jrwrensnap-l: getting around 9Mbit up.  887KB/s02:35
snap-ljrwren: Nice!11:45
snap-lAlso: Good morning11:45
rick_h_rainy morning though. Was nice yesterday. Finally went to the park12:20
brouschI got that POST to work12:22
brouschI append a uid at the end inside of [], then run through all of the POST data to build models from all of the pieces12:23
brouschSeems barbaric12:26
brouschI think it would be easier and more elegant if I stored each change in Javascript instead of a bulk update12:32
brouschBut that's what the people wanted12:32
snap-lHey, barbarians are quite effective. :)13:06
jrwrenjcastro: are you interested in carpool to Fun with Fanzoo & CHC Woodward tonight?13:13
jcastrojrwren: any night but tonight!13:16
jcastro13.04 is tomorrow, I have like 3 things I have to finish and I'm behind13:16
jrwrenbut congrats on another release.13:18
jrwrennext month then!13:18
rick_h_CHC LONG tonight!13:20
rick_h_oh, reminds me. I need to get that second disk for jrwren13:20
jrwrenyes, plz bring me any disks you don't want.13:30
jrwrenfor that matter, my work is having an e-waste event tomorrow, so if you have ewaste to be recycled, I can take it if it is not TOO much13:30
* snap-l gets the unibvac out13:35
snap-lThat would have been 10x more funny had I spelled it right13:35
brousch10x0 is still 0!13:37
jrwrenlol. now THAT is funny.13:42
jrwrenwould have been even funnier if you had wrote ten times zero as 0x10 so we could have said, no it isn't zero, it is 16.13:42
snap-lI remember another company doing this "Let's be everything to everyone" tactic.15:16
snap-lComp USA15:16
* jrwren checks github to see what vim colorscheme rick_h uses15:53
jrwrenhornet and lucius15:54
rick_h_hmm, outdated15:54
rick_h_is the current block of code around there :)15:55
* rick_h_ notes to push vim updates sometime15:56
jrwrenrenders as ir_black with a lighter bg for me. is that bout right?15:57
rick_h_jrwren: which one?15:57
rick_h_jrwren: yea, kind of ligher grey and darker theme16:01
jrwreni think i'll try torte for a while16:01
rick_h_good one16:01
snap-lI'm using synic right now16:10
jrwrenthat looks pretty good. screenshot is python example16:11
jrwreni might like slightly higher contrast16:11
snap-lI like it because it's terminal friendly16:11
snap-ltend to run vim in terminal more than gvim16:12
jrwrenmay this monitor is just too low contrast.16:12
jrwrenor... reloading hte vimrc isn't working correctly16:12
jrwrenor... the colors used in vimrc are just that different from the python16:13
rick_h_jrwren: you need a colorhug :)16:43
snap-lMetroPCS is now a part of T-Mobile16:52
snap-lall that's left is the paperwork16:52
jrwrenhaving a local mirror is just awesome fast. even at only 100mbit17:01
greg-gI still don't understand why we don't have local mirrors in the WMF office, I asked and the response I got was "no, we're on a 100mbit connection"17:01
flipsidecreationI tested the http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync.html last night and it seems to work well17:02
rick_h_flipsidecreation: cool17:02
flipsidecreationvery simple to share files with one or many people.17:03
flipsidecreationRead only, read write, and temp shares.  It really is a serverless drop box17:04
flipsidecreationI don't know that I would completely trust it just yet but as a project it looks very promising17:13
greg-gI'm "sitting" on one of these: http://store.focaluprightfurniture.com/locus-seat.html17:39
rick_h_greg-g: very cool17:40
greg-gyeah, it's comfy17:41
flipsidecreationgreg-g: interesting17:44
_stink_does it not hurt your balls?17:57
* _stink_ turns his head to try to figure it out17:57
rick_h__stink_: he's a bike rider, they're inpervious at this point :P17:58
_stink_ohhhh right17:58
flipsidecreationI just watched the video and I could see myself falling off17:58
greg-gnah, no stuff hurting17:58
rick_h__stink_: if anything, it needs a more carbon fiber performance seat on it17:58
greg-gits one of those really comfy recumbent style seats17:58
