linuxuz3rSurakusa, try sed00:00
Surakusalinuxuz3r: Can I do that in one line? :300:00
Surakusalike "head -n 1 | sed 's/ /_/g' for example?00:01
linuxuz3rim not in linux00:01
linuxuz3ri dont know if you can call sed in bash00:01
cuong_tI got this from their (system 76) support, can anyone verify this: "All of our laptops will output to two external monitors simultaneously. The Lemur, Pangolin, and Gazelle will all need to have the built-in display turned off before you can turn on the second display. The Bonobo can output to three monitors simultaneously."00:02
Surakusalinuxuz3r: ok i'll test around a bit. :P00:02
Surakusalinuxuz3r: thanks00:02
pzulais it possible to delete all OS's listed in Grub, or do I just need to overwrite all partitions with one OS first?00:02
blob4000is 13.04 officially supported as of Thursday?00:03
pzulaI have dual boot Win7 and Ubuntu00:03
linuxuz3rit seems that you know sed why ask it in ubuntu?00:03
OerHeksblob4000, yes00:03
dr_willisblob4000:  once its released - yes.00:03
blob4000thanks! i'm looking forward to it. i've been sticking with 12.04 because of an HDMI problem i was having with 12.1000:04
wilee-nileepzula, What is your goal here?00:04
pzulawipe both systems and reinstall both systems00:05
wilee-nileepzula, If you need no backups, the windows install disc has a manual install function that allows you to wipe partitions and install in sized partitions. I would install it first.00:07
pzulawilee-nilee: thank you00:08
wilee-nileepzula, no problem, I assume here that the computer is not a safe boot uefi setup, and the windows disc is not a OEM, but a regular install disc.00:09
LjLSurakusa: if by special characters you mean non-ascii, perhaps you could pipe it some utility like "iconv", "recode" or "tcs"00:09
pzulayes i have a regular install disc00:09
luckycremaqualcuno parla italiano?00:10
OerHeks!it | luckycrema00:10
ubottuluckycrema: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)00:10
pzulawilee-nilee: would it be best to first install windows on a smaller partition and then when I load the Ubuntu disc, it will see the remaining free space?00:10
AthanasiusYes hello. Quick question: Recommendation for software to make a flow-chart?00:11
wilee-nileepzula, Yeah, you want windows at the front of the disc.00:11
blob4000quick question: if i'm running 12.04 LTS at the moment, what's the best way to update to 13.04 on Thursday? just run the update manager, and disable the requirement for LTS versions?00:11
dr_willispzula:  when you reinstall linux it will redo the grub menus00:11
OerHeksblob4000, correct00:11
pzulawilee-nilee: so it will install grub by itself?00:11
blob4000OerHeks: thanks! is there any significant advantage to a fresh install?00:11
wilee-nileepzula, Yeah as dr_willis mentioned00:12
pzulathank you both00:12
dr_willisblob4000:  best may be to update the day befor.. ;) of wait a few days afterwards.. of use the torrents thursday to get the iso.00:12
blob4000cool :)00:12
SurakusaLjL: Thanks for the reply! Well this is the text I got (hopefully this webchat will work) ONE·_YEAR_(1%)_PREPAYMENT_ADDENDUM_TO_NOTE that little 'dot' to the right of One and the % sign I want rid of. lol00:12
dr_willisevery release the servers get hammered. ;) i tend to update/upgrade the day befor.. then wait out the storm00:12
OerHeksblob4000, my way is: download the 13.04 iso, burn or dd to usb device, upgrade, if all went well you can decide to do a fresh install, anyway you have the iso to repair your install.00:13
blob4000dr_willis: yeah? so when you get it the day before, it's still the beta?00:13
dr_willisblob4000:  technically yes.. but when i next update a few days later its the final. but theres normally very few updates.00:13
blob4000OerHeks: good idea00:13
dr_willisusing the torrents after reelase will be the fastest time to get the ISO files also. ;)00:14
blob4000i predict 13.04 will be the last version with the current Unity interface, things will start to really change by 13.10, towards a concise UI between devices00:14
OerHeksdr_willis +100:14
LadyNikonlibreoffice or openoffice00:14
dr_willissome of the fastest speeds ive EVER seen  my isp do for me was ubuntu torrents on release day00:14
hiyoHi can anyone point me to a current guide for packaging python programs for Ubuntu?00:14
dr_willisLadyNikon:  openoffics is not in ubuntu any more.. so theres not a lot  to discuss00:15
ubottuLibreOffice is a Free and open source office suite that includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components. To install: "sudo apt-get install libreoffice". User help available in #libreoffice.00:15
blob4000LadyNikon: libreoffice seems to be better supported now, and version 4 just came out. it's very nice00:15
LadyNikondr_willis: yea?  I am looking at it in synaptic00:15
LadyNikonlibreoffice it is! thanks all :)00:15
dr_willisyou sure its not actually installing libreoffice. since that is installed by default00:15
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dr_willislibreoffice has been the default for what? the last 3 releases?00:16
LadyNikonyea it is installed. but I wanted to know mainly if it was worth keeping :) dr_willis00:16
blob4000i'm curious what the ubuntu desktop team is up against, in terms of show stopping bugs left to fix for 13.04, any have a quick link to their bugzilla?00:16
blob4000i found it: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-13.0400:17
hiyoHi can anyone point me to a current guide for packaging python programs for Ubuntu?00:21
dr_willisbe same as packageing any other stuff i imagine hiyo00:21
Surakusahey LjL I think I got it. :) I guess that little symbol is allowed in file naming conventions. :)00:21
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)00:21
spydonAt what time does the release usually come out?00:26
dr_willisspydon:  there is no set time00:26
dr_willisseen it early. seen it late...00:27
OerHeksyeah, 6.0600:27
_098v_Does anyone know how to install different themes for Xubuntu 12.10?00:27
dr_willisseen way too many people worry about  getting it the instant it releases also00:27
spydondr_willis: ok, thanks00:27
regorhey i am new00:28
dr_willispeople will be asking every 5 min.. 'is it out yet....' ;P00:28
blob4000how quickly do all of the mirrors get a new release?00:29
blob4000many hours i'm guessing?00:29
dr_willisi think thats part of the wait for 'official' release.. they sync the mirrors then say  'its out'00:30
dr_willisbut really.. its best to use the torrents to get the ISO files00:30
dr_willisand you can then upgrade from the iso files i belive00:32
The_RufusI desperately need help00:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:33
The_RufusI have a server running ubuntu server. I had the OS installed on a flashdrive which has died. All my important data was in /home which resided on a HighPoint RocketRaid 2320 RAID5 array. I re-installed Ubuntu server 10.04 and installed the appropriate drivers. When I mount the filesystem on the RAID array, every directory is intact and contains all the previous installations information except for the /home directory, which is empty00:35
dr_willischeck your old fstab? perhaps /home/ was mounted from some other location00:36
The_Rufuswhat's the path to fstab?00:37
Jordan_Udr_willis: Sounds like the fstab was on the flash drive, though I agree about your guess as to the problem.00:37
dr_willisim rereading what you said.. and it seems a little confuseing..  /home/ was on a raid. everything was there except /home/   you mean / was on a raid. and everything (/etc /var /lib) is there except /home ?00:37
dr_willisfstab is in /etc/00:38
The_Rufusthe flashdrive was mounted as /, /home/ was on the raid array00:38
Jordan_UThe_Rufus: Have you mounted the RAID array yet?00:38
foobArrrprinting problem: my printers work for a few pages, then stop printing. the print queue window shows "Printing ...", the kde printer settings panel shows "in use", but nothing happens anymore. after reboot they work again, but only for a few pages. same behavior with two different printers (Brother HL-2030 and Oki B4100), same behavior on a fresh user account. 12.10 64bit00:38
falcomfoobArrr, make sure you got a stable driver?00:39
dr_willisuntill you mount the raid - its not accessable. :)00:39
The_Rufusold fstab has the entry UUID=blahblahblah /home ext4 nodev,nosuid 0 200:39
dr_willis  The_Rufus  use the 'sudo blkid' command to identify what partion is /home/ and mount it.00:40
dr_willisor copy that line to your current /etc/fstab and 'sudo  mount /home'00:40
sjd_zeusjoin #ubuntu-cn00:40
foobArrrfalcom: I use the same ppds that I used a year ago, and back then they worked fine. also: 2 different printers, 2 different manufacturers, I doubt it's a driver issue.00:41
dr_willisyou dont really have to moiunt it over your current /home/ you could mount it to /old-home/ or  /media/oldhome00:41
Jordan_UThe_Rufus: In re-reading your past comments I'm confused as well. What you're saying seems self contradictory.00:41
yll_alexni hao00:41
The_Rufusthat's why I'm so confused00:41
dr_willisThe_Rufus:  you are booted from what right now? a differnt flash drive?00:41
The_Rufusno, installed new installation onto an 80gb HDD00:42
dankodigohi everyone im from chile00:42
dr_willisso you need to mount youir old home, in order to access it.. the new install has no idea what/where your old home was.. unless you told the installer where it was00:43
dr_willishopefully you dident tell it to format the old home...00:43
Jordan_UThe_Rufus: How did you mount the filesystem from the RAID array? Please give the exact commands you ran, and the current output of "cat /proc/mounts".00:43
MartynKeigherhey all... need advice. i need to connect my 12.04 server to a mysql server via odbc. what is the best method for doing this??00:45
The_RufusI've added the line to my current fstab and I'm rebooting00:45
MartynKeigherthe mysql db sits behind an external FQDN that i have access to. just need the best method of creating the odbc link to it.00:45
Ray2jordan_U...I have 10.04 installed on sda1 w/grub-1.98 installed to mbr....I also have 12.04 o sda300:45
The_Rufusit worked00:47
The_Rufus@dr_willis: THANKYOU SO MUCH00:47
Jordan_UThe_Rufus: Congratulations. Though I still have no idea what your current setup is, and I'm a little worried that you don't know either.00:48
Ray2jordan_U...I have 10.04 installed on sda1 w/grub-1.98 installed to mbr....I also have 12.04 installed on sda3..when I installed 1204 all I did was update grub...Now I want to delete 10.04 what do I need to do to insure 12.04 grub will be on mbr00:49
The_RufusIt's really not that complicated. / is on an 80gb HDD (previously on an 8gb USB flash disk, which died) and I have a 10Tb RAID5 array on a Highpoint RocketRaid controller which /home is mounted on00:49
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The_Rufusthough now I'm going to mirror my OS drive on a regular basis00:50
dr_willis_at least you had your old fstab to look at The_Rufus00:50
The_Rufusword of advice, don't get Highpoint controller cards. Their driver support is $*#(@*^ hideous00:51
Jordan_UThe_Rufus: I think the more important point to learn from this is that RAID is not a replacement for backups. Your actual data is much more important than the configuration stuffs in /etc/.00:51
The_RufusI know, and being in IT, I preach that to people all the time00:52
The_Rufusproblem is, I've ran out of storage space to backup onto00:52
Kilroy_was_herehi all, ubuntu noob here, just saying hi00:53
Jordan_URay2: Ubuntu (on BIOS based systems) installs grub to the MBR of the "first" drive by default. So Ubuntu 12.04's grub is probably what's in the MBR already. You can ensure that though by running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and make sure that the drive whose MBR you want grub's boot sector installed to is selected. (Use space bar to select / unselect a device, and Enter to continue to the next screen).00:53
The_RufusI know this is #ubuntu, but has anyone given ZorinOS a go?00:55
Jordan_UThe_Rufus: Try #ubuntu-offtopic.00:56
Ray2Jordan_u...Thanks for the info00:56
Jordan_URay2: You're welcome.00:56
ClientAliveI have a tar -xvf * running in a terminal is about 1 gb to extract. It been a long time and it "appears" to still be processing. Is there any way to check what's actually going on with it so I don't sit here waiting all night if there's a problem?01:00
The_Rufuswhat file do I edit to force eth0 to use a static IP on boot?01:00
mogul218does anyone have a way to get pysdm to work on 13.04 or mint 14.1?01:01
Ben64mogul218: #ubuntu+1 for 13.04, mint support is on a different network01:02
ClientAlivegot it01:03
MartynKeigherhey all, if i ls -l a folder i get the following:  drwxr-xr-x 8 775 root  4096 Apr 22 22:04 dashing01:05
MartynKeigheri need the 775 and root to be different01:05
qinMartynKeigher: man chown; man chmod; what do you mean by different?01:06
MartynKeigherwell i cant edit files in those folders as user name Martyn or dash  (the folder owner)01:07
MartynKeigherlet me check something!01:07
MartynKeighersorry one sec.01:07
MartynKeigheri'll be bk in abit.01:08
qinThe_Rufus: /etc/network/interfaces01:14
qinThe_Rufus: router setting may need to be edited.01:16
dr_willisi normally set my router to assign the same ip to  the same mac on my home lan.. saves me some hassles at times.01:18
=== StormTrooper is now known as school
dr_willisi know my printer is always xx.xx.xx.15   ;)01:19
peepsalothello, I have a problem where I can't view my home folder.  i think it has something to do with a network share that is mounted as a subfolder in my home directory.  the network share is not currently accessible, but it's making ls freeze and nautilus shows empty home dir01:19
peepsaloti can't even ctrl-c out of ls01:19
dr_willispeepsalot:  what does the  'mount' command say is mounted?01:19
peepsalot192.168.2.10:/home/peeps/storage on /home/peeps/storage type nfs4 (rw,proto=tcp,rsize=65536,wsize=65536,port=2049,addr=,clientaddr=
The_Rufusis there anyway to open a file for editing as su in File Manager?01:20
dr_willisa  nfs share.. Hmm01:20
dr_willisThe_Rufus:  i recall seeing some  nautilus extensions/scripts for ''edit as root....'  but not sure where i saw them at. or where they came from01:21
peepsalotdr_willis, hrm, i just tried to umonut it, but it says its busy01:21
peepsalotbecause the freakin host isn't on this network01:21
dr_willispeepsalot:  i recall theres a force unmount option. but ive not messed with nfs in ages01:21
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dr_willispeepsalot:  may be a good idea to make it mount to /media/peeps/storage in the future, and perhaps setup a soft link from /home/peeps/storage to /media/peeps/storage01:22
dr_willisThe_Rufus:  given how rarely i would need such  an option. ;) easier to just do a 'gksudo gedit /path/to/file'01:23
