cjwatsonmwharris: you could maybe abuse partman/early_command instead06:53
xnoxinfinity: bug 1172002 relates to a higher priority bug 1066480 which depends on bug 29149408:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 1172002 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Install doesn't mount encrypted swap for reinstall" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117200208:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 1066480 in ubiquity (Ubuntu S-series) "Installer doesn't show encrypted partitions" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106648008:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 291494 in partman-crypto (Ubuntu) "Partitions selected for encryption cannot be erased anymore" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29149408:20
infinityxnox: Fun, fun.  That sounds like a tangled mess that you don't have a hope in hell of fixing in the next few hours. :P08:22
xnoxinfinity: yeah, I mean partman need fixing preferrably in debian to allow deactivating device mapper devices....08:24
evxnox: I'm here now if you still need a hand08:59
xnoxev: nah, it's ok. i think you should visit SpecSavers..... wubi-r279-signed in your home dir was actually r275. I rebuild wubi, got it resigned and it got respun for already.09:03
evoh wow, sorry about that09:10
evI'll have a look and figure out what happened09:10
evthis was for raring, not precise, right?09:10
cjwatsonwe didn't check precise09:11
cjwatsonwe did check that IS had done the right thing - wubi-r279.exe was r275 too09:14
evwhat's strange is that I do this: scp build/wubi.exe people.canonical.com:public_html/wubi/raring/wubi-r$(bzr revno).exe09:14
evstale build, maybe09:14
cjwatsonYeah, could be09:15
cjwatsonFWIW, we took the opportunity to have cdimage fetch from ~ubuntu-archive/wubi/ instead, and prepopulated that with a copy of your directory - but I want to make that a symlink or give you an ACL on it or something so that we don't have to have an extra copy step09:17
evthank you!09:18
cjwatsonyesterday it was mostly just so that we didn't have to have IS abuse privs and write to your directory09:18
evit is indeed a stale build09:22
ev(just ran it in wine)09:22
evawful, sorry again. I'll make sure that I pay close attention to the bottom left corner of the main screen after testing a build09:22
infinityev: Or, you could stay on IRC 24/7, even when on VAC, like a properly dedicated Foundations developer.09:33
infinityev: Sheesh.  Some people.09:33
evinfinity: I was on a motorcycle!09:33
infinityNo excuse.09:33
evit was later joked that I answer the phone while on the test course and just spin the bike in circles09:33
evwaving down the examiner09:33
xnoxpatch for kubuntu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597907/09:49
stgraberlooks good to me09:54
cjwatsonwe shouldn't show the bad password icon when the password box is empty, imo09:55
cjwatsonI mean, yes, it's not sufficient to pass the dialog, but it kind of means you start up the dialog with an error message, doesn't it?, which looks a bit odd09:56
xnoxcjwatson: true.09:56
xnoxcjwatson: just allow_go_forword(False) on empty password?09:57
xnoxok, let me test.09:57
Noskcajcjwatson, then kubuntu will be the first password checker in the world that doesn't do that09:58
xnoxcjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597937/10:00
cjwatsonNoskcaj: Er, the user setup page in the Ubuntu installer is the same as what I'm proposing10:00
Noskcajok, second ;)10:00
cjwatsonAnd it's common practice on web pages too10:00
cjwatsonThey generally only start complaining after you try to use the entry box10:00
cjwatsonxnox: Technically right but it's a bit twisty10:02
cjwatsonI'd prefer the allow_go_forward to be in a different conditional10:02
cjwatsonOr use a variable and then allow_go_forward(complete) or whatever10:02
xnoxbut maybe just a paste is easier to read.10:14
Noskcajwould http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597947/ work as a fix to bug 1171989?10:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 1171989 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Duplicate filesystem types" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117198910:15
stgraberNoskcaj: you can probably drop the if statement. If the combo is generated afterwards anyway, clearing it when it's empty won't hurt10:16
cjwatson(also you seem to have tab damage in that diff)10:17
Noskcajstgraber, ok.10:17
stgraberNoskcaj: and what cjwatson said, make sure not to mix tabs and spaces, it looks like you've been using tabs for your change and that may confuse python10:17
Noskcajstgraber, i just copied the link for sadandblue10:18
Noskcajhe made the fix10:18
sadandbluestgraber, cjwatson, Noskcaj: Cool thanks, I'll attach a proper diff to the bug report.10:23
sadandbluehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1171989 I added a (hopefully proper!) patch for it.10:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 1171989 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Duplicate filesystem types" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:40
