbarbJordan_U: and when i rebooted i got a blank wallpaper10:10
ronaldsgood day russian10:10
derbarb(and mouse cursor)10:10
ronaldswhat is blank?10:10
derbarbno, just a wallpaper10:11
ronaldsunity --reset10:11
derbarb(and mouse cursor)_10:11
pankaj_auronandace : my ubuntu problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/5595155/plain/10:11
derbarbronalds: it sez the unity --reset iption is now deprecated.10:11
ronaldswell you need to reinstall unity10:12
ronaldsprobably would fix the thing10:12
ronaldssudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop10:13
auronandace!ppp | pankaj_10:13
ubottupankaj_: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up10:13
derbarbronalds: ok i did that, still no unity.10:13
Dawn__Hi all.   I would like to ditch my Windoz on a dual boot machine.  I was thinking that all I had to do was gparted and get rid of the the NTFS partition.10:14
ronaldslaunch unity by just typing it10:14
ronaldssee whats happens10:14
derbarbi did, it seg faulted10:14
pankaj_my ubuntu internet connection problem http://askubuntu.com/questions/284519/pppoe-connection-problem10:15
ronaldsfix broken packages10:15
ronaldsgoogle it10:15
Dawn__Then how do I get grub to reset to just Ubuntu and not both?10:15
pankaj_auronandace : http://askubuntu.com/questions/284519/pppoe-connection-problem10:15
derbarbwhen i try to start unity it says my hardware doest support it10:16
ronaldsDawn, I understand that you don't like windows, but I wouldn't gparted it10:16
DJones!google | ronalds10:16
ubotturonalds: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.10:16
derbarbis there anyway i can swtch my video card driver back to xorg?10:16
ronaldshow do you know that you have other than xorg10:16
auronandacepankaj_: you just copied the mint forum post over into askubuntu, that doesn't automatically make it a ubuntu issue10:17
pankaj_internet connection problem, help10:17
ronaldsderbarb, you have nautilus -desktop left right?10:17
pankaj_The connection is a wired PPPOE10:17
pankaj_ tried with 'pppoe-setup' and put his password and username10:17
ronaldspankaj, it's mint, there is chat for mint users10:18
derbarbronalds: yes i think so,i can right click and it pulls up a menu, though it is ugly10:18
ronaldsderbarb, which ubuntu version you use?10:18
Dawn__ronalds, what is the best way to make my system Ubuntu only?10:19
ronaldsDawn, full install, 12.04 probably10:19
pankaj_ronalds : are mint and ubuntu not same?10:19
auronandacepankaj_: no, they are not the same10:19
Dawn__Oh.  LOL    Duh!!      Yeah.10:19
ronaldspankaj, mint is derivative with it's own community10:19
pankaj_i dont use mint , im just using that link to explain u my problem quickly10:20
Dawn__Thanks.  Am gonna back up the good stuff on this drive and fdisk!10:20
pankaj_i use ubuntu 12.1010:20
upomochi can somone help me10:20
pankaj_i dont use mint , im just using that link to explain u my problem quickly, i use ubuntu 12.1010:21
auronandaceupomoc: depends what you need help with10:21
upomoci manged to turn off start splash screen by editing grub "quiet splash" but how to turn off end screen (the screen thet starts when i shutdown)10:21
ronaldsderbarb, there is second choise, by backing up everything on seperate partition and reinstalling ubuntu, by the same disk you installed it10:22
ronaldsbut it's long process10:22
dpreacherwhich channel can i get my svn queries cleared from?10:22
ronaldsbetter try finding how to fix broken packages, but backing up still is good choice if lost some ubuntu stufff10:23
pankaj_pity on mint, i and my ubuntu problem (edited) i use ubuntu 12.10, http://askubuntu.com/questions/284519/pppoe-connection-problem10:24
pankaj_help me now! please10:24
upomochow to turn off end screen10:25
linuxuz3rwhats the terminal that doesnt have a window border?10:26
pioneerupomoc, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=""10:26
pioneerupomoc, in /etc/default/grub10:26
ronaldspankaj, russian guide for ppoe10:26
pioneerupomoc, remeber to sudo update-grub after10:26
upomocpioneer:  yes i know thet will stop splash screen on startup but how to turn off on shutdown10:27
=== rajesh is now known as Guest4926
pankaj_tried them already10:27
ronaldsI have had worse experience with 12.10 I preffer 12.04 or even 13.04 , I'm using now10:28
pankaj_so should i switch to them as well10:28
ronaldspankaj, fix network card?10:28
pioneerupomoc, shutting down verbosely removes the splash10:29
pioneerupomoc, or shoud "sudo shutdown -v -h now"10:29
pankaj_i have been trying for this problem since a week10:29
=== uranium is now known as Guest9962
pankaj_i think some guys with same problem are successful with a solution which i know10:30
=== nan is now known as Guest72081
ronaldstry other versions of linux os, I think xDSL is supported by most10:30
ronalds12.10 may be buggy sometimes10:31
pioneerhmm, did upmoc just run the command...10:32
=== Guest9962 is now known as uranof
vnc786cron job not running10:33
vnc786Apr 23 15:55:01 ltsp02 CRON[25610]: (root) CMD (tar cvfz /opt/backup/ltsp/amd64-$(date +)10:33
vnc786Apr 23 15:55:01 ltsp02 CRON[25609]: (CRON) info (No MTA installed, discarding output)10:33
FloodBot1vnc786: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:33
vnc786the command does run in shell  tar cvfz /opt/backup/ltsp/amd64-$(date +%d%m%y).tar.zip /opt/ltsp/amd6410:33
vnc786running as root10:34
jribvnc786: '%' signs have a special meaning in crontab.  Read « man 5 crontab »10:34
vnc786jrib: what if I put above cmd in vi and run as script ? did this also but still same result ..10:36
jribvnc786: you can do that or just escape the percent signs10:36
anekshow do I access the trash via the command line? I thought it was in .Trash or something similar?10:37
jrib!trash | aneks10:37
ubottuaneks: Your GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.10:37
aneksthanks :)10:37
vnc786jrib: tar cvfz /opt/backup/ltsp/amd64-$(date +'%d%m%y').tar.zip /opt/ltsp/amd64  this is wat u r telling10:39
jribvnc786: no, I don't think that would work10:40
vnc786jrib: i was just wondering the some cronjob was and is working in my another server10:41
jribvnc786: like I said, you need to escape the percent signs (or create a separate script like you said)10:41
vnc786jrib: the scripts gives me the same error i am just clue less about escape the percentage sign can you please tell more on than ??10:43
jribvnc786: \%  (this is in the man page)10:44
vnc786jrib: thanks jibs \% worked but was not having idea about this because in another box i am just running same cmd with \% any way will dig on that !!10:51
cloneGhi is there a way to find out when the system was installed?10:53
cloneGno when10:53
misswho are you10:54
cloneGI d like to know how long I ve been using ubuntu10:54
cloneGjust an ubunter10:54
missI use it just now10:55
cloneGyep me too10:55
cloneGbut now it is failing...10:55
cloneGand I like to know how long the good last10:55
cloneGI would*10:55
missI am chinese10:56
cloneGni hao ma?10:56
misswo hai hao10:56
missI am in huaqing10:56
cloneGwo hen hao10:56
misswhere are you?10:57
misswhere is it?10:58
DJones!ot | miss cloneG10:58
ubottumiss cloneG: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:58
cloneGyeah I was just asking where could I find the start date of the system10:59
cloneGthe time I installed it...how would I know?10:59
miss I have no idea11:00
cloneGdont you find it is an interesting question?11:00
mattnieyou can search for the oldest file in the system by getting root and ==> find -type f -printf '%T+ %p\n' | sort | head -n 111:00
DJonescloneG: I'm not sure if there is a definative way to find out when it was installed11:00
mattniethan you get the oldest file in your system :)11:00
cloneGweird command would you explain it?11:01
mattnieok sorry it doesn't work ^^ the command is right but i tested it on my system and found a file which was created in 1970 ... forgot my idea ;)11:03
yassdI'm trying installing ubuntu but I don't have the option "installing alongside windows" as in this picture:11:03
cloneGthere must be a way11:04
vnc786cloneG: http://askubuntu.com/questions/1352/how-can-i-tell-what-date-ubuntu-was-installed11:04
anassHello, I've a problem loading and installing ubuntu 12.10 on Lenovo Z750 where was Windows8 installed before I format the entire H.D.D and I cannot disable the UEFI (Secure boot) as there's no option in bios to do that11:06
cloneGvnc786: thanks11:09
cloneG2 months 15 days11:09
cloneGtill a bad error appeared11:10
gustavHey, hey. Does anyone know if there is a better driver for RTL8111/8168B other than what gets installed per default on 12.10? I'm trying to track down some packet loss.11:10
cloneGnot bad I ve been happy enough11:10
boichevis there a problem if I truncate /var/mail/nobody with "echo "" >  /var/mail/nobody" ?11:11
misswhat is the time now11:12
cloneGmy problem now is not hard to fix but I cant11:12
cloneGdrivers are driving me nuts11:12
cloneGits an old graphic card and latest kernel failed to identify it11:13
anassHow can I install ubuntu 12.10 on Secure Boot without windows 8 and EFI Partition?11:13
mattniecloneG: what's your problem?11:13
cloneGmattie are you helping me?11:13
mattnieI don't know if i am able to help you ^^^11:13
cloneGits an nvidia geforce 8800 gt11:13
Ben64nobody can help you if you don't ask a question11:14
cloneGand I am using ubuntu 12.0411:14
sonic_hi all11:14
=== sonic_ is now known as Guest18059
vnc786cloneG: lspci -vv | grep -i VGA11:14
cloneGbut when using second life the graphic environment slowed down and freezed...11:14
cloneGit think it was due to a recent kernel update...11:15
cloneGbut I cant be sure..11:15
cloneGthe point is I couldnt open terminal and I just reboot using button11:15
cloneGthat was the last time the graphic environment run good11:16
cloneGfrom then on it allways got stuck at 'checking battery state'11:16
cloneGwhen trying to restart lightdm..11:16
cloneGnothing happens11:16
cloneGand startx gives another error:11:17
Ben64!enter | cloneG11:17
ubottucloneG: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:17
cloneGnvidia could not open the device file /dev/nvidia011:17
cloneGI have a history file...11:17
cloneGI could post it instead11:18
mattniecloneG: i don't know what is secondlife.. which driver you use? Do you use the Nvidia properitary driver?11:18
cloneGmattnie: thats the point, I ve been using current-nvidia happily since I first installed ubuntu...and the nvida-xserver-settings was showing the card correctly identified....BUT11:19
cloneGmattnie: since that crashed I tested many things and even installed propietary driver11:20
Botreakhey could somebody help me?11:21
cloneGmattnie: from the crash on I was trying to get the nvidia-current to work again. thats why I fetched latest X ppa update and upgrade the system11:21
cloneGmattnie: I didnt want to install propietary driver. then I installed nvidia-current-updates11:22
Botreaki need help wit problem in ubuntu 12.04 anybody who knows how to handle usb wifi adapters?11:23
cloneGmattnie: I am able to log in using older kernel versions but when I go to nvidia-xserver-settings it says I need to run nvidia-xconfig and then lightdm restart and startx11:23
cloneGmattnie: that hangs the graphics again and even the login .Xauthority files mess up11:24
cloneGmattnie: the latest thing I tried was to force an older nvidia-current version at synaptic..11:25
cloneGmattnie: but that didnt work either11:26
asu_kabehendi iki wonge11:26
vvvvplease help me , i have connected dlink 3g usb modem , but it detected as a sdb scsi disk11:28
mattniecloneG: Sorry I am not really familiar with nvidia drivers. but I suggest you to write your history ands logs  to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ because it is very hard for others to follow you ;)11:28
cloneGmattnie: I have an ubuntu  history. I wrote but it is in spanish11:29
yassdI'm having problem install ubuntu alongside windows 711:29
cloneGmattnie: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5595291/11:33
missI am just learning  English here11:33
cloneGa problem related with nvidia drivers shall anyone be inclined to drop me a line11:35
hateball!anyone | cloneG11:35
ubottucloneG: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:35
cloneGthe problem explained in the post11:36
=== nan is now known as Guest4136
linuxuz3rhow do i mount fat32 using automount so that regular users can read write and execute in the partition11:39
aeiouwhen I'm installing lamp stack via tasksel - is it possible for it not to prompt me for mysql username/password and just install without prompt? happy if i have to specify these somewhere in a config file. would like to automate the installation11:39
mattniecloneG: I couldn't help you! But you really should learn how to ask questions and how to format text ;) cheers MaTT11:39
upomochow to chage icons i did go to  usr/share/icons/zorinOS(the them i using)/scalabe and changed start buton and it workent on next reboot but now i changed trash icont and rebooted and it dident change (and yes i changed full and empty icons)11:39
upomocomg now it worsk11:40
upomoci dident notice11:40
upomoci am so dumb11:40
jribaeiou: search for "debconf preseed" though I'm not sure how safe it is to do that with passwords11:40
aeioujrib: interesting thank you - is there a way to get the options available for preseeding?11:41
cloneGmattnie: blame on google translator11:41
jribaeiou: I don't know offhand11:41
shnytzllinuxuz3r: search for /etc/fstab11:42
linuxuz3ri have11:42
venkatanyone know that how connect 3g usb dongle in ubuntu11:42
venkatanyone know that how to connect 3g usb dongle in ubuntu11:42
lotuspsychjevenkat: just plugin the device and connect it11:43
linuxuz3rshnytzl, what do i put in the parameter field11:43
venkatthank you !<lotuspsychje>  but it connected as scsi sdb disk , not as usb11:43
lotuspsychjevenkat: can you connect with the wifi icon?11:44
=== oli_ is now known as OliJons
shnytzllinuxuz3r: which parameterfield? In fstab? It should be look like that: http://www.gargi.org/stuff/sonstiges/debian/fs13.png11:44
venkat#lsusb details are : Bus 001 Device 006: ID 2001:7d00 D-Link Corp.11:44
lyfwho know cloudify?11:45
shnytzlwith type set to fat32 and your appropriate mount point11:45
linuxuz3rshnytzl, what should i put in options to get read write execute and unmount and mount for regular users11:45
linuxuz3rnot root11:45
venkat<lotuspsychje>#lsusb details are : Bus 001 Device 006: ID 2001:7d00 D-Link Corp.11:45
Sasukewhich Apache2-mpm server is good for gestioip?11:46
linuxuz3rshnytzl, i got to add noauto11:48
yassdCan someone help me install ubuntu alongside windows?11:48
linuxuz3rhi on a different machine you are in right now?11:49
lotuspsychje!dualboot | yassd11:50
ubottuyassd: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot11:50
yassdThanks :)11:51
DrGrovHi. Running 12.04 and now I can not get into the login screen. It refuses to recognize my monitor. I have tweaked in xorg.conf some modelines and it was working well. I deleted the xorg.conf and still it does not recognize my monitor, it leaves without a signal. Running the Nouveau drivers.11:55
DrGrovI have to use a live CD to get my monitor recognized.11:56
linuxuz3rtype in your terminal11:56
linuxuz3rtelnet miku.acm.uiuc.edu11:56
DrGrovAny suggestions on how to revert back to normal?11:58
yassdhttp://i.snag.gy/we0nm.jpg what shall I do here for installing alongside windows11:58
linuxuz3ryassd, you need another partition for ubuntu11:59
alexandrку ку12:00
yassdlinuxuz3r: and how do I make one?12:00
yassdlinuxuz3r: shall I do it from windows?12:00
linuxuz3ryou might have to delete the windows ntfs partition and  reinstall windows12:00
yassdno other options?12:01
linuxuz3ri dont know if you can resize your /dev/sda212:01
yassdmaybe I can to do it from windows12:02
linuxuz3ryes but i dont know12:02
yassdok I'll try to make it from windows12:03
DrGrovShould I perhaps completely remove the xorg.conf and hope for the best? On the Live CD of Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit it recognizes my screen and everything working fine.12:03
linuxuz3rDrGrov, what is your video card?12:03
freevilhey guys is there mod like inf mod on windows with nvidia linux drivers12:04
=== lufi is now known as zz_lufi
freevili have an ultrabook with a dedicated gpu which is gt740m but nvidia linux driver doesnt support it12:04
freevilaltough it just a rebranded 650m12:04
linuxuz3rfreevil, you got to wait for the supported drivers12:04
DrGrovlinuxuz3r: It is a nVidia GTS 250 1GB. But the problem is if I enable the nVidia drivers they will segfault and completely throw me out to the login screen on a daily basis.12:05
linuxuz3ri guess12:05
DrGrovSo that is why I keep using the Nouveau drivers.12:05
freevilDrGrov, have you tried blacklisting nouveau drivers12:05
linuxuz3rDrGrov, https://www.google.com/search?q=dpkg-reconfigure+xserver-xorg&aq=1&oq=dpkg-reconfigure+&aqs=chrome.2.57j0l3.12369j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-812:06
DrGrovlinuxuz3r: Thank you, will do that.12:06
linuxuz3rwait that might be for xserver12:06
DrGrovlinuxuz3r: The problem is though I can not get my screen to work at all, it says without signal.12:08
linuxuz3rare you in noveua?12:08
linuxuz3rdid it work the first time you boot ubuntu?12:08
linuxuz3rmaybe you could just copy xorg.conf in ubuntu cd12:09
linuxuz3rlive dvd i mean if it has it12:09
=== zz_lufi is now known as lufi
DrGrovlinuxuz3r: Ok, I will copy it from the live CD. Not finding any xorg.conf here though.12:10
linuxuz3rDrGrov, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=174690812:11
Maelstrom_why is it that the new ubuntu "start button" looks like the inside of a barrel?12:19
mx8mangerhello guys i need help so badly :(12:19
mx8mangeri had windows 712:19
mx8mangerand just now fnished installing ubuntu 12.04 lts12:19
mx8mangerduring the installtion12:19
mx8mangeri choosed to install the grub in the windows boot loader12:20
mx8mangerand now i cant boot my windows what is the problem12:20
mx8mangermy cdrom is broken and i only have 2 gb12:20
mx8mangerso how i can boot windows 7 again12:21
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
trent_can someone tell me how to apply this patch im new to ubuntu using 12.10 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_external_guava/commit/c8b97210aa31c9b80b5fd136d8617ebe4e731e0912:23
tamiUbuntu doesn't recognize my Bluetooth mouse. Can anybody help?12:27
wNztrent_: git pull?12:29
wNztrent_: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/appy-patch-file-using-patch-command/12:29
wNzperhaps that?12:29
usr13tami: more than likely hardware issue.12:33
trent_@wNz i dont quite understand all that can you give me the commnad line stuff?12:34
tamiusr13: thanks. anything i can do about it?12:34
tamiusr13: windows recognizes it fine on the same computer12:35
usr13tami: Try unpllugging and plugging it back in again.12:35
usr13tami: Try another USB port12:35
usr13tami: Try on-off switch.12:36
Maelstrom_if nothing works try the trash bin12:36
soporteusb v1.0  / v 2.0  ?12:37
Draxelis2 days left !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:37
usr13!java | trent_12:37
dilimHi folks12:37
ubottutrent_: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.12:37
dilimneed help, seems my ubuntu 12.10 is broken. My Ubuntu Software Center no longer loads up, always crashes and executing sudo apt-get update  from a terminal shows errors12:39
DrGrovStill no luck, I get into GRUB and I can select recovery mode. Tried deleting the xorg.conf completely but still no luck somehow. It still does not recognize my monitor.12:39
usr13dilim: sudo apt-get update12:41
usr13dilim: sudo apt-get install -f12:41
usr13dilim: Tell us what errors it shows.12:42
betraydDrGrov: did the screen work in the live CD12:42
DrGrovbetrayd: Yes, it works brilliantly on the live CD of 11.04 64-bit.12:42
betraydDrGrov: you'll have to see what driver it used for livesession then12:43
DrGrovbetrayd: It uses nouveau12:43
=== emir_ is now known as Rim3nX
DrGrovAnd I had it working last night without issues, then at 1920x1080 but not the 1360x768 I get now. I did modeline for 1920x1080 and it worked well.12:43
linux1hello everyone12:44
Rim3nXNeed simple volume control applet for awesome wm which I installed on ubuntu server... Someone ?12:44
karthick87How do i list all installed packages in ubuntu excluding the dependencies ??12:44
usr13Rim3nX: alsamixer12:45
trent_@ <ubottu> looks like i allready have that in stalled12:46
betraydDrGrov: what are we missing, something must have changed12:46
betraydthe log will tell us12:46
Rim3nXusr13: alsamixer is not an applet, it's TUI volume control... I need some for system try as an volume icon for fast volume control12:47
DrGrovbetrayd: Yes, I hope something will tell since it is not working well. What logs do you need? I can not get them though while running a live CD?12:47
betraydyou probably can, but i got to go soon.12:47
betraydhave to mount unless they alreay are, in /media12:48
DrGrovbetrayd: No worries.12:48
DrGrovbetrayd: I will somehow fix it, I will look through the logs.12:48
betraydDrGrov: you *did* insatll nvidia-current though?12:49
=== angela is now known as Guest19992
usr13karthick87: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/*list  or  cd /var/lib/dpkg/  and then ls *list12:49
=== michael is now known as Guest44337
DrGrovbetrayd: No, I can not use nvidia-current since it segfaults with Chrome/Chromium/Firefox and all other browsers and makes my system useless. It throws me out to the login screen on a frequent basis.12:50
=== cod3r is now known as Guest34392
usr13Rim3nX: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10739390/how-to-programmatically-change-volume-in-ubuntu12:51
betraydDrGrov: i see, nobody there bothered to fix12:51
DrGrovbetrayd: Yes, it is irritating but I manage with nouveau anyhow. I just want my screen somehow back now :) I deal with the resolution later once I get the screenback.12:52
PotatoHello everyone12:52
Rim3nXusr13: is there any simple solution like gnome-volume-applet that is on gnome ? btw, I can't install it now, it's not in reps.12:54
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest94547
=== rrittenhouse_ is now known as rrittenhouse
PotatoI'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I've been experiencing screen tearing in Ubuntu 12.04 on my new PC. I have the latest nVidia driver, but I stille experience tearing everywhere.12:55
=== karthick87 is now known as izx
petooPotato: screen tearing?12:55
Potatopetoo: Yes, there are lines going across my screen all the time tearing up the frames.12:56
Potatopetoo: I'm guessing this is related to my BIOS and boot screen not being the right resolution.12:57
betraydis it at the native resolution your screen supports12:57
petooNot sure what's causing it , Potato .12:57
deepinHi,everyone i have a problem about bash.bashrc: whe i use vim in gnome-shell ,it can't auto complete the command.12:57
Potatobetrayd: Yes, it is.12:57
drkathttp://pastebin.com/U5F7NLMA - Any ideas? I seem to be pegging the CPU's but I am not seeing any processes using up much12:58
betraydPotato: BIOs and boot only?12:58
betraydPotato: even X?12:59
Potatobetrayd: Only what? Without the nVidia driver installed, everything is at the wrong resolution. BIOS, splash and even Linux installation. Only Windows (minus installation) has worked correctly.12:59
deepinHi,everyone i have a problem about bash.bashrc: whe i use vim in gnome-shell ,it can't auto complete the command.13:00
petooI had problems with 12.04, but it was because of hard disk. It used to crash the OS.13:00
