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dholbachgood morning07:24
Sephiroth_When is the QA with jono? i've forgotten.12:40
hughjuju what is it?14:35
hughgood afternoon everyone..14:42
JoseeAntonioRhello, hugh14:43
hughWhat is this juju I keep hearing about?14:44
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netcurliyes, hello jono18:59
ebmm01Ubuntu 13.04 is now available?19:00
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BorgesEduardoUbuntu 13.04 is now available?19:00
zebaszphey, Jono! what shall be today's meme!19:00
medberrymust hit reload on page19:00
CheeseBurgHey guys19:01
zebaszpawesome duck!19:01
BorgesEduardoUBUNTU 13??19:01
zebaszphow much flavour today?19:01
janthomashhahaha that's awesome19:02
CheeseBurgUbuntuonair.com needs a redesign19:02
sebsebsebnearly forgot about this, but did get to see something about  some duck or whatever19:02
BorgesEduardoyou like Ubuntu??/ heueahueahua19:02
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dshimer_QUESTION: After watching Mark at OpenStack summit it gave me pause to think about how far Ubuntu goes beyond a desktop project. Can you talk a little about that subject, or the breadth of Ubuntu usage beyond desktop?19:04
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MrKrinkin_QUESTION: What advantage does Ubuntu give me for getting into computer programming over other operating systems?19:04
ubuntu_azeQUESTION Will ubuntu 13.04 support mobile? Not Developer preview, just as beta system19:04
doogleQUESTION: Do you believe ubuntu in the future will make an alternative to exchange email server?19:04
UbuPhillupQuestion: Any thing new a about translation for ubuntu.com19:04
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MarkcortbassWill Ubuntu 14.04 have Unity in QT language, and have MIR?19:05
nozzmANhi all19:05
sebsebsebBlender :d19:05
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zebaszpQUESTION: how's Mir doing? when will it be ready to use on ubuntu+1 (aka, for Ubuntu S beta testing)?19:05
Sephiroth_BLENDER! WOH!19:05
med_Does it blend?19:05
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: Are there any plans on adding new features to support touch on the desktop?19:05
zebaszp*will it blend?19:05
FlyingPigQUESTION: Do you have 3D Modelling skilly?19:05
UbuPhillupi like blender19:05
K_RoytherHow much of Ubuntu Touch will be in the desktop version?19:06
sebsebsebQUESTION:  10 years or so for the blender t-shirt ok, well that gave me an idea for this question,  when was you first ever geek t-shirt and what is it?19:06
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will ubuntuonair.com get a redesign. The "next show banner" doesn't change until 15 minutes before the next show and that doesn't help much19:06
BorgesEduardo PortuguêsInglêsFrancês how do you think will be the ubuntu 15?19:06
K_RoytherHow will desktop touchscreen work on Unity Next?19:07
BorgesEduardohow do you think will be the ubuntu 15?19:08
K_RoytherWhich Ubuntu Touch apps will be translated to the desktop (like Gallery)?19:08
qwertyuioppo 19:08
qwertyuioppo 19:08
qwertyuioppo 19:08
K_RoytherWhich Ubuntu Touch apps will be translated to the desktop (like Gallery)?19:08
qwertyuioppo 19:09
qwertyuioppo 19:09
qwertyuioppo 19:09
IdleOnehe will answer questions one at a time, asking multiple times will not make him answer any faster19:09
victor89I'm working thru book PHP and MYSQL. I have an issue with $SCRIPT_NAME.  Not working.19:09
K_RoytherAnd how will you treat community approach with this? Like tossing default apps in favor of the new ones19:09
BorgesEduardoThe Ubuntu Mobile will be hybrid?19:09
qwertyuioppo 19:10
qwertyuioppo 19:10
qwertyuioppo 19:10
qwertyuioppo 19:10
