diploMorning all07:07
brobostigongood morning everyone,07:52
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:12
brobostigonmorning bigcalm :)08:13
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Pig In A Blanket Day!08:20
TheOpenSourcererIsn't that prunes wrapped in bacon?08:20
popeynot looking good08:21
TheOpenSourcererOh no - that Devils on horseback - silly me.08:21
TheOpenSourcererI saw Bytemark trying to pimp it up the other day.08:22
popeykinda surprised08:22
TheOpenSourcererTrouble is - I think they are right. TB is going nowhere fast and getting slower and doggier by the day IMHO. And I still like an integrated email/calendar client08:23
MyrttiI might sound silly and naive but maybe it would have been better if they had put a lower amount as the main goal and then added stretch goals up to 150k08:25
Myrtticoz that's what I'm gonna do with my kickstarter when I finally do it08:26
bigcalmMyrtti: will your kickstarter involve wool? :)08:27
Myrttiand nisbets catalogue08:27
Myrtti(ie. I need a big pot or two, about £110 each etc.)08:27
MyrttiI should call the local Tesco Optician if they'd be able to fix my glasses somehow so I can survive until I can go visit them08:29
Myrttibut I'm procrastinating, because telephone calls08:29
Myrttinature had it's revenge: I mowed the lawn, the lawn mower ate my glasses.08:31
bigcalmOh my08:32
Myrttior I accidentally stomped on them after I accidentally dropped them because I didn't see them with my protective goggles on instead of my glasses. Either way, one arm is now bent and cracked and the lens fell of because the nylon thread holding it on the frame snapped08:33
bigcalmI do hope they can fix them for you08:34
Myrtticor I hate telephone calls08:35
bigcalmHello czajkowski08:42
czajkowskiello how are we all doing this fine sunny day08:43
SuperMattRAGING AT BIND08:43
bigcalmOh, so you're the one who stole my sun08:43
Laneyyeah it's a bit cloudy08:44
SuperMattI did no such thing08:44
SuperMattwhen it gets sunny in this office, we have to close the blinds or the sun reflects off all the other windows around the place and actually blinds us08:45
bigcalmI should shave so that I can get my passport photos done. But, apathy08:45
Myrttisounds like my avoidance of calling Tesco08:47
bigcalmMyrtti: well, I should also be working :D08:47
bigcalmMyrtti: I'm guessing that you are wearing a spare pair?08:48
Myrttimy spare pair is tinted to sunglasses and it's not that sunny08:48
MyrttiI can manage fine without glasses, I just get light headed and towards the end of the day headachy08:49
bigcalmI only use glasses for close work and driving. Otherwise I get headaches. I would fall over if I tried to walk around with them on08:50
MyrttiI'd describe how my right eye feels like if I have to strain it trying to do something precise, but it's too early in the day08:50
popeyi like that I have enough face fuzz that i can play with my chinhair while pondering difficult problems08:50
popeythis pleases me08:50
bigcalmOh god. Now I'm imagining you doing that08:51
MyrttiI'm not saying what I'm imagining08:51
Myrttinothing dirty, mind you08:51
shaunohandlebar moustache.08:53
shaunoany time someone wants to play with the fuzz, all I can picture is a whacky eccentric twirling 'tache.08:55
Myrttisounds like Xalior08:57
MooDoohello all09:14
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:15
bigcalmCan you apply CSS rules to match part of an element id?09:16
MooDoobrobostigon: hi09:17
* popey wonders when AlanBell is expecting his parallela board09:21
AlanBellpopey: I know no more than you do at this point09:24
AlanBellI am not sure quite how exciting they are going to be really09:25
AlanBellwe should be getting a pair of 16 core boards, so 2 arm cores, plus 16 epiphany cores09:26
AlanBellI have no idea if we will be able to use the epiphany cores for anything interesting09:27
popeyeveryone's doing the crowdsourcing thing09:59
popey1000€ and you get a couple of T-Shirts and DVDs.10:00
MooDoopopey: it's a good way of getting money :)10:00
popeyhttp://www.indiegogo.com/projects/geary-a-beautiful-modern-open-source-email-client   # it clearly isnt10:02
popeyfor software10:02
MooDoohmmm and a mail client....10:08
Nafallopopey: maybe people tried the current version and didn't see a future? :-)10:09
