orospakrI just tried deploying a charm (using juju-core) that requires the onieric series, but the VMs failed in the "no matching tools" state.  trying `juju sync-tools --all` just produced the same message.00:10
orospakrhere's how the world looks for me right now: https://gist.github.com/orospakr/b3a1950fbe80c61446b400:13
davecheneyorospakr: we do no support onaric00:15
davecheneyyou won't find any tools00:15
davecheneywe do not support onieric00:16
orospakrhuh, okay. thank you.00:16
orospakrsilly question: when you juju bootstrap with juju-core, the bootstrap VM is running juju-core as well?00:17
davecheneythe first machine, machine 0 is running the mongodb service (what we call the state server)00:22
davecheneyit holds the knowledge of everything in that environment00:22
orospakrah, I knew about that. I thought a jujud ran on it as well.00:22
davecheneyorospakr: well a jujud is running on that machine00:23
davecheneyi'm not sure which question you are asking00:23
orospakrdoes the first node also actively administer the other nodes, in response to your commands with the juju client, in addition to storing state in mongodb?00:26
davecheneyorospakr: yes and no00:31
davecheneythe first node also runs the providisioning agent which is the one that talks to the provider and creates new machines (nodes) if required00:31
orospakrah, that's the thing I'm thinking of. good. :)00:34
orospakrso, now I've got this other issue: I can't destroy the wedged service/units/machines, because they're all unaccessible to juju.00:36
davecheneyorospakr: can you explain what you mean by inaccessible ?00:36
orospakrthe onieric-based service is in the "dying" state, and the units and machines alike are in the "pending" state.00:37
orospakrs/"dying" state/life parameter is "dying"/00:37
davecheneyorospakr: have you tried juju terminate-machine ?00:40
orospakraye. [~]$ juju destroy-machine 2 3 400:40
orospakrerror: no machines were destroyed: machine 2 has unit "couchbase/0" assigned; machine 3 has unit "couchbase/1" assigned; machine 4 has unit "couchbase/2" assigned00:40
orospakroof, excuse me. that didn't paste well.00:40
davecheneyi'd start with destroy-unit, destroy-server, etc00:42
davecheneybut at this point i'd just destroy the environment and start again if that is an option00:42
orospakrit is, but I'm trying to stick it out on things like this so I can be confident that I can deal with failures when I do use this in production. ;)00:42
davecheneyi think destroy-unit and destory-service take a --force00:44
davecheneybut they will create dangling references00:44
davecheneym_3: ping01:20
davecheneywhy did the PA restart ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597298/02:37
davecheneym_3-droid: i'm a tit04:06
davecheneythe problem isn't the HP endpoint, it is the number of concurrent connections to the mongo server running on machine/004:07
davecheney     ├─mongod───828*[{mongod}]04:08
davecheney     ├─mongod───9*[{mongod}]04:08
davecheneyshit, we're using 3 mongo connections per machine05:05
jamdavecheney: because of the different agents?05:18
davecheneyi suspect so05:20
davecheneyit isn't exactly 3 x05:20
davecheney450 connections == 156 machines05:20
davecheneythe mgo drivers' peer probing isn't helping05:21
* davecheney really hates that feature05:21
davecheneyjam: https://codereview.appspot.com/8931044/05:28
davecheneyjam: Apr 24 05:30:51 juju-goscale2-machine-0 mongod.37017[9222]: Wed Apr 24 05:30:51 [conn24025] end connection (599 connections now open)05:31
davecheneyApr 24 05:30:53 juju-goscale2-machine-0 mongod.37017[9222]: Wed Apr 24 05:30:53 [initandlisten] connection accepted from #24049 (600 connections now open)05:31
_mup_Bug #24049: KDE systemsettings doesn't have a file association component <kde-systemsettings (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/24049>05:31
davecheney^ this is what you get from mongo05:31
davecheneycompared to how much we log05:31
davecheneyit's not a lot05:31
_mup_Bug #12345: isdn does not work, fritz avm (pnp?) <isdnutils (Ubuntu):Fix Released by doko> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/12345>05:31
_mup_Bug #10000: xserver-common: X crashed (signal 7) while scrolling in Mozilla <xorg (Ubuntu):Invalid by daniels> <xorg (Debian):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/10000>05:31
davecheneyApr 24 05:46:53 juju-goscale2-machine-0 mongod.37017[9222]: Wed Apr 24 05:46:53 [initandlisten] connection refused because too many open connections: 81905:47
davecheneyApr 24 05:46:53 juju-goscale2-machine-0 mongod.37017[9222]: Wed Apr 24 05:46:53 [initandlisten] connection accepted from #55756 (820 connections now open)05:47
_mup_Bug #55756: installer partman crash selecting swap partition <ubiquity (Ubuntu):Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/55756>05:47
