inetproGood morning superfly 04:47
inetproOh and good morning everyone else 04:47
SquirmSymmetria: who's your ISP?05:13
trender  __06:05
* Squirm scolds trender 06:06
Squirmtoo many boobies06:06
Squirmthis is getting ridiculous06:06
Squirm"Like and share to win a UK flag costume"06:08
Squirmreally? UK flag06:08
SquirmUnion jack you chops06:11
magespawnGood Morning06:12
magespawninetpro is the power off in Pretoria?06:13
magespawni see Kilos is not in yet06:13
Kiloshi magespawn and others06:19
magespawnhey  Kilos06:22
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 06:24
HawkiesZAMorning Kilos 06:24
inetpromagespawn: no, why?06:38
inetprogood morning HawkiesZA, magespawn, Squirm and trender06:39
magespawninetpro nah jsut saw Kilos was not here that is all06:39
HawkiesZAMorning inetpro 06:42
magespawnHi HawkiesZA maiatoday06:44
maiatodayhi magespawn06:50
HawkiesZAhiya magespawn 06:50
inetpromagespawn: the amount of power failures they have in his area must be extremely frustrating06:50
superflymorning inetpro, Squirm, magespawn, maiatoday, ki<tab>07:12
superflyand I've already said hello to HawkiesZA ;-)07:12
Symmetrialo all07:12
Symmetriaheh, man, going through the juniper training materials of their "basic" course, lol, looking at this stuff and speaking to people who are on that course, there is no way I would ever send anyone near a cisco training course again07:12
magespawnhey Symmetria07:19
magespawnhow is juniper better?07:19
Symmetriamagespawn well, under cisco basic training, its... so basic you never really learn anything useful07:19
magespawnahh right, so mostly have to learn yourself then07:19
magespawnSymmetria: how do the products rate against each other?07:37
maiatodayhi superfly07:41
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Symmetriamagespawn heh I would take a juniper over a cisco any time, any day, any where08:12
Symmetriamore stable, better features, far easier to work with on a CLI basis, and cheaper 08:12
Tinuvaone would have thought that ubuntu 13.04 final isos would almost be out by now :(08:33
magespawnSymmetria: i thought Cisco was sort of the industry standard08:39
Tinuvamagespawn, that doesn't make them the best, just the minimum standard08:39
magespawnalso a lot of the job descriptions ask for Cisco qualidications not Juniper08:40
magespawnspelling/typing up the pipe today08:41
Symmetriamagespawn heh, if you can show juniper qualifications08:45
Tinuvaimho, you should understand networking in such a way, that you are not limited to a specific brand, but can do what is needed with what you are given, having said that, for obvious reasons the equipment regardless of brand should be able to do what you need to do08:45
Symmetriamost job descriptions will take you anyway08:45
SymmetriaTinuva I 100% agree with you, though there are certain vendors where that doesnt totally apply08:46
Symmetrialike anything by alcatel, that will make you wanna shoot yourself in the head08:46
Symmetriaalcatel command line is like... ip routing designed by voice engineers that dont understand ip ;p08:46
magespawni thought Cisco qualifications were needed because of the software on the equipment08:47
Symmetriamagespawn networking is all about understanding the protocols 08:47
Symmetriaonce you understand the protocosl, everything else is syntax 08:47
Symmetriaand the syntax, any idiot with a good understanding of the underlying protocols can figure out08:47
magespawnright always good to know08:48
Symmetriaput it this way, I took a juniper router never having touched the thing in my life, and configured an entire backbone node with mpls, ip, ipv6, msdp, pim and a bunch of other shit, in under 2 hours 08:48
Symmetria(and I've stuck to juniper ever since) 08:48
Symmetriaheh, and I was simply able to do that because I know the underlying protocols08:49
Symmetriabut like I said, its a general rule, with exceptions, it takes an hour to figure out how to put a damn ip on an alcatel ;p08:49
* Symmetria hates08:49
Tinuvaoh and Symmetria is your average network engineer....08:49
