phillwScottK: kubuntu-ppc is still not on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/269/builds is it worth asking our ppc testers to look out for it?00:36
ScottKLet me have a look.00:36
phillwI'm going to send them one last nagging email :)00:37
ScottKphillw: It's there now.00:46
phillwokies, I'll amend my email :D00:46
ScottKSee. There you go.00:49
phillwScottK: are you ubuntu@kitterman.com ?00:49
ScottKI am.00:49
phillwokies, just so you get a cc00:49
ScottKI'm also kitterman@ubuntu.com.  So you can actually do it either way.00:50
phillwScottK: you have mail, either way. I'm not too PC with the lubuntu-qa team, we work hard, but chat easy :)00:54
ScottKhighvoltage: I'm a bit unsure what to to about calibre - http://launchpadlibrarian.net/138120901/calibre_0.9.18%2Bdfsg-1bzr_source.changes - It's on your image, so I'm relucant to accept, but if it's not in pre-release, we're stuck with the non-free stuff in the archive.01:12
TheDrumshttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adobe-flashplugin/  Not in raring?01:30
micahgTheDrums: partner uploads happen at the last minute01:35
sarnoldalso this exists https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree01:35
TheDrumsmicahg: Thank you.01:35
* micahg wonders if there's a doc reminding people they need to happen01:36
TheDrums(There was plenty of packages in the partner repo, wasn't sure if it was removed or had something else done with it.)01:37
stgrabergood morning06:54
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infinityphillw: Any issues with me respinning lubuntu alternates for you today?  The current ones contain one stale package.07:22
stgraberxnox, cjwatson: do you know if anyone looked at bug 1172002?07:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1172002 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Install doesn't mount encrypted swap for reinstall" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117200207:52
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infinityphillw: Sine you didn't seem to be awake yet, I just went ahead and respun lubuntu/alternates.  They should spit out soon.08:38
xnoxstgraber: I commented on it. It is a bit strange. Partman doesn't seem to show any logical partition, which i'd expect to be dm-crypt activated with random password to become swap.08:38
infinityphillw: s/Sine/Since/08:38
stgraberxnox: right, I saw your discussion with infinity in #ubuntu-installer08:39
ogra_stgraber, i have a wishlist request for the iso tracker ... can we please use sane dates ?08:51
ogra_like iso ones :)08:51
ogra_04/24/2013 is as wrong as a date can be :P08:52
knomeis there a wikipage or a blog post that explains the new release model? i'm looking for something that i can link to from the xubuntu release notes, don't really want to use https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseCadence/RollingRelease08:55
infinityknome: There is no new release model.  Does that help?08:55
knomewell... no.08:55
knomeis raring supported for 18 months?08:56
cjwatson9 months08:56
infinityknome: raring is supported for 9 months.  But the release model hasn't changed, just the support window.08:56
knomeokay, is there an announcement for that?08:56
cjwatsonit was in TB minutes I think ...08:56
stgraberogra_: well, Drupal thinks it's in the US and so formats the date that way ;)08:56
knomeok, i'll dig up the archives08:57
Laneystgraber did a summary and it got posted on some blog08:57
infinityI'll be sure to mention it in the release announcement.08:57
ogra_stgraber, tell it that it isnt :)08:57
cjwatsonBut it certainly ought to be written up in some less "for those who care about Ubuntu process minutiae" way08:57
stgraberogra_: oh actually, looks like we can now reconfigure that in the web UI! let me see if I can easily change that without breaking things08:58
infinitystgraber: If I accepted callibre and rebuilt edubuntu-dvd, would you or highvoltage have a sad?08:59
infinitycalibre, even.08:59
highvoltageinfinity: ah I meant to respond to the calibre issue earlier but had a ton of interruptions (I should spend less time at the office)09:00
stgraberinfinity: considering I'm half-way through testing, probably :)09:00
highvoltageinfinity: syncing now and will then test. cdimage is pretty slow though.09:00
knomeinfinity, if you're including it in the general release notes, then i don't need to. ta :)09:00
stgraberhighvoltage: it's your country that has slow internet, I'm getting my iso images at a nice 8MB/s here ;)09:00
* cjwatson is getting 38MB/s from cdimage, anything else is your problem :P09:00
* cjwatson <- slight advantage this week09:01
infinityWell, looks who's all smug about his borrowed internet.09:01
ogra_cjwatson, using LTE over your mobile ?09:01
highvoltageI got 10mbps for everything else yesterday but just around 100-200KB/s for cdimage.09:01
highvoltagemaybe it was just bad timing or something from my part :)09:01
cjwatsonI will admit that my mobile internet is in fact faster than my ADSL, but not that ...09:01
cjwatson(anyway, my actual point was that cdimage itself seems fine, even if it's only because I'm sort of effectively next to it)09:02
highvoltageI still only get around 200KB/s from it, but my image was last synced yesterday so I guess it won't take long anyway09:03
infinityhighvoltage / stgraber : Want to join in on the conversation in #-devel?09:04
stgraberinfinity: yeah, was looking over the diff to actually know what we're talking about ;)09:05
LaneyWe can still sneak unseeded universe fixes in, yes?09:07
infinityLaney: Absolutely.09:09
stgraberok, so I finished pushing my test results for Edubuntu (everything looking good) and marked the images for rebuild so nobody wastes their time on them09:15
stgraberI really need to figure out why queuebot does that ^...09:15
infinityI assume because it's Swiss.09:16
highvoltagestgraber: ack09:18
knomefixed the broken link to stéphanes detailed summary at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoard/TeamReports/13/March09:18
knomewill https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes be created sometime soon?09:36
infinityknome: It will exist later today.09:36
infinityknome: But if you need to edit or add to it, edit TechnicalOverview please.09:37
infinityknome: It'll just be a copy/paste (or even just a rename) of that.09:37
knomei'm just working on the xubuntu release announcement and prefer to have the links ready09:37
smartboyhwinfinity: Which link.format are we supposed to use for flavour release notes? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes/<distro> or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/<distro> ?09:43
infinitysmartboyhw: Wherever you want to put them, as long as you link them correctly from the master one, I don't much care, to be honest.09:44
smartboyhwinfinity: OK then, the Ubuntu Studio one is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/UbuntuStudio09:45
smartboyhwI saw the Lubuntu one having /ReleaseNotes after /RaringRingtail and I was afraid I got it wrong:P09:46
infinitysmartboyhw: Is it linked from TechnicalOverview?09:46
infinitysmartboyhw: I don't want to do all the wiki gardening required to make sure everyone's stuff is right, so if you link it to the right location, I don't care where that is. :)09:47
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Laneyplease review kaya in the queue11:30
cjwatsonooh, you fixed it?11:33
cjwatson+-import Contol.Exception11:33
cjwatson++import Control.Exception11:33
Laneyerm, wait, that's probably my mistake11:34
LaneyI made that typo while fixing it11:34
cjwatsonyou appear to have fixed that typo11:34
Laneydoes the diff introduce it and then fix it?11:34
cjwatsoner, can't see, have accepted :)11:35
* cjwatson goes and looks again11:35
cjwatsonYeah, it does11:35
cjwatsonOh well11:35
stgraberintroducing a bug and fixing it in the same diff, yay! :)11:35
LaneyI was evidently on new-gc-api when I did it11:35
Laneyho hum11:35
cjwatsonCan tidy up for s11:35
smartboyhw_Question: Still no codename for S cycle right?11:42
rustxcould i ask you information about the bug fix i would like to provide you on this page ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/facter/+bug/117032512:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 1170325 in facter (Ubuntu) "Facter 1.6.X not considering Qemu/KVM virtual type" [Undecided,New]12:10
rustxi m not sure how to propose this fix in the LTS development release12:11
rustxcan somebody help me to make it clear ?12:11
ScottKrustx: We're releasing Ubuntu 13.04 tomorrow, so anything not directly related to that is extremely unlikely to get attention until next week.12:12
rustxScottK: I clearly understand12:13
rustxScottK: that's ok to me, i will fix my productio on my side, and will come back to you next week12:13
rustxScottK: the only thing i am sure with is that puppet devs fixed that bug in later version of facter. I just wanted to be sure that the 120.4 LTS won't be broken, as this is the distro I use on production12:14