davecheneyApr 24 05:46:53 juju-goscale2-machine-0 mongod.37017[9222]: Wed Apr 24 05:46:53 [initandlisten] connection refused because too many open connections: 81905:47
davecheneyApr 24 05:46:53 juju-goscale2-machine-0 mongod.37017[9222]: Wed Apr 24 05:46:53 [initandlisten] connection accepted from #55757 (820 connections now open)05:47
_mup_Bug #55757: "Send a mail" to a contact list adds only the first contact to "To:" <deskbar-applet:Fix Released> <deskbar-applet (Ubuntu):Fix Released by desktop-bugs> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/55757>05:47
fwereademorning everyone05:59
fwereadehow screwed up is everything today?05:59
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #juju-dev to: ttps://juju.ubuntu.com | On-call reviewer: fwereade | Bugs: 2 Critical, 64 High - https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/
davecheneyfwereade: we're looking at a hard limit of ~300 machines or 800 agents (the smaller of the two)07:17
fwereadedavecheney, thanks, I just read your email -- definitely mongodb connections?07:17
davecheneyfwereade: absolutelu07:17
davecheneyit says so in the mongo log07:17
davecheneyfwereade: also, https://codereview.appspot.com/8931044/07:18
davecheneynot critical07:18
fwereadedavecheney, that is ludicrous, isn't it? surely that's not as far as it can go?07:19
davecheneythe default limit is 80% of nfiles, which is 1024 on ubuntu07:19
davecheneythese defaults can be changed07:19
davecheneyduring service deployment we average 3x the number connections as machines07:20
davecheneythe number falls back to 2x after deployment07:20
davecheney(although that may not be successful deployment as I restarted monogo07:20
davecheney2x sounds logical, 1 machine agent, 1 unit agent per service unit07:20
fwereadedavecheney, yep, agreed07:20
davecheneythe conn limit for mongo can be increased07:20
davecheneyfwereade: the other problem is i'm seeing continual cpu spikes as 600 agents wake up07:21
davecheneyand probe each mongodb server07:21
davecheneythis is a very unhelpful feature07:21
fwereadedavecheney, heh, I had been less worried about that in particular but it goes to show you never can tell:/07:22
davecheneyat 2000 agents I estimate the mongodb server will be under constant polling pressure07:23
fwereadedavecheney, *if* we had an internal API that would be a non-issue but it doesn't help us today07:23
davecheneywhich will probably fuck us with sockets in TIME_WAIT07:23
davecheneyfwereade: yes, that is the logical solution07:23
davecheneyfederated mongodb might help07:23
davecheneybut the polling logic will still be a massive burdon07:23
fwereadedavecheney, yeah,doesn't feel like it'd really address the issue07:24
rogpeppemornin' all08:26
dimiternrogpeppe: morning08:28
rogpeppedimitern: hiya08:28
rogpeppefwereade: hope you've recovered a bit!08:29
fwereaderogpeppe, yeah, more or less, although I remain baffled at the actual state of play -- I am pondering dave's scale tests for now and hoping that mramm will wake up in an hour or two and bring us the gift of clarity08:30
rogpeppefwereade: unfortunately my network connection is still borked, so i missed the kanban meeting yesterday, so i don't really know08:31
rogpeppefwereade: i don't think i've seen anything about dave's scale tests other than the conversation just above08:34
dimiternrogpeppe: I think nobody knows for sure, except probably mgz08:34
fwereaderogpeppe, I had a brief chat with him this morning, it seems we are hitting mongo connection limits at around 300 machines08:35
rogpeppefwereade: interesting. i'm not entirely surprised actually.08:35
rogpeppefwereade: need to get that internal API done. and HA on that.08:36
fwereaderogpeppe, yep08:36
fwereaderogpeppe, considering possible mitigations in the meantime08:37
rogpeppefwereade: anything particular in mind?08:37
fwereaderogpeppe, still going through internal sanity-vetting ;p08:37
dimiternhmm.. cmd/juju tests running time seems to have improved slightly08:40
fwereademramm, heyhey08:47
mrammI am trying to get caught up on the packaging issues08:50
fwereademramm, great08:50
mrammI thought things were moving smoothly until late yesterday when antonio informed me that the server guys did not think it would go in08:50
mrammI still don't have a clear picture from them of what needs to happen, just some hand waving about "issues"08:51
fwereademramm, my understanding had been that monday was the actual razor-sharp cutoff in any case08:52
mrammwell, that was my understanding too08:52
mrammbut I thought we'd given them something by then, and I hear from them yesterday that the razer sharp cutoff is actually today08:53
fwereademramm, but, regardless, if there is anything I can do to help I would be happy to; and if you do manage to glean some measure of clarity I, and others, would be most grateful for it08:53