netcurliplease prefix your questions with QUESTION:19:10
zebaszpvictor89, for support, try other IRC channels or the forums19:10
qwertyuioppo QUESTION:19:10
BorgesEduardoI'm from Brazil. Say hello to Brazilians user. PLEASE19:10
qwertyuioppo QUESTION: _19:10
benkkeimy only question is: "Why Ubuntu is not more like Gentoo"19:11
K_RoytherBorgesEuardo: Me either19:11
matusko1969Very good mobile phone!19:11
zebaszpqwertyuioppo, your IRC client ins't working properly...19:11
K_RoytherDo you plan on integrating Launchpad into the Software Center? It would be great19:12
ureloadedQUESTION will u play a bit with your electric guitar by the end of the stream? =P I love the way u play19:12
misko2006how much time do you have ubuntu OS19:12
ghotlerQUESTION: What about with developers and workers who work everyday on Ubuntu? I mean  Web-developers, Android developers and others. Do you plan a workstation distribution or more supports for them?19:12
UbuPhillup_K_Royther: please QUESTION19:13
ahmedsQUESTION I think Ubuntu software center is kind of poor, Do you have a plan to develop it? Thank you :)19:13
matusko1969Is Ubuntu 13.04 good for netbook? Need I antivirus for Linux?19:13
Farkas-hungarycan i ASK here ?19:13
Farkas-hungary(HI ALL!)19:13
zebaszpno need for antivirus, matusko1969 :P19:13
uditQuestions: drivers for ubuntu is sometimes a huge problem19:13
BorgesEduardoUbuntu devices will be accessible?19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
qwertyuioppo_ 19:13
CheeseBurgQUESTION: App Centers are very important for operating systems both mobile and desktop. The Ubuntu Software Center is not the success it could be. I have many ideas on what needs to be done for the Software Center so where do I go to talk to developers about this. It is hard to find specific projects to help within Ubuntu.19:13
UbuPhillup_Farkas-hungary: yes with QUESTION19:13
K_RoytherQUESTION: Do you plan on integrating Launchpad into Software Centre?19:13
zebaszpqwertyuioppo_, your messages are blank, try reloading the IRC19:13
Farkas-hungaryHow i can INSTALL UBI on my Xperia NEO phone ?19:13
BorgesEduardoUbuntu devices will be accessible?19:14
IdleOneFuchs: qwertyuioppo as well19:14
Farkas-hungaryCan i ASK how many monitorz R U using ?19:14
RajviGretings from New Delhi: Can we except Android Apps cann be easily ported to Ubuntu Touch?19:14
MrKrinkin_QUESTION: Alienware have announced that they will be shipping Ubuntu Gaming PCs (only in the US as far as I'm aware), what is your opinion on this?19:14
K_RoytherQUESTION: Will all phones/tablets receive the updates at the same time like the desktop?19:14
OsmanWill ubuntu support TRIM for ssd on next ubuntu versions? or does ubuntu support TRIM for now?19:15
Farkas-hungary( my question posted! )19:15
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: Any plans on a new sound theme?19:15
UbuPhillup_Farkas-hungary: with QUESTION ?19:15
Farkas-hungaryread upside19:15
Farkas-hungaryi have 3 questionz19:16
Farkas-hungaryHow i can INSTALL UBI on my Xperia NEO phone ?19:16
Farkas-hungaryCan i ASK how many monitorz R U using ?19:16
zebaszpI have to go, but trust me, I'll watch this video and create a monstrosity like last time, jono :P19:16
Sephiroth_QUESTION: When will we be able to download and install Ubuntu Touch on our Nexus devices?19:16
dshimer_QUESTION: Will Mir require low level driver support from hardware manufacturers, do open drivers need re-writing, or do drivers "just work" without regard to display server?19:16
Farkas-hungaryand TIME spend with UBI, and family (Time spend)19:16
zebaszpFarkas-hungary, add QUESTION: before the question19:16
IdleOneSephiroth_: you can now see #ubuntu-touch19:16
