ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from lyrlvlu)05:36
ubottuhisto called the ops in #ubuntu (lyrlvlu)05:36
bazhangsounds like a troll07:07
bazhangnot even sure how any of that is remotely related to ubuntu support , even07:08
bazhangwith extra even07:08
bazhang<levolent> it reverts to before i did a jillion firmware related things to get wifi going07:34
bazhangthat looks *really* familiar07:34
bazhang<nugroho> linux only know EXT filesystem ussually ext2 or ext307:53
bazhang<levolent2> no I wasn't asked to and the wifi funcctioned flawless until 2 days later08:07
bazhangthats simply not the way things went down08:07
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ubottuIn #ubuntu-irc, JoseeAntonioR said: ubottu: no !isitout is <reply>No, it is not out yet.15:28
* genii-around senses a disturbance in the Force15:29
MyrttiI was going to say it's released just before pub o'clock, but then I remembered people actually do have pub lunches.18:10
bazhang<lmat> I would like to make my kubuntu look like mac.19:52
bazhangjust yech19:52
genii-aroundNo accounting for taste.19:57
bazhangor brain death19:58
LjLbecause Apple isn't known to make pleasant and effective interfaces?19:59
bazhangthe macbuntu theme renders your computer borken20:00
bazhangcrossposting and wants a mac look20:48
bazhangwhat was the ppa for kde3? trinity?20:49
LjLnot sure about ppa, but Trinity was a project to keep KDE3 alive20:50
bazhangthought it was a PPA as well20:50
LjLcould be20:51
bazhang<Pinky> i tried yum install virtualbox-4.2 says can't find it22:27
genii-aroundYes, I've been following that!22:27
Unit193virtualbox-4.2 is in the virtualbox repos, not in main.22:27
Unit193!info virtualbox-4.222:27
ubottuPackage virtualbox-4.2 does not exist in quantal22:27
k1lwait, why yum?22:27
genii-aroundk1l: They don't know what linux they use22:28
k1lthen install ALL the programs :)22:29
IdleOnesudo apt-get emerge -i yum | dpkg *22:30
genii-aroundTurns out they're on 12.10 Ubuntu22:31
bazhangand he now wants the latest vbox, for no reason at all22:35
bazhangwhat the bot in #debain call SNSS22:35

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