mrammlooks like jamespage is on the case08:54
mrammif you can join #server on canonical IRC that would be helpful08:55
mrammso anybody that can help jamespage in some way today gets an extra gold star from me ;)09:13
davecheneygood evening09:25
davecheneycould I draw your attention to09:25
_mup_Bug #1172122: state/presence: FAIL: presence_test.go:253: PresenceSuite.TestWatchPeriod <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1172122>09:25
mrammso, on subject of dave's e-mail09:25
_mup_Bug #1172121: environs/maas: multiple test failures <juju-core:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1172121>09:25
davecheneymramm: i can leave again if you want to talk about me09:26
davecheneyi don't mind, i like the idea of being popular09:26
davecheneyalso, https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1p_OzWxqxaXalHBI3ohkUsB9_iQBPSGWwM-qODm5FSbI/edit#09:26
mrammso, I think we should talk about the internal API stuff sooner rather than later09:27
mrammgiven that we are hitting scalability limits now09:27
fwereadedavecheney, did you update gomaasapi?09:29
davecheneymramm: SGTM09:29
davecheneyfwereade: probably not09:29
fwereadedavecheney, I think that resolves it09:29
davecheneyright, i'll check that tomorrow09:29
fwereadedavecheney, I'll close it then, reopen if I'm wrong please09:30
davecheneywhat about state/presence ?09:32
fwereadedavecheney, I think I have no option but to do a deep dive there and try to figure out WTF is going on09:33
fwereadedavecheney, occasional failures from there have always been a thing, but not one that ever quite rose high enough to be looked at properly09:33
davecheneyhas anyone else seen that problem ?09:33
fwereadedavecheney, it doesn't look entirely unfamiliar, but I thought we had a bug for it already; apparently not09:35
mrammso, can somebody help jamespage out with updating our "release" package to build from local source rather than latest trunk, so the source gets included in the package10:10
mrammwe can pull the local source from trunk and then build10:10
jamespagemramm, forget the package10:10
jamespageI just want a release tarball of juju-core 1.10.0 that contains everything that is juju-core 1.10.0 aside from the packaging10:10
mrammso rogpeppe, TheMue, fwereade, jam, dimitern:  can one of you get that for jamespage now?10:12
rogpeppemramm: ok, i'll do that10:12
mrammrogpeppe: thanks!10:13
rogpeppejamespage: presumably not including binaries, right?10:13
jamespagerogpeppe, you got it10:14
TheMueah, just wanted to ask too10:14
davecheneyif you fancy a break to look at it10:18
mrammmorning mgz!10:21
mgzhey! seen your email.10:23
jamespagemgz, hey!10:24
mgzso, there are a couple of issues for me:10:26
mgzthe update-alternatives bits didn't get merged into dave's packaging branch, but he did then add a manpage, so that needed updating10:27
mgzI don't have rights to upload to the public bucket on ec2, nor have I done what dave normally does for releases10:28
mgzand there's a change in 1.10 working around the updates-during-raring to upstart bug that I don't think we want to release with10:29
jamespagemgz, I've merged all the various bits of packaging - lp:~james-page/ubuntu/raring/juju-core/1.1010:30
jammgz: I have some questions for you as well if/when you have some time.10:30
mgzjam: sure10:30
jamespagemgz, and raised a FFe - 117221510:30
jamespagebug 117221510:30
_mup_Bug #1172215: [FFe] Please include juju-core 1.10.0 in Ubuntu 13.04 <Ubuntu:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1172215>10:30
jammgz: 1) it is known that 1.10.0 is in the ppa but not uploaded to ec2, so you can't actually bootstrap (no tools found)10:31
mgzthose are the only things I'm aware of.10:31
mrammdavecheney: can you help out with the tools upload stuff if you are still around?10:32
jam2) I still can't ssh to the original goose instance, as near as I can tell chinstrap isn't letting ssh get to lcy01 (it is working to lcy02, but I get No route to host trying to get to
mgzany of the core guys should have rights, but no one responded when I poked the other day10:32
mgzso maybe they don't?10:33
davecheneymramm: sure, mgz do you want the creds ?10:33
jam3) I tried starting a new tarmac bot with similar config and juju-core doing the bootstrap to lcy02, but it seems charms:precise/tarmac uses puppet, and that just doesn't work now.10:33
davecheneyor I can do the push if you cna point me to the deb in the archive10:33
mrammgiving mgz creds makes sense to me10:33
mrammlp:~james-page/ubuntu/raring/juju-core/1.10 looks like the proposed release10:34
davecheneysure, the only reason I hesitate is they belong to gustavo10:34
davecheneyso, be careful with 'em10:34
jamdavecheney: load testing time!10:34
jamhow many CC4.xxlarge can we run? :)10:34
mrammwe ultamately need to take that over and make it something owned by a team, not a person :/10:34
