user242432Know how to setup the tablet/stylus on the fujitsu lifebook t4220 ?03:22
user242432I'm using Ubuntu/Lubuntu 12.0403:22
holsteinuser242432: should just be like a pointer, correct?03:24
user242432Yes, touch screen03:24
user242432The monitor flips into a touch screen tablet.03:24
holsteinuser242432: sometimes, i try the main ubuntu to learn things from03:24
user242432I found a tutorial for jaunty but not sure it's compatible with 12.0403:25
user242432it says to edit /etc/serial.conf03:25
holsteinuser242432: you shouldnt need to03:25
holsteinuser242432: have you just tried it yet?03:25
user242432Not yet..03:26
holsteinuser242432: just try it live.. it'll probaly "just work"03:26
user242432I bought this pc used without a stylus pen.  I'm not sure if it requires the fujitu stylus or if I can use my finger on the screen.03:29
holsteinstylus likely03:29
holsteinits just a mouse to the OS pretty much03:29
SonikkuAmericaholstein: Yes, I'm using a Fujitsu T4220 and can confirm that.03:30
SonikkuAmericauser242432: Yes, it requires the stylus.03:30
holsteina user in my LUG had one, and we had a hard time with the wifi.. it was off.. not showing up, and there was a software switch that we needed to turn the wifi chip on with from windows03:30
SonikkuAmericaFrom Windows? Was it a Wubi install?03:31
holsteinluckily he was dual booting, so i went to the site and got the utility, and installed it in xp, and turned the wifi chip on03:31
holsteinSonikkuAmerica: tbh, i dont know.. but i dont think so. i think it was a normal dual boot setup03:31
holsteinSonikkuAmerica: he came to me not being able to get the wifi working, and thats what i did.. made the wifi work03:31
SonikkuAmericauser242432: What model is your Fujitsu?03:31
user242432i tested wifi under fedora and it worked.  There's a slider switch on the side to activate it.03:32
user242432exact model..not sure.03:32
holsteinthere was no slider on this model.. it was old03:32
SonikkuAmericaholstein: Hm. I know most Fujitsu convertible tablet PCs have a hardware switch... mine is no exception.03:32
holsteini assure you this one had none03:32
SonikkuAmerica"Verily, verily..."03:32
holsteinand, we "fixed" it by installing the utility03:33
SonikkuAmericaYeah, the thing has shock sensor stuff and the whole works.03:33
SonikkuAmericaThat reminds me, I have to go reinstall VBox03:33
holsteinthis has a "windows 98" sticker on it, from what i remember03:33
* SonikkuAmerica whistles03:33
user242432SonikkuAmerica.. Did you get the stylus working?03:33
holsteinuser242432: it works out of the box03:34
SonikkuAmericauser242432: As a mouse, yes...03:34
holsteinuser242432: its like a mouse03:34
holsteinuser242432: you dont do anything to "get it working". it just works03:34
holsteinbut, its not a touch screen, if its like SonikkuAmerica and my friend's03:34
SonikkuAmericaholstein: Not a capacitive one, that is.03:34
user242432Ok.  So i don't need to edit /etc/serial.conf then.03:34
holsteinuser242432: you shouldnt need to do *anything*03:35
user242432I ordered a stylus from the US. Just waiting for it to arrive.03:35
SonikkuAmericaPen touch screens are known as a special type of resistive touch screen.03:35
holsteinuser242432: you can maybe use a part of a potato chip bag03:35
holsteinmaybe not.. but it wouldnt hurt to try..03:36
user242432Does this stylus connect to the pc with a cable?  How does it work?03:36
SonikkuAmericaholstein: I doubt that'll work as a stylus... there's a chip inside the stylus that interacts with the screen on the same channel.03:36
holsteinuser242432: check the manual at the site.. the one i saw had no cable03:36
user242432how does the pc detect the stylus ?  that's what i can't understand03:36
holsteinSonikkuAmerica: yeah.. i think the potato chip bag trick works on the ones you can use your finger on03:36
SonikkuAmericaholstein: Like Palm Pilots.03:36
holsteinuser242432: the chip that SonikkuAmerica just referenced03:36
user242432wifi you mean.03:37
holsteinuser242432: no..03:37
holsteinuser242432: far from that.. just via the screen...03:37
