andygraybealwhen i login with ldap auth onto ubuntu.. my home directory is getting made with the wrong permissions :(  i don't know how to even begin to tell you what i need to for you to help trouble shoot :)  just commiserate with me for now!00:31
sarnoldandygraybeal: which permissions does it get? which permissions would you like it to get instead?00:38
andygraybeali found the problem00:38
sarnoldandygraybeal: is there anything educational in /var/log/ that might indicate a config to change?00:38
sarnoldoh yay :)00:38
andygraybealtwo of the users in my ldap directory have the same UID number.... because did an import wrong00:38
andygraybealerr.. i said the wrong thing.. i meant 'owner' and not permissions00:39
andygraybealthank you for responding00:39
sarnoldugh, I've even seen that one before, mismatched local vs ldap-provided uids... ls -l always looked fine, but ls -ln showed te problem clearly....00:40
andygraybealls -ln ..hmmmmm00:40
andygraybealaah you rock, thank you for that00:41
andygraybealn means numbers?00:41
sarnoldsimilar to netstat or some other commands that could look up numbers to names or not...00:41
andygraybealokay, i'm not usd to the convention00:41
andygraybeali'm still new-ish00:41
andygraybealeven tohugh i've used this for more than 10 yrs00:42
sarnoldwell, like many things on unix, you learn one and find it's different elsewhere :)00:42
sarnoldah, then you're already familiar with that, hehe :)00:42
andygraybealwell really i'm 34.. i startd in highschool-ish with bsd of some sort00:43
andygraybealanyway.. it's all good00:43
andygraybeali'm still totally new :)00:43
andygraybealthis is my first time trying to configure ldap auth client logons :)00:44
andygraybealkerberos is still another bag of worms to me.00:44
andygraybealeven though i know i need to understand it.00:44
bmorrisoI've been told that growing the root volume on an EC2 instance takes hours, if impossible...is this true? Any assistance/guidance/etc?00:51
andygraybeali have an ec2 instance too :)00:53
andygraybealwhat storage container type do you have?00:54
andygraybeali have the simple basic one00:54
andygraybeali forget what it's called00:54
andygraybealamazon naming scheme is a little rediculous00:59
Patrickdkbmorriso, where is this root volume located?01:02
* Patrickdk always found changing out a ebs only took minutes01:03
andygraybealyea, i think i have ebs01:03
Patrickdkebs is the default in ubuntu image01:03
Patrickdkebs is not a simple/basic one though :)01:04
Patrickdkbut it is, the safer one01:04
bmorrisoPatrickdk, it is ebs /dev/sda101:05
bmorrisoit's only 8G and needs to be grown01:05
cheese1756Does anyone have a good script to rsync an entire Ubuntu server in full?01:07
cheese1756For super-easy referencing or restore01:07
andygraybealokay, i think the owner is set correctly on my home folder, now i'm getting an auth error saying 'nologin' where do i change this to say /bin/bash (or something... i'm assuming)01:11
Patrickdkandygraybeal, chsh?01:15
andygraybealPatrickdk, hmm.. okay01:16
andygraybeali'm trying to login auth from a ldap server.01:16
andygraybealso i'm a little confused.01:17
Patrickdkif it doesn't work, your ldap config is highly unusual01:17
andygraybealno, i understand.01:17
andygraybeali'm sure it is unusual01:18
andygraybealit says the 'user' doesn't exist in passwd01:19
andygraybealit's an ldap user... in my ldap config i have an entry: 'loginshell' it's value is /bin/bash01:19
andygraybeali've never ever been able to login with ldap client auth in my life.... if i get this it will be an event.01:21
Patrickdklogin with ldap client?01:21
Patrickdkyou just need to configure your pam correctly01:21
andygraybealah pam01:22
andygraybealpam i sso evil01:22
andygraybealthank you for the hint though01:22
sarnolddefinitely underdocumented..01:22
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=== whois is now known as r0tha
andygraybeali apologize, i'm reading this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LDAPClientAuthentication01:37
andygraybealit doesn't say anything about a shell01:37
Patrickdkandygraybeal, that works, but it gives you no mangement, except doing it directly via ldap01:38
Patrickdkatleast I think that is how it is01:38
andygraybeali have an entry in ldap, 'loginshell' = '/bin/bash'  .. i hoped that'd cover it :(01:38
andygraybealbut ihave no idea, i'm grasping :)01:38
andygraybeali thin everythign is or should be managed from my ldap :)01:39
Patrickdkno, that isn't the issue01:39
Patrickdkthe issue is, do you want it to be read only01:39
Patrickdkor do you want normal tools to update it, like passwd, chsh, adduser, ...01:39
Patrickdkif not, you will have to use or create your own user admin system01:40
andygraybealwell, i am using zentyal as my backend.01:40
andygraybealit's got user mgmt built in.  if your not familiar with it.. it's a webified server admin thing.01:40
Patrickdkpersonally I perfer to build them myself01:40