Nafallooh dear, now I spoke about myself in third person again...10:10
MooDooor decided that "another mail client???"10:10
SuperMattI think it has a future, and I'd like to see the future10:10
SuperMattshame not many other people do :(10:11
Nafallonah, it's not YAMC... but I don't want what they try to offer :-)10:11
popeyif they made a QML frontend I'd be interested10:11
SuperMattwell they could do, if they get the funding ;)10:12
Nafallothunderbird has so much extra stuff I actually use... I tried geary 0.3 for ~a month, and it's not for me. I kept going back to Thunderbird to actually get stuff done.10:12
SuperMattI'm using thunderbird now because it has a OKish calendar10:12
SuperMattbut as a pure email client, geary is top notch10:12
Nafallospeaking of calendar... I need to export my next trip from linkedin.10:13
popeySuperMatt: its not on their roadmap10:16
SuperMattvery true10:17
* AlanBell glares at the Unity alt-tab once again10:21
AlanBellalt+` then right cursor moves to the next application, not the next window10:22
AlanBellalt+` then down cursor then right cursor does10:22
AlanBellalt+tab then wait then right does let you window switch10:25
MooDooNafallo: sorry I can't see any point in paying for another mail client that does pretty mmuch what everyother one does ....sorrry to say10:26
czajkowskiyou know who you miss around here, gord miss him and his crazy odd candy10:43
czajkowskirandom I know but still10:43
popeyheh, i was thinking that when I saw his post pop up on G+10:43
bigcalmThe work place days miss him too10:47
NafalloMooDoo: huh?10:48
NafalloMooDoo: missdirected?10:48
funkyHatLooks like geary's design mockups were just screenshots of Mail.app11:08
* Myrtti raises an eyebrow11:10
jacobwWhat happened to him?11:11
popeyhe left canonical for pastures new11:14
jacobwThese pastures new have a lot to answer for.11:17
Laneythe cud is good11:18
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MooDooeveryone must be in ubuntu-touch it's so quiet in here lol13:14
directhexOOGA BOOGA13:15
SuperMattI'm not13:15
SuperMattI was just using my mystical sysadmin powers to control Bind9 and bend it to my will13:16
SuperMattI've been working three days solid on learning more about bind, setting up a test environment that matches live, configuring bind to the point where it's almost unrecognisable to the way we had it, and then testing upgrade and downgrade procedures13:18
SuperMattbasically DNS is not something I want to mess with13:19
MooDooSuperMatt: DNS is a BIND ;) stay well away from it ;)13:26
SuperMattthe good news is, all my trial, improvement, and testing has lead me to a set of config files which, when dumped on the live servers, have a better chance of not failing than if I tried doing it by hand13:27
MooDoowell that's good then....13:27
SuperMattI predict about a 90% chance of success13:27
SuperMattthere's still a 10% chance I've over looked something, or I'm going miss something during my update procedure13:28
BigRedSSuperMatt: heh, I'm spending today fixing that 10% I overlooked in my mail server upgrade script :)13:32
BigRedSwell, some of it. There will, no doubt, be more13:32
SuperMattwell my boss told me it should only take me a day to get this thing going... Oh how wrong he was13:32
SuperMattI decided not to leave anything to chance13:33
redtapeSo about manyana, and the Raring release .. has anybody got anything to tell everyone about what is going on ? Watching the planetubuntu video , it seems popey, that most ppl are concentrating on 14.04 now anyway ..13:57
redtapeand mobile platform etc ..13:57
SuperMattwell, the thing about concentrating on 14.04 is that there was a lot of than in 13.04 too13:58
redtape" a lot of than " ?13:59
SuperMattbasically, when an LTS is released, goals are set for the next LTS, and the normal releases inbetween match various goals a long the way13:59
SuperMatt"a lot of that"13:59
SuperMattraring *will* be released tomorrow. I've no doubt it has been "ready" for a week now, just with a few bugs to fix14:00
redtapeI heard that the DVD's are stopping .. does that include 13.04 ?14:00
SuperMattwhere on earth did you hear that?]14:00
SuperMattthere is absolutely no reason to stop the dvds14:00
popeywe're not making CDs/DVDs for LoCos14:00
redtapeok .. sio it's 14.04 that I'll get my DVD .. ok14:02
