javacoderphilipballew: salam03:29
philipballewjavacoder, Hope all is well.03:29
philipballewjavacoder, :)03:30
javacoderphilipballew: programmeri ?03:32
philipballewjavacoder, Yes, and Ubuntu leader of California.03:32
philipballewjavacoder, you program?03:33
javacoderjavacoder: i'm java programmer :)03:33
javacoderphilipballew: to in channel pas che mikoni ? :D03:33
philipballewjavacoder, haha! I am jealous of you because Java is to hard for me.03:34
javacoderphilipballew: java is sweet ;)03:34
philipballewjavacoder, Was it hard to learn?03:35
javacoderphilipballew: if you have a base of OO-A_D_P is easy to learn03:36
javacoderphilipballew: what is your language ?03:36
javacoderphilipballew: what is your programming language ?03:36
philipballewjavacoder, I understand what you mean. I have read books on Java, but never been able to understand. I do Python when I can understand that.03:36
javacoderOO == Object Orienter (concepts)03:37
javacoderA_D_P == (analyse & design & programming concepts)03:37
philipballewyes, Object Oriented. I need smart people like you to teach me java03:38
javacoderphilipballew: you codding just in python ?03:38
philipballewjavacoder, yes. Unless bash counts.03:38
javacoderphilipballew: i know a master of python in #5hit and his nick is lxsameer . he work be hardly in python and his project is great03:40
javacoderphilipballew: this is last project : http://djamo.yellowen.com/03:40
philipballewjavacoder, I need to meet more people like that. So you live in Iran? That is cool.03:41
javacoderphilipballew: philip are you a irani ?03:41
javacoderphilipballew: philip are you a persian ?03:41
philipballewjavacoder, , I am American.03:42
javacoderphilipballew: hmm how you say "salam " ?03:43
philipballewjavacoder, Salam would mean hello.03:44
javacoderphilipballew: yes03:44
philipballewSalam is a way to greet someone, and so is hello03:44
javacoderbut where you know ?!03:44
philipballewWhere am I now. San Diego California!03:45
philipballewI live on the border of America and Mexico.03:45
javacoderbut where you to know "salam" is hello means?!03:46
philipballewjavacoder, I read a book on Farsi once.03:46
philipballewthough that is all I remember03:47
javacoderphilipballew: good! welcome to sweet persian language03:47
philipballewjavacoder, thank you. What part of Iran do you live in?03:48
javacoderphilipballew: terhan03:48
javacoderphilipballew: i think you must be to join to #5hit for more learn about any things (python - java - linux - android ...)03:48
philipballewjavacoder, I have never been to Iran. I imagine it is nice.03:49
philipballewI should join that channel03:49
javacoderphilipballew: iran have so nice places with wonderful people03:50
javacoderphilipballew: i really enjoid of travellign in iran03:50
philipballewjavacoder, I have herd that. I have considered taking a trip to that part of the world.03:51
javacoderphilipballew: if you have a irani partner is easy to raise ;)03:52
philipballewjavacoder, I know nobody in Iran, so coming there would be hard for me, but might be cool one day.03:53
philipballewjavacoder, I joined the channel03:53
javacoderyes , iranian girls is very cool and sweet , aslo very nice ;)03:54
javacoderphilipballew: i see03:54
philipballewjavacoder, how old are you?03:54
javacoderphilipballew: but now is 8:24 in iran03:55
javacoder28 and you ?03:55
philipballewI am 21. here in California it is 8:55 at night03:55
philipballewjavacoder, we are on opposite ends on the world.03:56
javacoderphilipballew: yes there are more than 10 hours difference03:57
javacoderphilipballew: are you student now ?03:58
philipballewjavacoder, Yes. I am student now. What are you now?03:58
javacoderphilipballew: i'm java developer03:59
philipballewI see. Have you ever been out of Iran?03:59
javacoderphilipballew: not yet04:00
javacoderphilipballew: do you think java is more better than python ?04:00
philipballewjavacoder, I think Python is an easier language than Python.04:01
philipballewjavacoder, You are welcome to come to America and visit California. I will show you around.04:01
javacoderphilipballew: TNQ dear bro04:02
javacoderphilipballew: me too if you come in iran i'm ready to show wonderful places of iran04:03
philipballewjavacoder, yes. America is a great place because the people are friendly.04:03
javacoderphilipballew: but usa is now very dangerius !!! there are very bomb , guns , shooting , killing !!04:04
philipballewjavacoder,  I can see how the news would make you think that, however those events are very rare and not what daily life is like here.04:06
javacoderphilipballew: yearly 3000 people killed by guns in usa and this is dangerus04:08
javacoderphilipballew: 3000 == 30,00004:08
javacoderphilipballew: and i think people of us have problem with iranian04:10
philipballewjavacoder, There is a lot of people in America, we are a big place. Any person shot is going to be shot because they were looking for trouble. I have never seen any body shot or any violent act committed. I would say that our two different governments are at odds, however we as people have no problems with each other.04:11
javacoderphilipballew: maybe ;) i must be to see nearly04:19
javacoderphilipballew: i add you in my add list04:19
philipballewjavacoder, Hard to tell. All I know is I am a friendly person.04:19
javacoderphilipballew: i now go to bearkfast time ;) you must to test one day iranian breakfast ;)04:23
philipballewjavacoder, One day I will have to come to Iran and check it out04:23
philipballewalright javacoder04:36
arash77من  تازه اومدم05:39
iran kesi hast12:45
iranaz dostan kesi to chanel hast12:46
saaberiran: shoma saletoon ro beporsid age kesi betoone pasokh mide :)13:03
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javadکسی اینجا هست؟؟؟14:31
javadhelp me please14:31
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