zardoz__i have 2 pc over a swith connected to a router, pc 1 is all ok, at pc 2 i get an error if i type "ping www.stern.de" -> ping: unknown host www.stern.de00:00
zardoz__i can do pings to each pc vice versa by hostname00:00
amingvzardoz__: do the PCs get their dns settings from the router or do you set it up manually?00:02
zardoz__amingv: they should get it from the router, but i think i manipulatet somthing, it worked all until i had to shutdown the pc.00:03
zardoz__amingv: how can i find out which way i use? resolv.conf or resolvconf or is both the same?00:04
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amingvzardoz__: Is this a kubuntu install running a full kde session?00:05
amingvbecause if it is then you should set your connections using network settings00:05
amingvnot any of those config files00:06
amingvcheck System Settings>Network Settings00:06
zardoz__i am there00:07
zardoz__setting is base settings, automatic dhcp00:07
amingvtry choosing address only and type in your dns address00:09
zardoz__ipv6 is deaktivatet00:09
amingvsee if it makes a difference00:09
amingvdon't worry about ipv6, most routers you'll find are ipv400:10
zardoz__still dont work00:11
zardoz__did i have to restart something, like the network manager?00:11
amingvnot really, settings are normally applied on the fly00:12
amingvdid you get to make any changes to resolv.conf or other files?00:13
zardoz__i read lots in the net and tried different things00:13
amingvdo you have a backup of the file before the changes?00:14
amingvmodified any other files besides resolv.conf?00:16
zardoz__actual i try to get the changes back00:17
amingvresolv.conf will actually regenerate automatically00:18
amingvwhich others have you modified?00:18
zardoz__ /etc/network/interfaces00:19
amingvmkay that's quite a few :)00:19
zardoz__but i think they are now in original state00:20
zardoz__i can post the output of  "strace ping www.stern.de" if that would help00:21
amingvincluding /etc/network/interfaces?00:21
amingvmodifying that one will usually not allow the kde network manager to work properly00:22
zardoz__is there any log file i can check?00:22
amingvi'm sure there is, but not sure which one00:23
amingvyou can't go wrong with /var/log/syslog i guess00:24
amingvbut anyway, if the files are back to normal i suppose you just need to restart networking services for it to work00:24
zardoz__i checked it but didnt found something helpfull00:25
amingvsudo service networking restart && sudo service resolvconf restart should do it00:25
zardoz__a little bit is working00:28
amingvyay progress :)00:28
amingvwhat do we have left?00:28
zardoz__i could see the ip adress of the domain once00:29
zardoz__but didnt work a second time00:29
amingvthat's a bit odd00:30
amingvfirst let's set up kde network settings to full automatic again00:30
amingvdhcp settings, i mean00:31
zardoz__i did, but didnt work00:32
zardoz__i reboot the pc00:33
jmichaelxjust upgraded one machine to raring... all i can say so far is 'yikes'00:33
amingvi guess it's worth a try00:34
jmichaelxkwin in raring is thrashing my CPU00:35
zardoz__i get strange errors now, rcu_sched detected stall on CPU 0, lol00:35
amingvhuh? Are you stuck booting?00:36
amingvI would assume such an error would not be related to networking.00:38
amingv(or I would hope, anyway)00:38
amingvjmichaelx: what did you upgrae from? tried disabling compositing?00:41
zardoz__amingv: think its a problem with nfs00:41
jmichaelxamingv: i upgraded from quantal. no, i am trying to get the settings dialog to come up, but no success yet. kwin is using 100% CPU00:42
jmichaelxthis is using an integrated intel GPU00:42
zardoz__amingv: YEAH, it is working!!!!!00:42
amingvzardoz__: What makes you think so, I don't think that should prevent you from reaching your dns.00:43
amingvzardoz__: Yay! Better not question the little blessings :)00:43
zardoz__BAD NEWS, didnt work again.......00:44
amingvjmichaelx: Ouch. Alt+Shift+F12 should toggle compositing00:45
amingvzardoz__: :(00:45
zardoz__it worked for a few seconds, then no dns00:46
amingvjmichaelx: But I agree 100% is too much, let me see if there's any relevant bug report.00:46
jmichaelxamingv: i have tried alt+shift+f12, but i think it's just unable to respond... i have ssh'd in, and am looking for a config file00:47
Artakhaisn't it ctrl+alt+f12?00:48
