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viglesiashey guys i have the developer preview installed on my tf300t, wondering if it would be possible to flash (lets say) a regular precise root fs onto it01:45
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Mirvubuntu-sdk metapackage updated for SDK PPA users. nothing notable, just some dependencies that are needed and not all people had automatically06:54
kihtrak778need help?07:00
Mirvkihtrak778: what kind problem you're facing?07:02
dholbachgood morning07:26
mptdobey, window ("surface") management is katie and myself. I don't know whether anyone has oversight on multitasking in general.07:44
popey\o/ Image number 95 means we've looped back round to Feb 21st.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597722/07:46
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ganjalifehello I have a question08:38
ganjalifePuedo utilizar la version de ubuntu touch para instalarla desde el recovery mode de un movil?08:39
ganjalifeI can use the touch version of ubuntu to install from the recovery mode of a mobile?08:39
ogra_see the install wiki page :)08:41
ogra_(yes you can if there is a port for your device)08:41
didrocksmmrazik: hey! it seems that raring/unity.cfg (and I guess then head/unity.cfg) configs have not been deployed for the ci part? I don't see the /raring branches getting merged08:43
mmrazikdidrocks: they were not. somebody needs to tell us :-) I deployed it this morning but the arm build is taking ages08:43
didrocksmmrazik: I thought mterry coordinated with Francis on it…08:43
mmrazikdidrocks: I didn't find any jobs in jenkins08:44
mmrazikbut will check with him later today08:44
didrocksthanks mmrazik :)08:44
ogra_popey, hmm, that looks slightly wrong,, you shouldnt have any quantal bits in there at all08:44
ogra_popey, i fear serguiens doesnt wipe the download dirs  .... worth filing a bug08:45
ogra_he should better use the cdimage numbering since thats  properly incrementing08:46
popeythe quantal bits are from the old builds back in feb08:46
popeyi haven't deleted anything from downloads/phablet-flash since then08:46
ogra_and you have a download dir called 95 i suppose08:46
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ du -hs Downloads/phablet-flash/08:47
ogra_right, to avoid confusion phablet-flash shpuld use the cdimage notation ... since it is unlikely that we will have a date twice :)08:47
popeywell, this isn't likely to happen again is it?08:48
ogra_the jenkins# can always be reset08:48
popeyI dunno maybe the counter will get reset when jenkins moves to another box or something08:48
popeybug 115771008:49
ubot5bug 1157710 in Phablet Tools "phablet-flash needs a cleanup option to remove old images" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115771008:49
hans863hey, newbie here. i am able to launch my ubuntu touch app in ubuntu desktop, but i am unable to deploy it to my device (nexus7 with ubuntu touch). anyone want to help me out?08:49
hans863i am running ubuntu (desktop) as a virtual machine on my macbook pro using virtualbox, and the nexus7 is mounted to ubuntu correctly08:50
ganjalifeIf I install ubuntu rom on my device, the recovery will be deleted or will not suffer damage?08:52
* ogra_ subscribes08:52
ganjalifeto see if I could recover a android backup?08:53
hans863@ganjalife You can use multiboot http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=212052908:53
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om26eris there a way to set static ip on the utouch ? dynamic ip does not work with my router10:37
ogra_probably through /etc/network/.interfaces10:38
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netcurlipopey: ping11:06
popeynetcurli: pong11:10
popeyjppiiroi1en: bug 117224311:10
ubot5bug 1172243 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "Core app fails to run on device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117224311:10
netcurliI have fixed some things in my akari app11:11
popeyoh awesome11:11
netcurlican you update that in the ppa?11:11
jppiiroi1enpopey: ack11:11
jppiiroi1enpopey: that is a bug in the weather app project11:12
jppiiroi1enthe pro and qmlproject files should have the same name as the folder11:12
popeyjppiiroi1en: excellent, can you leave a comment and we can re-assign it11:13
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mpt"Connect to wi-fi networks automatically: (*) Whenever available  ( ) Only if previously used  ( ) Only if secured  ( ) Never"11:19
mptI wonder if/how that should be simplified11:19
dun1982We'll what about "Whenever available | Only if previously used"?11:20
dun1982That way you tackle all the possibilities. Either connect anytime anywhere where possible, or to networks that you have previously been able to connect and aquire ip.11:20
dun1982Third option in that is that you can turn the wifi-adapter on/off :)11:21
dun1982So those two options are available only when wifi-adapter is turned on ofcourse.11:21
mptDropping the last two of those four would mean you couldn't say "Yeah, I'm happy to do this stuff on my company's network, but if that network goes down I don't want it automatically switching to the Starbucks wi-fi downstairs"11:23
mpt(Assuming you'd previously used the Starbucks wi-fi for recreational purposes)11:23
dun1982We'll in europe you have quite often unlimited data from 3g/4g anyway, so that might not be the question.11:24
dun1982But then again, it is basically up to user to decide what is more important. Unsecured wifi access (previously used) or any connection available.11:25
dun1982Many companies limit the access to public unsecured wifi's in ISB-policies, so it is employees problem if they share information that they should not share.11:26
mptEasier for an employee to follow a policy if the phone takes care of it for them. :-)11:28
mptbut I don't want a big chunk of connection options pushing the list of networks down the "Wi-Fi" screen of System Settings11:30
mptMaybe it can go out to a secondary screen11:31
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chris123morning.  when I "sudo apt-get install openssh-server" on the Touch, it asks for the password.... what is the root password on the Touch?11:56
chris123phablet@localhost:~$ sudo apt-get install openssh-server11:57
netcurlichris123: the password of the user phablet is phablet11:57
chris123i should have guessed that11:57
chris123what a horrible hacker i am11:57
MirvQt Creator is being updated in the SDK PPA now. That means Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 12.10 users will get the same newest Ubuntu plugin that was uploaded to 13.04 last week.11:58
chris123chris@ubuntu:~$ ssh phablet@ ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host12:05
chris123i tried this yesterday and also got "no route to host"12:05
chris123oops, never mind12:07
chris123from the wording on the instructions I thought that /proc was optional or an "alternative"12:07
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popeyMirv: excellent!12:34
popeyMirv: lemme know if you need testing in VMs or anything12:34
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shadeslayerChickenCutlass: does the container switch on your N4?12:44
shadeslayerer, does the container switch *work* on your N412:45
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: not sure yet.  now that the phone is not rebooting -- need to get back to it12:45
shadeslayerfor some reason my X starts but I get nothing on the display12:46
Mirvpopey: I don't need further smoke testing but of course real development use feedback to the SDK team is always welcome12:54
MirvI know there are more fixes brewing in the plugin already, nine new commits and some branch work at https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins12:55
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nik90Mirv: I have both 12.04 and 13.04. I will help with the testing of qtcreator :)13:01
popeythanks nik90 ☻13:03
Mirvnik90: whoo, thanks! :)13:03
mhall119good morning13:08
popeymorning mhall11913:09
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tunubuhi all13:13
tunubuhow proceed the progress of the work of ubuntu touch on the nexus 7?13:13
popeytunubu: hi, not sure I understand your question?13:14
