JoseeAntonioRballoons: ping02:24
balloonsJoseeAntonioR, pong02:24
JoseeAntonioRballoons: are you hosting the hangouts at ubuntuonair?02:25
balloonsJoseeAntonioR, if your wondering about the hangout for ubuntu on air this week.. it's been canceled :-)02:25
JoseeAntonioRyou read my mind, then02:25
balloonslol.. I should say postponed actually.. to TBD02:25
JoseeAntonioRjust let me know the dates so it can be on the calendar02:26
balloonssure thing..02:26
dholbachgood morning07:24
smartboyhwDamn the Open Week doesn't fit:(07:58
elfydholbach: when does this forum support stuff need to be done by? almost finished I think ...08:57
dholbachelfy, feel free to give me what you have09:01
dholbachand if there's thing we've got to change or fix later on we can still do it09:01
elfywell - the pad has been written on - just need to come up with a short bit to get over "deliver one-on-one problem solving over as much time as it takes. "09:03
dholbachok cool09:03
dholbachI'll reply to some mails in the meantime09:03
=== hobgoblin is now known as elfy
dholbachmhall119, so to me it looks like I should edit "Ubuntu: Main Index Template (index.php)", right? it looks like I can't change it - there's just a function name lookup button09:56
dholbachah, "You need to make this file writable before you can save your changes. See the Codex for more information."10:12
mhall119dholbach: where are you trying to edit it, through Wordpress?13:01
dholbachmhall119, yes13:02
mhall119dholbach: hmmm, I always edited them locally and pushed them via bzr13:03
dholbachmhall119, maybe the permissions need changing? hm13:03
dholbachballoons: does the page look good?13:03
mhall119dholbach: is the instance still running?13:10
dholbachmhall119, they're doing some maintenance right now13:15
elfydholbach: we think we're done with etherpad now - thanks for letting us know13:17
smartboyhwelfy: Thanks:)13:17
dholbachelfy, awesome13:17
smartboyhwNow waiting for IRCC and LoCoV13:18
smartboyhwoops, LoCoC13:18
jcastroelfy: ping13:18
elfyjcastro: pong13:18
jcastrohey so I think the forums are missing from the template13:18
jcastrowhich is why any site with the newer design is missing it13:18
jcastroI think if we fix the template it'll work13:19
jcastrothe wordpress template13:19
jcastrocjohnston: do you know who we can talk to on the webteam to fix the template they use for all .ubuntu.com sites?13:19
elfynot sure what that template is for though13:19
jcastrothose little boxes, etc.13:19
jcastroare reusable widgets they use on all ubuntu sites13:19
elfyoh right - if it's the cause of the missing from website thing - then that'd cheer us up no end ;)13:20
cjohnstonjcastro: I'm not sure I understand what you mean fix the template13:20
smartboyhwdholbach: You want me to review finding help section of website?13:21
dholbachthere's not much on there , but sure :)13:21
jcastrocjohnston: so like the "ubuntu" theme we're using everywhere?13:21
cjohnstonWhy should the forums be in that? nothing else is that I'm aware of13:22
jcastroI'm not talking about the forums theme13:22
jcastrobut putting a link like "Check out our forums here!" in those little community boxes13:22
smartboyhwdholbach: ACK :P13:22
jcastroI mean, we put mailing lists there13:22
jcastrowhich is the equivalent of punching people in the face13:22
dholbachsmartboyhw, cool13:23
cjohnstonjcastro: can you show me an example of a wordpress site that says that?13:23
jcastroI just cloned the theme13:23
jcastrothe "other ways to get involved"13:24
cjohnstonwhere did you get the theme from?13:26
jcastroI don't remember13:27
jcastroI think from developer.u.c?13:27
mhall119jcastro: I think so, yeah13:27
cjohnstonjcastro: I would guess ant.. I'm still having trouble understanding the issue though.. you (or someone) put links to IRC, ML, etc13:28
jcastrook so like, I didn't make up juju.u.c on my own13:29
jcastroI stole the design from developer.u.c13:29
cjohnstondeveloper.u.c has a link to the forum13:29
jcastrohmmm, wtf, how come I don't have one13:30
mhall119jcastro: because you didn't add one?13:30
jcastrowell, I'm getting a redo in 2 weeks or so anyway at least13:31
jcastroI see they "accidentally" removed Debian from the footer13:32
s-foxPerhaps it is a regression? jcastro13:35
jcastroI would guess someone on the webteam just said "what's a debian?" and removed it.13:36
smartboyhwjcastro lol13:36
elfyhe he he - my kids were gullible for years ...13:38
smartboyhwjcastro: That guy should get fired for not knowing what's a Debian…:P13:38
jcastroelfy: looks like bug is fixed14:05
elfyyea - was quick  - I passed on my thanks to Ant Dillon14:05
s-foxyep, good job :)14:06
