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Guest57842so how does evryone like the RC03:19
Guest57842anyone know when the Ubuntu gnome logo will be picked ?03:20
Guest57842wow its dead here lol03:21
asdf__I downloaded the RC release, bootet and can't find gnome 3.8 classic mode. Is it because ubuntu gnome uses gnome 3.6?05:44
gobhi all05:52
gobyou'r look me&05:52
asdf__I reasked it here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-gnome/2013-April/000218.html05:57
hadim_got a bug with ubuntu gnome (staging ppa)09:22
hadim_can you confirm that gnome terminal settings are not applied09:22
hadim_for example when i set terminal colors, it doesnt do anything and use default black on with colors settings09:23
darkxsthadim_, file a bug09:29
hadim_but where since i use staging ppa ?09:30
darkxstubuntu-bug still works!09:30
hadim_oh ok09:30
hadim_did you notice this bug ?09:31
darkxstno, I just use the standard white on black09:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 1172209 in Ubuntu GNOME "gnome terminal settings not applied" [Undecided,New]09:35
hadim_fun robots :-D09:36
LoverBuntuhi folks10:04
LoverBuntucan anyone tell me what's the main advantages of using ubuntu gnome 13.04 over Ubuntu 13.04 ?10:05
LoverBuntuno idea?10:07
ricotzdarkxst, hi ;)10:33
ricotzdon't you build the packages locally?10:33
darkxstricotz, yes I do, systemd had been a nightmare though ;(10:34
ricotzjust saying, might be better to built them in another ppa intead of pushing that much uploads ;)10:34
darkxstwell if I had known, I would have!10:35
ricotz(and testing it from there then)10:35
ricotzdarkxst, alright10:35
darkxstbut really wierd issues like Soyuz falling over because there is a ddeb with no corresponding deb10:36
darkxstand tests that apparently fail in kvm, but not the archive builds10:36
ricotzdarkxst, yeah, the builders are sometime weird10:37
ricotzdarkxst, mostly just retrying the builds works since it will probably use another builder10:37
darkxsthmm right10:38
darkxstanyway made a few hacks to packaging as suggested by pitti, so hopefully will work now10:38
ricotzdarkxst, if that one fails too, built in another ppa first ;)10:39
darkxstricotz, sure10:39
ricotzyeah i noticed10:39
ricotzuploading systemd made be curious "why"10:39
darkxstlol, poweroff fix probably wont make raring10:40
ricotzhmm, i see10:41
ricotzlooks like you got lucky10:43
darkxstanyway think I cleaned up most of the logind fallout now10:45
darkxstalthough suspend on lid close, might be a bit flaky until we up gsd to 3.8.110:47
ricotzdarkxst, yeah, the lid-close suspend is what i want back :)10:48
darkxstricotz, I pushed a patch, but while I was debugging, sometime suspend was inhibited for no apparent reason10:48
darkxstit works perfectly on 3.8.1, but I not entirely sure what needs to be fixed before we can upload that10:49
ricotzdarkxst, i am still running the older systemd/gsd so i guess i will notice it soon10:49
darkxstI guess the OSD's are one issue, if fallback actually still works (can't say I have tested that)10:51
thepreacherIn quite a few applications eg disks, the system is still referred to as Ubuntu 13.04, I'm just curious, will these be eventually changed to Ubuntu Gnome or not?12:24
camelinahatthepreacher, what area of disks? I'm suspecting however it probably has to do with bug 117186712:33
ubot5bug 1171867 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installation type Shows Ubuntu instead of UbuntuGNOME" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117186712:33
thepreachercamelinahat: sorry my bad, its actually the details application. The overview shows the system as Ubuntu 13.04. I was expecting it to be Ubuntu Gnome 13.0412:35
thepreacherAnd it show the original Ubuntu logo as well. I suspect there's too much to do at the moment for devs to bother with something like that, besides its only cosmetic.12:37