peepsalotdr_willis, i tried umount -f and even that said it was busy01:23
dr_willisThe_Rufus:  askubuntu.com most likely has  some info on adding the option to your menus01:24
dr_willispeepsalot:  bummer.. try -fffffff   ;)01:24
BeeBuuhow can i know A software version in ubuntu 13.04 in here?01:24
dr_willisi recall nfs not playing nice when  the remote servers drop connection.01:24
AddleWell, hard mounting NFS can help protect from data loss. A feature, not a bug. But you can soft mount it.01:25
dr_willisBeeBuu:  i think you can /msg ubottu  release packagename              and get the info01:25
Jordan_UBeeBuu: #ubuntu+1 for 13.04 (though you can check package info for any realease of Ubuntu from http://packages.ubuntu.com ).01:25
Addlepeepsalot: Try restarting nfs-common and then do a umount.01:26
dr_willisactually it sould be   /msg ubottu  info release packagename       i think  ;)01:26
pzulawhen installing ubuntu on a partition that is seperate from windows 7, what do I select from the "use as" menu? FAT32? EXT2?01:26
dr_willispzula:  default would be ext4 for most linux partitions01:27
BeeBuudr_willis: thanks.that's what i want.01:27
BeeBuuJordan_U: and thanks to you.01:27
Jordan_UBeeBuu: You're welcome.01:27
peepsalotAddle, nfs-common: unrecognized service01:27
Jordan_Upeepsalot: What is the exact umount -f command you ran, and what was the exact output?01:30
peepsalotJordan_U, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5597202/01:31
Jordan_Upeepsalot: "sudo umount -l /home/peeps/storage" should at least allow you to do a lazy umount, which, while not completely unmounting will at least stop future processes from freezing and allow you to use the directory again.01:32
Addlepeepsalot: If you want it to just fail next time and not hang until the server comes back, you should be able to soft mount it.01:34
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=== whois is now known as r0tha
Addlepeepsalot: Just add 'soft' to the mount options.01:34
peepsalotok i will try that, thanks01:34
Addlepeepsalot: Of course, if the nfs server goes away for any reason, you could lose data, so hard mounting has its advantages, but it's an option. :)01:35
peepsalotAddle, what would happen if i write to a disconnected soft mounted nfs mount01:36
peepsalotit would act like it went ok, but data goes nowhere?01:36
Addlepeepsalot: It should give an error, but that depends on what's writing.01:36
Addlepeepsalot: Honestly, I always go with hard mounts to avoid problems, so not sure. But presumably an app that tried to write would get errors and should report it.01:37
peepsalotok, well i don't write to it often, and i should know when i'm on my home network or not, so i will give it a try01:37
Addlepeepsalot: In theory, it should act somewhat like if a SMB share went down.01:38
jordan__Is this a good place to ask support related questions?01:38
wilee-nileejordan__, You see this in the channel header " Official Ubuntu Support Channel"01:39
Jordan_Upeepsalot: As explained in "man nfs", unless you specify the sync mount option write functions will return success before the data has neccessarily been sent to the server. If the server disconnects between the process writing to the file, and that data actually being sent to the server, the process will never know that it failed.01:39
jordan__wilee-nilee: o, my bad01:39
Jordan_Upeepsalot: But of course the sync mount option has its own significant downsides.01:39
jordan__how did I miss that lol01:39
wilee-nileejordan__,  Nah, it is all good. ;)01:40
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Jordan_Upeepsalot: Also mentioned in that man page is that if you have a particularly important, application, that won't mind blocking on write for a long time, you can open the file with the O_SYNC flag so that you know if the write succeeded or failed (to actually get to the server).01:44
AddleThree cheers for man pages. :)01:44
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sybiancan someone tell me why worf fell in love with counsellor troy?01:49
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=== asdffdsa is now known as MiniD
wilee-nileesybian, Cross species fetish.01:52
sybianwilee-nilee, but im vanilla01:52
foobArrrwhy do some programs' print dialogs have no print preview buttion? (comparison firefox vs gedit: http://i.imagebanana.com/img/bagx2rku/Selection_009.png )01:53
_0xDE1337Hello, is there any way to have separate themes for the system and say firefox?02:00
=== FreakingTea is now known as Tearanny
dr_willisfirefox has its own theme extensions that can change  its looks.. but not sure about the actual window decorations02:01
_0xDE1337Light on dark themes work great for system menus and title bars but not for websites02:01
wilee-nilee_0xDE1337, There is a FF themes addon probably more then one.02:02
_0xDE1337Right, I tried installing a different theme for which changed the menus and such but many text boxes are still black02:03
dr_willisive always had issues with 'dark themes'  and some text boxs.02:04
dr_willisin ff, or other apps.. may be how the apps are not using gtk3  properly.. not sure what the deal is02:04
dr_willisbest themes ive found so far ar some of the ones at the webupd8 ppa. theres one that is customizeable/tweakable... but i cant recall its name. (not on my ubuntu box right now)02:05
_0xDE1337Yeah, annoying stuff like this: http://i.imgur.com/5rcKTlz.png02:05
JpmhfoobArrr: gedit merely passes the text to the spooler - firefox actually page formats it (renders it)  and then passes the rendered code.  Once there is a rendering engine it is easy enough to show it02:06
dr_willisthe whole theme obsession seems tobe  fadeing away in the last year or 2 ;)02:06
AddleYeah, I have the same issues every time I go for a dark theme. Really annoying.02:06
AddleAlways end up with some black on black text, somewhere. *sigh*02:06
_0xDE1337I honestly just hate purple and orange02:06
_0xDE1337I'll just find a simple light theme I guess02:07
dr_willisi forget what theme im even using.. one of the webupd8 ones.02:07
relipsehow do I chmod all directories in my /html folder? chmod -R u+x,g+x,o+x is what i have so far02:07
Addlerelipse: Given the flags you showed, chmod -R ugo+x /html02:09
relipseAddle: ONLY directories02:09
Addlerelipse: Oh, you just want the dirs... Hm...02:09
qinrelipse: find /html -type d -exec chmod...02:10
Addlerelipse: Let me figure out a way. I can't recall.02:10
AddleThere we go, that's what I was aiming for. Thanks qin.02:10
qini think this fails to whites or something...02:11
Addleqin: I usually use xargs for that, and I remember jimmying it to do it right.02:11
rob_kjust playing with an android irc client... quiet in here :p02:12
MartynKeigherok so i have apache installed on my ubuntu server and i have wordpress installed on it. works fine. http://lab.martynkeigher.com i also have a dashing website installed on the same server, at port 3030, the url for that is http://lab.martynkeigher.com:3030/dashing  How can i set it so that if i go to http://lab.martynkeigher.com/dashing it goes to http://lab.martynkeigher.com:3030/dashing?? any thoughts?02:13
Addlerelipse: find /html -type d | xargs -iBLAH chmod ugo+x "BLAH"02:14
relipsethis worked --> find . -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 75502:14
Addlerelipse: Something along those lines should work. Test it to be sure.02:14
Addlerelipse: Good stuff, then :)02:14
AddleP.S. xargs rocks.02:14
JpmhMartynKeigher: I think you should be in the #apache forum - however this is what ServerName and ServerAlias are for in the Virtual Host system02:14
_0xDE1337Having an issue with Empathy; Only one or two of my Facebook contacts are displayed02:15
_0xDE1337And I can see around 30 online on the website02:15
qinrelipse: apparently: chmod +X is another option02:19
bgamariWhere can one find Lucid packages?02:19
MartynKeigherwill do thanks! :)02:20
GinTonicoolhi guys, i installed gwget in debian2.6.32 ,when i run 'gwget' in terminal it show error " (gwget:18664): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported " what's wrong ?02:20
GinTonicoolcan somebody help me ,thanks a lot02:21
kurokinQuick q, after trying to make ubuntu unattended (power cord + ethernet cord + teamveiwer @ startup), it keeps coming up with the system is running in low-graphics mode. I was wondering how i would go about getting around this.02:22
relipsewhat is xargs02:24
tekkiddQuestion about Untiy. Is there a way to set unity so when you maximize a windows, its doesn't push the window border into the bar at the top02:24
GinTonicool http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597269/ , here is the question ,help me please02:25
GinTonicoolwhy gwget can't work02:25
qinGinTonicool: gwget, what version you using, and how did you install gwget?02:26
econdudeawesomehowdy all. I'm using ubuntu 12.04, and am having an issue with gretl. As #gretl doesn't exist, does anyone know of a good way to contact people about a bug or perhaps a documentation issue?02:39
zerowaitstatetry their sourceforge site02:42
econdudeawesomethanks zerowaitstate02:42
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lkthomashey guys02:52
lkthomasdoeslinux MD software allow to run raid5c instead of raid5 ?02:52
sybianis it possible that ants have strabism?02:53
sybianwhat do you mean with raid5c?02:54
lkthomasraid5 checksum02:54
lkthomasblock level checksum02:54
sybianafaik raid5 from md does them by default02:55
lkthomasit's diff compare with RAID502:55
sybianor use ZFS02:55
K`zanI need both the 32 bit and 64 bit python libraries here, running 12.04/64.  I've googled my brain loose and can't find how to get them, any help, pointers or suggestions MUCH appreciated!02:59
K`zanI do have the 64 bit ones...03:00
tgm4883K`zan, there are different python libraries for 32 and 64 bit?03:01
tgm4883I thought that was one of the points of python, to make arch independent code03:01
K`zantgm4883: SO I am told, I've got other libraries that are both AFAIK.03:01
tgm4883K`zan, I don't think there are different python libraries for 32 and 64 bit, but if you need 32-bit libraries for other things it's usually done by adding :i386 to the end03:02
K`zantgm4883: Will try that, thanks!03:03
Jordan_UK`zan: What is your end goal?03:03
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K`zanX-Plane9/32 and X-Plane10(32 and 64 bit).03:04
K`zanJordan_U:  X-Plane9/32 and X-Plane10(32 and 64 bit).03:04
tgm4883K`zan, where do you see that you need 32-bit and 64-bit python libraries03:07
K`zanWhen the 32 bit app attempts to run a python script, it goes toast not finding the 32bit libraries.  64 bit X-Plane and 64 bit plugins work fine, problem is that all the desired plugins are not 64 bit and may never be.03:09
vp18help.I got 13.04 and 24 hours later my wallpaper is gone just nothing here but a white slate03:10
K`zantgm4883: Thanks for the help, but I am just cooked, been fighting this all day - BREAK TIME :-).03:11
makarahi. How can I calibrate my Lenovo notebook LCD so that black is pitch black ie the pixels are completely off. I have Unity 12.04 and an nVidia card.03:11
vp18this is the beta 2 release03:11
* aiguu pees on the floor03:11
makaraat the moment black is a dark gray03:11
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JesseHWhat is it with those guys.03:14
MartynKeigherhey all.... what's the best odbc connector/driver for ubuntu server that needs can connect to a MySQL db on a windows server, in a different location (aka: not on my LAN) that sits behind a FQDN? i do have full permissions to it, just need to knoww hat the nest tool is.03:15
MartynKeigher**best tool. thanks.03:15
Kawatafuck you fegs03:16
Kawataarch linux > u03:16
Kawata*fuk u fegs03:16
ceed^What is the default photo manager in Ubuntu 13.04?03:16
IdleOne!language | JesseH03:17
ubottuJesseH: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:17
JesseHI am sorry...am I hallucinating? Did ANYONE else see what just happened?03:17
IdleOneJesseH: yes I saw you correct the spelling of a troll.03:18
JesseHSorry mate :(03:18
JesseHWon't happen again.03:18
betraydmakara: you could install nvidia driver03:20
nwahsanyone know much about wifi tethering an android?03:20
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breedHey, anyone around?03:23
breedHey, Aww, would you mind lending a hand?03:23
MartynKeigherhey...howcome i can edit files in nano via ssh, but not edit via ftp??? i am OWNER of the folder!?03:23
AwwSure :)03:23
makarabetrayd, i have Additional Drivers (jockey-gtk) installed, and it says no proprietary drivers installed. Should I just get from the nvidia directly?03:23
AwwI don't mind03:23
user242432I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 wtih LXDE desktop.   How do I activate the tablet/stylus on the Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 ?03:23
ClientAliveWatch the funny -> http://youtu.be/I3IbBzujtDc03:25
qinMartynKeigher: File Transfer Protocol vs Secure Shell, ko03:26
MartynKeigheryes. ssh is fine. how can i enable my account edit files via ftp??03:26
betraydmakara most people dont know what to do with them03:27
MartynKeigherftp would be more convinient.03:27
dr_willis!info sshfs03:27
ubottusshfs (source: sshfs-fuse): filesystem client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 46 kB, installed size 132 kB03:27
dr_willissshfs makes it very convient to edit files. ;)03:27
dr_willisof course theres some fuse-ftp tools out also that do a similer task.03:27
usr13MartynKeigher: ftp does not afford capabilities that ssh does.03:27
qinMartynKeigher: ftp is not, its more like http, with no markup and browser to process it03:28
usr13MartynKeigher: Why would ftp be more "convinient"?03:28
JesseHGood seeing you all again, peace03:28
MartynKeigheri can open files in notepad++ and edit them there and also i can easily browse down the nav tree03:28
makarabetrayd, I tried Nvidia driver from their website  3 years ago and it messed up my display. What is the recommended way to install a video driver?03:29
usr13MartynKeigher: You can not edit files in an ftp session, ? gives list of commands.  Just use ssh.03:30
qinMartynKeigher: sshfs, or rsync03:30
usr13MartynKeigher: notepad?03:30
usr13MartynKeigher: This is Ubuntu Support Channel03:31
usr13dr_willis: I don't know about fuse-ftp03:33
dr_willisi reccomend   sshfs. ;)03:33
qinMartynKeigher: and... http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie03:34
dr_willisa quick death!03:34
usr13As the name applies, ftp is for File Transfer03:35
dr_willissome text editors do have ftp client features where they can edit files   over ftp. but they are basically downloading/editing/uploading them  i belive03:35
pifanTrying to install ubuntu from a flash drive onto my laptop. How can I check that the partition situation is in order?03:35