amingvzardoz__: I can't imagine what would be causing that, is the network cable itself working properly. Do you have any way to check?00:48
* amingv checks shortcut00:48
Artakhaoh, no00:48
Artakhait's alt+shift+f1200:48
zardoz__the cable is ok, i have another pc which is connected over a switch00:48
jmichaelxyea.... ctl+alt+f12 killed x server00:51
amingvzardoz__: I'm drawing a blank here.00:51
jmichaelxnot sure why i tried that00:52
amingvzardoz__: Try from another account? Like the guest account?00:52
zardoz__dont know if there is another account00:52
jmichaelxi wish there were still a #kubuntu+100:53
amingvjmichaelx: On the bright side the cpu crunching stopped, I guess :)00:53
jmichaelxamingv: no.... this is on a different machine00:53
amingvjmichaelx: Oh. That's bad then.00:53
amingvjmichaelx: maybe you can disable it before login00:55
amingvjmichaelx: with kwriteconfig --file kwinrc --group Compositing --key Enabled false00:56
jmichaelxcrap. changing tty in quantal apparently crashes X (for me)00:56
jmichaelxgood grief00:56
amingvjmichaelx: can't see any relevant bugs either00:59
amingvzardoz__: do you still have the livecd?00:59
amingvzardoz__: you could check using that do discard any possible hardware issues00:59
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jmichaelxamingv: i feel confident they will be showing up. probably something fritzy going on between kwin and intel graphics (yet again)00:59
amingvjmichaelx: I hate saying this to people01:00
amingvjmichaelx: But been using raring for a while on an intel card with no issues01:01
zardoz__think not it is an hardware prob01:01
zardoz__all other network things work01:02
jmichaelxamingv: yes, but there is nothing unusual about that. it could have to do with which card, and also which features of kwin are enabled/disabled01:02
amingvjmichaelx: True. I was mostly refering to your certainty of it showing up :)01:04
jmichaelxyes.... and i maintain that certainty01:05
amingvzardoz__: is this a new install? did it work before?01:05
jmichaelxmy setup is fairly standard, so i highly doubt i will be the only one affected01:05
amingvjmichaelx: I would hope you were wrong, but experience says you might not be :)01:11
jmichaelxamingv: oh well. i guess we'll see :-)01:11
amingvjmichaelx: If you have a concrete (or even general) idea of what could be wrong they might appreciate your input at #kubuntu-devel01:12
jmichaelxok... i thought i just managed to disable compositing in kwinrc... but it isn't disabled01:12
amingvjmichaelx: Some people would try clearing ~/.kde or some subfolder, but I'm reluctant to recommend that01:13
jmichaelxthis is clearly not just a matter of CPU usage.... there are some other things which are broken01:13
jmichaelxamingv: yes... i had not immediately thought of doing that. thanks, i'll give it a shot01:13
jmichaelxreooted again, and now things are seeming somewhat better, although no idea why01:18
amingvwelp, that's one of the disadvantages of clearing the config01:20
jmichaelxok. kwin compositing IS off01:20
amingvuncertainty about what the real issue was01:20
jmichaelxno, i didn't yet wipe .kde01:20
jmichaelxi think i'll hold off on that01:20
amingvtry turing it on? for kicks? :)01:20
jmichaelxsure, why not01:21
jmichaelxi really wish KDE settings manager would not ask if you want to save settings changes, when no settings have been changed... KDE has always been that way01:22
jmichaelxamingv: yes, turning on compositing sent CPU up to 100% again01:23
jmichaelxapparently so01:24
amingvdid you have compositing before the upgrade?01:24
jmichaelxamingv: yes01:24
amingvjmichaelx: been checking out forums and I won't pretend I know how to solve it01:27
amingvmost suggest disabling compositing, but that's more of a workaround than an actual solution01:27
jmichaelxamingv: well, i imagine/hope there will be a solution. for myself, i can survive on this particular machine without compositing01:28
jmichaelxok, the display configuration dialog in system settings has changed...  it looks to me like it's been gutted01:29
jmichaelxwell, most of the options are gone... unless i'm missing something01:30
jmichaelxno place to set refresh rate, for example01:31
jmichaelxok, there is. the layout has just really changed01:31
amingvOh, right. The display config dialog was updated.01:32
amingvI was a bit perplexed at first, but forgot all about it01:32