andygraybeali know, i know, everyone does.   i'm not exactly smart.01:41
andygraybeali'm not exactly sure how this is going to roll... i was hoping to give it a test drive01:41
andygraybealsee how i feel about it01:42
andygraybealany thoughts you have would be helpful, if you have any more.01:43
andygraybealomg.. it works01:43
andygraybeali don't know why it didn't work for a second there.. but it is working now.. holy crap!!!!!01:44
andygraybealthis is the first time i ever got this to work!01:44
andygraybealhow exciting01:44
andygraybeali don't understand any of it :)01:44
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andygraybealanyway, i'm celebrating :)02:31
InteliWaspi have a server loaded with 13.04 beta 2, just installed vsftpd and enabled local user (after restarting service)but i am not able to log in03:18
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phelpsLogging into my server and it has started being very slow to give me a prompt03:58
phelpsthe last line from the ssh login is03:59
phelpsdebug1: Entering interactive session.03:59
phelpsso it isn't actually connecting thats slow03:59
phelpshappens when I su to another user as well04:00
phelpsabout 10 seconds04:01
phelpsit happens after the motd04:07
EvilEyeCorpHow would anyone recommend learning more about ubuntu server, are there any lessons or tutorials online I should visit?04:33
ScottKEvilEyeCorp: The server guide (mentioned in the channel topic) is a good place to start.04:34
EvilEyeCorplol thanks04:34
ScottKYou'd be amazed how often people just assume some random page on the internet is better than the actual documentation.04:35
ScottKDon't worry about it.04:35
EvilEyeCorpYeah I just dove into it about a week ago and I am just getting the basics down04:37
hammommahgreetings I am having some troule connecting via ssh from outside my local network. I have port 22 forwarded. I am currently running 4 csgo servers and a minecraft server. I can ping my server from outside. I can ssh into server from within my local network no worries. Any suggestions on where to look. When I try to connect from outside I get "No route to host"05:35
koolhead17hi all06:25
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Olivier1977My name is Olivier and since a couple of day my Ubuntu Server 12.10 is having a problems07:15
Olivier1977I have a headless server which I could reach with putty07:16
Olivier1977I had it configured as a LAMP server07:16
Olivier1977with Webmin configured on07:16
Olivier1977When I connect a screen I see the server booting (RAM tests, disk mounting, ... all going fine)07:17
Olivier1977but after that nothing07:18
Olivier1977no connection with any tool anymore ftp,putty,webmin not reachable07:18
Olivier1977Can anybody help me on how to debug this issue07:19
Olivier1977This is the best I can tell about my problem, if more info is needed feel free to ask07:19
Olivier1977my machine is a SIEMENS primergy econel 10007:21
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jamespagesmoser, roaksoax: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/TechnicalOverview#Ubuntu_Server08:50
jamespagecan you guys take a run at MAAS and simple streams please08:50
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AtuM How can i find out what's causing my system to "block" tty1 on ubuntu server 12.10- there's no login screen after bootup. i can type but i can login only by accessing some other tty12:12
AtuMthe last output is "Skipping profile /etc/apparmor.d/disable: usr.sbin.rsyslogd "12:13
AtuMI'll try to disable update-motd on bootup...12:22
AtuMit helps not.. gets stuck right after apparmor or during12:28
ogra_check your upstart logs12:29
ogra_(and check if the tty1 job is even there etc)12:30
zuljamespage:  ping https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/nova-final/+merge/16062612:42
jamespagezul " * debian/control: Add iptables dependency."12:49
jamespageI thought the missing dep was ebtables?12:49
jamespageor was that a typo?12:49
zulits for nova-api12:49
zuljamespage:  its in the api-metadata.filters12:50
jon__hi, having trouble getting apache running on ubuntu server12:51
jon__do i need to change any permissions for the default setup to work12:51
jon__using var/www12:52
jpdsjon__: No, it should just work.12:55
jpdsjon__: Have you looked at /var/log/apache2/error.log ?12:55
jon__i will12:55
jon__basically i have cloud server with rackspace12:56
jon__i installed apache12:56
jon__pointed my nameservers at rackspace dns12:56
jon__but when i go to required domain in broswer get an error saying firefox cant find server12:57
jon__ive used dig / whois etc and seems ok there12:58
jon__so thinking its my apache setup12:58
pmatulisjon__: does it work by ip address?12:59
jamespagezul, +112:59
zuljamespage:  thanks12:59
zuljust giong to do a test build before uploading12:59
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jon__pmatulis: yes it does13:02
jon__it seems13:02