CheeseBurgQUESTION: What can we expect for Ubuntu 13.10 release for new features or will Ubuntu Touch be the main focus19:17
Farkas-hungaryQUESTION: How i can INSTALL UBI on my Xperia NEO phone ?19:17
K_RoytherQUESTION: Will Mir support obscure hardware, like Wacom pen tablets and older hardware?19:17
Farkas-hungaryQUESTION: Can i ASK how many monitorz R U using ?19:17
zebaszpalso, the Xperia question is something more about support, which isn't the point of the Q&A19:17
Sephiroth_IdleOne: what do you mean?19:17
IdleOneFarkas-hungary: no need to repeat your question. He will see it19:17
IdleOneSephiroth_: there are links in #ubuntu-touch topic19:17
Sephiroth_IdleOne: aha! Thanks :)19:18
FlyingPigQUESTION: How is Jack doing?19:18
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matusko1969Is Ubuntu good for netbook? Need I antivirus for Ubuntu?19:19
ZLQUESTION: Is amd ati mobility radeon hd 4650 laptops got high heat ?19:19
sebsebsebQUESTION: When and where was your first opensource/freesoftware event?19:19
Guest6507QUESTION: Do you know what percentage goes to Ubuntu for buying music on Ubuntu One?19:19
Farkas-hungaryI am using intel i7, and ati 6990. WORKS FINE !!19:19
mrprivacyHow will ubuntu protect my privacy on the ubuntu touch?19:20
stlxi am from Amsterdam19:20
stlxjust tuned in19:20
sebsebsebstlx: hello  I am from England19:20
UbuPhillupstlx: hi im from germany ;)19:21
prestonWhat are you drinking??19:21
iomit seems the flurry of messages just stopped19:21
stlxok cool19:21
Farkas-hungaryWATER (without fluoride)19:21
MrKrinkin_QUESTION: What are the possibilities of allowing for community based translation efforts for the Ubuntu website? Similar to how Valve do the translation for Steam?19:21
stlxabout which linux distro is this ?19:21
MarkcortbassWill be there a graphic environment to manage webapps in Ubuntu? It's confusing using the UbuntuSoftwareCenter19:21
mrprivacyQUESTION: How will ubuntu protect my privacy on the ubuntu touch?19:22
UbuPhillupstlx: ubuntu, ask with QUESTION:19:22
K_RoytherQUESTION: How much of Ubuntu Touch interface and default apps will be in the Ubuntu Desktop? And when?19:22
prestonQUESTION: What are you drinking?19:22
IdleOnestlx: everything Ubuntu or Open Source related.19:22
Sundmanhow much do you earn (money) working at Ubuntu?19:22
stlxQUESTION: Is this about Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop19:22
IdleOnestlx: You can also ask him "personal" questions if you like but keep it civil :)19:22
stlxi would like to stay anonymous19:23
FlyingPigQUESTION: Why does Nautilus in 13.04 not use the overall system theme? it looks really ugly with the white toolbar19:23
h2ckBYE GUYS19:23
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Farkas-hungaryUBI - UBUNTU :D19:24
Farkas-hungaryLOOOOL M:DDDDDDD19:24
med_Ubuntu Developer Summit (virtual--join from anywhere):  http://uds.ubuntu.com/19:24
med_14-16 May19:24
Farkas-hungaryin hungary EVERYONE is using UBI word :D19:24
K_RoytherQUESTION: When will Ubuntu integrate new GTK3 apps with Light Themes better (toolbars are white and they shouldn't be)?19:25
Farkas-hungaryQUESTION: How i can INSTALL UBUntu (Called UBI in hungary) on my Xperia NEO phone ?19:25
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Ubuntu and the overall Linux community are sometimes at odds. Have you considered doing an event where Ubuntu developer work on non-Ubuntu software for like a weekend or a week like what Fedora and OpenSUSE does? Of course once most of the Unity Next/Mir stuff is done, freeing up more resources.19:25
RajviQ: Do you think Online Dash Search - Turned Off in 13.04. Is it a good idea?19:25
IdleOneFarkas-hungary: people in #ubuntu-touch can probably help19:25