rustxScottK: all the best for Ubuntu 13.04 release, big up !12:14
ScottKrustx: Sure.  If you can find the exact commit that fixed the bug, then there's a good chance of getting it fixed, but not this week.12:15
seb128rustx, ScottK: seems like http://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/20265 ?12:19
rustxyes, this is my issue12:19
rustxon puppet side, they told me it was fixed on further facter version (1.7), and asked me to see with Ubuntu teams12:19
rustxi wil find the exact commit that fixes this12:20
seb128rustx, seems like it's https://github.com/puppetlabs/facter/commit/5c653e98e97ba8e83a46b8e0c1fd72dfe672964b12:24
seb128rustx, https://github.com/puppetlabs/facter/commit/4b44b797785ad48d64116e9e13f063dfe89910d2 rather12:25
rustxseb128: yes, you got it12:25
DavieyWow, that is remarkably unsafe detection12:25
rustxmy patch was proposing using a pipe '|' to add KVM Common Processor12:25
rustxbut it is exactly the same12:25
rustxwon't break anything, but will fix all VMs running with latest version of qemu-server (with proxmox 2.3)12:26
seb128rustx, if you want that SRUed you need to add SRU infos to the bug, especially a testcase to confirm the bug and the fix12:26
rustxyes, ok, i will do it12:26
DavieyI don't think that fix is enough..12:26
rustxthis if my first bug fix contribution, so i want to do it well (and not bother you too much)12:26
seb128subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to the bug once you are done12:27
seb128Daviey, I've no clue about the topic, just tried to go back from the launchpad bug infos to the upstream commit...12:27
rustxseb128: and you did it really well12:27
rustxDaviey: what is your concern about hat fix which could not be enough ?12:28
Riddellupdate-manager caches the meta-release file (in /var/lib/update-manager/meta-release or $HOME/.cache/update-manager-core/ depending on who runs it) won't that stop notification happening when the new release happens?12:28
RiddellI just spent an hour wondering why I wasn't getting notification on my test12:28
cjwatsonIt catches up eventually, and it's good to spread out the load a bit12:28
Riddellfair enough I suppose, makes testing a bit more hassle is all12:29
cjwatsonthere's a force option somewhere12:30
cjwatsonactually, it also uses If-Modified-Since12:30
Davieyrustx: I would suggest that, checking if, dmidecode -s system-manufacturer  == Bochs is cleaner12:32
Davieyrustx: the cpu field is largely free-form12:33
rustxDaviey: yep, but the is_virtual method in facter depends on the output of the /proc/cpuinfo12:33
rustxDaviey: i just proposed a patch in accordance with the explanation about this method, on puppet side12:34
Davieyrustx: Well, your change makes it no worse than it currently is then :)... but if you really want to be a good citzen, you could speak to upstream about making their detection suck less. :)12:34
rustxDaviey: I clearly agree with you, but didn't really want to lead the facter dev. I just saw on my production that all my VMs were considered as 'physical' after qemu-server update, and went to apply a bug fix on my side12:35
rustxDaviey: all my monitoring was wrong because of that simple output in /proc/cpuinfo12:35
rustxso, I decided to see if i can help on any way :)12:36
seb128rustx, was qemu-server a distro upgrade/SRU?12:36
Davieyrustx: Yes, sorry - I didn't mean to suggest you shouldn't follow upstreams path12:36
rustxseb128: yep. This bug was caused just after qemu-server update12:37
rustxi could realize this using proxmoxVE12:37
rustxwith proxmox 2.2, no trouble, the output is ok12:37
rustxwith proxmox 2.3, the bug appears, as the output for /proc/cpuinfo changed on the VMs ...12:37
seb128rustx, do you know what upgrade exactly?12:37
rustxi am updating the SRU, to be sure it's clear to you12:38
rustxi will tell you12:38
seb128rustx, I don't see any major change in precise12:38
rustxin precise, there is no change12:39
rustxseb128: but in qemu-server, (debian side), there were some (or on proxmoxVE side)12:39
rustxwhich causes the bug when using facter1.612:39
seb128I see12:39
rustxat the end, including facter1.7 in ubuntu 12.04 would fix everything12:39
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seb128well anyway that upstream patch might not be perfect, as Daviey pointed, but if it fixes real world issues it seems ok for a SRU12:40
rustxor, the patch I proposed you should help to fix the facter1.6 version12:40
Daviey(This is why I consider it unsafe, as the host/user can put whatever they like) - but this is a good short term fix.12:40
rustxi repeat this is my first bug fix : i hope i am not bothering you too much with this12:40
Davieyrustx: not at all.. your effort is greatly appreciated :)12:41
rustxseb128: http://pastebin.com/DZXmmXCC . This first paste is containing information about my node, with qemu-server not updated (no bug on the VM)12:43
rustxseb128: http://pastebin.com/HsHyij3j this second one is containing information on the node that was updated, and that reveals wrong output for /proc/cpuinfo on all the running ubuntu 12.04 Vms ...12:43
rustxthe only difference is the qemu-server version at the end ..12:44
Davieyrustx: Ah, https://github.com/puppetlabs/facter/commit/4b44b797785ad48d64116e9e13f063dfe89910d2#L1R140 <--- does add checking of dmideocode.. seb128 found the right patch for you to pull :)12:45
rustxseb128: this is the output of a VM running on the first node (not updated) http://pastebin.com/FuRp7D4M12:46
rustxseb128: and this is the output of a VM running on the second node (updated) -> http://pastebin.com/ifhNk77J12:47
rustxgreat then12:47
rustxDaviey: you should be a better sysadmin than I am, congrats, and thank you for making me learn good practices12:47
rustxi like it12:48
Davieyrustx: Thanks for driving this. :) (adding .patch to the url gives you a nice patch you can pull in btw)12:49
rustxDaviey: thanks for information12:51
rustxi will update my launchpad bug issue, so that it contains all information we discussed here12:52
rustxi really want to do it clean :)12:52
rustxwaouhou, you already updated my launchpad issue ..12:55
rustxyou're too strong guys !12:56
stgraberhighvoltage: ^13:00
highvoltagestgraber: awesome, thanks13:07
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cjwatsonScottK: bug 910903 - the source package is still around.  Is it ever likely to be fixed, or should we remove it?13:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 908462 in plasma-widget-daisy (Ubuntu Precise) "duplicate for #910903 FTBFS: error: 'TaskManager::TaskPtr' has not been declared " [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90846213:15
ScottKcjwatson: IIRC it's dead upstream so removal is fine.13:16
cjwatsonOh, removed from Debian too.  That makes the decision easier.13:19
rustxseb128: I've updated the SRU with all informations i could13:20
cjwatson... I was looking at the wrong package.  Never in Debian.13:20
seb128rustx, thanks, the testcase should be something others can follow to confirm the issue and verify the fix13:21
seb128rustx, like "install kvm; configure it this way; connect to a server running that version; it gives that result"13:21
cjwatsonScottK: Hmm.  FWIW plasma-widget-fancytasks has a newer version upstream than was ever in Ubuntu.13:21
rustxok, i will udpate the test case13:21
rustxseb128: perfect, thanks for your explanation13:22
ScottKcjwatson: I guess we should look into updating that for "S".13:22
ScottKMaybe it's time to tell Mark, "It's slimy slug unless you give us a different name."13:23
cjwatsonmy family suggested Sad Salamander and Steadfast Sloth13:24
cjwatsonSlippery Snail13:25
DavieyPoor Mark has been on the road for a while now, he's not had a chance to consult his oxford dictionary.13:25
ScottKRight.  My premise was to suggest something so horrible it would have to be changed.  Of course the recent budget sequester here in the US suggests that can be a risky strategy.13:25
ogra_yeah, he's travelling13:25
cjwatsonktouchpadenabler source is superseded by kde-workspace, right?13:25
ScottKcjwatson: yes.13:26
cjwatsonScottK: we have a specific precedent for trolling Mark about release names being risky13:26
cjwatsonScottK: we almost ended up with Bendy Badger because of Keybuk trolling him13:27
cjwatson(Not that Breezy Badger was much better, but eh)13:27
ScottKWe've had worse since.  I'm sure it seemed like a troll at the time.13:27
ScottKSalacious Salamander13:28
DavieySloppy Sloth, is my preference13:29
* ogra_ is sure mark will again come up with something completely different and unexpected 13:29
rustxseb128: test case was updated now13:31
rustxi just hope it fits your expectation13:33
seb128rustx, that looks great, thanks for the work! please subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to the bug and we are all set ;-)13:33
dokohuh, avian did just build?13:33
rustxseb128: done -> Your subscription request has been received, and will soon be acted upon13:35
cjwatsondoko: Yeah, apparently magically built when Adam did a mass give-back13:37