SymmetriaTinuva lol, there are plenty of network engineers out there that would agree with me08:50
Symmetriathe problem is that most people train by syntax08:50
Symmetrianot train by protocol08:50
Tinuvai wasnt disagreeing, that was sarcasm :)08:50
Symmetriaand thats a mess and leads to bad engineers ;p08:50
SymmetriaI always wanna slap people who teach exact syntax 08:50
Tinuvapretty sure most people know youve done some great work08:51
Symmetria(this is the major problem with half the people I come across in the industry, they can configure bgp and ospf and is-is etc, but since they are all trained in syntax rather than protocols, when you ask them to debug anything, they are *screwed* because they don't actually understand what they are configuring)08:51
magespawnalmost plug and play08:55
magespawneither way, it is a little way off for me, just completed a N+ course09:00
Symmetriamagespawn reality is, networking isnt complicated09:01
Symmetriaif you understand the base theory behind it, its all pretty logical and easy09:01
Tinuvathe only hard part is engineering the most awesome network with a tight budget09:09
Tinuvaatleast that is where i find i spend most of my time09:10
magespawnlater all, got to go swop out a switch09:10
SymmetriaTinuva heh, networks are expensive09:11
Symmetriathe moment you wanna do anything that contains full bgp tables 09:12
Symmetriaor proper L3 protocols 09:12
Symmetriaprices start going up, a lot09:12
Tinuvaexactly the problem09:12
Symmetriaand once you start hitting 10 and 100gig, well, yeah then you into multiple ferrari style money09:12
Symmetriaa university client of mine just spent 5.4 million on their new core 09:13
SymmetriaTinuva at the same time, particularly in the SP world, you cannot go cheap, if you do, you're gonna end up replacing it all anyway and spending even more money09:13
tonberryE352you could always buy huawei, then your network will be both cheap AND broken09:13
Symmetria(and you wont be allowed to properly operate it, hauwei will wanna control your whole network)09:14
Tinuvayou cant take that away from the chinese now can you :P09:15
Symmetriaheh for me, if you're doing routed networks, reality is, you have two choices, cisco and juniper 09:15
Symmetriaif you're doing switched networks, straight layer 2, you got far more realistic choices09:15
SymmetriaI mean, I know there are people who like the ALU stuff, and they have a fairly decent market segment in the PE side, but ugh, no thanks, not for me09:16
ThatGraemeGuymornign all09:19
ThatGraemeGuymorning too09:19
Symmetrialol I will confess that there are various environments where I have switched to using linux as an RS09:20
Symmetrialinux actually makes a very cheap, very reliable, and very stable RS09:20
Kilosafternoon all. power returned. yay11:34
superflyhi Kilos12:50
Kilosohi superfly 12:51
Kilosnew ubuntu tomorrow12:51
charl_good afternoon13:02
charl_Maaz: coffee on13:02
* Maaz washes some mugs13:03
Kiloshi charl_ 13:03
KilosMaaz: coffee please13:03
MaazKilos: Alrighty13:03
charl_hi Kilos 13:04
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_ and Kilos!13:07
KilosMaaz: ty13:07
MaazYou are welcome Kilos13:07
ThatGraemeGuyhi all13:14
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 13:23
ThatGraemeGuyif those 2 boxes will run memcached and nothing else, would you set memcached's cap to the actual free memory (i.e. ignoring buffers/cache) or let the O/S have the buffers and cache and use the "free" value on the first line?13:28
superflyThatGraemeGuy: has IP not managed to move to Redis yet?13:31
superflyThatGraemeGuy: I'd probably use physical ram13:31
ThatGraemeGuyit needs to be $physical_ram-$something13:31
ThatGraemeGuythere must be overhead or else mad swapping will start when memcache reaches its cap13:32
ThatGraemeGuyi just can't decide whether $something should include or exclude buffers & cache13:32
ThatGraemeGuyand IP does his own thing, i'm trying to work out a way to have my memcached config be adjustable depending on the memory13:33