jammramm: is it possible to change ownership of an s3 bucket?10:35
mrammnot easily10:36
davecheneymgz: ceheck your make10:36
davecheneymramm: jam much easier to change the source in the code10:37
davecheneymgz: check your mail10:37
mrammdavecheney: right10:37
mrammyou can delete it, and then try to pick the name up under a new account10:37
mrammbut 1) anybody can pick it up when it becomes available10:38
mrammand 2) it can take up to 24 hours to go back into the available names pool10:38
mgzjam: one funny thing I noticed was there are a couple of goosebot instances, one of which is shutoff, on lcy01. it's possible the routing is broken just for that host.10:38
mgzjam: the tarmac puppet charm not working with juju-core is a bug here I guess, unless it does something very bogus10:39
jammgz: the shutoff one is the python-juju bootstrap node10:39
jamI wasn't able to start and get to that one either, but didn't really need to.10:40
mgzthere are two shutoff ones...10:40
TheMuemramm: thats why I suggest a dns name like tools.juju.ubuntu.com in our code to point to ANY bucket we want (or other server)10:42
rogpeppejamespage: i'm pushing a source-only branch containing all the latest source and its dependencies.10:43
mrammTheMue: file a kanban card for it and add it to tomorrow's agenda ;)10:43
davecheneyTheMue: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1p_OzWxqxaXalHBI3ohkUsB9_iQBPSGWwM-qODm5FSbI/edit#10:44
TheMuemramm: yep, will do10:44
rogpeppejamespage: unfortunately my network upload speed is outrageously slow at the moment (about 50Kbits/s) so it will take a while10:44
TheMuedavecheney: agenda is already edited, for a different topic ;)10:44
jamespagerogpeppe, ack10:44
mgzjam: seems is indeed unreachable, worth raising with canonistack support10:45
jammgz: is that ask web-ops and then get it escalated ?10:47
jammgz: do you know if you have to have the puppet agent running to have the script run ? (default is that puppet agent in /etc/defaults/puppet is to not run)10:47
mgzfor the record, the packaging branch is at lp:~james-page/ubuntu/raring/juju-core/1.10.0 with the trailing .010:47
rogpeppejamespage:  lp:~rogpeppe/+junk/juju-1.10.0-source-only10:51
mgzjamespage: your packaging branch looks good to me10:51
jamespagerogpeppe, that really need to be somewhere official10:51
* TheMue is at lunch10:51
jamespagelike lp:juju-core/1.10.010:51
rogpeppejamespage: ah10:51
rogpeppei'm worried i might start stepping on someone's toes here - i'm not usually involved with this stuff10:52
mgzneeds a different name if you're putting it under the juju-core project10:52
mgzas it's packaging10:52
mgzI can push it somewhere though10:52
jamespagemgz, no - thats the point10:53
jamespageI want an upstream release of juju-core10:53
jamespageforget the packaging10:53
mgzit's not juju-core 1.10.010:53
mgzit's that plus all the deps10:53
jamespagejuju-core plus the deps that the juju-core dev team say are good for 1.10.010:53
rogpeppebasically i fetched all the deps from scratch and removed the .bzr and .hg directories10:53
jamespagemgz, I want to switch the packaging away from 3.0 (native) - its not required10:53
mgzto quilt?10:54
jamespagemgz, yes10:54
jamespagenative rarely makes sense10:54
mgzI can live with that10:55
jammgz: I wonder if you could grab them and use 'bzr-upload' to create light dirs so that it is easy to update them to newer tools.10:55
mgzso, issue #1 is resolved by james' branch, issue #2 is okay now I have the ec2 creds, last question is if we carry the cloud-init hack or not...10:56
mgzjam: we could certainly do something more elegant, for now I'm happy with just dumping the code and adding a bunch of fresh unrelated stuff to the repo on launchpad10:58
mrammbe back in a few -- getting breakfast and etc.   Ping me if needed.10:59
mgzjamespage: probably a question for you as much as any of the juju guys, see <https://codereview.appspot.com/8648047/>11:00
jammgz: did you still want the hp-cloud instance runnng?11:01
mgzjam: nope, I fixed my script so I can restart it myself as needed11:02
jammgz:except you couldn't reach http, right?11:03
jamnon-http because of the non-standard port11:03
jamfor keyauth11:03
mgzwell, "myself", provided I remember to do it in advance, otherwise without manual intervention (lesson: use sed -r when being fancy)11:03
rogpeppemy pesky phone line seems like it might be out for another whole week11:18
* rogpeppe didn't know about sed -r11:20
rogpeppei always get bitten by the fact that standard sed doesn't do "proper" regexps, 'cos i'm used to plan 9's sed which does them by default11:20
jamespagemgz, rogpeppe: which of you two are working on preparing the juju-core 1.10.0 snapshot release and sticking it something official?11:21
jamespagenot clear from my backscroll11:21