cjwatsonWhich was surprising, but I'll take it13:37
seb128rustx, excellent13:39
ScottKSo what's the latest the announcement of the next name has ever come?13:42
ScottKIt's hard to image it being much later than this.13:42
dobeydidrocks: ping13:42
stgraberScottK: I think last was the latest we had so far but I don't think it wasn't nearly as late as this one :)13:43
ScottKLast time was not nearly as late as this one.13:44
seb128ScottK, http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1195 was on oct 17th where release was on the 18th13:44
rustxthanks a lot for your time seb128 and Daviey13:44
ScottKOK, so it's gone to Wednesday before.13:44
ScottKseb128: Thanks.13:45
seb128yw ;-)13:45
* popey still wants Schrödinger's Siamese13:45
smartboyhwScottK: I rather think it is Snappy Shuttleworth13:47
cjwatsonThat's down to ten orphaned source packages, which is I think as good as I can get it for raring.13:51
* Laney wonders how bad ftphs is13:52
cjwatsonDaviey: bug 1017609 - could somebody on your team answer jbicha's question about python-melangeclient?14:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1017609 in python-melangeclient (Ubuntu) "Please remove melange from ubuntu archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101760914:00
cjwatsonLaney: I don't quite remember, it might be tractable14:00
Laneycjwatson: yeah, it is14:02
Laneymost of the breakage has been down to this one Control.Exception API change ...14:03
* Laney yah boos at GHC upstream14:03
cjwatsonsrc/Network/FTP/Server.hs:169:18: Not in scope: `try'14:05
cjwatsonsrc/Network/FTP/Server.hs:217:33: Not in scope: `catch'14:05
cjwatsonindeed, looks tractable14:05
cjwatsonYou sorting?14:05
ScottKstgraber: Should the "Raring Daily" milestone in the tracker be marked released?  We won't be using that again.14:06
Laneyjust donig the packaging bits and bobs14:06
xnoxcjwatson: infinity: stgraber: ^14:06
xnoxubiquity for kubuntu only.14:06
xnoxRiddell: ScottK ^14:06
ScottKStanding by to retest.14:07
stgraberScottK: nope, not until raring is released as nusakan actually pushes all our builds to the Daily milestone and then those get auto-copied to Raring Final if they're on the manifest14:07
ScottKstgraber: OK.  Understood.14:07
smartboyhwxnox: Will ubiquity fix respin the entire world14:08
ScottKsmartboyhw: It will14:08
ScottKIt should only go in if we're going to do that anyway.14:08
smartboyhwUh oh:P14:08
xnoxScottK: smartboyhw: no.14:09
ScottKxnox: Yes.14:09
xnoxScottK: smartboyhw: the current plan is to put ubiquity into -updates and respin kubuntu against updates only.14:09
xnoxas ter infinity, cjwatson earlier on.14:09
ScottKxnox: Oh.  Missed that.  Thanks.14:09
highvoltagestgraber: do we need a link for the website team to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/1065789 ?14:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 1065789 in ubuntu-website-content "the release notes link in installer points to www.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,Fix released]14:10
xnoxhighvoltage: that happens with website rollout.14:11
xnoxhighvoltage: the "link" points to the correct redirector with args. By _default_ at pre-release it redirects to default website(s), but once the website is flipped to the "release" edition, the redirects start working correctly.14:11
xnoxi guess there is no _harm_ in activating redirects early, but the website is frozen already and the next website rollout is the release rollout.14:12
cjwatsonAnd *not* unblocking ubiquity, since indeed we'll put it in -updates.14:14
cjwatsonRelatively tried-and-tested trick by this point :)14:14
Riddellubiquity diff on bug 1172059 looks good14:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 1172059 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "kubuntu ubiquity encryption doesn't check password" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117205914:18
Riddellcan I let it into -proposed or is someone else taking care of that?14:18
Riddelloh it's in already14:18
highvoltagexnox: ok14:21
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didrocksdobey: pong14:32
dobeydidrocks: hey. i've been pinged about getting bug #1163504 fixed in 13.04, but i don't see anything i can do. can you get the fix into -proposed and see about getting new images spinned with the fix?14:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 1163504 in kopete (Ubuntu Raring) "Trademarked assets" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116350414:35
dobeydidrocks: or a 0-day SRU for worst case?14:35
cjwatsonit's kinda late dude :(14:37
dobeyyeah i know that. but tell that to MS legal i guess? :)14:37
cjwatson(also shouldn't that kopete task be kdenetwork?)14:37
cjwatsonwell, um, I thought you guys had this handled14:38
dobeyi knew nothing about it until today14:38
xnoxdobey: but it's fixed in all found packages but kopete which is not on any of the images.14:38
dobeyi just had it dumped on me, and saw it's all unity and there's basically nothing here that i have any privileges in ubuntu to upload :)14:38
xnoxdobey: the next upload can "fix" it, but previous versions of the package will still be in the archive.14:39
dobeyxnox: it's not fixed in unity-asset-pool14:39
cjwatsonwe know that older versions will still be in the archive14:39
xnoxdobey: oh....14:39
dobeyxnox: it's committed in the upstream, but it's still in the ubuntu package14:39
xnoxdobey: why was is set to committed then (!) i did check all of them.....14:40
slangasekftpshs> fails to puild hrom source?14:40
cjwatsonunity-asset-pool (from unity-asset-pool) is seeded in:14:40
cjwatson  edubuntu: dvd14:40
cjwatson  ubuntu-gnome: daily-live14:40
cjwatson  ubuntu: daily-live, daily-preinstalled14:40
cjwatson  ubuntukylin: daily-live14:40
cjwatson  ubuntustudio: dvd14:40
dobeyxnox: i have no idea. that's why i'm pinging didrocks (and presumably why it somehow managed to get dumped on me this lovely morning)14:40
cjwatsonand can we get kdenetwork fixed while we're here, please?14:41
smartboyhwWhy does ubuntustudio contain unity-assets-pool?14:41
cjwatsonno idea14:41
dobeysmartboyhw: or ubuntu-gnome or edubuntu?14:41
cjwatsonnot the time for such questions14:41
smartboyhwdobey: Edubuntu does make sense. US doesn't.14:42
cjwatsonNow is not the time14:42
dobeycjwatson: who would be best to fix kdenetwork? ScottK?14:42
xnoxwell kdenetwork i can even upload.14:42
* xnox looks.14:42
ScottKWhat's the issue?14:42
dobeyxnox: thanks14:42
cjwatsonScottK: Presence of a skype icon which has attack lawyers after it14:43
cjwatsonbug 116350414:43
ubot2Launchpad bug 1163504 in kdenetwork (Ubuntu Raring) "Trademarked assets" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116350414:43
ScottKYeah, should probably fix that.14:43
Davieycjwatson: sure14:43
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cjwatsonkopete isn't on any images14:44
cjwatsonSo we could get away with a day-0 SRU for that14:44
xnoxdobey: didrocks: why kdenetwork needs fixing? it has code to link/use skype or something for kopete. But it's just kopete which has the icon.14:44
ScottKcjwatson: Except then the file is in the release pool for the life of the release.14:44
ScottKWe plan a Kubuntu respin anyway.14:45
didrocksdobey: xnox: sorry, in another discussion. I'm only looking at unity-asset-pool shortly14:45
cjwatsondidrocks: This is critical - I hope the other discussion can be suspended for a bit14:45
dobeyxnox: i don't know. cjwatson asked if it should be kdenetwork instead of kopete. if it's kopete then it's kopete :)14:45
cjwatsonkopete is from the kdenetwork source package14:45
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dobeyah ok. xnox ^^14:46
jokerdinohey guys, is the archive frozen yet? i would like some advice on how to get a couple of fixes in. separate SRU requests or a new bug-fix only version sync request?14:47
cjwatsonSRU unless it's critical for images14:47
jokerdino(with re: to unity-tweak-tool)14:48
jokerdinothat was a darn lag. sorry.14:48
stgraberunity-tweak-tool isn't seeded, so just upload14:48
jokerdinoso, i can get a upload later today?14:49
didrockscjwatson: argh, it seems the fix wasn't released :/14:49
stgrabercjwatson,infinity: do we have a deadline for unseeded stuff?14:50
xnoxScottK: Riddell: so kopete has protocol to connect to skype and the trademarked & copyright assets for everything: logo, status, etc.14:50
Riddellnothing in kdenetwork, it's in oxygen-icons14:50
jokerdinoi think i'll bug you later when i pick the fixes. thanks!14:50
xnoxScottK: Riddell: remove all of those icons and see what happens?14:50
cjwatsonstgraber: probably tomorrow sometime - everything's settled, we shouldn't need to stress about it14:50
xnoxRiddell: there clerly images in kdenetwork package.14:50
infinitystgraber: Tomorrow morningish.14:50
xnoxRiddell: kdenetwork-4.10.2/kopete/protocols/skype/icons14:50
infinitystgraber: If it doesn't build in time and make it, we can just dump it to s-series.14:50
Riddellxnox: where? I see only ones in oxygen-icon-theme14:50
