bkerensagodbyk: would you like to prepare the Doc Contributor list for raring/18:26
bkerensaRiddell: do you have a list of contributors for Kubuntu Docs?18:26
godbykbkerensa: Do you want a list of people who have contributed to the raring cycle only?  If so, I think it's only about three people: you, me, and jbicha.18:31
bkerensagodbyk: yeah that would be it I guess unless I missed something18:32
bkerensaI think Doug did some work too18:32
bkerensaI will ping the sub doc teams and get them to add their people18:32
godbykbkerensa: I'll check the commit lots and mailing list. But I think it'll be a short list for raring.18:32
Riddellbkerensa: none, they got deleted21:18

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