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airurandoevening all16:50
airurando13.04 release day tomorrow16:59
airurandoI am still hoping to make the party on Sunday17:00
airurandomy old school buddy is still planning on attending17:00
airurandowhat was his nick again chrono800 or something like that17:01
tdr112airurando: good stuff17:11
airurandoaye tdr11217:22
airurandohe reckons he will have some geeky friends along also17:22
tdr112are you driving them all up17:25
airurandoI've my little op on Friday17:37
airurandonot sure how I'll be by Sunday17:37
airurandoHe booked into the ibis for Sunday night17:37
airurandoIf I'm good to go I'll meet him there and we will get the LUAS in17:38
tdr112well best of luck with the op18:30

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