slangasekjokerdino: this isn't the place to ask for upload sponsorship, if that's what you mean.  Uploads to unseeded packages are still allowed at this point, but not guaranteed to make it into the release - you can still upload but it may wind up having to go through the SRU process14:51
xnoxRiddell: kdenetwork-4.10.2/kopete/protocols/skype/icons .....14:51
didrockscjwatson: is there a respin needed?14:51
cjwatsondidrocks: Yes14:51
stgraberjokerdino: so based on the above, you should be fine if you upload today14:51
didrockscjwatson: if so, I can fix that quickly14:51
Riddellxnox: ooh sneaky14:51
xnoxRiddell: unless they are not installed...... let me check.14:52
cjwatsondidrocks: We can't say to the lawyer's "sorry, we can't fix 12.10 images now, but we'll fix it in 13.04" and then not fix it in 13.0414:52
cjwatson*lawyers    # argh what's wrong with my typing14:52
didrockscjwatson: let me do a quick upload14:52
cjwatsondidrocks: Thanks14:52
cjwatsonLooks like just that one rev since the last autolanding14:52
didrockscjwatson: sorry, I'm not anymore the one looking that stuff getting merged are released, but well :)14:52
didrockscjwatson: yep14:52
Riddellxnox: they are indeed14:53
cjwatsondidrocks: Yep, not looking to allocate blame, but it needs to get fixed14:53
jokerdinoslangasek, heh no. i wasnt sure about last day procedures with the archive. i was thinking SRU requests go through archive admins. thanks regardless!14:53
xnoxRiddell: I'm looking at packaging. Does oxygen-icon-theme provide fallbacks? are those trademarked assets as well?14:53
xnoxRiddell: I'd like to rebuild kdenetwork without skype plugin activated such that we don't ship something that tries to load skype plugin and crashes due to missing icons.14:54
Riddellxnox: /usr/share/icons/oxygen/*/actions/im-skype.png and /usr/share/icons/hicolor/*/actions/im-skype.png could well be considered to be the trademark14:54
* xnox looks at oxygen.14:54
didrockscjwatson: doing a quickly daily, sync in ~20 minutes I guess14:55
xnoxRiddell: those are shipped from the kopete bin package, by kdenetwork package?!14:55
pgranercjohnston, infinity: just got this report on server cd's https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/isc-dhcp/+bug/110768614:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 1107686 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "dhcpd: Open a socket for LPF: Permission denied" [Undecided,Fix released]14:55
Riddellxnox: those are from oxygen-icon-theme14:55
cjohnstonI'm guessing cjwatson ^14:55
cjwatsonstgraber: ^-14:56
stgraberpgraner: how did that get linked to raring server? that bug report is about a regression in a quantal SRU14:56
stgraber(which I fixed yesterday and is now in quantal-updates)14:56
pgranerstgraber, matsubara pinged me since he is doing the maas testing14:57
pgranerstgraber, he says its in raring as well14:57
dobeyRiddell: /usr/share/kde4/apps/kopete/icons/oxygen/128x128/apps/skype_protocol.png is in kopete - http://packages.ubuntu.com/raring/all/kopete/filelist14:57
stgraberpgraner: hmm, ok, that's pretty surprising considering I copied the fix from raring... so must be something else14:57
Riddelldobey: yep14:57
stgraberpgraner: anyway, is that on some lab machines? (can I see it?)14:58
pgranerstgraber, ok I asked him to join here so you can talk to him, and yes it should be on a lab boxen14:58
matsubarastgraber, hi there. pgraner told me you have some questions about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/isc-dhcp/+bug/110768614:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1107686 in isc-dhcp (Ubuntu) "dhcpd: Open a socket for LPF: Permission denied" [Undecided,Fix released]14:59
stgrabermatsubara: right. That specific bug was a regression in quantal, we've had the fix for that in raring for months, so it's very unlikely you're seeing the same issue.14:59
stgrabermatsubara: any chance I can have access to your test machine to see exactly what's going on?14:59
matsubarastgraber, I see the same error in the log and when I put the workaround suggested in place, the dhcpd server starts normally15:00
stgrabermatsubara: what workaround?15:00
matsubarastgraber, yes, sure. do you have access to the QA VPN?15:00
cjwatsonDaviey: ah, excellent, you went ahead and removed it, thanks15:00
stgrabermatsubara: yep, I've got VPN access to the QA lab15:00
matsubaranetwork packet packet,\n network packet raw15:00
matsubarastgraber, ok. I'll pm you the details15:01
cjwatsondidrocks: Great, thanks15:02
Davieycjwatson: thanks for noticing it, sad we didn't notice it in quantal15:02
didrockscjwatson: yw, sorry I didn't notice it beforehand :)15:02
cjwatsonDaviey: Yeah, was trying to make sure the ubuntu-archive request queue was clean for release15:03
Davieyperfect, thanks!15:03
cjwatson(We now have just three long-term issues that aren't release-specific)15:03
xnoxRiddell: proposing http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598572/ will test build and test the package in the moment. Looking at the oxygen icons now.15:04
Riddellxnox: I'd recommend setting WITH_skype=false too15:04
xnoxRiddell: for CMake config. Ok. let me try.15:05
xnoxRiddell: the cdbs combinded dh style packaging is ugly.15:06
Riddellxnox: looking good15:07
stgrabercjwatson, pgraner: turns out the test was on quantal so they hit the SRU regression which I fixed yesterday and landed in -updates this morning. A re-run confirmed that the issue is no longer present.15:09
cjwatsonOh good15:09
pgranerstgraber, ack great15:10
pgranerstgraber, thanks15:10
Riddellis it really ok to have the skype icon in the source package?15:10
=== mmrazik|afk is now known as mmrazik
cjwatsonGood question15:14
cjwatsonIt might be safer to redo the orig15:14
cjwatsonAt least to remove the icon (I don't think it's necessary to purge all traces of the word "skype", since AFAIK we haven't been asked to)15:17
xnoxRiddell: i'll repack to remove trademarked assets from kdenetwork and oxygen.15:17
Riddell"assets" you sound like a lawyer :)15:17
bdmurraywhat is the release process wiki page?15:17
Laneydo you need to disable the skype plugin completely?15:19
cjwatsonAFAIK only the icon needs to go away15:19
xnoxRiddell: hang out to much with designers. Apperantly "photoshop" produces "assets".15:19
Laneythat's how I see it too15:19
cjwatsonif there's a suitable replacement icon then it would be preferable to use that15:19
xnoxLaney: sure. but i don't want to ship kopete which will try to load skype plugin and fail due to missing icons.15:20
cjwatson(we can probably check that if you want)15:20
cjwatsonbdmurray: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseProcess15:20
Laneyright ...15:20
xnoxit uses the xdg lookup.... but.15:20
xnoxLaney: we can always sru kopete with enabled skype plugin and debranded or whatever.15:21
cjwatsonubuntukylin-default-settings needs a slideshow fix too (skype icon)15:22
* cjwatson looks at that15:22
dobeyxnox: have you verified it will fail without those icons?15:23
xnoxdobey: no, somebody can do that in the mean time?!15:23
cjwatsonKylin doesn't actually *use* those icons, but it ships them15:24
xnoxRiddell: ^ ?15:24
dobeyxnox: i doubt it will fail15:24
dobeybut it would be good if someone could test it real quick15:24
* xnox doesn't think that offering skype plugin with missing icons is good. One of the "Skype" plugin features is mozilla plugin call to button.15:24
dobeyhopefully they don't get compiled into the binary so just rm the icons will work to remove them15:24
xnoxI'd like someone test that as well, if you are going with "remove icons only"15:24
xnoxdobey: there are alot of compiled moc/ui objects....15:25
xnox(not sure if those embdeb icons or not)15:25
dobeydepends on what the rc files do15:25
dobeyif rc files include reference to the png files, they'll get pulled into the binary as well15:26
xnoxbroken kopete -> breaking firefox sounds like a risky possibility. Hence disable full plugin + maybe sru it back in later after testing and/or replaced artwork.15:26
Riddellxnox: how could it break firefox?15:29
xnoxRiddell: by crashing a page with a phone number that is rendered into a skype callto button.15:30
xnoxRiddell: kopete builds that as well....15:30
dobeyi doubt it will crash15:30
Laneyyou could check ...15:31
RiddellI've never heard of things crashing ust from missing artwork15:31
Laneydisabling it seems like a sledgehammer approach15:31
RiddellI'll try it out15:31
* xnox finished the kdenetwork build with skype disabled. testing now.15:31
* xnox kdenetwork works & kopete works.15:37
cjwatsonShould we pull in the new casper to -updates for this respin?15:38
cjwatsonHow well is it tested?15:38
stgrabercjwatson: the virtio swap bit I've used to debug another issue so I know it works. The shutdown I only did a quick test yesterday in a UEFI VM, doing the same in a BIOS VM now to confirm15:44
cjwatsonYeah, I couldn't even get plymouth to show on shutdown in kvm so I'm no help15:44