xnoxstgraber: cjwatson: here is the final fix for crypto/partman qt bug https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/ubiquity/fix-crypt-qt-page/+merge/16060210:47
xnoxnot sure if we will have any other ubiquity fixes or this just for kubuntu.10:47
xnoxRiddell: ^10:47
stgraberxnox: well, I guess we want to also pull the fix for bug 1171989 in any case10:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 1171989 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Duplicate filesystem types" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117198910:51
stgrabernow I'm not convinced that any of those two is critical enough to warrant an ubiquity upload (which would require respinning pretty much all images)10:52
stgraberso I think they fit in the (will be fixed if we find something worse that we have to respin for)10:52
xnoxstgraber: the crypto page, is purely UI / UX bug. The crypto install will finish, it's just that the first password will be used. The <!> image is shown when passwords do not match. So it's not all lost.10:57
xnoxstgraber: i think infinity and cjwatson were considering to upload and respin only kubuntu10:57
infinitystgraber: What xnox said.  We might do a ubiquity to raring-updates and rebuild kubuntu against it.11:00
xnoxcjwatson or somebody else with excellent English linguistic skills: is bug 1171477 which in essence is """The slide that says the launcher autohides to "preserve screen estate" should say "preserve screen real estate"."""11:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1171477 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Typo in install slideshow - missing "real" before "estate"" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117147711:16
cjwatsonfollowed up to the bug11:20
xnoxserver preseed testcase says boot with "auto auto=true url=http://...../preseed.cfg priority=critical"13:17
* xnox is sure it's auto=true, and the auto is redundant....13:18
cjwatsonNo, auto is an alias for auto-install/enable13:23
cjwatsonActually that would apply to auto=true wouldn't it13:23
cjwatsonI think you're *probably* right that auto is redundant13:23
xnoxpreparing ubiquity release.13:47
xnoxRiddell: ^13:47
Riddellxnox: thanks13:58
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plarsanyone know if image upgrade as described in http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1498/info is a valid test for ubuntu-server installs? I'm thinking it's not, but want to make sure15:45
plarsif so, it doesn't seem to work, but iirc, upgrading from the cd image is not a supported install option except on desktop15:46
plarsxnox: ^? Do you know?15:46
cjwatsonnot valid for server15:46
xnoxplars: the test is not valid, but such funcationality does exist.15:47
xnox(e.g. upgrade via apt-clone and preserve partitioning)15:48
xnoxnot sure if that's tested or not.15:48
cjwatsonI'm pretty sure it doesn't exist from the server CD15:48
xnoxI fixed it to work in quantal images....15:48
cjwatsonIn what package?15:48
GrueMasterI have not seen that option on 12.04.15:48
cjwatsonpartman-auto doesn't have any apt-clone code15:49
xnoxit offers reuse & replace recipes.... what happens next is a mistery, but I see your point.15:49
plarsxnox: I don't seem to have an option for it - just guided( resize, reuse, entire disk, lvm-*, etc), and manual15:49
cjwatsonThat isn't sufficient to do an "upgrade" (aka install over the top and put stuff back)15:49
cjwatsonTrust me, it's not there15:49
xnoxplars: ignore me.15:49
plarsxnox: ok, so not supposed to be there either, right?15:49
cjwatsonplars: Correct15:50
cjwatsonIt was only ever implemented in ubiquity15:50
cjwatsonAs xnox says, some limited bits of the associated partitioning code exist in d-i too15:50
cjwatsonBut that's only a fairly small part of it15:50
cjwatson(I'm not sure what would happen if you tried to use the reuse recipe in d-i - either it'll debootstrap over the top and pray, or it'll explode)15:51
* antarus drools over re-use15:52
GrueMasterOne test case that should be added is post-install/use oem-config-prepare.  I seem to be hitting a wall with it, at least on Precise.15:52
cjwatsonantarus: Probably not as good as you're hoping for15:53
cjwatsonIt's reuse without removing the contents, which I don't think is what you want15:53
antarusI know ;)15:56
balloonsGrueMaster, what "wall" are you hitting? The oem test runs through the user install also15:58
GrueMasterI need to be able to do post-install testing and configuring on the imaged system before setting up oem-config.  oem-config-prepare is supposed to do this for me, but oem-config crashes on reboot.15:59
GrueMasterAnd setting debug-oem-config on the kernel boot prompt doesn't give any detailed info.16:00
GrueMasterUnfortunately, my day job has been very busy with other tasks, and I haven't had a chance to sit down and really debug this.16:01
* GrueMaster speaks and the room goes silent. :|16:13
cjwatsonNothing personal, very busy16:14
ogra_hey GrueMaster16:14
GrueMasterogra_: !!!16:14
ogra_didnt see you here ...16:15
* ogra_ is more busy in #ubuntu-touch nowadays16:16
GrueMasterIve been lurking for a few weeks now.16:16
GrueMasterWish I had time to play with U-T.16:16