SuperMattnot that you really need one14:02
redtapeothers do though ..14:02
SuperMattyes, true14:03
redtapeunless ubuntu is truely virtual in our hearts ...14:03
* redtape plays sml. violin.14:03
SuperMatta smelly violin?14:04
redtapesml .. small14:04
SuperMattI know ;)14:04
redtapelrg is large.14:04
SuperMattI tend just to type those words in full14:04
redtapeyou are right .. althou I think Sml & Lrg is more explanatory.14:05
MooDoothanks popey14:05
* redtape requires cupcakes ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/cbott/5120083226/14:08
MooDooredtape: i want some :D14:10
redtapethe vlc icon can't have one though ... ;)14:10
redtapetop right in the image14:10
MooDooI did have to look twice to get what you meant14:10
redtapeOT has anyone tried vlc on Win 8 yet .. or is that still in thepipeline ?14:12
MooDooyes i've tried it, seems ok but in desktop mode14:12
redtapeoh ok14:12
MooDoothen I removed windows 8 as it's pants lol14:13
kvarleyAnybody know what support for the HP Pavilion Chromebook is like running Ubuntu?14:13
redtapepants pant pants .. agreed .14:13
redtapeI want to get ABBYY Lingvo working on Ubuntu using stardict .. it has it here .. http://brutalblog.wordpress.com/2007/12/20/1/  but I don't have the time . they only do 5 lang.s anyway :(14:16
redtapeCan anybody edit this page ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KickstarterGames14:19
redtapeor this one .... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OngoingCrowdfunding14:20
SuperMattcripes, there's 60 people coming to the release party tomorrow14:20
MooDooredtape: lol can't even login lol just trying14:20
redtapeok . dont mean to cause a fuss ..14:20
directhexauth is indeed screwed14:20
czajkowskiyes logged in14:20
czajkowskibit slower than expected but can log in and see someone else has timedout 5 mins ago14:21
redtapeSuperMatt: Is this the one in Laaaandon ?14:21
MooDooI'll give up on loggin in then14:22
SuperMattthough it looks like someone has put themself down as bringing 30 other people14:22
redtapeheavies ...14:22
SuperMattit could be a ruse14:22
MooDooshame I'm too far away14:22
redtapesomeone's not happy with the rotating circle thing :)14:23
Laneynah get on your bike now and you'll be there on time14:23
MooDooLaney: I've got a motor bike14:23
SuperMattI'll be there once I'm done with a work drink14:23
Laneyah, simple then14:23
SuperMattwhich starts at 414:23
SuperMattI'm just hoping someone saves me a t-shirt14:23
redtapet-shirt ? is there a online shop ?14:24
popeyredtape: yes, I am able to login and edit those pages14:24
ahayzenjust to confirm the release party starts at 8pm BST and 7pm UTC?14:24
* redtape facepalm .. store.ubuntu is the shop !14:24
SuperMattsays 19:00 UTC14:25
popeyit says 19:00 UTC on the page14:25
SuperMattI really don't know what that is in real money14:25
popeydate -u14:25
popeyWed Apr 24 15:25:30 BST 201314:25
popey^^ date14:25
popeyWed Apr 24 14:25:35 UTC 201314:25
popey^ date -u14:25
ahayzenso thats 8pm for us :)14:25
popey8pm for everyone in fact14:25
redtapeI'll be eatying sugary mint's after then ,, then.14:26
SuperMattI don't for a moment think that there won't be people at the party before 6 ;)14:27
redtape      ... there was a mention of another Hangover Friday .. ?14:27
SuperMattI don't know what you mean by that14:28
popeyhmm, party tomorrow, beer train friday, flying to usa saturday14:28
popeythis will go well14:28
SuperMattno it won't14:28
SuperMattdon't lie to yourself14:28
Laney... might get some sleep on the flight ...14:28
* popey checks to make sure Laney isn't on the same flight14:29
redtapepopey, so yur packed then ?14:29
czajkowskipopey: pack today!14:30
LaneyUA somethingorother at sometimeorother14:30
popeyUA!? eww14:30
Laneyyeah :(14:30
LaneyI tried to get BA but I was too slow and the price went up14:30
Laneyloads of other Canonical gits got in there before me14:30
czajkowskivirgin to the staes is very nice espeically if you get upstairs14:30
popey← canonical git14:30
Laneynever been on a flight with one of those14:31
* czajkowski never get to sprint 14:31
czajkowskiLaney: rather nice, very quiet and you get dibs on everything first14:31
czajkowskiwas the same price as Ba last time I went to UDS14:31
popeyhaha, 12 of us on the same flight!14:32
directhexvirgin atlantic is nice14:32