jmichaelxyea, the settings are all there, although they have made finding those settings  unnecessarily difficult, imo01:33
jmichaelxamingv: i think you were right01:34
jmichaelxamingv: this problem may have been specific to a few unlucky machines - like mine01:35
amingvjmichaelx: Just curious. What driver are you using?01:35
amingvwhat does lshw -c display say?01:35
jmichaelxamingv: it was showing me as having a dual-display setup... i don't. this has been an issue with this machine at other times01:35
jmichaelxthere were 2 versions of this MB... one with an LVDS connector, and one without. mine is without, but the LVDS screen still shows up in KDE system settings, and KDE is always wanting to turn it on as a dual display... or even try to make LVDS the primary display01:37
zardoz__amingv: this installation runs over a year, the only dump thing i did was to try a second  monitor on my GTX275, then i get black screen and had to shutdown by power knob01:37
jmichaelxwhen i just disabled the LVDS display, then enabled compositing again, everything is working fine01:37
amingvjmichaelx: They probably use the same display driver and IC and just removed the actual connector.01:38
amingvjmichaelx: Cool.01:39
amingvjmichaelx: What model MB is this anyway?01:40
amingvzardoz__: Not a dumb thing. At any rate that shouldn't mess up your dns settings.01:40
jmichaelxamingv: it's an intel dm525mw01:41
* amingv looks it up01:41
jmichaelxamingv: it's an atom-based mini itx board. i have really liked it.01:42
amingvjmichaelx: Yeah, looks rather nice01:44
amingvjmichaelx: I'll try to keep it in mind. Turns out you'll end up being right, this issue might come up :)01:45
jmichaelxit could, but there are probably not too many people who will run into this. maybe only folks with this particular MB, who knows01:46
amingvjmichaelx: Oh, come on! Let me agree with you! :)01:47
jmichaelxamingv: i hate to be so obtuse, but i think you were more right than i war01:49
amingvzardoz__: I have been looking up this issue. I'm really lost as to what might be wrong.01:50
amingvzardoz__: Intermitent issues are such a pain01:50
amingvjmichaelx: Just felt like I was in a Bugs Bunny episode for a second there :)01:51
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zardoz__amingv: when i alternate resolv.conf and then do "sudo resolvconf -u" it is working for a few seconds02:02
amingvzardoz__: do you see anything related to dns in /var/log/syslog after it stops working02:06
amingvzardoz__: does dig @ google.com give you an error?02:16
amingvreplace with your dns server address02:17
amingvdig @ google.com *02:17
ljofreany body from chile?02:21
zardoz__dont know02:22
zardoz__but this pc works fine its on the same router over the same switch02:23
amingvljofre: You might find someone in #kubuntu-es or #ubuntu-es02:25
zardoz__amingv: no error02:26
zardoz__amingv: a silly idea, i restart my router02:29
amingvzardoz__: So the actual address-resolving is not the issue02:29
amingvzardoz__: And you already reverted all the changes to the congigs02:30
amingvzardoz__: configs*02:31
amingvzardoz__: Let's see... what's left...02:31
zardoz_It WORKS, hope now for a long time02:34
amingvzardoz__: After router reboot? Of all things :)02:35
zardoz_i think, the routers send the dhcp infos then and all works now, lol02:36
zardoz_but thanks alot for your help02:36
amingvBah, I wasn't all that useful in the end.02:37
amingvBut you're very welcome :)02:37
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Guest53485help kubuntu not conec04:04
SonikkuAmericaGuest53485: Say that again?04:05
SonikkuAmerica!br | Guest53485, I see. We have a channel for that04:05
ubottuGuest53485, I see. We have a channel for that: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.04:05
SonikkuAmericaUh, #kubuntu-br04:06
SonikkuAmericaNão es o #ubuntu-br.04:06
Guest53485ok #ubuntu-br04:07
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albertohi everyone08:23
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guest746583How do I use installed themes in kubuntu 12.10?11:39
guest746583I've installed couple of themes but I only see Air, Air for netbooks and Oxygen11:40
guest746583help me anyone?11:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:52
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meerkathello. I'm looking for some torrents to seed for 13.04. Which kubuntu versions eat the most traffic?12:38