Diegonathi guys... What's the best free program to design networks ??13:04
NafalloDiegonat: whiteboard and marker13:04
[tla]hi. i have a 12.10 server install and have accidentally overwritten the passwd and shadow files. passwd- is there but obviously i cannot move it back and pwconv because i cant sudo anymore. concerned that as the root volume is on device mapper i may not be able to recover by rebooting into recovery mode kernel. any advice / guidence appreciated before i reboot. :s13:05
DiegonatNafallo, ahahahah13:05
Diegonatcome on13:05
Diegonatyou know what I mean =)13:05
jon__thank you pmatulis13:05
Nafallono seriously... that's my advice when designing networks :-)13:05
jon__i just need to figure out why domain name doesnt resolve13:06
DiegonatNafallo, tell me the second best then =D13:06
Diegonatbecause i cannot take the whiteboard with me13:07
NafalloDiegonat: spreadsheet, pencil and rubber :-)13:07
DiegonatCOME ON!!13:07
NafalloDiegonat: dia? gns3?13:08
Nafallodepending on what you're trying to achieve.13:08
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pmatulisjon__: it's a DNS problem.  either your configuration (nothing to do with apache btw) or the DNS servers themselves do not have the answer to your query.  ① try to query some other name (ex: host google.com) and ② did you tell the DNS servers about your domain name?13:12
pmatulis...either your configuration is wrong (nothing...13:12
stgraberzul: hey there. I was wondering if you made any progress on that libvirt-lxcapi driver? (just wondering as it's now on the LXC 1.0 roadmap)13:44
zuladam_g/jamespage: I have more cloud updates for you when you get a chance http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca13:44
zulstgraber:  no ive been busy with other things13:45
RoyKpatdk-wk: ?13:45
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LargePrimeI got a question about raid configuration14:06
gemaLargePrime: you can share it and see if someone have an answer14:12
LargePrimeya.  just getting my thoughts together...14:12
LargePrimeI am ordering a dedicated server with 2 SSDs14:13
LargePrimeI would like to configur them with part of the space as raid 1 and the rest raid 014:13
LargePrimeand have no idea what i am doing14:13
LargePrimeso 1) can this me done?  2) guide?  link? what to google?14:14
hachreyes you can do it14:34
hachrejust make two partitions on each drive, same layout, and then make a mdraid from one pair of partiton with raid1 and the other with raid014:35
hachreis the tool14:35
hachreLargePrime: .14:39
LargePrimeagain I have no idea14:41
LargePrimeso if that is what i want to do.... is there a guide?14:41
Davieyzul: to check, python-melange is also deprecated ?14:55
zulDaviey: it is14:55
plarsmatsubara: ping15:15
plarsmatsubara: are you testing maas on raring isos?15:15
matsubaraplars, yes15:16
matsubarahehe I think you are the third person that asked me that today15:16
plarsmatsubara: you're very popular today I guess :)15:16
plarsmatsubara: ok, some people were wondering about results for it15:17
yolandajamespage, looking at that bug you commented: https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/107356915:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1073569 in nova "Jenkins jobs fail because of incompatibility between sqlalchemy-migrate and the newest sqlalchemy-0.8.0b1" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:17
matsubaraplars, our CI tests does most of the testing described in the wiki page, but I'll try it manually installing the ISO from scratch just to be sure (and cover some other test cases that are not covered by CI)15:17
yolandathere is a CVE reference for CVE-2012-457315:18
uvirtbotyolanda: The v1 API in OpenStack Glance Grizzly, Folsom (2012.2), and Essex (2012.1) allows remote authenticated users to delete arbitrary non-protected images via an image deletion request, a different vulnerability than CVE-2012-5482. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2012-4573)15:18
plarsmatsubara: but does your ci test install from the latest raring iso?15:20
plarsmatsubara: with iso testing, we want to obviously check what's really on the iso, as opposed to what *should* be on it :)15:20
jamespageyolanda, I see - well the CVE references on that bug look wonky15:21
matsubaraplars, it uses a testbed for each release. the test bed comes from: CLOUDIMGURL=http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/$RELEASE/current/15:22
matsubarawhich I suspect is not what you want tested15:22
yolandaok, so i remove it?15:22
jamespageyolanda, yeah15:23
jamespageyolanda, I think something odd happened in LP - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/cve/2012-457315:23
jamespagethere is no way its that many bugs :-)15:23
jamespageyolanda, nova looks OK btw15:23
yolandai did a minor fix also in horizon now, the same problem with email, i have something misconfigured15:26
cariboujamespage: I see your name in rsyslog's changelog; are you still looking afther this pkg ?15:27