betraydPotato: does nvidia server settings let you set rez you can say 1440x900@freq for example in there13:01
petooBut I don't think its anywhere close to your problem.13:01
petoo*My Screen used to freeze.*13:01
Potatobetrayd: The Display Config is set to auto resolution, and I can't edit the settings because I'm not "root"13:02
Potatobetrayd: Do you know how to enable root login?13:02
betraydyes I gave him a real password13:02
deepinsudo -i?13:02
deepinsudo -i ?13:03
Potatodeepin: isn't that only in terminal?13:03
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)13:03
deepin:Ptotato: yes13:03
betraydthe other way is to edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf (after naking a backup copy of course)13:04
Potatoubottu: I don't know the name of the Nvidia x server application13:04
ubottuPotato: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:04
tom_hello ,whar are you talking about?13:04
betraydPotato: it might appear on the menu if you are logged in as root13:05
Potatotom_: screen tearing13:05
Potatobetrayd: I don't know how to login in as root >:I13:05
tom_sudo passwd root13:05
ubottuWe do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.13:05
PotatoI've already set a root password, but how do I enable root user login?13:06
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/13:07
tom_you can't ,it fobid user login as root from recently version13:07
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:07
=== mustafa is now known as mzaza
tom_where are you from guys?13:07
betraydor there should be something in control center? control panel?13:07
Potatopetoo: The command wfm doesn't exist13:08
Botreakhi can somebody help me with tp-link?13:08
PigOnTheWingscan some1 help me, I set my theme over MyUnity but sometimes it randomly changes13:08
petoowfm = works for me13:08
tom_can you type your country , i am from China13:08
Potatopetoo: What works for you?13:08
petootom_: #ubuntu-offtopic13:08
chunkyheadhow to backup all my apps on ubuntu?13:09
betrayd!ot > tom_13:09
ubottutom_, please see my private message13:09
eni23hello at all. mabye someone can help me. im trying to setup an ntp-server. my problem now is that the server stucks at stratum 16 and dont sync with pool.ntp.org13:09
Botreaki need help with it cuz i want steam but im on 10.04 because my wifi adapter doesnt work on 12.04 for some reason13:10
petooPotato: I think somebody already told you about enabling root.13:10
petooIt's just a matter of googling , and the first link I got https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:10
helpmehow to exculde trash13:11
=== helpme is now known as Guest28471
=== adamxx is now known as adamx
ayonensadehow to exclude trash13:15
ayonensadetar cvpzf backup.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/backup.tgz --exclude=/media/MASA1 --exclude=/proc--exclude=/mnt --one-file-system --exclude=/sys /13:15
ayonensadei need to exculde trash too so how?13:15
ayonensadeto just add --exclude=/trash   ?13:15
ayonensadeis anyone hir13:16
PotatoI successfully modified my X Server settings, but the splash and BIOS are still not the correct resolution, and there's still excessive screen tearing.13:17
betraydPotato: see if the logs indicte if your graphics chip is listed13:18
ayonensadeand how to reload theme13:18
Potatobetrayd: What's the command to show these logs?13:19
betraydi use more u can use less13:19
Potatobetrayd: ?13:19
betraydeven on a tty13:19
betrayd'more' buddy13:19
Potatobetrayd: My Graphics Processor is GeForce GTX 660.13:20
betrayddon't tell me, look at your log13:20
Potatobetrayd: I don't have a log.13:20
DeltaHeavyWhy does paste.ubuntu.com not accept any PHP scripts?13:20
betraydyou're not looking mr Potato13:20
=== adamx is now known as adam`
betraydmore /var/log/Xorg.0.log13:21
betraydtheres a start13:21
=== adam` is now known as adamx
Botreakcan anyone help me with wifi on ubuntu13:21
chunkyheadhow to backup all my successfully installed packages on ubuntu?13:23
Potatobetrayd: It seems like it "[    24.333] (II) NVIDIA(0): NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTX 660 (GK106) at PCI:1:0:0 (GPU-0)"13:24
betraydPotato: then also check if your edit shows up there13:25
betraydPotato: that its being picked up13:25
Potatobetrayd: My settings were 1920x1080 60Hz, so seems like it: "Option "MetaModes" "1920x1080_60 +0+0"13:26
=== Zeev_i is now known as Zeev
betraydPotato: i'd make a copy of that log and a screenshot, seems to be a legit nvidia support/tech issue13:26
betraydPotato: and thats as far as we can go I think13:27
Potatobetrayd: There's some /X11 "This directory does not exist" errors.13:27
betraydPotato: at the == line it tells you where its picking up xorg.conf13:27
betrayduse / to search13:28
betraydPotato: learn to tell if it's WW or EE errors13:28
=== sporkeee is now known as wilee-nilee
DeltaHeavyWhy does paste.ubuntu.com not accept any PHP scripts?13:30
Potatobetrayd: They're WW errors. I read somewhere that these cyrillic and dpi errors are related to a video card misconfiguration or a hardware recognition failure.13:30
betraydwouldn't worry about WW Potato13:30
betraydas long as it's picking the right xorg.conf (scan for ==)13:31
betraydthe one with your edit in it13:31
Potatobetrayd: it is.13:31
betraydso thats it. You'd have to contact nvidia at this point with that log and a screenshot attached13:32
betraydthats as far as we can go with binary blobs13:32
betraydi'd use nouveau or a lower resolution in the meantime13:32
betraydor live CDs13:32
Potatobetrayd: I'm also having problems with Linux picking up my camera, but not displaying anything in camera applications.13:33
Potatobetrayd: I've heard that might be related to the graphics card too.13:33
betraydyes possible but also look at dmesg if its even detected13:33
prappl93I have a quick question. I'm putting the pre-release of Raring Ringtail on my computer, and I haven't used the pre-releases before, but when the full release comes out it should be easy to upgrade to that, right?13:34
betraydthen google for linux and that cam model13:34
betraydPotato: ^13:34
theadminprappl93: Yes, just update all the packages.13:34
Dr_willisprappl93,  yes. thats a feature of the pacjkage manager system13:34
Potatobetrayd: It does regonize the camera, it's mount on /video0.13:34
Dr_willisprappl93,  update the day BEFOR the release... then hang on for a week after the release befor you update again. ;) the servers may be dog slow for a few days after release13:35
betraydgood, once the kinks are ironed out in the driver, you should be able to capture video Potato13:35
prappl93Dr_willis: I know, hence why I'm updating now so I can start getting used to the changes.13:35
Dr_willisprappl93,  i havent really noticed any major changes to get used to.13:35
Dr_willisjust lots of little polish and tweaks13:36
prappl93Thanks for the quickness in response, guys. Haven't used pre-release before, and I was hoping that it would be easy to go from that straight to full.13:36
prappl93Is there a confirmed release for Raring yet?13:36
prappl93Well, date anyway13:37
chunkyheadhow to backup all my successfully installed packages on ubuntu?13:37
Dr_willisit can always get delayed.. but i think it was the 25th13:37
prappl93That's what I heard too, just wondering if they have said for sure yet.13:37
Dr_willischunkyhead,  you can get a list of whats installed..but theres not really an easy way to convert the  installed stuff back to .deb packages with out redownloading them all13:37
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate13:37
vekexasiaùiHello all i've 200€ for someone that will help me understand why a server with ubuntu12.10 freezes.13:38
PotatoI ran "dmesg | grep -i usb" and got: http://pastebin.com/a8VBb9JA. A whole bunch of "Not enough bandwidth" errors.13:38
benjickHi. I've installed apache and suphp via apt-get. Now I get this error:  ParsingException in Configuration.cpp:163: Unknown option "doctoor" in section13:39
benjick0 results on google13:39
crash_cyCan anyone point me to documentation for what my laptop beeping and flashing caps/num lock indicators could mean?  I'm not sure if this is determined by the OS (running Ubuntu 12.10) or the BIOS13:39
Potatobetrayd: This is the output of "dmesg | grep -i usb" http://pastebin.com/a8VBb9JA.13:39
Dr_williscrash_cy,  it would be a Bios/mb  feature13:39
prappl93Potato: betrayd just left the chat.13:39
chunkyheadDr_willis, downloading them would take alot of time :\13:39
Dr_williscrash_cy,  unless its crashing after grub loads.13:40
=== maxx is now known as Guest93240
Potatoprappi93: oh13:40
jribbenjick: you should say what you did to get that erro13:40
crash_cyDr_willis it is shutting itself off, but varies a bit on how long before it does13:40
Dr_willischunkyhead,  this is why the service 'apt-cacher-ng' is often used  to cache things for the whole lan13:40
crash_cyGenerally I make it to the desktop but can't really open anything from there before it has shut down13:40
benjickjrib: I installed apache2, suphp and php5-cgi. I uploaded a website and tried to visit it. I got that error in the logs.13:40
Dr_willischunkyhead,  you got stuff in your apt cache. but it wont be EVERYTHING. and it can also be outdated by the time you reinstall the other system.13:41
NygerHi - I'm trying to install php 5.3.4+ on my ubuntu virtual server and have troubles with aptitude. Someone willing to help?13:41
Dr_williscrash_cy,  start with the basics and give the fans a good dusting out, make sure they are working.. then see if text mode works.. and if its stable in text mode.13:41
chunkyheadi am going to reinstall ubuntu alot of issues with unity after i installed cairo dock. so basically i need to get all the packages back. won't be able to cache them over lan Dr_willis13:42
Dr_williscrash_cy,  then monitor the heat of the system if its iverheating13:42
jribbenjick: you should give a lot more details.  Basically make it so someone else could recreate what you did.13:42
Dr_willischunkyhead,  thats odd. I have no issues with Cairo Dock alongside unity.13:42
NygerI found this KB article, but I don't have add-apt-repository on my instance installed somehow13:42
crash_cyDr_willis, will do.  Does Ubuntu have a way of monitoring heat built in, or do I need to find an app for that?13:43
Dr_willischunkyhead,  if they are not in the cache they will get auto-downloaded as needed. you dont really  install an app.. remove its deb.. then somehow rebuild the deb from the system.. (seen that done on android, but not linux)13:43
benjickIt's a brand new install, that's all I did, I'm not really sure what to expand on. But I saw now I didn't do an upgrade, so I'll try that and come back13:43
prappl93Well, thanks for the answer to my question guys! I'm gonna head out now13:43
Dr_willis!sensors | crash_cy13:43
ubottucrash_cy: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.13:43
PiciNyger: install the python-software-properties package13:43
Nygersorry forgot the link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/109404/how-do-i-install-latest-php-in-supported-ubuntu-versions-like-5-4-x-in-ubuntu-113:43
crash_cyThanks for the help guys, I'll see what I find out13:44
NygerPici: And then?13:44
PiciNyger: and then add-apt-repository should be available to you13:44
chunkyheadDr_willis, i had removed cairo but now it's messed up unity. i can't login unity 3d, i've to login cairo (which i had removed idk how it's still there, yes i removed --purge d it) and unity --reset and wait for ages to unity to reset itself13:45
Dr_willischunkyhead,  try making a new user. see if they have the same issue.. if they DONT have the same issue. then its a user setting issue, not a system issue.13:46
chunkyheadsame issue there Dr_willis can't see unity interface there. tried that13:47
Dr_willisthers a lot of issues where the 3d drivers get confused/unity/compiz get confused and unity only half loads..13:47
Dr_willisnever really seen a definitive fix, or answer as to why it does it13:47
chunkyheadit isn't showing unity interface where i can login in it13:47
chunkyhead^ Dr_willis13:48
NygerPici: thanks a lot, that worked.13:48
Dr_willischunkyhead,  you mean the Lightdm login screen? thats the login screen.13:49
chunkyheadyeah, when we click on the icon top right of the login box, we can choose the interface there, right? unity isn't listed there only cairo is idk how or hwy13:49
theadminchunkyhead: Log in to a virtual terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F2) and do "sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop", which shall get you the default Ubuntu system packages (nothing will be removed, though)13:50
Dr_willischunkyhead,  lightdm has a icon just to the right of the login name field. If Unity is missing from there, You may want to reinstall the 'ubuntu-desktop' package13:51
chunkyheadtheadmin, let me give that  a try, just asking i'd installed dolphin, and other explorers you had recommened and had later on removed them and reinstalled nautius back on. can this make any difference?13:51
chunkyheadDr_willis, ^13:52
theadminchunkyhead: Hm, dunno honestly, doubt it.13:52
Dr_willisi rarely remove anything.. i dont see the point in it.. unless you are short of hd space13:52
chunkyheadthought so13:52
chunkyheadDr_willis, yeah like i said earlier have bit of an OCD13:52
Dr_willisI got kubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-desktop all installed on the system13:52
Dr_willistime to learn to get over it...13:52
chunkyheadDr_willis, but then too many application slow down the computer. :\13:53
Dr_willischunkyhead,  no... to many apps RUNNING at the same time will use more cpu...13:53
Dr_willismany apps Installed.. take up HD space.13:53
Botreakcan anybody help me with wifi adapter usb?13:53
chunkyheadmore HD space, more data access time :\ Dr_willis13:54
theadminchunkyhead: That makes no sense, you know13:54
Dr_willischunkyhead,  not really..13:54
chunkyheadtheadmin, Dr_willis i am a computer engineer. i know :|13:54
theadminchunkyhead: UNIX filesystems hardly fragment -- that'd be the case with Windows, yeah, because NTFS is such NTFS13:55
Botreaki agree with chucky13:55
Dr_willischunkyhead,  i think you are confused..13:55
chunkyheadbrb i'll let u know gtg have some soup13:55
Dr_willisif its loading unity desktop.. it dosent matter if you got kde installed or not.. its still just loading unity stuff13:55
BluesKajHi all13:56
DrGrovDoes anyone know how to help me to restore my xorg.conf to a standard default one? I can not still boot into 12.04, it just says it can not show the screen.13:57
chunkyheadback, ok tell me if your disk is 500GB you fresh format it and then install an OS and then you don't install any packages on it for abt say 1 year, over that period of time you end up storing alot of data on it and your HD is almost full. will your PC run as smooth as it used to when it was first installed?13:57
Dr_willisDrGrov,  by default there is no xorg.conf - X auto configures these days13:57
Dr_willischunkyhead,  on ubuntu/linux - yes.13:57
chunkyheadDr_willis, in my experience no. :\13:58
DrGrovDr_willis: Yes, I know. I stumbled upon a serious issue today. It did not show me any signal from my TV and I did not intentionally at least do any changes to Xorg.conf. I have to have Xorg.conf in order to get my TV screen running at 1920x1080 and not just 1360x768.13:58
Dr_willisif your OS is using 20gb.. and you put on 80gb of video files.. on a 100gb hd.. it will still be the same13:58
Dr_willischunkyhead,  in my experience - it is the same..13:58
chunkyheadidk then..13:59
Dr_williswith your logic.. a 10gb installed os - would run slower on a 15gb hd... then a 10000gb hd.. just because of the HD size..13:59
Dr_willisof course if you want best speeds..  get a SSD these days. ;)14:00
Dr_willisthen a lot of the rules change14:00
Coldfire202I need help when I get home.14:00
chunkyheadno no Dr_willis not that. over a period of time the disk gets fragmented. think of a linked list first node is stored at data loc 100 other at 10000 other at 10 hence it takes time for the head to reach those cells hence the difference in speed14:00
yoojinpExcuse me, would somebody like to perform xrdb -query -all to let me see what a 'normal' output looks like?14:01
chunkyheadon the other hand when you fresh install everything is pretty much together and hence fastest14:01
Dr_willischunkyhead,  ive never had an issue with ext2/3/4 fragmenting14:01
icerootchunkyhead: fragmenation is a problem for fat and ntfs but not ext14:01
Dr_willisand if the os files dont change/move - then they wont get fragmented in the first place.14:01
chunkyheadnot the OS files lol. i said data Dr_willis14:01
Dr_willisthere are ext2/3/4 defragmenting tools.. but ive never used them14:01
DrGrovDr_willis: Should I post my xorg.conf just in case?14:01
icerootDr_willis: there are virusscanners for GNu/Linux-Desktops too. its useful like the fragmentation tools14:02
Dr_willisYou said the OS would get slower.. why would it slow down if unread data/video files are fragmented or not?14:02
chunkyheadmy bad. OS as in the response time to access a location would increase, slow in that sense14:02
Dr_willisif you are that worried about it all.. run one of those defragment tools and  se eif it helps14:03
chunkyheadthat takes a lot of time on a disk with memory in TBs :|14:03
yoojinpDr_willis: I suppose distance from the two farthest points on the drive, filewise. Physically a millisecond or so? xD14:03
icerootchunkyhead: have a look what ext2/3/4 is and how it is managing the data then you will see that fragmentation is not an issue for that filesystems14:03
theadminGuys, this has *nothing* to do with Ubuntu, please get back on topic14:03
chunkyheadiceroot, Dr_willis ok i can't comment much on ext fs coz i am not used it extensively nor do i know how it stores14:03
chunkyheadprobably you're right then14:03
Dr_willisi belive most everyone in this channel has never needed to defragment their ubuntu boxs ;)14:04
wilee-nileecough fsck14:04
chunkyheadi hope you're right Dr_willis :)14:04
yoojinpActually, I really need to know what the normal output of xrdb -query -all looks like. I ran xrdb to update the configuration without opting to append. Instead the files were deleted.14:04
yoojinpContents* were deleted.14:04
theadminwilee-nilee: That's not defragmentation, that's checking for FS damage14:04
Dr_willisDrGrov,  you could try just move/renameing the xorg.conf and see if not having one helps14:05
chunkyheadbut afaik (from what i have experienced) ubuntu has become slow for me. bootup time was <10 initially now it takes more than 30secs, but i am guessing that's due to the loads of apps i install everyday hence i feel the need to remove them too :\14:05
DrGrovDr_willis: Okay, I could do that. I just wonder why it did work last night at 1920x1080. Probably some minor issue after all :)14:05
Dr_willisi dont really worry about 30 sec boot times.. when i got 30+day uptimes.14:05
theadminchunkyhead: If apps are daemons, that could be the reason, other than that...14:05
chunkyheadand it's been more than 1hr since unity --reset was started, still hasn't finished my tty isn't free so i can install unity desktop :| theadmin Dr_willis14:06
theadminchunkyhead: Ctrl-C or use another tty14:06
BluesKajchunkyhead, it helps to run autoremove and autoclean periodically to remove old files that are no longer used14:06
zachHi everyone. I'm using Ubuntu 13.04 on a macbook pro that was purchased about 1.5 or 2 months ago. I seem to have most things finally working, but I cannot get sound to work. How can I diagnose this problem and ultimately solve it?14:06
yoojinpchunkyhead, what about CTRL-ALT-[F1-F6]?14:06
icerootzach: #ubuntu+114:07
chunkyheadi always wanted to ask this what's daemon. BlueEagle in what reference are you talking yoojin i am just saying unity --reset is taking alot of time :)14:07
theadminchunkyhead: Windows term for "daemon" is "service" if that makes sense to you :P14:07
chunkyheadtheadmin, ah.. thanks14:07
felonhi, i recently install 10.04 and for some reason it wont detect my widescreen lcd monitor, and my Display is cut off, im stuck at 1024x768 (4:3), using a Nvidia 6200 PCI14:07
theadminchunkyhead: Basically an app that runs on bootup and then goes to background, providing extra possibilities, e.g. running servers14:07
teamblackalguno on14:07
chunkyheadtheadmin, i dont install any daemons as such i wonder why my computer has become slow then :\14:08
zachiceroot: Is #ubuntu+1 for people ahead of the most stable release?14:08
DrGrovDr_willis: I already removed it once though and did nothing to help :/ Isn't there any universal X resetter or something that I could work with? I get into GRUB but I can not then write to the file system any commands14:08
icerootzach: #ubuntu+1 is the channel for ubuntu versions which are still a beta and not a final release14:08
zachiceroot: Thanks very much!14:09
teamblackI have comunyte dofus black xd14:09
FloodBot1corpoalumno: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:09
teamblackMans not quick corpo alumno14:10
teamblackNot kik corpoalumo14:10
teamblackits testing the fllod14:10
teamblacknothing more14:10
teamblackwho is the adm this chat?14:10
Piciteamblack: This is a support channel. Not somewhere to test our floodbots.14:10
teamblackI know14:10
teamblackokey.. that do here ?14:11
teamblackomg alguno habla español ?14:12
lisakhey, how come I have $ssh-add -l     empty ? Isn't supposed to add ~/.id_dsa  by default ?14:12
teamblackomg alguno habla español ?14:12
lisakor am I supposed to do it myself14:12
wilee-nilee!es | teamblack14:12
ubottuteamblack: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:12
wilee-nileefelon, the 10.04 desktop is end of life on may 9th, you may want a later release.14:14
YonnyI have 2 hard disks, one Ubuntu on each one (10.04 + 12.04), and after installing the new Pangolin, the machine keeps booting through grub of the old ubuntu (10.04). I can see all the "new, correct" entries in the new grub.cfg on the Pangolin partition , though, can I just copy them over and add them to the old-still-active grub.cfg, that is actually the one loading right now, and then have that one start the desired OS? (I would rather not have to change anyth14:15
Yonnying in the bios/boot order, in case sda suddenly becomes sdb, which makes problems with mount points etc. in the old Ubuntu, which I will need for a while yet)14:15
DrGrovDr_willis: How would I get rid of Xorg.conf completely then and skip using them completely?14:15
jribYonny: the 10.04 grub will find your 12.04 install if you run update-grub14:16
Yonnyjrib: but then I have to start that old ubuntu, and right now, a couple of the sdx-numbers have changed, so I rather not start the old ubuntu  before I have all those pointers correct in both the boot loader and in for example FStab...14:17
Fuzzleshow come i cant get my graphics driver from additional drivers anymore?14:17
jribYonny: you should be using UUIDs anyway, not sdX14:17
chunkyheadi desperately need to remove cairo dock guys. really getting on my nerves. any ideas?14:18
icerootFuzzles: which ubuntu version?14:18
Yonnyjrib: I just want to get "safely" into the new Pangolin install, and continue fixing this from there...14:18
wilee-nileeYonny, Which ubuntu do you want to control the grub menu?14:18
jribYonny: so run update-grub on 10.0414:18
Fuzzlesiceroot, well was 12.04 which it used to show before i reinstalled now im on 13.0414:18
icerootFuzzles: #ubuntu+114:19
icerootFuzzles: that is still a beta version14:19
teamblackAlguno me colabora con un anti ddos en php ¡14:19