BluesKajHey all13:00
smartboyhwgoodtime: ?13:47
goodtimecant get my iphone to be seen in kubuntu at all for the life of me13:47
goodtime2 days now almst ive tryed13:47
goodtimejust the notifyer sees it13:49
goodtimeCould not read file Directory not found.13:51
goodtimei have a 3gs13:51
goodtimei know its old but hey its what i have13:52
goodtimeoki think i might have something13:59
goodtimei wiki it14:00
goodtimeamrok lol ty all14:04
lmatI'm trying to install kubuntu with Windows already installed to dual boot.14:31
lmatI booted the computer to a kubuntu USB, and the options were three options talking about "full disk".14:31
lmatguided, something else, optimized? they all said full disk.14:31
lmatThen there was a "manual" but it didn't look hopeful. Am I missing something?14:32
BluesKajlmat, full disk will wipe your windows install, guided will ask you questions about what you want to do, and manual gives you control over making and formatting partitons14:35
BluesKajand then installing kubuntu in the proper partition14:36
BluesKajguided is probly your best bet14:36
BluesKajlmat, ^14:37
lmatBluesKaj: sounds like it.14:37
lmatBluesKaj: So, I already have windows. I need to create a (few) linux partitions "around" the windows data.14:37
lmatBluesKaj: This is possible through guided?14:37
BluesKajlmat, not around windows , beside wqindows  in the partition manager gui14:38
BluesKajwindows like to be first , so free space is the area of the disk where you want to create the kubuntu partition14:39
lmatBluesKaj: Looks like I can do it in Windows (7)14:49
BluesKajthe partitioning , lmat ? yes I've heard that , but never tried it ..I always use the Gparted Live CD for partitioning14:52
awayI did the partitioning in windows, works fine there as well14:54
BluesKajaway, never trusted windows partitoning apps14:56
khallHey all. I've got a problem I cannot find a solution to! I've been using a plantronics headset with skype for a year, but yesterday the skype audio started coming out of my main speakers instead of my headset. I didn't change anything, but even if I set my plantronics headset as the most preferred device for all audio playback types in the Phonon KDE Control Module, the sound *still* comes out my speakers. I've tested my headset fr15:26
khallAny ideas would be greatly appriciated.15:26
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Captain_Protonhave you unplugged our speakers just to see?15:29
Captain_Protonalso in terminal check alsa mixer15:29
khallCaptain_Proton: I'll try that15:32
khallCaptain_Proton: With my main speakers unplugged, all audio is now redirected to my headset speakers *except* skype! When I call the skype echo server I just hear nothing.15:36
khallI also don't see the headset anywhere in the alsomixer, but all the levels look normal15:37
Captain_Protonkhall: so in skype is the a setup wizard you can run throw to change the out audio?15:37
tyrogHow do I disable KMix applet from the taskbar permanently?15:38
khallNope, under Sound Devices is just lists "PulseAudio server (local)" for Mic, Speakers, and Ringing.15:39
Captain_Protonkhall: in system setting under multimedia > communication what is listed15:40
khallI don't have a communication choice, but I do have one for phonon15:42
Captain_Protonsorry that what I ment15:43
Captain_Protoncan change it in audio hardware setup and if so does it help15:45
Captain_Protonanother option is install a more robust pulseaudio utility like pulseaudio volume control in the software center15:47
khallI'm not sure what you mean by audio hardware setup15:48
Captain_Protonthe next tab over15:48
khallright, gotcha.15:48
khallI can test my headset out from there and it works perfectly. I've got the right profile too. I'll see if I can install the pulseaudio volume control15:50
khallCaptain_Proton: If I set the Profile for my Built-in to "Off" I get all audio including skype through my headset. Of course, that's not exactly helpful, but it's at least interesting. Reenabling my built-in audio restores my problem.15:54
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Captain_Protonin reading some of the comments on pulseaudio volume control other have reported it fixed there skype audio problems15:56
Captain_Protonkhall: check that out I have run for a bit15:57