jamespagecaribouwell I touched it once15:27
jamespagecaribou, ^^15:27
cariboujamespage: too bad for you ;-)15:27
jamespagewhats up?15:28
cariboujamespage: I got something fixed upstream that I'd like to have into our pkg15:28
jamespagecaribou, critical bug?15:28
cariboujamespage: we provide 5.8.11 which is no longer supported15:28
cariboujamespage: $PreserveFQDN functionality is broken15:29
jamespageyolanda, one comment on keystone15:30
yolandajamespage, i'll recheck it15:38
yolandafor some reason quilt showed me that the patch wasn't applying, but maybe there was some problem with the merge15:39
cariboujamespage: remember bug #106684515:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1066845 in nova "nova-novncproxy is not running; Suggest: novnc should be Depends" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106684515:39
jamespagecaribou, I do yes15:40
cariboujamespage: it's now in Raring, should I do the SRU process even if it's in cloud-archive ?15:40
jamespagecaribou, well quantal folsom packages are currently verified for most recent SRU and should be accepted +7 days15:41
jamespageso we could stack it after that15:41
jamespageif its important enought to SRU15:41
cariboujamespage: what about precise ,15:41
jamespagecaribou, folsom packages go through quantal SRU process before going to precise15:42
jamespagecloud archive that is15:42
cariboujamespage: ok, I see15:42
cariboujamespage: so what should I do ? format the bug for SRU ?15:42
jamespagecaribou, we kept getting bumped by security fixes - which is why the last lot have been pending for 2 months15:43
cariboujamespage: yeah, I noticed that15:43
jamespagecaribou, I would really debate whether its SRU worthy TBH15:43
jamespagecaribou, can you sit on it for a bit - there is another point release for folsom to get out after the current one15:44
jamespageI'll make sure it get swept up with that15:44
cariboujamespage: sure15:44
hallynzul: stgraber: drat, my dnsmasq.d 'fix' for libvirt in raring and precise are wrong.15:46
zulwhats wrong/15:46
cariboujamespage: ok, will do. thanks15:48
hallyn/etc/dnsmasq.d-available was being created in debian/tmp, never got cpied into the package15:48
hallyngot my first 0-day raring sru15:48
hallyn(the fix is trivial, at least)15:49
yolandajamespage, i refreshed the patch, actually only a bit of all was needed, the other bits were already upstream15:54
yolandajamespage, i see your approval, so i do the merge? not sure about permissions15:59
jamespageyolanda, you don't need todo anything for approved things - I'll take care of the upload and pushes as sponsor16:00
yolandaso i link my branches to the tracking bug?16:01
halvorsWhen will 13.04 be released?16:10
halvorsTomorrow 00.00?16:10
Picihalvors: tomorrow, when its done.16:10
genii-aroundGenerally sometime after dinner in the UK16:11
parallel21I've just built a VM using KVM but am unable to ssh into the machine16:27
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Davieyroaksoax: can you look at bug 1172336 urgently please16:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1172336 in maas "MAAS server reference to AvahiBoot wiki page that does not exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117233616:47
Davieyroaksoax: I'd like to understand where the page went.16:47
markthomasparallel21: I assume you've checked the obvious (that sshd is running in the guest)16:48
roaksoaxDaviey: i think upostream never removed this message16:48
roaksoaxDaviey: since we decided to drop the avahi boot image16:48
parallel21markthomas: I have no way of doing so16:48
parallel21to my knowledge16:48
roaksoaxdidn't we?16:48
markthomasparallel21: I believe there's a command from the host to access the VM directly.  One sec.16:49
Davieyroaksoax: Hmm, possibly16:49
markthomasparallel21: Do you have virsh?16:50
parallel21markthomas: yes16:50
markthomasI believe you can use virsh to access the console.16:50
roaksoaxDaviey: yeah, we did drop the image to do this... (Remember it was the image to be placed on USB stick and make it discover a MAAS server and enlist the machjine))16:50
parallel21markthomas: Is this it? virsh --connect qemu+ssh://user@host/system16:50
markthomasparallel21: Let me check my notes16:51
markthomasparallel21: try virsh console16:51
markthomasback in 2 min.16:51
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Davieyroaksoax: well, I don't think it is a release blocker.  Can you reintroduce a wiki page explaining that the functionality is deprecated, and raise an upstream task?16:53
roaksoaxDaviey: Already in the process :)16:54
parallel21markthomas: "Escape character is ^]" "error: internal error cannot find character device (null)"16:55
markthomasparallel21: Hmm...16:56
parallel21one sec16:56
parallel21I found a tip online saying I need to add a serial console declaration in the xml file17:02
parallel21I've edited the vm using "virsh edit vm3"17:03
parallel21But when I boot the vm it rewrites the xml file17:03
