BobJonkman2Hi azend: Any further details on a Guelph release party?21:57
azendalmost forgot about that21:57
azendI hope to have it within the next two weeks21:57
* azend has been smashed by exams21:58
azendIt will be at Diyode21:58
azendand I'll probably pick a time and date later tonight21:58
azendPerhaps a friday21:59
azendor Thursday21:59
BobJonkman2Diyode!  Cool, I haven't been there yet21:59
azendI guess you'll just have to come check it out :)22:00
BobJonkman2Are Diyode Open House nights still on Mondays at 9:00pm?22:00
BobJonkman2...and you'll come to the Kwartzlab release party too, right?  Just for a warm-up/22:01
azendbut then I'll know in advance what I have to live up to22:11
azendBobJonkman2: probably22:15
azendwe'll see how bussing goes22:16
BobJonkman2Intercity bussing may be difficult22:16
azendThere seems to be a greyhound which departs at 10:1522:16
BobJonkman2It goes right past the new Kwartzlab location, I wonder if there's a stop nearby22:17
azendwell, charles22:17
BobJonkman2the Charles St. terminal?22:17
azendI'll figure something out22:18
BobJonkman2Well, there may be some kind soul with independent transportation that might go home via Guelph22:18
azendthat is true too22:18
azendwill kwartzlab be open earlier?22:19
BobJonkman2So don't let transportation back be the reason not to come22:19
azendI'll be there22:20
BobJonkman2I intend to be there shortly before 7:00pm, since that's when the IRC meeting starts (and I may be chairing again if dscassel is busy putting up banner and streamers &c.22:20
azendSo I guess that means I need to bring a laptop, huh :)22:21
BobJonkman2I hope to have the IRC meeting on the big screen, so anyone can read.  But if you want to type under your own handle then yes.  Although I think there may be an open access computer at Kwartzlab.22:22
azendI was talking more to install ubuntu on22:26
azendI'm _always_ on IRC :)22:27
BobJonkman2Once I get the .iso on Thursday morning then I'll probably run my laptop off a bootable thumb drive22:28
BobJonkman2Actually, it might be Thursday morning somewhere already22:29
genii-aroundRelease time is typically like dinnertime UK, so early afternoon here22:29
* BobJonkman2 grumbles; another 18 hours to wait22:30
BobJonkman2I hope I can DL the .iso before the release party starts22:30
* BobJonkman2 will be busy making devilled eggs in the early afternoon22:30
BobJonkman2Speaking of food, I should start making dinner.22:30
azendI would like to set up an netboot/install server in time for my party but we'll see how it goes22:31
BobJonkman2We had a Debian caching server at one of the Kwartzlab release parties; I think egerlach set it up22:31
azendI think just an apt mirror would hep22:32
BobJonkman2That's what it was, the thing egerlach set up.22:32
azendapt mirror takes some special configuration on the host too though if I remember correctly22:33
azendI don't remember ever setting anything up at the last one I was at22:33
BobJonkman2I suppose it could be a reverse proxy at the gateway, so everything that goes out gets inspected for destination, and gets re-directed to the mirror if it matches22:34
BobJonkman2Anyway, going AFK for a while.  Dinner beckons.22:34
azendtrue enough22:34
dscasselI kinda doubt the Kwartzlab apt-cache mirror is up and operational.22:44
dscasselMost of our server infrastructure still hasnt' recovered from the move.22:45
dscasselWell, maybe not most... But the stuff people didn't use as much...22:45
dscasselI'm not going to have time to burn isos or anything.22:45
genii-aroundBy the way that ustream feed goes along nice and placidly... then WHAM - EXTREMELY LOUD ADVERT!     ;)22:47
dscasselazend: the GO train gets in around 7:20. From there you'd be able to catch the iXpress to the Ottawa St stop.22:50
dscasselgenii-around: Yeah, I'm going to bring that up at our meeting tonight.22:50
dscassel(Tune in tonight for a sewing workshop!)22:50
genii-aroundI'll be setting up on my end from around 6, I may need someone around to test the video feeds we'll be sending... any volunteers?22:56
dscasselgenii-around: I'm going to try to be at the lab around 6:30.  Not sure how much crazy running around I might be doing, tho.23:05
genii-aroundOK. Guess I'll take my chances :)23:06
genii-aroundI could always ask someone maybe in #ubuntu-release-party to test I suppose23:06
* BobJonkman2 pops in while sheltering from the BBQ23:11
BobJonkman2genii-around: I wouldn't mind trying out that Google Hangout; people seemed to like that idea23:11
BobJonkman2But I'll be around a bit later for that kind of thing23:11
BobJonkman2BTW, "sheltering from the BBQ" really means "sheltering from the weather while BBQing".  There's no richter-scale BBQ explosions, or anything like that.23:12
genii-aroundNow I'm not wondering any more!23:13

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