khallIt really doesn't seem to be a skype problem. I feel like it's a phonon issue, considering it switches to using my headset just fine if I disable all my other audio devices. It just isn't routing my audio based on my settings.15:58
khallwill do, thanks for the help!15:58
frog_cze parówy16:19
fooscripthelo :)16:23
fooscriptMy system is up to date, but it's still Precise. How can I turn it into Quantal ?16:24
Artakhafooscript, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/QuantalUpgrades/Kubuntu16:33
fooscriptArtakha:  Thank you :)16:34
genii-aroundfooscript: If you haven't already been presented with an option to upgrade, most likely your system is set to go LTS-LTS.  Perhaps check in etc/update-manager/release-upgrades  to see what Prompt=   is set to ( lts, normal, or never)16:35
fooscriptgenii-around: Thanks... you're right. It's LTS :/16:35
fooscriptSaying truth, I don't know why. It had to be default option.16:36
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fooscriptSorry for silly question, but what's a command from console to check  already installed ubuntu version?16:39
genii-aroundfooscript: cat /etc/issue16:41
fooscriptgenii-around: Works great :) Why there're \n \l  sequences in the end of line ?16:42
genii-aroundfooscript: For stuff that parses that file16:42
fooscriptah : ) Thank you again.16:42
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nick_omegais it possible to logoff and shutdown the computer running kubuntu 12 and upon rebooting and logging in again have all the windows and environment the same?16:56
nick_omegathe environment would be retained even if turning the machine off and back on and booting into another OS16:57
genii-aroundnick_omega: Settings...System Settings.... Startup and Shutdown... Session Management17:08
lmatyo. I have a problem.17:19
genii-around!details | lmat17:19
ubottulmat: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:19
lmatI was adjusting my monitors, and obviously got something wrong because some of them turned off.17:19
lmatUnfortunately, the settings window is on one of those monitors!17:19
lmatAll I think I need to do is get that settings window back.17:19
lmatWhat is a keyboard shortcut to move a window?17:20
meerkatlmat, I dont know kubuntu but try ctrl+alt + arrow keys17:22
lmatmeerkat: I'll try :)17:24
juacom99hi, quick question: i'm trying to add a new mode to my screen (1440x900) i generate the modeline and use it on xrandr to create the new mode but when i try to  add it to VGA-0 i get an error. it seams the new mode is been created for the output dvi-I-1. any ideas how to fix that?17:25
lmatmeerkat: nope :(17:25
lmatmeerkat: I tried everything.17:25
lmatmeerkat: In windows, I press Alt+space17:26
juacom99your screen is rotated?17:26
meerkatlmat, open the settings window in one of the monitors that do work. Does that not work?17:28
lmatmeerkat: It's already open.17:28
lmatI also don't have the taskbar (or whatever it's called)17:28
lmatjuacom99: no.17:28
lmatjuacom99: That, I could deal with.17:28
lmatjuacom99: I was adjusting monitor settings and two monitors shut off. Unfortunately, the settings window is on one of those monitors!17:29
lmatmeerkat: You don't use KDE?17:29
lmatmeerkat: In Windows, I press Alt+space to open the system menu, then "m" to select move, then arrow keys to where I want it, then enter to make it stay.17:29
juacom99lmat: yes but never try a expanded screen17:30
lmatjuacom99: I got it working with three screens! Four screens and two of them turned off.17:30
lmatjuacom99: Why?17:30
juacom99did you check the power cable?17:30
juacom99is pluged in?17:30
lmatjuacom99: yeah, they were working juts before I click "Apply"17:31
lmatjuacom99: Now they show the "Check signal cable" error.17:31
lmatjuacom99: I'm quite sure they will work if only I can adjust the settings!17:32
lmatjuacom99: How do I close a window with the keyboard?17:32
lmatalt+f4 doesn't seem to work.17:32
juacom99that's an easy one ctrl+alt+esc17:32
lmatjuacom99: YAY!17:33
juacom99and click on the windows17:33
lmatjuacom99: I can't click on the windows17:33
juacom99you know the procces name?17:33
lmatjuacom99: It's System Settings (so I guess KDE?)17:33
juacom99let me check17:34
juacom99porces name is systemsettings17:34
juacom99type ctrl+esc17:34
juacom99and kill the porcess17:34
juacom99or in a console killall -9 systemsettings17:35
lmatalt+f4 worked17:35
lmatmy keyboard was set up to f4 = pause music!17:35
