ScottKLogan_: Does your libfakekey merge add anything of significant value?  It seemed to me like something that could wait for "S".01:03
Logan_ScottK: The main, important change is that it fixes a misleading package description.01:05
ScottKLogan_: libfakekey-dev is a documentation package?01:06
Logan_No, libfakekey-doc is.01:07
ScottKAh, misreading the diff.01:07
ScottKAccepted (along with your others)01:09
Logan_Thanks Scott. :)01:26
ScottKKeep them coming.01:39
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dholbachgood morning07:24
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jfcaronIs it possible to request a package be created for an obscure open source program?18:58
jfcaronI am finding it very difficult to compile myself.18:58
jtayloryou can request it18:59
jtaylorbut its very unlikely that someone will do it if its so obscure19:00
jfcaronHrm.  It is this scientific program for simulating gaseous ionization detectors: http://garfield.web.cern.ch/garfield/19:00
jtayloruh garfield19:00
jfcaronIt needs cernlib and gsl and stuff.19:00
jtaylorI used that as a student :)19:00
jfcaronHah, maybe not so obscure then?19:00
jfcaronI know about a dozen scientists who have struggled with installing it.19:01
jtaylorunfortunately a common problem with science software19:01
jtaylorespecially if 1 Sep 198419:01
jfcaronYar.  You even have to manually download badly-named files and rename them yourself.19:02
jfcaronBecause the author called them garfadd-9_linux.car or whatever and you need to remove the "_linux" part.19:02
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jfcaronInstead of making,like, folders.19:03
jtaylorI think I never had to install it, only use it19:04
jtaylorwhich was bad enough :)19:04
jfcaronThere is a newish ROOT/C++ based version available, but it is not complete.19:04
jtaylorunfortunately its not in my field anymore, so I don't really feel comfortable packaging it19:05
jtayloralso probably no time19:05
jtayloryou might want to try in #debian-science on oftc19:07
jtaylorbut don't expect much, it would be best if you package it and search a sponsor there19:08
jfcaronOk.  I am trying to do a manual installation on a virtual Ubuntu 12 LTS.  Then I can distribute the virtual machine file as a "packaged garfield". = )19:08
ScottKjfcaron: There is a Debian Science team that might be interested in that.19:09
ScottKRIght, already been said.19:09
jfcaronAnd they are on oftc, not on freenode?19:11
jtayloror irc.debian.org (an alias)19:11
jtaylorthe irc channel is not very active, the mailing list might be better19:12
jtaylorthough you'll likely get the same answer, sponsoring ok, but the work packaging/maintenance needs to be done by you19:13
jfcaronFigures.  I'm having trouble compiling it for myself though. =\19:14
quidnuncDinstallException: 'Unknown distribution "quantal-backports" in "/var/cache/archive/mini-dinstall/incoming/gpac_0.5.0+svn4288~dfsg1-1ubuntu1~ubuntu12.10.1_source.changes20:17
quidnunc^ How do I fix this?20:17

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