rsajdokhttps://code.launchpad.net/~ris/loco-team-portal/fix-552762/+merge/142553/comments/341945 I've created a table "TeamEventVenue" which links "Teamevent" and "Venue". What does it mean "store in memory"?10:16
dakerrsajdok: i mean if we run the migration script we will lost all the relation between events and venues10:30
rsajdokdaker: Do you mean past relations?10:40
dakerrsajdok: how do you will relink the re-generate the new TeamEventVenue data ?10:41
rsajdokdaker: ah, I  understand now :)10:42
rsajdokdaker: Should I prepare a script that migrates the data?10:44
dakerit can be done on the migrations script10:45
rsajdokdaker: Should I use for that south?10:46
dakerrsajdok: something like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598009/10:49
rsajdokdaker: ok, Thanks You. I am going to prepare it in a few days.11:33

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