Farkas-hungaryokay, maybe i am check :)19:25
ahayzenQUESTION: What is your favourite new feature for 13.04 and what feature would you have liked to have seen in 13.04?19:26
med_warm and frothy... re-spew19:26
DS_Are there any more hardware companies becoming more interested in Ubuntu because of the crash and bur of Windows 8?  Alienware for example.19:26
rg4w_QUESTION: Can you promise to never ever tell another story like the one about Jack vomiting in your mouth? :)19:27
med_waaay tmi19:27
K_RoytherQUESTION: When will we start to receive Unity Next features on desktop? (at least tiny bits of it)19:27
DS_QUESTION: Are there any more hardware companies becoming more interested in Ubuntu because of the crash and burn of Windows 8?  Alienware for example.19:27
Hrd2PlzQUESTION:Are there plans to polish up the panel and menus or are they going to be phased into the Dash ?19:28
MrKrinkin_QUESTION: If you could have one game ported to Linux, what would it be and why?19:29
sebsebsebQUESTION: If you could have one Windows program ported to Linux that isn't a game, what would it be and why?19:29
sebsebsebMrKrinkin_: yep to go with yours :d19:30
rg4w_QUESTION:  Any talk of using remote usability methods to allow the community to help Canonical's user experience team by providing more testing?19:30
MarkcortbassWill be there a graphic environment to manage webapps in Ubuntu? Instead of using the USC19:30
Steam4LinuxAny idea on how the release schedule for touch will be formatted?19:30
suktancan you suggest a good book or any other resource for learning linux.19:30
number22QUESTION: did we broke record of most question asked in half hour19:30
RajviCan we except Android Apps can be easily ported to Ubuntu Touch?19:30
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will we see another software contest? Last time saw a boost app developers for the Software Center.19:30
ghotlerQUESTION: I try to explain, what workstation edition mean, so focusing and integration some tools for teamwork, sharing events on calanders, integrate task manager from cloud, as if mantis is in the cloud and you can share and request tasks list, edit it and etc.19:31
Steam4LinuxQUESTION: Any idea on how the release schedule for touch will be formatted?19:32
DrCakeAre there any plans to redesign the software center?19:32
koderQuestion is raring still being released tomm from the looks at http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-raring/ looks like they have alot of stuff todo19:34
Lagos_QUESTION: What happened to the origami inspired desktop theme and full overhaul of all of the icons?19:35
K_RoytherQUESTION: What will we see in Ubuntu 13.10 (apart from the features postponed from 13.04)? Or what do you think we'll see?19:36
stlxQUESTION: Is this about Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu Desktop19:37
CheeseBurgQUESTION: What is your fallback distro or operating system?19:37
vickiiwhen the ubuntu is going to launch its phone in India19:37
ka9qlqhow soon before speech recognition is implemented?19:38
K_RoytherQUESTION:  Where are the windicators?19:38
ahoneybun_how many default applications for Ubuntu Touch be released in Oct?19:38
sebsebsebQUESTION: Why are Ubuntu releases usually always on a Thursday?19:39
suktancan you suggest a good book or any other resource for learning linux.19:39
ka9qlqhow soon before speech recognition is implemented?19:39
ahayzenQUESTION: Would you and the Ubuntu-UK-Podcast be able to collaborate so that you don't conflict every two weeks (eg you are both live at the moment)19:39
MarkcortbassQUESTION: Will be there a graphic environment to manage webapps in Ubuntu? Instead of the USC19:39
med_Thursday releases allow last minute CYA on Fridays.19:40