LaneyI was mainly annoyed because I couldn't get the avios14:32
directhexbut i disagree about upstairs. upstairs means 747, and virgin's 747s need a refurbed entertainment system stat14:32
Laneyunless there is some hax that I don't know of to get it out of UA14:32
directhexavios is pointless. they have, like, 3 seats a month that you can use the points on. no avios flights to vienna until october, for example14:33
popeyblimey, and another 20 odd on the virgin flight14:33
Laneyyeah but upgrades and stuff14:33
TREllisdirecthex: +1 plus a shed load of tax you have to pay, I've seen flights cheaper via paying cash than rather using Avios. Not sure how that worked out.14:37
redtapeOT |  So  it looks like most of the dev team are in the air this week .. stay outta redneck country people ::: http://youtu.be/GSw9sjqYK_I?t=2m11s bye.14:38
jpdsLaney: UA?14:40
jpdsLaney: Yeah, that would be because UA is part of StarAlliance and not OneWorld which BA is part of.14:41
Laneyyou can transfer through brokers I understand but not without them taking a chunk14:42
AlanBellahayzen: popey the start time on that is rather fuzzy, I think some people will be there from 18:30ish local time14:42
AlanBelland loco directory doesn't seem to handle timezones correctly14:45
AlanBellI set the timezone of the team to Europe/London and it asks for the event time in local time, but displays it as UTC using the local time I put in14:46
ahayzenAlanBell, thx ... probably be between 7-8  that I get down there :)14:46
SuperMattI wanna be there from 7, but work will be giving me free drinks from 4. Anything could happen.14:54
MooDoogoogle hangout for virtual visitors ;)14:59
MooDooI'll have my headset and a beer at the ready ;) lol15:00
AlanBellMooDoo: that isn't out of the question :)15:04
SuperMattI wouldn't...15:04
SuperMattI wouldn't trust a laptop in a pub which might become unattended every once in a while15:04
MooDooAlanBell: awesome :D15:06
AlanBellSuperMatt: MooDoo can look after it from the other end15:07
AlanBellMooDoo: shout if you see anyone nick it15:07
MooDoowill do ;) unless i'm chatting up another laptop lol15:09
popeyyou can do hangouts from phones these days15:09
MooDooyou can :)15:09
AlanBellcan you initiate them from a phone now?15:13
MooDooyou can on my s315:14
SuperMattwouldn't it be a bit boring someone carrying around their phone all the time?15:16
* popey starts a hangout with AlanBell on his phone15:22
popeyAlanBell isn't picking up15:23
MooDoome actually logged onto his phone to see if he could see the hangout doh"15:23
czajkowskiaye I do hangouts with J when I'm in ireland on the phone/tablet very handy15:24
* AlanBell was making coffee15:24
* popey starts another15:25
popeywell that sucked15:26
popeynot because AlanBell was in it15:26
* redtape was having a whippy icecream :)15:26
redtapewith 2 flakes \o/15:27
MooDoopopey: why did it suck?15:27
redtapein fact they told me that the 2flakes weren't up to scratch ..15:27
redtapeso they gave me a third .. :)15:27
redtapei think that's my ideal job .. flake tester ..15:28
MooDooonly the crumbliest flakiest chocolate....la la la  er i think that was a flake advert15:29
bigcalmClose enough15:29
redtapei prefer the one with the cello.15:29
* AlanBell hung out15:29
MooDooI'll watch it on youtube ;)15:30
Myrttiredtape: did you check did they touch the cone or flake with bare fingers?15:30
redtapegive us the link thou ..15:30
redtapeno they had plastic gloves .. you dont have a glove fetish do you ?15:30
Myrttiredtape: no, but future inlaws sell whippies in Littlehampton riverside and I don't have whippies from anywhere if I don't see how they handle the cone and flake first15:31
* redtape admits to a flake fetish...15:31
MyrttiI've seen more people touching both cone and flake barehanded than not15:31
AlanBellMooDoo: the front facing camera on my phone was rubbish, but the rear facing one is OK (but then you can't see the screen15:31
AlanBellwhich is fine really15:31
redtapeAaahh .. what doesn't kill ya .. makes you strongerer.15:32
bigcalmAlanBell: you didn't want to see popey?15:32
redtapehis eyes are like lazer bolts !15:34
AlanBellI will be seeing the popey in person tomorrow at the release party15:35
MooDooAlanBell: i suppose that's enough ;)15:40
popeyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_tZJGniorA#t=3m12s  # I'm famous!15:42