tunubupopey: i see the known issues page and found a bit of things not working yet, my questions was about the work proceed on it13:15
popeytunubu: we send updates out to the ubuntu-phone mailing list when significant things change.. https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/13:16
nik90mhall119: got a question for you13:16
tunubupopey: ah thanks for the anwser13:18
nik90mhall119, popey : I found a javascript library which would help the clock-app, so to use it I need to include it in the clock-app package source code. The developer is releasing it under BSD license. How would we go about using it? Do we relicense it or something? or just it as it is?13:18
tunubupopey: i'll subscribe the list to get updates but why not update the official page instead?13:19
nik90tunubu: which official page are you referring to?13:20
ogra_tunubu, because someone has to commit to do it ... do you volunteer ?13:20
popeytunubu: we review the wiki pages periodically, and will certainly update when appropriate, is there something you've spotted which is incorrect?13:20
ogra_nik90, i guess release notes13:20
mhall119nik90: if it's BSD license, we should be okay as long as we follow BSD for that lib13:20
mhall119nik90: does it give enough benefit to warrant the added dependency?13:21
mhall119nik90: excellent blog post, by the way13:21
nik90mhall119: thnx13:23
nik90mhall119: I am not sure about the added dependency..I have never done something like this before..13:23
mhall119nik90: what would you gain from using this lib?13:24
nik90mhall119: oh yeah it is one file comprising of about 1000 lines of code which calculates the sunrise/sunset mathematically13:24
nik90mhall119: so we wouldn't need an online API and would be very beneficial13:24
mhall119nik90: ah, if it's accurate then it sounds like a good thing to use13:26
ZDmitrymhall119: good morning. Thanks to your and tmoenicke's help I fixed issue with virtual keyboad!13:26
tunubuthanks for the answers13:26
tunubui'm studying for gsoc nowaday so i have a load of work a bit too high(with university studies too) to get too much projects13:26
tunubui'll do if my projects will go wrong for the summer13:27
tunubuof code13:28
tunubuothrwise thanks for the propose13:28
nik90mhall119: I contacted the developer..he seems excited to see it part of Ubuntu Touch. His website sunCalc.net is based on his library as well13:30
ZDmitrymhall119: so ubuntu-terminal-app with konsole-qml-plugin can be used on device now (if someone hasn't ssh access for some reason)13:31
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mhall119ZDmitry: cool, I'm compiling the plugin now13:36
mhall119nik90: looks like you have a fan on G+ :)13:36
popeyZDmitry: ooh!13:37
Orangermhall119: Hey ! Do I need to "localize" all date in docviewer app ?13:37
popeywe had this question for the calendar too iirc13:38
popeyhttp://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qtquick-internationalization.html  6. Internationalize Dates, Times and Currencies13:39
Orangerpopey: Wow thank !13:39
popeyOranger: see above, or you could make an opinionated decision that the date should be ISO-8601 (AS IT SHOULD BE!) :D13:39
mhall119Oranger: popey knows best :)13:40
popeyISO knows best13:40
Orangeryes I see ^^'13:40
nik90mhall119: hehe13:40
* nik90 is delighted!13:40
Orangeryy-mm-dd, grrr, the french way to write down date is best :p13:41
Orangerdd-mm-yyyy make more sense :p13:41
ogra_ah, french isnt dd-wine-mm-cheese-yyyy ?13:42
mhall119ZDmitry: how can I build and test the terminal from local directory, rather than installing a package?13:42
Orangerogra_: No, it's wine-cheese-wine-cheese, no time for date !13:42
ZDmitrymhall119: qmake && make, then sudo make install13:44
mhall119ZDmitry: why make install?  Can I not just point qmlscene to it when running the ubuntu-terminal-app.qml?13:45
sergiusensOranger: yyyy-mm-dd allows easier ordering13:45
ogra_as long as its not US style all is fine imho13:47
* ogra_ still waits for the US to declare mm:ss:hh a valid time to match their date settings13:47
Orangersergiusens: Yes but dd-mm-yyyy show you most important things first.13:47
sergiusensOranger: hmmm.... it's just a matter of opinion in the end ;-)13:48
ZDmitrymhall119: sorry, but You can't do that. There are some assets (color-schemes, etc.), that would be installed to directory with *.so. But anyway You can try.13:48
sergiusensdidrocks: approve that :-) -> https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/cupstream2distro-config/quantal_less/+merge/16050613:48
Orangersergiusens: Yes, an endless debate :)13:48
sergiusensdidrocks: also, going to add the unity-daily-next ppa to the build config or we won't pick up on the hud change... it _is_ working, right?13:49
sergiusensdidrocks: also wanted to come back with the question of why the shell isn't daily releasing...13:50
mhall119ZDmitry: got it working, this is great!13:57
mhall119now I need to put it on my tablet13:57
sergiusensdidrocks: also, we have a big conflict, I can't consume from that PPA if you mix unity legacy with unity ng13:58
popeymhall119: is it packaged? ☻14:00
ZDmitrymhall119: I'm glad so ^^14:00
ZDmitrypopey: You mean plugin and terminal? I have packages of them...14:01
popeycan't wait to play with this too14:01
mhall119popey: it can be, I'm running locally still14:01
mhall119popey: don't wait: https://code.launchpad.net/~hiroshidi14:01
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mhall119ZDmitry: popey: I've created a new series on Launchpad under ubuntu-terminal-app for the Plugin14:04
mhall119I've copied ZDmitry's plugin branch there as well14:04
mhall119fginther: ping14:04
fginthermhall119, pong14:05
ZDmitrymhall119: good14:05
mhall119fginther: we have a new branch that compile a QML plugin, I'd like to get into our core apps daily ppa: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-terminal-app/plugin14:05
fginthermhall119, will get it added14:07
ZDmitrypopey, mhall119: here is maked-up for devices (compiled at my GNexus): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5kDhuHYYcvwaHI4WHBVd2g4b28/edit?usp=sharing14:09
fginthermhall119, it's ready to go14:14
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didrockssergiusens: I would wait for next week to consume from it14:30
mhall119thanks fginther14:30
didrockssergiusens: and for unity next, I think you should use the phablet ppa until mid-june as we discussde :)14:31
sergiusensdidrocks: well, the problem is, the hud missmatch14:31
didrockssergiusens: but mzanetti told that they were ready with the new HUD, isn't it?14:32
sergiusensdidrocks: we can't do dual things... the jobs are pulling in from the unity-next ppa while landing in phablet-team/ppa, it can get seriously broken14:33
didrockssergiusens: guys, you are really make all our life harder, hud transition, multiple autopilot versions :/14:33
didrocksI think we need to break things for a week, fix every transition and rebuild from that14:33
mzanettididrocks: sergiusens: I said autopilot tests are migrated to raring... nothing about the new hud14:34
sergiusensdidrocks: we had zero breakage since we started14:34
didrockssergiusens: right, but you didn't integrate with the real world :)14:34
sergiusensdidrocks: this daily release thing is what's causing our breakage these days14:34
didrocksyou forked everything, with different code, same name, same files14:34
didrocksnormal that when you reconcile, it creates issues14:35
didrocksdaily release or not14:35
mzanettihave to run now. didrocks: will ping you tomorrow about new hud stuff... and same name is not true14:35
didrocksso please keep being honest :)14:35
sergiusensdidrocks: it could of been smoother though14:35
mzanettiits a different name and clearly marked autopilot as Replcaes, Conflicts and what not14:35
didrocksmzanetti: no it is true:14:35
didrocks13:49:32   didrocks | mzanetti: but they do install files in the same path? if not, we can work on getting things on more quickly14:35
sergiusensdidrocks: iirc, during the call we had with rsalveti we were good to use the unity next ppa this week14:35
didrocks13:50:11   mzanetti | didrocks: yes, they conflict. can't install both at the same time. but do you need to do that?14:35
mzanettianyways... I'm off for today14:36
didrockssergiusens: well, at the time we didn't know about the autopilot issues and so on14:36