K_RoytherQUESTION: Will you have a flagship phone/tablet? One that will receive the updates earlier and things like these?19:40
ahoneybun_any idea if there will be a terminal app for ubuntu touch?19:40
caio-hessQUESTION: How can I support Ubuntu?19:40
ka9qlqhow soon before speech recognition is implemented?19:40
suktancan you suggest a good book or any other resource for learning linux.19:40
ahoneybun_QUESTION: Will there be a terminal application for Ubuntu Touch?19:41
heygeorgei hope steam 's develop better , only reason to use windows , game and photoshop19:41
med_QUESTION: <ka9qlq> how soon before speech recognition is implemented?19:41
K_RoytherQUESTION: Is there any default application/package that will be replaced in Ubuntu 13.10 (I hope for Plymouth, maybe that bug with NVIDIA drivers will be gone if that happens)19:41
CheeseBurgQUESTION: With the Unity3D Engine and Game Maker Engine allowing for exporting to Ubuntu, is there work (or desire) from Canonical to bring the corresponding editors to Ubuntu too. Right now both programs require Windows or Mac to MAKE the game.19:42
Sephiroth_QUESTION: How did it go with the beltbuckle?19:42
suktancan you suggest a good book or any other resource for learning linux.19:42
ahoneybun_suktan: The Offical Ubuntu Book is good for installing Ubuntu, there is also a Debian Book19:42
RajviWhy isn't VLC included as a default video app?19:42
jimjimovich_I hope 13.04 will work with new Intel video cards! Been nothing but a crash fest since 12.04. Very disappointing!19:42
FMGrungekidQUESTION: How do you think the just announced Maiden album will turn out? :)19:42
MrKrinkin_QUESTION: What is the hardware specifications of your computer?19:42
ahoneybun_suktan: do this "Question: blah"19:42
med_QUESTION: Boxers, briefs, or commando?  (j/k) Thanks jono, have to drop.19:42
DrCakeHow many users does Ubuntu have?19:42
number22QUESTION: any LED Belt ideas?19:42
K_RoytherQUESTION: I plan to work at Canonical when I finish university, what do I need to know to reach there?19:42
IdleOneQUESTION: I noticed you said Z zee and then corrected to Zed. Do you find yourself changing your pronunciation of words more often now that you live in the US?19:42
DrCakeQUESTION: How many users does Ubuntu have?19:42
tonyr2k8QUESTION: Can you share a g+ circle of who from canonical would be interesting to follow19:43
matzeHow many downloads does Ubuntu have?19:43
Guest6507Question: Is Unbuntu One going to change it's look or interface in the coming year?19:43
stlxQUESTION: is Ubuntu Server better than Debian server?19:43
DS_QUESTION: Will 13.10 and 14.04 continue to use plymouth even though Ubuntu are introducing MIR? Even since I have kept up to date with latest NVidIA drivers Plymouth has been nothing but a broken record.19:43
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Can you teach me guitar?19:43
Sundmanhow much do one earn working at ubuntu?19:43
sebsebsebQUESTION: What are you going to do for the 13.04 release?19:44
lolmanQUESTION: What socks are you wearing?19:44
pawieckiQUESTION: Will Canonical start to contribute more code back to upstream projects?19:44
suktanQUESTION: what is the software ubuntu uses for virtual machines?19:45
ghotlerQUESTION: Is there any plan that compiz can be turn off completly in the future?  (It makes a lot of crash)19:45
DrCakeQUESTION: How many users does Ubuntu have?19:45
martinssonwill  unity get the "drop 3d acceleration for the desktop" checkbox as seen in KDE ? game mode ?19:45
MarkcortbassQUESTION: With manage webapps I mean that you have a list of example Gmail, Facebook etc. It will be great to see a intergration in 'online accounts'. And that you can turn them on and off.19:46
