Unit193gnome-user-guide and gnome-user-share also seem safe to remove, no needed rdepends (not sure about recommends.)  gnome-system-tools is needed by time-admin00:07
bluesabrein fact, the packaging should match this for dependencies: http://pastebin.com/2kKbiqqt00:31
bluesabrebut I know the raring package doesn't00:31
bluesabreI fixed it in the stable ppa00:31
bluesabreI'm going to work on packaging so I can actually upload packages for r+100:34
knomethat's good00:38
micahgknome: it's too late to be playing with the seeds for non-critical reasons00:48
knomemicahg, yeah, what i was thinking.00:48
micahgknome: poke me in early S and we can clean things up00:49
knomemicahg, if some newish package changes brought us extra package though...00:49
knomewill do :)00:49
micahgfeel free to create WIs00:49
micahgunless it's breaking something at this point, since we jumped to 1GB ISO, let's let it be00:49
micahgskellat: I'm sorry, I saw the merge proposal and was hoping to have time to dig into why, it fell off my radar00:50
skellatIt's all good00:51
bluesabreknome, should I tag catfish (ubuntu)?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/catfish-search/+bug/117170511:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1171705 in Catfish "zietgeist shall be removed from dependencies" [Undecided,New]11:01
knomebluesabre, i don't know11:02
bluesabreknome, you're supposed to know everything :(11:02
Unit193I tried that earlier.11:02
knomeno, i don't know about the tagging customs in LP11:02
bluesabrethen I will ask micahg ^ :)11:03
knomeyeah, better do that11:03
knomebut i think it might even be up to you how you want it tagged11:03
knomeor the "Catfish developers"11:03
bluesabreI already have it marked correctly in the PPA, so its definitely ubuntu package related11:05
bluesabrePeople are really afraid of zeitgeist11:06
bluesabreDo they realize that gtk has its own built in recent-files that gets populated, and its not per-application11:07
bluesabreor should I keep that secret?11:07
Unit193I'm personally not exactly fond of it, just another thing running in the background that doesn't offer me much.11:08
bluesabreyeah, I get that aspect and agree11:09
Unit193Also don't need yet another thing to track, pretty sure it does it more than GTK. :P11:10
bluesabreit does, zeitgeist can log events, but I think a program has to enable it for that program to do that.  zeitgeist has an off switch, whereas if a gtk app uses recent files at all, they are stored.  You can test it out, just create an app that uses recent files menu and don't add a scope11:13
bluesabremaybe I should make everyone paranoid11:14
elfyyep - carry on :)11:14
bluesabrenah, I'll behave, gotta go get ready for work anyway11:15
Unit193-rw-r--r-- 1 unit193 unit193 51 Jan 23 01:13 ./.local/share/recently-used.xbel > /dev/null 11:18
bluesabre^ very paranoid person11:35
Unit193bluesabre: (I was actually kidding. :P )11:51
bluesabregotta go, seeya12:13
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Noskcajknome, When is the wiki, lp etc. going to be updated with me as head of testing? also, can you make me a release manager?21:30
knome1) pointing you to our discussion last night; let's handle that after the release21:31
knome2) too21:31
knome1) no.21:31
knomei mean... why should you be the release manager?21:32
Noskcajphill said i should be a RM, i don't even know what it means. and ok, i'll wait till after release21:33
Noskcaji need to follow instructions less ;)21:33
knomeno... i don't think it makes sense you would be the release manger21:34
knomewhich instructions should you follow less?21:35
knomewell, you should realize he's not affiliated with xubuntu in any way, so you have to take his comments with a grain of salt21:38
pleia2it's also worth noting that we aren't particularly obsessed with titles here, in practice the project lead has tended to be the release manager, but folks in -release will listen/work with me too21:41
knome(or other long-21:41
knome...term contributors)21:42
* pleia2 nods21:42
knomealso, for reference for others, i had a discussion with Noskcaj yesterday on the testing team generally21:42
knomesince elfy is coming back and willing to help with testing too, i think it would make most sense if elfy and Noskcaj worked with testing together, elfy mentoring Noskcaj where needed21:43
knome(also asked elfy if that's ok for him, and he acked)21:43
knomei imagine this would be the best solution for all parties21:44
knomei suppose that would also ultimately mean that elfy would be the (main) QA contact/lead21:45
knome(being the mentor)21:45
Unit193You spelled "Tormentor" wrong again.21:45
bluesabreevery time21:45
knomebut as pleia2 said, we're not obsessed with titles...21:45
knomebut i don't want to rush to any decisions/nominations whatsoever before the election21:46
knomeUnit193, hah.21:46
Noskcajknome, ok22:04
Noskcajin the installer, does anyone now what "Retrieving file 40 of 102" would be retrieving? it's always a huge download22:08
knomeNoskcaj, have you looked what it says under "details" ?22:12
Noskcajsomething to do with "CRON"22:20

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