SonikkuAmericahttp://www.tablet4u.co.uk/techinfo.html <<< Here's a good explanation, complete with diagram. It's an electromagnetic resistance touch screen.03:37
user242432thanks for that.  Looks like i'll just have to wait for the stylus to arrive then.. Otherwise the PC seems to work fine.03:39
user242432audio is slightly tinny though.03:39
SonikkuAmericaIt would be... it's just a cheap chip.03:40
hammommahgreetings I am having some troule connecting via ssh from outside my local network. I have port 22 forwarded. I am currently running 4 csgo servers and a minecraft server. I can ping my server from outside. I can ssh into server from within my local network no worries. Any suggestions on where to look. When I try to connect from outside I get "No route to host" this is a headless ubuntu server, ive tried asking in there channel ut no one is there. I use05:44
hammommahlubuntu on all other pc's05:44
x5ivesOn launching Synaptic Package Manager I get errors: http://pastebin.com/HPqZ8zv8, this happened after reloading package info. If it helps I just installed lubuntu without an internet connection.07:26
user242432Real bad crackly audio on my fujitsu lifebook t4220.   Audio worked fine on fedora 15.  Any idea how to fix?07:38
user242432Should i install pusle? If so, what's the full suite of apps needed?07:38
x5ivesIt's quite quiet here right now...07:40
user242432x5ives.. Shhh..let them meditate upon my questions ;- )07:41
x5ivesI've been waiting twelve minutes on my issue, you're the first to message since then.07:42
user242432Don't forget #ubuntu  and #lxde chatrooms.07:44
user242432I might have to "do the rounds" myself soon.07:45
user242432like now.  :- )07:46
x5ivesWait, you're in using Ubuntu? Why didn't you go to #ubuntu first?07:57
user242432I'm there now asking.07:58
x5ivesYeah but why did you come here fisrt?07:58
x5ivesIf you're running Ubuntu.07:58
user242432Because I'm using the lubuntu desktop suite07:58
user242432ubuntu + lxde.  Well it says i have Lubuntu at bootup now.07:58
x5ivesAhh, did you install the metapackage.07:59
user242432i used the mini.iso net installer07:59
x5ivesDid you do it because gnome was too needy for your computer?08:00
user242432I stick to what I know best: lxde & i know a lot of tweaks for it.08:00
x5ivesFair enough, just wondering 'cause that's why I did it. What OS did you first use LXDE in?08:01
user242432hmm can't remember now...Was a long time ago.  Probably Debian or Ubuntu.08:01
x5ivesUbuntu used LXDE?08:01
x5ivesOr did you install it manually?08:02
user242432I used the mini installer for a long time, although I could have used the official Lubuntu..can't remember.08:02
x5ivesWhat made you decide to use it, just wanted to try it out?08:03
wxlx5ives: google helps. http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/e-the-package-lists-or-status-file-could-not-be-parsed-or-opened/08:03
user242432it's closeness to windows so it's easy to use for noobs and windows users.08:03
user242432A windows user can easily transition to lxde without much hastles.  Well I have no complaints from them ;- )08:04
wxluser242432: ubuntu + lxde != lubuntu. e.g. pulse? not in lubuntu.08:04
user242432wxl:  I used the ubuntu mini.iso web installer and I selected lubuntu desktop suite.08:05
wxluser242432: so how did you end up with pulse?08:05
user242432I didn't... I used pulse in fedora.08:06
user242432I want to install pulse but what metapackages do I need?08:06
wxloh i misread that message up there.08:06
wxlpulse doesn't change your audio drivers08:06
wxlwhat drivers did you use in fedora? what are you using now?08:07
wxlare they different versions?08:07
wxlwhat about the kernel version?08:07
wxlthis can help you kind of figure this all out, or at least get closer to the problem.08:07
wxllspci -vvnn should give you plenty of information, though you'll have to dig for your audio device08:08
user242432Not sure. I'd have to reboot F15.  Checking my drivers.. brb08:08
x5iveswxl: #ubuntu basically gave me the same info, but thanks anyway :).08:09