smartboyhwdholbach: Hmm the countdown bug was fixed.14:06
elfyjcastro: do you know who I need to ask to get meetbot into #ubuntuforums ? - I made an error booking ubuntu-meeting so FC is having to use that channel this weekend14:11
dholbachsmartboyhw, cool14:11
jcastroI think someone in #ubuntu-irc?14:11
* jcastro is gleefully bot-dumb14:11
elfyok cheers14:11
elfyI try to be ...14:11
dholbachmhall119, seems to be back now14:22
balloonselfy, you assk meetbot nicely14:22
balloonsI hear he likes presents..14:22
elfyoh I'll be really kind :)14:23
s-foximportant question,  how do we get rid of the bot when we're done?14:23
s-foxjust kick it?14:24
czajkowskiyou dont just leave it there14:24
elfyI'll ask them that as well s-fox14:24
czajkowskithen you dont have to ask them every time you need it14:24
balloonss-fox, leave it and dump it.. he'll never come now!14:24
s-foxoh actually i know how to get rid of it :)14:24
elfywe'd not need it again czajkowski - I just made a mistake when booking -meeting - we'd rather have our FC meetings in the right room as we normally do14:25
elfya social channel isn't the best place to have a meeting - and we like our meetings to be logged obviously14:26
dholbachballoons: I'm still not sure, is http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-quality OK now? :)14:26
czajkowskielfy: fair enough could lave it there in case you need it again, it doesn't bite14:26
balloonsdholbach, I was going to have a once over again today14:26
dholbachah ok14:26
balloonsyou'll get another email from me :-)14:26
elfyczajkowski: no - but we'd just get people playing with it - but it's not that big a deal14:27
balloonslololol elfy .. methinks czajkowski has never been to #ubuntu-forums14:27
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: hey, is there any official announcement for the charm school I can link to the UWN?14:27
czajkowskiballoons: :)14:29
jcastroJoseeAntonioR: it's on the juju list, I CCed you directly14:30
jcastrobut it's the same email14:30
jcastroalso on my blog in a few14:30
JoseeAntonioRgreat, thanks!14:30
jcastrofrom now on I'll direct CC the news team14:31
jcastroI figure it's easier than14:31
jcastropleia2: hey pleia! New announcement!14:31
czajkowskijcastro: learned how to get news on the fidge, is news worthy tbh :)14:32
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: I can take care of it if you'd like, she's away14:32
smartboyhwjcastro: I thought you did CC news team14:32
jcastroI did14:32
czajkowskithat whole wedding thing :) \o/14:32
smartboyhwAs seen from what I received14:32
smartboyhwczajkowski: What what? pleia2?14:32
czajkowskismartboyhw: yes14:32
elfyczajkowski: good news is always good news14:33
smartboyhwczajkowski: :)14:33
jcastrodoes anyone know how to make the Google Hangout link in a recurring calendar be able to be recorded?14:33
czajkowskidearest updates please hurrry up so I can continue testing 20 mins and counting14:33
smartboyhwelfy: I think no news is good news:P14:33
elfywait till you're my age - sometimes no news is not too good ;)14:34
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: all hangouts get recorded14:35
smartboyhwelfy: LOL14:35
jonohey all14:35
s-foxhello jono14:35
elfyhi jono14:35
smartboyhwHi jono14:36
jcastroJoseeAntonioR: there's no record button on our team hangouts14:37
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: oh, you mean private hangouts14:37
JoseeAntonioRlemme check14:38
jcastroI want to record the weekly charm meetings14:38
jcastrobut other than mailing everyone with a new link I can't find a way to record stuff14:38
jonojcastro, I don't think you can do it14:40
jonojcastro, maybe use a desktop recorder?14:40
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: maybe you can do it on-air and not link it anywhere14:40
elfydholbach: wonder if the live support chat bit of http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-help-find-support should refer to the webchat possibilities - and I thought empathy was default14:41
dholbachelfy, yeah - good question - maybe it makes more sense to link to webchat instances somewhere14:42
dholbachbecause a lot of people will find it too much already to configure empathy to join irc14:42
dholbachnot even sure if telepathy-idle is installed by default14:42
s-foxwoo new version of soapui #airpunch14:42
jcastrojono: I was thinking of just doing a normal hangout, and then send everyone a new link14:42
jonojcastro, right14:43
elfydholbach: I'd not know how to set that - but I can reword it to suit using webchats14:43
dholbachI'm happy to just add links to the channels when I move it over14:43