sergiusensdidrocks: the autopilot issue was open since last december14:36
didrockssergiusens: and more involvement/help from your team to get things transition to *your* new components, like the HUD would be appreciated14:36
kenvandinewe need a way to transition all the packages, like we did for hud14:37
didrockssergiusens: yeah, nobody told us that you had 2 autopilots14:37
sergiusensdidrocks: hud is not my team, that is ted14:37
didrockssergiusens: I learnt that with your doc14:37
kenvandinewe should model all the qml plugin packages that way14:37
didrockssergiusens: well, I can say as well, it's not "my" team14:37
didrocksand let things resolve themselves?14:37
sergiusensdidrocks: it was discussed at vUDS as well14:37
didrocksI think we need to be more helpful14:37
didrockssergiusens: not sure I was in that discussion though, I really didn't remember of 2 autopilots14:37
sergiusensdidrocks: exactly14:37
didrocksand get everyone on board to do the painful transition14:38
didrocksnot having only cyphermox, sil2100, kenvandine fighting to get things on shape14:38
* kenvandine isn't on the hud team... but i still fixed it so we can parallel install versions :)14:38
kenvandinewe need to do that across that stack14:39
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sergiusensdidrocks: well if you really needed help from everyone, an email would of been a good start14:39
rsalvetiwe don't want a bunch of people fighting to get the stuff in place, but the lack of communication was kind of a general issue14:39
sergiusensdidrocks: thing is, today we are going to have a broken build14:40
rsalvetifirst we can't work as separated teams :-)14:40
didrocksrsalveti: +114:40
rsalvetiand this hud thing is indeed annoying, which we raised quite a few weeks ago with the hud developers14:40
rsalvetitedg: ^^14:40
didrockssergiusens: TBH, if you want with "my team" or "your team", we would just wait and tell "upstream doesn't have their components aligned, let's not do anything and wait for them to resolve it"14:41
rsalvetiso summarizing, what can we do to get this all fixed quickly?14:41
didrockssergiusens: it's not the way we are working on ubuntu, rickspencer3 and others are one the "we are just one team" which I agree, so let's all work together to get things fixed14:41
rsalvetifirst, regarding hud14:41
sergiusensdidrocks: I'm not saying your team/my team... bt we really have a disconnect in understandings14:41
sergiusensdidrocks: we could of started with daily releases only for phablet... separately and then start mixing stuff14:42
rsalvetiyeah, we got a bunch of new people working on stuff we were maintaining before, and at the same time some stuff got broken14:42
rsalvetiand we couldn't break them if we wanted to have those components at the image14:42
didrockssergiusens: that's why we tried, but daily releases works with trunks14:42
rsalvetiwhich is where is the main issue currently14:43
didrockssergiusens: which means, HUD trunk and autopilot trunk14:43
sergiusensdidrocks: please keep the autopilot thing separate...14:43
didrockssergiusens: and that's because of the fork/shortcuts that were taken that we are in that situation14:43
didrockssergiusens: it is linked, we can't test14:43
didrocksso for the HUD14:44
didrockssil2100 has merged all components AFAIK14:44
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sergiusensdidrocks: did you read _why_ we had a different autopilot in the first place? It started at the actual prev real UDS14:44
didrockskenvandine did the fix yesterday14:44
mhall119ZDmitry: having a terminal on my nexus 7 rocks!14:44
mhall119is there a way to adjust the font size?14:44
ogra_tsk ... got your first user and immediately get your first feature request ...14:45
didrockskenvandine: mind shedding up some light about the HUD status?14:45
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didrocksI'm asking sil2100 to join as well14:46
ZDmitrymhall119: yes. In KTerminal item in qml file prop font.pointSize - use it. Or add some item to make it dynamicaly.14:46
kenvandinei did the versioning of the packages so we could transition14:46
kenvandineand afaik all the app branches have been merged14:46
mhall119ZDmitry: cool, I'll look into it, thanks again14:47
cyphermoxsil2100: hey14:53
cyphermoxsil2100: if you want to do some reviews: https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/indicators-client/bootstrap/+merge/160652  and  https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/cupstream2distro-config/add-indicators-client/+merge/16065514:53
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sil2100cyphermox: hi! Looking15:03
didrockssil2100: are you available for a hangout in 10 minutes?15:04
didrockswith kenvandine, sil2100, sergiusens, rsalveti15:04
sil2100didrocks: I think so, yes15:04
didrocksok ;)15:04
didrockssergiusens: rsalveti: available whenever you are15:04
shadeslayerogra_: I was looking at the lightdm logs and saw : [+2.03s] WARNING: Error using VT_ACTIVATE 7 on /dev/console: Invalid argument15:05
ogra_ls -l /dev/console ?15:06
shadeslayera bit of googling gave me 102260615:07
shadeslayererm, bug 102260615:07
ubot5bug 1022606 in Linaro Ubuntu "Black screen with mouse pointer after booting Ubuntu using monitor with 1680x1050 resolution" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102260615:07
shadeslayerogra_: not sure how to do that since I didn't get adb up15:07
ogra_shadeslayer, a script ?15:08
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shadeslayerogra_: sure, but I don't think rc.local runs15:14
shadeslayerbbiab, dinner :)15:14
shadeslayerI'll have to write a upstart script I think15:14
ogra_use an upstart job ;)15:14
sil2100didrocks: just give me a sign, but I'll have to jump out for a moment around 1815:15
didrockssil2100: ok, should be before, like… right now? :)15:15
* sil2100 waits for a hangout link if anything15:16
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dobeympt: is there a good document of how window stacking is expected to work/behave for phablet?15:19
mrjoelhey guys.  how should I get two-finger tap on a touchscreen to simulate right-click?  Do I need to go the Ginn route?15:21
tmoenickeZDmitry: good to hear its working15:22
mptdobey, yes, https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1HwxEhrZ45WDngypEmGLW1lHXqf6nLKqdnYORwTALo8E/edit#heading=h.4932sick5x4a15:33
asimbhaiiwhat r  ur takings on ubuntu for android? have u used it?15:34
dobeympt: thanks15:37
dobeympt: are dialogs intended to behave as they currently typically do in apps on Xorg, or are they intended to be more integrated into the app, like on OS X?15:40
mptdobey, that's not yet decided, but it doesn't affect the stacking. Either way, a dialog shouldn't be able to go below its parent.15:41
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dobeympt: right. just asking because it does help clarify some potential implementation details for the U1 login widget/dialog that i'm about to start some work on. don't know if it'll have any direct impact on lower level design of things though, so probably can push that off a couple weeks until it's decided15:45
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mrjoelAlright.  So ginn is working with 13.04, but the rightclick actions all occur in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (this is where the "cursor" goes when the screen is touched at all.  help!15:59
shadeslayerogra_: http://paste.kde.org/731510/16:06
shadeslayerdoes that seem fine?16:06
ogra_where does "write" exist ?16:06
ogra_i think the write you mean isnt the write android means :)16:07
ogra_see man write16:07
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ogra_you want echo16:07
sil2100ogra_, rsalveti, sergiusens: ping! If anything, I'm back now16:08
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ogra_sil2100, well, i think we are fine16:09
ogra_at least as i understood it ...16:09
shadeslayerogra_: anything else?16:10
sil2100ogra_: if anything pops up, just give me a sign16:10
ogra_shadeslayer, well, try it ... i think there is an upstart option to force logging from a job ("console log"  or so, look at the coockbook)16:11
ogra_sil2100, will do16:11
sergiusenssil2100: ack, we are good, going to run some initial tests and continue with what we talked about16:11