wxlx5ives: and it didn't work?08:10
x5ivesSlow internet, still performing apt-get update.08:10
wxluser242432: lspci -vvnn | grep --after-context=10 -i audio should hone in on the specifics08:10
user242432Chipset:  Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)08:10
wxluser242432: yeah yeah it's the driver the matters. i'm asking you to compare the drivers used on both os's08:11
wxlif one is using driver_a and one is using driver_b you should probably use the one that works :)08:11
user242432This is why I ask about Pulse:08:11
user242432I recently had a problem with usb audio not working in alsa.  Then I installed Pulse and it worked fine.08:11
user242432So I'm assuming..just install Pulse and make it work.08:12
wxlyou can certainly try08:12
wxl!info pulseaudio | user24243208:12
ubottuuser242432: pulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.1-0ubuntu4 (quantal), package size 883 kB, installed size 3228 kB08:12
x5ivesSorry about that, accidentally closed pidgin.08:13
user242432So I'm sifting through apt-cache looking for which pulse metapackage I need.....08:13
user242432found pavucontrol (yes i want that)...and?08:14
wxluser242432: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh pulseaudio08:14
user242432ah..i was searching for "apt-cache search pulse"08:15
wxlpulseaudio will instlal just about everything and as long as you don't request no recomments you'll get pauvucontrol etc08:15
user242432ok installing.08:16
user242432Didn't work & external speakers don't work either.08:23
user242432Will have to test again in fedora & check drivers etc.08:24
user242432I'll check my driver options.  Sometimes *buntu disables driver options.08:25
user242432Where's the file that shows what driver optons are enabled?08:33
x5ivesSynaptic was open while performing apt-get update, I'm doing it again now, will it download everything again or just what it needs?08:34
x5ivesLike, what it already downloaded before, it won't download again right?08:34
x5ivesNever mind, it's done.08:34
user242432x5lives...just shutdown synaptic..  It should run the update manager automatically later on anyway08:34
wxlx5ives: synaptic and apt-get are trying to do the same thing. actually one should lock out the other one being used. they conflict with one another. only one at a time.08:35
wxlx5ives: you might run into further issues  because of that.08:35
wxluser242432: it sppears modinfo should give you potential parameters08:35
user242432wxl..yes, but where is the file in /proc or wherever that stores records the options?08:36
wxl/proc/modules afaik08:36
x5ivesI know, I know, I closed Synaptic, apt-get update -ed, now I'm reloading package info in Synaptic.08:37
x5ivesapt-get update didn't return any errors this time.08:38
wxlx5ives: technically they use the same info, so if you apt-get update there's no need to update synaptic :)08:38
x5ivesFigured as much, why are some thing failing in Synaptic then?08:39
x5ivesAnd what does "Hit" mean?08:39
wxlhard to say08:39
wxli don't use synaptic08:39
wxlit's an unnecessary front end08:39
wxlit can have its own errors08:40
x5ivesWell, it's easy to search for packages in Synaptic.08:40
wxlso it is with apt-cache search something08:40
Myrttisynaptic makes it easy to browse for packages, but it's not particularly good or fast in comparison to apt-cache08:41
x5ivesSo that's the command! I had a feeling there was an apt-get search!08:41
wxlalso there's apt-cache show which will give more info on a particular package08:41
wxldon't sudo apt-cache08:41
wxlnot necessary08:41
x5ivesJust 'apt-cache query'?08:41
Myrttisearch or show08:41
Myrttiapt-cache search plymouth, apt-cache show plymouth08:42
wxltechnically it has other possibilities, but those are the things you'd probably most use.08:42
wxleither that or dotty (NOT)08:42
Unit193apt-cache policy can be quite useful as well.  apt-cache alone will tell you some more.08:42
x5ivesWhat is plymouth, I you're just using it as an example package but I'm still curious.08:42