ThatGraemeGuysince we have different memcacheds with different ram13:33
ThatGraemeGuyi can get puppet to set the memory cap, i just need to figure out what to base the calculation on13:34
charl_are we up for tomorrow release?13:46
charl_i am looking forward to it13:46
Kiloshi grantw 14:01
grantwtumbleweed: hey, I want to add you as an organizer for my meetup group14:18
grantwtumbleweed: the idea of the group is not to replace CLUG, but more to speak the work more efficiently and try get more people interested14:36
Squirmdon't deliver with Bercoexpress14:53
SquirmEconomy service -> 24-48 hours. Fine. All good. It has only been at a guess 55 hours.14:53
SymmetriaIve used berco for some pretty heavy stuff before14:53
Squirmbut they can't tell me where my package is14:54
Symmetriait got there in one piece14:54
Squirmat 20:4 last night, it was checked out for delivery from Durban14:54
Squirmfine, I live 1.5hours from Durban14:54
Squirmthey can't tell me where it has been all day today :/14:54
Squirmthat's what's bugging me14:54
Squirmtheir Agent has it14:54
Squirmand the only person that has the agents number is off14:55
Symmetriawhat package is it?14:55
Squirmmy S314:55
Symmetriasquirm lol, actually, I had berco once meant to deliver me some stuff in mtunzini14:55
Symmetriathey couldnt find the place14:55
Symmetriaso they went to do other deliveries first14:55
Symmetriaexcept, the other deliveries... were in pongola 14:55
Symmetriaso they drove 2 million bux worth of highly sensitive hardware on the back of a truck to pongola and back14:56
Symmetriaand arrived 12 hours later14:56
Squirmshe's like, delivering to Mooi River -> Yes -> Is that in Durban? -> Really woman. it's Mooi River14:56
SquirmSymmetria: zini is slightly smaller than Mooi River14:56
Squirmactually, maybe the same size, except mooi is ON the N314:56
Squirmshe's like, contact me tomorrow and we'll see14:57
Squirm11am tomorrow is 72 hours14:57
Squirmand still doesn't answer my question on where my parcel actually is14:57
magespawnevening all16:07
Kiloshi magespawn 16:09
magespawnhey Kilos16:09
magespawnis this how i would add a border to an element in css "border: 1px solid #4682b4;"?16:22
magespawncodecademy course16:22
Cantide13.04 coming tomorrow :)16:22
magespawnhey Cantide16:23
Cantidemagespawn, looks right to me16:23
Cantideand hello :)16:23
magespawnmaybe the problem is on their side16:23
Cantideyou could always make some html + css up quickly and test it16:24
magespawnthere is, here is the whole style sheet http://slexy.org/view/s20dPYGtB116:25
magespawnbut the website keeps says my img is ony 19px high and will not let me progress16:26
Symmetriamagespawn lol wanna see some interesting network gear?16:30
Symmetria;p thats the new core thats at one of the universities16:30
magespawngoing to try another os and browser16:30
Symmetriathose interfaces just make me smile16:31
magespawni'll be honest most of that does not make that much sense to me 16:33
Symmetriamagespawn lol, the important parts16:33
Symmetriaare the vast numbers of 10gig and 100gig interfaces16:33
magespawnCantide works fine in IE on windows16:36
magespawnso must be a browser problem16:36
Cantidemagespawn, could be16:37
Cantidestill looks fine to me :<16:37
magespawneverything else up until now has worked fine though16:37
magespawnnaybe just a glitch with their site16:37
magespawnmaybe even16:37
magespawnSymmetria: how do you know which are which?16:37
magespawnfrom this PIC 2                 BUILTIN      BUILTIN           1X100GE CXP16:38
Symmetriamagespawn thats the actual line card16:39
Symmetriawith 1 x 100G interface on it16:39
magespawnso there are two 100G with 32 10G?16:39
magespawnsorry 20 10G?16:40
magespawn16? i will learn to add not multiply16:40
Symmetria2 x 100G + 16 x 10G per chassis16:40
Symmetriax 2 chassis's16:41
Symmetriawhich run as a single virtual system16:41
Symmetriaso in total, 4 x 100G and 32 x 10G 16:41
Symmetriathen the 10G's are aggregated into 16 x 20G aggregated links16:41
Symmetria(which is the LACP at the bottom)16:41
magespawnis it enough?16:42