K_RoytherQUESTION:  Where is customization in Unity? It's not that chainless yet...19:47
SundmanWhat do you think about Finland? ever been there?19:47
CheeseBurgQUESTION: Will Ubuntu have another app contest?19:47
pawieckiQUESTION: Will Ubuntu specific services like Ubuntu One be available for other distros?19:47
ahoneybun_CheeseBurg: yes there will be]19:47
CheeseBurgahoneybun_: ok, wasn't sure he answered it19:47
K_RoytherQUESTION:  Can I post ideas using "IDEA:" here?19:47
RajviAre my questions avoided?19:47
ahoneybun_CheeseBurg: he did :)19:47
RajviHuh, why19:48
robert___how is the best way to learn C in free time?19:48
ahoneybun_Rajvi: do you but "Quesion"19:48
MrBernieWhat can be done to speed up Ubuntu Touch development? I feel that time to market is too long at the moment...19:48
MrKrinkin_QUESTION: Are you a fan of DragonForce?19:49
Sephiroth_I saw Ghost when they played before InFlames a few years ago. They are really good.19:49
rg4w_rg4w: QUESTION: Do you believe Adrian Belew is overdue for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame?19:49
IdleOneQUESTION: <Rajvi> Q: Do you think Online Dash Search - Turned Off in 13.04. Is it a good idea?19:49
RajviQUESTION:  Can we except Android Apps cann be easily ported to Ubuntu Touch?19:49
goofyFootQUESTION: Is there a preferred programming language for Ubuntu Apps?  The site seems to list a lengthy list of languages.19:49
stlxQUESTION: what is your top 5 security tools to keep hackers away from your linux system?19:49
FMGrungekidQUESTION: Twiglets or Quavers?19:49
irv_I use Ubuntu Studio for my sound system with Audacity for recording. Was wondering what you use?19:50
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DS_QUESTION: Have you seen a performance difference with Ubuntu running on MIR ?19:50
suktanwhat is there orange colored on the right side of you?19:51
RajviStick with global english!19:51
FuchsQUESTION: is there a more up to date official status / statement of nvidia on supporting MIR?   (Aside from: we are discussing with them)19:51
Sephiroth_QUESTION: Do you like InFlames? I've heard they are releasing a new album soon.19:52
DS_In the UK you can :)19:52
K_RoytherQUESTION: What will happen when the animal names reach Z?19:52
IdleOnePronounced Fox19:52
Lagos_QUESTION: Do you feel that the new Ubuntu SDK is going to vastly improve the quality of community produced apps?19:52
Fuchsyes, pronounced Fox or  books but with an f :(   he hates me :(19:53
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MarkcortbassQUESTION: I'm sorry for the confusion;) instance, when I was tripping twitter in 'online accounts', the webapp is still active in firefox, and seen in the launcher19:53
Ba7a7chyQUESTION: Opeth ?19:53
number22QUESTION: favourite power metal bands?19:53
crzyQUESTION: ahah do you like morbid angel19:53
ghotlerQUESTION: Will ubuntu-one-server application available on ubuntu or debian servers, to build own one?19:53
sebsebsebBa7a7chy: that's not really question, but Opeth is awesome and seen them Live before :)19:53
stlxQUESTION: what is your favorite Windows Manager ? also, since I am from AMsterdam, can I offer some bags of weed?19:54
goofyFootQUESTION: Are you familiar with the music from Frank Turner?19:54
number22no blind guardian?19:54
robert___QUESTION: how is the best way to learn C?19:54
K_RoytherQUESTION:  What Ubuntu will be like in touchscreen laptops/desktops? ( I asked that without the question tag so I don't remember if you answered that)19:54
lolmanQUESTION: Justin Bieber or Iron Maiden?19:55
CheeseBurgrobert___: Buy an O' Reilly book on it and start coding19:55
IdleOnestlx: he is in California, he can get it.19:55