wxlx5ives: more or less the boot up screen that's got lubuntu on it :)08:43
x5ivesThanks, wondered that for some time.08:43
x5ivesWhat's dotty?08:43
wxldotty - Generate package graphs for GraphViz08:44
wxlif that don't make sense, don't sweat it. it don't to most.08:44
x5ivesAnd what's GraphViz?08:45
wxl!info graphviz | x5ives08:45
ubottux5ives: graphviz (source: graphviz): rich set of graph drawing tools. In component main, is optional. Version 2.26.3-12ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 317 kB, installed size 863 kB08:45
wxli should add, even to those that that makes sense, it still isn't necessarily useful or commonly used. i wouldn't sweat not grokking it.08:46
wxlwhen i had discrete math classes i composed all my notes in LaTeX (typsetting engine, kind of like what you wish html was) and used GraphViz to make e.g. tree diagrams and things. most people don't/won't/wouldn't use it.08:47
Myrttimmmm latex08:47
x5ivesWhat you wish html was?08:47
MyrttiI should install it again08:47
wxlx5ives: just nevermind :)08:48
wxlMyrtti: it's good!08:48
Unit193Rabbit hole...08:48
MyrttiI know, I used it at work and I do my CV with it08:48
x5ivesHow do I find accurate internet speed, Connection information gives 100 Mb/s, that's not right.08:52
x5ivesI'll be back...08:53
x5ivesWhat's the problem?10:47
x5ivesIf a program should run with only 'Depends' packages what is contained in 'Recommends' and 'Suggests'?10:52
meerkathello. I'm looking for some torrents to seed for 13.04. Which lubuntu versions eat the most traffic?12:38
x5ivesIs there a command to list a package's download size?12:42
Myrttiapt-cache show shows that12:44
x5ivesSpecifically, how would I do it?12:45
x5ives'apt-cache search doesn12:45
x5ives'apt-cache search' doesn't seem to show download sizes.12:46
x5ivesFound this http://askubuntu.com/questions/35956/how-to-see-size-of-a-package-in-terminal-prior-to-downloading, top answer suggests apt-cache --no-all-versions show $package | grep '^Size: '12:51
x5ivesI tried apt-cache --no-all-versions show $kate | grep '^Size: ' but it returns E: No packages found, kate is a text editor.12:52
x5ivesExample package.12:52
x5ivesSomeone on #ubuntu suggested 'apt-cache show packagename'12:56
Myrttiyeah I don't know why you tried $kate12:56
Myrttimyrtti@kengu:~$ apt-cache --no-all-versions show kate |grep ^Size:12:57
MyrttiSize: 87880212:57
x5ivesapt-cache --no-all-versions show $package | grep '^Size: '12:57
x5ives^ the example.12:58
x5ivesDo you see why I tried $kate?12:58
Myrttibecause the example writer assumed too much, or too little12:59
Myrttiassumptions are bad :-(12:59
x5ivesTrue that.12:59
x5ivesBut is that the download size?12:59
Myrttiwell I just tried with an app that I've installed recently and the size matches with the cached deb file13:00
Myrttiso I suppose yet.13:01
x5ivesYou and someone from #ubuntu just hiveminded.13:02
Myrttioh, I'm wasting my time since you're already being responded to elsewhere.13:02
Myrttiyeah, LjL is like that.13:02
x5ivesYou know them?13:02
x5ivesShould that be an assumption?13:02
x5ivesAre they like semi-famous in the Ubuntu community or something?13:03
MyrttiLjL and I are both long time participants on Ubuntu IRC community.13:03
Myrttianyhoo, glad you got an answer13:04
x5ivesIs 'Size' in bytes?13:04
x5ivesJust regular bytes...13:05
Myrttigoogle says yes.13:06
Myrttior rather, 'info ls'13:07
x5ivesAhh, thanks, sorry for being pushy, next time I'll google it myself.13:07
x5ivesHow is google akin to 'info ls'?13:07
Myrttidon't worry, I got interested myself13:07
x5ivesShould have a 'b'.13:08
Myrttigoogle pointed me to an answer that quoted info ls13:08
Myrtti"Normally the size is printed as a byte count without punctuation"13:09
x5ivesHow did you find that so fast? 'info ls' look like a looooong document.13:10
x5ivesAnd there generally is no ctrl+f in terminal emulators.13:11
x5ivesWhat does this '_o>' mean?13:11
x5ivesIs that meant to look like command prompt stuffs, if I'm using the correct term.13:12
x5ivesOh my! I'm spot on!13:12