shadeslayerogra_: right, so I'll just add console log to the top of the script16:12
ogra_that should produce a logfile under /var/log/upstart/$jobname16:13
shadeslayerlast question, should I just drop this file in data/etc/init and reboot ? or does it require more magic16:13
ogra_nope, thats enough16:14
shadeslayerhmm, is it endscript or end script?16:14
shadeslayerseems to be the latter16:14
shadeslayerand what about the 'exec' statement? should I have one?16:15
ogra_for adnd probably16:15
shadeslayerogra_: "/dev/console exists!!"16:18
shadeslayerand I have "Starting adbd" in adbd.log16:18
ogra_so you should have adbd running then16:18
shadeslayerthough nothing really happens :P16:18
shadeslayer/proc/self/fd/9: 13: exec: /sbin/adbd: not found16:19
shadeslayermmm access is 0750/-rwxr-x---16:19
shadeslayerI guess I could make it 77716:19
ogra_well, upstart should have root permissions16:20
shadeslayerhmm lets see16:21
OrangerHey, one of you know how to make a textarea autoExpendable ? The property is avaible but don't work with me16:22
shadeslayerogra_: quite odd really16:23
=== ZDmitry_ is now known as ZDmitry
shadeslayermaybe I should compile adbd with armhf?16:24
ogra_oh, is it suid root ?16:24
ogra_no, sorry16:25
ogra_false alarm16:25
shadeslayerI have a whole bunch of errors in lightdm.log16:26
shadeslayeror rather, warnings16:26
ogra_paste it16:26
=== jhodapp|lunch is now known as jhodapp
shadeslayerogra_: maybe just disable lightdm and add a upstart job that does startx?16:30
ogra_does your kernel have all VT support ?16:31
shadeslayer( or atleast last I checked, lemme check again )16:31
shadeslayerCONFIG_VT=y / CONFIG_VT_CONSOLE=y16:31
ogra_there is more16:34
popeymhall119 / netcurli Akari 0.2 should be in the ppa now.16:34
ogra_see if you can set these16:34
ogra_probably also CONFIG_CONSOLE_TRANSLATIONS=y16:36
ogra_and definitely CONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS16:36
popeyogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598771/  what am i doing wrong?16:38
shadeslayerdon't have CONFIG_NR_TTY_DEVICES16:38
shadeslayerCONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS is already set16:38
shadeslayerCONFIG_VT_HW_CONSOLE_BINDING is already set16:38
shadeslayerpopey: same as me16:38
ogra_popey, lmissing a lib ?16:39
shadeslayerfor me it's adbd though16:39
popeyphablet@localhost:~$ ldd btsync not a dynamic executable16:39
shadeslayerfile says otherwise?16:39
ogra_well, probably v6 code that cant be executed on a v716:39
shadeslayerogra_: yeah, I suspect that's whats happening with adbd as well16:39
ogra_see if you can exec it outside of the container16:40
popeyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5598773/  ← desktop version16:40
ogra_popey, oh, you mean thats installled in the container from an ubuntu package ?16:40
popeyno, its a binary that came in a tarball I unpacked on the device16:40
popeyits that16:40
ogra_popey, well, likely not compiled on ubuntu16:41
shadeslayerogra_: still the same thing16:41
shadeslayerthough /proc/self/fd/9: 13: exec: /sbin/adbd: not found is what I'm most concerned about16:42
=== _salem is now known as salem_
ogra_popey, it could be any arm this was built for ... we only support ARMv716:42
ogra_and it is dynamically linked ... i could be built before multiarch was designed which means it will likley look for libs in the wrong places16:43
ogra_shadeslayer, try to add strace to your upstart job and have it produce a log16:43
shadeslayeryeah doing that16:43
mrjoelAlright.  So ginn is working with 13.04, but the rightclick actions all occur in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (this is where the "cursor" goes when the screen is touched at all.  help!16:43
bregmaI hate to ask this, but is there any on-screen keyboard in the phablet image or does it require an external keyboard to be useful?16:44
* ogra_ doubts we have any ginn experts here since ubuntu touch uses no X16:44
mrjoelah, my bad16:44
bregmathis channel used to be for touch support in Ubuntu16:44
ogra_bregma, there is an OSK preinstalled16:44
bregmawhich includes Ginn16:44
Orangerthe way that we can't change tab by swaping is a very bad new feature or just a bug ?16:44
ogra_bregma, well ...16:45
bregmaogra_, how would I invoke the OSK?16:45
ogra_bregma, the channel was re-purposed when the ubuntu touch product was announced16:45
ogra_bregma, by selecting a text field16:45
bregmamm, not in today's image at least16:45
ogra_there is a bug in the latest dailies that makes it only work on second boot though16:45
ogra_try that16:45
ogra_its a race that seemingly goes away after the first boot16:46
shadeslayerogra_: http://paste.kde.org/73155816:47
shadeslayerwth is /acct16:47
ogra_well, lots of devices it cant find16:48
shadeslayeryeah :S16:48
shadeslayerogra_: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_manta/blob/cm-10.1/init.manta.usb.rc#L1016:49
shadeslayerI'll just do those exact steps :P16:50
ogra_yeah, a lot ...16:50
ogra_line 10-13 ...16:51
popeyogra_: ok, thanks, I'll ping them for support.16:51
shadeslayerogra_: 14 as well16:51
bregmaOK, three more reboots and I have both OSK *and* indicators working at the same time...  now for smaller fingers and better eyes16:52
* shadeslayer tries16:52
shadeslayerogra_: can you supply uid/gid to a mount call?16:56
shadeslayerfor eg. I know that mkdir call will fail16:56
ogra_hmm, only for filesystems that support that iirc16:57
shadeslayerhave a look16:58
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
shadeslayerheh, mount fails17:00
ogra_i doubt line 21 will work that way17:01
ogra_also you dont care for mtp17:01
ogra_yeah, mount fails because you want -t functionfs17:01
ogra_but i doubt ubuntus mount knows such a filesystem17:02
ogra_heck the manpage17:02
shadeslayerit doesn't17:02
ogra_yup, thought so17:02
ogra_so that will only work from android ...17:03
ogra_which means you would have to get the android container working17:03
=== SkavenXXI is now known as SkavenXXI-[OFF]
ogra_you chould try to ass a "chroot /system" in front of each line ... but i suspect that will need more setup17:04
ogra_(bind mounting dev, mounting /proc and /sys at least)17:04
=== tmoenicke is now known as tmoenicke|dinner
shadeslayerogra_: maybe usbfs will work instead>17:07
ogra_try it17:08
shadeslayeruh this is odd17:11
shadeslayerthere's a USB_FUNCTIONFS but you can only choose between that or CONFIG_USB_G_ANDROID17:11
shadeslayerogra_: and if functionfs is the type, then what's 'adb'17:14
mhall119pmcgowan: FYI, the currency converter tutorial has been updated to work with the latest SDK17:14
ogra_shadeslayer, well, what does the defconfig use ?17:15
kenvandineanyone know why the daily image has the media-player package, but trunk says the package name should be mediaplayer-app ?17:15
kenvandinesil2100, ^^ that causes a problem with the hud transition too17:15
kenvandinewe have the wrong package seeded i guess17:16
shadeslayerI'll try the chroot method17:16
shadeslayerthough I wonder where adb shell will land, ubuntu rootfs or android rootfs17:16
* sil2100 looks17:18
kenvandinesil2100, media-player depends on libhud-qt-qml17:18
kenvandinemediaplayer-all depends on qtdeclarative5-hud1.017:18
kenvandinemediaplayer-app :)17:19
sil2100kenvandine: so maybe I missed out something during transitioning!17:19
kenvandinei guess the package was renamed sometime after rev 6817:19
kenvandinebut the old package is in the seed17:19
sil2100Ah, right17:20
kenvandineogra_, how is that handled?17:20
sergiusenssil2100: kenvandine any reason notes-app is not in daily release yet? Any deps we need to clear out?17:20
ogra_kenvandine, it is supposed to be handled by the distro seed (ubuntu-touch) but i dont think that switch has happened yet17:20
kenvandinesergiusens, nothing i can see17:20
kenvandineogra_, so how do we fix the package that is being pulled?17:21
ogra_dunno, thats the IBS side i dont have much clue about (oem build system)17:21
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^17:21
sergiusensogra_: kenvandine what's the problem?17:22
ogra_wrong package seeded17:22
kenvandinesergiusens, looks like media-player was renamed to mediaplayer-app17:22
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
ogra_it was renamed but the seed wasnt updated17:22