Yonnywilee-nilee: the new Pangolin one, the one I want to try to get into (first) now14:19
Fuzzlesiceroot, it happened in 12.04 as well14:19
wilee-nileeYonny, You just need the pangolin HD first in the bios and its grub in its mbr.14:19
wilee-nileeYonny, AS of now when you boot which OS is at the top of the grub menu?14:20
Yonnywilee-nilee: so I would like to put that Pangolin at the top of the other grub menu that it booting at the moment, just as a workaround... I think I can massage the entry into there according to the old grub syntax (the two grub.cfg files are very different between 10.04 and 12.04)14:20
jribYonny: either run update-grub on 10.04 or change the boot order (which you said you didn't want to do) :/14:21
wilee-nileeYonny, This is grub 2 it will automatically ad other OS's, so you just install the 12.04 grub boot to its mbr, it is probably already there and have it be read first in the bios.14:22
Yonnywilee-nilee: I know I can change the boot order in bios, but I am afraid then the sda/sdb also changes, which will give me problems later when I want to boot the old ubuntu which depends on the old order..., not sure if it is a good thing to keep changing that back and forth, as I see several comments about "unpredictable results"/orders regarding sda/sdb, etc...14:22
wilee-nileeYonny, They will not change, that makes no sense.14:22
jribYonny: like I said, you should be using UUIDs unless you've done something strange14:23
Yonnywilee-nilee: ok, so you are saying that if I alter the boot order in the BIOS, the old ubuntu will continue to see the same disk as sda afterwards? (then it is ok...)14:23
BluesKajYonny, stop objecting and listen advice that is known to work14:23
YonnyBluesKaj: I am not objecting, I am careful to make sure I see the various side-effects before I choose how to proceed...14:24
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
wilee-nileeYonny, Use UUID's as suggested first not /dev/sdXX in fstab do you know how to do this?14:24
uvalais there a user survey software in ubuntu repos?14:25
BluesKajyou're careful to a fault , you don't trust ppl's advice then go elsewhere, Yonny14:25
RishabhTatirajuCan anybody help me here with an internet problem?14:25
Yonnyjrib: yes, I know I should use UUID in fstab, but when I added some lines there a while ago, I could not figure out the correct syntax or where exactly to put that statement (specific order on each line, before or after some other "none"/"1"/"0" args, etc., so I ended up with the sdx-thingy, which I know is vulnerable...14:26
wilee-nileeRishabhTatiraju, Just state your problem if someone knows they will answer, give details. ;)14:26
chunkyheadis gnome 3.8 out for ubuntu yet?14:27
YonnyBluesKaj: well, I need to finish asking the questions before I am sure, then I will take the advices. It seems that you are sure you know everything relevant in my setup so you simply cannot be at risk of giving wrong advice based on assumptions that is not true on my machine?14:27
Yonnywilee-nilee: if I post one of the lines I have in my fstab, can you provide the correct way of doing that with UUID? Maybe that is the easiest way.14:29
RishabhTatirajuOkay well i cannot access certain websites which i could access in Windows. I am running Ubuntu 12.10. I have even tried changing DNS servers but that does not help.14:29
wilee-nileeYonny, The problem here is your not understanding some basic information and having theories based on user errors, that are faulty.14:29
uvalawilee-nilee, is there a user survey software in ubuntu repos?14:30
wilee-nileeYonny, fstab is very basic there is information all over the web.14:30
wilee-nileeuvala, I don't know and the web is your best way of finding out not this channel. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&biw=&bih=&q=user+survey+software+ubuntu&btnG=Google+Search&gbv=114:32
wilee-nileeRishabhTatiraju, Post one of the pages.14:32
BluesKajRishabhTatiraju, never heard of a problem accessing websites on linux vs windows14:32
RishabhTatirajuPage 1: www.eotr.tk14:33
Yonnywilee-nilee: here is one of the lines in my FStab, which I am afraid I will not be able to change into the proper UUID syntax:14:33
Yonny/dev/sda6       /media/SOFTARCH   ntfs       joe,jill,admin214:33
uvalawilee-nilee, I did google search, there seems no tool. hence referred here if anyone knows one14:33
Crckh34dtool for what??14:33
wilee-nileeRishabhTatiraju, shows fine here, are you using a proxy?14:33
Crckh34dsrry just joint in..14:33
RishabhTatirajuI use the dns servers of Google14:33
RishabhTatirajuno proxy used14:33
wilee-nileeuvala, Look at my link.14:33
RishabhTatirajuwilee-nilee: No proxy used, i use the dns provided by google14:35
Yonnyjrib: here is one of the example lines I would like to change to UUID format: "/dev/sda6       /media/SOFTARCH   ntfs       joe,jill,admin2"14:35
RishabhTatirajuI use a PPPoE DSL Connection14:35
bananapieok, so I am running freeswitch 1.2.7 comiled on debian 6. When it receives a re-INVITE for t38, it passes it to sofia "2013-04-23 10:33:20.246850 [DEBUG] sofia.c:5597 Channel sofia/external/4188002815 entering state [received][100]14:36
bananapie2013-04-23 10:33:20.246850 [DEBUG] sofia.c:5608 Remote SDP:14:36
bananapie". But sofia does nothing, no answer or anything. I am using default configs + minor changes to dialplan to make the test call.14:36
RishabhTatirajuEven this does not work:
HonksuHi! I have a bit of a problem on ubuntu server 12.04.2 64bit with a ext4 partition containing root filesystem. I have about 49Gb used space and no idea what is consuming it. I have output of commands "df -h" and "sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /" and here is the output: http://pastebin.com/jWkKaZKP14:36
RishabhTatirajuThat worked yesterday, so it may be a server problem14:36
BluesKajRishabhTatiraju, might have something to do with your location, maybe eqiufax canada won't load pages fro queries from india14:36
jribYonny: those seem like strange entries in the options field but I may just not be familiar with ntfs options.  To use UUID, just find the uuid (see ubottu) and then change "/dev/sda6" to "UUID=uuid_you_found_here"14:36
chunkyheadis the squid package there in deb too?14:36
jrib!uuid | Yonny14:36
ubottuYonny: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)14:36
Yonnyjrib: I see from other lines in FStab that there are specific args like "none", "0", etc. , which I have no clue if is relevant IF I use UUID instead of sdx, so I decided not to go that way until I have learned how that syntax should be done.14:36
jrib!fstab | Yonny14:36
ubottuYonny: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions14:36
RishabhTatirajuBluesKaj: well, i have used the same settings in Windows for years.14:37
bananapiesorry, wrong channel :P14:37
BluesKajRishabhTatiraju, some sites are windows only , especially banks etc14:38
ActionParsnipcould use an agent switcher :)14:38
RishabhTatirajuBluesKaj: I assume www.eotr.tk works with Ubuntu, even forums.xda-developers.com14:39
RishabhTatiraju* http://forum.xda-developers.com/14:40
BluesKajyes it works here , RishabhTatiraju14:40
RishabhTatirajufirst i thought it may be a DNS problem, but it wont help.14:41
RishabhTatirajuAny ideas why14:41
RishabhTatirajuMy ISP does allow access to these websites, cos i was able to use them on Windows. I tried changing browsers, no luck!14:41
BluesKajRishabhTatiraju, have you considered opendns instead , it's very reliable14:41
beanRishabhTatiraju: can you recap your problem?14:42
beanI just started reading14:42
uvalawilee-nilee, your link refers almost only to ubuntu user surveys on the first two pages of search results, and no free software for user surveys.14:42
RishabhTatirajubean: I am unable to access webpages in my Ubuntu, they seem to work everywhere else. I just switched from Windows and they worked fine for me.14:42
beanRishabhTatiraju: any sites? or just some?14:43
Yonnya question about the SWAP too: When I installed, I created a swap partition for the new Pangolin, but did nothing with the existing swap partition on the other drive, which was already marked as swap. So now the new Pangolin lists 2 active swap partitions in its FStab. The other one is only for the older ubuntu version, so I will just remove those lines from FStab. Should I have changed the other swap to be "do not use" or whatever it lets me during installatio14:43
Yonnyn? Would that not disable it for the other Ubuntu after the installation? (I am unclear as what happens to the exsting swap when choosing "do not use"; will it be affected/altered/changed, or left untouched and simply not used ?)14:43
RishabhTatirajubean: just a few14:43
beanRishabhTatiraju: okay, and what error does the browser give14:44
RishabhTatirajubean: www.eotr.tk, http://forum.xda-developers.com/, and a few more14:44
wilee-nileeuvala, This channel is not for what you want it is basically support for problems, we do not know every possible app that is in the repos, free or not.14:44
RishabhTatirajuI am using Chromium, and it says Webpage not available, Bean14:44
codephobicis it worth downloading 13.04 beta today, are there likely to be any real differences between it and the official release on the 25th?14:44
beanRishabhTatiraju: okay, in a terminal, what is the output of "dig +short www.eotr.tk"14:44
beancodephobic: I'd just wait.14:44
RishabhTatirajubean: it says
govindsmenokeeanyone der?14:45
codephobicbean, I was thinking I might avoid the huge lag that official release day seems to lead to (I remember the upgrade from 04 to 10).14:45
codephobicbut if there are features that are still being polished up or some other bits of tidy up ... I guess I'll wait.14:46
beanRishabhTatiraju: okay, that's correct... can you pastebin the output of "wget www.eotr.tk"14:46
beangovindsmenokee: yeah, just ask your question14:47
RishabhTatirajubean: Its stuck at HTTP request sent, awaiting response: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5595725/14:48
missHow install tar.zip?14:48
beanRishabhTatiraju: to me that looks like you're blocked or somesuch.14:48
RishabhTatirajubean: it was working a day before in Windows, i think my ISP does not block it14:49
beanRishabhTatiraju: no, but the site may be blocking you14:49
anshulany weechat user here ??? need help14:49
uvalawilee-nilee, you said "look at my link", that's what I've just answered to. like I said, I'd already searched google before coming here. as for my original question, I could get answers to similar questions earlier, that's why I asked it. it could have been a popular app which someone could hint at, therefore I dont find it too ok to basically exclude these kinds of questions14:49
chunkyheadhow to install gnome 3.8 on ubuntu?14:50
=== lahwran is now known as lahwran-
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RishabhTatirajuand also, after a long time, xda developers wepage opens in plain text14:50
beananshul: /join #weechat14:50
anshulchunkyhead : google it14:50
=== lahwra is now known as lahwran
RishabhTatirajubean: thank you, i will contact the webmaster.14:51
RishabhTatirajuand let you know14:51
beanRishabhTatiraju: it sounds like some problem with either your ISP or the site... does the "wget" of forum.xda-dev work?14:51
Yonnyhi all, is there an "add more themes" option in Pangolin somewhere? I cannot seem to find an add option for themes in Appearance? Where is a recommended source for good/stable Pangolin themes?14:51
missplease tell me the order14:52
RishabhTatirajubean: yes, it says saving to index.html when i wget xda14:52
beanRishabhTatiraju: okay, have you tried in firefox, then?14:52
RishabhTatirajuno. I have tried in chromium and opera14:53
RishabhTatirajuill give it a try14:53
Yonnyhi all, is it not possible to modify parts of the appearance of Pangolin themes, like I have seen in Linux Mint? Need any extra software for that to be possible?14:53
=== TheRainbowDawn is now known as Dawn_
niel1my ubuntu keeps giving me a system problem then when I click report it says its having an internal error how can I turn these off?14:54
niel1it happens all the time14:55
chunkyheadswitch off oopsie14:55
beanYonny: what do you mean by pangolin?14:55
niel1I just want to turn off the problem detected pop ups14:55
wilee-nileeniel1, What release?14:55
chunkyheadniel1, read more on oopsie. you will have to google that14:56
niel1ubuntu 12.10 because if it updates the partition breaks14:56
chunkyheadoopsie is the app which gives you error messages. sometimes it's helpful so that you know which app has crashing. if it's crashing alot you should update your repos14:56
chunkyheadniel1, ^14:57
Vivekanandahey everyone I asked this question earlier but forgot to check the answer. I have an old system with lubuntu 12.04 running. I have little space hence /home is 4.5 gb only but now it is full. .local is taking up 900 mbs. and .cache and .m2 are take up a total of 900 mbs14:57
Vivekanandacan I shift all these to another partition and symlink them to home ?14:57
RishabhTatirajuoff the record, any ETA for 13.04?14:58
Yonnybean: the new 12.04 release of ubuntu is nicknamed Precise Pangolin...14:58
chunkyhead>27th RishabhTatiraju more details on #ubuntu+114:58
Yonnybean: (the LTS release, that is)14:58
beanYonny: oh, most people would just refer to that as "12.04" or "precise"14:59
Vivekanandaanyoone ?14:59
ActionParsnipVivekananda: clear your browser cache14:59
Yonnybean: ok, I just use the most unique word by default, as "precise" can be used in so many other contexts14:59
ActionParsnipniel1: in /etc/default/apport   set enabled=015:00
beanYonny: but the release is called precise :)15:00
niel1wont let me save15:00
niel1to that spot15:00
ActionParsnipniel1: gksudo gedit /etc/default/apport15:01
Yonnybean: the 12.04 release is called "Precise Pangolin"15:01
wilee-nileeniel1, The popups are apport, some will have a place to click ignore, apport can be removed, and it will report on any errors including 3rd part apps.15:01
niel1ok all done15:01
beanYonny: but in the repositories it is referred to as precise.15:01
spaceneedleBug: Using Xubuntu. On the same hd I have ubuntu 12.04lts. When I'm on Xubuntu  my other partition(Ubuntu) mounts--and there is no way to unmount it.15:01
Yonnybean: always two words, like the 10.04 was "Lucid Lynx"15:02
chunkyheadwilee-nilee, wasn't oopsie the package which displays errors?15:02
ActionParsnipniel1: not sure how to apply that on the fly, it'll apply next reboot15:02
niel1oh ok15:02
wilee-nileeniel1, Not sure what you mean by partition  breaks as well.15:02
bmxscott1993_i got samba for my ubuntu but need to now how to get it working to file share to my window laptop need step by step of a link to show me how please help15:02
niel1when I update ubunttu wont start\15:02
Yonnybean: not important, but I just choose the one that does not appear to mean anything else, to avoid mixing with normal sentences15:02
ActionParsnipbmxscott1993_: use nautilus to share, its all handled for you15:02
niel1and I no longer have windows so it sucks15:02
bmxscott1993_i set up window just can not get ubuntu working15:03
beanYonny: Don't really feel like arguing this :)15:03
wilee-nileeniel1, every time?15:03
niel12 times15:03
niel1had to reinstall15:03
wilee-nileeniel1, Have you modified grub?15:03
Yonnybean: yes, perhaps mostly referred to as "precise", but since I do not frequent this channel so often, I am not into what is mostly used or not...15:03
niel1just doesnt work dont know why15:03
wilee-nileeniel1, So when this has happened what did you do to fix it?15:04
wilee-nilee!who | niel115:04
ubottuniel1: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:04
RishabhTatirajubean: Not working in Mozilla too15:04
beanYonny: http://www.noobslab.com/2011/11/themes-collection-for-ubuntu-1110-unity.html further down there is some themes.15:04
Yonnybean: thanks :-)15:04
niel1I was using the windows install then and got rid of it15:04
bmxscott1993_send me the link for nautilus or command pleasa15:04
niel1And now I cant get windows back so not going to take the chance15:04
niel1like ubuntu replaced even though I said to keep it15:05
spaceneedleI wonder if my problems involving mounting(see above)--including a usb stick that won't boot--involves a virus.15:05
ActionParsnipbmxscott1993_: nautilus is the file manager in Ubuntu15:05
wilee-nileeniel1, Ah the wubi, that has a handful of built in problems that you wont see in a partitioned install.15:05
ActionParsnipbmxscott1993_: when you move and double click files, you are using nautikus15:05
=== Remi is now known as Guest80914
bmxscott1993_im new to this15:05
niel1well I gtg thanks for the help15:06
ActionParsnipbmxscott1993_: the orange folder, top of the unity panel on the left15:06
ActionParsnipbmxscott1993_: that file browser is called Nautilus15:06
niel1got some mc texturing to do o./15:06
ActionParsnipbmxscott1993_: there are many others, nautilus is just default in Ubuntu15:06
RishabhTatirajuokay, i just found another not working: login.yahoo.com15:06
ActionParsnipbmxscott1993_: right click a folder and youwill see sharing there, it will install what is needed if you do not have it]15:07
ActionParsnipRishabhTatiraju: I suggest you report a bug15:07
bmxscott1993_but how to i share my hard drive to my windows it not showing up on workgroup15:07
Yonnyhi all, if I want to add a similar theme environment to ubuntu LTS than what Linux Mint is using with Gnome, which software components should I look for in the software repositories, to get one install to fetch the related dependencies?15:08
ActionParsnipbmxscott1993_: right click the mount pint, you share the partition, not the drive15:09
ActionParsnipYonny: you will need cinammon, which we don't support here15:10
ActionParsnipYonny: Ubuntu 12.04 uses Gnome deskop, just uses Unity shell instead15:10
ActionParsnipYonny: instead of gnome-panel15:10
craigbass1976GoDaddy allows ssh, and I sshfs so that I can just mount up the remote directory on my box here.  It always times out quickly though.  Is there a way (on the client side--I doubt GoDaddy would make the simple server change for me) to keep this connection alive if I get up to go to the bathroom or something?  I have to shut all my files, remount, and open them again15:10
YonnyActionParsnip: ok, so If I want to add themes, I should look for Cinnamon themes? Any other things I need to install first to get them working? I notice there is no "add themes" in the Appearance, so I am not sure what I need to be able to get a "add" and "modify" function like the one I saw in Mint. Just to change some basic stuff like move the closing buttons to the right side, etc.15:12
craigbass1976Or maybe... Can I do something to my godaddy user account (the linux account) that will keep connections alive longer, or is that a system wide thing?15:14
auronandaceYonny: cinnamon isn't supported here15:14
ActionParsnipYonny: no idea, you'll need to ask in the Linux Mint channel15:15
hereadding from apps.ubuntu.com fails with not found in software center http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11744656/20130423-01.png15:16
Yonnyok, so what is the recommended alternative to cinnamon, which _IS_ supported here (which 12.nn themes/systems do you support here?)15:16
nugrohosystem on chip with linux ubuntu15:16
herewhere can i find dev source for sources from apps.ubuntu.com , for example ?15:16
heredeb* source15:16
RishabhTatirajuAlright, thanks for your help. I have submitted a bug15:16
nugroholatest desktop or laptop work well with ubuntu linux15:18
HonksuI have a problem with a ext4 partition containing root filesystem. I have no idea what is consuming about 49Gb of disk space. I have output of commands "df -h" and "sudo du -h --max-depth=1 /" here: http://pastebin.com/jWkKaZKP15:19
beanYonny: I'd imagine that only the default is supported.15:20
=== franz_ is now known as fpoesc
Yonnybean: so what are all the people in here using, only the default theme?15:21
beanYonny: I would imagine so15:21
beanI use no interface and shell only15:21
Whiskey`WonkaHonksu: why do you feel 49G is being erroniously use?15:21
Yonnybean: that sounds incredible, I thought we all want to be able to use the "P" in "PC" for "Personalization", which the theme functions are all about, not just change the background image...15:22
Whiskey`Wonkaerroneously* too arg15:22
beanYonny: the P in PC stands for "personal" not "personalization"15:23
VivekanandaActionParsnip: Can I also move the .local to another partition and symlink it ?15:23
Yonnybean: yes, "Personal Computer", that is what I am pointing to: to make it personal(ized)15:23
nugrohoubuntu linux with great desktop outlook better than redhat or fedora15:23
Whiskey`WonkaYonny: ive changed my some, been trying ot figure out how to disable the stupid alpha background on a per item basis, no luck so far15:23
HonksuWhiskey`Wonka: df -h prints that 92Gb is used but sum printed by du is only about 43Gb on root filesystem.15:24
heresome apps work , but attempting to install https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/xnviewmp/ in 12.10 fails not found ... ?15:24
Whiskey`WonkaYonny: personal does not imply personalizing15:24
Whiskey`Wonkahmm, does df double count symlinks?15:25
YonnyI was using the term slightly creatively, to point out that the P should mean something into this direction, not important.15:25
beanI do not think so.15:25
Whiskey`WonkaYonny: well, it IS important15:26
nugrohoubuntu linux console with direct keyboard into monitor or lcd looks better than solaris operating system15:26
Whiskey`Wonkawords have meaning, if you go randomly changing them then communication bcms 4 teh brds15:26
Whiskey`Wonkanugroho: so?15:26
Yonnywell, Personal is important, yes: that I get the computer to look and feel like I would like it, so yes, important, but this discussion about which word to use is not important.15:27
nugrohofaster ubuntu I think unsure with solaris15:27
Whiskey`Wonkawhat is the linux equal to 'file use + size on hdd' ?15:27
Whiskey`WonkaYonny: well then just build yourself a new theme and be happy15:28
Vivekanandaanyone else ?15:28
Whiskey`WonkaYonny: there are plenty of them out there, google will find many of them15:28
gigasHonksu, do you have access to a GUI? try the disk usage analyzer client to pin down your disk usage15:28
Whiskey`WonkaVivekananda: i missed it, what ?15:29
Yonnyyes, that is my question: which theme "platform" is supported here in this forum, which do you recommend to start focusing on the theme part? I like gnome, so I would like to continue somewhere along that part, and what is that software component called now in Precise Pangolin, if I should look for what to install in the software repositories?15:29
nugrohoubuntu console command start with startx to see a live or life in GUI work wonderfull15:29
Vivekanandaooo I have a small /home in lubuntu 12.04  of 4.5 gb. in it .local is 900 mb and .cache and .m2(for maven and stuff) is 1 gb. Can I move these directories to another partition and just symlink it to home ?15:30
VivekanandaI mean is it advisable to do this. I already cleared the cache as ActionParsnip suggested but that just freed up 200 mbs of space15:31
betraydVivekananda: i did the same when Music got too big15:32
beanVivekananda: sure, you could do that15:32
betraydbut i made a copy first15:32
Vivekanandabetrayd: bean I know I can do it but these are dot '.' files. is it advisable to do this ? also I will need to preserve the ownership somehow right ?15:33
beanVivekananda: it'll be fine.15:33
dnano91hi, i recently installed ubuntu 12.10 and iptables contained some rules. as they're causing problems, i flushed iptables and set basic rules, but after a reboot everything i did was undone. what can i do about it? is a package causing this?15:33