jcastronot ideal but I need to get these meetings in the public more than I care about inconveniencing people, heh14:43
elfydholbach: ok - I'll word it better and leave it for you to add channels14:43
elfyno idea why gaim is there lol14:44
dholbachmight be old content14:44
elfyvery old lol14:45
dholbach"On April 6, 2007, the project development team announced the results of their settlement with AOL, which included a series of name changes: Gaim became Pidgin, ..."14:46
dholbachfrom wikipedia14:46
elfyre worded that - just needs suitable links for the 4 main channels14:48
dholbachok cool14:48
elfychecked the page over while I was there14:48
dholbachelfy, and it's looking all right to you?14:50
elfyseems to make sense to me :)14:51
jonomhall119, jcastro call?15:00
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: hey, would you like to do an intro to ubuntu development during openweek? :)15:48
dholbachwhen is UOW again?15:48
JoseeAntonioR21-22 may, 13-18 UTC15:49
dholbachsure why not15:51
dholbachthe earlier the better basically15:52
JoseeAntonioRok, on 21 or 22?15:54
JoseeAntonioRall slots are open15:54
dholbachI'm happy either way15:54
JoseeAntonioRok, let's start with you as last time15:55
JoseeAntonioRthat'd be 21st from 13 to 14 UTC, thanks a bunch!15:56
czajkowskidholbach: I seem to be lost on the loco support pad, which pad and what kinda infomration is needed as we already have a lot of the support and contact information on the other pad15:58
* JoseeAntonioR runs to class15:58
dholbachthanks JoseeAntonioR16:00
dholbachczajkowski, I'm happy for us to just have loco stuff on there and just mention loco teams in passing on other pads16:00
smartboyhwdholbach: I"m still waiting input from IRCC:(16:07
czajkowskidholbach: coolbhavi SergioMenesesAFK http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-support  this page right ?16:08
czajkowskijust want to make sure16:08
dholbachsmartboyhw, sounds good16:08
dholbachczajkowski, that page should just have a little bit of loco bits in there16:08
dholbachhttp://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-help-meeting-locos might be the main loco page16:09
SergioMeneseshi czajkowski dholbach16:09
* SergioMeneses is reading16:09
dholbachall right my friends - I've got to dash - so I'll leave you guys to it16:09
dholbachplease update the wiki, so I know which page to update on the test instance tomorrow16:10
dholbachhugs hugs! :)16:10
SergioMenesesdholbach, bye16:10
* czajkowski hugs dholbach 16:10
czajkowskienjoy a nice cuppa tea :)16:10
dholbachwill do16:11
SergioMenesesczajkowski, it looks ok for me but I'm agree with dholbach16:11
SergioMeneseswe can add information from http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-help-meeting-locos16:11
jonoballoons, pgraner says the images are not getting much testing16:12
jonoI asked him to get in touch with you16:12
jonocan you have an extra push here?16:12
jonoand ensure pgraner is happy16:12
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, czajkowski: Just add how to support using LoCo teams, like #ubuntu-<locale> channels.16:13
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, sounds good16:14
balloonsjono, chatting away now16:14
jonothanks balloons16:16
jonocan you provide me with an update later16:16
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, maybe some reference to http://loco.ubuntu.com/16:16
SergioMenesesI think it will be more helpful16:16
AlanBellsmartboyhw: I added some IRC stuff to the end16:34
SergioMenesesAlanBell, great! +116:35
bkerensajcastro: I need a list of Juju contributors this cycle for release notes18:00
bkerensaballoons: do you have a list of testers?18:01
balloonsbkerensa, I was just pinging the release guys about that contributors section18:01
bkerensaballoons: I am adding it in18:02
balloonsyes, I'll have a list of folks who helped test18:02
bkerensacool just e-mail it to me18:02
balloonswill do :-)18:02
SergioMenesesbkerensa, balloons has a lot of nice charts18:02
jcastrobkerensa: I was about to ask you the same thing, heh18:03
bkerensajcastro: LOL18:05
jcastroworking it18:05
bkerensaoh dear I deleted some Quantal release notes :P *revert*18:17
jcastrojono: hey grumpt cat18:39
jonojcastro, LOL18:39
bkerensajono: I made some amazing chicken last night... I used a mix of sriracha, honey and pepper flakes to do the glaze18:40
jcastroMy grill must be on it's way here18:42
jcastroI can tell because it's raining18:42
bkerensajcastro: you could come back here since its not raining now18:49
jcastrothe beer is too strong for me there18:50
jcastroI know right ... first world problems18:51
jcastrohey jono19:24