stgraberah right, just figured out why everything's slow on the machine, I'm building a kernel in the background with -j5, that explains it!15:47
Riddellxnox: kopete works ok with skype with no icons15:48
xnoxRiddell: and firefox as well? callto button?!15:50
Riddellxnox: that I've no idea what it is or how it work15:50
xnoxRiddell: login into skype, enable account in kopete, start firefox, check that mozilla callto plugin is loaded, navigate any pages which have phone numbers15:51
xnoxand if detected they should turn into call icon with the skype green phone thing, upon clicking which a call should initiate15:52
xnoxa call in kopete.15:52
Riddellxnox: do I need to install this callto plugin?15:52
xnoxRiddell: it seems to come inside kopete package....15:52
xnoxdoesn't it?15:52
Riddelloh nifty15:53
stgrabercjwatson: VM with broken text boot/shutdown doesn't look worse with the new casper than it did with the old one. I've got another VM using vmvga which does give me a working plymouth, let's see what that one does.15:54
xnoxRiddell: hence my concerns.....15:55
stgrabercjwatson: I see the message and pressing enter works (kvm with vmvga driver)15:56
stgraberyeah, I can't confirm whether we fixed the bug or not but at least it doesn't look like it's any worse than it was15:56
Riddellxnox: doesn't seem to work with the current kopete package15:58
Riddellxnox: I install kopete package, check it's listed in about:plugins  go to http://davidwalsh.name/demo/phone-link-protocol.php to test and link doesn't work "the protocol (tel) isn't associated with any program."15:59
xnoxRiddell: with and without icons?! =)16:00
xnoxRiddell: skype should be running....16:00
xnox(logged in etc.)16:00
Laneysince xnox has it working, it sounds like it would be easier for him to check this ...16:00
jbichaxnox: what are we going to do for bug 1164592?16:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 1164592 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity freezes in Install Alongside screen" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116459216:01
Riddellxnox: yep16:01
xnoxLaney: what do you mean "working" ?16:01
Laneythe call thing?16:01
Laneyat least you're giving instructions like you have it working fo ryou16:02
xnoxLaney: I know how it's suppose to work, but I haven't used it myself in raring yet. And my machine I'm on at the moment cannot do skype.16:02
xnoxI have package that is repackaged to remove skype icons, and disable skype plugins and not install them.16:04
xnoxIt works as expected.16:04
xnoxthe final debdiff is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598697/16:04
xnoxI am tempted to upload that.16:04
xnoxThe alternative is to still ship all plugins and just have the icons removed. But that needs another build on my end.16:04
xnoxLet me dput this version, and I can do another one for icons only and then it's up to release team to decide what to take.16:05
Riddellxnox: I'm not fussed but have a slight preference for only removing the icons and not the kopete plugin16:05
* Laney too16:05
xnoxScottK: ^?16:05
cjwatsonI share that preference16:05
* ScottK too16:05
stgraberyeah, I don't think we want a last minute feature change, dropping/replacing the icons should be enough to fix the bug16:06
xnoxpurging all skype icons? (e.g. even the like skype human contact & status icons)16:07
Laneywhat was asked for?16:08
Riddellxnox: they look a lot like straight copies from skype so best to yes16:09
cjwatsonApparently the one they really care about is the one that was overriding their icon in their new skype package16:09
cjwatsonSo an actual functional breakage - that was unity-asset-pool16:09
cjwatsonFor the others, we should still be avoiding shipping trademarked things where we don't have permission16:09
cjwatsonAFAIK it is just the logo16:09
cjwatsonOr images that incorporate the logo16:10
xnoxdo we know if the trademarked the tripple circle status icon? (which is same outline like the (S) logo)16:10
xnoxthe above kdenetwork is with disabling plugin.16:11
cjwatsonI do not know and the guidelines do not appear to say16:11
xnoxcjwatson: ^ reject, I guess for now.16:11
xnoxwell my trademark knoweledge slightly reminds that anything that reasonably can associate / make one believe it's trademark....16:11
xnoxnone the less, I belive those icons are violating copyright and are not suitable for main.16:12
cjwatsonI would probably err on the side of removing any icons you're unsure about16:13
Riddellxnox: kopete mozilla plugin seems broken generally, not much to break more16:18
cjwatsonrejecting the earlier kdenetwork at least for now16:19
* cjwatson copies casper to raring-updates16:24
xnoxRiddell: oxygen-icons shouldn't be an xz, since most of icons are compressed with svgz, thus exploading the archive to be bigger than it should have been.16:26
xnoxRiddell: for future =)16:26
cjwatsonOK, so I'm fine with that kdenetwork upload.  Anyone else want to chime in before I accept it?16:28
Riddellxnox: I'll pass on your wisdom to upstream but he does work for the same company as you so he might pay more attention to you directly :)16:28
Riddellcjwatson: good with me16:28
Chipacaxnox: if the plugin needs skype to be installed in order to work, can't it use the real skype icon?16:28
* Chipaca carries on reading16:28
xnoxI dunno16:28
xnoxChipaca: but good point.16:28
Riddellktp-common-internals also has a skype icon16:29
cjwatsonIt's not clear, but we can always put things back in an SRU if we get clearance16:29
cjwatsonFrom what David Pitkin told me, I'm not stressed at this point about grepping the archive for everything16:29
cjwatsonSince the most pressing concern is how it breaks Skype 4.216:29
LaneyLGTM apart from the changelog being wrong16:30
xnoxLaney: which changelog? mine?16:30
cjwatsonI don't mind if people want to clean up universe further but it's not immediately critical16:30
xnoxLaney: yeah.16:30
cjwatsonxnox: Oh yeah, s/plugin/icons/16:30
infinityRiddell: If you want to clean up kt-common-internals, be my guest, kdenetwork will be building for 4h anyway. :/16:31
cjwatsonchangelog ... too late :)16:31
shibataHi release team. I encountered a crash of usb-creator-gtk on 13.04, bug 1068473.16:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 1068473 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "Crash when trying to create USB startup disk." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106847316:32
cjwatsonI think our position on usb-creator is mainly "Er, yeah, sorry, it kind of sucks and we haven't had time to sort it out, but for most purposes you can just use dd"16:33
shibatacjwatson: I see. Thank you.16:35
cjwatsonJust waiting for casper to publish to -updates before starting respins16:40
cjwatsonAnything else, better shout now :-P16:40
slangasekcan I have libpony on the CD16:41
infinityslangasek: No.16:41
cjwatsonNo, because the images don't fit on CDs any more :-)16:41
infinityslangasek: Nor can you get a lollipop.16:41
Laneywhat's going to be respinned?16:43
infinitygnome, ubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu...16:43
cjwatsoner, wieder16:43
Laneylike a record baby16:44
stgraberLaney: edubuntu, ubuntu-gnome, ubuntu, ubuntukylin, ubuntustudio and kubuntu16:44
cjwatsonYeah, WHS16:44
Laneyah, who cares about that stuff16:44
* Laney should have checked seeded-in-ubuntu casper16:44
cjwatsonI dunno why all of those have unity-asset-pool, but they do, and we have to respin either way (either to remove the files or remove the package)16:44
cjwatsonLaney: I put casper into -updates specifically to avoid everything it touches16:45
Laneyer, uap16:45
LaneyI don't see kubuntu there?16:45
cjwatsonIn the case of ubuntu-gnome, it's shotwell -> account-plugin-facebook -> u-a-p16:46
cjwatsonKubuntu is there for a different reason16:46
cjwatsonIt wanted a couple of ubiquity changes anyway16:46
infinityLaney: kdenetwork for kubuntu (and one or two others)16:46
Laneybut that's later for kdenetwork, yes?16:46
* Laney nods16:46
jbichayeah I think we wish we didn't have unity-asset-pool included ;)16:46
Laneyjbicha: It's an asset to you16:47
JackYucjwatson, when will the new iso of ubuntukylin ready?16:47
cjwatsonNeed to wait for this publisher run to finish (a few more minutes) and then kick everything off; probably a couple of hours16:47
* skellat is downloading the latest branch of xubuntu-artwork really fast just to do a fast double-check for The Forbidden Trademarked Asset16:48
cjwatsonChanges are very minor so if you've already done full testing I think a revised smoke test should be fine16:48
JackYucjwatson, ok, so we will test it tomorrow (beijing time:) ).16:48
cjwatsonWhat's that in UTC?16:48
cjwatsonI mean, depending on what you mean by tomorrow that might be after release16:49
cjwatsonBut you're after midnight right now so you mean in about eight hours or so?16:49
JackYuoh, yes:)16:50
cjwatsonOK, that'll be fine, thanks16:50
Laneyhuge oxygen-icons orig is huge16:51
Riddellsize is everything16:51
stgrabershould we mark the world as rebuilding on the tracker or do we want to still let people report results on the current ones?16:51
