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quicksilvervila: after using DVC for about 7 years I just noticed there are commands to add and rename files :)16:45
vilaquicksilver: :-)16:46
fullermdSure, it's Meta-Alt-Super-Quizjax-Dolphin Theta.16:46
vilaquicksilver: wait, rename ?16:46
quicksilvervila: C-x V f M16:47
quicksilverM for move I suppose16:47
vilaquicksilver: wow, dvc-rename, so M for renaMe ;-D16:47
quicksilverwell maybe :)16:48
vilaquicksilver: I alternate between using 'bzr add' most of the times and adding from the dvc-status buffer when... I don't know, moon phase probably16:49
vilafullermd: I don't have a Quizjax key...16:49
vilahow does it look like ?16:50
fullermdIt's the pedal second from the left.16:50
fullermdI've found it's easiest if you use your tail to actuate it.16:50
quicksilvervila: I had been using M-! bzr add16:50
quicksilverbut the command has the advantage of defaulting to the current file16:51
quicksilveror the current entry in a dired window16:51
vilaquicksilver: doh, I so forget about M-! ...16:51
quicksilverthis is always the best channel to discover emacs tricks.16:52
quicksilverI'd tell you about C-u M-| perltidy, but you're python-using heathens.16:53
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ElMonkeyhi there, i'm trying to use bzr-git18:06
ElMonkeybzr plugins says "bzr_git (failed to load)"18:06
ElMonkeyi can't find any docs on how to troubleshoot this18:06
ElMonkeyare there any requirements i need?18:06
ElMonkeyi just branched lp:bzr-git into the plugins folder18:07
fullermdAre you calling the plugin dir 'bzr_git'?  You probably want just 'git'...18:07
ElMonkeyfullermd, ok, i'll try that18:07
ElMonkeyfullermd, thanks, that did it!18:07
ElMonkeywth is up with that?18:07
fullermdHas to do with the way python imports them and naming conventions.18:09
ElMonkeythen http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/BzrPlugins probably shouldnt recommend using underscores :/18:09
jelmerElMonkey: underscores are fine18:30
jelmerElMonkey: it's just that bzr-git's canonical name is 'git'18:30
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felipecman, Repository::find_branches() is *exteremly* slow on the emacs repo20:45
jelmerfelipec: you really don't want to use find_branches()20:59
felipecjelmer: so what do I use to find all the branches?21:00
jelmerfelipec: it basically does a "find . | grep \.bzr"21:00
felipecjelmer: even that shouldn't be this slow21:02
jelmerfelipec: is this on a local repository?21:02
felipecjelmer: no21:03
felipecemacs's repository21:03
felipecControlDir.list_branches() throws nothing21:03
jelmerfelipec: right, so you're basically recursively browsing the entire remote repository and grepping for .bzr21:03
jelmerfelipec: right, .list_branches() lists colocated branches21:04
felipecjelmer: even 'find -name .bzr type d' should be fast21:04
felipecbut either way, there's no other option21:04
jelmerfelipec: it checks files as well, and browses recursively - into directories for which a .bzr subdirectory exists too21:05
felipeca deficiency in bazaar design then21:06
jelmerfelipec: it's a differnet way of thinking about it21:08
jelmerfelipec: generally people work with remote branches21:08
jelmerfelipec: not repositories - repositories are merely a container for revisions, not for branches21:09
jelmerI would argue that Repository is an inappropriate location for find_branches()21:10
felipecgeez, find_bzrdirs is extremely inefficient21:29
lifelessI was sure there was a bug about remote finding being slow21:50
felipecthis is my version of find_bzrdir21:54
felipectakes 0.99s on emacs repo, while bzr's is 154s21:55
felipecwhat is the best way to check if a controldir is a branch, or a repository?21:57
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