juacom99ok open systemsetting again and change the screen settings :D17:35
lmatoh boy, I think it's totally busted.17:36
lmatjuacom99: I think my desktop is gone or something.17:36
juacom99did you kill kde?17:36
lmatjuacom99: In the monitor that still works, in the upper right, there used to be a little tab that said "desktop" from which I could launch commands like "run command"17:36
lmatjuacom99: Not totally?17:37
juacom99try alt+F217:37
juacom99that should pop up the run command17:37
lmatjuacom99: ahh, thanks, sec17:38
lmatit worked!17:38
lmatI ran display settings, etc. But I think they're just showing up on the old monitor.17:38
lmatalt+tab doesn't wokr.17:39
lmatI noticed that alt+tab doesn't work if you're in an application? You have to click the desktop (set the focus on the desktop) first, then alt tab works.17:39
juacom99try to fix the borken screens now :D17:39
lmatWell, like I said, I think I don't have a desktop now...17:39
lmatokay, restarting...17:39
juacom99try to  restart x17:39
juacom99on a command line stopx17:40
lmatokay, got it sorted.17:45
lmatWhen I restarted the computer, I got the taskbar (or whatever it's called) on the laptop monitor.17:45
lmatNow I'm going to try to incorporate the other monitor again17:45
MrPoT4tOhey guys, can you help me with an issue i have with my browser (Firefox) and the flash-player plugin?17:47
MrPoT4tOI'm asking because I'm not sure if this is the right place17:47
lmatokay, it's busted.17:47
lmatBUT, I was sure to put the configuration window in the laptop window.17:47
genii-aroundMrPoT4tO: A more descriptive explanation of the issue you're having with it could be helpful :)17:48
meerkatMrPoT4tO, what is the issue?17:48
MrPoT4tOwell, I just updated Firefox17:48
MrPoT4tOand now every site that has a flash-plugin need asks me to install it17:48
juacom99lmat: ok so when you try to use the 4 monitors 2 of them shut down?17:48
MrPoT4tOeven though I have it already17:48
MrPoT4tOmind you, this is not the first time that has happened before17:49
genii-aroundMrPoT4tO: Did you logoff-logon after the update?17:49
MrPoT4tOas in the browser or the OS itself?17:49
genii-aroundMrPoT4tO: As in... log out of Kubuntu back to the login scren, then log back in17:50
juacom99MrPoT4tO: what's the output of find / -name libnullplugin.so -print17:50
MrPoT4tOI'll try that genii-around17:51
MrPoT4tOjuacom99: let me check and I'll copy it here17:51
juacom99run it wif su17:51
lmatsorry, buddy had a question so he unhooked my computer.17:52
juacom99MrPoT4tO: N/m do you have a file call  libflashplayer.so in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins17:54
MrPoT4tOwhat do you know, I don't17:55
MrPoT4tOlet me try the log off- log in thing first17:57
juacom99... in a kconsole wtite ls /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins | grep libflashplayer.so17:57
genii-aroundjuacom99: Neither do I, but my Flash works :)17:57
juacom99ok it was one posibility :P17:57
MrPoT4tOaaaannnd nope, still asks me for the plugin17:58
juacom99in a kconsole wtite ls /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins | grep libflashplayer.so17:58
MrPoT4tOokay done17:59
MrPoT4tOdoesn't seem to be doing anything though18:00
juacom99ok then you don't have the .so there18:00
juacom99you can try to download the .so fromn adobe's web and uncommpres it there...18:01
MrPoT4tOgood old uninstall-install it again trick. Okay, will do that18:02
genii-aroundMrPoT4tO: Alternately, just sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer18:05
genii-around( with --reinstall in the second command if necessary)18:06
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MrPoT4tOokay, thanks guys18:06
MrPoT4tOi'll let you know if it works18:06
juacom99no porblem18:07
MrPoT4tOit worked! :D18:08
MrPoT4tOthanks guys18:08
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lmatWhat is the best way to get my kubuntu looking like mac?20:42
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__dan__hi does anyone know another keyboard shortcut for refresh page i wore out my F5 key on this page http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/13.04/ :)22:55
Artakha__dan__, o_O ctrl+r is a common one22:59
__dan__hehe i know dude was kinda joking, due out any time now 13.04 innit?23:00
__dan__btw this is way easier: watch wget -qO- http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/13.04/23:00
Artakhawell yeah. but it's only 25th in the europe23:01