xnoxLaney: hence my complained. It's an xz tarball of gz compressed icons. Thus it explodes in size for no gain.16:51
Laneyfile a bug :-)16:52
xnoxLaney: to me that orig src is not actually orig, as icons are "pre-processed".16:52
xnoxLaney: I will in debian as a serious one.16:52
xnoxLaney: after may the 7th.16:52
cjwatsonstgraber: Hmm.  Probably the latter, it'll still be a little while16:53
Laneyo-i lgtm16:53
cjwatsonjamespage: your juju-core version number is b i z a r r e16:54
jamespagecjwatson, tell me about it16:55
ScottKcjwatson: I think it'd be better to just put it in S next week and backport anway.16:56
infinityjamespage: We just did.16:56
infinityjamespage: Why does the upstream version have a -1 at the end of it?16:56
cjwatsonScottK: Yeah, I'm trying to avoid having an opinion on that since I haven't looked :)16:56
ScottK(said so in the FFe bug too)16:56
infinityDon't technically need an FFe for new unseeded stuff...16:56
Laneyor does F = Final?16:57
Davieyinfinity: erm, that isn't how it used to be16:57
ScottKinfinity: New does.16:57
infinityIt's no more a new feature than any other unseeded things we've synced from Debian in the last week.16:57
jamespageit has a -1 because the juju team had to recut the release tarball as it had cruft in it16:57
infinityDid those all have bugs?16:57
infinityjamespage: That's what dots are for...16:57
DavieyThe primary reason for an FFe on unseeded stuff was to be a vanguard to Archive Admins.16:57
ScottKinfinity: Except you need an archive admin to New it and we're all allegedly busy with other stuff now.16:58
infinityScottK: Sure, but added process doesn't help that, we can all just say "no, not enough time".16:58
ScottKMy usual answer (at least when it's not release week) is to say go ahead if you can find an AA with time.16:58
DavieyI don't think it's an unreasonable process TBH.16:58
infinityI think it's pointless process.16:59
ScottKIt is a bit different now that we have more AAs and most of the release team are also AA's but meh.16:59
infinityFFEs are about reviewing the new features and changes.  "New package" isn't a feature changed in a package, it's just, well, a new package, which we already know how to deal with.16:59
infinityAnd we know how to not deal with it too.16:59
ScottKMaybe, but that's not the way we've done it for as long as I can remember.17:00
infinityJust seems to be overloading it a bit, and adding process to an already annoying process (new review).17:00
Davieyinfinity: this one does potentially introduce risk with a non-seeded, but important feature package17:00
infinityDaviey: The real risk was in the juju upload we reviewed and accepted earlier.17:00
ScottKDaviey: All the more reason to backport it next week.17:00
infinityDaviey: (ie: the one that switched it to using alternatives).17:00
cjwatsonStarting Ubuntu desktop respins17:01
infinityThere's no "danger" in accepting an alternative implementation.17:01
infinityThat's like saying every MTA is a "danger" to postfix.17:01
skellatAlrighty, it looks like xubuntu-artwork is clean of The Forbidden Trademarked Asset17:02
* ScottK protectively cuddles postfix and summons lamont.17:02
infinityBut, I'm down with saying it's silly to jam it in late when we'll end up later with people claiming it needs to be heavily SRUed when all the bugs are found.17:02
infinity*cough* maas in precise *cough*17:02
cjwatsonskellat: thanks17:02
ScottKinfinity: Yep.17:02
DavieyTo be clear, i couldn't give a hoot if this gets in or not.  I just know that a few people have worked pretty hard to try and get it in.  I don't mind spendig some time trying to help make that happen.17:03
DavieyI think they have learned to get it in sooner next cycle.17:03
infinityDaviey: Sure, they worked hard, they just worked hard to get it in at the wrong time.17:03
ScottKIf we don't accept it until next week, it will be in sooner next cycle.17:03
infinityDaviey: Such is life sometimes, not everyone makes every milestone.17:03
infinityDaviey: Getting it in first thing next week means they have six months to make it not crap. ;)17:03
LaneyBackports is super easy for new packages too.17:04
Davieyinfinity: your confidence is high.17:04
ScottKI sense consensus emerging on the release team.17:04
lamontScottK: maybe  we should throw postfix at infinity and see if it sticks :D17:08
lamont(hi infinity)17:08
cjwatsonYeah, no matter how hard you work, landing an entirely new package a day before release is something you should expect to be questioned pretty heavily and possibly denied.17:08
DavieyOh, there has been significant questioning for the last few weeks.17:09
* ScottK just marked it wontfix based on the discussion here.17:09
infinitylamont: I don't want your filthy postfix.17:10
apwjamespage, can we assume that the python juju version will never rev into the same version space as the go juju version17:10
* infinity cuddles exim.17:10
cjwatsonThe questioning I was referring to is the questioning happening now, not anything that happened before upload :-)17:10
DavieyScottK: I disagree that backporting it next week makes any difference.17:10
Davieyapw: I checked that.. and it is safe to assume.17:10
ScottKDaviey: Sure it does.  If the backport goes badly you can easily update it or even remove it.17:10
cjwatsonAnd I'm afraid I agree.  It's too late for a new project.  A backport has more time to deal with stupid build problems and the like.17:10
infinityDaviey: It's a huge difference, since the backport can be revved with zero effort.17:11
ScottKIf it goes into the release pocket, you're stuck with it for the duration.17:11
Davieyinfinity: 'zero effort' ?17:13
cjwatsonIn fact, if it goes well in -backports, there's no real reason we couldn't put it in -updates to give it wider visibility.17:13
infinityYou're familiar with the backports pocket, right?17:13
cjwatsonBut the first exposure of something like this to the archive shouldn't be in the release pocket a day before release.17:14
DavieyBut zero effort implies throwing any crap in there.17:14
infinityYou'd rather throw any crap into the release pocket? :)17:14
lamontinfinity: ....17:15
Davieyinfinity: No, which is why i declaimed my point with the package being of sound quality :P17:16
ScottKSince it's been tested on raring, the additional effort to backport it once it's in "S" is negligible.17:16
Riddelltoday's kubuntu images still have the "this is a pre-release" warning on ubiquity17:17
xnoxRiddell: you should have used a plus in ktp upload, as in "0.6.1+dfsg1-0ubuntu1" but it's just ok.... passes a point.point.point.point release test.17:17
cjwatsonFortunately we have an opportunity to fix that :-)17:18
cjwatsonWhat's the exact string so I can grep?17:18
Riddell"This is a pre-release of the Kubuntu live CD installer."17:18
cjwatsonAh yes17:19
Riddellisn't that turned off by something on the CD?17:19
cjwatsonIt's in ubiquity17:19
cjwatsonLooks like only the KDE frontend is affected17:19
cjwatsonSo I'll upload a fix in a moment17:20
cjwatsonIs there a bug number/17:20
cjwatsonLooks like no17:21
Riddellcjwatson: I'll report one17:23
Riddellbug 1172059 verified as good17:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 1172059 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "kubuntu ubiquity encryption doesn't check password" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117205917:23
cjwatsonRiddell: don't bother, already building a package17:24
apwjamespage, shouldn't this jujud have a manpage ...17:31
* Riddell uploads muon so raring->s version upgrades will work17:32
Riddellcjwatson: ubiquity upload looks good, shall I accept?17:38
ScottKRiddell: I already did17:39
ScottKSo how come that variable only affects the Qt front end?  How is it done for Ubuntu?17:40
ScottKSeems like a deeper disconnect we ought to fix while it's fresh.17:40
Riddellit used to be the same thing I'm sure17:40
cjwatsonThe GTK frontend lost the alpha warning in some redesign or other17:41
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-afk
ScottKRiddell: Should we just lose it too then?17:44
ScottKOne less thing to go wrong.17:44
RiddellScottK: there's a good argument for that yes17:44
ScottKSo all we need to do is not turn it back on ....17:44
cjwatsonWe can delete that code for S if that's what you'd prefer, sure17:45
ScottKMay as well.17:45
cjwatsonI think the need for it is rather less than when it was first introduced anyway17:46
ScottKRiddell: What happened to muon?17:52
balloonsforgive me if this has been asked, i dn't see it in the backscroll. Do we plan on having a "Ubuntu Project Contributors"section in the release notes again?17:57
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
balloonssounds like bkrenesa is going to do this?18:03
bkerensaballoons: :)18:07
pgranerballoons, yep, I have bkerensa the link so he knows where to put them18:11
RiddellScottK: it's compiling away18:12
* Riddell out for a couple of hours18:13
jamespageapw, undoubtedly so18:32
jamespageapw, guess I get time to fixup lint now :-)18:32