Whiskey`WonkaVivekananda: it should be ok, as long as the mount point is automatic15:34
lotuspsychje!iptables | dnano9115:34
ubottudnano91: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.15:34
HonksuWhiskey`Wonka: I think my problem might be caused by root filesystem containing /cameras /backup with data and other HDD's are mounted on those files. That is baaad! I check this out right away.15:35
Whiskey`WonkaYonny: there are a few ways, start at gnome.org15:35
Whiskey`Wonkawhy would that be bad Honksu?15:35
c0mynubuntu? im looking for #!15:36
SonikkuAmericac0myn: Crunchbang?15:36
nugrohoubuntu linux rarely open root account work with multiuser15:36
SonikkuAmericac0myn: It's #crunchbang15:36
HonksuWhiskey`Wonka: not neccesserily baaad but unintended anyway. I am moving root FS to SSD soon so this must be sorted out. :)15:36
c0mynthank you sonikku15:37
c0mynor arigato15:37
* SonikkuAmerica !u s himself15:37
Whiskey`WonkaHonksu: those will not effect your ssd at all15:37
Whiskey`Wonkayou just need to know where they point to so that when you do move that they still exist15:37
felonsomeone avalible to help me, ive tried unsuccessfully to get my monitor detected by ubuntu15:37
SonikkuAmerica!anyone | felon15:38
ubottufelon: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.15:38
Honksuthey will use up space and I am going with 128Gb drive so 92Gb used on 128Gb is pretty much maximum recomended disk usage15:38
Whiskey`Wonkathey will not use space if its a symlink15:38
SonikkuAmericafelon: Welllll... some details up front. What kind of monitor, machine, Ubuntu version?15:38
Whiskey`Wonkathats why the two commands do not match15:39
felonDisplay is cut-off, and stuck at 640x480 (4:3); cannot detect monitor. im using Nvidia 6200 pci vid card15:39
HonksuWhiskey`Wonka: well I unmount them now and check contents of directories15:39
SonikkuAmericafelon: Ubuntu 10.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10?15:40
felon10.04 LTS15:40
SonikkuAmericafelon: I'll tell you right off the bat that support for 10.04 LTS ends in 48 hours.15:40
SonikkuAmericafelon: So the best thing to do is upgrade to 12.04 LTS. Then you might try asking...15:41
=== taha_ is now known as taha_away
SonikkuAmericafelon: That is, hit Ctrl+Alt+F1, log in, and type [ do-release-upgrade ]. Follow the prompts, let it download and install the new packages, reboot when it's done, and come back if you have further problems.15:43
c0mynso i'm using a debian flavor on a ACER laptop with a intel GMA 4500m, and can't get anything other than 1024x768, had to add a line of code to the live cd just to get the backlight on! any ideas?15:43
=== m00dy is now known as erenn
HonksuWhiskey`Wonka: there was a directory on /backup and there was directory with same name on other HDD and it was mounted over. that's why the numbers weren't correspondig15:43
SonikkuAmerica!debian | c0myn15:43
ubottuc0myn: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!15:43
litropyWow, 2 monitor issues in a row.15:44
SonikkuAmericac0myn: OK, that didn't say what I thought it would. What I thought it would say is: join the #debian channel.15:44
felonsorry, bad connection, display is cut off on the left and right side, no widescreen15:44
litropyBoth resolution issues15:44
felonlike ubuntu is using some crt mode15:44
SonikkuAmericafelon: Did you catch anything I said? If not, I'll repeat it.15:44
c0mynok i'll try debian, no luck at crunchbang, thanks again15:45
SonikkuAmericafelon: We are ceasing support for 10.04 LTS on Thursday.15:45
c0mynjoin #debian15:45
felonwell today is tuesday :)15:45
SonikkuAmericafelon: So at this point I'll strongly recommend an upgrade to 12.04 LTS.15:46
litropyIsn't there a GRUB menu entry with different graphics modes, like VESA?15:46
SonikkuAmericafelon: Before I help you with this.15:46
felonfunny thing is i upgraded 12.04 and same problems15:46
SonikkuAmericafelon: You're on 12.04 now? You said 10.04 earlier...15:46
litropyfelon, full upgrade, including kernel?15:46
feloni tried to get my monitor working by upgrading thro ubuntu updates last week, but didnt work.15:47
felonso i through 10.04 back on15:47
chunkyheadneed a little help, i updated repos(added gnome and kde), and then updated and upgraded, i'm not getting any option of new interfaces in the login menu15:47
=== franz_ is now known as fpoesc
Jeena_I have a problem, when I try to take a screenshot, I only get a black picture, anyone a Idea why that is happening and how I can fix it?15:47
litropyfelon, you upgraded then downgraded? Full wipe and reinstall to 10.04 or ...15:47
litropyMore graphics issues. Wow.15:48
felonfull wipe cause all i have is the 10.04 disk15:48
SonikkuAmericaJeena_: What program are you using?15:48
Jeena_I press the Print Screen button on my keyboard15:48
SonikkuAmericafelon: Can you burn a 12.04 image to DVD or a USB flash drive?15:48
=== timo is now known as Guest46017
Jeena_It seems to be called "Screenshot"15:48
=== Guest46017 is now known as Natas-
SonikkuAmericaJeena_: Are you using a proprietary driver for graphics?15:48
feloni guess15:48
litropyJeena_, how many monitors do you have set up?15:49
felonshouldnt have to15:49
chunkyheadJeena_, download screencloud and see if the same thing happens there, in addition to what SonikkuAmerica is saying15:49
Jeena_I think I installed one during my tests and it made Unity kind of usable15:49
Jeena_(before it took 3-7 seconds to open after hitting the super key)15:49
SonikkuAmericafelon: Once you burn a 12.04 live image, boot from it (you know how), press F6, and select "nomodeset" from the menu.15:49
Jeena_I have 2 monitors15:49
litropyJeena_, I'd try turning your secondary off and see if that does the trick, just to rule out confusion there.15:50
felonbut id like to get it working now15:50
SonikkuAmericafelon: I have an idea. Does your monitor have an onboard picture control?15:51
felon01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV44A [GeForce 6200] (rev a1)15:52
felonyea ive tried that15:52
Jeena_without the second monitor it is still just black15:52
SonikkuAmericafelon: No no no, I'm talking about those buttons on the MONITOR15:53
litropyJeena_, thx. You're welcome to use your second again.15:53
feloni know15:53
jazzdleI would like to ask in this command "make deinstall clean patch",  patch is used for what reason?15:53
felonive tried auto adjusting15:53
nugrohoubuntu linux has great appearance than fedora or mandrake15:53
litropyJeena_, try this: System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual effects; select "none"15:53
SonikkuAmericafelon: You tried adjusting the screen width then.15:54
wilee-nilee!who | please use nicks15:54
ubottuplease use nicks: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:54
=== snitty_ is now known as napterk
feloni duel boot windows, and it works fine with a Nvidia driver15:55
feloni like ubuntu and its pissing me off15:55
SonikkuAmerica!language | felon, please15:55
ubottufelon, please: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:55
jbdubbsAnybody a network expert?  I have 13.04 installed and my wireless connection has degraded to unusable.  First installed 13.04, it was perfect.  A few days later, I had to refresh a page every once in a while to get some images.  Then a page would take a few attempts to load.  Now nothing loads.  Any idea?15:55
auronandace!13.04 | jbdubbs15:56
ubottujbdubbs: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+115:56
aeon-ltdjbdubbs: nothing loads as in no connection?15:56
prappl93Is there a special channel for support for Raring?15:56
prappl93Or can I ask questions about it here?15:56
Piciprappl93: #ubuntu+115:56
jbdubbsSays its connected, pulls an IP, no pages pull15:56
=== jonascj is now known as Guest70251
felonSonikkuAmerica : can i fix this simply by finding the right Nvidia Driver ?15:57
SonikkuAmericafelon: What does Hardware Drivers say?15:57
Jeena_oh cool, ScreenCloud seems to work just fine15:57
Jeena_thanks for the person who suggested it.15:57
aeon-ltdjbdubbs: any other devices on the network that work fine?15:57
jbdubbsEvery other device works fine and dual booting this machine to windows works fine15:58
felonsays i can use nvidia 173, 96 or the current15:58
felonive tried all of them with no luck15:58
jbdubbsIm also assuming that reinstalling raring would get it working again15:58
guinaGood afternoon everyone15:58
litropyjbdubbs, when you $ping, do you get replies?15:59
raven_evga geforce gt620: any way to use it with all 3 connections in ubuntu?15:59
guinaI need a little help15:59
litropy!help guina15:59
litropyWhoops lol15:59
jbdubbsYes, I get a response from as well as my router at
litropy!ask guina15:59
evil_and1raven_, does it actually have 3 GPUs? or is it just 3 connectors and 2 of which can be used at any given time?15:59
litropyK I'm just gonna stop that now16:00
guinaestrai when I try it it's me the following message  - ."/ET_v2.60_Linux.run.gz: 1: eval: ./setup.sh: Permission denied"16:00
raven_evil_and1, one minihdmi and two dvi connections16:00
evil_and1raven_, it's probably only able to drive 2 of those simultaneously. Regardless of the OS16:00
litropyjbdubbs, and you see your NIC when you ipconfig?16:01
evil_and1I've got a 550Ti and it can only drive 2 displays (and has 3 connectors on the back)16:01
litropyjbdubbs, when you ping ubuntu.com, do you get replies?16:01
guinahow can I solve this problem16:01
raven_evil_and1, whats the secret of every graphics card is only able to handle 2 displays at once?16:01
litropyjbdubbs, and in that case, is your browser set to a proxy?16:01
SonikkuAmericafelon: Use nvidia-173; if that doesn't work, use nvidia-96.16:01
evil_and1I think it's just because it's cheaper that way16:02
SonikkuAmericafelon: But if you need nvidia-96 or nvidia-173 your graphics are doomed.16:02
jbdubbslitropy, no response from ubuntu.com, wlan0 is in ifconfig16:02
feloni tried all of them with no luck\16:02
SolarisBoydns issue?16:02
litropyjbdubbs, ping
jbdubbslitropy, no response16:03
litropyjbdubbs, if no response, see if you see wlan0 in iwconfig16:03
ElixirVitaeHow do I runs filename.sh from terminal?16:04
litropyit should be there, since you can ping locally but meh16:04
houserif only i knew why ubuntu was so popular and people say linux is so insanely stable....In average ubuntu seems to crash 1-2 times per day, it over heats my processor and its insanely slow in the gui and movie playback is lagging...what is it again that is so nice about this system?16:04
SonikkuAmericafelon: Upgrade to 12.04 LTS and see if you can use the nouveau drivers.16:04
felonhoping i wouldnt have to16:04
jbdubbslitropy, I see wlan0 in iwconfig, connected at 130mbps16:04
SolarisBoylitropy: jbdubbs is it possible the gw your connected does not presently have inet access?16:04
SolarisBoyjbdubbs: try to mtr or traceroute
litropyjbdubbs, comb your router settings and make sure you haven't restricted access to your MAC16:05
jbdubbsSolarisBoy, it works in Windows and on other maxhines16:05
litropyjbdubbs, yes, it connects, to no MAC exclusion there, but there could be content exclusion.16:05
SolarisBoyjbdubbs: being connected to that wireless network with similar settings works or other computers "work"?16:05
litropySolarisBoy, yes, he's confirmed that16:06
jbdubbslitropy, seems its getting to my wireless router and stopping... interesting16:06
guinacan someone help me regarding the installation of a game. Run16:06
guinahe is giving me access denied16:07
litropyjbdubbs, yep, and sometimes, though rarely, your MAC can be different even on the same machine in a different OS16:07
jbdubbslet me go hard reset the thing and see what happens, brb16:07
litropyjbdubbs, k16:07
SonikkuAmericafelon: You'll have to sooner or later...16:08
betraydguina maybe the destination is protected,what does the readme say16:08
litropyjbdubbs, when you get back, tell me if you're just replugging the power or if you're actually setting the router back to default.16:08
betraydor if...16:09
guinahere's the message that is occurring " ./ET_v2.60_Linux.run.gz: 1: eval: ./setup.sh: Permission denied16:10
guina "16:10
DrGrovHi again16:10
DrGrovTrying to ask once more. I have a TV set at 1920x1080 and it worked until last night through that I had modified modelines in xorg.conf. Now today it does not work, says "no signal" when the computer reboots. What can I do? I tried to remove xorg.conf and xorg.conf.backup but without any success.16:11
chunkyheadwas just wondering, can i design my workspace switching commands taking input from the touchpad. ie scroll up takes me to the workspace on top, scroll to right workspace on the right and so on and so forth. possible? or is it already implemented?16:11
felonSonikkuAmerica : cant i edit /etc/gdm/Init/Default with the info from xrandr --verbose16:12
betraydDrGrov: use your fn keys16:12
DrGrovbetrayd: Huh?16:12
houserif only i knew why ubuntu was so popular and people say linux is so insanely stable....In average ubuntu seems to crash 1-2 times per day, it over heats my processor and its insanely slow in the gui and movie playback is lagging...what is it again that is so nice about this system?16:12
SonikkuAmericafelon: I hate to say this but I have to go, can you ask someone else?16:12
betraydthe special colored fn keys16:12
betraydDrGrov: ^16:13
felonpff figures16:13
DrGrovbetrayd: What do you mean now? I am not following you at all.16:13
betraydor bios setup16:13
=== houser is now known as diverdude
betraydguina grant it run rights but you have to gunzip it first16:14
DrGrovActionParsnip: Hi there, you helped me earlier with my xorg.conf resolution issues. Any ideas what causes my system not to recognize my monitor anymore as of this morning?16:14
litropyDrGrov, Settings>Keyboard>Shortcuts you can set key commands there for workspace switching. Touchpad gestures (that trigger a keystroke) aren't installed by default, but there's gotta be something out there. Probably Google "Ubuntu touchpad gestures"16:14
DrGrovlitropy: That is not the case. The case is that upon startup I can not get anything working, it is just a blank screen. No GUI, no nothing. It worked last night but I have no idea why it does not work now anymore. I have to use a 11.04 64-bit LiveCD to work.16:15
raven_is theoretically possible to use 3 monitors simultaneously with two dvi on an nvidia card and one onboard vga?16:15
betraydno signal means it doesn't get anything at boot; see how your kbd/mouse leds light up DrGrov?16:15
litropyDrGrov, whoops wrong  nick sorry16:16
DrGrovlitropy: No problem16:16
notrinehy there16:16
notrinanyone done clustering? i am looking into it now, do the machines need 2 nic or only 1?16:16
litropychunkyhead, Settings>Keyboard>Shortcuts you can set key commands there for workspace switching. Touchpad gestures (that trigger a keystroke) aren't installed by default, but there's gotta be something out there. Probably Google "Ubuntu touchpad gestures"16:17
weirdpercentcan anyone explain why Terminator refuses to use zsh as the login shell?16:18
Coreyweirdpercent: Is it in /etc/shells?16:18
litropynotrin, I looked into it once, and really, it's not worth it, and furthermore, you'd probably end up with a speed *decrease*16:18
betraydhe cant be bargained with16:18
litropynotrin, this is as of maybe 2 months ago.16:18
notrinthats not a factor, i just doing it for fun16:18
notrini got some junk machines laying around16:19
weirdpercentCorey: yes, /bin/zsh16:19
Botreak1can somebody help me with tp-link tl-wn322g on ubuntu 12.04.2?16:19
notrinso 1 or 2 nics per machine? :D16:19
notrini was wanting to use a laptop for the main node16:19
Coreyweirdpercent: That's interesting, it's in /usr/bin/zsh for me.  "which zsh" says what on that box?16:19
CoreyOh, alternatives.16:20
litropynotrin, this is what Ubuntu officially has: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Clustering16:20
Coreyweirdpercent: I don't have a graphical Ubuntu desktop here.16:20
evil_and1It's nice to see people actually using ipv6 more often :)16:20
CoreySo I'm going to be of somewhat limited help.16:20
litropynotrin, One NIC works.16:20
weirdpercentCorey: even /usr/bin/zsh doesn't work16:21
notrinthanks litropy16:21
weirdpercentI've tried setting the SHELL env var16:21
raven_is theoretically possible to use 3 monitors simultaneously with two dvi on an nvidia card and one onboard vga?16:21
elisa87how can I copy a folder from remote machine using scp or any other command to my local machine?16:22
litropyPeeps, what is that bang command that triggers ubottu to be like, "Please ask your question"16:22
betraydyes raven_16:22
Coreyweirdpercent: It's going to be in Terminator's settings.16:22
evil_and1raven_, yeah, that shouldn't be any problem16:22
prayasdoes everyone always speak technical bullshit???16:22
betraydlitropy: its details16:22
h00kprayas: please keep the language appropriate in the channel16:22
jbdubbslitropy, that was it.  Somehow the router was treating ubuntu differently than the same MAC under windows.  I confirmed the mac didnt change.  Did a factory reset and now its fine.16:22
prayasoh sorry hook16:23
Botreak1can somebody please help me?16:23
prayasnew here16:23
Coreyprayas: This is a support channel. It stands to reason that the discussion topics here are technical.16:23
weirdpercentCorey: tried setting option to use login shell, and tried using custom command16:23
h00kubottu: ask | Botreak116:23
ubottuBotreak1: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:23
Coreyweirdpercent: That seems odd.16:23
wilee-nilee!details | Botreak116:23
ubottuBotreak1: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:23
prayascan ya guys solve everything??16:23
kalidor_almost everything16:23
prayaswow cool16:23
raven_betrayd evil_and1  how to do it?0 i have plugged the onboard card now and have a freeze of the ubuntu boot screen. no option to enable the monitor in display settings yet16:24
weirdpercentCorey: I know, in the past that's worked for me. must be something with my config, I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling everything16:24
jbdubbslitropy, Thanks brother!16:24
Coreyweirdpercent: That's a bit odd.16:24
litropyjbdubbs, yw! Happy surfing :)16:24
Coreyweirdpercent: If you fire up a new Terminator sessiona nd invoke /bin/zsh, does it work?16:24
betraydraven_: dont do 3 at once, start w/ 2 dvi maybe16:24
raven_betrayd, two are running already on the nvidia16:25
DrGrovHow do I copy the current 11.04 information and resolution stuff since it works well on the live CD but not on 12.04 by normal?16:25
betraydsave the xorg.conf raven_16:25
raven_betrayd ?16:26
aneksraven_, just out of curiousity what nvidia card do you have?16:26
betraydraven_: now plug one in, the unused one, by itself16:26
raven_aneks gt 62016:26
raven_betrayd, to find out any id?16:27
betraydwhich driver are you using16:27
raven_betrayd, nvidia "current"16:28
betraydsave the xorg.conf16:28
raven_betrayd, backup you mean?16:28
betraydyes, but do you know where it is16:29
hereI'm getting a not found from software center when linking directly from https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/xnviewmp/ -- have enabled partner and multiverse and updated -- screenshot : http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11744656/20130423-01.png16:29
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest7683
raven_betrayd, done16:30
beanhere: try on the command line "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xnviewmp"16:31
beanif that doesnt work16:31
beanapt-cache search xnview and see if anything related is in the list16:31
herebean: E: Unable to locate package xnviewmp16:31
HeKToNmsg NickServ identify kokolino16:31
herebean: apt-cache search returns nothing16:31
beanhere: okay, what version of ubuntu are you on16:32
betraydok, normally you have a nvidia X server settings menu. SOmetimes you add a 3rd and it freaks16:32
betraydraven_: which is what happened to you iirc16:33
raven_betrayd, what do yu mean?16:33
DrGrovThere is no solution for booting into a black screen? Works on 11.04 as a live CD but not on my regular 12.04. Removed the xorg.conf and xorg.conf.backup to see if that was the case but no luck.16:33
betraydraven_: what part dont you understand16:33
raven_betrayd, do you want to guide me trough the steps?16:34
beanhere: im not seeing it in the repos16:34
betraydno theres plenty sources out there16:34
betraydbut here16:34
betraydput in the 1 monitor by itself and get the xorg.conf there16:35
beanhere: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xnviewmp&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all16:35
betraydyou combine the saved one with this16:35
herebean: ok , but it is here : https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/xnviewmp/16:35
betraydraven_: and you get all 3 running16:35
beanhere: okay, but that doesn't matter, it doesn't exist in the repos.16:35
betraydyou have to edit xorg.conf sometime16:36
herebean: ok so wtf is apps.ubuntu.com ? and is there a way I can get a sources file from there to add to my /etc/apt/sources.list ?16:36
betraydDrGrov: how many screens16:36
DrGrovbetrayd: Just one.16:36
betraydliveCD finds it16:36
beanhere: have you enabled multiverse? it might be in there...16:37
herebean: i'm confused why a direct apt:// link from *.ubuntu.com would be "not in the repos" ... I'm missing something conceptually here16:37
beanah, you say you have multiverse16:37
beanhere: can you copy paste me the apt link16:37
* bean is on his mac atm16:37
hereI could grab a *.deb file and use dpkg -i to install it , but i'm trying to understand what i'm missing that I'd have to do it that way.16:37
herebean: apt://xnviewmp from https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/xnviewmp/16:38
beani'm not sure what tool maintains that apps service16:38
auronandace!info xnviewmp16:39
ubottuPackage xnviewmp does not exist in quantal16:39
DrGrovbetrayd: Yes, the live CD finds it "correctly" at 1360x768. Even though it works at 1920x1080. I had 1920x1080 but deleted those xorg.conf and xorg.conf.backup files but still no help.16:39
betraydno signal means its not detected at boot16:40
beanhere: seems your best bet is to install the .deb16:40
DrGrovbetrayd: Yes but I have not done any changes since last night which could cause that. At least that I know of.16:40
betraydhooked up by cable to what, desktop?16:41
herebean: ok thanks for your help -- any ideas where I might pursue further help / reporting that app.ubuntu.com is failing in this way ?16:42
DrGrovbetrayd: Yes, please highlight my name so I can follow what is going on. Too much text. Yes, it is connected to a desktop computer.16:42
balrog-k1nhi, i'm instructing someone over phone how to install ubuntu, they'll be installing it on a usb stick because the hard drive is dead, is the "Universal USB Installer" the recommended way to put the image on the stick on windows? also, should they select Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop for the image? the other option is Ubuntu 12.10 DVD which i guess could either mean "isolinux bootable", or "bigger image"16:42
EpicPooi need some help16:42
betraydDrGrov: are you away from the computer16:42
EpicPoomy ifconfig stopped working16:42
Mavrikbalrog-k1n, I usually used UNetBootin on Windows and it worked well for most distros16:42
EpicPoowhere can i find it?16:42
DrGrovbetrayd: No, I am sitting at the computer running the live CD so I get something.16:42
balrog-k1nMavrik: ubuntu.com doesn't really give instructions but links to the Universal USB Installer in one place16:43