Artakhaand besides nobody said midnight 25th to my knowledge :P23:01
__dan__yeah im not sure really23:01
__dan__figured i would stop by irc and see if theres much of a buzz23:01
__dan__apparently not hehe :P23:01
Artakhawell yeah23:02
Artakhanot that i'm not excited though23:02
__dan__nah tbh the upcoming debian release is bigger news23:03
tyrogIs it possible to have the Kubuntu updates & backports ppas enabled at the same without trouble?23:04
__dan__yeah, i do23:04
Artakhadebian's releasing too?23:05
tyrogthanks :)23:05
tyrogArtakha: 5th may23:05
Artakhai see23:05
__dan__may want to be careful with ppa's if you wanna dist-upgrade to 13.04 tho23:05
tyrog__dan__: No, I'm doing fresh install as soon as its out :) . What about you?23:06
__dan__ah i will be doing a dist-upgrade on this23:06
__dan__did a reinstall for 12.10 so really cant be bothered23:06
tyrogIt should run fine as long as you didn't change your system too much with PPAs23:06
__dan__yeah im not too worried :)23:07
tyrogyou dont have the LTS too?23:07
__dan__nah well im on 12.10 with the ppa's on this laptop23:08
__dan__but i got a couple of 12.04 lts servers too23:08
__dan__those will be staying right where they are haha23:08
tyrog__dan__: actually i'm going with kde after one year using unity with 12.04 lts23:14
__dan__haha it took that long?23:14
__dan__10/10 for perseverance23:14
tyrogWhat? The lts, or unity? xD23:14
__dan__unity hehe :)23:14
__dan__12.04 aint bad at all23:14
__dan__in fact im just playing with 12.04 as a remote desktop server with lxde23:15
__dan__but i digress23:15
tyrogActually Unity is a good DE once you know the keyboard shortcuts and such23:15
__dan__ah i just didnt get on with it at all23:15
__dan__just seemed like more mindless reinvention of shit that already works23:16
__dan__just designed for a tablet or something like that with greasy fingerprints all over it23:16
tyrog__dan__: My previous experiences with KDE weren't that successful. I always would find trouble with it. Crashes from programs to KWin itself, Sluggishness, Bloat23:17
tyrogBut then I read some great things about KDE4.10 and decided to try it during 13.04 development cycle. Awesome!23:18
__dan__to be fair it was very flakey at 4.0 and got a really bad name because of it23:18
__dan__should never have been released the way it did23:18
__dan__how much of the blame you put on distros and how much on kde is another matter23:18
tyrogRight. And then with the following releases they have implemented a lot of stuff that has matured very well into a great 4.10 release23:18
tyroglike Nepomuk23:18
__dan__kde 4.10 is pretty rock solid in my experience23:18
__dan__tbh 4.8+ is great23:19
__dan__on mine nepomuk and all that silly gubbins gets disabled on first boot23:19
tyrogI also thought KDE was hard to customize. I was very wrong indeed :P23:19
__dan__yeah always been a strong point of KDE23:20
tyrogThe way the interface is designed is very smart. It gives the most common options first, then if you are a power user you can also dig deeper23:20
__dan__yep, i think thats the main reason i use kde, not just because of that, but the whole mindset of the devs23:20
__dan__in contrast to gnome which oversimplifies everything23:21
tyrogIt was bloated, I mean, all the options were shown, things were de-organized. Now everything has a place, it makes more sense23:21
__dan__yep i get on with it really well, it just stays out my way and i do my thing, if it gets in my way it's dead easy to teach it otherwise :)23:22
tyrogAnd it is also faster now. Nepomuk is "silent" xD23:23
__dan__it is when i've finished with it :)23:23
__dan__akonadi, virtuoso, nepomuk ... just say no23:23
__dan__should be far more easy to disable that crap, too23:24
__dan__i mean whose bright idea was it to run a mysql server on every desktop23:24
tyrogWhat is virtuoso for?23:25
Riddell** 13.04 final candidates images for testing, join us in #kubuntu-devel to help test23:26
__dan__i believe it's for full text search and the like23:26
ScottyKwhat time is kubuntu being released tomorrow?23:36
smartboyhwScottyK: 1. Tmr or today depending where you are and 2. Don't copy our council member's nick…23:37
ScottyKI'm not copying, I've had this nick for many years23:40
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