rogpeppemgz: given my (lack of) current bandwidth, you might be best doing that11:22
jamrogpeppe: still no home internet? ouch11:22
rogpeppejam: yeah. i just talked with the phone company, and they have no idea when it'll be resolved. it's been out since last tues11:23
jamrogpeppe: for sed, you mean '\d' vs [[:digit:]] ?11:23
rogpeppejam: well, there is *some* internet, but the upload speed is stupidly bad, and i've been getting 3-5s ping response times11:23
rogpeppejam: no, i mean (foo|bar)11:24
mgzjamespage: I can push the source roger put up to somewhere... and I guess we can just leave the other questions for now11:28
mgz lp:~juju-core/ubuntu/raring/juju-core/1.10.0-source okay?11:30
jammgz, dimitern: standup?11:31
jamespagemgz, not sure why we need the ubuntu/raring prefix11:31
jamespageits not ubuntu or raring - its juju-core 1.10.011:31
jamjamespage: because ~juju-core/juju-core is completely unrelated code.11:31
jamwell, "unrelated"11:31
jamin that it is just the base tree, not all deps11:31
jamespagewell like I said - I'm good with a tarball published on launchpad.net11:32
jamespagelike we do for juju11:32
mgzhm, that would be ideal really11:33
jamespagei'd rather have it that was - otherwise I have to cut my own tarball still11:33
jamespagewhich is not always deterministic11:33
jammgz: mumble?11:33
mgzI'm there.11:34
mgzso, we don't have a 1.10.0 milestone yet? ...ah, the fun is it's half the 2.0 milestone11:41
wallyworld_fwereade: want to join us on mumble?11:52
mgzjamespage: https://launchpad.net/juju-core/1.10/1.10.0 has tarball based on the rogpeppe branch12:02
fwereadewallyworld_, actually, could we have a quick hangout for 15 mins?12:02
mgzI'll tidy up the rest of the release sutff for now12:02
fwereadewallyworld_, I forgot our differing interpretations of wednesday12:02
mgzblast, no hangout for me12:02
jamespagemgz, ta muchly12:02
wallyworld_fwereade: if mgz can't do hangout, can you do mumble?12:03
fwereadewallyworld_, er maybe, how can I set it up in 2 minutes or less?12:03
rogpeppemgz: you might want to include this info somewhere around the place: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598150/12:03
wallyworld_fwereade:  not in 2 mins i don't think :-(12:03
rogpeppemgz: it's the full list of the revision numbers12:04
wallyworld_mgz: can you reduce your bandwidth for a hangout?12:04
mgzfwereade: `sudo apt-get install mumble` then <https://wiki.canonical.com/StayingInTouch/Voice/Mumble> but hangout safer, go for that12:04
fwereademgz, cheers, I'll set that up after this then12:04
mgzwallyworld_: issue is google don't provide arm debs for their binary blobs12:04
wallyworld_mumble can be fiddly12:04
rogpeppemgz: hmm, except the revision of the go tree itself. that should probably be included too, i suppose, although we're not including it in the tarball12:04
rogpeppemgz: maybe we should12:05
rogpeppemgz: although i suppose we're building against a known go revision12:05
mgzI can, if needed, cheat and re-up the tarball with fixes12:05
fwereadewallyworld_, mgz: anyone else I should invite? jam?12:05
mgzI'm not certain the current dir layout makes sense for instance12:05
wallyworld_fwereade: he is afk for a little bit, will join when he gets back12:05
mgzfwereade: jam was interested, but has to go off now12:05
wallyworld_so invite him12:06
rogpeppemgz: i just did it so the root of the tree could be used as $GOPATH12:06
fwereademgz, I need to in 10 mins bit I think we can cover some stuff usefully12:06
mgzyeah, go go, you and ian12:06
* dimitern bbin1h12:06
jamespagemramm, mgz: I noticed the debian/copyright file was not complete in the packaging - working on that now12:36
jamespagewhich means I have to document the copyright and license for all of the bundled projects as well12:36
* jamespage sighs12:36
mgz...sorry about that12:40
jamespagemramm, mgz: OK - I have two problems12:41
jamespagegoose has no explicit Copyright holder12:41
jamespageand lpad has neither a Copyright holder or license12:41
mgzfwereade: sorry for the incoming launchpad email surge, you had a bunch of fixed bug targetted at 2.0 that you actually fixed long ago12:45
mgz...is lpad actually a dependency?12:45
mgzor should we remove it from the tarball?12:45
mgzgoose is fixable12:46
mgzwe've had no external contributions, the copyright holder is just canonical12:46
mgzjamespage: can you try building what you have as well, to see if tests etc are all fine? I'll upload a -1 tarball with any fixes needed12:47
jamespagemgz, builds just fine - this is just a distro copyright/license thing12:48
jamespagemgz, I don't see any tests executing fwiw12:48
mgzjamespage: where should we put the copyright holder if we're not doing per-file licencing?12:49
mgzjamespage: I doubt they're run as part of the packaging12:49
mgzwe should probably add that, but not now12:50