dr_willismc can do that..  i03:35
usr13dr_willis: Yea, right, and all ftp does is download & upload03:35
dr_willispifan:  how are your partions laid out?03:35
pifanno idea03:35
pifandr_willis: no idea, how can i check?03:36
dr_willispifan:  sudo fdisk -l03:36
usr13pifan: sudo fdisk -l #Send URL here and we can offer advise if needed.03:37
dr_willisor the partion editor tools on the live usb can be used. such as gparted. or other tools03:37
usr13pifan: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #Send URL here and we can offer advise if needed.03:37
brimstone222Hi all, is there any way to flash my USB data card in Ubuntu?03:37
usr13brimstone222: "flash"?03:37
usr13brimstone222: Do you mean format?03:38
ikk-how to change the color of this : http://snag.gy/aTjc7.jpg03:38
brimstone222Yea, I mean, Erase ROM and put new firmware03:38
pifanusr13: pastebinit? that in uni/multiverse?03:38
usr13brimstone222: "firmware"   You mean filesystem?03:38
pifanusr13: or do you just mean through browswer?03:38
brimstone222I mean, unlocking a network locked USB datacard.03:39
usr13pifan: What version of Ubuntu is it?03:39
pifanusr13: 12.0403:39
dr_williswhat exaactly is this 'usb datacard' ?03:39
brimstone222usr13: It's possible under windows, I have done it. But now I quit using windows. So, is there any way you know?03:39
usr13pifan: I thought it was included on 12.0403:40
brimstone222dr_willis:USB datacard i mean, USB modems,03:40
dr_willistry the windows app in wine perhaps? i imagine any software for doing flashing. may be rather picky03:40
usr13brimstone222: "network locked"?  What kind of device is it?03:40
brimstone222No, it doesn't wok in wine. It uses .net I guess, with mono it never works.03:41
brimstone222it pretty hard to make USB work under wine.03:41
dr_willisYou are refering to a Carrier Locked 3g usb Modem?03:41
brimstone222dr_willis, usr13: All these can be used with only one network unless its flashed.03:43
pifanusr13: dr_willis: http://pastebin.com/czQzSbZj03:43
usr13dr_willis: I've not heard the term datacard. I've heard "aircard"  but not datacard.  Have you?03:43
dr_willisusr13:  not really. ;)  i just call them 3g usb modems03:44
brimstone222usr13, dr_willis: Here we say 'datacard' or usb modems.03:44
dr_willisfancy marketing terms...03:44
brimstone222Not heard of aircard.03:44
usr13pifan: Which one are you installing on?03:45
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dr_willisbut its not a card.. its a usb dongle. ;)03:45
usr13pifan: (Neither of them have been partitioned for a linux install.)03:45
brimstone222Yea, I know. Marketing people have renamed it as Datacard.03:46
usr13dr_willis: Well, yea, I've heard the term dongle too.03:46
usr13brimstone222: Good to know.03:46
brimstone222I own a CDMA modem manufactured by Tata (Photon plus).03:46
brimstone222Its network locked. We cannot use it with any other sim.03:47
SonikkuAmericabrimstone222: Is that made for catching cellular data?03:47
brimstone222Just put one sim card and you can use cellular data as you use on phone.03:47
usr13brimstone222: I thought it was for connecting to a cellular network.03:47
brimstone222I'm not sure if its the same in your country. But we make use of sim cards extensively.03:48
pifanusr13: the 24 gig (solid state)03:48
brimstone222usr13: Its for cellular data.03:48
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usr13pifan: Ok, so it's sda  Well; No, it is not partitioned for a Linux install.03:48
OerHeksbrimstone222, what does " lsusb " say about your datacard?03:48
brimstone222Earlier, for unlocking, we just needed an unlock code, which could be easily obtainable once you have the IMEI number.03:48
brimstone222But now, they need flashing with a non-tweaked firmware.03:49
usr13pifan: But partitioning is part of the Ubunut install process, (well, it's also a part of all linux install processes), and it's yet to be done on sda so....03:49
brimstone222OerHeks: I'm sorry, I'm at work now. I don't have access to the card currently.03:49
brimstone222But it works fine with that locked network.03:50
bazzerquick question...what does -- at the end of append initrd=initrd.gz quiet splash -- do in grub???03:50
usr13brimstone222: It tells grub where the initrd.gz file is.03:51
brimstone222usr13: Wrong person :D03:51
bazzerusr13: no i know that i mean specifically what does -- in the line do?03:51
usr13brimstone222: ... which loads some device modules for use during the boot process.03:51
pifanusr13: so i just install ubuntu normally, specifying that i want it on the 24 gb drive?03:51
usr13bazzer: Well that in the line I suppose just names the file.  I don't know really.03:52
usr13bazzer: Where are you seeing it exactly.03:53
bazzerusr13: i dunno either and google fails me when i try to find somewhat of an explanation as to what -- does....i mean it boots with or without it03:53
xiambax_whats the channel for ubuntu beta?03:54
usr13bazzer: If it's in grub.cfg, you should be seeing the path to it.03:54
linuxuz3rnight all03:54
usr13pifan: Yes, just make sure it is partitioning and installing on the 24G drive.03:55
breedAnyone know how to run two instances of XChat?03:55
qwebirc80594breed: for what?03:56
usr13bazzer: Is in on the kernel line?03:56
bazzerusr13: oh i've seen it whenever i edit boot parameters like when i want to remove quiet and splash there's always a -- at the end of the line03:56
pifanusr13: and the partitioning will happen by default in the gui install?03:56
breedqwebirc80594: to route one through Tor and the other not03:57
OerHeksxiambax, #ubuntu+103:57
usr13bazzer: What version of Ubuntu is it?03:57
usr13bazzer: I've never seen anything like that as a kernel option.03:58
bazzerusr13: its 12.04.2 server cd03:58
qwebirc80594breed: just run 2 vms or more03:58
FLNwhere can i go to create my own private channel03:58
SonikkuAmericaFLN: Just /join it.03:59
usr13bazzer: Is there a problem with it?03:59
breedqwebirc80594: vms?  Sorry, linux noob03:59
SonikkuAmericaFLN: But freenode isn't really for private channels, though...03:59
qwebirc80594breed: two virtual machine windows04:00
bazzerusr13: for example i boot it up and press F6 for other options and i see this: file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed vga=788 initrd=/install/initrd.gz quiet --04:00
pifanusr13: and the partitioning will happen by default in the gui install?04:00
bazzerusr13: no problem :) just curious as to what that -- means/does04:00
SonikkuAmericabazzer: The vga argument is deprecated... unless you're still using GRUB Legacy.04:01
usr13bazzer: That's a cdrom?04:01
bazzerusr13: 12.04.2 server cd04:01
FLNcd drive04:01
usr13bazzer: Oh, well, I don't know. server CD.  Ok, that's different.04:02
FLNso there is no way to get a private channel04:02
bazzerusr13: happens with a desktop live cd too04:02
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usr13bazzer: Ok, well I suppose those are just boot perameters that a LiveCD needs to boot.  (but it doesn't say initrd=initrd.gz like you said).04:03
qinbazzer: http://superuser.com/questions/441798/what-is-the-significance-of-in-kernel-parameters04:03
bazzerusr13: google around and you'll see pages with grub examples having -- on the end with no explanation whatsoever as to what it does...other pages don't even have it so obviously one can boot with or without it04:03
usr13bazzer: It is just specifies the location of the initrd.gz file for use during the boot process.04:04
bazzerusr13: ya that i know...no stranger to kernels04:04
bazzerqin thank you! perfect answer04:04
qinbazzer: not really sure if correct, but I am happy too04:05
usr13bazzer: initrd  is a scheme for loading a temporary root file system into memory in the boot process of the Linux kernel.04:05
qwebirc80594well, where can i get the partner list of ubuntu? they remove it from the official website04:05
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »04:05
bazzerusr13: i know...built quite a few initrds in the past back in kernel 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6 days04:06
usr13bazzer: When using a generic kernel image, initrd is needed.04:06
bazzerqin: no it makes sense...guess google didn't fail me i failed google :)04:06
qwebirc80594dr_willis: not that partners04:06
usr13bazzer: Then what is your question.  (I'm sorry, I must have gotten lost in this conversation.)04:06
usr13bazzer: Then what is your question?  (I'm sorry, I must have gotten lost in this conversation.)04:06
bazzerusr13: yes i know.... i was just curious as to what the -- at the end of then line meant or did04:07
qinbazzer: Also just discovered #grub.04:08
bazzerusr13: according to the link qin found it means it stops the kernel from processing flags and only process parameters such as filenames after that04:08
bazzerqin: ya but #grub is deathly quiet :)04:08
dr_willisend of flags.  - thats what it basically does in bash also i recall04:08
usr13bazzer: Ok, well, I don't know.  Maybe that is it.04:08
usr13Ok, end of flags it is   ;)04:09
bazzerdr_willis: yeah end of flags...didn't know...no such animal was around back in the old days or wasn't used whatever the case04:09
dr_willisi cant even recall eve using that -- syntax in bash04:09
qinbazzer: quite easy to test it ;)04:09
usr13qin: What, take -- out and see what happens?04:09
dr_willis ls -al -- -al04:10
bazzerqin: aye i KNOW it'll boot without it04:10
usr13may not do anything.04:10
bazzerqin: the point i've tried to figure out was what good was it doing :)04:10
qinbazzer: rather : "-- -splash"04:10
dr_willisit may just be there as a place holder.04:10
bazzerya that's my guess04:11
usr13if it is at the end of the line, it more-than-likely not make any difference.04:11
bazzeri generally delete the thing with no mercy when altering parameters04:11
bazzeryeah it definitely doesn't matter if it is there or not04:12
bazzeranyway...just some knot i had to untie that distracted me for the last 30 minutes :)04:12
bazzerwell thanks for the info...time to become one with the pillow04:14
qin--  Boot using systemd instead of SysVinit.04:17
satyamashHi, I downloaded a ubuntu server 12.04.2 i386 iso and used unetbootin to make a bootable pendrive04:17
histosatyamash: good04:18
satyamashThe check CD integrity test fails, but md5sums of the iso show that it is correctly downloaded04:18
histosatyamash: You can md5sum the usb drive but you have to use bs and count to get it right to verify04:19
histo!md5sum | satyamash04:19
ubottusatyamash: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:19
histosatyamash: basically do an ls whatever.iso  and take the blocksize then dd if=/dev/of/usb bs=1 count=blocksizeFromls | md5sum04:20
satyamashhisto: but a simple md5 sum myfile.iso matches the md5sum on the site04:21
histosatyamash: ahh nvm you used unetbootin not a dd to make the usb.04:22
SonikkuAmericahisto: *buntu ISOs are dd-compatible.04:22
histosatyamash: if you dd if=some.iso of=/dev/of/usb  then the md5sum of the usb with the proper count would match but unetbootin does something different04:22
satyamashI have some other data on the disk too, dd would've erased the disk completely04:22
histoSonikkuAmerica: hybrid isos yes04:23
histosatyamash: yes04:23
histosatyamash: what is the issue though? Does the thumb drive boot?04:23
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SonikkuAmericahisto: Most of the images are these days...04:23
satyamashhisto: it boots, but the test CD integrity option says that the net-pcmia....some file is corrupted..04:23
Ari-Yanghey guys, what does the setting 'texture from pixmap' mean of composite?04:24
betraydFLN a typo can make one04:24
histoSonikkuAmerica: I know04:24
satyamashDo you mean to say that dd is better than unetbootin..04:24
histosatyamash: it's a bit for bit copy I thihk unetbootin does some other crafty things like installing syslinux again or grub or whatever.04:24
SonikkuAmericasatyamash: I would still use Unetbootin...04:25
betraydusr13: it just lets the command know that that's the end of the fisrt set of parameters04:25
histosatyamash: Use unetbootin or startup disk creator from a ubuntu machine if you must04:25
satyamashahh okay, i'll give startup disk a try, if it doens work, i'll use dd04:26
satyamashbut I'll have to backup other data on the drive04:26
histosatyamash: yes dd will just right to the begining of the drive not caring about partitions or filesystems present04:26
satyamashWill the dd method make the pendrive unbootable on older machines?04:27
histosatyamash: It shoulnd't as it's a hybrid iso04:28
usr13betrayd: Tnx info.  Night all....04:34
TanshinIf anyone has a spare moment to help out a FNG, it'd be lovely.04:40
qinwhat's fng? and what's a trouble?04:41
TanshinF*cking new guy. The trouble is that I've got a desktop running 12.04, and a wireless card it won't recognize.04:42
TanshinThe driver package is installed, and it shows up in lspci, but it doesn't appear in Network Connections04:43
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wilee-nilee!language > Tanshin04:45
ubottuTanshin, please see my private message04:45
TanshinExcuse me.04:45
TanshinSpecifically, it's a Broadcom BCM4318, and I have the bcmwl-kernel-source and b43-fwcutter packages installed. I previously had the broadcom-sta-common and broadcom-sta-source packages installed, to no effect.04:46
histoI thought the 4318 was one with issues but you can check the help from ubottu also search askubuntu for you chipset.04:49
histo!broadcom | Tanshin04:49
ubottuTanshin: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:49
cappicardheya... what's a decent authenticator app for ios?04:50
satyamashHi, the startup disk creator also failed04:50
Tanshincappicard, I use 1Passwd. It's pretty handy.04:51
OerHeksTanshin, " sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer "  & reboot should work04:51
satyamashit's giving an error on the integrity check for /install/netboot/ubuntu-installer/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default04:51
cappicardok... my att.net or gmail got hacked. I received 6-7 password reset emails at the same time tonight04:51
Tanshincappicard: I'd recommend taking a long, hard look at your security questions. Remember that passwords in excess of 20 characters are handy, and you can simply use a sentence as your password.04:52
TanshinFor instance, if I need a new password, "at&t is kind of a thorn in my side to deal with" is really long, easy to remember generally04:53
TanshinYou don't *need* a password manager, necessarily.04:53
ali4ever4Tanshin, good idea04:55
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histocappicard: You can use two factor authentication with gmail04:56
AddleTanshin: Perhaps, but I highly recommend a password manager. That way you can have a different password on every site.04:57
OerHeksgetting reset mails, and being able to login, i would say you are not hacked.04:57