betraydDrGrov: so with the open s drivers you get an image16:44
=== milind is now known as abyss42
=== taha_away is now known as taha_
balrog-k1nwill the "Ubuntu 12.10 Desktop" image boot a ubuntu desktop, or will it boot the installer only?16:44
=== tommy_ is now known as Guest52480
balrog-k1n(insert a rant about poor instruction on ubuntu.com)16:45
Guest52480Hiya! Could anyone help me with my ASUS n13? :)16:45
betrayd =)16:45
IdleOnebalrog-k1n: the image is a Live CD and install16:46
balrog-k1nIdleOne: ah, good, thanks16:46
balrog-k1nso the "DVD" image is just bigger than the "Desktop" image i assume16:47
betrayd!anyone | Guest16:47
ubottuGuest: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:47
=== Guest52480 is now known as Tonmi
IdleOnebalrog-k1n: correct16:47
TonmiUbotto: Sure!16:47
IdleOnebalrog-k1n: they are all DVD images now because of size, but still live/install16:47
prayasis there any way to connect android and ubuntu16:48
balrog-k1nok, cool, we're starting the download then16:48
hector__Hi any one here?/ I am newto this xchat16:49
TonmiI recently bought a ASUS N13 because it was recommended b/c it supports linux. I can find my network but when I try to connect to it loads for a long time then fails to connect.16:49
litropy!details | prayas16:49
ubottuprayas: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:49
hector__any python programmers room?16:49
stn0209hi, any o16:49
Picihector__: #python16:49
hector__Thanks pici but where?16:50
litropyhector__, /join #python16:50
stn0209hi anyone know how to auto switch the workspaces? having the interval of 5secs or so16:50
prayasthat was'nt a problem just needed suggestions. thanks anyway16:50
hector__thanks litropy16:50
Pici!register | hector__ /join #python, but you'll likely also need to register your nick16:50
ubottuhector__ /join #python, but you'll likely also need to register your nick: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:50
litropyprayas, I'm askin, in what way do you want to "connect" android to ubuntu?16:51
hector__!register | hector__ /join #python16:51
ubottuhector__ /join #python: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:51
prayasusing wifi, to transfer file16:51
litropyprayas, /join #android and ask them about setting up a file server.16:52
prayasoh okay thanks16:52
prayasliltropy, there aint anyone in #android16:54
=== ViVaLaRock is now known as LaRock
litropyprayas, I'm counting 831 users16:54
wilee-nileeprayas, use airdroid16:54
prayaswell none answered my question16:54
ronniedoes anyone know how to update playonlinux?16:55
wilee-nileeprayas, I use this with my nexus 7 http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/how-to-mount-android-40-ubuntu-go-mtpfs.html16:55
litropyprayas, looks like you have an option up there, but the following is something to keep in mind when asking questions on IRC:16:55
litropy!patience | prayas16:56
ubottuprayas: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:56
wilee-nileeronnie, Should be auto updates.16:56
prayasok ok just new here, thanks16:56
litropyHah np prayas16:56
prayasso dont ya guys just hang out, like omegle?16:56
litropyprayas, it's more formal here.16:57
litropyprayas, but there are chans just for chatting.16:57
litropyprayas, like #defocus16:57
prayaswhats it about?16:58
ronnieeverytime i open it it says "an updated version of playonlinux is available (4.2.1)" and i cant figure out how to update it16:58
prayaswow its my kinda chat room, thanks litropy16:58
Piciprayas: our official offtopic channel is #ubuntu-offtopic16:58
litropyyw, prayas; enjoy.16:59
prayasthanks everyone16:59
=== josh_ is now known as agliodbs
wilee-nileeronnie, Choose your release and add the ppa is one option. http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppa/playonlinux17:00
litropyronnie, not sure ... have you tried asking in #playonlinux17:00
atul_hi, how to download, Ubuntu's Setting's source code, or can get git url for same17:00
litropyatul_, are you looking for specifically the source code for Ubuntu's System Settings app?17:01
atul_litropy, Yes17:02
prayasmy nickname aint changing, how to do it??17:05
nibbler_prayas: normally "/nick foo" - but you might be restricted, check your server status window, if it tells you something about being set +r or restricted or such17:06
litropyatul_, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/gnome-control-center/1:3.4.1-0ubuntu117:06
prayasnope no +r,nibbler17:07
litropyprayas, for chat-related and server-related inquiries, try #freenode17:07
atul_litropy, Thanks a lot.17:08
litropyatul_, you're welcome.17:08
=== prayas is now known as YASHH
YASHHhow can i explore different chat rooms??17:11
litropyYASHH, That's a question for #freenode17:13
DJones!alis | YASHH17:13
ubottuYASHH: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:13
YASHHoh ok dude, thanks17:13
moppersok ubuntu doesn't have mkinitrd ... ?17:14
litropyYASHH, You're welcome! We'll always be here for you for Ubuntu-related questions.17:14
DrGrovHi everyone17:15
DrGrovNow I am in recovery mode, enabling networking. So, how do I now reset the X server so I can get some resolution to work? It is like it is out of signal all the time.17:15
moppersno hits in packages.ubuntu.com search for 'mkinitrd'17:15
YASHHdoes any know how to get chrome os linux17:15
DrGrovI really need some help here, I am stuck :/(17:16
moppersYASHH, http://www.chromium.org/chromium-os17:16
betraydDrGrov: try going into BIOS even if you don't change anything there17:16
DrGrovbetrayd: What should I do in BIOS?17:16
betraydjust go through some menus DrGrov17:17
betraydso the TV will think somethings new DrGrov17:17
YASHHmoppers, is it equivalent to the original chrome by google?17:17
DrGrovbetrayd: Ok, I have to reboot then. I will come back into recovery mode then in a little while.17:17
DrGrovbetrayd: But what will that help actually?17:18
betraydDrGrov: is that mode while in th CD?17:18
wilee-nileemoppers, Not in the 12.04 repos. http://pkgs.org/ubuntu-12.04/ubuntu-universe-i386/bootcd-mkinitramfs_3.27_all.deb.html17:18
DrGrovbetrayd: No, I am now sitting on the default desktop 12.04 and getting recovery mode.17:18
=== taha_ is now known as taha_away
betraydDrGrov: oh in that case, ignore what i said17:19
DrGrovbetrayd: Ok, ignored.17:19
DrGrovbetrayd: Should I somehow reset the X server now?17:20
=== jordan_ is now known as MiniD
Dr_willisYASHH,  theres some 3rd party packages you can install on ubuntu to get a chrome-os session. they should be mentioned on the omgubuntu! or webupd8 blog sites.17:20
mopperswilee-nilee, thanks .. will use mkinitramfs instead17:21
betraydDrGrov: but the nvidi current would still be there at reboot won't it17:21
DrGrovbetrayd: I am not using nvidia-current, I am using nouveau.17:21
betraydno when you reboot i mean DrGrov17:22
moppersYASHH, google chrome OS has some extra secret sauce n top of chromium OS. to get the goog version download the recovery script for a chromebook17:22
DrGrovbetrayd: But I have not even installed nvidia-current. I have only installed nouveau on my 12.04.17:23
=== benjamo is now known as benjamino
betraydah isee17:23
DrGrovCould someone please tell me how to reset my X server so I can finally get a *working* resolution without needing to mess around trying to find a xorg.conf setup or such?17:24
YASHHmoppers, is that legal or thats how it works?17:24
betraydDrGrov: there is no 'reset' unless you're talking about reinstall17:26
aneksYASHH, what version of ubuntu are you running?17:26
YASHHaneks, 12.0417:26
litropyDrGrov, If you've got to a blank screen while booting up, press CTRL + ALT + F1 to access the terminal. Then, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop Then, sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup Then, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg Then, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start17:27
litropy"Then," is not part of the commands.17:27
aneksYASHH, I'm running google chrome on 12.10, not chromium, I hope this link helps http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-google-chrome-on-ubuntu-12-04-ubuntu-12-10-linux-mint-13-linux-mint-14-or-debian-sid/17:27
YASHHthanks aneks i'll check it out17:28
aneksnp :)17:28
aneksoff to sleep17:28
YASHHaneks, is it better than ubuntu and does it support .exe directly??17:29
litropyYASHH, moppers and aneks are talking about two different things. Google Chrome is a web browser; Chrome OS is an Operating System like Ubuntu or Windows.17:30
YASHHoh!, i already have browser iam askin about OS17:31
YASHHsorry for the confusion guys!!17:31
betraydDrGrov: what litropy said, but add your high resolution (right there), idk if you have to go through some 'custom' or see how high it can go17:31
DJonesYASHH: This channel only supports Ubuntu and its official variants, you'll need to find a Chrome OS channel yourself17:32
DrGrovbetrayd: I know what my highest is and it still does not allow it. I made it what it was on the live 11.04 CD, 1360x768 but no luck. Still does not display anything.17:33
DrGrovSo a reinstall of X server would be the best thing. yes?17:33
betraydDrGrov: he asking to do a reconfigure17:33
betraydDrGrov: a sudo dpkg-reconfigure17:33
DrGrovlitropy: The problem is that I can not press CTRL + ALT + F1 when I booted up. The screen is still just blank and does not give me any choice but to reboot.17:34
YASHHhow much of bytes does this xchat take (approximately)??17:34
DrGrovlitropy: So I can use that tutorial you kindly posted for me anyhow even if I do not get into a tty? I just get into recovery mode.17:35
litropyDrGrov, Try CTRL+ALT+F3 ... somehow, I've had instances wherein F1 didn't bring something up. Also, you may be using a keyboard that requires you to also press your Fn button to get the true Function keystroke to be communicated. Fn is usually to the left of your left CTRL key.17:36
litropyDrGrov, yes. If you can gain access to a terminal, you can skip that step.17:37
mzazaHow can I test graphics card frames per second?17:38
litropyDrGrov, Just a personal note: I can tell you that 1.5 years ago when I connected my Ubuntu box to my HDTV, I had to manually modify xorg.conf, and I wouldn't have done it without the help of the peeps in channel #xorg.17:38
litropyDrGrov, although it might have gotten easier.17:39
mzazaIs there an application which I could install to test video card frames/second?17:40
MonkeyDustmzaza  phoronix publishes such benchmarks, take a look there, how they do it17:41
ActionParsnipMzaza: tuxcart etc can show fps17:41
ActionParsnipMzaza: super tux can too17:41
ActionParsnipFun games too :-)17:42
mzazaActionParsnip: MonkeyDust I found glxspheres also, thanks :)17:42
ActionParsnipLooks trippy17:44
DrGrovlitropy: Okay, I will do it from recovery mode and a terminal from there.17:44
DrGrovCTRL+ALT+F3 did not either work. Unfortunately.17:44
DrGrovlitropy: Okay, I have had it right all along. I have the right xorg.conf modelines and xorg.conf safe as a backup.17:45
DrGrovlitropy: I will join in on #xorg then after I first get some kind of resolution ;) Thanks. What was the command again? sudo dpkg... ?17:46
litropyDrGrov, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg17:46
DrGrovlitropy: Thanks, I will do that now and see what gives.17:46
gatoxhi..... i'm having problems with several raring images..... i've created a startup usb..... and i've try lot of combinations, using live cd, direct install, and choosing different options in the installer wizard...... but the installer GETS STUCK always in the second screen.... in the Wireless part..... does anyone know this issue?17:46
theadmin!raring | gatox17:47
ubottugatox: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+117:47
litropydrgrov, yw17:47
gatoxtheadmin, what?17:47
DrGrovHi again.17:47
justdreami have no d/e... i'm trying to format this hard drive to ext4 but am more familiar with gparted? how would i go about doing it from a shell?17:47
theadmingatox: What ubottu said. Raring isn't a supported release yet.17:47
theadminjustdream: sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda117:48
theadminjustdream: To create partitions you can use parted or fdisk17:48
litropytheadmin, he's referring you to the channel #ubuntu+1, where the support for Raring is.17:48
DrGrovDid not work out, I apparently do not have xserver-xorg installed. Something else configures it?17:48
DrGrovlitropy: What you think? I have to install xserver-xorg or reconfigure some other way?17:48
DrGrovIIRC it uninstalled xserver-xorg due to nouveau... Not sure though...17:49
justdreamtheadmin: the harddrive appears to be corrupt i'm hoping that once i format it i will be able to install linux onto it from a live cd / usb17:49
justdreamif it'll even format17:49
justdreamthe computer always gets angry and hangs up when ever you try to mount the HD17:49
litropyDrGrov, Hm. Ya, I'd install the package. Not sure what's driving your display right now and there might be conflicts, but I think I'd try it anyway.17:49
theadminjustdream: Oh. You can wipe the whole thing then: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda # Warning! Make sure "sda" is really your hard drive. Disconnect all other storage devices if unsure17:49
DrGrovlitropy: Okay, will install it. Brb.17:50
litropyDrGrov, who knows - it might solve all your problems.17:50
betraydlitropy: wouldn't it have nvidia-server in the name or something17:50
justdreamtheadmin: thank you so much thats actually the command i was lookin for17:50
newlinuxusrheloooo all17:50
newlinuxusrhas ubuntu been released ?17:51
lotuspsychje!raring | newlinuxusr17:51
ubottunewlinuxusr: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+117:51
litropyDrGrov, no, it's supposed to talk to brand-specific modules. It's central to Ubuntu, not your brand.17:51
Ari-Yanghmm.. what options here should be enabled and disabled to get rid of video tearing? here's a screen shot: gyazo.com/07b65f43569b482278338aaad3a8903e any suggestions?17:52
justdreamtheadmin: dd stands for diskdump right?17:52
theadminjustdream: No idea what the heck it stands for, actually17:52
theadminnewlinuxusr: Ubuntu? Ubuntu has been released in 2004 :P17:52
newlinuxusr13.04 :D17:53
theadminnewlinuxusr: If you mean the newest release, Raring, then no, not yet17:53
korisnikcan somoeone help me i manul changed icon of trash can and now it shows alwies full17:53
DrGrovHaha, I am back. Now it is tweak time.17:54
newlinuxusrhow many hrs before raring is released and for how many months will this be supported17:54
newlinuxusri am on 12.04.217:54
MonkeyDustnewlinuxusr  depends on the timezone you're in17:55
justdreamtheadmin: tell me if you have ever ran across this problem... it occurs on every OS linux and windows.... the left mouse button on the touch pad of this laptop does not work... the strange thing is, any pointing devices i hook into the USB ports of the laptop, the left mouse button does not work.. i was thinking maybe the motherboard is bad, can't a bad mobo cause a computer to do funny things like that?17:55
korisniktrash can icon help me17:55
lotuspsychje!patience | korisnik17:55
ubottukorisnik: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/17:55
theadminnewlinuxusr: I'm not sure how long the support will be, but I suggest you stay on the LTS branch. 'tis more stable.17:55
theadminnewlinuxusr: Wait for 14.04 then upgrade17:55
DrGrovWhom did I just talk with?17:56
DrGrovI can not remember the nickname.17:56
theadminjustdream: uhhhhh... *Probably*, but I am no hardware person.17:56
theadminkorisnik: Wat.17:56
lotuspsychjeDrGrov: litropy17:56
bartzyHow do I make aptitude 'forget' about stuff that needs to be installed ?17:56
DrGrovlotuspsychje: Thank you :)17:56
theadminbartzy: Clarify, please.17:56
litropyApril 25th, newlinuxusr. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ubuntu-release-cycle-2.png17:56
DrGrovlitropy: Thank you, now it works out as intended. It was not right, xserver-xorg was right :)17:56
korisniktheadmin:  i changed icon of trashcan and now it alwies show full how to restor it to normal17:56
bartzytheadmin: when I do aptitude install , just like that without arguments - I get many packages to be installed. I don't want them to be installed, and I don't know what was causing that.17:57
bartzyso I just want to "start clean".17:57
litropyDrGrov, so you're done?17:57
theadminbartzy: "install" without arguments for aptitude means, literally, install everything17:57
sporkeeebartzy, aptitude is deprecated you should not be using it.17:58
theadminbartzy: Not a good idea.17:58
MonkeyDustbartzy  use apt-get, not aptitude17:58
bartzyMonkeyDust: Why ?17:58
newlinuxusrlove u alll ubuntu users <317:58
theadminbartzy: Also, Aptitude is broken on 64-bit17:58
DrGrovlitropy: Yes, for now. It is working as intended now. But I will definitely want to tweak my xorg.conf to a lot better state.17:58
DrGrovLove you too newlinuxusr :)17:58
bartzyaptitude install gives me stuff to install - apt-get install does not17:58
* DrGrov sings "Love is in the air" high and loud :)17:58
korisniktheadmin:  help me?17:58
newlinuxusr13.04 will kick the hell outa windoze 817:58
MonkeyDust!aptitude | bartzy17:59
ubottubartzy: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.17:59
theadminbartzy: That's because apt-get and aptitude are entirely different programs -- apt-get usually works better.17:59
sporkeeebartzy, aptitude is not up on the arch stuff, you are asking for trouble basically.17:59
theadminbartzy: They also have different syntax and commands have different meanings.17:59
theadminkorisnik: Ah, sorry, no idea about that problem.17:59
lotuspsychjenewlinuxusr: you surely can discuss this in #ubuntu-offtopic17:59
korisniktheadmin:  ok np17:59
bartzyok... but why 'aptitude install' gives me stuff to install, while 'apt-get install' does not ?17:59
bartzyalso - I'm trying to install phpunit - and it wants to install apache with it. I don't understand why - since apache is not a dependency for phpunit, and I do have php5-cli installed.18:00
theadminbartzy: Well, again, for aptitude, install without arguments means "install everything". For apt-get, install without arguments isn't even valid.18:00
bartzytheadmin: No, aptitude install without arguments mean - finish off your unfinished installations.18:00
sporkeeebartzy, bad apps will do bad things, just because a deprecated app that does not read correclty offres you updates is a bad arguement.18:01
theadminbartzy: Hm. Then I suppose this is an issue with 64-bit (Aptitude is broken on 64-bit)18:01
litropyDrGrov, glad to hear it. X.Org tweaking is horrible; most users tweak it and forget it like a traumatic life experience. But those few people who deal with it regularly for whatever reason: job requirement, etc, are in #xorg.18:01
theadminbartzy: Forgeet it and use apt-get -- will be better for you.18:01
bartzytheadmin: OK, what about my phpunit question ?18:01
lotuspsychjetheadmin: i got 64-bit here, working fine here18:01
theadminlotuspsychje: Which Ubuntu version?18:02
lotuspsychjetheadmin: 12.1018:02
DrGrovlitropy: Apparently I did not find anyone yet since the first idea I got was to install the nvidia drivers LOL :)18:02
theadminbartzy: Hm... I can't see apache2 in phpunit's dependencies on 12.04, this is odd18:02
theadminlotuspsychje: Means you never tried installing 32-bit packages, eh?18:02
theadminlotuspsychje: That's when breakage arrives18:02
bartzytheadmin, 12.10.18:02
DrGrovlitropy: And now I can use "Displays" from my xorg.conf information to vary my resolution. It is good, very good indeed. But one thing though, how can I see if my monitor does go over 60Hz at 1360x768?18:03
bartzytheadmin: And I don't see anywhere that aptitude is deprecated, actually it is the official installer that is used for debian installations.18:03
bartzyi.e. the debian net installer uses aptitude and not apt-get.18:03
lotuspsychjetheadmin: ah no i did not18:03
theadminbartzy: Debian isn't multiarch yet18:03
theadminbartzy: Ubuntu is18:03
justdreambartzy: are synaptic and aptitude the same thing? just curious...18:03
theadminjustdream: Nay, Synaptic uses apt-get as a backend18:04
litropybartzy, using aptitude isn't recommended by many anymore -- something about aptitude contributors dropping the ball in keeping things up to date. apt-get will do everything you need.18:04
sporkeeebartzy, Kinda hard headed now aren't you. ;)18:04
justdreamtheadmin: i see, so is just a gui for apt-get?18:04
theadminjustdream: More or less18:04
sporkeeethick like a brick, lol18:04
litropyDrGrov, hang on ...18:04
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bartzysporkeee: Well, I don't see anything written on 'aptitude is bad' on the web. anywhere...18:05
justdreamtheadmin: my friend made something like that for gentoo called noobjuice18:05
DrGrovlitropy: Thanks.18:05
theadminjustdream: Bwahaha... GUI package manager on Gentoo? Seriously?... Dude.18:05
wilee-nileebartzy, look up multiarch and aptitude18:05
Trae32566-NEhey..debian user here..having some issues with byobu and tmux in 10.04 LTS18:05
czzgpg: decryption failed: secret key not available18:05
czzNot sure what to do18:05
bartzywhat do I care about multiarch ?18:05
DrGrovlitropy: I will be right back though, gotta reboot to confirm working setup.18:05
justdreamtheadmin: more than just a package manager you can also configure your kernel and edit config files too18:06
wilee-nileebartzy, You are using it with ubuntu.18:06
Trae32566-NEfor some convoluted reason, byobu-select-backend isn't included in byobu, and neither is byobu-tmux. Are the packages for 10.04 so old that byobu didn't support anything but screen at that point?18:06
justdreamis a gui for emerge, make menuconfig, and some other little things idr off the top of my head18:06
bartzywilee-nilee: I'm using 12.10 for months now, using aptitude always, installing :i386 packages, nothing ever happened, everything is working awesome. Where is the bug ?18:06
theadminTrae32566-NE: I think so -- I'm pretty sure byobu-tmux is fairly new18:06
Trae32566-NEcrap, alright.18:07
justdreamtheadmin: that dd command may take some time aye? is a 640 gb hd18:07
theadminjustdream: Yeah will likely take a while18:07
Trae32566-NEheh, you wanna see progress...run it in verbose mode, Lol18:08
bartzytheadmin: Any idea why phpunit wants to install apache2.2-bin ? :\18:08
theadminjustdream: Send USR1 to it and you can see the current progress18:08
justdreamTrae32566-NE: you mean progress on dd right?18:08
justdreamtheadmin: how do i do that?18:08
theadminjustdream: killall -USR1 dd18:08
Trae32566-NEjustdream, yes18:08
Trae32566-NEdon't do it though, it's spammy as hell18:09
justdreamtheadmin: should i run it with sudo?18:09
theadminjustdream: Not sure, actually.18:09
justdreamtheadmin: well i ran dd with sudo so imma run that command with sudo too18:10
wilee-nileebartzy, here is one, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/831768 here is another https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/84518318:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Oneiric) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Confirmed]18:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Oneiric) "duplicate for #845183 aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Confirmed]18:10
bartzyphp-file-iterator depends on php5 which depends on apache18:10
bartzywtf :\18:10
wilee-nileeolder bugs but relevant18:11
theadminbartzy: Ubuntu packaging has always been a bit senseless if you ask me :/18:11
justdreamtheadmin: it works :)18:11
bartzytheadmin: I find debian packages to be much more concise in dependencies.18:11