jamespagemgz, good question - most of niemeyer's projects have it in LICENSE12:50
niemeyermgz, jamespage: I tend to do it per file as well12:51
niemeyermgz, jamespage: and certainly on a LICENSE file or similar12:51
jamespageniemeyer, I spotted12:51
mgzin juju-core that seems to just be a copy of the agpl12:51
jamespagemramm, mgz: LICENSE/LICENCE or suchlike is sufficient - every file is best practice12:51
niemeyerjamespage: +112:52
niemeyerEven because some projects (e.g. goyaml) do have mixed licensing12:52
* jamespage looks at goyaml again13:06
mgzhm, and now canonistack is refusing to talk to me13:07
mgzokay, I can't build or upload anything till canonistack is back, so having lunch13:20
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mgzjamespage: okay, have written a hacky script for rolling up tarball14:51
jamespagemgz, yeah for hacky scripts ;-)14:51
mgzI just need to know, exactly, what change you want me to make for the goose license thing14:51
jamespageit was missing copyright - hrm14:51
mgzI currently have COPYING and COPYING.LESSER in the branch14:51
mgzI don't really want to modify those, as they're just the text from gnu14:52
mgznot that I know why we have both...14:52
mgzmodifying every darn file in the tree is also not sane, though it's what the gpl generally wants (header on each source file)14:53
jamespagemgz, indeed - I think just adding a LICENSE file detailing which of those two licenses its licensed under and details of the C holder would be OK14:53
jamespagefor now anyway14:53
jamespageinfact I'm happy to leave what you have in tarball as-is - so long as there is a commit in the bzr branch with the details on it - I can refer to that with a comment14:53
jamespagetime is of the essence and all that14:54
mgzokay, done, uploading15:06
mgzthis really does need the tests run on it though, as it's pristine from export, rather than copied files from trees that have been tested together15:10
mgzjamespage: (and everybody else) https://launchpad.net/juju-core/1.10/1.10.0/+download/juju-core_1.10.0-1.tar.gz15:11
jamespagemgz, wanna check my branch again? just re-cut using that tarball15:22
rogpeppe1mgz: i ran the basic tests on it, but not live tests.15:29
rogpeppe1mgz: BTW, i'm pretty sure that davecheney builds from pristine for each release15:29
mgzjamespage: looking, it seems good, one question for the others15:36
mgzgo.net has lost the html/ package, is that something we used in any way?15:36
m_3TheMue: I'm gonna turn that into a blog post though.. so give it a couple of days and I'll have a version that's a bit easier to read15:41
mgzseem safe, I needed exp/html from go trunk long ago, but I think that was for rietveld not juju-core anyway15:42
TheMuem_3: Great, that's what we need. Thx for your effort.15:48
mgzjamespage: seems there were some changes to the cert code in your old cut of the source which I'm not clear on the origin of...15:49
mgzwhat's there now is all that's been on trunk as far as I can see, and looks okay to me15:50
mgzanyway, I shall build out of that branch, and upload to public bucket15:51
mgzI guess we may also want to change the recipe to use this, and rebuild what's in the ppa?15:52
rogpeppe1simple git question for someone: what's the equivalent of bzr revision-info in git?15:57
mgzhm, something is not happy15:59
TheMuerogpeppe1: took a look at git show?16:06
rogpeppe1TheMue: i think that "git rev-parse HEAD" is what i need16:06
TheMuerogpeppe1: oh, i'll take a look16:07
rogpeppe1TheMue: it seems there's no linear idea of commit history in git, unlike hg and bzr. is that right? i.e. no numeric log numbering.16:07
rogpeppe1TheMue: thanks. i've never used git in anger.16:07
TheMuerogpeppe1: i've just started for private projects, used hg before16:09
TheMuerogpeppe1: and yes, it seems to use large numbers like uuids and commit, tree, parent relations16:11
jamespagemgz, OK- just got a ftbfs on arm16:11
rogpeppe1jamespage: interesting. what's the error?16:11
jamespageapologies for the paste:16:12
jamespage# launchpad.net/goyaml16:12
jamespagesrc/launchpad.net/goyaml/goyaml.go:89: undefined: newDecoder16:12
jamespagesrc/launchpad.net/goyaml/goyaml.go:90: undefined: newParser16:12
jamespagesrc/launchpad.net/goyaml/goyaml.go:135: undefined: newEncoder16:12
rogpeppe1jamespage: ah, i think i know what the issue might be. i wonder if cgo is disabled/not working on arm16:12
jamespagerogpeppe1, how do I check?16:13
rogpeppe1jamespage: are you getting the error at a command prompt?16:13
rogpeppe1jamespage: oh jeeze16:13
rogpeppe1jamespage: this is an old version of go we're using16:13
rogpeppe1jamespage: i'm not surprised actually16:14
jamespage1.0.2 as in raring16:14
rogpeppe1jamespage: yeah. hmm.16:14
rogpeppe1jamespage: davecheney's the man for knowing about go-on-arm stuff.16:14
rogpeppe1jamespage: if you type "go env" on the arm box, it should have an output line saying something like: CGOENABLED="1"16:15
