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JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy St George's Day! :-D08:16
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Saviqchaselivingston, I'm afraid nothing changed re: photos aren't considered relevant in my albums14:43
Saviqchaselivingston, is there anything I could do to help pin the issue down?14:43
chaselivingstonSaviq: let's ask beuno if he has any ideas14:44
Saviqthe "Last updated Wednesday, September 21, 2011." thing sounds connected14:45
beunoI'll have to look around in the DB at this point14:45
beunoSaviq, what email address do you use to log in?14:45
Saviqbeuno, michal.sawicz@canonical.com14:46
beunoSaviq, thanks, I'll get back to you14:46
Saviqbeuno, cheers, let me know if I can help with anything14:46
beunowill do14:48
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lagrecaHi, folks! If I delete a file in the hard drive, will it also be deleted in the cloud?19:01
chaselivingstonlagreca: yes, if it's within a folder that's synced with ubuntu one19:01
lagrecachaselivingston, I deleted many files within a synced folder when ubuntu one was temporarily disconnected. I believe the files are still in the cloud. How can I download them back to the hard drive?19:03
lagrecaI must take care not to delete the files again.19:04
chaselivingstonjoshuahoover: ^^^19:04
joshuahooverlagreca: if it's a lot of files then you'll want to delete the local metacache: rm -rf ~/.local/share/ubuntuone; u1sdtool -c19:05
joshuahooverlagreca: if it's not a lot of files then you'll want to download them from the site: https://one.ubuntu.com/files19:06
joshuahooverlagreca: if the files get deleted for some reason, you can ask support to run a job to recover them: https://one.ubuntu.com/help/contact19:06
lagrecajoshuahoover, If I delete the local metacache, will ubuntu one just download the files back to the pc?19:06
joshuahooverlagreca: right19:07
dobeymake sure ubuntuone-syncdaemon isn't running before doing it though19:07
lagrecaok... first I delete the local metacache, and then I start ubuntuone-syncdaemon again19:09
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