cjwatsonI'm preemptively prepublishing the desktop images above so that we can get them onto cloudfront/mirrors/etc.18:34
Daviey^ I wanted a bug on the iptables decency introduction18:37
ScottKNothing outside Kubuntu, so I'm unblocking it for release.18:39
ScottKDaviey: Is that for release or SRU?18:48
Davieynova and cinder should be release.  maas should be sru18:50
ScottKSo you're going to respin server?18:52
DavieyScottK: no18:52
ScottKAh, I confused pacackage set with seed there18:52
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dobeyinfinity: hey, i got bumrushed to poke at a critical issue with skype icons this morning, and forgot to ping you re: rhythmbox-ubuntuone. can you still look at those SRU uploads today? thanks.19:17
ScottKinfinity/cjwatson: Any reason not to go ahead and copy ubiquity to updates?19:52
stgraberI think they're all out for dinner19:53
stgraberbut besides that (as being the reason why nobody did it already), I can't see any reason not to copy it19:54
ScottKWe're still waiting for kdenetwork on armhf anyway.19:55
ScottKLet me see how long that's likely to be ...19:55
ScottKAh.  Finished.19:56
stgraberI'd just go ahead with copying to updates or pushing straight to the release pocket for the various bits you need (depending on whether you're the only one to ship those or not) and once everything is published let me know and I'll kick a rebuild for you (assuming the others aren't back by then)19:57
ScottKWe don't want ubiquity in the release pocket because it's there for Kubuntu only.19:59
ScottKJust copied to updates.19:59
stgraberright, that one goes to updates, the other bits can probably go to release19:59
ScottKI suspect that's the first use of the 'sru-release' script for raring.19:59
ScottKThere's already and unblock for kdenetwrok.19:59
ScottKShould be good after the next publisher run finishes.20:00
ScottKRiddell: Do you know of anything else we're waiting for?20:01
ScottKstgraber: I don't know if you fixed something or something magical happened, but I can mark for rebuild now.20:13
stgraberScottK: didn't change anything, so I guess you just didn't hit the same weird bug you hit last time20:16
xnoxstgraber: ScottK: yeah, they are still out for dinner. I'm heading home now. copy to -updates and respin kubuntu with -updates if all the bits landed seems to me like the only next step.20:19
xnoxcalling it a night =) see you tomorrow.20:24
DavieyScottK: Are you pushing hard against this being NEW reviewed now, overriding my initial assessment - or was your Wont Fix your preference ?20:48
slangasekFWIW, I've talked with Daviey about juju-core (both today, and in the lead-up to this FFe); if we think we would just be adding this in via backports+updates later, I don't think there's a strong justification, release-wise, for not letting it into the release pocket today20:52
ScottKslangasek: Everyone (except Daviey) that was here earlier on the release team saw it differently.20:53
DavieyProving it's of suitable quality.20:53
ScottKThere is zero difference to the user either way.20:54
slangasekScottK: yep, I saw20:54
DavieyScottK: to be fair, infinity seemed quite moderate about it initially20:54
ScottKDaviey: True, but after discussion seemed to view it reasonably strongly.20:54
DavieyScottK: if there is zero difference, do you object to it going in now then?20:54
slangasekScottK: the fact that there's zero difference to the user is exactly why I don't see that it's warranted to *not* allow it in the release20:55
ScottKslangasek: The complexity of supporting it post release for us is the difference.20:56
ScottKSee the fun we're having over MaaS in precise now (it was also slammed into the archive on release week).20:56
ScottKIn a nutshell, I guess the difference is that we don't have to promise zero regressions next week.20:57
slangasekis that really because of the late landing in precise, as opposed to being a matter of the code having evolved since then?20:57
ScottKIt was trouble on contact.20:58
ScottKI'm sure it's some of both though.20:58
DavieyScottK: Erm, i disagree with you stating it was introduced in release week20:58
DavieyScottK: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maas/0.1~bzr146+dfsg-0ubuntu120:58
slangasekah, but I would much rather hold the juju team to the "zero regressions" rule20:58
DavieyAnd to be clear, this is on a whole different scale of less complexity20:59
ScottKYou're correct.20:59
ScottKThere were however significant changes release week (which must be what I remember) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/maas/0.1+bzr462+dfsg-0ubuntu121:00
stgraberI really don't see why the JuJu folks want their package in the 13.04 release pocket. If it was my package, I'd actually be very happy to have it just in raring-backports as it'd let me do full version updates post-release without having to go through the SRU process with the exact same installation/discoverability for my users21:00
ScottKslangasek: It's still a management burden for the SRU team.21:00
DavieyYes, i remember your commentary.21:00
DavieyScottK: I don't agree it to be any more of a burden than anything else.21:01
ScottKMaaS certainly is.21:01
DavieyAnd this is a different topic.21:02
stgraberI mean the package will be in the software-center, will be visible in apt, will be mirrored as part of the Ubuntu archive and you get the ability to do major version updates for free if you need to. Why do you want to restrict yourself to the strict SRU policies you'd have to follow if you were to get it in the archive now?21:02
slangasekas for juju-core being pushed the week of release... well, the juju team was asking for this a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't go in right away because AIUI Daviey + jamespage were iterating over the packaging and providing feedback; I'm not sure we want a perverse incentive of less diligent review21:02
DavieyThat bares no resemblance. Different team working on it, different target.21:02
slangasekScottK: from the earlier discussion, I thought it was proposed that the package would be in -backports + -updates?  so AFAICS that would be the same SRU version21:02
slangaseker, SRU burden21:03
ScottKslangasek: updates maybe someday if things go well.21:03
slangasekexcept that in this case there would be no SRU team overhead for the initial version21:03
ScottKI didn't really understand why that would be better either.21:03
ScottKThe only reason to copy it to updates is if you had something stable and you wanted to offer something newer in backports.21:03
ScottKAdditionally, I don't think Ubuntu should give this special treatment because it's a Canonical project.  If this were any other upstream, we wouldn't even be discussing it.21:04
DavieyScottK: To be clear, are you keen to actively block this?21:04
DavieyScottK: I don't think that is true.21:04
ScottKYes.  I think it's fundamentally a poor choice.21:05
slangasekScottK: well, I don't see accepting a new package into universe the week of release as special treatment21:05
slangaseknot qualitatively21:05
ScottKThe amount of arguing over it certainly is.21:06
ScottKIf it weren't a Canonical project, the release team would have said no and that would have been it.21:06
DavieyScottK: Well, this would likely be in now.... if you hadn't of decided to re-review my decision21:06
DavieyWhich TBH, is kinda unheard of anyway21:06
slangasekif it weren't a Canonical project, would members of the release team be saying 'no' when other AAs / RT members are saying they're willing to process it?21:07
ScottKOf which I was not aware.21:07
ScottKIf it were an upstream with a history of late delivery of buggy code, absolutely.21:07
DavieyThis upstream doesn't have that history21:08
ScottKIt's a matter of opinion.21:08
slangasekit's a question of how broad a brush you're using21:09
DavieyScottK: I think that pov requires justification, otherwise it's nothing but rude against the juju team21:09
ScottKBTW, I'm not sure how much before my comment yours was (they both say 4 hours ago now), but I hadn't seen it when I wrote my initial objection.  I wasn't intending to re-review what you'd done.21:09
ScottKDaviey: I wasn't being that specific.21:09
DavieyScottK: noted, yours was 9 mins after my assessment. Apologies for assuming it was a re-review21:10
ScottKIf I had seen it and disagreed, I would have directly discussed it with you.  Not sure why didn't see the bug mail come in later.21:11
* ScottK starts to wonder if we should just do away with feature freeze and let anyone do whatever, whenever?21:12
DavieyScottK: Maybe raise it as a vUDS session?21:13
ScottKForgot the sarcasm tag.21:14
LaneyNow look what you've done, Kitterman.21:14
roaksoaxstgraber: so I have one more bug I'd like to get fixed for MAAS as a 0-day sru. Should I upload a new revision of the package that will superseed the one in the still unapproved queue?21:14
slangasekScottK: I don't see the current request being at odds with feature freeze; I thought our policy has always been "new packages that don't touch anything else are fine post-FF if you can find the manpower to review it"21:14