markthomasparallel21: the changes made with virsh edit don't survive a reboot?17:04
parallel21trying virsh reboot now17:07
parallel21Yeah, my edits never take17:07
parallel21The vm is running: That's when I do "virsh edit vm3" Make my changes and save17:08
parallel21Could it be the xml is not being placed in the right place17:08
markthomasI wouldn't think so.  Where do you keep the XML?17:10
RoyKanyone here that knows where mdadm is initialized, as in finding raids and assembling them? nested raids are broken and seem to be broken since at least precise. see bug 117194517:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1171945 in mdadm "Nested RAID levels aren't started after reboot" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117194517:10
parallel21It's just the a tmp file. "/tmp/virshtY9V2t.xml"17:10
xnoxRoyK: as far as I know we only support 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 raid levels, the rest is questionable in its usefulness.17:13
xnoxRoyK: my recommendation to use LVM instead of "0" level nested or not, and that works quite well.17:13
markthomasparallel21: try virsh dumpxml, then redirect to a file.  Edit the file, and run virsh define against the file.  Not sure if that will work, but I don't konw why your changes are not persisting.17:14
markthomasparallel21: Actually, if you have the XML in tmp, skip the first part.  Do the virsh define against your edited file.17:14
markthomasparallel21: meanwhile, let me ask you this: do you have access to a system with xorg and virt-manager installed?17:16
parallel21markthomas: I do not. I was hoping to be able to do it all through the command-line. I found my error, looks like it was getting compiled into the xml file. But still hasn't solved the "Escape character is ^]" error17:18
markthomasparallel21: Yeah, we need to try to connect to the console.  Without virt-manager, we'll have to try to do this the hard way17:18
parallel21I have this error when using the virsh console command: "qemuDomainOpenConsole:10906 : internal error cannot find character device (null)" from /var/log/libvirt/libvirtd.log17:20
parallel21Success! kinda17:24
parallel21markthomas: I did the dumpxml to a different file. Edited that file and redefine the vm using that xml17:25
markthomasparallel21: can you post some of your /var/log/libvirt excerpts to pastepin.ubuntu.com?17:25
parallel21not it hangs at virsh console17:28
markthomasparallel21: looking into this...17:31
sarnoldmarkthomas: wow, parallel21's logs sure look ugly. I don't know where you are in debugging it, but perhaps some debsums disk-checking would be useful...17:32
markthomassarnold: thanks.  Haven't gotten too far with it, yet.17:33
sarnoldmarkthomas: thanks :)17:33
parallel21Running virsh ttyconsole vm3 returns /dev/pts/417:33
PraxiWorking on a shell script, how do I echo a variable with other text? Does this look correct? echo "The backups were succesfully copied from $backup_files to $destination17:37
PiciPraxi: Yes.  You may also want to check out #bash, and the links in the topic of #bash17:37
Praxiits own channel, well ok then!  ty Pici !17:38
markthomasparallel21: let's back up a step and try sarnold's suggestion:  Run debsums against your qemu-kvm package, and other kvm-related packages you have installed.17:39
markthomasparallel21: and libvirt-bin, libvirt0, etc17:41
parallel21Is there a way to list all kvm related packages?17:42
parallel21debsums for libvirt-bin, libvirt0, kvm all pass with OK17:42
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markthomasparallel21: if there is one, I don't know it.  Just apt-cache depends or whatever it is.17:43
markthomasOkay.  One sec.17:43
plarsroaksoax, matsubara-afk: fighting with trying to get maas to do something for me here, in an admitedly less than ideal setup.  I've got it at least seeming to respond to the tftp request when I boot a machine, but it seems to timeout. Any logs I can look at? nothing seems to show up under /var/log/maas/* that I can tell17:44
parallel21markthomas: I just ran debsums on everything and everything checks out17:47
markthomasparallel21: Okay.  Well, one sec.  I may have an idea, assuming the VM works properly.17:47
markthomassarnold: do you know if KVM starts a VNC server process for a guest automatically?17:48
sarnoldmarkthomas: I think it only creates the vnc if you pass -vnc on the command line17:49
sarnoldmarkthomas: at least, the manpage says something about "normally, SDL is used .."17:49
sarnold.. and my running VMs all have -vnc on the command line17:49
markthomassarnold: Merci.17:49
parallel21I could rebuild the instance passing the command17:50
markthomasparallel21: Can you restart your VM with -vnc so we can try to connect with a VNC viewer on another box?17:50
parallel21Could I just restart? Or does it require a rebuild?17:50
roaksoaxplars: pserv.log maas.log17:51
roaksoaxplars: did you run maas-import-pxe-files?17:51