flipsidecreationrecumbent seats are quite comfy17:59
jhansonxiI have a TerraTrike Rover recumbent and its seat is quite comfortable.  I'm thinking of adding something similar to my Hobie kayak.18:07
brouschWhy would you want to sit on a bike seat all day?18:07
brouschYou could just jam an apple under your nuts if you like the feeling18:08
flipsidecreationjhansonxi: sweet, I have a terratrike as well.18:08
jhansonxiI'm planning on making a chain case for mine but haven't had time to work on it.  Chain gets too grimy on gravel roads and trails.18:09
flipsidecreationjhansonxi: just get the chain tubes, they are simple and work well for that18:10
flipsidecreationjhansonxi: I think the hostel shop sells them18:10
greg-gbrousch: it's more, how can you not sit all day, but without the fatigue of standing in one spot18:11
jhansonxiThat's not enough.  I ride in winter and have to oil to chain to keep it from rusting.  It also becomes a dirt magnet.  I've added a rear shield but want to expand it to a fully enclosed case. https://terratrike.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=134418:11
greg-gjhansonxi: if it is getting too dirty, reduce the amount of oil on your chain.18:12
greg-gremember, lubing is a two step process 1) apply lube... (wait) 2) clean off excess lube18:12
greg-gtoo much lube with draw in dirt from the outside into the sensitive parts of the chain18:13
jhansonxiThe rear tire constantly dumps dirt on it so a fully enclosed case it the best solution.  The only real problem is the need for a tensioner.18:13
greg-gah, well, that's another story ;)18:13
flipsidecreationNice job enclosing the rear wheel18:14
jhansonxiIt's not enclosed, just a shield between the tire and chain.18:15
jhansonxiAfter I enclose it I'm going to add a lighting system.  I bought a 10Ah auxiliary battery pack (for use with cell phones) and a few LED flashlights.  Just need switches and wire.18:17
jhansonxiI'm also thinking about using some pipe and a tarp to make a roof so I can ignore rain.18:17
flipsidecreationI have some LED lights on mine http://i.imgur.com/NcMuXir.jpg18:20
jhansonxiThat's almost ridiculous. :D18:21
jhansonxiWhat model is that?18:22
flipsidecreationThis is how I bough it http://i.imgur.com/x10gQ1Z.jpg18:24
jhansonxiI bought mine assembled at their store near Grand Rapids.  They wouldn't sell it as a kit and the shipping cost was over $200 but they were within driving distance.18:25
jhansonxiI like the Rover because it is compact (and cheap at $1250).  Its square-frame design makes it easy to add a pintle mount for weapons (hostile deer, drivers that don't yield, etc.)18:27
flipsidecreationI bought mine used for real cheap then started doing all the custom work to it like the paint https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/460789_3248088916972_1398858549_o.jpg18:28
flipsidecreationit was fun to build it18:28
jhansonxiI'll be having plenty of fun modding mine.  I just need time to plan everything out and draw it up in DraftSight.18:29
flipsidecreationits a fun hobby18:30
flipsidecreationI have blue lights on my actionbent recumbent http://i.imgur.com/MEbmGui.jpg18:31
jhansonxiYes, but time-consuming.  I have a Hobie Outback kayak to mod also: http://www.hobiecat.com/mirage/mirage-outback/18:31
flipsidecreationjhansonxi: Nice18:32
jhansonxiNeeds paddlewheels for shallow rivers.  My arms are too worn out from abusing mice for paddling.18:32
jhansonxiGot it on sale here (near Pinconning): http://www.franksgreatoutdoors.com/kayaks-218:33
jhansonxiBought it in November.  Only been out once with it.  Was hard to maneuver but mostly because of the snowsuit (was only 35 deg out)18:34
jhansonxiflipsidecreation: Are you going to Penguicon?  We could meet up.18:36
flipsidecreationjhansonxi: I wish I was, I already have other plans18:36
flipsidecreationPenguinCon is going in my calendar for next year for sure18:38
jhansonxiWhere are you located?  I'm near Alpena.18:39
greg-ghaha (re snow suit and kayaking) :)18:40
greg-glove it, love hard core Michiganders18:40