sergiusensogra_: kenvandine ibs config is here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/touch-preview-images/livebuild/files17:23
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
sergiusenskenvandine: I'll change... I see a push 4 hours ago...17:24
GeekSquidkinda just getting under the hood of my new nexus4, enjoying being able to use apt, and actually edit things17:25
kenvandinesergiusens, thanks17:25
ogra_sergiusens, for S we will switch to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-touch.raring (just FYI)17:33
ogra_and use the ubuntu-touch task17:33
sergiusensogra_: I can switch to ubuntu-touch, but we will need to update it17:34
shadeslayerruh roh17:34
sergiusensogra_: can I just MR against that?17:34
shadeslayerwhere is the mkdir binary located on android ?17:34
mptdun1982, fwiw, here's what I ended up with: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Networking#phone-wifi17:34
ogra_sergiusens, not for R anymore ... we'll let it rot until S opens ... to have the task it needs an ubuntu-touch-meta upload17:35
sergiusensshadeslayer: /system/bin/toolbox17:35
sergiusenssymlinked to that17:35
ogra_and yes, you can just MR against it17:35
sergiusensogra_: ack17:35
GeekSquidwhat are the odds of killing the nexus 4 by doing a dist-upgrade?, can I always fastboot the latest image onto it?17:38
ogra_yeah, you cant really brick it by dist-upgrade ...17:39
ogra_you can alsways roll back to stock android17:39
shadeslayerNexus devices are incredibly hard to brick :P17:39
ogra_even if you trash the ubuntu install17:39
ogra_90% of the recent arm devices are17:39
shadeslayerchroot: failed to run command 'mkdir': No such file or directory17:39
shadeslayermaybe it's a path issue17:40
sergiusensyou can brick nicely by flashing the bootloader though ;-)17:40
ogra_do you see it linked in the dir ?17:40
shadeslayerogra_: hmm?17:40
ogra_sergiusens, there is always a rom17:40
ogra_and some tool to reinstall a bootloader17:40
ogra_just a lot harder :)17:40
shadeslayerthough, I haven't quite figured out what fastboot is, is it the bootloader?17:40
sergiusensogra_: yeah...17:40
ogra_shadeslayer, do you see mkdir in /system/bin17:40
shadeslayeror some sort of firmware17:41
shadeslayerogra_: yes17:41
ogra_it is a protocol ...17:41
shadeslayer  File: '/system/bin/mkdir' -> 'toolbox'17:41
ogra_and low level bootloaders that use it17:41
sergiusensnexus devices implement fastboot17:41
ogra_and you chroot to /system ?17:41
shadeslayerI believe so17:41
ogra_so you have something like:17:42
ogra_chroot /system /bin/mkdir mynewdir17:42
shadeslayernope, I just do chroot /system mkdir17:42
ogra_give it a path and see if that helps17:42
ogra_if you cant get mkdir from /system to work, just use the ubuntu one ;)17:45
ogra_mkdir should be the easiest part here17:46
ogra_i would actually only cheroot the mount command17:46
shadeslayerrofl : chroot: failed to run command '/bin/mkdir': No such file or directory17:47
ogra_ah, finally17:48
boikosergiusens: hey, so now we don't need to change from UNRELEASED to quantal anymore, right?17:49
ogra_you would change to raring anyway :)17:50
ogra_quantal is dead17:50
shadeslayerogra_: chroot: failed to run command '/bin/mount': No such file or directory17:50
boikoogra_: yeah, that's what I mean, sorry :)17:50
=== tmoenicke|dinner is now known as tmoenicke
ogra_shadeslayer, hmm, is there a shell ?17:50
boikoogra_: I just want to know if we need to change from UNRELEASED to something or not17:50
shadeslayerogra_: shell?17:50
sergiusensboiko: only for apps that are in daily release17:51
ogra_shadeslayer, /bin/sh ... doe that exist in /system ?17:51
shadeslayerogra_: yes : system/bin/sh17:51
boikosergiusens: and how do I know if an app is in the daily release?17:51
sergiusenskenvandine: sil2100 do you have a list of what from phablet is already on daily release? Or should I compile one?17:51
ogra_shadeslayer, and is that a binary or also a link17:51
sergiusensboiko: heh, that's the issue I've been having these days :-)17:51
shadeslayerogra_: link to mksh17:52
boikosergiusens: ah ok :)17:52
sergiusensboiko: phone-app is though17:52
boikosergiusens: mediaplayer-app probably is too, right?17:52
sergiusensboiko: yeah17:53
kenvandinesergiusens, i don't17:53
ogra_shadeslayer, not sure what mksh does though17:54
ogra_sounds weird17:54
mhall119pmcgowan: who is working on background execution for apps?17:55
shadeslayerogra_: Usage: /system/bin/mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory17:55
pmcgowanmhall119: you mean allowing it?17:55
shadeslayerI just called /syste/bin/mount directly17:55
pmcgowanprobably ricmm_17:55
shadeslayerthough I did not supply the -t option17:56
ogra_though that it gives you the help output is a good sign17:57
shadeslayerhmm doesn't work with -t functionfs as well17:57
shadeslayergives me : Usage: /system/bin/mount [-r] [-w] [-o options] [-t type] device directory17:57
shadeslayersame thing as above17:57
GeekSquidhow can I see how much space I have on the system file... df doesn't seem to work?17:57
rsalvetisergiusens: guess the list is basically what is at the daily ppa, right?17:57
shadeslayerogra_: i believe the UID bits are giving it issues17:59
ogra_drop them ... use chown17:59
shadeslayerogra_: also, I don't think there's a folder called 'adb' anywhere18:00
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
shadeslayerogra_: https://plus.google.com/111524780435806926688/posts/AaEccFjKNHE18:08
shadeslayerI'll use the functionfs to see what happens18:09
ogra_hmm, so g_android isnt actually in the defconfig ?18:09
shadeslayerit is18:10
shadeslayerI want to see what happens if you use functionfs18:10
ogra_well, you said they are exclusive18:10
shadeslayermaybe it'll just work18:10
pmcgowanrsalveti: this looks a little odd http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130424/raring-preinstalled.changelog18:12
ogra_well, i guess it checks against the last build18:13
ogra_of which we had three today18:13
ogra_with no changes but build scripts18:13
ogra_so it might actually be correct18:13
rsalvetipmcgowan: haha, it's because of the test builds sergiusens did18:14
rsalvetithe numbering weirdness18:14
rsalvetibut yeah, we did a bunch of quick builds18:14
rsalvetipmcgowan: I'll make sure it's producing the right thing, but I remember I pushed the series switch yesterday afaik18:14
rsalvetiit was still trying to get the changelogs from quantal18:15
rsalvetimhall119: where is the terminal18:16
rsalvetiI want it18:16
mhall119rsalveti: https://code.launchpad.net/~hiroshidi18:18
mhall119the terminal widget plugin should be getting built and added to the core apps PPA18:19
rsalvetimhall119: awesome18:19
mhall119then we just need to land the changed to the QML app18:19
rsalvetithat's another app we need to install by default18:19
mhall119rsalveti: in the touch preview, I'd say definitely18:19
mhall119on consumer devices, maybe not18:19
mhall119but having shell access without a USB cable and my laptop is awesome!18:20
mhall119with some tweaking, I can even use it to connect to my remove irssi sessions18:21
mhall119which is one of the biggest things I've been missing18:21
mhall119and having a re-usable terminal component, that's just fantastic18:22
* mhall119 owes ZDmitry a beverage of his choice if we ever meet in person18:23
rsalvetiyeah, awesome18:23
OrangerIs there a way to use the id of a component in an external js script ? I need it for popupUtils.open T_T18:27
Orangerand... my component is in an external QML file (yeah, many files)18:27
shadeslayerogra_: better18:28
GeekSquidso I did dist-upgrade, that didn't work, GUI doesn't load at all... will reflash when raring finishes downloading18:28
shadeslayerogra_: http://paste.kde.org/73160618:28
* Oranger will commit suicide18:29
=== sporkeee is now known as wilee-nilee
mhall119Oranger: :(18:30
mhall119Oranger: what are you trying to do exactly?18:30
Orangermhall119: I created a JS script which load a component depending on the mimetype of the file18:31
Orangerif the user try to display a type of file that docviewer don't know, he will display a dialog18:31
Orangermy dialog is in UnkonwTypeDialog.qml and my JS script in loadComponent.js18:32
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
OrangerBut, of course, PopupUtils can't find my component... i'm thinking about signals and slots but I can't do it in JS18:33