histoThe reset emails are probably a hack attempt in itself.04:58
TanshinAddle, You can still have a different password on every site. For instance, for Ubuntu.com, I could say, "ubuntu is not what I use for gaming just yet"04:58
AddleTanshin: Not with all the sites I have accounts on. lol04:59
Tanshinlifehacker.com? "I need to be more productive in general"04:59
TanshinAddle: Nonetheless, it's a good method if you can't or don't want to use a password manager04:59
* histo is still bothered that google doesn't just ban people for X ammount of time after so many login attempts05:00
AddleTanshin: Counted them: 59 entries in KeePassX. Ouch. :)  Yeah, that's not a bad method if you really want to avoid the PW manager.05:00
TanshinI think I'd like a hardware key affair, like a... what was it? Mandylion05:00
histoAddle: two factor auth maybe the way to go for you.05:00
TanshinAddle: Yeah, I know what you mean. But I like having ways planned out if I'm ever deprived of my manager.05:00
Addlehisto: I do have it enabled in places. But KeePassX works beautifully, so I'm happy.05:01
Tanshin....uh oh.05:02
TanshinSo I did that and it's showing a not-console screen instead of booting up properly05:02
TanshinWait, it might be... Ah, there it goes.05:02
TanshinAaaaand no card is showing up.05:03
TanshinWhat bugs me is previously, it showed a card and said "Missing firmware"05:03
Tanshinnow it's not even doing that05:03
TanshinGoing to try completely removing the packages and redoing what he said.05:05
bhaveshI installed JoliCloud DE beta in Ubuntu 12.04.2 from omgubuntu's post (http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/jolicloud-your-new-favourite-ubuntu-de) but its not working as expected. Its half broken. The only thing which works is the browser. How am I supposed to go back to unity? I cannot logout of this DE05:06
bhaveshI did sudo /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults -s ubuntu from ctrl + alt + f2 but still it again boots into jolicloud05:07
histobhavesh: check your .xinitrc and see what it did there05:08
bhaveshhisto: how? there is no file manager05:08
histobhavesh: also make sure it's still using lightdm who knows what jolicloud does05:08
histobhavesh: ctrl+alt+F2 and cat ~/.xinitrc05:08
histobhavesh: also sudo service lightdm status05:08
histobhavesh: on the login screen choose unity as your session05:10
TanshinOerHeks, I did what you said. It didn't work, so I uninstalled all Broadcom packages and tried again. It's still not displaying anywhere except lspci. Any other suggestions?05:11
histoTanshin: where else are you talking about it displaying?05:13
histoTanshin: What version of ubuntu are you running?05:13
Tanshinhisto: 12.04. The device USED to appear in the Network Config menu, with "Firmware missing". It appears in lspci. I don't know where else I would look.05:14
histoTanshin: Install firmware then using System Settings > Hardware drivers05:15
Tanshinhisto: You're coming in late... the device no longer appears there.05:15
qwebirc68057what device?05:16
TanshinDerp, hangon05:16
ikk-my mouse is supended after 10 min , how to wakup it ?05:16
TanshinNow that I've cycled the drivers using Modprobe, and then reloaded them the same way, it's appearing in Additional Drivers05:16
bhaveshhisto: cat : home/bhavesh/.xinitrc No such file or directory05:17
histoTanshin: the module has to be loaded and then that module needs the firmware05:17
bhaveshhisto: lightdm start/running, process >no here<05:17
histobhavesh: At the login screen select unity instead of jolicloud05:17
bhaveshhisto: Also there is no login screen05:17
Tanshinhisto: Too early to tell, but I think between you, me, and OerHeks, it's fixed.05:17
bray90820Anyone here use mythtv05:18
Tanshinsince it appears in Additional Drivers and says it's downloading and installing the driver05:18
bhaveshhisto: I set it to automatic login while installing ubuntu05:18
histobhavesh: well you need to figure out how that auto login with lightdm works and disable it05:18
bhaveshhisto: k, ty :)05:19
histobhavesh: I'd assume something in /etc/lightdm05:19
DoYouKnowhi... all I want to do is install 12.04 32-bit through wubi, but since I'm on a 64-bit laptop it wants to redownload the whole thing05:19
DoYouKnowI extracted the iso on 32-bit winxp, but it wants to redownload everything05:19
DoYouKnowI don't need 64-bit ubuntu05:20
TanshinSome programs really need an "I dun wanna!" button, yeah?05:20
DoYouKnowwell, at least a somewhat sophisticated CLI05:20
histoDoYouKnow: Do you need to use wubi?05:20
DoYouKnowhisto: Yeah, I don't know where my USB stick is05:21
DoYouKnowand I can't go looking for it this late05:21
histoDoYouKnow: I would highly advise against using wubi as support for it is dropping as of 12.1005:21
bcbc2DoYouKnow: don't extract the iso. put it in the same folder as wubi.exe before running.05:21
histoDoYouKnow: But yeah if windows is 64bit then it's going to want 64bit wubi whatever05:21
DoYouKnowit's not working, bcbc205:22
DoYouKnowit keeps trying to redownload files05:22
bcbc2you said you extracted the iso05:23
DoYouKnowoh, got it working05:23
DoYouKnowI couldn't use the 12.04.2 wubi05:23
DoYouKnowI had to use the 12.04 one05:24
DoYouKnowthanks, bbl05:24
TanshinSo its giving me an indefinite loading bar with "Downloading and installing Driver..."05:24
histoTanshin: do you have an active internet connection?05:25
histoTanshin: is there a details button?05:27
linux_unix-10Why is it that when I install a new program, it doesn't appear at the Applications Menu/05:27
histolinux_unix-10: perhaps it's a command line program05:27
Tanshinnot on the little dialog box, let me back out05:27
linux_unix-10One example is VLC.05:27
Tanshinhisto, there is not a details button05:28
Tanshinjust help, activate, close05:28
histoTanshin: which one did you activate? b43 b43-sta ???05:29
Tanshinsta wireless05:29
linux_unix-10Why is it that when I install a new program, it doesn't appear where it should be? (Graphical programs included)05:30
satyamashlinux_unix-10: where do you expect it to be?05:30
linux_unix-10One example is VLC. I can't find it.05:31
satyamashlinux_unix-10: did you try searching via the unity dash thing?05:31
histoAn-IP-BreAKDoWN: sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source05:31
dr_willistap the super key. type vlc, and it should show up05:32
histoTanshin: sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source05:32
linux_unix-10It finds the program, but its shortcut does not appear in the Applications area.05:32
dr_willisassuming you are using Unity of course05:32
histoTanshin: reboot and use your wifi05:32
histoTanshin: actually stop05:32
histoTanshin: if you have the 4318 you should be able to just install the firmware and use the b43 driver05:33
TanshinI'd like to think so :I05:33
lyrlvluI dated a guy named Ubuntu once.05:33
lyrlvluHe would "play the bongos" on my ass.05:33
dr_willisold troll is old..05:33
linux_unix-10I'm using Unity05:33
histoTanshin: so you should be able to sudo apt-get instlal firmware-b43-installer05:33
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lyrlvluMY BOYFRIEND UBUNTU PLAYED THE BONGOS ON MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:34
FloodBot1lyrlvlu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:34
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lyrlvluMY BOYFRIEND UBUNTU PLAYED THE BONGOS ON MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY BOYFRIEND UBUNTU PLAYED THE BONGOS ON MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:35
FloodBot1lyrlvlu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
dr_willis!caps > lyrlvlu05:35
ubottulyrlvlu, please see my private message05:35
lyrlvluI used to date a guy named Ubuntu once.  He used to "play the bongos" on my ass.05:36
lyrlvluMY BOYFRIEND UBUNTU PLAYED THE BONGOS ON MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:36
lyrlvluMY BOYFRIEND UBUNTU PLAYED THE BONGOS ON MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:36
FloodBot1lyrlvlu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:36
histo!ops | lyrlvlu05:36
ubottulyrlvlu: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!05:36
lyrlvluMY BOYFRIEND Ubuntu PLAYED THE BONGOS ON MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!05:37
TanshinSo, it locked up, I restarted, and predictably, it's not showing up anywhere anymore05:38
TanshinMaybe I should reinstall Ubuntu.05:39
ntzrmtthihu777question. I've got my install done and finalized, not gonna add other users. can I remove the /etc/skel files? they are annoying me when I use locate  in the terminal05:39
TanshinThis isn't a very fresh install.05:39
ntzrmtthihu777Tanshin: newcomer, what happened?05:39
histoTanshin: so you should be able to sudo apt-get instlal firmware-b43-installer05:39
Tanshinwhatever, I'll try05:39
padhuUbuntians, suggest me good folder synchronization application working over LAN05:40
dr_willis!info  unison05:40
ubottuunison (source: unison): file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.40.65-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 616 kB, installed size 1690 kB05:40
satyamashpadhu: rsync + GUI05:40
qinpadhu: ubuntu one05:40
ntzrmtthihu777qin: dropbox05:40
qinntzrmtthihu777: grive05:41
padhuqin: It should work over LAN only05:41
qinpadhu: rsync05:41
ntzrmtthihu777qin: my bad, hit the wrong name XD05:41
satyamashpadhu: rsync + ssh + cron + GUI05:41
Tanshinhisto, package is already installed05:41
dr_willisnetcat + awk!05:41
histoTanshin: Okay then connect via wifi using network manager05:41
padhusatyamash: any link to howtos please05:41
Tanshinhisto: card does not show in network manager05:41
histoTanshin: please pastebin the output of lspci -k05:42
ntzrmtthihu777Tanshin: what card?05:42
satyamashI don't know a good one, I generally follow the man pages. Others might be able to suggest something useful05:43
TanshinAugh... I'm still a noob, how would I pipe the output of that to ~/paste.txt ?05:43
AddleTanshin: lspci -k > ~/paste.txt05:43
satyamashTanshin: You dont pipe to a file, you redirect to a file with "command > filename"05:43
Tanshinright, duh. Sorry.05:44
linux_unix-10how do i add fonts in ubuntu?05:44
AddleTanshin: (Note > overwrites and >> appends)05:44
histoTanshin: or you can lspci -k | pastebinit05:44
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/05:44
satyamash!rsync > padhu05:44
ubottupadhu, please see my private message05:44
histopadhu: there is also grsync05:45
padhuhisto: okey,....05:46
padhuthanks Bot.05:46
hammommahgreetings I am having some troule connecting via ssh from outside my local network. I have port 22 forwarded. I am currently running 4 csgo servers and a minecraft server. I can ping my server from outside. I can ssh into server from within my local network no worries. Any suggestions on where to look. When I try to connect from outside I get "No route to host" this is on headless server05:47
histohammommah: double NAT possibly?05:47
histohammommah: How is the server connected to the internet?05:47
hammommahsorry server---switch---switch---modem/router05:48
Tanshinhisto, pastebin.com/R1rxQ8eL05:49
linux_unix-10how to download youtube videos in ubuntu?05:49
histohammommah: well it needs to be forwarded on the modem and the router05:49
dr_willislinux_unix-10:  several firefox extensions exist to make that easy05:49
dr_willislinux_unix-10:  theres some stand alone tools in the repos also05:49
histo!youtube | linux_unix-1005:49
linux_unix-10without using a web browser, if possible?05:50
histolinux_unix-10: there is also youtube-dl in the repos or something similar05:50
hammommahit is forwarded same way as minecraft and csgo ports are and they work fine?05:50
doomlorddoes ubuntu/linux work with displaylink usb monitors these days05:51
histoTanshin: try sudo rmmod wl && sudo modprobe b4305:51
dr_willisdoomlord i recall someone trying them a few months back.. and having issues.. i havent heard them mentioned in  several months.05:52
dr_willisdoomlord - id check on askubuntu.com - see if others have had luck with them in newer releases05:52
histoTanshin: or I guess sudo modprobe -r wl ssb && sudo modprobe b43 would be more proper05:52
TanshinOkay... it's pondering that05:54
Tanshinhasn't returned to prompt mode yet05:54
=== dave is now known as Guest42178
akhileshplease help05:55
TanshinStill nothing. I wish I knew what it was doing.05:55
satyamashakhilesh: What happened?05:55
akhileshhow do i install partly downloaded update in 12.04?05:55
satyamashrun the update manager again, it'll download the remaining udates automatically05:56
histoTanshin: Did that command finish?05:56
Tanshinstill no05:56
Tanshinit's still perkolating05:56
histoTanshin: We are trying to unload the wl and ssb module and load the b43 which is the right one05:56
TanshinMaybe it wants a cup of tea.05:56
histoTanshin: It shouldn't take more than a split second.05:56
TanshinWhy the &&? Why not just run the commands individually?05:57
TanshinWell, it's been over a minute05:57
qinakhilesh: this can help: sudo apt-get install -f05:57
histoTanshin: ctrl+c to stop it05:57
histoTanshin: and sudo modprobe -r wl ssb05:57
histoTanshin: then sudo modprobe b4305:57
histoOr if you uninstall the sta garbage and just install the firmware-b43-installer package you should be good to go.05:57
histoTanshin: if not try searching for your chipset on askubuntu.com05:58
Tanshinthat first command is taking too long05:58
Tanshingonna try removing wl and ssb seperately to figure out which one is the pain05:58
histoTanshin: sudo modprobe -r wl05:58
Tanshinit was wl05:59
Tanshinwl is taking forever, ssb went through right away05:59
histoTanshin: sudo apt-get remove broadcom-sta-*05:59
Tanshin0 things not removed, 0 things removed06:00
Guest42178hello everyone!06:01
histoTanshin: does dpkg -l | grep broadcom  return anything?06:01
histoTanshin: I have no idea why you can rmmod the wl driver06:02
histoTanshin: but according to everything I see online the opensource b43 driver should work with your chipset using the proper firmware06:02
TanshinYou know06:04
TanshinI'm just gonna rebuild this computer from USB on up with the latest version06:05
Tanshinand start fresh from there06:05
histoTanshin: K this is not something difficult and should just work. I have no idea what you've done already though. The hardware drivers page just works.06:06
histoTanshin: also the instructions on the link from ubottu explain what to do for different cards. b43 with firmware will work for you card form everything I see.06:06
TanshinYour grep command returns broadcom-sta-common06:07
TanshinThat little jerk06:07
TanshinCome here, you little jerk! I'm going to smash you with my B& hammer!06:07
=== Uprvo_ovde is now known as Upravo_ovde
TanshinOkay... I removed it, but it still shows up with that grep command06:08