crzy10 more dead is the best of the new album dude19:55
suktanQUESTION: What is make of your t-shirt?19:56
irv_I use Ubuntu Studio for my sound system with Audacity for recording. Was wondering what you use?19:56
K_RoytherQUESTION: What is the plan on community approach? Like having to replace community driven projects (like Rhythmbox and other separated apps) and having to deal with people anger and such things I've seen in blog comments?19:56
MrKrinkin_QUESTION: Lightworks video editor is being ported to Linux. Would you consider switching to this to replace Vegas Pro (as I think you said you used earlier on in the session)19:56
ahoneybun_irv_: use the "Question"19:56
sebsebsebQUESTION: Guitar time ?19:56
CheeseBurglater guys, got a meeting19:56
ahoneybun_CheeseBurg: see you19:57
RajviQUESTION: Does Ubuntu Touch have root priviledges as default?19:57
VBDo you think that Gnome is heading the right way?19:57
ahoneybun_Rajvi: I would think not19:57
Ba7a7chyMariaDB v.s MySQL ?19:57
K_RoytherQUESTION: Why is there a minimum price tag in Ubuntu Software Centre? (sorry for the big question earlier)19:58
MrKrinkin_QUESTION: Are you familiar with Rhapsody of Fire?19:58
DS_Question: Is there any other distro that you haven seen that has features or certain aspects that you would love to see in Unity but its own spin on it? I.E Gnomes Lockscreen19:58
stlxQUESTION: OK I will not put my address on the back of the bag of weed. Thanks for the advice. Nonetheless I have the following question: is it possible to run VMWARE on ubuntu and then run both server and desktop ?19:58
FlyingPigstlx: yes19:59
Ba7a7chyQUESTION: Will Ubuntu-Phone is going to have a root option ?19:59
crzyextreme noise terror19:59
crzyloud an clear19:59
K_RoytherBit low19:59
sebsebsebsounds good19:59
IdleOnelittle low19:59
K_RoytherDo a solo19:59
RajviThis is a distro from India, from a very remote corner. We guys are working very hard SUPERXOS19:59
crzyb ?19:59
IdleOneShow off some of your blues skills19:59
crzynice picking20:00
MarkcortbassI'm a bassplayer. Battle? ;)20:00
stlxyo bla20:00
zebaszplol, I came back right for the guitar :P20:00
sebsebsebs bit low yeah, but good still20:00
MrKrinkin_Can you play Eruption by Van Halen20:01
Rajviits good20:01
crzyturn the flanger off20:01
zebaszpyou're making my speakers go wub a lot .:P20:02
IdleOneThank you.20:02
ghotlerThank you.20:02
Fuchsjono: thank you, but you are mean :(20:02
Sephiroth_Thank YOU jono for the QA!20:02
pawieckiThanks! Nice skill at guitar :)20:03
zebaszpoh wow, lots of meetings20:03
* IndiaIsGoodYES likes.20:03
MrKrinkin_First time I've watched a QA. Very interesting and entertaining. Thanks Jono.20:03
number22have a great day everybody20:03
zebaszpwe love you, jono! :D20:03
MrKrinkin_See you guys later20:03
crzywtf ?20:03
ahayzenThanks Jono :)20:03
jonothanks everyone!20:04
Syreethusthanks, Jono20:04
caio-hessThat was just great!20:04
RajviI am not a happy camper!20:04
RajviMy questions are blantly ignored20:04
caio-hessThanks, Jono!20:04
caio-hess<Rajvi>, don't be so self-centered!20:05
IdleOneRajvi: he answered two of your questions20:05
crzyjono faping sound20:05
crzysya peeps20:05
IdleOnebut you are right, he should have devoted at least an hour to you.20:05
RajviI hav t replay !20:06
RajviCya Guys20:06
celsojono already left?20:37
celsoam i too late?20:37
celsoHey Jono Bacon! good to see you doing another ubuntu-on-air! You need to do-it more times!!21:06
jonothanks celso!21:12
celsoits good to see you explaining these questions to us! most of us don't know most of things about ubuntu and i am glad that there is sommeone like you to explain to us.21:13
celsokeep it up!21:14
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