OrangerSo... I think the last solution is suicide ! Logic no ?18:34
netcurliOranger: you can import qml files into javascript: https://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtqml/qtqml-javascript-imports.html18:34
s3-manit would be great test ubuntu touch on the s3 :)18:34
mhall119Oranger: shouldn't joke about suicide :(18:35
mhall119but getting to your problem, can you add a property to your popup that can contain a reference to your component, then set it before poping up the dialog?18:36
ogra_shadeslayer, yeah, but not perfect18:36
shadeslayerstill better :)18:36
Orangernetcurli: It work with my own QML module ?18:37
Orangermhall119: The component is the popup :/18:37
netcurliit should work like the import directly in qml18:37
shadeslayerogra_: it does : setuid32(2000)                          = 018:38
shadeslayerogra_: so it /should/ have permissions18:38
Orangernetcurli: Because I don't really have a MajorVersion and MinorVersion18:38
shadeslayerI do :     mount -o uid=2000,gid=2000 -t functionfs adb /dev/usb-ffs/adb18:38
=== jhodapp is now known as jhodapp|afk
Orangernetcurli: I try18:39
ogra_shadeslayer, hmm, you probably dont have a user with the uid 2000 ?18:40
ogra_on the android side i mean18:40
shadeslayerthere is no android side at the moment18:40
ogra_you do the mount from ubuntu ?18:41
ogra_without chroot18:41
ogra_well, line 29/3018:43
shadeslayerogra_: yeah, that's what I was thinking as well18:44
mhall119ricmm_: ping18:44
ricmm_mhall119: pong18:45
ricmm_whats up?18:45
ogra_no idea how to solve that one18:45
ogra_likely an android kernel feature thats not on ... (but also likely one that will get in your way in ubuntu)18:46
shadeslayerwhat if I just mkdir -p /acct/uid/2000/tasks ?18:46
ogra_try it, but i doubt that will help18:46
ogra_and you dont want that18:47
ogra_mkdir -p /acct/uid/2000 is what you want18:47
ogra_tasks is a file18:47
shadeslayeroh right18:47
* ogra_ is off for a while ... watching football18:48
shadeslayercya :)18:48
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
s3-manS3 is not functional yet right?18:55
shadeslayerogra_: there's something called adb hell18:58
shadeslayergives you a red terminal :D18:58
* kenvandine rofl18:58
shadeslayerrsalveti: hey :)19:02
shadeslayerrsalveti: so the N10 boots :P19:02
shadeslayerexcept X doesn't show anything on the screen xD19:03
shadeslayerogra_: ITS UP!!!!!!19:04
shadeslayer~/sauce/Kubuntu/Touch/kernels/exynos(branch:cm-10.1*) » adb devices                                              shadeslayer@Solembum19:04
shadeslayerList of devices attached19:04
shadeslayer0123456789ABCDEF        device19:04
* ogra_ applauds19:04
shadeslayerbut then - exec '/system/bin/sh' failed: No such file or directory (2) -19:04
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: where did you put the firmware stuff19:04
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: the what19:05
shadeslayerI don't have any firmware yet19:05
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: I am crashing on boot when udev is trying to load firmware19:05
shadeslayerodd 0.o19:05
rsalvetishadeslayer: awesome19:06
shadeslayerlilstevie: poke poke19:06
shadeslayerI haz shell :D19:06
shadeslayeruid=2000 gid=2000 groups=1003,1004,1007,1009,1011,1015,1028,3001,3002,3003,3006@android:/ $19:07
ogra_funny prompt19:07
shadeslayerhehe yeah :P19:07
shadeslayerbut who cares at the moment ;)19:07
shadeslayerI have no name!@localhost:/$  < bash :P19:08
GeekSquidI have all the necesssarry files to push to my nexus 4, what order exactly do I push them to the device? (using adb push /file /sdcard/file, then adb reboot recovery )?>> is this right?19:09
shadeslayerlilstevie: what did you guys do on the TF101 to get adb to use the standard user?19:10
mhall119popey: pmcgowan: sergiusens: I think we should look at including the weather app in the daily images, now that it's pulling real data19:11
sergiusensmhall119: popey ack, adding19:12
popeydoes it have an icon?19:12
sergiusenspopey: not sure, was going to install and see first :-)19:13
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
mhall119popey: yes, I added the one used by the placeholder app19:13
sergiusenspopey: and does it have the sidestage hint?19:13
GeekSquidonce I get up and going with the raring daily I am totally willing to help with whatever19:13
popeythey all should19:13
mhall119sergiusens: it does19:13
mhall119popey: FYI, I landed the packaging changes for Email, Terminal and Youtube19:14
mhall119so they're all landed now19:14
popeynice one19:14
sergiusensmhall119: too bad it doesn't include my location19:20
sergiusensmhall119: so I'll need to remove the mock app as well..19:21
sergiusenswill get it done in a bit19:21
mhall119thanks sergiusens19:23
mhall119sergiusens: it appears to lookup locations on openweathermap.org19:23
pmcgowanChickenCutlass: oops, did you send a weekly update out on monday?19:23
sergiusensmhall119: it finds Buenos Aires but not Cordoba :-)19:24
ChickenCutlasspmcgowan: no.  was it my turn19:24
ChickenCutlasspmcgowan: what shall I do?19:25
pmcgowando it now19:25
sergiusensmhall119: probably requires accents and such...19:25
pmcgowanwe been late before19:25
sergiusensI see it in there19:25
sergiusenspmcgowan: I can take care of it completely if you want starting next week19:25
pmcgowansergiusens: was trying to be nice and rotate it19:26
pmcgowansergiusens: you want to do it for a while?19:26
sergiusenspmcgowan: I have no issues, already sort of doing it since I have a front seat to the builds19:27
ChickenCutlasssergiusens: you can start now :)19:27
pmcgowansergiusens: ok will cancel the other request then19:27
sergiusensChickenCutlass: well if tomorrow is a good day, I'll send it19:28
ChickenCutlasssergiusens: ok19:28
mhall119bfiller: ping19:32
sergiusensmhall119: oh, do you want to remove the ubuntu- from the package name first or are we keeping that?19:32
bfillermhall119: pong19:32
mhall119sergiusens: we want to remove it, that will happen soon, but we haven't started yet19:33
sergiusensmhall119: nah, just thought I'd mention since you said you were doing the packaging19:34
mhall119sergiusens: that was other fixes19:36
mhall119we'll start on the renaming probably next week19:36
mhall119popey: ^^ sound reasonable?19:37
shadeslayerogra_: fwiw this is the X issue : http://paste.kde.org/731654/19:41
ogra_i still suspect a kernel config issue19:42
ogra_is udev actually running ?19:42
sergiusensrsalveti: did you try the next ppa? Doing a dist-upgrade brings in qt5-make19:44
ogra_shadeslayer, also check if the ttys and /dev/pty/* are there19:44
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, was going to ping the folks responsible for that, but none is on-line19:44
rsalvetisergiusens: and libhybris is there as well19:44
rsalvetiwe don't want yet another qt package at yet another ppa :-)19:45
shadeslayerogra_: there's no /dev/pty/19:46
shadeslayerbut there are tty's19:46
shadeslayerin /dev19:46
shadeslayerand that log is wrong :P19:46
ogra_err /dev/pts19:46
popeymhall119: afk, but yes19:46
shadeslayerogra_: there's : 0  11  3  419:46
ogra_and you have a /dev/tty7  ?19:47
ogra_oh, the log is wrong ?19:47
shadeslayerthe right log http://paste.kde.org/731666/19:47
shadeslayerogra_: flashed the wrong boot.img19:47
ogra_well, apart from the dri0 moaning the log is fine19:48
ogra_and dri0 shouldnt have any influence on the xfbdev driver19:49
ogra_do you have /dev/fb0 ?19:49
shadeslayerquite weird19:50
ogra_probably someone in #ubuntu-x can help19:51
=== jhodapp|afk is now known as jhodapp
shadeslayerokay, let's try19:51
sergiusensrsalveti: kenvandine is online19:51
rsalvetikenvandine: around?19:52
rsalvetisil2100 changed it though19:52
therockeri need some help19:53
kenvandinersalveti, hey19:53
therockeri need some help porting ubuntu touch to a kindle fire hd 719:54
rsalvetikenvandine: hey, do you know why we have qt5 packages at the unity-next ppa?19:54
rsalvetiwe're using the qt5 proper ppa in our images19:54
rsalvetisergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5599227/19:55
rsalvetithe source packages we consume when enabling the daily-next ppa19:55
rsalvetinot the binary packages19:55
shadeslayerogra_: do you have the scripts required to build the AC100 image lying around somewhere?19:55