hammommahhisto, i ran traceroute from my mates comp and it stops at; lns1-c1.bne.acn.visp.iseek.com.au;  ACN is my internet provider, does this mean that they are locking port 22? how could i tes tthis06:11
histoTanshin: yeah it will show up rc  which is removed but config files are still there06:12
TanshinYeah, that looks like what it's showing06:12
histoTanshin: you should remove all the broadcom stuff and just use b43 witht hat firmware package I suggested06:12
Tanshinyeah, but it's not working06:12
histohammommah: Try using a different port for ssh and see06:12
TanshinSo I'm going to reformat and start fresh06:12
Tanshininstead of working on a tower with a year old install that I can't remember what I've done to it06:13
histoTanshin: Okay if not I would try searching for your wifi device on askubuntu i'm sure someone else has used it and may have a different suggestion06:13
hammommahhisto, lol great idea dont know why i didnt think of that06:13
histohammommah: is yoru modem/router one in the same or two devices?06:15
Tanshinhisto: Thanks for all your efforts, anyway.06:15
histotankdriver: np06:15
hammommahone device06:15
VivekanandHello, I have a question06:16
VivekanandA software is installed "SUCCESSFULLY" in a ubuntu 32 server (provider godaddy) but when it is accessed through browser it just doesnt work. The installation file (created during installation in the user's home directory) is not visible now (Application installed as the user and not as root, also it is not a kind of hidden files issue). When we try06:16
Vivekanand to install the same software again it says those instalaltion folder already exists. When will this scenario occur ?06:16
histohammommah: yeah try a different port just to see if they are blocking 2206:17
histohammommah: if not I'd suspect your port forward is screwed up somehow.06:17
histoVivekanand: what "software"06:17
Vivekanandhisto: its an help desk software, which has a web interface to access it06:19
hammommahhisto, whats cmd for shh on different port? ssh user@pulicip -p 222206:20
histoVivekanand: Well you'd probably have to talk with whom ever wrote the "helpdesk" software and ask them as you issue has nothing to do with ubuntu06:20
histohammommah: ssh -p 2222 user@pulicip06:20
hammommahhisto, ty06:20
VivekanandThanks histo, I'll contact them.06:20
VivekanandBtw, have you ever faced this kind of scenario with any other software/application ?06:21
histoVivekanand: most likely your issue is though wherever this "software" installed it's pages to is not in the /var/www or wherever apache is set to host up webpages06:21
histoVivekanand: probably stuck it in /home/user/public_html or something similar06:21
hammommahhisto, port 2222 worked straight away :)06:22
histohammommah: double check your port 22 forward06:22
histohammommah: that's very odd that an isp would block 22 . I've seen them block 25 but not 22 before06:22
hammommahall i did was change value in current port forward from 22 to 2222?06:24
VivekanandActuallly histo: that application has its own bundled tomcat which will be used by starting the application06:24
VivekanandThe problem happening here is that server startup itself is failing because the application cant "see" the installation directory06:25
Vivekanandbut when tried to install the same thing in same place again, it says files already exists06:26
Vivekanandthats what is confusing me06:26
jonyI want a job to work from home06:26
VivekanandI've ruled out the permission issue as the installation was done as normal user and not root user06:27
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
hammommahhisto, check this out, http://pastebin.com/iQLzJWRz    oth port 22 and 2222 oth get reached? hmmmm this means my server is not listening on port 22?06:29
qinhammommah: sudo netstat -tulp (so you will know what listens and where)06:30
histohammommah: ss -ant on the server and see if it's listening on 22 or 222206:30
BaconatorIntelliJ not in offical repos?06:30
Fuzzleswhats ppls views on 13.04?06:32
qin13.04 is still #ubuntu+106:33
hammommahits listening on port 2222 now, i'll change back and see what is says. here is output for 2222 setup06:34
qinhammommah: is it just testing machine, not any mission critical box?06:36
hammommahhisto, this is weird when i change port to 22 in /etc/ssh/ssh_config and sshd_config it seems ssh is listening on port 0???? http://pastebin.com/66ajQKSp06:37
hammommahwhat could e causing that?06:37
hammommahqin, its a headless server currently running minecraft, csgo and local media server, plus local dns and mail server06:40
ThatOneRoadiehammommah: according to that pastebin, i see it listening on 2206:42
ThatOneRoadietcp  0  0 *:ssh   *:*   LISTEN   15686/sshd06:42
ThatOneRoadie*:ssh means port 2206:42
ThatOneRoadieand 15686/sshd is the ssh daemon06:42
hammommahahhhh ok, then why do i get no route to host when using 22 and works fine when i use port 2222? whats different06:43
ThatOneRoadieuse netstat -tulpn to confirm (the -n flag doesn't resolve port numbers to processes)06:43
ThatOneRoadieif port 2222 works, but port 22 does not, then check three things:06:44
ThatOneRoadie1) Your router's port forwarding (Consult router manual, and make sure the router itself isn't hogging external port 22)06:44
SocialEvilguys the new internet is going to be installed home, but the cable guy said that the mac address is "already taken" by some guy in another city and he cant connect me. any idea how can my mac address be the same like the mac address from another city ?06:44
Jordan_USocialEvil: That doesn't even conceptually make sense, unless the problem is with the MAC address of their own equiptment.06:45
ThatOneRoadie2) iptables (sudo iptables -L, and look for something like chain INCOMING \n DROP ssh -- anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:ssh06:45
ThatOneRoadieSocial: It's entirely their problem. Tell him to fix it.06:46
hammommahrouter is setup correctly as all i do is change 22 to 2222, remote management is disaled in case this uses port 22.06:46
ThatOneRoadieIf their modems have doplicate mac addresses, they need to fix it.06:46
ThatOneRoadiehammommah: so, if someone external to your network connects to port 22, the connection drops, yes?06:46
mattnieSocialEvil: I have thought the MAC Adress is only valid localy???06:47
hammommahyep i get "no route to host" ut a tracepath on 22 shows it finds my ext ip add06:48
ThatOneRoadiemattnie: MAC addresses are (supposedly) unique IDs assigned to networking devices. In theory, a single unique MAC belongs to a single networking device (Be it a networking card, wireless card, or cable modem)06:48
qinSocialEvil: If it is MAC code, you need to get it from your piervious provider...06:48
ThatOneRoadieTo summarize an entire section of most networking certifications, IP address is an address that tells some other computer how to talk to it (like a phone number); MAC Address is how to GET to it (like a house address)06:49
hammommahmy iptables has nothing in it ar the standard chain input (policy accept) and same for forward and output06:49
mattnieThatOneRoadie: I know that! But is it normaly that the macadress is used for anything on the internet?06:50
SocialEvilJordan_U mattnie qin thank you guys06:51
linux_unix-10how do i add fonts in ubuntu?06:51
ThatOneRoadiemattnie: the way you're thinking, no; Cable companies assign Public IP addresses to their coaxial cable modems by MAC address. If the MAC is invalid (unsupported modem or possible theft of product) or duplicated (Possibly trying to, again, steal service)06:51
ThatOneRoadiethen no IP is assigned06:51
Jordan_U!fonts | linux_unix-1006:51
ubottulinux_unix-10: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/06:51
Nmbr1mattnie: mac addresses are used by routers to build things called ARP tables. this associates mac addresses with ip addresses and among a number of other things ensures that traffic is routed to the correct address, because whereas DNS translates IPs to hostnames (and vice versa) packets are routed by routers and managed switches by mac address06:51
linux_unix-10how do i add font files (.ttf) in ubuntu ?06:51
=== willy is now known as Guest9680
ThatOneRoadiehammommah: the only other thing I can think of is that your ISP blocks port 22 for some reason. Who is your ISP?06:52
Guest9680i say hallo to all06:52
hammommahThatOneRoadie,  i have it set to 22 atm when i try to connect using port 22 i get "no route to host" if i try port 2222(with server still listening on 22) i get connection refused.06:52
ThatOneRoadieOoh, connection refused. That screams "My port forwarding is wrong"06:52
ThatOneRoadiewhich is good06:53
ThatOneRoadieif it's listening on 22, it should deny 222206:53
mattnieThatOneRoadie, Nmbr1: thanks for your explanation! :)06:53
Nmbr1no problem!06:53
hammommahif i do a tracepath -p 22 210.xx.xx.xxx i get 17 steps ut end with         17:  210.xx.xx.xxx                                         6.595ms reached06:54
ThatOneRoadieNot a problem :)06:54
hammommahso its finding it06:54
ThatOneRoadiehammommah: http://www.acninc.com/acn/us/index.html This ACN?06:54
hammommahi spoke with the tech support and they cliam they dont lock any port?06:56
x5ivesIn lubuntu, on running Synaptic Package Manager I get an errors: http://pastebin.com/HPqZ8zv8, this happened after reloading package information.06:56
BaconatorHow can i make my virtual desktops all in one line instead of a grid?06:57
BaconatorSo I can just do ctrl alt left and right06:57
Baconatorno up and downs06:57
qinhammommah: since your 2222 allowed conection and now refusing, it is most likely firewall, either box or router.06:57
ThatOneRoadieqin: He's saying that port 2222 sees connection refused when not listening, whereas 22 shows no route06:58
ThatOneRoadiewhich makes me think the router is hogging the port06:58
ThatOneRoadiehammommah: Did they send you a Netgear, netcomm, or D-Link router?06:58
ThatOneRoadieIf they claim they don't block ports, they're pretty much held to that06:59
hammommahqin, no no 2222 still works when i set sshd to listen on port 2222, i just changed it ack to 22 to check diffence in netstat -tulpn06:59
hammommahnetgear dgn220006:59
Nmbr1hammommah: easy check, plug the ssh server box into the lan port of the router. login to the router and set port forwarding for Incoming TCP 2222 forward to ip of your ssh server on TCP 22. open putty with a proxy like tor and try to ssh into the box.07:00
SocialEvilJordan_U about the mac.. they said. when they write "ifconfig" that the mac adress they see is already in their system, added for a guy in other city.07:01
Jordan_USocialEvil: When they write ifconfig where? On their own equiptment?07:02
SocialEvilon my computer07:02
qinSocialEvil: you really need new ISP.07:02
Jordan_USocialEvil: So there is a person at your house right now, working with your computer?07:02
SocialEvilto both of you :D07:02
ThatOneRoadiehammommah: Make sure the "Blocked Services" page is blank (some come pre-loaded), and then check the UPNP page and make sure it's not being forwarded there.07:02
ThatOneRoadieOtherwise, double-check your port forwarding settings; make sure you have port 22 forwarded (both TCP and UDP) to the right address07:03
Jordan_USocialEvil: Ask them why two MAC addresses being the same on different networks matters at all.07:04
ThatOneRoadieNmbr1: the dgn2200 (and really, most netgear routers) do port forwardning, but not port mapping.07:04
SocialEvilJordan_U what do you mean different networks ?07:04
Jordan_USocialEvil: Note that you can change your MAC address, even through the network manager GUI, but it shouldn't matter.07:04
hammommahwhat if i turn it to modem only mode? there is no blocked services ta only blocked sites and its empty07:05
ThatOneRoadiedon't do that; Modem only mode shuts off NAT and routing07:05
hammommahnot mentioned in upnp07:05
Jordan_USocialEvil: Is the modem/router they're using configured to do NAT?07:06
hammommahNmbr1, cant plug server straight into modem/router as server is in grannyflat 30m away07:07
SocialEvilJordan_U i have no idea.. actually i am in germany, they are in bulgaria.. and my mother is dealing with them.. and she dond understand a thing .. she only knows how to turn it on and go to her mail :D07:07
SocialEvilJordan_U even tho i can change my mac.. to what should i change it ?:D07:07
qinSocialEvil: Are you using BE?07:07
SocialEvilBE? i guess not07:07
ThatOneRoadieSocialEvil: if they're whining about the MAC of something in the next town over, then it's their problem. Tell him to get you a modem with a different MAC07:08
qinSocialEvil: They may brag about Migration Authorisation Code07:08
SocialEvilThatOneRoadie they didnt even changed the net .. its still the old isp now07:08
SocialEvilqin i have no idea what that is :) and where to get it07:09
hammommahi just dont know why port 2222 works fine ut 22 doesnt when there setup exactly the same must just leave it on port 2222 and e done with it07:09
qinSocialEvil: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Migration_Authorisation_Code, some other countries have similar feature07:10
ThatOneRoadiehammommah: the only thing I can think of is either the ISP is lying and they do block incoming port 22, or the router for some reason is hogging port 22 for its own ssh and won't give it up.07:11
hammommahtrue that, i even setup remote management to random port just incase it uses 22 for this, but it didnt help07:12
ThatOneRoadieI had a router once that refused to give up port 8007:13
ThatOneRoadieit wouldn't port foward it because it was being used for the remote management page, and even after I changed the remote management page to 8080, it still refused to forward it.07:13
ThatOneRoadiethat router went straight in the bin07:13
hammommahpretty crap to hog port 22 yet along 80 lol07:13
SocialEvilqin, no. they said they need the one with xx:xx:xx:xx:xx07:14
qinhammommah: did you test localhost:22 and localhost:2222 (if you sitting by the box)07:14
qinSocialEvil: very strange...07:14
SocialEvilbulgaria.. :D its fun there07:15
dinesh_hello everybody07:15
ThatOneRoadieqin: i've had it happen before where my cable service was cut off because someone else connected a (cable company provided) cable modem with the same MAC address07:15
ThatOneRoadietheir system was set up so that, in the event of MAC address conflict, neither system got issued a public IP address07:15
hammommahlocalhost:22: command not found07:15
ThatOneRoadie(to prevent routing issues)07:15
ThatOneRoadiehammommah: ssh localhost:22 from the server box07:16
verchanwhen is the next ubuntu being released?07:16
ThatOneRoadieverchan: when it gets released07:16
hammommahssh: Could not resolve hostname localhost:22: Name or service not known............ might e prolem with my dns server?07:16
qinhammommah: ssh localhost; ssh localhost -p 222207:16
qinhammommah: try
qinhammommah: try