justdreamyou are very brilliant my friend18:11
jjpintorhi anyone know how to automatically switch workspaces?18:11
justdreamjjpintor: as in if you drag your mouse to the edge of the screen and it will just automatically switch to the next work space?18:12
pyroscopejjpintor:  wmctrl18:12
jjpintornope, no human interaction...18:12
justdreamjjpintor: try what pyroscope suggested18:12
jjpintorautomatically switch workspaces like a slide show18:12
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justdreamjjpintor: what DE are you using?18:13
=== REGISTER is now known as Guest96
PuffTheMagicanyone know how to update PAM to a newer version on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS18:13
jjpintorwmctrl..how to install  that?18:13
justdreamno no i mean are you using gnome? kde? xfce? etc etc what are you using for a desktop environment?18:13
PuffTheMagicim pretty sure the current version 5.5 and I need 5.818:13
PuffTheMagicor higher18:13
pyroscopewmctrl -o $vp_x,$vp_y18:13
MaynardWatershello, I have a dell precision T5500 which I have installed 12.04 LTS on. I am getting some libGL errors. http://pastebin.com/reMajqcp18:14
pyroscopewhere the variable are viewport offsets18:14
justdreamjjpintor: sudo apt-get install wmctrl18:14
justdreamim pretty sure its already on your system tho18:14
MaynardWatersThe errors deal with FireGL18:14
jjpintorhmmm.. i dont knw the DE of it...pre-installed18:14
pegmanmI have about 32 servers to deploy in a DC. I have a known working lucid image to use on these. But for the first time I am seeing issues with interface numbering. There is a 4 port broadcome and 2 port intel in these hosts. The numbering is confusing. I am seeing eth 0 & eth1 as broadcom and eth2 as intel with eth4&5 as the last two broadcom ports. Using a 2.X kernel I did not have this behaviour.18:14
MaynardWatersI went to find the drivers on http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/fire/Legacy/Pages/fire_linux.aspx?type=2.4.3&product=
MaynardWatersbut, the driver doesnt want to work18:14
MaynardWatersany help welcome18:15
justdreamjjpintor: take a screenshot and send us a link18:15
justdreamor there is probably a command that will tell you what DE you are using.. but i don't know it18:15
AndroUser2Hot to get unity working after a bad fglrx installation. I have purged fglrx. But still unity failes to load after login18:15
jjpintorok... wmctrl can auto switch workspaces without human interaction?18:16
MaynardWatersAndroUser2: is that similar to my problem?18:16
justdreamjjpintor: i'm not sure ask pyroscope18:16
AndroUser2MaynardWaters: i dont know18:16
jjpintorpyroscope,  wmctrl can auto switch workspaces without human interaction?18:16
pyroscopeanyway, here goes my problem: probably since the update to nvidia-current 304.88-0ubuntu0.0.2 in a twinview setup on 12.04, when i switch off the monitors, windows start to gets auto-placed / shuffled (i.e. I "suddenly" have a power-off automatism I don't want)18:17
AndroUser2I installed fglrx through software center18:17
pyroscopeany clues as to how to disable that?18:17
jjpintoris there a code to identify the DE thing?18:17
justdreampyroscope: i remember back in the day i used to have that problem with a DE called enlightenment (e16) and there was this command i would have to type to get my windows back18:18
tortikHi all. sudo apt-get install doxygen installs also doxygen-latex which is optional. How can I disable such behaviour?18:19
justdreampyroscope: some of them would just completely disappear off the screen or get shuffled around like you are talking about18:19
pyroscopejjpintor:  yes. what do you actually wanna do?18:20
theadmintortik: Either --no-install-recommends or --no-install-suggests18:20
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justdreampyroscope: he wants to be able to switch workspaces automatically with no human interaction and he is also trying to figure out what desktop environment he is using18:21
jjpintorpyroscope, i want to auto switch the workspaces like from desktop1 to desktop5 and the interval is 5secs each18:21
MalgorathWhat is the ubuntu command line utility called for network configuration(setting static ip)?18:22
jjpintorjustdream, thanks18:22
ukbeastanyone with ndiswrapper?18:22
pyroscopejjpintor:  see above, wmctrl -o with toggling the x/y values18:22
tortiktheadmin: thanks. does that option affects on installed programs? will the work?18:23
theadmintortik: No, only on new installations.18:23
ukbeastI am getting  "loadndisdriver: load_driver(364): couldn't load driver netr28x"18:23
pyroscopejustdream:  maybe i'll bite the bullet and write a fix positions script for my "usual" windows18:24
=== taha_away is now known as taha_
tortiktheadmin: no, no. I made a mistake. I mean about new installations... If I install with that parameter will my programms be workable / useable?18:24
theadmintortik: Surely18:24
tortiktheadmin: ok, thanks18:24
jjpintorpyroscope, cant understand this wmctrl -o "$vp_x,$vp_y"<<part18:25
gevireHello, I'm interested in this ubuntu phone in development, specifically I wanted to know if it is fully open, and if so where the sources/github for it would be, or does it contain non-free applications/libs?18:25
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I import my emails and other things from ms outlook 2010 to thunderbird? as I have recently switched to ubuntu.18:25
pyroscopetorpet:  depends on whether you NEED the recoomends w/o explicitely installing them so far ;)18:25
justdreampyroscope: could i watch you, so that i can learn?18:25
pyroscopejjpintor:  go to vp518:25
pyroscopeopen a terminal, enter    wmctrl -o 0,018:25
pyroscopescream Heureka!18:26
jjpintorpyroscope, sorry im new to this..how to go to vp5?18:26
ukbeastndiswrapper 1.58  module does load, but ndiswrapper does not load the windows driver18:26
justdreamjjpintor: run          wmctrl -o 0,0     from a terminal18:26
MalgorathWhat is the ubuntu command line utility called for network configuration(setting static ip)?18:27
pyroscopejjpintor:  in whichever way that works on your WM18:27
pyroscopeunity has a workspace switcher18:28
MalgorathBenek: thanks for trying but thats not the utility specific to ubuntu, that is a generic linux command for interface work18:28
jjpintorpyroscope, what is the 0,0 part???18:28
theadminMalgorath: I don't think Ubuntu has any specific one.18:28
ali4ever4Is it a good idea to use Ubuntu on raspberry Pi to make a home theater system18:28
pyroscopewmctrl -o $vp_x,$vp_y // where the variables are viewport offsets18:29
justdreama URL in links? so that i can send malgorath a link on how to configure his network from a shell?18:29
justdreamhow do i copy a url in links*18:29
diverdudeif only i knew why ubuntu was so popular and people say linux is so insanely stable....In average ubuntu seems to crash 1-2 times per day, it over heats my processor and its insanely slow in the gui and movie playback is lagging...what is it again that is so nice about this system?18:29
theadminali4ever4: Ubuntu has no support for Raspberry Pi.18:29
justdreamdiverdude: then use a different distro18:29
Malgorathjustdream: I don't want to manually edit files. I will find it on ym own18:29
justdreamMalgorath: what do you want to do?18:29
pyroscopeali4ever4:  raspbmc18:30
jjpintori just entered it ..what will happen now??18:30
Malgorathjustdream: as stated, I want to find the package that is the commandline gui to configure the network settings (aka static IPs and such)18:30
BenekMalgorath, gnome-nettool?18:30
MalgorathBenek: notice the 'gnome' part of that, that is not a commandline gui, that is a gnome based application.18:30
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I import my emails and other things from ms outlook 2010 to thunderbird? as I have recently switched to ubuntu.18:31
ali4ever4Theadmin: you mean it don't have the drivers? And which distro is best for this in this case?18:31
jjpintorpyroscope, my DE is gni18:31
jjpintorpyroscope, my DE is gnome classic18:31
jjpintorwhat will happen now..i entered wmctrl -o 0,018:31
theadminali4ever4: Check raspberrypi's website, the Downloads section, for the supported distributions.18:31
BenekMalgorath,  right, you wanted command line, I didn't see that. I think ifconfig is the simplest one, if you find simpler, please let me know18:31
pyroscopewmctrl -o 1920,0 # use that18:32
pyroscopeassuming a full hd display18:32
jjpintornothin' happening18:32
justdreamMalgorath: pretty much anything you can do with a GUI you can do from a terminal... the guis are just a front end of the commands that the os executes18:32
servvsis it safe to use the raring repository for gnome on a machine running quantal?18:33
OerHeks servvs no.18:33
ali4ever4Theadmin, pyroscope thanks18:33
theadminservvs: No, mixing repositories is always a bad idea18:33
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how can I import my emails and other things from ms outlook 2010 to thunderbird? as I have recently switched to ubuntu.18:34
mzazaI am on Sony vaio s and my fest touches the touchpad while typing and it misses everything up, is there a way to disable touchpad while typing?18:34
servvsso is there any way I can get gnome 3.8 on my system without compiling from source?18:34
Martinjo84mojtaba: here is a link its pretty ole but you can try it out http://nepallica.com/how-to-import-outlook-message-to-thunderbird-on-ubuntu-10-04-lucid/#.UXbUC6Bkc7w18:34
OerHeksservvs, yes, wait 2 more days for 13.04 release18:34
Malgorathjustdream: Benek, its called network-config (package name)18:35
servvsI don't want 13.04 though, my system works just fine, just want to update gnome, oh well I guess18:35
mzazaI am on Sony vaio s and my fest touches the touchpad while typing and it misses everything up, is there a way to disable touchpad while typing?18:36
jjpintorpyroscope, nothin' happening with the 1920,018:37
justdreamMalgorath: glad you found what you were looking for. i'll make a mental note of that so if anyone ask the same question i'll be able to answer it18:37
ali4ever4Anyone have experience if Ubuntu have any issues with the bios or the bootloader of lenovo think pad t53018:37
pyroscopejjpintor:  it would be a good step to ensure you actually HAVE multiple workspaces on one desktop18:38
anewhow can i see the entire output of what i am running, it always gets cut off at the top and i can never see from where it started until now18:38
jjpintorpyroscope, i have already put up 10 workspaces18:38
=== cod3r is now known as baba
justdreampyroscope: how does he tell what DE he is using? he doesn't even know what DE he is using but i bet it's gnome18:38
jjpintorjustdream, my DE gnome classic18:39
Picianew: if its a cli program, you could run it through less18:39
Picianew: like: ps aux| less18:40
pyroscopewmctrl -d # paste that oputput18:40
ezra-sanew, if you are using gnome terminal in preferences you can set unlimited buffer so you can scroll up all you may need18:40
anewah ok will do less18:40
anewbut where do i put the command i want to run?18:41
mojtabaMartinjo84: thank you, I will check it18:41
anewperl artesum.pl ps aux| less18:41
justdreamjhow do i copy the URL of the page that i am on in links so that someone a link?18:41
justdreamso that i can send someone*18:42
MonkeyDustanew  does not look like a beginner's command, start with the basis18:42
anewi mean i want to run a perl script called this.pl18:42
Martinjo84mojtaba: most people use imap these days, so you just set up the account at thunderbird will sync your mails :D18:42
anewand see the entire outpput18:42
anewhow would i do that18:42
anewperl this.pl ps aux|less ?18:42
Picianew: perl this.pl | less18:43
mojtabaMartinjo84: I know that, but I have some emails in my .pst files which are not on server anymore.18:43
anewah ok thx18:43
jjpintorpyroscope, 0 * DG: 1600x900 VP:0,0 WA: 0,24 1600x852 d18:45
fruitbasketThe settings menu in flash won't let me click anything. What can I do to fix it/18:45
jjpintorpyroscope, 0 * DG: 1600x900 VP:0,0 WA: 0,24 1600x852 Desk118:45
jjpintorpyroscope, from 1 - 9 VP: N/A18:45
pyroscopejjpintor:  switching workspaces requires having more than one18:46
pyroscopeyou don't18:46
pyroscope0  * DG: 13440x1600  VP: 0,0  WA: 53,24 4427x1521  N/A18:47
pyroscopethat is mine, at 3x1 VPs18:47
jjpintorpyroscope, but why is 1 - 9 workspaces VP: N/A ?18:47
darkrebasim having isues with my sound card.  i believe the driver isnt installed18:51
pyroscopeinstall ubuntu tweak, then it's "workspace" settings18:52
jjpintorpyroscope, apt-get install ubuntu-tweak?18:55
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MonkeyDustjjpintor  if you paln to upgrade to 13.04: unity-tweak has ubuntu-tweak integrated18:58
jjpintoranyone know how to install LinPopUp?19:00
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
theadminjjpintor: The last update to that project was in 2007. It's very likely that it doesn't work anymore.19:04
jjpintortheadmin, is it possible to reprogram it to meet the standards today?19:05
KircleI'm looking at a AMD motherboard that has built in Radeon HD 7000 series graphics. Would I be able to use that in parallel with the CPU's IGP under Linux?19:05
theadminjjpintor: ...You can sure try, but... You'll need skills in GTK and whatever language that is written in19:06
=== Imp3r1u5 is now known as sect0r
genii-aroundThe last Ubuntu linpopup was included in was Hardy ( 8.04)19:06
OerHeksold tutorial linpopup http://www.techgenie.com/latest/how-to-install-winpopup-linpopup-in-ubuntu/19:06
theadminOerHeks: That assumes linpopup is in the repos, no longer the case19:07
jjpintortheadmin, yep im developing it on GTK3...will this be helpful to others if I can eventually finish it?19:07
theadminjjpintor: Maybe. I'm not sure, the program is useful only for those message things provided by samba which you can do via the commandline anyway19:08
makerbreakrhas anyone run into SSD problems with 12.04?19:08
makerbreakr(intel mobo)19:08
wilee-nilee!ask | makerbreakr19:09
ubottumakerbreakr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:09
makerbreakri didnt really ask to ask a question19:09
jjpintortheadmin, thanks19:09
czzAnyone mind helping me with an issue?19:09
wilee-nilee!details | makerbreakr okay how about this.19:09
ubottumakerbreakr okay how about this.: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:09
czzThis is an error message I am getting while trying to decrypt a message: "gpg: decryption failed: secret key not available"19:09
makerbreakrIm not really sure where to get started on this problem;  I cant find anything in google.  intel i3, ssd, ubuntu server 12.04; it boots to grub19:09
makerbreakrgrub starts the chainloader, but then no HD lights19:10
wilee-nileemakerbreakr, This a UEFI setup?19:10
makerbreakrkind of, its for digital signange (and I have no control over what mobo they order)19:10
quantumAnyone know what happens when S3 sleep?19:10
genii-aroundjjpintor: Conceivably you can just make a zenity script to interface to smbclient -M19:11
quantumI need to run a script after wake.19:11
makerbreakrso essentially, it needs X, a browser, and it acts like a webserver19:11
ThePendulumWhen I try to run UNetbootin, I'm asked for an administrative password... Any idea what this password might be (since it's not the one I set)?19:11
makerbreakrbut yes, it is also UEFI19:11
wilee-nileeThePendulum, Should be the user password, did you make a root password?19:12
makerbreakri guess i can try updating the bios too19:12
ThePendulumwilee-nilee: I did, and when I enter that, it won't accept it19:12
theadminThePendulum: unetbootin is stupid and tries to authenticate via su19:12
wilee-nileeThePendulum, Never make a root password in ubuntu, and it wants the iser password.19:12
theadminThePendulum: Simply run it as administrator manually, "gksudo unetbootin"19:13
starchil1Anyone know a good screencapture recorder and editor combo that is easy to use.19:13
ThePendulumwilee-nilee: Well I'm actually not sure if I made a root password. Probably not, then.19:13
KilroyySo I'm a total Linux noob (installed ubuntu all of 4 days ago) but I gotta say I'm loving it.19:13
starchil1I tried recordmydesktop but the output file wasn't compatible with Kino19:13
ThePendulumtheadmin: I guess the issue is that gksudo wasn't installed at first19:13
BlazeFaiaHi. Could someone help me out? I'm a new Ubuntu user (as of today) and I'm having a problem with the log in system.19:14
stupidpasswordAnyone know how to set the voltage of the GPU using the radeon driver?19:14
ThePendulumI guess I should wait for 14.04LTS19:14
moppersBlazeFaia, no one can read your mind, what is the question?19:15
wilee-nileeThePendulum, gksudo is installed in a stock setup, are you running ubuntu?19:15
ThePendulumwilee-nilee: Yeah, but I am running the 13.04 beta.19:15
ThePendulumEven though 13.04 is still in beta as we speak, I don't see it getting polished before the 25th. I'm going to skip this one.19:15
wilee-nileeThePendulum, strange gksudo should be working, until release you want the #ubuntu+1 channel in general. ;)19:16
ThePendulumwilee-nilee: Yeah, I know, just stating that I'm running 13.04 to clarify that19:16
theadminHm, maybe gksudo was taken out because it's no longer really required by most of the apps in the repos (PolicyKit is now the main authentication mecahism used by GUIs)19:16
wilee-nileetheadmin, runs in my 13.04 setup.19:17
theadminwilee-nilee: Odd.19:17
theadminwilee-nilee: (as in, the part it's not there for ThePendulum19:17
ThePendulumI had to install it manually19:17
wilee-nileewith password errors in their setup I suspect something is up19:17
jjpintortheadmin, is Linpopup available on 10.04?19:18
wilee-nileeThePendulum, You have a desktop right not a server?19:18
ThePendulumwilee-nilee: Yeah, this is a regular desktop 13.04 x64 installation running on a modern fully-functional (desktop) PC19:18
ThePendulumNo odds19:18
theadminjjpintor: As someone said above, the last release wherein it was included was Hardy, which isn't even supported anymore19:18
ThePendulumAnyway, brb, going to install 12.04319:19
jjpintortheadmin, thanks again19:19
ThePendulumThanks for the help none the less :)19:19
BlazeFaia_Okay, something happened and I wasn't getting any messages. Not sure if what I said went through or not. But I just installed 12.10 today and set up my username and password. But on the welcome screen it says the password is wrong. I went into recovery mode to change the password but it said password unchanged, which makes me believe my password was correct to begin with.19:19
pyroscopeBlazeFaia_:  take note of caps lock and keyboard layout settings19:20
pyroscopethat's the usual causes19:20
wilee-nileeBlazeFaia_, With a fresh install I would check the sum of the install media and reinstall, if not a cap problem.19:21
jjpintortheadmin, do you know how to automate workspace switching?19:21
BlazeFaia_Capslock is off, as was when I made the password. Where do I check the keyboard layout? Top right of the screen? The only available option is en.19:21
pyroscopejjpintor:  step 1: have mor ethan one workspace19:21
theadminjjpintor: ...How the heck can you "automate" that? Like switch the workspace every 5 seconds? That doesn't even make sense19:21
jjpintortheadmin, its like a ticker...in a website, every 5 secs the content refreshes or more like a slideshow19:23
=== Gamblerz- is now known as Gamblerz
jjpintorpyroscope, you mean monitors?19:23
theadminjjpintor: Eh... Still doesn't make sense. I don't think Unity has a way to switch workspaces via the command-line, and as such it won't be possible to automate19:23
chudleranyone know what happened with this? https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/lightdm/shut-down-dbus/+merge/7277919:24
chudlerdid it make its way into the greeter? obsolete problem? anything?19:24
theadminchudler: As said, "Rejected". Probably means this is unnecessary.19:25
pyroscopetheadmin:  i just did, on my unity19:25
chudlerI am aware it was rejected. I am asking if development proceeded as suggested there19:25
theadminpyroscope: "I'm closing this merge request because the daemon doesn't know about what the sessions are doing and it is their responsibility to clean up.". Meaning no, it was rejected and everything is like it was before?19:26
jjpintortheadmin, pyroscope did it on his pc19:26
theadminjjpintor, pyroscope: Well, then you two figure out how to do it19:27
chudlertheadmin: did you keep reading what he wrote or just stop? If you don't know the status of it you don't have to answer as to what that page says, I can see that just fine.19:27
SuperBawlzEasy problem, my apache server doesn't appear to be working with my MySQL server. When I do phpinfo() I noticed that it says --without-mysql in the configure command19:27
jjpintortheadmin, ok then...sorry for disturbing19:28
SuperBawlzhow do I fix it?19:28
jjpintorpyroscope, how to have multiple workspace?19:28
pyroscopethat way → https://pastee.org/k8h7d19:28
theadminchudler: Well, I'm just judging from the link... That's about all anyone can say, right? As far as I know, dbus isn't stopped if lightdm is shut down or the session quits19:28
theadminchudler: Mainly because Upstart itself relies on dbus nowadays so...19:29
chudlermaybe you don't know about dbus --autostart, or generally what they're referring to? Anyway, I guess it wasn't moved into the greeter as I couldnt find it. I hoped someone here might have a clue about that19:30
pyroscopejjpintor:  you have one workspace. one. 1. cannot switch with one.19:30
chudleralternatively, you're saying lightdm spawns the session dbus before the greeter *nowadays*19:31
jjpintorpyroscope, 0 * DG: 1600x900 VP:0,0 WA: 0,24 1600x852 Desk119:31
jjpintorpyroscope, 1 * DG: 1600x900 VP:N/A WA: 0,24 1600x852 Desk219:32
jjpintorpyroscope, 2 * DG: 1600x900 VP:N/A WA: 0,24 1600x852 Desk319:32
jjpintorpyroscope, 3 * DG: 1600x900 VP:N/A WA: 0,24 1600x852 Desk419:32
thrillERboyHey Guys, If I install ubuntu 13.04 beta, will it be updated to normal 13.04 once its out? Like if I install the updates?19:32
pyroscopethat is multiple desktops, a quite different thing19:32
theadminthrillERboy: Yes19:32
christoff522yes thrill19:32
jjpintorfor the love of...19:33
jjpintorthe term is "multiple desktops" sheesh19:33
thrillERboyNice, My ubuntu 12.04 is crashed. Don't know if I should install full version in 2 days or the beta.19:33
DJones!final | thrillERboy19:33
ubottuthrillERboy: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.19:33
jjpintorpyroscope, i want that multiple desktop to cycle like a slideshow..is it possible?19:34
MonkeyDustjjpintor  ctrl-alt arrow19:34
pyroscopeman wmctrl and find out how to select a desktop19:34
jjpintorno, i want it to automate... like a slideshow19:35
pyroscopefollowed by "man bash" then19:35
jjpintorpyroscope, you know how to make the multiple desktop slideshow?19:37
thrillERboyI have installed ubuntu (root filesystem) in a seperate partition, and mounted home folder in a different partition, Now ubuntu has crashed, (not really, I can still use it under recovery mode) uninstalled some essential graphic drivers. How should I go about reinstall and get all my files back? Should I rewrite the root filesystem and mount the home folder to the same partition? Should I have the same username and password? Home 19:38
pyroscopejjpintor:  read the manpage, and you know too19:39
jjpintorcan you teach me?19:39
christoff522thrill that would work, i always keep the same usernname and pass19:40
christoff522all you need to do is reinstall, and make sure on the partitioner to mark the home drive as /home and format the / drive19:40