jcastroask me where you can find the list of coolest people in the world19:24
jcastro<jono> where can I find the list of the coolest people in the world?19:24
jcastroI am glad you asked!19:24
jcastroblam! first time I got my stuff in on time, heh.19:25
bkerensanow just need dholbach to update that tonight19:34
bkerensaneeds to be done by tomorrow morning19:34
* popey created a blog post titled "Please don’t add pointless blog posts about pointless comments on bug reports" then decided not to publish22:10
czajkowskipopey: oh the this affects me too comments22:17
czajkowskiplease do publish22:17
czajkowskipeople need to learn how to use launchpad >:(22:18
jcastrolp bugs need flags so we can remove junk comments22:18
czajkowskiit doe22:18
czajkowskiI remove a lot of comments daily22:18
mhall119popey: file a bug about the "affects me too" feature being abused, so I can mark it as affecting me22:18
jcastroyeah but for trusted users, that doesn't scale22:18
czajkowskimhall119: don't you mean comment :)22:18
popeybut these are forums people they spend all day commenting on posts22:19
popeyhow can anyone be surprised when they..22:19
popeycomment on posts22:19
popeyits not a massive problem by any stretch22:19
czajkowskiexcept if you're on a lot of bugs and a lot of people do it daily22:19
popeyblogging telling people not to comment is just as daft imo22:19
czajkowskiit can get annoying trust me22:19
popeysure, so fix it ☻22:19
jcastroflag -> this comment is not-constructive would be nice22:20
jcastrofor everyone I mean22:20
mhall119jcastro: ask-ubuntu style?22:20
mhall119and markdown support in bug descriptions22:20
czajkowskiwith only two lp enginners working on lp it's not gonna happen22:20
popeydelete from comments where name = 'jcastro'22:20
jcastroif you make it easy for people to remove crap, they will remove it22:20
jcastromhall119: there's markdown in there already iirc22:20
mhall119*cough* wiki *cough*22:20
czajkowskicurrently on less 100 criticals and they're taking a week off next week to work on something but then back to criticals22:20
popeyI must be allowed to downvote my peers!22:21
* czajkowski marks invalid :)22:21
popeyI must be heard!22:21
popeyi love watching jcastro's delete everything video22:21
mhall119I deleted that video22:21
popeyespecially the bit where he gets downvoted by cjwatson22:21
popeythats my job!22:21
jcastroat the end of the day22:22
jcastroif a bugtracker is full of crap, developers won't want to use it22:22
popeyIn other news, I have Bittorrent Sync running on my Ubuntu phone22:22
jcastroand then real people with real problems get ignored22:22
jcastroI have it running at home, it's quite nice22:22
mhall119aquarius needs to add a bittorrent client to Ubuntu One, so I can right-click a .torrent link and select "Download directly to Ubuntu One"22:23
aquariusyou ain't the first person to think of that.22:23
mhall119this is what I hate about being in a geek community, every time I joking suggest some outlandish idea, someone else has already suggested it seriously22:24
czajkowski26 new projects registered on lp since my EOD at 6 today22:24
czajkowskiI didnt review it for a week and we had over 200, that was a painful day to review them all22:24
czajkowskibut lots of people do use LP for bugtracking for their projects not just code hosting22:24
jcastromhall119: no, the even worse part is people will just say "great idea! Lmk when you've finished it!"22:25
czajkowskiaquarius: popey either of ye in the office tomorrow or heading to release party?22:27
popeyno. my car broke today22:27
popeyneed to get it fix0r3d22:27
popeywell, broke even more22:27
czajkowskiam gonna head over to the beer festival on friday so may see you then22:28
aquariusnot me. I have to be here tomorrow, and then travelling next week so I am trying to not go anywhere unti then22:28
czajkowskipopey: did your RAT tickets arrive22:28
popeynot yet, anohoo22:29
czajkowskiaquarius: coming on the RAT22:29
aquariusoh, the real ale train?22:29
aquariusam not sure, yet22:29
popeychop chop, they sell out quick22:30
czajkowskiwhat he said!22:30
czajkowskiwonder did nick tate sign up for the entire design team :) http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2329-1304-release-party/22:31
popeywhy not?22:31
popeyseems a sensible use of resources22:31
czajkowskioh indeed22:31
popeyof course he could have got everyone to leave a comment saying "me too"22:31
czajkowskijust looks unusal to be a +more than 1 :)22:31
czajkowskipopey: lol22:31
czajkowskiright sleep time stupid o'clock train in the morning22:31

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