sarnoldparallel21,markthomas: you'll need a argument to -vnc as well, I think it wants the IP and X display number to use.. e.g. -vnc
plarsroaksoax: I did17:52
plarsroaksoax: both of those are empty17:53
markthomassarnold, parallel21: I believe if you include something like the following in the devices section in your XML it will achieve the same thing:17:53
markthomas <graphics type='vnc' port='-1' autoport='yes'/>17:53
sarnoldmarkthomas: woot :)17:55
parallel21This is the xml file running17:55
markthomassarnold: I had a guest that was built with virt-manager lying around.  Was just trying to figure out how it does what it does.17:55
markthomasparallel21: That will work.  If you can grab a box with any GUI and VNC viewer installed, you can tunnel a VNC session over SSH and you won't have to change the listen address.17:56
markthomasI think.17:56
roaksoaxplars: ok i';m gonna restart the tests since i've been getting pulled to bugs17:56
roaksoaxplars: in what test are you?17:56
parallel21I'll need to add a firewall rule for my machine to the server. What port does vnc run by default?17:58
plarsroaksoax: well, I was mostly just going through the install one, but wanted to see if I could take it a step further and actually get it talking17:58
parallel215900 it looks like17:58
roaksoaxsmoser: do we still a maas devenv?17:59
roaksoaxwe do right?17:59
roaksoaxplars: yeah just send me the logs17:59
markthomasparallel21: You shouldn't need a firewall rule if you tunnel over SSH.  The answer to your question is 5900-590x depending on the display number.  Should be :0 in this case, so 5900.17:59
plarsroaksoax: the logs are empty18:00
roaksoaxplars: weird... are you sure they pxe boot from maas18:00
roaksoaxplars: can you send me a screenshot?18:00
RoyKxnox: erm - it works with lucid18:01
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parallel21Does the vnc client allow ssh tunneling? or do I setup it up like so " ssh -L 5900:localhost:5900 -N -f -l user hostname"18:02
xnoxRoyK: sure. not everything that works or worked is inherently supported. Can you please tell me why you use "0" level instead of lvm?18:03
xnoxRoyK: with or without RAID levels for redundancy.18:03
markthomasparallel21: I believe so18:04
RoyKxnox: well, it's rather useful, raid-0 on top of raid-5 will redistribute the data if the raid is extended. afaik lvm will not18:04
RoyKxnox: also, it doesn't make sense of not supporting something that works, and worked in previous versions of ubuntu18:05
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mgzcan I see the reason for rejection of juju-core in raring anywhere?18:07
smoserroaksoax, we dont relaly have a maas devenv. virtual-maas really took over that need.18:07
mgzxnox: ^maybe you know? last time I just got an email, and I wasn't the owner of the packaging branch for this one18:07
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah the only problem is that virtual maas depends on juju :)18:07
Davieymgz: Yes18:07
Davieymgz: #ubuntu-release and the FFE tracking bug18:08
smoserwhy do you think virtual maas depends on juju?18:08
smoserah. for setup. i see.18:08
xnoxmgz: many reasons. But none of them are fatal, in a sense they should be fixed and reuploaded and accepted as an sru to introduce that new package.18:09
smoseryeah, we wanted to separate that out.18:09
xnoxmgz: there is no ultimate requirement to have it in the release pocket.18:09
mgzah, the bug gets updated? didn't last time...18:09
Davieymgz: There was bit of a bun fight both on the bug and in #ubuntu-release18:09
xnoxmgz: it's irregular. But SRU/release are happy to introduce the new source package juju-core as an SRU, such that it's top-notch the first time people can install it from the supported archive.18:10
xnox(teams that is)18:10
mgzoh, and isn't the bug fun...18:11
xnoxmgz: i'm just relaying the discussions i have overheard in #ubuntu-release and further debates around the table here.18:12
mgzI'll read the log18:12
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah, well In my case I can setup my own env pretty quickly, but test cases such as plars might be more complicated18:12
xnoxmgz: no problem.18:12
parallel21markthomas: I'm on a mac. I have vnc-viewer. I've tunnel the port over using ssh. I get a warning that this connection will be unencrypted without a vnc license. I hit continue and it connects briefly and then closes the connection18:13
markthomasparallel21: try Chicken of the VNC.  I find it less problematic than others like RealVNC Viewer.18:13
markthomasparallel21: free to download, and does work with KVM18:13
parallel21markthomas: will do18:14
parallel21So this must be the problem18:15
markthomasparallel21: your VM is frelled.18:16
parallel21So rebuild18:16
markthomasparallel21: looks that way.  Did it have anything important on it that wasn't backed up?18:17
parallel21markthomas: Nay… this was just a test setup. Is there a place I can find templates to work from? I'm looking to setup a vm running just nginx and php on a single core18:17