karangaHi, Does anyone know if there is support for ALPS touchpads yet running 13.04. It would appear that the 12.10 'fixes' don't work on the latest kernel release?19:41
john__hi all19:41
thrillERboychristoff522: using the same username means, it'll create a home folder under that name, if its a fresh install, I'm afraid it'll do the same and erase my previous files :|19:42
MonkeyDustthrillERboy  backup first19:42
john__Heard of backups19:42
john__Yes they WILL screw up your syste,19:43
thrillERboyjohn__ MonkeyDust I think I have backups enabled in Dejadup :D19:43
pyroscopebeing SURE about backups is often the better option ;)19:44
john__thrillERboy,  so do I. But check a restore first19:44
three18tijohn__, ?19:44
Derpesse chat é do debian ?19:45
thrillERboyjohn__: how can I do it? can I do it with CLI? I can't use GUI anymore19:45
john__thrillERboy,  restore sometimes works for me. But I belive that a local a net and then the master is the rule19:45
john__two backups19:45
=== kdub^lunch is now known as kdub
christoff522no it doesnt wipe it, just make sure it isn't marked to be formatted thrill19:46
john__one local one net19:46
christoff522keeping the username means you don't have to change anything19:46
john__make both then quibble19:46
christoff522i have kept the same home folder for months, and installed lmde, linux mint 4 or 5 times19:46
thrillERboyjohn__: all of the content i'm worried about can be downloaded from the internetz anyway :D19:46
Derpthis is dont dedian ??19:46
Derpor ubuntu brasl19:47
john__thrillERboy, no worries then19:47
thrillERboyjohn__: just worried about the time it takes. Thanks a lot. :)19:47
christoff522well try it, if you have nothing to lose, at least try to keep your home folder19:47
christoff522then you will have learned something from it19:47
LoshkithrillERboy: yes, a reinstall will recreate /home/user. Use the same username and you can just remount your existing home partition as /home and be pretty much back where you were before it crashed...19:47
Loshki!br | Derp19:47
ubottuDerp: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.19:47
thrillERboychristoff522: That is what I'm going to try, I think a trick like that, may come in handy some day :)19:48
christoff522if you're using ubuntu it will be pretty straight forward just clikc "use as /home" and make sure where it says format it says no19:48
LoshkithrillERboy: just be sure that you don't accidentally reformat your existing home partition..19:49
christoff522im now on debian wheezy and this is the same home folder the lmde, through to linux mint 14, then 13, then lmde again19:49
christoff522and now debian19:49
christoff522so its pretty useful19:49
thrillERboyLoshki: So, if the home folder for the username already exists, installer will just remount it, not recreate a fresh one?19:49
thrillERboyLoshki: LOL I'm gonna check like 28 times for that, before clicking next button19:50
john__christoff522> : your a Pi boy19:50
Derpthios is ubuntun BR19:50
john__Well that is bloody wondefull.. So am I19:50
SimonMI've been having a problem19:50
christoff522john_ what does that mean?19:50
SimonMAnd I'm looking for someone to help me....19:50
thrillERboySimonM: what that would be?19:51
john__With what?19:51
SimonMI've been really stupid19:51
christoff522a pi boy19:51
SimonMand tried to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu19:51
thrillERboySimonM: can't help with that. sorry.19:51
troulouliou_devhi i have permenent micro freeze on my dell M6700 ; is there any diag tool that could find the reason ?19:51
christoff522okay simonM I think I can help19:51
SimonMand now when I start up my pc nothing start up19:51
christoff522okay did you install windows after ubuntu?19:51
=== Kilroy79 is now known as Kilroyy
SimonMI'm now using a live mode usb thingy ubuntu19:51
SimonMwindows was already installed19:52
=== franz__ is now known as fpoesc
christoff522try to reinstall again19:52
christoff522it may just be a glitch19:52
SimonMcould that fix it?19:52
christoff522try reinstalling ubuntu19:52
SimonMbecause when I start up19:52
SimonMjust a grey screen shows19:52
thrillERboySimonM: You see the GRUB menu?19:53
SimonMwell I'll try that :)19:53
john__Believe me anyone who tries a double boot of windows and linux is not stupid. Unless it's on a Pi19:53
LoshkithrillERboy: It's safer to have the installer ignore your existing /home partition completely. It will create a new, empty /home/user, and then you can use the new, empty /home as the mount point for the old /home partition.19:53
SimonMI did it stupid, because I didn't back up...19:53
john__It just aint go enogh RAM19:53
SimonMwell another thing I should mention19:53
SimonMI did the option install along side windows19:54
SimonMbut then I did it on my external hard drive19:54
thrillERboyLoshki: That sounds much better approach. Thanks :)19:54
SimonMso not really along side19:54
christoff522thats definitely the issue19:54
christoff522if you install anything on an external hard drive, you need to take your internal out19:54
christoff522because of the bootloaders19:54
SimonMso reinstalling might fix it?19:54
christoff522well what you need to deal with is your internal hard drive19:55
pyroscopeSimonM:  the usual way is to shrink the windows primary partition using gparted, then install ubuntu into the free space19:55
thrillERboySimonM: Install it on your internal hard drive, it'll fix it19:55
john__Hightway to hell seems cleerly lit. Rock on <christoff522>19:55
SimonMand how do I fix the external hard drive back to normal?19:55
SimonMno data was on it19:55
Adam__How make my own OS based on Ubuntu?19:55
thrillERboySimonM: then just format it19:55
SimonMso that is no problem19:56
christoff522disconnect your internal hard drive19:56
SimonMty vm19:56
christoff522then install on your external19:56
christoff522just as normal19:56
SimonMI won't be really able to disconnect my internal one...19:56
Adam__How make my own OS based on Ubuntu?19:56
chudlertheadmin: LOL @ my previous question, re: lightdm/dbus. That proposal *was* integrated, as a patch: http://dev.blankonlinux.or.id/changeset/rote%2Clightdm-webkit-greeter%2C2919:56
SimonMno screwdriver or whatsoever19:56
pyroscopeAdam__:  if you need to ask that, commonly you don't19:56
SimonMadam: LFS19:56
SimonMtry that19:56
SimonMif you really want to have a linux thing of yourself19:57
christoff522if you don't take out your internal, it will install the bootloader on the internal and mess everything up19:57
Adam__me what?19:57
SimonMI've got place on my internal one19:57
SimonMso that's no problem I guess19:57
Adam__How make my own OS based on Ubuntu please? I can do it?19:57
thrillERboyOne more thing I do the same routine installs when I install ubuntu everytime. How can I automate it? any graphical tools?19:57
christoff522basically, start from scratch19:57
SimonMand another thing19:58
SimonMif I unplug my external19:58
wilee-nileeA manual install will allow grub to be put on the external19:58
christoff522put windows on your internal, and linux on external19:58
SimonMthe startup is still grey19:58
christoff522or the other way out19:58
LoshkiAdam__: Just be warned, it's a lot of work, and you'll have to do a *lot* of research to get it right...19:58
Jordan_UAdam__: What do you actually want to change?19:58
john__simon__, You still here19:58
Adam__I can rename my OS to "Adam OS"?19:58
thrillERboyAdam__: LOL everybody has to start somewhere.19:59
Jordan_UAdam__: You can take Ubuntu, change the Desktop background, and call it whatever you like and it will be "An OS based on Ubuntu".19:59
john__Adam__,  Then Don't It's In some proprietary way not actually yours19:59
dhciavconv command doesn't seem to include libx264 is there a suitable means to output an .mp4 or other format for playback?19:59
christoff522id suggest going on youtube SimonM20:00
Adam__actually my20:00
SimonMany link?20:00
christoff522and searching "installing ubuntu on external hard drive"20:00
Adam__And i can use official ubuntu repository in my own OS?20:00
SimonMwell the problem is20:00
SimonMI just want to fix my pc first20:00
john__well I'm not police, bt I'm pretty close20:00
christoff522whats on your internal hard drive?20:01
Adam__help please20:01
SimonMbecause for some reason on startup nothing happens20:01
Jordan_Udhci: If it's not built into the default avconv it should be in the mediubuntu version.20:01
Adam__And i can use official ubuntu repository in my own OS?20:01
SimonMexcept 'press esc'20:01
marahinAdam__, if you wish to create your own OS, learn what the compatiblity is.20:01
Jordan_UAdam__: Yes.20:01
marahinAnd basicly what differs Ubuntu reops from basic debian ones.20:01
dhciok i'll check for that i noticed .ogg output works ok though.20:01
john__Use the ubuntu server20:01
Adam__that's for sure?20:01
BluesKaj Adam__ http://packages.ubuntu.com/quantal/apt-build20:01
christoff522the only thing you can do really is reinstall on your laptop hd20:01
Jordan_UAdam__: Yes.20:01
christoff522that will fix it20:01
christoff522its definitely a bootloader issue20:02
john__It is more stable, and accepts only ssh20:02
thrillERboySimonM: the reason is its search for list of OS you've installed on your internal drive, but the information actually resides in your external drive.20:02
SimonMI'll try that20:02
SimonMand come back20:02
christoff522well said thriller20:02
Jordan_UAdam__: You can do pretty much whatever you like as long as you contribute your changes back openly (as required by the licenses of many components, like the GPL).20:02
KilroyyI promise not to ask noob questions... I promise not to ask noob questions... I promi20:03
Adam__I want rename OS and change DE and remove packages and add other but i want use official ubuntu repository servers (users will install packeges from this repos)? I can do it all of this legal??20:03
Jordan_UAdam__: And if you don't use anything but the default repositories, and don't do any ugly hack changes like installing things outside the package manager, then people could even get support for your "OS" (or respin) here.20:04
SimonMadam I thunk ubuntu is sort of open source20:04
Jordan_UAdam__: Yes, you are completely free to do that.20:04
KilroyyHi alf20:05
Adam___:( why kicked me?20:06
Adam___bug connections20:06
=== Eric1212 is now known as Eric12
thrillERboyHi, If I want to install ubuntu deskop and setup with my normal softwares and configurations automatically, is there a tool to help with that?20:06
Elspuddyis there something like speed fan for ubuntu ?20:06
mayhewthrillERboy: yes, use dpkg --get-selections, save that output to a file, and use apt-get to re-install everything on a new machine20:07
mayhewit won't save configurations though20:07
thrillERboymayhew: Thanks, I wish ubuntu software center does that automatically for me, like chrome extensions :)20:08
thrillERboymayhew: I have my configurations as dotfiles in github anyway. Thats not a big deal compared to package installations.20:09
thrillERboymayhew: Thanks a lot for the info :)20:09
=== SimonM_ is now known as SimonM
pyroscopemayhew:  http://joeyh.name/code/etckeeper/20:10
achandra ping20:10
mayhewpyroscope: could be helpful, but home directory configs are probably more important20:13
john__Am i just dreaming or is this a Ubuntu channel20:13
john__If so I suggest wee focus on that20:13
sinclairosHi my friends)20:14
pyroscopemayhew:  i use sbackup for that (well, and actually /etc, too)20:14
john__We wee ypu20:14
mayhewjohn__: are you refering to our conversation?20:14
Jordan_Ujohn__: Please stop the offtopic and nonsense comments.20:14
john__mayhew, yes20:14
pyroscopestill not progressed very far to put make-the-world type stuff into scripts and that into git20:14
Elspuddyquestion, iv just installed 12.10 server and if i cat /proc/cpuinfo it say my cpu is running at 1000MHZ when it should be 3200MHZ whould i still be running at it right speed ?20:15
john__I mostly script these days20:15
john__so fire20:15
pyroscopejohn__:  *plonk*20:15
betraydElspuddy: maybe a game might max the CPU resources20:16
BluesKajElspuddy, that's the"ondemand" setting saving power when lthe load is low / I ramps up to full when needed20:17
john__Elspuddy: Is your processor overcloccable. In fect what exacty is your processor?20:17
pyroscopeElspuddy:  look at "model name"20:17
fbdystangHi, I plugged in a microsd card and it is not automatically pulling up. It is brand new. Please advise20:18
Elspuddyits a amd x2 6400+20:18
john__But it is pitiful. Get some real muscle brother20:18
Jordan_Ufbdystang: Can you pastebin the output of "dmesg | tail" and "lsusb"?20:18
Jordan_Ujohn__: Please keep your comments to Ubuntu support related questions and answers to same. This is your last warning. For offtopic discussion try #ubuntu-offtopic.20:19
Elspuddyanyway thanks all :) going for the "its in power saving mode"20:19
fbdystangJordan_U, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5596590/20:21
john__Just a fucking damn ass day Jordanu20:21
jjpintorpyroscope, are you there?20:21
h00k!language | john__20:22
ubottujohn__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.20:22
=== Pulec_ is now known as Pulec
jjpintortheadmin ?20:22
AaronMTHow do you enable SLI in nvidia-settings? Where is the option?20:22
john__I can admin20:22
AaronMTI see both GPU's but I cant tell if they're in use20:23
john__neither can I would you be more explicit20:23
jjpintoranyone have a script for wmcrtl?having the commands of wmctrl interval for up to 5 secs?20:23
john__jjpintor, fine20:24
=== cryptic is now known as crypticmofo
john__jjpintor, 30 no20:24
jjpintorjohn__, do you know ?20:24
john__jjpintor, I know networks if nothing else20:25
john__jjpintor, Jut tell me the hics20:25
jjpintordo you know how to code scripts for the wmctrl codes?20:26
fbdystangAny love? microsd not pulling up, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5596590/20:26
john__jjpintor, no search the net20:26
betraydjjpintor: wmctrl -d, to see if desktops can be wmctrl'd20:26
betraydbut you'd need the sleep command as timer maybe jjpintor20:26
MaxFramesto uninstall wubi from windows xp, do I just uninstall it from add/remove programs? or is some manual trick required?20:27
pyroscopefbdystang:  df -h20:27
studiousdf -h will show you your hard drisk space used, space free20:27
pyroscopeand any automounts20:27
john__from what I have conjured up from INTERNET DON'T use wmctrl20:28
fbdystangpyroscope, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5596610/20:28
john__Why such a obscure window manager?20:29
john__I have one you might like: STUBS20:29
pyroscopenautilus /media/16BC942DBC94097F20:29
john__This is booring. Get some real qustion20:30
jjpintoryes it can be wmctrl -d20:30
jjpintorbetrayd, what is that timer code?20:30
Picijohn__: thats enough.  If you don't want to support here you can leave, but we do not treat our users like that.20:30
john__not delinquients pretending to know windows systems20:31
Pici!guidelines > john__20:31
ubottujohn__, please see my private message20:31
veyoonHi all, is there a problem with empathy connecting my google account? it takes ages, needs authorization quite often.20:31
fbdystangpyroscope, thats not it, that shows a 49G, which my microsd is only 8GB20:31
jjpintorJUST IGNORE IT, by IT i mean john__20:31
nopfhey, so i have an encrypted system which will not boot correctly. i S)kipped some mounts. still / gets mounted, just 'ro' i think.20:31
betraydsleep n  (seconds) jjpintor20:32
Jobbewhat GUI do you use for desktop ?20:32
betrayd jjpintor man sleep or man wmctrl will bring the manual20:32
jjpintorcan you pm me the whole syntax betrayd ?20:32
nopfi need to reinstall 'util-linux' (needed a newer version for some special task, now this can't MOUNT_SOME_VERSION_NUMBER ... etc), but i cannot -remount rw for the same reason...20:32
pyroscopefbdystang:  check if you have a /dev/sdb entry20:32
betraydjjpintor: try it sleep 520:33
jjpintorbetrayd, i tried the wmctrl -s "DesktopNumber" but i want to call that command every 4 secs20:33
pyroscopepossibly an unsupported filesys on that sd, or unformatted20:33
nopfcan i easily access from a live cd the encrypted root and apt-get install things there?20:33
jjpintorbetrayd, 5 secs***20:33
john__I have been  impertinent.  Indeed irritating. I am a asshole. And that is how it is. Sorry wil have towait for another day20:33
fbdystangpyroscope, how? It is brand new so probably unformatted20:33
pyroscopemine came formatted (fat32 probably)20:34
nopf(the error from #mount -o remount,rw / is: mount: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/libmount.so.1: version `MOUNT_2.21' not found (required by mount))20:34
* pyroscope points to google, mkfs.vfat probably20:35
nopfhm, i could also copy over some parts (/sbin, /lib) from another machine with a similar version of ubuntu20:36
nopfso the question is: can i somehow remount this 'rw' or can i easily get at the FS from a live cd?20:36
jjpintor betrayd ?20:37
betraydjjpintor search for bash scipt while20:37
fbdystangpyroscope, so what do I do?20:37
betraydyou will get example code to repeat the Commands20:38
=== anon is now known as Guest52979
betraydjjpintor: ^20:38
Guest52979hello folks. I'm running 12.04 server and trying to apt-get update but I'm getting this error:20:38
Guest52979 GPG error: http://ie.archive.ubuntu.com quantal Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 220:38
jjpintorbetrayd, do while bash scripts?20:39
Guest52979I tried: commenting out all but necessaryt in sources.list, clearing /var/lib/apt/lists/, apt-get clean, ;aptitude -o Acquire::http::No-Cache=True -o Acquire::BrokenProxy=true update20:39
Guest52979but still nothing. Any ideas?20:39
betraydjjpintor: google yes  but sleep n  followed by thw wmctrl are the only commands inside20:39
jjpintorbetrayd, ok thanks.20:39
pyroscopejjpintor:  http://linuxcommand.org/writing_shell_scripts.php20:39
betraydjjpintor: yw20:40
genii-aroundGuest52979: Probably want to try a different mirror20:40
flashingpumpkinguys, judging by this error - I might have to re-install the system, right?20:40
Guest52979genii-around, tried US as well, same :/20:40
Guest52979and UK20:40
flashingpumpkin(essentially: perl is fucked, without perl dpkg won't work, without dpkg apt won't (re-)install perl)20:40
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:41
SexyTattoos96need help with my website20:42
pyroscopeflashingpumpkin:  tried rm -rf /* or something?20:42
h00kflashingpumpkin: please keep the language appropriate20:43
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!20:43
=== a is now known as Guest71940
flashingpumpkinh00k, sorry20:43
=== glebihan_ is now known as glebihan
koala_noob speaking, i want to sync my android phone withe my ubuntu 12.04, how should I procede?20:44
SimonMI need some help with gparted....20:44
learninganyone know how to make screen tearing stop with aticonfig ?20:44
darkrebasmy pc isnt detecting my soundcard.20:45
flashingpumpkinoh well. *pulls out usb key for re-install*. Clean system can't hurt :)20:45
a_has anyone got ubuntu to recognize and integrated webcam?20:46
SimonMCan someone here help me with gparted?20:47
betrayd!anyone | SimonM20:48
ubottuSimonM: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:48
a_is it impossible to get ubuntu to recognize an integrated webcam?20:48
a_i researched but got nowhere20:48
SimonMI really need someone to help me with gparted.20:49
k1l!details | SimonM20:49
ubottuSimonM: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:49
a_i tried installing an app but it didnt show up in the list20:49
SimonMlatest ubuntu20:49
odayHi guys, i can't remember how i binded my ~ key to open a terminal, how can i unbind it? maybe it's even a application i installed, can't remember :/20:50
SimonMand my partitions are a mess20:50
SimonMand I'm trying to merge certain partitions20:50
darkrebasim having issues with my sound, im on ubntu 10.04, theres no sound, it shows as muted, and i cant unmute. im presuming a driver problem20:51
darkrebashow can i check?20:51
=== flashingpumpkin is now known as fpk^away
Guest52979darkrebas, update to ubuntu 12.1020:52
SimonMkll Is it enough informtion?20:52
odayHi guys, i can't remember how i binded my ~ key to open a terminal, how can i unbind it? maybe it's even a application i installed, can't remember :/20:52
troulouliou_devhi i m testing ubuntu with secureboot ; but 1 i can not boot with sb enabled ; 2 the sb kernel lead to graphical glitches20:52
troulouliou_devis there anybody using secureboot ?20:52
Guest52979troulouliou_dev, what if you boot with nomodeset20:53
darkrebasGuest52979, will it keep the interfae from 10.04 if i ws tp upgrade?20:53
troulouliou_devGuest52979, at least a lead :) will try20:53
Guest52979darkrebas, the GUI? it'll probably be unity20:54
Guest52979or just switch to xfce20:54
SimonMHow to move partitions in gparted, only seems to be able to resize.20:54
darkrebasim used to this GUI. and i hate unity with a venegence20:54
darkrebashence i installed 10.04 instead20:54
Guest52979you don't liek the gui of ubuntu 12.0420:55
Guest52979and instead of using another gui, you opted for a 3 year old OS?20:55
Guest52979does not make sense to me20:55
Guest52979SimonM, drag and drop.20:55
SimonMDoesn't work...20:56
Guest52979and it takes a loooooooooooooooooooooooong time.20:56
Guest52979yes it does, I've done it myself.20:56
SimonMOtherwise I would have already found it, wouldn't I. :)20:56
Guest52979obviously your partition arragenements do not allow for it.20:56
Guest52979imgur.com < uploda screenshots of each step, description etc.20:56
SimonMAnd how do you fix that?20:56
SimonMI'll be right back20:58
nopf(ok, fyi, solved my problem using LD_LIBRARY_PATH)20:58
darkrebasim having issues with my sound, im on ubntu 10.04, theres no sound, it shows as muted, and i cant unmute. im presuming a driver problem. any ideas what i can do to sort it?21:04
=== xy-cloud is now known as sda1
SimonMOk I need help with gparted21:05
SimonMIn some sort of way I put a primary partition to a logical inside an extended. How can I revert that?21:06
helpmepleaseHi everybody I am lost, after having installed ubuntu 12.10 desktop empty, what to do?21:06
Dr_willishelpmeplease,  you mean you get the Login screen. you login, but get no icons or panels? alt-ctrl-t does open a terminal however?21:07
Guest52979SimonM, what do you mean?21:07
helpmepleaseyes dr-willis only terminal I can open21:07
Guest52979do you have a "primary" inside an extended?21:07
SimonMfirst it was primary21:07
Guest52979imgur.com screenshots, and fdisk -l plz.21:08
SimonMnow it's a logical inside an extended partition21:08
Dr_willishelpmeplease,  unity/compiz is failing to fully load - i see this happen a lot for many differnt people/chipsets/videocards - but have never really seen a common cause.21:08
SimonMfdisk -l gives nothing for some reason21:08
SimonMI'll use screenshots21:08
Guest52979sudo fdisk -l /dev/your-disk21:09
Guest52979Dr_willis, "failing" ?21:09
helpmepleaseright Dr_willis then what do u suggest me to do? I was using ubuntu 13.04 but I couldn't find an hdmi output and I came back this version, the 1080p video weren't fluid so I add nvidia drivers update and now an empty desktop :(21:09
Dr_willisThe desktop fails to load totally.. correct.  Ive not seen any good reasons or explinations. other then its 'some how 3d video driver related'21:10
Guest52979there are great explanations21:11
Guest52979they are in the log files21:11
SimonMhttp://imgur.com/arWJoTc,kfxkFxD , http://imgur.com/arWJoTc,kfxkFxD#121:12
