min|dvir|usHey. I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on.04:05
min|dvir|usI have system/capture_1 and _2 connected to system/playback_1 and _2 respectively and I can hear it.04:05
min|dvir|usBut plugging capture_1 and _2 into guitarix does nothing. Guitarix recognizes no input.04:05
zequencemin|dvir|us: Guitarix has two modules. The pre amp, and the amp. Sure you're connecting to the right module?05:46
min|dvir|usYep. I solved my problem BTW.05:48
min|dvir|usCrazy problem.05:48
min|dvir|usThe line in is stereo, but my guitar is mono.05:48
min|dvir|usThe two signals were canceling out, making silence.05:49
min|dvir|usEach signal worked fine in independence.05:49
holsteinmin|dvir|us: thats how it should be14:03
holsteinyou can think of the card as having 2 channels, not necessarily being stereo14:04
holsteinright and left are just what the 2 channels are typically assigned to14:04
min|dvir|usholstein: clearly that's how it should be, because that's how it is. :P14:04
holsteinyou could just as easily have 2 guitars or guitar and voice going through the 2 channels14:04
holsteininternal cards like that are not intended for creating content anyways14:05
min|dvir|usWhy do you think I'm on an internal card?14:06
holsteini only say this to emphasize that you never had a problem14:06
zequenceWell, there was a phase cancellation problem14:12
zequenceBut, I wonder how that came about14:12
zequencemin|dvir|us: You were the one who had a Pod XT, right?14:13
min|dvir|usI'm wiring directly into my sound card.14:13
zequenceoh, must have mixed you up with someone else then14:13
holsteini see folks who take an mp3 player, and go from a 1/4" balanced jack to a mono input on a guitar amp ...you kind of have the opposite going on14:15
min|dvir|usI have my guitar connected to a 1/4" mono cable, which is connected to a stereo 1/4"-3.5mm converter, which is connected to my line in.14:15
holsteinat least its something easy to deal with14:15
holsteinmin|dvir|us: when i used to use that setup, i had a little cheap-o beringer mixer14:16
holsteini had the stereo outs of the cheap mixer routed to the card properly14:16
min|dvir|usOh, for stereo?14:16
holsteinthen, i could plug into the mixer and pan, and isolate the inputs14:16
holsteinalso, i had preamps onboard that were not awful14:17
min|dvir|usI'd rather do that in software.14:17
holsteinmin|dvir|us: you cant14:17
holsteinmin|dvir|us: you have inproper equipment getting into the machine14:17
min|dvir|usDoing a proper job. :)14:17
holsteinmin|dvir|us: enjoy then14:17
min|dvir|usI just wish I could find some djenty guitarix presets.14:18
holsteinotherwise, id be happy to talk to you about how with $40 or so US, you could drastically inprove your signal path14:18
min|dvir|usI don't see what's wrong with it.14:18
holsteinas i said, enjoy!14:19
min|dvir|usThat's a question. What's wrong with it?14:19
zequencemin|dvir|us: You're splitting up a mono signal into two, which means you add a lot of noise to it. You'd benefit from using a mixer14:19
holsteinif you feel there is anything "wrong" with it later, i'll be glad to discuss14:19
min|dvir|uszequence: how does that add noise?14:19
holsteinmin|dvir|us: if you get a chance, think about what a studio would do14:19
holsteinmin|dvir|us: they would *never* take a line in like that... nor be using a connection like you are14:20
zequencemin|dvir|us: Each signal is lowered, and that means you have to raise gain. That also raises noise14:20
min|dvir|usI see, that's a great point.14:20
holsteinadding a cheap mixer is a way to really raise the quality for not a lot of $$14:20
min|dvir|usMaybe if my 1/4"-3.5mm converter was mono.14:20
holsteinin a studio, they might be using a DI box to a preamp.. though, they would ideally be putting a mic on a cabinet14:20
holsteinim not suggesting you have to have a $4000 mic on a $2000 amp.. but, emulating the signal path to your machine can really improve things14:21
smartboyhwDarkEra: What's that?15:50
DarkEramy blog15:50
smartboyhwDarkEra: \o/15:51
smartboyhwzequence: ^15:51
DarkEraoops, i forgot to add a screenshot of 12.0415:53
smartboyhwDarkEra: You do realize this is the support channel? ;P15:53
DarkEraoh you tease xD15:54
DarkErabrb, need to make and upload a screenie of 12.0416:11
shewardnadse_hi folks18:09
MaynardWatersanyone interested in helping me out with a video driver issue?22:21
zequenceMaynardWaters: AFAIK, xorg on 12.10 is not supported by AMD proprietary drivers22:26
zequenceSo, installing them won't work. This was the case before anyway22:28
zequenceIf you want proprietary drivers, I recommend 12.0422:28
MaynardWatersim on 12.0422:28
MaynardWatersim on vinilla ubuntu 12.04 LTS22:29
MaynardWaterssnap im wrong, you are right this is 12.1022:30
zequenceI did forget that kernel 3.5 is backported to 12.1022:30
MaynardWatersso are you saying that it wouldnt be useful for me to try 12.04 LTS?22:31
zequenceThat is why I assumed you were on 12.1022:31
zequenceNo, the kernel is not a problem. Just xorg22:31
MaynardWaterswell you were right.22:31
DarkErawell, he is on 12.10 :)22:31
MaynardWatersdo you know a simple way to roll back to an old xorg release?22:31
zequenceMight be difficult. I haven't done a lot of wizardry between releases, and I've almost never went backwards. Only added packages from newer releases, which is common to do in Debian, when you want to try stuff from Experimental, etc22:33

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