GrueMasterI have a friend that works here at Intel on the Surface systems with Windows 8.  Trying to push a "real" os on her.  :P16:17
antarusthis is windows 8 surface16:19
antarusnot like the surface microsoft invented 10 years ago but never sold16:19
antaruslike the table16:19
antaruswhich honestly was pretty neat..I still don't understand how they failed to capitalize on it so badly16:20
GrueMasterIt had less demand than WebTV.16:20
GrueMasterMS has a hard time inventing new markets.  They are better at taking over existing markets by brute force.16:21
ogra_well, who wants a tablet that only runs 3-4h16:21
antaruswho wants a laptop that only runs 3-4h16:22
* antarus covets his pixel16:22
antarusI DO16:22
GrueMasterBut it has the latest in Poulsbo technology.  :P16:22
* GrueMaster means hardware, not drivers.16:22
stgraberthat reminds me, I need to go find the power supply for my laptop, it's almost out of battery after 9 hours of work16:22
antarusstgraber: which model gives you 9h?16:24
* antarus got about 7 on his x22016:24
stgraberantarus: thinkpad x230 with the 9cell battery16:24
antarusahhh nice16:24
* antarus needs to buy a new desktop :/16:25
stgraberI usually get around 9-10h on wifi (pretty low brightness though) and around 12-13 without wifi16:25
antarusI have a pixel (4h tops) and a t420s..which basically can't even run linux16:26
ogra_get arm HW !16:26
antarusthe t420s just sits on my desk looking pretty16:26
* antarus lost his x220i on a plane, and traded his other x220 for a pixel16:26
GrueMasterogra_: Sadly, Intel frowns on me bringing arm HW to work.16:27
ogra_well, they start doing SoCs now at least16:27
stgraberogra_: give me a quad-core armv8 with 16GB of RAM that can last 10h on battery and I'll consider it ;)16:27
* antarus boggles16:27
GrueMaster(not that I've tried though)16:27
ogra_seems they hired quite a few former pandaboard guys from TI16:27
* antarus somehow doubts they frown on it at all ;p16:27
GrueMasterThe group I'm in?  Yes, they do.16:28
ogra_stgraber, no problem ...16:28
* ogra_ hands stgraber a time tunnel ticket16:28
ogra_just buy it a few years in the future :)16:28
antarusGrueMaster: heh, I'm the lead for Goobuntu at Google, and all my stuff at work is ChromeOS (because lets face it, goobuntu sucks)16:29
antarusI get made fun of, but not frowned upon ;)16:29
GrueMasterMy co-workers don't even like it when I point out that they use Arm processors for the BMC in their server platforms.16:30
antarusdo they..have phones?16:31
GrueMasterYea...in india.16:31
GrueMasterOh, you mean my co-workers.  yes.  But the company is pushing to change that as well.16:31
GrueMasterAt any rate, I didn't mean to start a distraction in this room.  I'm here mainly to monitor installer issues.16:33
antarusI'm in here mainly to troll cjwatson16:33
cjwatsonI have beer, trolling possibilities are limited16:34
antaruswhen will d-i be rewritten in go?16:35
* GrueMaster chokes16:36
antarushey man, its better than sh16:43
GrueMasterI thought d-i was partially perl based.16:43
GrueMasterThere are so many components to it.16:44
antarusthe parts I read were sh and C16:45
cjwatsond-i isn't perl, no16:46
cjwatsonNo perl interpreter in the installer environment16:46
antarusI almost would say I wish perl was in there16:48
antarusbut I don't16:48
antaruspython now..16:48
antarusI'd take that16:48
GrueMasterantarus: Just be thankful it isn't written in tcl.16:48
antarusI don't know enough about tcl to know if it sucks worse than perl16:48
ogra_could be worse16:49
ogra_(it could be fortran or cobol ... )16:50
* xnox thinks all of the above should be in #ubuntu-offtopic.16:50
* GrueMaster gets back to work.16:51
* xnox wishes -offtopic was as good as it used to be years ago16:51
mwharrisis there a way i can promopt the user while running a d-i early_command?16:55
mwharrisid like to pop up a box and wait for them to hit enter16:55
antarusmwharris: look at our...late command?16:55
antarusahh you want a saner thing than that16:57
antarusmwharris: so there is like the 'isntall failed, press <enter> to continue' thing16:57
antarusmwharris: I'm not sure where in d-i that lives16:57
antarusguessing it is dialog based16:57
antarusmwharris: maybe decompress the initrd and poke around16:57
mwharristhat lives in  our bootstrap package, and does some debconf stuff. i don't know if that'll work outside a package17:08
cjwatsond-i early_commands can use debconf, although you'll have to dance around a bit to cram the appropriate templates into the debconf db first17:09
mwharrisyeah, i saw we'd need templates.17:09
mwharrisi think i'll try that, thanks.17:09
johnsterdotcomanyone have a little magic that would  tell ubiquity to skip the installation of libre office?19:42
xnoxjohnsterdotcom: no.20:20
xnoxjohnsterdotcom: ubiquity installation takes the whole of squashfs and copies all contents to the target drive. You can presseed to uninstall it straight after at the end of installation, or you need to remaster a cd to exclude libreoffice. There is a wiki page about cd remastering.20:21
=== kentb is now known as kentb-out

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