sergiusensrsalveti: the conflicting ones we need to care for?19:55
kenvandinersalveti, you mean qtbase5?19:56
rsalvetikenvandine: yeah19:56
rsalvetisergiusens: qt5 is one19:56
rsalvetisergiusens: libhybris is another19:56
kenvandinersalveti, yeah that adds xembed19:56
ogra_shadeslayer, live-build and livecd-rootfs19:56
rsalvetifor the rest we might be good19:56
kenvandineneeded for online accounts19:56
kenvandinersalveti, besides that one patch, it is identical to what is in raring19:57
sergiusenskenvandine: why not add it to the proper ppa though?19:57
kenvandinebecause we aren't building against that ppa19:57
sergiusensproper as in _proper_19:57
kenvandinei guess we could19:57
sergiusensnot saying there is a _wrong_ one ;-)19:57
rsalvetiyeah, this one is the main ppa used for everyone19:57
rsalvetiand is where people push changes before landing them in the archive19:58
kenvandinethis was implementing something needed by something we need to land in daily-build-next19:58
kenvandinewe don't want it to land in the archive for raring though19:58
kenvandinejust for S19:58
rsalvetikenvandine: right19:59
kenvandinei don't mind the patch going in qt5-proper ppa, as long as the daily release ppa uses it19:59
rsalvetikenvandine: did you sync with Mirv about this change?19:59
rsalvetiright, that sounds the best approach19:59
rsalvetithen we can just have all qt5 based changes at one single place20:00
kenvandineMirv, ^^'20:00
kenvandineMirv, it's a backport of mardy's xembed branch that is in qt5.120:00
sergiusenskenvandine: Mirv rsalveti there's also this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5599244/20:01
kenvandinesergiusens, is that from the qt5-proper ppa or raring?20:01
rsalvetisergiusens: right20:02
sergiusensit's the daily one20:02
sergiusenskenvandine: rsalveti http://paste.ubuntu.com/5599249/20:02
kenvandineok, so the same would happen in raring20:03
sergiusenskenvandine: so I just did a dist-upgrade on the phablet with the new ppa and those were brought in.20:05
sergiusensoh, does dist-upgrade install recommends?20:06
sergiusensrsalveti: ok, think the qt5 stuff can be closed as sorted, we could do the same for hybris and android-audiosystem20:07
rsalvetisergiusens: android-audiosystem is fine, it's native and we're maintaining it20:08
rsalvetijust hybris that is better to control at platform-api20:08
rsalvetiat phablet-team20:08
rsalvetiunless it's required to avoid ftbfs20:08
rsalvetiI mean required by some other packages at the daily-next ppa20:08
sergiusensrsalveti: we can't...20:09
sergiusensrsalveti: they will pick up nux et.al. wouldn't they?20:09
sergiusensrsalveti: anyways, the ppa is not working, I dist-upgraded... camera app does not work nor does the hud20:09
sergiusensphone-app doesn't work either20:10
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, rebooting here20:10
sergiusensoh, Saviq if the media player changed it's name, do you need to update the shell Video lens?20:11
rsalvetisergiusens: well, the shell is up, at least something is working ;-)20:11
rsalvetivideo lens is empty20:11
sergiusensrsalveti: I have lens though ;-)20:13
sergiusensrsalveti: found the culprit libhud-qt120:13
sergiusensrsalveti: need to selectively install it20:13
rsalvetican't open apps20:13
rsalvetino browser, no gallery20:13
rsalvetijust a blank white screen20:14
sergiusensrsalveti: did you upgrade or dist-upgrade?20:14
sergiusensrsalveti: yeah, my apps have blank screen too20:14
rsalvetisergiusens: should we just remove libhud-qt1?20:14
sergiusensrsalveti: but do you have qt5declarative.*hud?20:15
sergiusensrsalveti: I installed it :-P20:15
rsalvetiupdating to call dist-upgrade again20:15
sergiusensrsalveti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5599279/20:15
sergiusensrsalveti: rebooting after the install... sort of works20:19
sergiusensrsalveti: we can probably be safe with adding the PPA20:19
rsalvetiI'm concerned with 'sort of works' :-)20:20
rsalvetitrying to install hud, slow as hell don't know why20:20
rsalvetisergiusens: able to open apps after installing libhud-qt1?20:20
sergiusensrsalveti: yes, and close them :-)20:21
sergiusensrsalveti: gallery doesn't work though20:21
rsalvetiwonder what happened with my video lens20:21
rsalveti10kb/s from launchpad, weird20:21
sergiusensrsalveti: video works with only audio with that ffmpeg removal :-P20:22
sergiusensrsalveti: sound indicator does _NOT_ work20:23
chris123hi.  i have installed the developer preview for a couple of days now.  i like it  alot, and can't wait to make it my daily driver (replacing android).  my question is:  is there a changelog in the nightlies so that I can decide to flash them or not?  i am not seeing a changelog20:23
kenvandineyay... online accounts works on the touch images again :)20:23
rsalvetisergiusens: that's weird20:23
kenvandinethe daily images still pulls from the online-accounts-qt5-staging PPA right?20:23
rsalvetisergiusens: are you sure you didn't use the camera app first?20:24
rsalvetias the camera crash inside android breaks up the sound indicator20:24
sergiusensrsalveti: nope, QOpenGLShader: could not create shader20:24
rsalvetiI have that mr in my review list for today20:24
pmcgowanchris123: there is a changelog at the webpage http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/raring-preinstalled.changelog20:24
sergiusenskenvandine: yes20:24
pmcgowanchris123: that one not very useful as we have been testing builds20:24
kenvandinesergiusens, great, all the packages are updated for raring in that ppa :)20:25
rsalvetikenvandine: cool, now we just need to get them to work :-)20:26
chris123pmcgowan:  ya, there's not a lot in those messages ;)  i know... documentation is the hardest part!20:26
pmcgowanchris123: usually there is20:26
pmcgowanwe are grabbing from the changelogs20:27
chris123i will check the wiki page here and there and see what new functionality or fixes are posted there.20:27
rsalvetichris123: that's because we're transitioning to raring + a new ppa20:27
rsalvetiso we got a few builds just to test our infra was ok20:27
rsalvetilater this week it should be fine again20:28
chris123will raring be pretty much teh same as it is now, just with the new 13.04?20:28
chris123to the group:  it's truly excellent.  I am a 'usability guy' and find it to be superb.  some really good decisions were made.  i don't know how i can provide any assistance to the group, but if i can, let me know20:29
pmcgowanchris123: thanks, the ux designers have worked very hard20:30
rik__hi all.20:31
rik__anyone know if the hdmi output is working for the xt910/912 builds?20:32
Orangermhall119: I find a solution, and sorry I joked about it earlier :/20:33
rsalvetisergiusens: actually camera-app gallery-app phone-app webbrowser-app have been kept back20:38
rsalvetiby apt20:38
rsalvetiright, missing libhud-qt120:39
sergiusensrsalveti: if you install that hud, everything will clear out20:39
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, trying to do that now20:41
sergiusensrsalveti: fix your isp ;-)20:41
rsalvetisergiusens: is your link back in place?20:41
sergiusensrsalveti: I was saying earlier that it might have been slow because I was downloading images for FLISOL20:41
rsalvetimine is stupidly fast for brazilian websites20:41
rsalvetisergiusens: right20:42
sergiusensrsalveti: the other possibility is, my browser and unity needed a restart...20:42
sergiusensrsalveti: mumble earlier was fine, right?20:42
rsalvetisergiusens: yup20:42
sergiusensrsalveti: browser plugins... meh20:42
sergiusensrsalveti: the other solution I can think of is going with the binary copy from that ppa to the phablet-team20:46
rsalvetisergiusens: we need to find what is actually broken20:46
rsalvetias this is now the daily from trunk =\20:47
rsalvetiwe need to fix it anyway20:47
sergiusensrsalveti: gallery is probably untested on device20:47
sergiusensrsalveti: that and sound are the issues I see20:47
sergiusensrsalveti: oh, and if one app fails to launch, hud fails for all others20:48
rsalvetisergiusens: =\20:48
rsalvetisergiusens: audio I can check here20:48
rsalvetisergiusens: video lens is back20:49
rsalvetiweird is that at the installed lens I got 2 phone apps20:49
rsalvetiand one empty square20:49
sergiusensrsalveti: same... but no empties20:50
