hallynis there a library to do things like btrfs subvolume list from c code (without defining and using the ioctls myself)?01:06
hallynwoohoo, found it02:06
RAOFhallyn: Oooh, what is it?03:25
hallynRAOF: well to detect subvolume, just (st.st_ino == 256) && S_ISDIR(st.st_mode)03:26
hallyndetecting valid fs and creating subvolume snapshots, i'm using ioctls for, but it's not too bad.03:26
RAOFAh, ok. That's less interesting than actually finding a library to do that.03:28
hallynoh yeah.  which is unfortunate, as i'm having to copy struct definitions from btrfs-tools source into my program03:29
hallyna btrfs-dev pkg would be nice03:29
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* ppisati -> workout (back later)10:18
* henrix -> lunch11:36
* rtg fixes quantal build problem. some doofus forgot to getabi after last startnewrelease12:46
rtg(which was me)12:48
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brendandsconklin, hi14:01
sconklinbrendand: what's up?14:02
brendandsconklin, understand you're chasing some regressions?14:02
sconklinbrendand: yes14:03
brendandsconklin, we've got a system that won't boot with the -proposed kernel14:03
brendandsconklin, however my understanding is that the regressions you're looking at occur with the -updates kernel14:04
bjfbrendand, P or Q ?14:04
brendandbjf, ours is in P, with 3.2 kernel14:05
brendandbjf, we're raising a bug right now14:06
bjfbrendand, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~bradf/lp1169380/upstream-01/  try that kernel14:06
brendandbjf, as a side note, this system booted fine with -updates. possibility we're looking at an entirely different problem14:13
bjfbrendand, yup, a test will help tell us14:17
bjfbrendand, how did that kernel test go?15:21
brendandbjf, in progress15:25
jodhanyone have thoughts on what might be causing bug 1172322? I'm pretty sure it isn't upstart.15:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 1172322 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel panic on boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117232215:50
rtgjodh, can you get the whole trace ? I think the important part scrolled off the top.15:52
jodhrtg - it's gone I'm afraid - I had to get the machine online asap. sorry.15:53
rtgjodh, not much we can do until its a bit more repeatable15:54
jodhrtg: ack.15:54
jsalisburyinfinity, do you happen to know who could look at this .deb to get it renamed?  bug 117206516:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 1172065 in linux (Ubuntu) "12.04.2 incorrect file name signed efi amd6.deb" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117206516:11
infinityjsalisbury: Have you verified this?16:16
jsalisburyinfinity, not yet16:17
infinityjsalisbury: Colin's looking now. :P16:17
jsalisburyinfinity, cool, thanks16:17
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* ppisati -> EOD17:11
Bhavesh__hello.....I would like to know that what is the system call number for listen and bind in Ubuntu 32bit kernel?17:17
Bhavesh__can anybody help in system call?17:19
* rtg -> lunch17:29
* henrix -> EOD17:42
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rtgbjf, I'm confused about 'fbcon: fix locking harder' for Quantal. From the bug reports it seems all of the feedback was using 3.2 (Precise)19:59
bjfrtg, yes, the subject line was wrong and was for Precise and not Quantal20:01
bjfrtg, the Quantal change went in yesterday20:01
bjfrtg, it was a different bug #20:02
rtgbjf, ah, I'm dyslexic20:02
bjfrtg, i didn't help20:02
* rtg -> EOD20:03
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