SocialEvili dont get it. why are there two same mac addresses. cant they just disconnect from my old net, put their modem or what have you and voila.. internet :Dits all so complicated07:17
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ThatOneRoadie!releases | verchan07:17
ubottuverchan: Ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases07:17
Jordan_USocialEvil: You can generate a random MAC address with this command: openssl rand -hex 6 | sed 's/\(..\)/\1:/g; s/.$//'07:17
Jordan_USocialEvil: Though this is all still absurd.07:17
hammommahssh works07:17
SocialEvilJordan_U will this address be there when reboot the pc ?07:18
ThatOneRoadieso the server actually IS listening. It's either the router or the ISP07:18
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Jordan_USocialEvil: If you configure it via network manager, yes.07:18
hammommahssh works07:18
hammommahdamn frustrating, i will just use port 2222 and e done with it07:19
SocialEvilJordan_U that sounds like a "hack" to do something that should be "there" by default07:19
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hammommahit works at least, tyvm for all your help :)07:19
SocialEvilas you said.. its absurd07:19
qinchange /etc/ssh/sshd_config to port 2222, reload ssh, and test on port 2222...07:19
ThatOneRoadienp hammommah :) always happy to help07:19
Jordan_USocialEvil: The MAC address comes with the hardware, and hardware manufacturers are required to ensure that they are unique.07:19
SocialEvilJordan_U is it possible the other person spoofed it ?07:20
x5ivesSorry, got disconnected before, not sure if you replied to my message. In lubuntu on launching Synaptic Package Manager I get errors: http://pastebin.com/HPqZ8zv8, this happened after reloading package info.07:21
ThatOneRoadieqin: worth noting, the entire block is loopback. Great job ARIN for dumping 16 million ip addresses into loopback07:21
qinThatOneRoadie: haha, just curious, that's wrong with his ssh...07:22
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Jordan_USocialEvil: Yes, especially if all of their customers really are on the same network segment and can just do an ARP request on to find the MAC address that corresponds to any ip. If that really is what's happening though, then make sure that your mother never gets a Windows machine and never allows friends to connect to her internet connection (which will already be hard). Or have her buy a router.07:23
hammommahqin, done that and it works fine :) ty for help07:23
x5ivesI'll check in #lubuntu.07:24
hammommahqin, I was trying to find out why 22 does not work, ut i'll just stick with 222207:24
Jordan_USocialEvil: But really, an ISP having all their customers, including ones from other cities, on the same network segment with no router between their computer and this segment is just absurd. I'm not sure it's even possible, but if it is then your mom's machine is basically in a DMZ, and with a hostile local network to boot.07:25
verchanJordan_U: that's how all cable internet used to be07:25
qinSocialEvil: Who is you07:25
verchanbut that was like ~10 years ago07:26
qinSocialEvil: Who is your network provider?07:26
SocialEvilJordan_U the new isp is satelite tv with internet .. i dont have any idea how are they installing the net07:26
Jordan_Uverchan: I was still on dialup 10 years ago :)07:27
SocialEvilqin bulsat.com but i dont know if their site have language support..07:27
Jordan_USocialEvil: Tell your mom to buy a router, ditch this ISP, or both. You don't want her machine publicly accessible like that.07:28
levolenthi can someone please help me diagnose an issue with my system?07:29
ThatOneRoadie!help | levolent07:29
ubottulevolent: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:29
verchanJordan_U: LOL!07:29
verchanmy machine is publicly accessible like that07:29
x5ives#lubuntu is very quiet, can anyone here help me?07:29
verchanbut i run ubuntu07:29
verchanso it's cool07:29
levolentI have twice now got the wifi working only to have everything revert after shutdown... how do you make stuff STICK and not vanish like this?07:29
Jordan_USocialEvil: Buying a router should also solve the MAC address collision issue, incidentally.07:29
SocialEvilJordan_U i see.07:30
levolentmy goal is to take this laptop on the road someday and i dont want to end up with no wifi somewhere07:30
x5ivesOr at least redirect me?07:30
ThatOneRoadielevolent: adapter configurations are stored in /etc/network/interfaces07:30
levolentany idea why my settings aren't sticking after reboot?07:31
levolentI'm a windows user so im used to driver changes being written to the hard drive and not getting reverted/erased until commanded to do so07:31
dr_willismy wifi settings are rembered here..07:31
ThatOneRoadiesame here07:32
dr_willislevolent:  double check your users home, make sure theres no config files accidently owned by root07:32
TakeItEZand here07:32
levolentits not a wifi setting persay07:32
levolentim not talking about saving SSID passwords07:32
levolentI'm talking about I reboot and then I have NO SSID shown like no wifi adapter at all07:32
TakeItEZlevolent: _what_ settings are being "reverted" exactly? what did you do, what do you need to do again?07:32
levolentit reverts to before i did a jillion firmware related things to get wifi going07:33
x5ivesMaybe you wanted my paste on http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597704/.07:33
dr_willislevolent:  this is a normal install? a wubi install? a live persistnat install?07:34
levolentubuntu 12.04 updated to .1007:34
levolentdell inspiron 1721 with broadcom b43 card07:34
levolent0b:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN [14e4:4311] (rev 01)07:35
dr_willisso basically you are saying after a reboot. the broadcomn card fails to work untill you do 'somthing' ?07:35
starbuckhi, i have a problem, avery now and then thw whole desktop freezes, the mouse is still moving, the cpu load is normal, but the whole crappy unity desktop is not responding anymore... how can i fix this? i always have to logout with CTRL+ALT+del and login again, then it will work for another while, could be hours, could be days07:35
levolentgive me a moment and ill upload my command history to pastebin07:35
x5ivesDid you install it using the Wubi installer or from a disk?07:35
levolentis there an easy way to dump logs from terminal? otherwise i gotta hit up arrow and highlight rightclickcopy each time07:35
Jordan_Ulevolent: "history"07:36
dr_willis!info pastebinit07:36
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3-2ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 15 kB, installed size 172 kB07:36
levolentjordan_u nice!07:36
dr_willisbash fundamentals07:36
x5ivesCan anyone give me any info on my Synaptic errors?07:36
TakeItEZdon't paste your full history, just the relevant parts07:36
levolentits a fresh install mostly so only 50 lines07:36
levolenti can highlight the things from this last session?07:37
levolentusually better to paste too much than not enough07:37
x5ivesTest: are my messages even getting received?07:37
TakeItEZx5ives: they are07:38
nugrohoubuntu linux is soo great work with any device or computer07:38
x5ivesOh, well, then can anyone help or redirect me? In lubuntu on launching Synaptic Package Manager I get errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597704/, this happened after reloading package info. If it helps I just installed lubuntu without an internet connection.07:39
levolentk i dont see a highlight option so just know that lines 62-71 successfully got the wifi going until power loss. The rest were from over a week prior but did include another guy logging in and getting the same results... wifi worked until power loss.07:39
levolentline 62-71 most important07:40
levolentor 62-73 if you go by pastebins numbering07:40
TakeItEZlevolent: blacklist those modules shown in the "modprobe -r ..." line, add "b43" to /etc/modules07:41
ubottuTo blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »07:41
levolentk that looks a little hard but i can probably do it give me a few07:42
Addlex5ives: I believe you'll have to remove the files that are broken07:42
Addlex5ives: sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf07:42
Addlex5ives: Then: sudo apt-get update07:42
levolentlibreoffice writer good text editor for this?07:42
Addlex5ives: Or move them somewhere if you want to play it safe.07:42
TakeItEZlevolent: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf07:43
levolenti thought im supposed to be editing a file to add blacklist lines07:43
TakeItEZlevolent: yes. but not using a wordprocessor, just an editor07:43
qinlevolent: nano is text editor07:43
x5ivesAddle: too late.07:44
levolentand the sudo prefix just tells it i have SU access in case its a protected file?07:44
Addlex5ives: It's ok, the rm should be fine. :)07:44
TakeItEZlevolent: you need root-permission to alter that file, so oyu have to use sudo. correct07:45
dr_willislevolent:  its a system file.. so you n eed sudo rights'07:45
smOBuddaanyone here use proxmox?07:45
levolentk just a moment07:45
levolentk i think i did it i added the following lines to that file07:47
levolentblacklist b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma07:47
levolentblacklist b43 wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma07:47
TakeItEZlevolent: one line for one module, do not blacklist b4307:48
nugroholinux ubuntu use the best filesystem like ext307:49
bazhang!ot | nugroho07:50
ubottunugroho: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:50
levolenttakeitez sorry im a little confused. theres 3 lines in my history with modprobe... i added 2 of them that i just told you about. Are you just making sure I don't also add a line that says "blacklist b43"? if so we're good as I did not do that07:50
levolentby the way the reason for those  2 lines is the first i was told then it gave error. when i told helper of error he had me remove SSB then it worked.07:51
TakeItEZlevolent: you have to add 5 lines: blacklist ssb, blacklist wl, blackist brcmfmac,blacklist brcmsmac,blacklist bcma07:51
levolentk got it07:51
nugroholinux only know EXT filesystem ussually ext2 or ext307:52
bazhangnugroho, please stop07:52
dr_willisnugroho:  you really dont know what you are talking about.. and its just rambling.. please stop07:52
levolentalright so now save and close that right? then you said I need to open another file "/etc/modules" and add something there too ?07:52
bazhangnugroho, this is NOT The chat channel, and you are saying is false07:53
TakeItEZlevolent: just add "b43" to that file07:53
levolentwriteout = save ?07:53
levolentor will it ask if i exit?07:53
TakeItEZctrl-x "yes"07:53
user242432Using LXDE desktop Ubuntu 12.04.   Audio is terrible on Fujitsu lifebook.  Any ideas how to fix?  Worked fine in Fedora 15.  Should I upgrade to pulseaudio?  If so, what's the pulse suite I should install ?07:54
levolentk done, shall i reboot?07:54
TakeItEZlevolent: try it07:55
levolentpull ethernet while it reboots and wifi will hopefully work? or is there more07:55
levolentif you meant try the wifi.. its not working07:56
dr_willisyou shouldnet need to pull ethernet07:56
dr_willisuser242432:  i think lxde uses pulseaudio07:56
levolentanyways... ill just find out on my own.. brb07:56
user242432dr_willis..not here.  I used the mini net installer. Only alsa.  What's the pulse suite so i can apt-get?07:57
dr_willisuse the package manager and search. i dont memorize those things07:57
dr_willisor do a apt-get install  xubuntu-desktop and it should pull it all in07:57
nugrohojavanese know about - tapak willis - but ubuntu linux able to display the performance07:58
bazhanglubuntu-desktop I think you mean07:58
levolent2k we're on wifi! thanks takeitez ... it remains to be seen if this undos itself in a few days as happened twice before though.  Come to think of it this last time it was plugged in with full battery the whole time too, and an initial reboot didn't make it revert at first cause I was testing for that.08:00
TakeItEZlevolent: it won't "undo itself" until you tell it to do08:00
levolent2well I broke the universe twice before I guess then08:00
levolent2divided by zero n shit08:00
dr_willistime to brush up on linux basics i think..08:01
levolent2more like its time for linux distro writers to brush up on the basics of the world08:01
levolent2why should I have to go through all this to get wifi on a common card, on a common laptop?08:01
TakeItEZstop ranting08:01
dr_willisbecause the hardware makers are NOT supporting linux the way they should be...08:02
levolent2i was merely responding to dr_willis and his little jibe at me like this is somehow my fault.08:02
bazhanglevolent2, lets move on08:02
bazhang!guidelines > levolent208:02
ubottulevolent2, please see my private message08:02
levolent2hopefully it doesn't revert like twice before without my input08:02
* levolent2 crosses fingers08:02
dr_williswe have to wonder what you did exactly befor,  so we can answer that.. if you did not blacklist the modules in those files. it would last tillthe next reboot.08:03
sergio /join #cameronandwilding biscuits08:03
levolent2manual SSID. no password change. Still sitting on top of the router and plugged in power? Must be time to stop the wifi from working at all!08:03
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levolent2I guess I just needed to know some more linux basics to prevent those random changes while I wasn't even using the computer.08:05
levolent2so takeitez would you mind explaining what we just did, and why it was necessary to prevent the firmware/driver from not working properly?08:06
TakeItEZlevolent2: did oyu blacklist the modules before?08:06
levolent2no I wasn't asked to and the wifi funcctioned flawless until 2 days later08:06
levolent2just tested it and did nothing else08:07
levolent2I'm actually just running this alongside some other hardware to help heat my room :)08:07
levolent2on that note, are there any CPU burnin or benchmarking utiluties for linux?08:07
bazhangapt-cache search term levolent208:08
levolent2looking for something like prime95 but not as intense or 3dmark08:08
bazhang!equivalents > levolent208:08
ubottulevolent2, please see my private message08:08
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Lartzalevolent2, mprime, linpack, systester08:09
levolent2thanks bazhang bookmarking now08:09
TakeItEZlevolent2: so like dr_willis said, if oyu didn#t blacklist those modules before, the change you made work until next reboot. today we "told the system" not to use the (not working) modules it would use by default by blacklisting them08:09
TakeItEZlevolent2: then we told the system explicitly to load "b43" (by adding it to /etc/modules/)08:09
TakeItEZlevolent2: those changes will persist any reboot08:10