rogpeppe1sorry, CGO_ENABLED16:16
jamespagerogpeppe1, CGO_ENABLED="0"16:16
rogpeppe1jamespage: right, so that's the issue16:16
jamespagerogpeppe1, OK - we'll drop arm for juju-core in raring16:16
rogpeppe1jamespage: +116:16
rogpeppe1jamespage: we've done no testing on arm16:16
jamespagemramm, ^^16:16
mrammjamespage: no arm is fine16:17
mrammjamespage: arm support was explicitly pushed back to post 13.04 anyway16:17
mgzwell, nearly very smooth: <http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598730/>16:18
jamespagemramm, OK16:18
rogpeppe1jamespage: from http://code.google.com/p/go-wiki/wiki/GoArm : "currently the development version of Go includes better support for linux/arm, including full cgo support, than Go 1.0."16:18
mrammrogpeppe1:  correct, git has no version numbers, just commits (identified by the hash of the commit contents)16:19
rogpeppe1mramm: thanks16:19
mrammcommits define their parent commit, and you therefore get a graph of commits16:19
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mrammwhich git walks to show you a timeline16:20
mgzand yeah, I can't build juju-core on this box, we don't work on arm currently, but we were also not targetting it16:20
rogpeppe1mramm: that's true of all of those systems i think - but the linear history is quite nice for referring to a given trunk16:20
rogpeppe1mgz: you probably could if you used go tip16:20
mrammrogpeppe1: well, git does not attempt to pretend that there is a linear history16:21
rogpeppe1mgz: i'd be interested to find out whether it works actually16:21
rogpeppe1mramm: yeah.16:21
mgzI'll add that to my list of fun-time things to try :)16:21
rogpeppe1hmm, i wonder if i my san box upstairs would be up to the task...16:21
mrammin a fully distributed system I have commits in a branch you don't have and vice versa, so linear history is impossible to get right16:21
rogpeppe1mramm: yeah, but hg and bzr both pretend quite well :-)16:22
mrammlinus was very opposed to pretending16:25
rogpeppe1mramm: another stupid git question: how do i update the current working tree to a given rev id?16:26
rogpeppe1mramm: git pull?16:27
fwereadewhoops, not been focusing on this: https://codereview.appspot.com/893904316:27
fwereaderogpeppe1, quick look for form's sake please?16:27
mrammgit checkout <sha>16:27
rogpeppe1fwereade: LGTM trivial16:27
fwereaderogpeppe1, cheers16:28
rogpeppe1mramm: thanks16:28
mrammgit pull will grab objects (commits and trees) from the remote repo an pull them down16:28
mrammgit checkout will switch the cwd16:28
fwereadeok, I'm nearly up to date on my reviews, and everyone can start committing their approved bits and pieces to trunk now16:29
fwereadewill try to swing by again later -- if not, ttyall tomorrow16:29
fwereadedimitern, if C+L sleep early I might ping you for a late  beer/catchup re upgrade-charm16:30
fwereadedimitern, otherwise, maybe 20 mins before the meeting tomorrow?16:30
dimiternfwereade: sgtm16:32
dimiternfwereade: when you can16:32
jamespagemgz, rogpeppe1, fwereade: you guys happy with what we are proposing for release into raring?16:40
rogpeppe1jamespage: yup, sgtm16:40
rogpeppe1jamespage: assuming it's essentially still the sources i put together16:40
jamespagerogpeppe1, its the re-cut sources mgz did16:40
rogpeppe1mgz: what did you change?16:41
jamespagelpad got dropped16:41
jamespageand some licensing clarification around goose16:41
dimiternwhy is juju depending on lpad anyway? it's only used by lbox when interacting with LP16:42
* jamespage shrugs16:43
jamespageanyway I just uploaded to raring - Daviey and slangasek are lined up for review16:43
dimiternjamespage: tyvm!16:44
mrammjamespage: awesome work!16:47
jamespagelets not get to excited - its just in the queue!16:48
mrammthank you very, very much16:48
mrammbut it is progress16:48
jamespagemramm, action prior to next release - get some copyright/license headers in all source across the board please!16:48
Makyofwereade, I got your review comments in the middle of submitting.  Would you be alright with a separate branch with those implemented?16:48
mrammjamespage: will do16:49
MakyoEr, too late :/16:49
rogpeppe1dimitern: it's actually just the store code that depends on lpad16:51
rogpeppe1dimitern: i included it just so i could do go test ./... without errors16:52
dimiternrogpeppe1: it's about time to separate the store from juju-core now16:52
rogpeppe1dimitern: it's happened before and it will happen again :-)16:52
dimiternrogpeppe1: i certainly hope it'll be soon :)16:53
dimiternMakyo: it's never late for another branch ;)16:54
Makyodimitern, More branches, more branches!16:54
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MakyoGetting conflicting reviews on r1192 and it should be reverted.  I've never been successful at that.  Can someone help me out?17:28