Nafallopopey: what else is new?15:55
redtapepopey, yes, stupidrubbish was mentioned on the podcast recently, too .. I have been listening !16:00
redtapeyou need to request phone-ins more though.16:00
popeyphone ins are hard16:03
popeywe do phone interviews with people16:03
popeybut having random people phone us would probably lead to all kinds of issues16:03
popeywe have considered it in the past16:03
redtapeppl have called the number though.16:04
MooDooare you ever going to google hangout a podcast recording for a giggle?16:04
redtapeno me thnks.16:04
MooDoobe interesting to watch it16:04
popeypeople have called the number, but we curate them, because it's a voicemail number16:06
popeynot a live call in16:06
popeythere's a few issues with hangouts16:06
popeythey work for multiple remote people quite well, less so for multiple people in the same room, which is what we do16:07
popeytony's net connection is rubbish too16:07
popeyand it complicates the recording process too, because we have to route the right audio to the right place16:07
bigcalm"more hassle than it's worth"16:08
redtapeMooDoo: none of us can help them .. they are an enterprise unto themselves.16:16
popeyits not like we haven't considered these things16:20
MooDooUBUNTU UK LIVE in wolverhampton ;)16:20
redtapeooo .   isn't that 'Mick' McCarthy's patch ? tone def isn't he ?16:23
MooDooredtape: I was just reminicing about lug radio live :)16:23
redtapeWebUPd8 have a new vidz out .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB3oJga1kLQ  " Unity Smart Scopes In Ubuntu 13.04    " .16:27
redtapefirst time I've really got into smart scopes TBH..16:29
* popey packs up his things to go to Studio A for podcasting16:33
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Myrttioo http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-2227708418:04
redtapeMyrtti: That's only because the beep wants to be definitive arseholes .. they r the best at that.18:16
Myrttier, ok?18:17
MyrttiI'm not sure how that follows18:17
redtapetwiter tweet = beep tweet (tweet of tweets).18:17
redtapethe beep .. when is it ever 'interactive' anyway ?18:18
redtapeit's a one way street.18:18
redtaperant over.18:18
MyrttiI still didn't understand but that's fine I suppose, I'm not native18:19
redtapestill hate the fact they are included in firefox by default.18:20
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jacobwI like ClaudeTheFascist, stick with that one :)18:39
MartijnVdSas long as he sticks to it, the /ignore will as well ;)18:40
mungbeanhttp://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org:8000/uupc.mp3 foesmt work20:01
mungbeanno sounds..20:01
popeyworks for me20:06
popeyjust tried it20:06
ahayzenmungbean, try using VLC player...FireFox for me just sits there with no sound20:08
neuroahoy me hearties20:10
neuroanyone tried shinken before? it's a nagios-like monitoring platform20:10
mungbeannever heard of it20:13
neurook, great feedback! :)20:14
neuro(just kidding)20:14
mungbeanwhats yr reqirement20:14
neuroto monitor stuff, and when stuff goes wrong, to know about it20:15
mungbeanfriend of mine made this pres20:15
neuroi'd normally deploy nagios but i'm just looking at the alternatives before i settle back into my usual routine20:15
neuroi was about to cry into my laptop about 5 slides in, but then it got interesting20:17
neuroah, rabbitmq, we meet again20:18
mungbeanhe did sa talk at london devops i think was recorded20:21
dwatkins_popey: I vaguely remember you talking about a wattage measuring deviceyou interfaced with your server, which model was it please?21:12
dwatkins_i.e. to measure house power usage21:12
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redtapedwatkins: Are you the one from Scotland ?21:30
popeydwatkins: currentcost21:30
dwatkinsthanks popey21:51
dwatkinsredtape: I'm in Scotland...21:51
redtapeWhere's daftykins .. haven't heard from him in ages ?21:56
dwatkinsheh, I'm very tempted to get one of those power meters now.22:09
dwatkinspopey: superb, I think I found details on getting that up and running with rrdtool, and the devices are on ebay for £20, should be a nice little weekend project.22:15
popey^^ the scripts I use22:18
dwatkinsooh, thanks :)22:20

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