hammommahgreetings I am having some troule connecting via ssh from outside my local network. I have port 22 forwarded. I am currently running 4 csgo servers and a minecraft server. I can ping my server from outside. I can ssh into server from within my local network no worries. Any suggestions on where to look. When I try to connect from outside I get "No route to host"05:40
jpickettsydney meet up on saturday05:55
jpickettjared: ^05:56
jaredjpickett: yeah, I keep meaning to figure out how to get something in Brisbane06:20
Noskcajis anyone online able to help with testing or  bug 117205907:43
lubotu2bug 1172059 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "kubuntu ubiquity encryption doesn't check password" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117205907:43
Noskcajalso if anyone wants a free powermac i'll send them one.07:44
skraitohi aussie09:23
skraitoanyone here09:23
Noskcajskraito, yep09:25
skraitohow are ya can i private message u09:25
Noskcajgoo. yeah, sure. 09:25

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