flipsidecreationTaylor Tucky here18:40
jhansonxigreg-g: After spending what I did, I wasn't going to wait until spring to try it.18:40
greg-gI wouldn't!18:41
jhansonxiflipsidecreation: In Wayne county?18:43
rick_h_musical hard drives! yaaaay! which one of the three is the one actually used and mounted to /home? that's the question18:45
jhansonxiAny decent trails over there?  The only trails I've been on in the Detroit area is the South Lyon rail trail and the Kensington Park loop.18:45
rick_h_and more yay, pulling out any means their mount order changes18:46
jhansonxirick_h: My first computer was SCSI and had one of the first Quantum 7200 RPM drives.  It whined continuously.  I didn't realize that was a problem until it failed.18:47
snap-lThe only problem I can see with that locus seat is I twist a lot18:52
greg-gsnap-l: it twists18:53
snap-lso getting things out of my file cabinet would be a PITA18:53
rick_h_bah, and my only boot disk handy is a server install :(18:53
snap-loh, then disregard18:53
greg-gsnap-l: only been on it for like 1 hour, but it is growing on me18:53
snap-lThat's cool18:53
greg-gI'll let you know at the end of the day18:53
snap-l(said the guy sitting on his balls)18:53
greg-gwe're all sitting on our balls as much as I am! (pardon to the female members of the channel)18:54
jrwrenrick_h_: bring me your old musical hard drives :)18:54
rick_h_jrwren: I'm trying, but the darned things don't say which has the os on it18:55
rick_h_jrwren: and then grub went boom. So now I'm just saying screw it. I'm giong to ditch this desktop anyway so just need a usb boot so I can backup my one 3tb usb drive to another one18:55
rick_h_of course my usb boot isn't a boot, but server isntall :(18:55
snap-lgreg-g: yeah, but I have a big ball that I rest the other balls on18:56
greg-gand in the wikimedia-staff channel we're talking about the PEN 15 error, what a day18:56
snap-lHad to look that one up18:57
jhansonxirick_h: smartctl will tell you the SN which will be on the drive label19:19
rick_h_jhansonxi: ah, yea would have been cool. /me notes19:19
jhansonxiAlso hdparm -i19:21
flipsidecreationjhansonxi: Do you come downstate very often?19:24
jrwreni have to admit, I'm getting tired of hard disk failures :(19:24
jhansonxiflipsidecreation: Only if a customer wants me to do some electronic prototype assembly.  Mostly I do PCB design over the Internet.19:26
flipsidecreationjhansonxi: My parents live in West Branch, I go up there to do some biking from time to time19:30
flipsidecreationjhansonxi: Me and the wife are thinking about a trip to ride the trails around Alpena19:31
jhansonxiThis is the best in the area: http://trailscouncil.org/index.php?page=north-eastern-state-trail19:31
jhansonxiI've only been as far a Posen.19:32
jhansonxiThere was some erosion near the Alpena side but you can detour around it on side roads.19:32
flipsidecreationthat does look sweet19:32
jhansonxiCrushed limestone.  It does get soft near a small lake and there is some channels cut across due to erosion but it's nice.  Just wear a head net around dusk unless you like eating bugs.19:33
flipsidecreationIn my area I ride from Dearborn to Northville and back http://goo.gl/maps/llei319:34
flipsidecreationnice ride, all paved blacktop19:34
jhansonxiMaybe I'll try it the next time I'm down there overnight.  I used to live in Redford and regularly attended the MUG/MDLUG/LugWash meetings.19:36
flipsidecreationI used to go to the lugwash meetings, but it has been a while19:38
jhansonxiInvariably, when a customer needs me on-site it's the last week of the month when there aren't any LUG meetings.19:39
jhansonxiI just received an email from Boyne Mountain resort.  Their golf season starts Friday and their slopes are open for skiing.  That's Michigan weather for you. :P20:31
flipsidecreationyup, sleet & rain here now20:36
jrwrenanyone help me with a dpkg-parsechangelog warning I'd like to fix?21:47
jrwrennevermind. I suck21:49

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