levolent2is there anything I can do to make future installs of ubuntu function better? I am open to slipstreaming (windows term) the install disc with common wifi drivers and firmware.08:10
Lartzalevolent2, And globs for GPU instead of 3dmark08:10
bazhang!remaster | levolent208:10
ubottulevolent2: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility08:10
levolent2thanks lartza I will probably just do a cpu test because this gpu is already fraglile. Will check out mprime first.08:11
TakeItEZlevolent2: hint for the future: buy supported hardware, check before buying08:11
levolent2in my business I come into a lot of hardware so nothing will be pre-matched lke that.08:11
levolent2just know that i will someday want linux on a random used laptop08:11
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TakeItEZlevolent2: until hardware makers increase linux support, you never will be sure if your hardware will work08:13
TakeItEZand they won't08:13
levolent2i see. well at least good people like here are available to help. I definitely won't know the exact commands on my own completely just a general idea unless i run into another b4308:14
Shizyo16hello , Runtime error opening '/home/lelouch/VirtualBox VMs/XP/XP.vbox' for reading: -102 (File not found.).08:14
TakeItEZ"they" = the makers08:14
LartzaShizyo16, Does the file /home/lelouch/VirtualBox VMs/XP/XP.vbox exist?...08:14
levolent2it really does seem like something that could be automated and included but i guess thats all just over my head.08:14
dr_willisbroadcom makes a large varity of chipsets. often called by the same/similer names..08:15
bazhangShizyo16, try #vbox as well08:15
bazhanglevolent2, lets take the chit chat to appropriate channel Please08:15
Shizyo16can't find it after update08:15
levolent2where's good?08:15
dr_willisthats why theres like differnnt drivers for the 'same' chipset08:15
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic #ubuntu-discuss08:15
levolent2#ubuntuchat and #ubunturant are both empty :( anyone care to join?08:16
bazhanglevolent2, since those are not real channels, no08:16
levolent2someone joined me in 1 :) ok later and thanks again guys08:16
Shizyo16Lartza: was working well until update can't find anything even the path08:18
Shizyo16bazhang: Want work also08:18
levolent2is there a way to access a repository with common apps? I tried sudo apt-get install mprime and not found.08:19
dr_willis!find mprime08:20
MrDecentI need help to fix my monodevelop environment. Firstly it worked perfect. Then one time when I tried to move a folder in my solution project, the IDE frooze and I forced to exit the process. After that some settings internally in Monodevlop is broken, which make me unable to edit folder names, add new files to project, commit and add files into GIT etc. How do I fix that? I tried to just do a reinstall, but that didnt work unfortun08:20
ubottuFile mprime found in apcalc-common, auto-multiple-choice-common, auto-multiple-choice-doc, liblinbox-dev, paprass08:20
Lartzalevolent2, There could also be a targz you can just extract and run on mprime/prime95 page08:20
levolent2yea i haven't checked online yet thought if i could apt-get something it'd be faster08:21
smOBuddaanyone framiliar with proxmox08:21
TakeItEZlevolent2:apt-cache search pattern              to search for packages in the repos08:21
MrDecentIs there any option in apt/debian where I could ONLY purge a softwares settings and install new default ones, or just go back to clean install settings somehow?08:23
bazhangMrDecent, purge ppa?08:23
MonkeyDustMrDecent  or look in ~/.config08:24
MrDecentbazhang:  What you mean by purge ppa? Remove the entire repo?08:24
levolent2thanks takeitez that seems to query a standard repo.. anyway to add a 3rd party repo for apt-get installing?08:24
dr_willisMrDecent:  a few packages have their settings in a seperate package. but not a lot.08:24
bazhang!ppa-purge > MrDecent08:24
ubottuMrDecent, please see my private message08:24
dr_willis!ppa | levolent208:24
ubottulevolent2: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge08:24
MrDecentdr_willis:  You happen to know where Monodevelop put their settings?08:24
MonkeyDustMrDecent  what program is it?08:25
MrDecentMonkeyDust:  Thanks will do :)08:25
francoSecure boot / UEFI issue? - http://pastebin.com/6333yQZn08:25
dr_willisif its an app the user runs.. it would be in the users home.. unless you mean system wide configs.. you can check the pacckage details for what files it has where08:25
MrDecentMonkeyDust:  Monodevelop08:25
starbuckdoes anybody have a problem connecting to facebook chat via pidgin? i cant see any contacts online but when i log in vie the webbrowser there are definetely contacts online08:26
gigasfranco: try setting an admin password in the bios and disabling secure boot08:26
MrDecentdr_willis:  How do I check package detailed settings?08:27
dr_willisMrDecent:  i just use synaptic to see them normally08:27
gigasMrDecent: the aptitude command (not apt-get) gives more info as well08:28
MrDecentdr_willis:  Alright :) Well I thought, when I did sudo apt-get install --reinstall monodevelop it should purge settings as well, before install it again. But it seems all config files was left behind anyway. I want to remove them.08:29
dr_willisMrDecent:  if you are refering to settings in the USERS home.. it will NOT.08:29
MrDecentgigas:  Then I need to install aptitude ... :P COuldnt dpkg get me info? :D08:29
smOBuddaanyone use proxmox with ubuntu08:29
gigasMrDecent: "The primary and more user-friendly front-end for dpkg  is  aptitude(1)"08:30
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.08:30
MrDecentI know what aptitude is, but I usually do not like it :P08:31
gigasit gives handy information sometimes08:31
bazhanggigas, there are issues with aptitiude, see above08:32
gigasi normally use it to find what repo a package is in, or to check installation status08:32
bazhanggigas, it may be primary in debain, it's NOT in ubuntu08:32
gigasaye, i got used to it in older releases of ubuntu08:33
MrDecentANyway, I found ~/.config/Monodevelop3.0 but there is some strange application config files I cannot edit :S08:33
TakeItEZgigas: it still works fine on 32bit, but has issues on 64bit/multiarch08:33
MrDecentWould it be safe to remove them?08:34
gigasfair enough08:34
dr_willisMrDecent:  rename them perhaps?08:34
MrDecentdr_willis:  Yeah good idea, will try that ;)08:34
zaf_Jest tutaj ktoś z Polski?08:36
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.08:36
jonyI need a pdf splitter for ubuntu 12.04 desktop08:38
ubottuSince Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details08:38
MrDecentdr_willis:  Hmm, didnt work. Seem to be some other problem.08:39
dr_willisMrDecent:  what is it doing exactly?08:40
bazhangjony, apt-cache search pdf and have a look08:41
MrDecentdr_willis:  The problem I have mostly in monodevlop is when rename files, add new files etc. I always get a weird NullPointerException FROM the monodevlop internally. Now I need to manually add folders and files into project, then add them later into the project in monodevelop. It slow my programming progress a lot.08:42
talpurhi comunity...I want to write simple shel script please see the paste http://paste.ubuntu.com/5597801/ and help me08:42
MonkeyDustjony  pdf-shuffler08:42
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=== what is now known as ascetics
TakeItEZtalpur: homework? i don't think your teacher expected _us_ to do it08:44
nitin__hello everyone08:45
nitin__how can we use whatsapp in ubuntu12.1008:45
bazhangnitin__, whats that08:46
bazhang!info whatsapp08:46
ubottuPackage whatsapp does not exist in quantal08:46
chenwjbazhang: IM08:46
gigasnitin__: install an android emulator, most likely08:46
chenwjkind of like skype08:47
nitin__gigas,  i tried08:47
nitin__but not successdul08:47
TakeItEZnitin__: whatsapp needs a phone-number to work, bad luck on pc08:47
gigasnitin__: found a link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/211700/how-to-use-whatsapp-mobile-application-in-ubuntu-linux08:47
nitin__gigas,  wl check08:47
talpurTakeItEZ: not ho,e work, I am trying to run binary file with Intel Pin TOOL it is written in Manual that use like this I modify the tool but now couldn't undertand the how to make this shell script08:49
chenwjtalpur: open your favor editor08:49
nexussixhi all08:50
talpurmay be gedit08:50
gigasnitin__: looks like it might not be possible at the moment08:50
chenwjand with "#!/bin/sh" at the beginning08:50
nexussixso I am having an odd issue. My machines been hard locking up. I thought perhaps nvidia driver, so I disabled X from starting by default.08:50
nexussix rebooted, but the machine locked up again. This time, turning on the monitor revealed this output which I had to take a photo of:08:50
chenwjtalpur: then write down your pin cmdline08:50
nitin__gigas,  yes08:50
nitin__there is no solution for that08:51
nexussix I've never seen this before! anyone got any ideas?08:51
nitin__gigas,  will it work in emulator08:51
gigasnitin__: like TakeItEZ said, whatsapp needs a phone number. don't think it's possible to emulate08:52
talpurchenwj: what should I give the name & extension to this file .....One more thing should I write the full path for command08:55
levolent2bazhang still around?08:55
TakeItEZnitin__: there are some whatsapp-clients in development, but none of those work atm (afaik). and even if they will run, they won't allow dual-use, so you will be kicked from whatsapp on phone if you use a different client. but this is offtopic, you might ask mr google for more info08:55
chenwjtalpur: xxx.sh would be fine08:56
chenwjno, just write down what you type on your terminal08:56
levolent2just wondering why !equivalents doesn't refer to any CPU benchmark utilities or any terms containing the word "prime"08:56
levolent2on the first link there are HDD and GPU benchmarking utilities at least, but I was looking for CPU08:56
TakeItEZlevolent2: there is something like phoronix-test-suite (or somethink like that) for benchmarking, idk f they have a repo08:57
levolent2cool, "linux gaming" ? I didn't know there is such a thing! hah08:57
nitin__TakeItEZ,  there is a software bluestack to run android apps .. but it is only available for windows and mac08:58
nitin__TakeItEZ,  can we use that in linux.. ??08:58
levolent2nitin_ isn't there some irony there considering linux and android are built on some of the same GNU code? BSD or something08:58
chenwjwine + bluestack?08:58
TakeItEZnitin__: id oubt it would help you. but i don#t have any idea about that08:58
nitin__TakeItEZ,  thanks08:59
nitin__chenwj, not working09:00
levolent2i would think if any OS can be emulated by linux it would be android since that is built on top of some linux code or similar code that linux is09:00
talpurchenwj: ok I have done, now I how I use it09:00
levolent2am I hallucinating or isn't android built on BSD/linux09:01
talpurchenwj: your nick looks one of My teacher's son name09:01
TakeItEZ!ot | levolent209:02
ubottulevolent2: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:02
levolent2someone was asking about emultating android within linux so it is related09:02
chenwjtalpur: chmod 644 xxx.sh should work09:02
chenwjtalpur: then you can execute your shell script09:02
nitin__how can we open the android SDK from teminal..??09:03
TakeItEZnitin__: path-to/sdk/tools/android09:05
levolent2maybe i misunderstood the question... just running dev tools isn't true emu09:06
levolent2what is the equivalent of tapping ALT? in windows this brings up menu bar commands09:07
levolent2just trying to get into firefox settings and no apparent settings button09:07
=== shojo is now known as C[_]
=== C[_] is now known as B[_]
levolent2i can customize toolbars by rightclicking the home icon but thats about as deep as i can get without the equivalent command of tapping alt09:08
TakeItEZlevolent2: holding alt brings up global menu here09:09
MonkeyDustlevolent2  do you really need support on how to tap every keyboard key?09:09
=== B[_] is now known as shojo
MonkeyDustlevolent2  better take your time to get famaliar with the system, on your own09:10
levolent2is there an ubuntunoobs channel or something? Yes hotkeys that allow access to app settings are important to me.09:11
TakeItEZlevolent2: hold "super"09:11
levolent2yea i found it09:11
levolent2for whatever reason the FF devs decided to change downloads from Ctrl+J to Ctrl+Shift+Y .... o_O09:12
levolent2got it sorted now thx09:12
narcelorioque cojones dices09:12
narcelorioen español09:12
DJones!es | narcelorio09:13
ubottunarcelorio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.09:13
narcelorioijos de puta09:15
Ben64narcelorio: stop that09:15
losputos jonkis09:15
narceloriostop tu cabrones ben6409:15
losmarcelorio negrata!!!09:15
Ben64DJones: just so you know, los is a clone09:15
losshut up motherfucker09:16
DJonesBen64: Yep, was getting round to that one as well09:16
Ben64oh ok, didn't know if you saw, sorry09:17
DJonesNo worries09:17
DooMMasteRmit nem Flachstrahler aus dem Regal für 20€haben wir hier 2.5km09:18
DJonesDooMMasteR: Wrong channel09:19
MrDecent How do I resize windows in Mono/GTK? I want to make a window resizable, and when resize trigger a window event to automaticly adjust widgets and boxes inside it. What is the best approach todo it?09:19
=== fpk^away is now known as flashingpumpkin
DooMMasteR:P damn yeah sry DJones09:19
levolent2is there a low-system-intensive way to install a .deb file ? Default is to load the Ubuntu Software Center which is mega lag for me09:20
MonkeyDustlevolent2  apt-get install in a terminal09:20
chalisthow i can log keyboard activity with utf (persian and english) keymap?09:20
gigasgdebi or dpkg -i09:20
levolent210 minutes and wheel still spinning! hahhahha just doubleclicked a .deb that i already had download... k09:20
gigaslevolent2: gdebi seems to do better with dependencies09:21
levolent2gigas its just a benchmark suite09:22
levolent2takeitez i held super but dont see a task manager listed here. windows hotkeys obviously not working but would be Ctrl+Shift+ESC or Ctrl+Alt+Delete09:22
levolent2monkeydust can you say why I should use apt-get instead of gigas suggestion? (im not clear on the syntax for that command anyway so it wouldn't be my first choice)09:24
TakeItEZlevolent2: you cannot use apt-get install ... to install a local .deb file09:25
dr_willisyou dont use apt-get on a  .deb you allready have downloaded09:25
dr_willisgdebi foo.deb    is very handy - it will install any extra needed dependencies from the repositories.  if they are in the repos09:25
levolent2i've used apt-get a few times but never those others09:25
gigaslevolent2: there's a gui version too, gdebi-gtk09:26
TakeItEZlevolent2: apt-get install foo   to install stuff from repos, not local files09:26
dr_willisdownloading a .deb by itself. is a bit of the exception in ubuntu, not the common practice09:26
