JoseeAntonioRubottu: no !isitout is <reply>No, it is not out yet.15:28
ubottuNope, it'll be out when it's out, and not a moment sooner!15:47
genii-aroundubottu: no !isitout is <reply> No, it is not out yet.15:50
ubottuI know nothing about !isitout yet, genii-around15:51
* genii-around kicks the bot15:51
genii-aroundubottu: no isitout is <reply> No, it is not out yet.15:51
ubottuI'll remember that genii-around15:51
ubottuNo, it is not out yet.15:51
* genii-around goes back to making coffee15:52
JoseeAntonioRthanks, genii-around15:58
genii-aroundJoseeAntonioR: You're welcome.16:05
IdleOneIRCC need some help in #ubuntu-on-air qwertyuioppo is spamming empty lines and now join/part spamming19:11
IdleOneFuchs: he has stopped for now but if you could hang around that would be great19:13
Fuchswill do :)19:13
Fuchsyou're welcome19:13
FuchsIdleOne: as soon as I see it doing something, yes. Before that: no19:15
Fuchsaside from that, the +b should match it seems19:15
Fuchsso it can neither talk nor part/rejoin19:15
Fuchspoke me if that is wrong.19:16
IdleOnewill do19:17
FuchsJoseeAntonioR: I was so free and banned a spammer in #ubuntu-on-air with +b *!5232b729@gateway/web/*     you appear to be set as the founder, you might want to review / remove this when no longer needed19:17
Fuchsthe ban matches all web ircs coming from that host, in theory at least19:17
Fuchs(or whoever of the local operators cares / handles these)19:18
Fuchsas a minor sidenote, it might be a good idea to have some active ops around when you schedule these19:28
IdleOneFrom your mouth to the IRCGods ears19:29
Myrttisound a bit like an issue I heard talked about on a Google+ Hangout some time ago, which involved an Alan, a Jussi and one Bacon.19:32
Myrttiand I think the point was made by a Jussi few times over.19:32
Myrttithis is also the reason why we can't have nice things.19:34
IdleOneSad but true19:34
IdleOnelol he thought you're a troll19:53
IdleOnewell, he wasn't far off :P19:53
FuchsI should kickbann him :(19:53

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