helpmepleaseshould I do this? 1. install xrdp sudo apt-get install xrdp  2. install fallback sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback  3. logout and login again by gnome theme. You can choose theme before log in..  4. open terminal by ctrl alt t , then input echo "gnome-session --session=gnome" > ~/.xsession  5. sudo gedit /etec/xrdp/startwm.sh . /etc/X11/Xsession to . /home/<user name>/.xsession  6. sudo /etc/init.d/xrdp restart21:12
SimonMhttp://imgur.com/arWJoTc,kfxkFxD , http://imgur.com/arWJoTc,kfxkFxD#1 I'm trying to move 'HP-TOOLS' into a primary partition and delete the extended one21:13
Ben64SimonM: you don't even have ubuntu on it :o21:13
SimonMThat's correct21:14
SimonMinstalling went wrong21:14
Dr_willishelpmeplease,  what does xrdp have to do with this? Last time i had the issue. i noticed that all the other window mangers worked fine. Kubuntu, lubuntu and so forth. it was just Unity/compiz that had the issue.  I belive gnome-shell even worked fine.21:14
SimonMand I'm trying to fix that21:14
Guest52979what a clusterf21:14
Ben64SimonM: you're not going to fix it that way21:14
SimonMI'm trying to get my pc back like before installing21:14
Guest52979I see 3 primary partitoins, 1 extended, with 1 logical in it (sda5)21:14
helpmepleaseI don't know I just found this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xrdp/+bug/106927221:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 846407 in xrdp (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1069272 xrdp is not able to transmitt unity desktop correct - different clients" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:14
SimonMindeed guest5297921:15
Guest52979so, the 3 first ones are primary.21:15
Ben64SimonM: what is your end goal?21:15
Guest52979then space. then logical.21:15
Guest52979so whwat is the problem21:15
SimonMon startup21:15
SimonMnothing happens21:15
SimonMjust grey screen21:15
Guest52979I guess you run windows21:16
SimonMand HP-TOOLS21:16
Guest52979so.. try the rescue CD or whatever it is called?21:16
Guest52979fix startup repair.21:16
SimonMis an lba21:16
SimonMwhich is a booting stuff21:16
SimonMis borken21:16
Ben64this is not a windows help channel, we can't help you with that21:16
helpmepleaseso u suggest me only to do this? sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-plugins21:16
SimonMand before HP-TOOLS was on a primary partition21:16
SimonMben64 I've no windows at all anoymore...21:16
Ben64you've no linux on there21:16
SimonMand it happened when installing ubuntu21:17
SimonMI use a live mode usb21:17
dripdripI just opened a laptop that I haven't used in 3 years, and tried to watch a show.  Sound is not working, but every test I know how to run shows that it is.  Please advise.21:17
Ben64you have 10GB free space in there, that's enough for linux, sort of21:17
SimonMand these community is much better than windows...21:17
SimonMI think problem is that HP-TOOLS is not primary anymore21:18
helpmepleaseI tried but it says E: Unable to locate package compiz-fusion-plugins-extra E: Unable to locate package compiz-fusion-plugins-main21:18
SimonMand I think windows expects its boot to be primary21:18
Ben64hp-tools has nothing at all to do with linux21:18
Ben64you're making no sense21:18
SimonMI'm just asking one thing....21:18
Ben64not really21:18
darkrebashp-tools is the hard drive label.21:18
SimonMHow could I move the HP-TOOLS section into a primary21:19
Dr_willis!ccsm | helpmeplease21:19
ubottuhelpmeplease: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz21:19
darkrebas(my best guess)21:19
SimonMwith gparted21:19
Ben64SimonM: thats not going to make ubuntu work21:19
SimonMI know21:19
Ben64then... why are you here21:19
SimonMI'm just trying to get my pc working....21:19
Dr_willishelpmeplease,  try a sudo apt-get update, and sudo apt-get upgrade. then try installing the psckages21:19
Ben64SimonM: then install ubuntu?21:19
SimonMI'm on a usb ubuntu thing21:19
SimonMthat's the problem....21:19
Ben64yes you can21:19
SimonMwhen I installed it21:19
SimonMand reinstalled21:19
Ben64there is 10GB space21:19
FloodBot1SimonM: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:19
SimonMthe same problem occured21:20
=== peterrr is now known as peterr
SimonMBut Ben64, if I want to move HP-TOOLS to a primary with gparted, how would I do that?21:20
helpmepleasesudo apt-get install simple-ccsm Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package simple-ccsm21:20
SimonMThat's the only thing I need to know...21:20
Ben64hp-tools has ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~NOTHING~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ to do with booting ubuntu, and if you make it primary, you cannot make any more partitions, and it won't fix anything anyway21:21
=== peterr is now known as peterrr
SimonMok then21:21
SimonMthen just don't help me...21:21
Ben64i'm trying, you're not listening21:21
dripdripI just opened a laptop that I haven't used in 3 years, and tried to watch a show.  Sound is not working, but every test I know how to run shows that it is.  Please advise.21:21
dripdripcan someone help me run a terminal test to determine what the audio issue is21:21
Ben64dripdrip: what version of ubuntu21:21
kanzieIm trying to get php5-fpm working through socket on my 12.10 however the .sock-file is not in /var/run do I have to create this manually or what?21:22
dripdripBen64: 11.1021:23
helpmepleaseok I have done sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager21:23
shahanbangladeshI just instaled ubuntu 12.04.2 But my display  brightness is at lowest level.Icannt make it higher.Its on HP Mini 10021:23
shahanbangladeshany idea to make this problem solved?21:24
SimonMBen64 could copying HP-TOOLS to an external hard drive and then copying into a primary work?21:24
Ben64SimonM: it won't fix anything21:24
SimonMit will fix my windows21:24
Ben64no it won't21:24
SimonMvery helpful...21:24
Ben64if you look carefully, it is helpful21:25
Ben64trying to save you from wasting a bunch of time21:25
SimonMok what do you advice?21:25
Ben64if you want to fix windows, go to ##windows21:25
SimonMthey are rubbish....21:25
SimonMOne thing to mention21:26
SimonMI don't have a windows cd21:26
SimonMto only thing I'm able to do is boot my pc with an ubuntu usb21:26
SimonMand use livemode21:26
Dr_willisthere are legal ways to get a windows7 rescue/repair cds for free off the internet.  - saw some info/links on   lifehacker we site a month or 2 ago.21:27
SimonMCan't really wait for that....21:27
Ben64then install ubuntu21:27
dripdripI ran packmd, and list-sinks and it shows my volume is mute... but on the sound icon in the top right corner of my screen, sound shows not muted.  Ideas?21:27
SimonMdid twice21:27
SimonMgave the same problem21:27
Ben64your drive has no ubuntus on it, so...21:27
k1lSimonM: so to tell the truth. you broke your windows while playing with the partitions and now want to solve that with the ubuntu live system21:27
shahanbangladeshany solution to my problem?21:28
SimonMsort of :)21:28
SimonMnot really playing with partitions21:28
k1lSimonM: so instead of trying to fool everyone in here you could tell the truth21:28
SimonMthe ubuntu install did it21:28
shahanbangladeshI cannt increase the brightness of my display.its 12.04 on HP mini 10021:28
SimonMI did not really fool anyone?21:28
Ben64well you're coming to #ubuntu for windows support, so thats a bit wonky21:29
SimonMi'm sorry21:29
k1lSimonM: the ubuntu install didnt cause that.21:29
SimonMbut ubuntu is just more helpful21:29
SimonMthan windows21:29
Ben64there is 10GB of free space, and ubuntu will gladly install there and boot fine21:29
Ben64if you want to get a system up and running21:29
k1lSimonM: so again: you are lying. stop that in here. stop waisting the time of volunteers21:29
Ben64otherwise there isn't really anything you can do it looks like21:29
SimonMStill any suggestions what I could do?21:30
wilee-nileeSimonM, YOU can download a windows recovery for 20$21:31
Dr_willisive seen rescue/repair (but not reinstal) cds for free21:32
wilee-nileeSimonM, http://neosmart.net/blog/2009/windows-7-system-repair-discs/21:33
wilee-nileeFree unless MS sees them, if not MS.21:33
k1lthe windows support would suit better into the ##windows channel21:33
SimonMsame network?21:33
wilee-nileeSimonM, /j ##windows  you have to be registerd though21:34
texla12.04...The setting button in update manager are greyed out...I want to change the time when it notifiy of new updates21:35
Bl00DclawHello @ al21:35
=== luigi is now known as Guest40076
wilee-nileetexla, Try software sources, this is the account you created on install right?21:37
texlawilee-nilee, Ok will try21:38
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
SourceSlayerHow do I install an application on Ubuntu for a a single user only from source?21:48
john__hi al21:49
john__i Welcome a  abuse like ladyfinger contraing its trail in despicable horror21:50
john__Hi I a actually a member.21:51
Dr_willisSourceSlayer,  dowload the source. let the user compile it. and run it from his home directory21:53
Dr_willisyes matmbl ?21:53
matmblcan anyway help with pam / mysql / smtp authentication I have a odd situation!21:53
john__tall call21:54
Dr_willisjohn__,  do you have an actual ubuntu support question?21:54
SourceSlayerThanks, Dr_willis. I actually never thought of that. :/21:54
john__can we take them one at a time21:54
john__Dr_willis, shut up and listen21:55
LoshkiSourceSlayer: or install it as usual, then find the executable and change its permissions so it's read/execute only by that user....21:55
diverdudeif only i knew why ubuntu was so popular and people say linux is so insanely stable....In average ubuntu seems to crash 1-2 times per day, it over heats my processor and its insanely slow in the gui and movie playback is lagging...what is it again that is so nice about this system?21:55
Ben64john__: keep the attitude in check, nobody can help you if you don't ask a question21:56
Dr_willisdiverdude,  i could say the same thing about windows.... please rant elsewhere.21:56
Myrttidiverdude: for many people it is insanely stable. Your question is rhetoric and not really a support question that we can help you with. If you want someone to try to help you with the actual issue, supply us with more information.21:56
john__Ben64, Unless I answer hem21:56
xxhow do i update my flash21:56
xxor java21:56
Dr_willis!java | xx21:56
ubottuxx: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.21:56
Ben64john__: you haven't answered anything, you so far have just spammed random stuff21:57
xxso i can play onlinegames?21:57
john__Ben64, More my call. Been using unix since 198721:57
k1ljohn__: you were already kicked today. so stick to the guidelines!21:57
diverdudeDr_willis, really...ubuntu is way more laggy than windows unfortunately :(21:57
john__Ben64, Lets change that21:57
k1l!guidelines > john__21:57
ubottujohn__, please see my private message21:57
SourceSlayerLoshki: The main purpose of it is to allow the user to install without root perms, is there any way to do this and allow multiple users?21:57
Loshki!es | userchepe21:57
ubottuuserchepe: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:57
Dr_willisdiverdude,  i see just the opposite in most cases. but often its due to the video card makers (ati/nvidia) not supporing the os as much as they do others..21:57
john__for spanish21:58
diverdudeDr_willis, i wish it was not....i hate admitting windows just performs better :(21:58
Dr_willisSourceSlayer,  a single user dosent needs to 'install' an app system wide just for them to use. they can run from their home directory21:58
Ben64john__: .se is sweden. maybe just be quiet if you don't know what you're talking about?21:58
Dr_willisdiverdude,  depends on the benchmarks and tasks. and its OT.  have a nice day21:58
=== josh_ is now known as agliodbs
SourceSlayerAlright, thanks guys.21:59
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:00
LoshkiSourceSlayer: what apps do you want to allow users to install without root?22:01
john__for spanish luisbg22:02
SourceSlayerLoshki: Let's say google earth?22:02
matmblcan someone tell me where all the configuration files exist that could affect a pam/mysql/saslauthd/postfix configuration (for smtp authentication against mysql). I've got a broken config and can't find the issue!?!22:02
Dr_willisSourceSlayer,  that dosent need 'source' you can extract the tar.gz into the users home and run it from there i recall..22:02
john__matmbl: one at a time..22:02
matmblsoz, new here !22:03
k1ljohn__: stop that. be helpfull if you want to help in here22:03
k1lmatmbl: no problem. just see if someone knows the answer22:04
SourceSlayerDr_willis: Then Blender would bea better example I guess.22:04
SolarisBoymatmbl: in most of those paths prefix with /etc/ for example /etc/pam.d is the general location of config files for pam, there is /etc/my.conf - i believe /etc/mail/ will be post fix configurations - and the saslauthd stuff i can't confirm - but safe to take a look under /etc/ for a similar pattern22:04
=== derek is now known as Guest95164
SolarisBoymatmbl: you may want to look at the logs under /var/log to get a better idea of what facility is throwing the error -22:05
matmblthat's my problem, I've even built a new vpc of 12.04 LTS and that's working perfectly with (as far as I can tell) identical setup..22:05
Myrttijohn__: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/SupportersGuide22:05
SolarisBoyyou need to look at the logs to get a better idea of where the error is coming from.22:06
Loshkimatmbl: can you diff -r the working /etc against the broken one to see where they differ?22:06
matmblquestion, if I do a "testsaslauthd -u root -p passwd -s login" should that be the same as logging into the box (from an password check perspective)22:06
Dr_willisSourceSlayer,  you can dowload the source. and compile most things, and run them from the users home directory for a single user.22:06
SolarisBoyif it's pam auth errors - you would most likely find them in /var/log/auth.log22:06
Dr_willisSourceSlayer,  the admin may need to install all the needed 'dev' packages to make the compile possible however.22:07
SolarisBoyhaven't used that binary before can't confirm - you can tail your logs and see if it did - or read the man page22:07
matmblLoshki: did that but I can only assume another (unknown) config file is different... I've been trying to 'finish' the config for someone else and it's driving me nuts!22:07
SolarisBoymatmbl: did you check the logs for any of these applications yet?22:07
SolarisBoymatmbl: /var/log/auth.log?22:07
LoshkiSourceSlayer: it's an odd way to work. Why not just install the app and let everyone use it?22:08
Loshkimatmbl: then I agree with SolarisBoy. Time to compare the logs and see if you can home in on the section that's different...22:08
SourceSlayerLoshki: Because in some cases the user will not have privileges.22:08
matmblauth.log: saslauthd[6857]: DEBUG: auth_pam: pam_authenticate failed: User not known to the underlying authentication module22:09
matmblI know the password is the same (imap-courier auth works file to the same)22:09
matmblI also know the db is being access (query logging in mysql)22:09
SolarisBoymatmbl: ok - is that a system user?22:09
matmblimap auth works *fine*22:09
LoshkiSourceSlayer: I'm confused. Are you talking about privileges to run the app, or to install it?22:10
matmblSolarisBoy: no, I'm authenticating against mailbox table in mysql (virtual user)22:10
SourceSlayerLoshki: Install22:10
SolarisBoymatmbl: thats what i thought22:10
SolarisBoymatmbl: check that whatever pam module that should be handling that action is enabled and configured properly22:11
SolarisBoymatmbl:  /etc/pam.d/smtp ? present on your system?22:11
matmblas far as I can tell it is /etc/pam.d/smtp is configured correctly,22:12
Loshkimatmbl: do you know what username is being used?22:12
SolarisBoymatmbl: and be sure that you have all the proper pam additional software instaleld (if needed)22:12
matmblauth required pam_mysql.so user=mail passwd=XXX host= db=maildb table=mailbox usercolumn=username passwdcolumn=password crypt=1 md5=122:12
matmblsame as my other vpc22:13
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as Nisstyre
SolarisBoymatmbl: how did you duplicate this configuration?22:13
LoshkiSourceSlayer: but usually an admin with root privileges installs apps, then users run them. How come your model seems different?22:14
matmblI didn't I reinstalled from base ubuntu on another vpc. then installed following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixCompleteVirtualMailSystemHowto22:14
SolarisBoymatmbl: so you have re-installed all those packages?22:15
Loshkimatmbl: So it does a mysql lookup for the authentication? Do the *contents* of the mysql database differ between the working and non-working versions?22:15
matmblthe problem installation is something I'm trying to complete for someone else (he was having problems). I've got it almost complete except for this darn smtp authentication22:15
theqkashHello, upgrading 11.10 to 12.04 and http://pastebin.com/xgmbwp3v - anybody can help? any websites won't22:15
SolarisBoyLoshki: may have hit it on the head also - if the tables are blank - could be related22:15
SolarisBoyLoshki: good one -22:15
theqkashHello, upgrading 11.10 to 12.04 and http://pastebin.com/xgmbwp3v - anybody can help? any websites won't22:15
LoshkiSolarisBoy: thanks22:16
SolarisBoymatmbl: please also confirm you did this one: 'sudo apt-get install courier-pop-ssl courier-imap-ssl courier-ssl courier-pop courier-imap courier-base' - i see someone else getting those errors froma missing package and similar routing (reinstalling this setup on a VPC) so check that as well22:16
SolarisBoy- brb22:17
theqkashanyone ? please22:17
SourceSlayerLoshki: I am going to be running a remote server that users can log into, users may log in using their own personal machine or a 'guest' machine I set up. When using the guest machine they wont have admin rights so they must install the application locally to use it.22:17
Jordan_Utheqkash: How did you try to upgrade?22:17
theqkashJordan_U: do-release-upgrade from console22:17
wilee-nileetheqkash, Can you post all the text, and make sure you have all 3rd party repos off for a distro upgrade.22:17
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theqkashhowever it is coming from 11.0422:17
matmblSolarisBoy: yep, the strange thing imap authentication is working perfectly, it's SMTP which is failing (although both are authenticating against the same user in the mailbox table!!!22:18
mywatsjalI started startx server on my user account and get some screen now after reboot i annot login, i get some info and cannot login withinm y session22:18
theqkashwilee-nilee: it is when I done apt-get upgrade, because the release upgrade scren have disappeared22:18
theqkashthere is no third-party repos22:18
mywatsjalim on other user session which works fine, i use cinnamon gui at my other user what to do?22:18
Jordan_Utheqkash: Is this a normal installation or is it a hosted VPS or chroot of some sort?22:18
emrHello, most of time application switch (alt+tab) crashing my gnome, is there any hint for that22:18
theqkashJordan_U: it is hosted VPS22:18
matmblSolarisBoy: those packages are install and upto date!22:19
LoshkiSourceSlayer: I'm still missing something. Install google earth on the guest machine and let them run it...22:19
mywatsjalIm logged in via terminal now as user so how to stop startx please help22:20
Jordan_Utheqkash: Then it's probably in a chroot or other virtual container, and upstart has problems with those (or at least did at one time). On top of that, you can't be sure that the kernel was actually upgraded with everything else. Does your VPS provide upgrading instructions?22:20
SourceSlayerLoshki: Earth was just an example, they can install different things..22:20
theqkashJordan_U: there is no instruction or nothing22:21
Jordan_Utheqkash: Call up the tech support and ask them.22:22
LoshkiSourceSlayer: I understand, but the principle is the same. In general, you install whatever you think they may need on the guest machine. It's probably too much of a security risk to give them permission to install/uninstall on their own...22:22
theqkashany chance to fix it without contacting them?22:22
ur0plis it easy to put ubuntu on a chrome book?22:25
Dr_willisur0pl,  ive seen some guides that basically it installs like any other pc.. depends on the chromebook i imagine22:26
iamwhatsjalsdshelp me with xorg22:27
iamwhatsjalsdsI run startx and I see no screen now22:27
iamwhatsjalsdsbut only for that specific user where I startedx22:27
iamwhatsjalsdsHow can I reverse that action?22:27
wilee-nileeur0pl, Judge for yourself, http://liliputing.com/2013/02/how-to-run-ubuntu-android-other-operating-systems-on-the-chromebook-pixel.html22:27
Dr_willisiamwhatsjalsds,  you made a .xsession or .xinitrc for that user?22:28
iamwhatsjalsdsdont know22:28
iamwhatsjalsdsI just typed sudo startx22:28
Dr_willisthen look....22:28
iamwhatsjalsdsand confirmed22:28
Dr_williswhy did you use sudo?22:28
mx8mangerhello buddies22:28
iamwhatsjalsdsbecause operation was not permited for single startx22:28
zeusubuntuers, some of my function+F key system shortcuts dont' work anymore (i.e. volume up/down, WiFi on/off)22:28
k1liamwhatsjalsds: dont use startx. start the lightdm22:28
zeusWhat package or system check can I reinstall/force to fix my problems22:28
iamwhatsjalsdsok how to run it for that user22:29
Dr_willisiamwhatsjalsds,  you most likely made a .Xauthority file own by root in that users home.. and other config files as well.   look at all the files in the users home.22:29
iamwhatsjalsdsI see process startx but whenever I kill startx it comes a new one automatically22:29
mx8mangeromg 1709 users that is high22:29
iamwhatsjalsdsIm in /home/mainuser22:29
iamwhatsjalsdswhere to exactly look22:29
Dr_willismx8manger,  actually its a slow day22:29
iamwhatsjalsdsk find it22:30
iamwhatsjalsdsnow what?22:30
mx8mangerwell x-chat connected here automaticaly22:30
iamwhatsjalsdscat .Xauthority22:30
iamwhatsjalsdscat: .Xauthority: Permission denied22:30
Dr_willisits owned by root i am guessing.. use sudo to remove it.22:30
mx8mangeris there any way to remap keys in the kernel or something lol22:30
mx8mangeri use xmodmap22:30
iamwhatsjalsdsbut I have .Xauthority on this usee22:30
iamwhatsjalsdsuser, and I see everything fine with my cinnamon gui22:30
mx8mangerbut it only remaps x server key inputs22:31
Dr_willisiamwhatsjalsds,  and who OWNS the file? if you did a sudo startx it made a .Xauthorigy owned by root not the user..22:31
k1liamwhatsjalsds: cinnamon? is it a mint linux?22:31
mx8mangerwhenever i am using vbox  my remaped keys donst work22:31
mx8mangerhelp plz22:31
iamwhatsjalsdsk1l, no, ubuntu22:31
iamwhatsjalsdsDr_willis, root owns the file, but file is placed at /home/mainuser/.Xa and /home/currentuser/.Xa.22:32
iamwhatsjalsdsso if I remove it from mainuser are you sure it will work?22:32
mx8mangercome on some one say something22:32
Dr_willisiamwhatsjalsds,  and they should not be owned by root. but by the user22:32
iamwhatsjalsdsBecause Im on currentuser and cinnamon works fine22:32
iamwhatsjalsdsah so I can chown it?22:32
mx8mangerguys i corrupted my windows boot files22:32
Ben64try ##windows ?22:32
wutangDudes and duettes22:33
iamwhatsjalsdsDr_willis, should I chown it with mainuser right>?22:33
mx8mangeris there a way to force grub to boot from local drive iso's so i can fix my windows installtion22:33
iamwhatsjalsdswhat will happen if I remove it?22:33
Dr_willisiamwhatsjalsds,  or remove it and let the user relog in and remake the files22:33