ScottKslangasek: Yes, up to a point.21:14
ScottKAnd particularly since this is a re-implementation of an existing package and it's not yet at feature parity, I don't see why it's a big deal to wait a week.21:15
DavieySo full feature parity should be achieved this week?21:16
ScottKThen if it turns out there are problems, we aren't stuck with some unsupportable mess.21:16
DavieyOtherwise, i fail to see how it makes any difference21:16
ScottKWhy would a user switch to a less mature/less featureful implementation?  Because someday it'll be better?21:17
ScottKOther than PR, I don't see any reason to push it in now.21:17
stgraberroaksoax: I can reject your previous MAAS upload and you can just upload the same version with the fix21:17
DavieyScottK: Would you be willing to review this next week?21:17
DavieyScottK: This version has assurance of being maintained.21:18
roaksoaxstgraber: that would work :)21:18
stgraberroaksoax: ok, rejected21:19
ScottKDaviey: I'll be glad to process the backport request next week.21:19
DavieyScottK: No, i am asking if you can do a NEW review?21:20
ScottKNot sure what next week looks like.  Probably.21:20
roaksoaxstgraber: Thanks, will prepare new package with fix and upload!21:20
cjwatsonScottK: Sorry, I beat you to using sru-release, for casper :)21:22
ScottKSo where did kdenetwork go?21:23
cjwatsonI'm afraid I still feel pretty strongly about juju-core.  I actually think that putting it in post-release pockets will make things *better* for the juju team.21:23
Davieycjwatson: how so?21:24
stgraberScottK: so it looks like ubiquity 2.14.8 has now been published in raring-updates. Need anything else?21:24
LaneyYou know we technically have backports open now.21:24
ScottKstgraber: kdenetwork.21:24
ScottKLaney: Good point.21:24
cjwatsonBecause you won't have the initial "huge pile of stuff via updates, have to get the TB to pass it" thing.21:24
ScottKDaviey: How about we put it in backports now?21:24
cjwatsonAlso, I very strongly believe that the "but it's in universe" thing is a case of trying to have your cake and eat it too.21:25
cjwatsonIt's entirely obvious that this is something that Canonical wants to recommend to relevant audiences21:25
cjwatsonWe can't say that on the one hand, and on the other use the excuse of being in universe to be more lenient about it21:25
DavieyOh i agree. I don't subscribe to the idea that universe means 'throw any crap in'21:25
slangasekwell, from my POV having it in universe is an important benefit for the user because right now users of the package are getting it only from a ppa21:26
cjwatsonThey can get it just as well from -updates a bit later, and with only a slight extra step from -backports nowish (if uploaded there)21:26
stgraberScottK: what version of kdenetwork do you need? The current one is 52min old21:26
slangasek... which means the system provides no guarantees that the maintainers won't introduce regressions21:26
stgraberkdenetwork | 4:4.10.2+dfsg-0ubuntu1 | raring/universe | source, all21:27
ScottKstgraber: that's the one.21:27
stgraberScottK: ok, so all set then?21:27
ScottKI was looking for an ubuntu2.  Forgot about the DFSG.21:27
cjwatsonstgraber: I'm just making sure cdimage can see it21:27
ScottKIt's been a long day.21:27
DavieyDoes it need a separate upload to go to backports, before s opens?  Or can i just be included there as part of acceptance ?21:27
stgrabercjwatson: ok, feel free to kick the respin if you're already playing on nusakan21:27
cjwatsonIt'd need a separate upload, or separate copy from a PPA or whatever21:28
cjwatsonslangasek: For my part, I don't see this as the normal case of a new package (I was fine with the libgit2 sync that somebody else accepted) because it's far from without interactions with existing packages; and of course it has the static linking business too which I'm separately unhappy about21:29
ScottKDaviey: ^^^^ easiest just to re-upload with raring-backports.21:29
Davieycjwatson: Yes, that frustration has been shared.21:30
Davieyjamespage: are you around?21:30
cjwatsonBut not resolved.21:30
jamespageDaviey, yes21:30
* jamespage reads backscroll21:30
cjwatsonDo we need to respin kubuntu-active as well?21:31
cjwatsonThere's bits of kdenetwork in it, so I guess yes21:31
cjwatsonOh, and ubiquity.  So yes.21:31
stgraberright and ScottK marked it for respin on the tracker21:31
Davieyjamespage: Can you re-upload targeting backports please?21:32
cjwatsonSo want the "respin everything marked for rebuilding" thing :)21:32
stgraberwell, I'm going to spend around 15h on various airplanes over the weekend so you may have that next week ;)21:33
jamespageDaviey, ack - I'll sort out the ugly version number at the same time.21:33
stgraberadding DB fields and testing migration scripts is the kind of thing that long flights are good for21:33
Davieyjamespage: thanks21:34
jamespageDaviey, ScottK: OK - uploaded to raring-backports21:44
Davieyjamespage: thanks.21:44
DavieyHmm, I can't review backports.. can i?21:45
cjwatsonTechnically yes but by policy no (same for me - it's ~ubuntu-backporters)21:45
cjwatsonBut several relevant folks here21:46
ScottKDaviey: I've approved the backport, so I think any archive admin can do New.  Please feel free.21:46
ScottKI just clearly said it was approved in the bug.21:48
DavieyScottK: I didn't think i was allowed to process backports, even if approved.  Now i do.21:49
ScottKIMO, ubuntu-backporters has to approve any backport.21:49
ScottKSince this is a new package, there's none of the usual things to worry about that are unique to backports, so there's no reason I can't do the approval and leave the New to another archive admin.21:50
ScottKIt's a bit of an odd case to have come up.21:52
roaksoaxstgraber: done! thanks21:56
balloonsogra_, have you tried the arm builds for panda or the nexus7?22:08
xnoxballoons: i can blast through nexus7 tomorrow morning. should be all fine.22:13
xnoxballoons: and panda as well.22:13
pgranerballoons, we don't care about desktop even tho is built, server is the focus on arm22:16
* cjwatson fixes corner-case checksumming bug in publish-release22:21
cjwatson(Confused verify-cloudfront)22:21
cjwatsonDaviey,jamespage: FWIW, things missed in the NEW review of juju-core: missing ${shlibs:Depends} (yes, it's at least a partially dynamically linked binary); fairly arbitrary Architecture: amd64 i386 that really should be any so that if nothing else we can have visibility of why it fails elsewhere22:39
Davieycjwatson: It was expressly set to amd64 i38622:40
infinityDaviey: Yes, it shouldn't be.22:40
infinityDaviey: It should be arch:any.22:40
cjwatsonexpressly> that was in fact my complaint22:40
Davieycjwatson: If you are doing a post-review review, why didn't you just volunteer to do it in the first place?22:40
cjwatsonEr, because I was doing a load of other critical-path things at the time?22:41
DavieyAnd now?22:41
cjwatsonNow I'm not22:41
cjwatsonAnd I don't see how this is any of your business22:41
cjwatsonApparently I should never report problems in packages you care about.  Fine.22:42
DavieyWell, you can surely see that it is frustrating to see someone do a review moments after it has just been accepted.22:42
infinityYou do realise that people can find issues with packages at any point, right?  "It was reviewed" doesn't imply it's perfect.22:42
cjwatsonI don't really care.  Sorry.22:42
cjwatsonSince I would far rather be in bed but I need to supervise a load of stuff.22:42
cjwatsonSo, you know, sorry if finding problems has hurt your feeling22:43
DavieyNo, it has not hurt feelings.  But I appreciate the apologetic sentiment.22:43
cjwatsonHappy to file bugs if you'd prefer.22:44
* cjwatson does so22:46
xnoxcjwatson: time to implement debian ftpmaster style auto-rejects based on lintian tags?! /me recently got auto-rejected in debian =)22:49
xnoxthat should do it.22:50
Riddellnew Kubuntu builds on their way?22:53
infinityRiddell: Yeah, waiting on ARM.22:54
cjwatson22763 pts/9    S+     0:00      \_ ssh -n -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o BatchMode=yes buildd@cadejo.buildd /home/buildd/bin/BuildLiveCD -l -A armhf -s omap4 -d raring kubuntu22:54
cjwatsonAt some point ...22:54
* cjwatson feeds cadejo more hamsters22:54
cjwatsonIt's building the squashfs23:00
cjwatsonAh, good, there we go23:19
balloonsxnox, pgraner ok.. just wanted to see if you noticed some of the bugs creeping in.. the desktop images as usual have some little things23:38
pgranerballoons, yep I'll round them up in the am for the release notes23:39
balloonspgraner, excellent. Let me know if you need bug numbers :-023:39
pgranerballoons, ha!23:40
stgraberapparently my brain really needs sleep now, so I'll disappear for a few hours and be back early tomorrow morning to finish some Edubuntu tests and look at techoverview/release notes. Good night everyone!23:41
infinitystgraber: 'Night.23:44

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