parallel21markthomas: this is my build command http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5599005/18:20
markthomasparallel21: I haven't used vmbuilder.  I'll have to look into it.18:21
parallel21What do you use?18:21
smoserroaksoax, plars http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/maas/maas-pkg-test/files18:21
smoseri'm following that right now for testing raring18:21
markthomasparallel21: I've been using virt-manager to build from ISO for the guests I have.18:22
adam_gzul, those CA packages LGTM18:22
markthomasparallel21: but it looks like it's time for me to learn vmbuilder18:22
zuladam_g:  cool thanks18:22
parallel21markthomas: I'm gonna rebuild once more and see if I get a working formula down18:24
zulDaviey: ping can we can cinder and nova through the queue please? they contain an upstart typo and fixes for the CA18:32
bkerensapmatulis: hi18:32
plarssmoser: ah, this looks useful18:33
plarssmoser: do these still work on raring?18:33
smoseri got most of the way through before a system hung (it was an instance)18:33
Davieyzul: looking18:35
Davieyzul: i need a bug for iptables dependency18:36
zulDaviey:  damn it18:39
zuldo you want me to make one now/18:39
Davieyzul: yes please.  It's far too late to not have an upload without a decent bug18:40
zulDaviey:  coming right up18:44
zulDaviey:  so i made a boo boo...adam_g already +1 while it was still stuck in the queue so the staging ppa has the changelog without the bug number can we remove the old one from the ppa and i can reupload it?18:47
Davieyzul: it's not possible to upload the identical version.  You will need to make it ~cloud118:49
zulDaviey:  ok will do18:50
Daviey(which you can just do)18:50
Davieyzul: can you add a bit more meat to the iptables bug please18:52
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matsubaraplars, do you have the dhcp server running?19:02
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plarsmatsubara: I do19:03
matsubaraplars, and your node get an ip address but then doesn't get the image to pxe boot the node?19:05
plarsmatsubara: right, it gets an ip in the range I specified, tftp starts, then after a few seconds I get "TFTP open timeout"19:08
matsubaraplars, did you run maas-import-pxe-files?19:09
matsubaradid it finish successfully? what do you get in pserv.log?19:09
plarsmatsubara: nothing in pserv.log - it's empty19:09
matsubarawhen the node does the tftp request, what shows up in the pserv.log?19:09
matsubaraI think I've seen that before. can't remember what the issue was. /me thinks19:10
matsubaraplars, what do you have in your /etc/maas/dhcpd.conf?19:11
plarsmatsubara: In the interest of full disclosure, I *do* have another dhcp server on the network (my router) which I haven't touched. But the ip I get every time is the first one from the range that I specified in maas, and it didn't even start to dhcp/tftp from netboot until I installed maas-dhcp and set that up19:11
matsubaraplars, I've seen the TFTP open timeout issue when the next-server is set to in the dhcpd.conf19:12
matsubaradid you run sudo dpkg-reconfigure maas and changed the URL for the pxe server?19:12
plarsmatsubara: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5599118/19:12
plarshmm... no I didn't19:13
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plarsI never saw anything about running dpkg-reconfigure, maybe I overlooked it19:13
matsubaraplars, the package might pick the wrong interface during install19:13
plarsmatsubara: it doesn't ask me for anything19:14
matsubaraplars, sorry, dpkg-reconfigure maas-region-controller19:15
plarsno effect after setting it there19:20
plarsI don't seem to have a next-server in that dhcpd.conf19:20
matsubaraplars, I'm setting up the VM so I can try to reproduce. just a minute19:21
adam_gzul, whats the point of symlinking from /etc/bash_completion.d/ to /usr/share/doc/python-novaclient? why not just install the completion file into /etc/bash_completion.d/?19:24
zuladam_g:  thats the way people do it apparently19:24
matsubaraplars, so you have two dhcp servers in the network segment? http://www.bootix.com/support/problems_solutions/pxe_e32_tftp_open_timeout.html says having the dhcp server running on different machines than the one the tftp is running from might cause the timeout problem19:27
matsubaracould you try adding next-server (assuming this is your pxe server address), restart maas-dhcp and then reboot the node?19:27
plarsmatsubara: the dhcp server I'm getting the ip from is *definitely* maas though19:27
matsubaraplars, yeah, that's odd indeed19:27
matsubaraaccording to the page above tftp client should assume the tftp server is the same it got its ip from19:28
matsubaraplars, maybe a firewall rule is blocking the tftp requests?19:29
DavieyOh dear.  You are seeing a timeout?19:30
plarsmatsubara: not a firewall between these systems, all on the same subnet19:31
