dyllanhi all.09:08
highvoltagedyllan: hey09:12
highvoltagestgraber: btw, I started putting together the release notes for the website, will finish up tonight09:12
highvoltagestgraber: in terms of screenshots, I think we should keep the screenshots on the screenshot page LTS-only09:12
stgraberhighvoltage: agreed09:13
highvoltagestgraber: and then have screenshots for new apps in the release announcement blog entry09:13
highvoltagestgraber: can probably link from the screenshots page to the announcements too, explaining that these are programs that might make their way into future lts releases09:13
highvoltageit also makes the release announcement a bit more exciting and interesting09:13
stgraberthat should fix the disabled+updates messages09:23
meerkatHello. Im compiling a list of what to seed once 13.04 goes live. Are there 2 versions of Edubuntu available? 32bit and 64 bit desktops?14:46
highvoltagemeerkat: that is correct14:46
highvoltagein the future there will be an arm release too, but for 13.04 it's still just those two14:47
meerkatall right. Thanks.14:50
stgraberhighvoltage: in case that wasn't clear, we've got another respin coming14:55
highvoltagestgraber: ok :(14:59
stgraberhighvoltage: ^18:52
highvoltagestgraber: ok, I'm at a guest house with a slowish connection but will start syncing19:30
highvoltagestgraber: what changed?19:30
highvoltagethis wasn't the respin for calibre was it?19:31
stgrabernope, that was the one of the illegal/nonfree skype icons19:36
highvoltageheh, here I'm actually getting better speed than at the office for cdimage. heh.19:37
stgraberhehe, here my grand-mother got upgraded to 75Mbps so I'll need to buy her a better access point, the current one can't cope ;)19:39
highvoltageTelkom gave me a router/switch/AP that has "300mbps wireless N" written all over it in huge letters...19:40
highvoltagebut then the switch part only goes up to 100mbps :)19:41
stgraberthen next week internet should be even faster (company sprint) and then it'll be a shock going back to my "slow" 30Mbps at home19:41
stgraberhighvoltage: yeah, I alway found that quite stupid on those access points ;) at least my Linksys has a gigabit switch so you can actually use the bandwidth19:41
stgraberotherwise you just get great speed between devices but that's not terribly useful :)19:41
highvoltageyeah I need to go switch / AP hunting some time soon.19:42
stgraberhighvoltage: where are you at the moment anyway?19:42
highvoltagestgraber: I'm in Johannesburg for the week for work. I need to do handover with someone who's leaving the company19:42
stgraberthen you'll be working remotely from Cape Town or is there an office over there?19:43
highvoltagethere's a smaller office there. I'll be working from there.19:43
highvoltagemost of the developers are in CT and most of the business/sales people are in Jo'burg19:43
highvoltageI'm kind of the bridge between them so I'll probably travel a bit between the two cities again like in the old days19:44
highvoltagethe cape town office is actually just 2 big rooms, one is a conf room and the other is a big table where developers hang out and talk, code etc. it's only on Mondays that they come in to the office, the rest of the week everyone works from home19:46
stgraberhehe, well at least it's not a huge waste of space like the Canonical Montreal office where most people also work remotely and we end up with a huge office mostly empty ;)19:49
highvoltagethe jo'burg offices we have is nice and big. it's a lot like a uds in the sense that there's a lot of rooms and people move around all day depending who they work with19:50
highvoltageI really like that setup.19:51

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