wrstOmnifrog: that is good right? :)00:16
Omnifrogwell, not for my back00:17
Omnifrogtoday I was clearing some woods of dead fall and preping it for the chipper shredder00:18
OmnifrogI got about 5 or 6 pickup truck beds worth ready00:19
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wrstmorning Omnifrog13:28
Omnifroghowdy wrst15:44
Omnifrognew laptop is here!15:45
wrstcool Omnifrog, what did you get?15:45
Omnifrogwife settled on a Samsung QX41115:46
wrstthat's a sweet looking laptop15:52
Omnifrogweird, the laptops first boot lands in a partition manager?16:05
wrstwhy would it do that?16:07
wrstlooks like the ubuntu installer16:10
wrstbut that's nice feature actually if you are staying on winders16:11
Omnifrogwhat the hell is Easy Speedup Manager? and why might it need 10 minutes or more depending on my system?18:20
OmnifrogGOD I hate windows18:20
wrstOmnifrog: ??? who knows18:20
wrsteasy speedup anything taking 10 minutes is well stupid defined isn't it?18:21
Omnifrogthat's windows alright, click here to spend 10 minutes saving a few seconds18:22
Omnifrogfollowed by a reboot no doubt18:22
Omnifrogseems like optimizing the damn thing to run as fast as it can should be done already.18:24
Omnifrogwhat a retarded thing to make optional18:24
wrstOmnifrog: considered putting something else on it? :)18:29
Omnifrogyep. it will get a Linux partition after burn in18:30
Omnifrogeither an ubuntu base or opensuse18:31
Omnifrogthis is gonna be wifes new work machine.18:32
Omnifrogthis speed boost thing seems to be playing with overclocking settings18:33
wrstyeah why in the world wouldnt' that happen before you get your hands on it?18:37
wrstoh well guess overclocking should be voluntary :)18:38
Omnifrogit doesn't tell you it's fiddling with the clock speed. after you click it a little picture of a CPU shows up with a bar that moves up and down a whole bunch18:41
wrstoh well18:54
wrstwindows 8?18:54
wrstcan't beleive you wouldn't want that new and improved interface :)18:55
wrstOmnifrog: i'm going to play the lottery just messed with grub over ssh rebooted and it all worked18:55
wrstyeah and I know that was pretty stupid to do that :)18:56
Omnifrogoh good, another reboot. these updates (and just getting the laptop useable) is taking forever18:58
wrstyou really need a day just to update18:59
wrstI love doing a reinstall of xp... man updates... forever updates18:59
OmnifrogI can't believe MS still hasn't done away with the endless need to reboot19:00
wrstits what people know them for you can't change that :)19:00
wrsthello chris458520:43
chris4585hey wrst20:44
wrstchris4585: how have you been?20:45
chris4585wrst, I'm alright, enjoying my days off20:46
wrstdays off are always great20:46
wrstchris4585:  I have ended my ubuntu expirement20:47
chris4585yes, and which ubuntu experiment?20:47
wrsthad been using it on my laptop but gnome 3.8 is unstinky enough I can go back to arch and use it20:48
chris4585wrst, oh awesome21:21
chris4585I haven't used 3.8 yet21:21
chris4585but I imagine its good21:21
wrstchris4585: its much improved, they are making nautilus worse but overall with a couple of extensions i prefer it over unity21:22
chris4585yeah, well cinnamon has nemo so woot21:23
wrsti may use nemo with gnome-shell actually chris458521:27
chris4585its worth it21:30
Pinkylooing for help updating virtualbox  .. .. .  ???22:09
Unit193But doesn't know if he's on fedora or not....22:26
wrstchris4585: i have an extension that makes the gnome dock work like a dock instead of all that activities stuff and I really like23:09
wrstand in 3.8 you now have the classic mode that isn't bad either23:09
Unit193wrst: He wasn't.23:09
wrstha ha Unit193 fedora people still use that?23:10
wrstI tried last release, the installer was bad, made arch look good to install :)23:10
chris4585wrst, sounds nice23:14
wrstworks pretty nicely chris458523:14
wrstother than the kernel/graphics/gnome-shell issues but that's the price of being an ealry adopter, unlike ubuntu deciding i didn't need sound any more23:15
wrstthat was supposed to be stable!23:15
chris4585I'm happy on manjaro still23:15
wrstit has arch goodness so its all good ;)23:16
Unit193Raring isn't great with depends, not long until their new "Mir" will depend on Unity...23:17
wrstUnit193: yeah I think Ubuntu may do well but I prefer to stay with something proven for a while and wait and see23:17
Unit193wrst: I'm saying, Xubuntu is pulling in some uneeded packages because the depends are silly.23:19
wrstUnit193: yeah when you going to debian? ;)23:19
Unit193Hopefully it'll be a little, I like the Xubuntu community and setup.23:20
Unit193(Ubuntu also cares closer to what I do whether something is open source or not.)23:20

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