Davieyplars: What hardware is the client?19:31
plarsDaviey: don't get too paranoid just yet, this is my first time really trying to set up maas19:31
plarsDaviey: a spare laptop I have around here for testing19:31
Davieyplars: So, it could be buggy pxe implementation.  We had this with an enterprise grade server, https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/115555619:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1155556 in python-tx-tftp "HP ProLiant DL380 G7 tftps kernel, but initrd tracebacks in tftp server.  DL380 G6 succeeds." [Undecided,Fix released]19:32
plarsinteresting, not sure if I have another machine here I can use at the moment to try19:34
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parallel21markthomas: I have since restart the process and I dunno what I've done differently. But everything seems to work. I think I didn't powerdown a machine one time and instead used the destroy to power down it. Anyway… thanks for all the help!19:55
markthomasparallel21: Glad you got it figured out.19:56
LargePrimeima ask a noob question.  how do i undo "iptables -A INPUT -m iprange --src-range ip.add.ress.0-ip.add.ress.255 -j DROP"  a link or search critera would be cool20:18
LargePrimeand thanks you20:19
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maxbLargePrime: 'iptables --help', look specifically at the --list, --line-numbers and --delete options20:51
LargePrimethanks maxb20:54
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med_smoser, hallyn, stgraber, zul, Daviey et al: Why does the KVM FAQ say to not run NTP on kvm guests? It appears to just be out of date. Is there any tech reason not to these days (seems to be tech reasons to actually RUN ntpd on guests).   Ref: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/FAQ21:28
med_smoser, hallyn, stgraber, zul, Daviey et al: Why does the KVM FAQ say to not run NTP on kvm guests? It appears to just be out of date. Is there any tech reason not to these days (seems to be tech reasons to actually RUN ntpd on guests).   Ref: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/FAQ21:28
med_(looks like an artifact from 2008 on the FAQ that may no longer be valid in current kvm.)21:29
hallynmed_: yeah i've talked to him about that yesterday22:01
hallynas you guessed, it's probably a very old suggestion, and it's also the community docs, not the server guide.  i had no idea that was being suggested.22:02
JuanBrehi, I want to know if ubuntu-server kernel comes with napi support enabled....22:03
med_hallyn, many thanks.22:25
sarnoldhallyn: does that mean we -should- run ntpd on both guests and hosts?22:26
sarnold(I always thought the guests would wind up being very wrong about clock drift and drive the clocks further away from reality..)22:27
med_sarnold, the research indicates it's probably a good idea to do both. And if  you can point the guests at the host as master, that's ideal.22:30
hallynsarnold: yeah I thin you want to run it on both22:30
med_(in  a cloud, you may have no clue about the host of course)22:31
hallynsarnold: note that ntp only adjusts how jiffies are accounted in the kernel - it doesn't change the hwclock, so guests wont' affect host and vice versa22:31
sarnoldhallyn: this is where I get mighty fuzzy on details... I thought that the cpu-based clock source that the kernel uses to keep track of time would propogate from host to guests when the host's time is updated.. (cpu counter? hrtimer? man it's been ages..)22:35
hallynsarnold: my impression was it doesn't change the clock frequency, it's just that when clock interrupts arrive, it changes how often it bumps the jiffies22:39
sarnoldhallyn: well, cool, that's one old folklorism I can remove from my brain :) thanks22:39
hallynsarnold: i'm not 100% convinced.  and of course if yo'ure right then ntp in guests means they're fighting each other22:40
hallynbut no i'm pretty sure it's right22:42
sarnoldpfew :)22:43
LargePrimeso i al looking at installing/replacing the kernel on my dedicated server. 12.10  any recommendations?  desktop and server kernels are merged now right?23:07
LargePrimehttp://pastie.org/7711965 is the list i have i gues23:07
RoyKLargePrime: for a server, use 12.0423:28
RoyKthe LTS releases are the best for servers23:28
RoyKand since 8.04 is out of support in a week, and 10.04 is oldish, 12.04 will probably be the best unless you have special needs23:29
LargePrimewell i think it too late. and yes, generaly i fell like i am special needs, but that is not ubuntu related23:30
LargePrimewell not specifically23:30
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RoyKI only use LTS on servers23:31
maxbI would say that it depends on the server. If it's the kind of server where you value up-to-date-ness of software and don't mind upgrading every 6 months, then track the latest release. Otherwise, stick with LTSes23:31
RoyKthe non-LTSes tend to be far less tested23:31

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