Symmetriahehe just16:43
Symmetriathats university of the free state16:43
Cantideuniversity of the free bandwidth '<16:45
magespawnlooks like it16:45
magespawnthink i need to go work somewhere like that17:09
magespawnor maybe study17:54
magespawnor just lie around soaking up the net17:55
nuvolario/ hello's18:00
nuvolarisuperfly: ping18:01
nuvolarior anyone with an Afr-Eng dictionary around18:01
* nuvolari googles too18:01
magespawnnuvolari: i have my wife, almost the same thing18:06
nuvolarimagespawn: that's good enough, it's not a difficult word: songs -> liedere or liedjies18:07
nuvolaribut I've come around some people (a family) that use the word liede18:07
nuvolariwhich I doubt is an existing afrikaans word18:07
magespawnhold i will ask18:07
nuvolarithanks magespawn 18:07
* nuvolari discovered a Dutch Smurf album :P18:14
nuvolaripretty funny18:14
Kilosmethinks both could work nuvolari 18:15
nuvolarioom Kilos, it's not the 2 i'm worried about, it's the one, 'liede'18:15
Kilosdunno if there is some way of saying which one means what kinda songs18:16
magespawnnuvolari: she says liedjies18:16
nuvolarimagespawn: thanks18:16
Kilosliedjies is the normal one but somehow liedere dont sound wrong either18:16
nuvolarimagespawn: could you maybe confirm with her if 'liede' is an existing word18:17
magespawnanyway. i am on my way home, later all18:17
Kilosinetpro: liedere + liedjies18:17
Kiloslatyer magespawn 18:17
Kilosno liede isnt18:17
nuvolarioom Kilos, read my lips, er, text, liedere + liedjies is valid, that I know, but I want to confirm 'liede'18:17
nuvolarithanks oom18:17
Kilosno word liede18:17
magespawnshe says liedere is the actual word but liede is also okay18:18
nuvolarisounds all wrong18:19
nuvolaribut thanks magespawn 18:19
magespawnlater all18:19
superflynuvolari: have you tried Google Translate?18:19
Cantidegoogle translate made me lol so hard the other day :D18:19
Cantideit actually means "i'm fine"18:20
nuvolarisuperfly: affirmative, 'liede' is detected as songs, but 'songs' don't show liede as a similee(?)18:21
Tonberryit does tens towards amusing translations18:21
nuvolariah, thanks superfly 18:22
nuvolariSynonym is the word18:22
nuvolarilol Tonberry 18:22
Tonberryi think someone is trolling it18:22
nuvolarisame as with blue bulls a while ago18:23
Kiloswow ive never heard the word liede used18:28
magespawnright home18:47
magespawnbenefits to living in Hluhluwe, travel time home to work = 10 min18:49
nuvolarirushour = 12 min18:51
nuvolari*rush hour18:51
Kilosthere is no rush hour in hluhluwe18:52
Kilosthay always half asleep18:52
magespawnwe call it slow hour18:52
nuvolariwe call it sunday afternoon18:53
magespawnnothing happens here then, you might even be able to sleep on the main road18:55
nuvolarimagespawn: crime?18:56
magespawnnot much, seems to happen in waves, so nothing really constant18:57
* superfly is looking forward to visiting a laid-back place. Cape Town is too busy these days.18:59
magespawnfrom twitter http://www.pcworld.com/article/249951/if_it_aint_broke_dont_fix_it_ancient_computers_in_use_today.html19:07
Tonberryif it's that old it will probably break soon...19:15
Tonberryor so much later that there is truly no hope for any form of recovery19:16
magespawnstill amazing that it isnstill running19:24
inetpronuvolari, Kilos: liede would probably be the german Lieder19:32
inetproLieder = songs19:32
inetproor liedere in Afrikaans19:32
Kilosah ty inetpro sounds so wrong in afrikaans19:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:33
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 19:34
nuvolarilekker slaap19:34
nuvolarithanks inetpro 19:34
Kilosdankie boetie jy ook19:34
inetpronag nuvolari19:34
nuvolarieh? I'm still coding19:34
inetprooops... kilos gone19:34
magespawndoes tend to make a rapid exit19:45
* inetpro falling asleep20:17
inetprogood night everyone20:17
nuvolarinight inetpro 20:19
* nuvolari follows suit20:19
nuvolariI guess all this yawning means something20:19
magespawnyup night all20:36
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