fwereadeMakyo, sure, that's fine17:46
fwereadeMakyo, sorry about that17:47
fwereadeMakyo, no need to revert if it's already in, just note that you will update in the review please17:47
mattywwhat's the best way for a charm to work out if it's been deployed using py-juju or go-juju other than checking for location of the agent.conf files?17:48
Makyofwereade, even with rogpeppe1'17:49
Makyo's comments?17:49
fwereadeMakyo, ah sorry, just saw rog's17:49
fwereadeMakyo, 2 mins thinking time17:49
rogpeppe1mattyw: JUJU_CONTEXT_ID is a reasonable indication, i think.17:50
rogpeppe1Makyo: sorry for tardy review - i forgot to submit the comments earlier17:50
Makyorogpeppe1, That's okay, they're definitely necessary.  I think reverting might be the best choice, though, to make sure things aren't half-right.17:51
fwereade_Makyo, yeah, it needs more thought -- sorry, Ineeded to look up what we did with deploy in that case17:53
fwereade_Makyo, I think we should keep charm-adding and charm-setting spearate, essentially as they are in deploy17:55
Makyofwereade_, alright, looking through deploy...17:58
fwereade_Makyo, trying to figure it out myself17:59
fwereade_Makyo, rogpeppe1: how do charms get into state from the GUI ie via the API?17:59
rogpeppe1fwereade_: currently they don't17:59
rogpeppe1fwereade_: we're restricted to charms in the charm store18:00
mgzjamespage: what was the reason for juju-core rejection? ...I wish there was something recorded on launchpad18:00
Makyofwereade_, rogpeppe1, Correct, no support deploy/upgrade on local yet, though we can see them once they're deployed.18:00
fwereade_rogpeppe1, ah ok, so the client just has to pass a url known to the charms store?18:00
rogpeppe1fwereade_: yes18:00
rogpeppe1fwereade_: my vague plan is to have an optional extra call to upload a charm (probably a sequence of calls so we don't bundle up MB in one json message)18:01
rogpeppe1fwereade_: it may even end up being better as a PUT18:01
fwereade_Makyo, rogpeppe1: ok, then are we ok just putting the same restriction on upgrades  for now? ie ServiceName, CharmURL, Force?18:01
Makyofwereade_, rogpeppe1, sounds good to me.18:02
rogpeppe1fwereade_: i think so18:02
fwereade_Makyo, rogpeppe1: I'm fine punting on local charms today at least, so long as we punt consistently18:02
rogpeppe1fwereade_: yup18:02
rogpeppe1i'm done for the day18:03
MakyoStill on to revert 1192?18:03
rogpeppe1see y'all tomorrow18:03
gary_posterHi all.  I'd like to announce the GUI's compatibility with juju core, but the Raring Juju from the devel PPA fails for me like this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5598967/18:04
gary_posterIs that known?  Is there some other, better way to suggest that people try out the GUI on juju core?  I didn't figure installing juju from source was the right sales pitch :-)18:04
jamespagemgz, release team said it was to late18:19
ahasenackgary_poster: so now --upload-tools is failing too?18:29
gary_posterahasenack, as in the pastebin, bootstrap --upload-tools succeeds temporarily, but then I can't deploy anything. :-/18:30
ahasenackoh, ok, I missed the deploy command18:30
mrammjamespage: mgz: we are still fighting the good fight.   And if we don't get it in now, we will do everything possible to get it in via backports early  next week18:47
mrammso the end user visible difference will not be much18:47
mrammeither way after next week a user will be able to sudo apt-get install juju-core, and get our package18:52
mrammand if it is in backports it will be even easier to get it updated with our monthly releases18:52
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davecheneyfwereade_: what is the story with the trunk ?21:25
davecheneycan we land fixes ?21:26
mgzdavecheney: I thought it had been mentioned that it's okay to land again, but I now can't find a reference21:28
mgzrelease things have all been branched though21:28
davecheneymgz: mramm fwereade_ : please email juju-dev with the status of the trunk21:29
davecheneymgz: i saw you were unassigning issues from 2.021:29
davecheneythank you21:29
mrammfeel free to use trunk21:29
davecheneymramm: email please21:29
mrammwill do21:29
davecheneyjust copy and paste this discussion21:30
mrammit's posted21:32
mrammand I've updated the agenda so we talk about that21:32
mrammand so that we talk about the backports stuff21:32
mrammand general release status21:32
mrammI will try to write up a release status update e-mail later this evening21:33
mrammbut right now there is a lot up in the air, and I need some time to get all the details organized and written down21:33
mrammand I have some personal stuff to take care of in a few min, so I don't think it will make it before I leave for that...21:34
davecheneythanks mark21:37
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