x5ivesWith the term that is, was I right though13:12
Myrttino, a person giving a salute ;-)13:13
Myrttibut yes, command prompt is what it looks like13:13
x5ivesYeh, that was half-guess too, woot!13:13
x5ivesI get the 'o>' being the head and arm, but what's the '_' looks like their other arm pointing straight left, that's not right is it?13:15
x5ivesOn a more related note, how about a command for listing a package and all it's dependencies' download size?13:17
x5ivesIn total.13:17
x5ivesMyrtti: ?13:24
Myrttisorry, had to call opticians13:25
x5ivesNo problem.13:25
Myrttiwell I suppose you could simulate the fetching13:26
x5ivesWhat's wrong with your eyes, if you don't mind me asking?13:26
x5ivesAnd what do you mean by that?13:26
Myrttinature had a revenge on me, I was mowing the lawn on Sunday and the lawnmower ate my glasses13:27
x5ivesAhh, but why do you have glasses in the first place?13:27
x5ivesShort or far sighted? Or something else?13:29
x5ivesJust curious, you don't have to answer.13:29
x5ivesEspecially since this is #lubuntu.13:29
Myrttiyeah I can't actually wrangle man to give me enough information on how you'd get the total amount, apt-get -s doesn't print the size of the files it seems13:33
x5ivesAlthough I'm going to do this in a sec, did you try info instead?13:36
Myrttiin this case it contains the exact same info as man13:37
x5ivesSeriously, exact? I thought they were meant to be different?13:39
Myrttidevelopers and document writers take shortcuts sometimes13:42
x5ivesI think it's more consistent to include a note in one of the pages explaining how to read the other one.13:44
x5ivesHow do I change my default window manager?17:34
x5ivesSorry, didn't meant to disconnect before, figured it out.17:46
x5ivesIs there a way I can make xfwm4 look like openbox-lubuntu?17:47
x5ivesNever mind.18:10
ElTimoIs there any way to increase the amount of ram used by an intel GPU?20:50
RafaleHi buddy, someone speak French ? :)22:05
bjrohanHello. When I install packages,  I get the following error22:35
genii-aroundbjrohan: "no space left on device" seems fairly self-explanatory :)22:36
genii-aroundeg: the /boot partition is full22:37
bjrohanHmm, because it only gives that when it comes to the kernel, I have installed many other programs all the while getting the message22:37
bjrohanNevermind I see22:38
bjrohan/dev/sda1                   233191    230673         0 100% /boot22:39
genii-aroundbjrohan: So the idea would be to uninstall all the obsolete linux-image-<oldversions-still-in-there>22:40
bjrohanI suppose now I should  figure out how to remedy that22:40
bjrohanHow would I do that22:41
phillwbjrohan: you can use synaptics package manager, let me just dig you up a link for instructions22:43
genii-aroundbjrohan: first do: uname -r   to know what current kernel you have. then ls /boot    to see what previous ones are there. Then sudo apt-get remove linux-image-<previous-numbered-one-here>      for each of the older ones22:44
bjrohanthe package manager won't start?22:44
bjrohanI did the uname -r22:44
bjrohanI then did a dpkg --list | grep linux-image22:44
bjrohanI have the list of all the old ones installed22:45
bjrohanNow just remove22:45
genii-aroundbjrohan: Ah, good. You can use that list, aye22:45
bjrohanLeave say the newest 3? Also should I remove the ones with extra in them?22:48
genii-aroundbjrohan: You can remove the "extras" packages for each older kernel if you like, or later it will usually say something about using apt-get autoremove when you do another install/update22:49
genii-aroundbjrohan: The latest 3 is fairly good, I'd say. That's what I keep around22:50
bjrohanHow can I remedy the package manager not starting? I click the icon from the menu, it asks for my password, then nothing22:52
n-iCeWondering if any of you know a way to share internet (no ad-hoc)23:01
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing23:11
genii-aroundn-iCe: Probably a lot of the stuff in the bot's link is Ubuntu-centric but could be used23:11

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