camelinahatHmm I believe it's the same reason: "All ubuntu-flavours install as "ubuntu", there is no way to detect if unity,gnome-shell,kde are installed uniquiely or if multiple sessions are available. Thus all official flavours, once installed report that they are "Ubuntu"."12:38
camelinahat(from that bug)12:38
thepreacherWell I can happily live with that :)12:38
tyrogHi. Why does the Gnome Staging ppa have systemd ?14:55
jbichatyrog: it's just logind; other pieces of systemd (hostnamed, localed, & timedated) are already running by default in 13.0415:12
jbichaUbuntu still uses upstart underneath so this is a bit of a hybrid15:12
tyrogjbicha: So no problem regarding compatibility with the ubuntu toolchain?15:13
jbichalogind is a 13.10 feature so it's not been fully tested on Ubuntu yet but the gnome3 staging ppa in general includes experimental stuff15:15
tyrogjbicha: but it is the only one with some components of gnome 3.8 like control center and evolution15:20
jbichayes but there's no promises that gnome-control-center 3.8 works well on Ubuntu yet15:23
bersace_nsslast update gave wifi back (no more dbus error)15:24
bersace_nssthanks !15:24
bersace_nssdoes anyone get nm bridging working ?15:24
bersace_nssonce i configured a bridge in nm, it fails to activate it with "Device not managed by NetworkManager or unavailable"15:24
bersace_nssany clue ?15:25
bersace_nssthe bridge iface is actually created, but no slave in it15:26
jbichanew images were just posted17:49
user5123546Hi. I may not be on the right channel, but does anyone know of a way I could easily set the middle mouse button to initiate the activities overview?17:54
camelinahatjbicha, Yeah I just noticed that myself.17:56
camelinahatjbicha, Looks like install alongside is still broken :(18:38
jbichacamelinahat: I wonder if that affects other flavors too?18:56
camelinahatI have a kubuntu download here I'll give a try in a little bit. Unfortunately I'm almost done with an LVM/Encytped test so I'll need to re-install the base before I can test kubuntu's resize19:01
jbichakubuntu's ubiquity is a bit different; I'm more curious about whether the bug affects the Ubuntu image19:04
camelinahatYeah I can try that one instead, won't take me a minute to pull down that image anyways.19:05
jbichaok, it sounds like balloons is also checking... I asked around in #ubuntu-quality19:06
darkxstjbicha, what needed fixing in g-s-d again?20:29
jbichaeverything ;)20:30
jbichaI think we need to take a closer look at the media-keys changes, possibly reverting them20:31
jbichait's multiple commits so it might be easier to diff the directory with an older version20:32
Toasty27Is there any major difference between installing UbuntuGnome and installing Gnome 3 on the standard version of Ubuntu 13.04?20:36
darkxstjbicha, you mean the removal of the OSD stuff?20:36
jbichayeah we have to watch out for regressing Unity so we should test whether the volume/brightness/etc. keys still work20:38
darkxstunity doesnt use the OSD's, but I suppose fallback would (if that is still working?)20:39
jbichaI thought it was more than just OSD but as long as Unity still works, go ahead and upload20:40
jbichaI think Fallback should be using notify-osd too but it might be missing the Recommends for it20:41
darkxstjbicha, I do not even have a fallback session in my test VM20:46
jbichadon't worry about fallback for now20:48
darkxstjbicha, oh, I am getting black text on black background in gnome-terminal under unity when 'use system colors'21:48
jbichasomething in our g-s-d 3.8 breaks theming pretty bad in Unity, it doesn't affect Fallback though...21:51
darkxsthmm seems mostly ok when switching to ambiance however21:52
darkxstjbicha, did media keys actually work in 3.7.91?22:28
darkxstI am guess not?22:30
jbichaI don't know, maybe we need to revert that directory to the 3.6 version?22:33
darkxstI will try and revert the keygrabber stuff, for unity only22:42

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