rsalvetisergiusens: video is not playing here20:50
sergiusensrsalveti: one word -> ffmpeg20:51
sergiusensrsalveti: audio is though, right?20:51
rsalvetisergiusens: not even opening the app20:51
sergiusensrsalveti: if not, apt-get install mediaplayer-app20:51
rsalvetisergiusens: and sidestage is also broken20:51
sergiusensrsalveti: mediaplayer changed names20:51
rsalvetiright, probably got removed20:51
rsalvetiok, that's easy to fix20:52
sergiusensrsalveti: I already fixed the livebuild20:52
rsalvetisergiusens: cool20:53
sergiusensrsalveti: there's two phone-app icons because there's two phone-apps :-/20:53
sergiusensor it seems like that's the case20:53
rsalvetisergiusens: right, thought we went over the rename already20:53
rsalvetijust one here20:54
rsalvetisomething is wrong with the indicators as well20:54
rsalvetiall were 'empty' for a while20:54
rsalvetisergiusens: sound indicator working fine here20:55
sergiusensrsalveti: lucky you... manta?20:55
rsalvetisergiusens: yup20:56
rsalvetisergiusens: after a clean reboot20:56
rsalvetisergiusens: the only sidestage app working here is the phone-app20:56
rsalvetifacebook, twitter and notes are not even opening here20:56
rsalvetiactually the calculator and calendar are both fine as well20:57
sergiusensrsalveti: weird...20:57
rsalvetibut hud is all weird here20:58
rsalvetisergiusens: are you able to open facebook or twitter?20:58
rsalvetibrowser seems fine20:58
rsalvetisergiusens: don't think it'd be a good idea to include that by default yet20:59
rsalvetibut seems we're almost there :-)20:59
DampThe browser is NOT fine on N4 :p20:59
sergiusensrsalveti: fb and tw21:01
sergiusensrsalveti: both21:01
rsalvetisergiusens: that's weird21:01
rsalvetisergiusens: which image did you use as base?21:01
rsalvetiI noticed I got a bunch of updates from onlineclient as well21:01
sergiusensrsalveti: 95 ... oooh... I am behind21:02
sergiusensrsalveti: let me download latest21:02
rsalvetiright, will start fresh as well21:02
* RobbyF is sad, sold his galaxy nexus so can't test out daily's21:13
sergiusensrsalveti: on 99 all the things that were failing work21:20
rsalvetisergiusens: including gallery?21:20
sergiusensrsalveti: including gallery21:22
rsalvetisergiusens: interesting21:22
rsalvetisergiusens: then let's try a build with this ppa included by default21:22
rsalvetishould be done in a few hours, enough to revert in case it's completely broken21:22
pmcgowan1sergiusens: rsalveti are we supposed to have 2 python versions?21:23
sergiusensrsalveti: the gallery is on rev 654 on our ppa21:23
rsalvetipmcgowan1: you mean 2.7 and 3?21:23
sergiusensrsalveti: that's also the last gunther commit21:23
rsalvetipmcgowan1: yup, ideally we'd only need python 321:24
rsalvetibut we still have a few things depending on python 2.721:24
rsalvetisergiusens: let's spin a new new21:24
pmcgowan1rsalveti: assume that we will fix that soon?21:24
rsalvetipmcgowan1: sergiusens might know better, iirc that was also required by autotest21:24
rsalvetibut the idea is to just use python 3 later this year21:25
sergiusenspmcgowan1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5599463/21:25
rsalvetiwe might just need a transition plan21:25
pmcgowan1sergiusens: what are you telling me21:25
rsalvetiyeah, most will all go away21:26
sergiusenspmcgowan1: what is python2 and what is 3 in our image21:26
rsalvetimight only need some work at ofono21:26
pmcgowan1sergiusens: I see, a big mess21:26
rsalvetithe telephony ones will probably go away once that is all part of telepathy21:27
rsalvetinotify-osd is another big one21:27
sergiusensthe unity ones will go away as well21:27
rsalvetiwhich brings nux and family21:27
sergiusensrsalveti: are you configuring a clean build21:33
sergiusensrsalveti: mhall119 all the core apps seem to be missing the qtdeclarative5-hud1.0 dep21:35
mterryWhat package holds the Ubuntu.Application qml plugin?21:41
sergiusensmterry: from the top of my head qtubuntu...21:43
mterrysergiusens, ah thanks21:43
mterrysergiusens, hard to find when I don't have it installed  :)21:43
mhall119sergiusens: I didn't know we needed that21:44
mterrysergiusens, that used to be called libhud-qml or some such21:45
mterryjust a rename21:45
mhall119sergiusens: currently none of the core apps call HUD directly, they just get it because MainView has it, which means the Ubuntu UI components should be depending on the right HUD package21:45
mterrymhall119, that's not totally true.  Most of the core apps import the HUD qml module21:46
sergiusensall the core apps from Canonical do21:46
* sergiusens was trying to figure out a split between core apps pre CES and post21:46
mhall119sergiusens: sorry, when you say "core apps" I'm thinking the community developed ones that popey and I are working with21:47
mhall119and currently none of them are calling HUD directly21:48
Orangerbecause we can call the HUD directly ?...21:49
sergiusensmhall119: for clarities sake, we should find a naming that we can all understand :-)21:52
sergiusensmhall119: so none of them have the hud quit rule?21:52
popeysergiusens: Default Apps, Core Apps, Collection, Other... ☻21:56
mhall119sergiusens: not in their code, they get it from MainView in the SDK21:57
bobweaverHello all I have mad some off line docs for qtcreator using QHelpEngineCore and ubuntu-ui-toolkit-offline. wondering if anyone would like to try it ?22:02
sergiusensmhall119: ok, thanks22:03
sergiusenspopey: some _core_ apps are default now too ;-)22:03
sergiusensI guess it's the goal of all cores22:03
popeythat doesn't stop them being core apps ☻22:03
popeybut I agree, the naming is a bit confusing22:04
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QuentinFAnyone have link for dual boot android/ubuntu on nexus 4 ?22:18
Orangermhall119: For images in docviewer, do the user need to zoom in/zoom out ?22:32
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
popeyQuentinF: yes..22:35
popeyQuentinF: http://barrenfrozenwasteland.com/2013/03/dual-booting-android-and-ubuntu-touch-on-the-nexus-7/22:35
popeynot nexus 4, nexus 7.. might work ㋛22:36
Orangermaybe I can ask it to you popey ^^ I don't see it in the blueprint so... i make the images zoomable like in the gallery or not ?22:37
mhall119Oranger: I'd say yes also22:38
mhall119it's not *critical*, but it sure would be nice to have22:38
Orangermhall119: Ok, because I thought myself something... images will not be opened bu default by the gallery ?22:38
sergiusensrsalveti: went from scratch to ppa and seems to work.22:40
sergiusensrsalveti: I had to install the mediaplayer aal plugin22:40
Orangermhall119: And I'm not sure if I can know when the user do the "zoom gesture"22:41
sergiusensrsalveti: although notes-app hasn't been updated with the new hud stuff yet22:41
rsalvetisergiusens: right22:49
rsalvetisergiusens: but guess we can already switch, what do you think?22:49
sergiusensrsalveti: I say switch so we unmask any other issues22:52
rsalvetisergiusens: right, let's do it22:52
rsalvetiNOW :-)22:52
sergiusensrsalveti: we need builds with latest so we don't run into surprises22:53
sergiusensrsalveti: I need to leave NOW, but can do it when I get back22:53
rsalvetisergiusens: we just need to add the ppa, right?22:53
rsalvetiI can do and trigger a build now22:53
sergiusensrsalveti: yup22:53
rsalvetiand add mediaplayer as well22:53
rsalvetiso it's done til you're back22:53
sergiusensrsalveti: already added mediaplayer22:53
rsalvetimy internet will probably be fixed just later today anyway22:54
sergiusensrsalveti: once that's done I can get my webapps-demo MRed22:54
rsalvetidownloading at 5kb/s now22:54
sergiusenssee you soon22:54
rsalvetisergiusens: ok, will add it22:54
mhall119Oranger: don't worry about if for the first cut then23:12
Orangermhall119: ok23:13
Orangerthanks :)23:13
mhall119np, thank you for all the work23:15
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QuentinFOh :( after ubuntu install fail, my nexus 4 can't restore .. How can I restore ?23:23
ThiagovfarI wish to try ubuntu on my nexus 7, but want to backup the data on it before anything. Is adb backup up to the task?23:35
CarterSo if I read the articles right, Ubuntu Touch currently has no apps or real functionality unless you're a developer?23:58

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