levolent2i just want to use phoronix benchmark suite and the .deb was listed for ubuntu/debian .. i guess i could see whats in the standard linux option?09:27
levolent2thanks gigas this gdebi-gtk gui is WAY more light-weight than USC for my older laptop. unfortunately everything is greyed out and dont even see a file select ability09:30
levolent2ahh they stashed it in the alt menu and didn't provide a button apparently09:30
gigaslevolent2: you can change the default action for .deb files to open with gdebi-gtk09:32
gigaslevolent2: when double-clicked09:32
levolent2good idea09:32
=== jean is now known as Guest85340
carlzulaufSetting up btsync and trying to figure out a way to have it start on boot in ubuntu. Anyone have this working or can you point me to any examples of maybe writing a simple upstart script for a simple executable that runs in the background?09:41
levolent2gigas still here?09:42
carlzulaufideally it would be nice to just be able to treat btsync like any other service in ubuntu, like 'service mysql restart', 'service redis-server start'09:42
gigaslevolent2: yep, what's up?09:42
levolent2didn't see an option to set default so instead i "forget association" on the other 2... but somehow its still USC for double click09:42
dr_willis the  upstart 'cookbook' site has some examples for upstart scripts09:42
gigaslevolent2: you should be able to right click on the .deb file in the file manager, choose "open with"09:43
levolent2yea i did that... found some more stuff in properties this is probably it09:43
levolent2yep "set as default " is there09:43
levolent2so it would appear linux doesn't associate icon with default program09:45
learnerhey guys does anyone know here how to use bcrypt for dovecot?09:45
levolent2so no way to see default prog at a glance. filetypes will always have that filetype icon09:45
levolent2i always show filetype by defaul so basically redudancy there that doesn't need to be imo09:46
levolent2why need icon to show filetype with the letters are there?09:47
levolent2lol this phoronix suite you mentioned takeitez is showing my cpu as 0.8ghz... its 2.0 or 2.209:52
Ben64it's probably 800mhz without load09:52
TakeItEZlevolent2: benchmarks are pointless, its just a tool a heard of09:53
levolent2im not running it for comparing hardware (which they are actually great at doing given the right circumstances), but rather to help heat my room. :)09:53
levolent2you would be amazed how much 3 laptops running benchmarks can raise the temp in a small room09:54
Ben64run a few "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null" and a few glxgears09:54
levolent2thats pretty much my extent of use for linux... personal heaters and creating XBMC installer flash sticks09:55
Ben64you should give it a shot some time, its good09:56
TakeItEZ!info stress | levolent2 if you want to continue wasting energy09:58
ubottulevolent2 if you want to continue wasting energy: stress (source: stress): A tool to impose load on and stress test a computer system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-1build1 (quantal), package size 16 kB, installed size 75 kB09:58
shady_hi i have a problem with the wifi connection09:58
levolent2did you just write a utility?09:58
levolent2well this laptop runs off a 65 or 90W power adapter... pretty sure a small space heater is hundreds of watts... not going to say this is more efficient but the difference cant be too much. This laptop will NEVER draw more than 65W or90W peak. it might be more total watts/hr tho10:00
levolent2since theres no thermostat10:00
Ben64a heater is much much more efficient10:00
levolent2yea it draws way more peak power but uses it smartly10:01
TakeItEZwell, seems fullmoon isn't far away10:01
levolent2i should get one of those wattage meter cords... im curious now.10:01
Ben64TakeItEZ: you play tf2?10:01
levolent2i want to know the watt/hr difference between idle and benchmarking10:01
TakeItEZBen64: i don't play any computergames10:01
Ben64oh, thats how i saw its almost a full moon10:02
levolent2that difference would probably be les than a space heater. but for that tomake sense this laptop would have to be one that stays on all the time already10:02
levolent2and since it is ONLY on for heat at the moment and learning linux.. yea its for sure a waste10:02
=== sab3r_ is now known as sab3r
levolent2if its gonna be on anyway and i just wanna crank it up some? maybe that wouldn't be waste10:03
=== Zeev_i is now known as Zeev
levolent2im actually kind of worried what this phoronix is going to do to my sytem considering it got my cpu clock wrong and claims im only drawing 12 milliwatts... here goes nothin10:04
levolent2lol its a dud. "press 1 to run a test"  ->>> blank line10:05
levolent2they sure made a flashy icon for a command line tool10:06
=== taha is now known as taha_yemekte
backboxplz tell me how to install fern wifi crack10:15
Ben64backbox is not supported here10:16
shady_hello everybody i need help with my wifi10:18
backboxhy shady10:19
shady_hi backbox10:20
backboxhow r you10:20
shady_fine thx10:20
backboxhow is doing10:20
shady_could you please help me i'm new in ubuntu world10:21
backboxtell me10:21
=== cod3r is now known as baba
backboxhow i can help you10:21
shady_me wifi cannt connect to a secured wifi10:21
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:21
shady_ub 11.1010:22
backboxinstall fern wifi cracker10:22
shady_via terminal?10:22
TakeItEZbackbox: stop that10:22
esingshady_, don't mind backbox, you don't need that software to get your wifi working10:23
MonkeyDustshady_  and 11.10 is no longer supported10:23
levolent2backbox that only works on WEP right10:23
shady_so how could i do it?10:23
backboxcould you tell me more about this10:24
shady_ok the connection manager detect a full signal but no service10:24
esingshady_, Follow the doc link MonkeyDust gave you. Upgrade or reinstall Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) or Ubuntu 12.10 for support10:25
backboxdont install in your hard disc10:25
esingshady_, Do you have dhcp enabled in your router?10:25
JStalinhi, is it possible to write a python script which will add item to mail icon in notification area?10:26
shady_i dont know it 's the hotel router10:26
MonkeyDustJStalin  better ask in #python10:26
esingshady_, Then you should ask the hotel staff for support10:26
backboxdo not install in your hard because is can delete the partation of your  hard disc10:26
MonkeyDustJStalin  and there's also alltray10:26
ItachiIf I download 13.04 today and install it, and do an apt-get upgrade after 25 does it becomes stable?10:26
MonkeyDustItachi  yes, it upgrades to the release version10:27
Ben64Itachi: yes, but support and discussion on 13.04 in #ubuntu+1 until release10:27
DJones!final | Itachi10:27
ubottuItachi: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.10:27
ItachiThanks MonkeyDust DJones10:27
shady_how to install via terminal10:28
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:28
=== taha_yemekte is now known as taha
JStalinMonkeyDust: thx10:28
backboxhow many people use blacktrack10:29
DJonesbackbox: We've no idea, this is Ubuntu support, you'd have to ask them10:30
shady_how to install the new version via terminal10:31
esingshady_, Stop to pm me before you asked me please10:31
shady_sorry esing10:32
backboxjust simpley go to google  and find comands for instalation to new vision10:32
shady_I'm new, esing I don't know the rules, sorry again10:32
backboxshady whare you from10:33
DJones!google | backbox10:33
ubottubackbox: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.10:33
DJonesbackbox: Please remember this channel is for support issues, not general chat, if you want general chat, please join #ubuntu-offtopic10:34
backboxso tell ms how to insatall fern in ubuntu10:34
backboxany one tell me10:35
Ben64you said you have backbox, which we cannot support10:35
MonkeyDust!info fern10:35
ubottuPackage fern does not exist in quantal10:35
backboxso whare it is work10:36
levolent2hey backbox10:36
MonkeyDust backbox i guess you're not in the right channel10:36
backboxyes bor levolent210:36
backboxi am konw10:36
levolent2was just reading up on fern... doesn't sound like the kind of program google would support yet its on googlecode.com ? huh?10:36
DJonesbackbox: You'll have to contact the backbox support team, presumably via their own support channel or forums from their website10:37
backboxi am using back box and these all software are linux basied10:38
backboxinact ubuntu10:39
DJonesbackbox: This only supports the official releases of UBuntu, any other linux versions have their own support channels10:39
backboxi guess you all gays  are right10:40
MonkeyDustbackbox  we don't know what the backbox developpers have changed to make backbox different from ubuntu, hence we cannot give support10:40
Ben64MonkeyDust: he got hammered10:41
ItachiAnd what will happen if I do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade to 12.10 after release of 13.04? What if I also do apt-get dist-upgrade?10:41
Ben64Itachi: it stays 12.1010:42
backbox_hy djones10:42
bahamashello, the sound in my browser is flaky. I restarted the browser, I tried with both Firefox and Chromium and I have the same issue. any tips on how to debug this?10:44
=== asdasdasd is now known as Analrapisht
Itachibut packages are upgraded right.. so what's the purpose of installing 13.04?10:45
aneksdoes anyone know when 13.04 is supposed to be released? all I see is April 201310:45
Ben64aneks: should  be the 25th10:45
DJones!schedule | aneks10:45
ubottuaneks: A schedule of Raring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule10:45
MonkeyDustaneks  tomorrow, if all goew a10:45
MonkeyDustaneks  tomorrow, if all goes as planned10:46
aneksoh awesome10:46
Ben64Itachi: but 13.04 has newer versions, and is supported for 6 months longer than 12.1010:46
floaty1212anybody have an answer for Netflix requiring Silverlight update?10:46
anekslooking forward to testing it out10:46
MonkeyDustaneks  i've been using it for two weeks now, it's really nice10:46
esingItachi, Afaik upgrade will also upgrade to 13.04, but it does not remove packages which dependencies changed and are not needed anymore. So dist-upgrade is a cleaner upgrade10:47
aneksMonkeyDust, it's not the stable release, is it?10:47
esingItachi, man apt-get10:47
backboxyeshey gays this is problem in my ubuntu for installiation of fern wifi10:48
backboxyesLintian check results for /cdrom/Fern-Wifi-Cracker_1.6_all.deb:10:48
backboxyesE: Fern-Wifi-Cracker: package-not-lowercase10:48
backboxyestell me about more10:48
Ben64backboxyes: we still can't support a non-ubuntu distro here10:49
Itachiesing, I read that. My question is, If I do apt-get upgrade to 12.10, do I get new unity that is in 13.04? and new kernel that is in 13.04?10:49
Ben64Itachi: no10:49
backboxyesi will upgrade but not working10:49
MonkeyDustaneks  it's beta10:50
ItachiBen64, but dist-upgrade will do, right?10:50
MonkeyDustItachi  guess you want do release-upgrade10:50
Itachiyes MonkeyDust, but without swiching off my computer10:50
aneksyeah I've tried the beta too, a few weeks ago, that's why I can't wait for the stable release10:50
MonkeyDustItachi  as it will get an newer kernel (3.8), you'll need to restart10:51
backboxyesi will upgrate  but  and next time it is not work10:51
DJonesbackboxyes: As you were told earlier, fern isn't an Ubuntu package, so it isn't supported here, you need to contact the developers support people10:51
backboxyeswho is devalper tell me about10:52
MonkeyDustbackboxyes  backbox is a distro for security testing, so if you're skilled enough with security issues, you should not have to ask all these questions10:52
MonkeyDustto deal with*10:52
DJonesbackboxyes: We don't know who the developer is, its not part of Ubuntu10:52
ItachiMonkeyDust, would it be forced restart or i'll get option to restart later?10:52
MonkeyDustItachi  it asks to restart10:53
esingMonkeyDust, If 13.04 is stable then a dist-upgrade from 12.10 should upgrade to Ubuntu13.04 right?10:53
MonkeyDustesing  no10:53
Ben64dist-upgrade doesn't do what you think it does10:53
MonkeyDustesing  'do release-upgrade' would10:53
esingGood to know, thanks10:55
esingIs it recommendable to put 'do release-upgrade' also into a anacron 'cron.daily', so that once 13.04 or higher releases are stable that I get the upgrade as soon as possible?10:55
MonkeyDustesing  release-upgrade is only every 6 months, not daily10:56
MonkeyDustesing  i have cron-job for daily update-upgrade (in 13.04)10:57
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
esingMonkeyDust, My daily update-upgrade (12.10) cron looks like this: sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade;sudo apt-get autoclean10:58
SomelauwI installed opencv following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenCV . When doing pkg-config --libs opencv, nithing shows up.10:58
Somelauwesing: apt-get update is superfluous if you are doing apt-get dist-upgrade anyway.10:59
Somelauwoh, way nvm, I was confused with apt-get upgrade10:59
MonkeyDustesing  looks good10:59
esingSomelauw, Oh, I didn't know that. So dist-upgrade implies apt-get update10:59
esingMonkeyDust, I could put the do-release-upgrade in cron.weekly, but I worry that putting it into cron.monthly is too great delay, assuming it would be released few days after the cron.month.11:00
Somelauwesing: no, nvm, I was confused11:00
shafoxhi, how to upgrade php 5.3 to php 5.4 in ubuntu lucid11:01
MonkeyDustesing  release-upgrade is only every six months, useless to do it every month11:01
Ben64esing: you shouldn't need a cron, systems usually are set to auto update11:01
esingGood to know, thanks11:02
ItachiMonkeyDust, sorry, I am still confused. If I do an apt-get dist-upgrade,  on 12.10 after release of 13.04, does my kernel gets upgraded to 3.8?11:03
MonkeyDustItachi  no11:03
shafoxif i update the php version from 5.3 to 5.4 will that break mysql also ??? using this https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/php5/+packages11:04
MonkeyDustItachi  kernel 3.8 comes with 13.04, when you install it11:04
ItachiMonekyDust, so, I'll have to wait for the repository to be updated if I want it on 12.10 using upgrade method. right?11:05
shafoxor rather this lucid https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/php5?field.series_filter=lucid11:05
ItachiMonkeyDust, so, I'll have to wait for the repository to be updated if I want it on 12.10 using upgrade method. right?11:06
esingIam curious if a (few) programs break when I'd upgrade to 13.04 stable in a few days. I'll see11:06
MonkeyDustItachi  the 12.10 repo contains kernel 3.5, which will be patched with each upgrade, but not replaced by kernel 3.811:06
MonkeyDustItachi  kernel 3.8 will never be in the 12.10 repos11:07
Ben64however, it will be in 12.0411:07
ItachiMonkeyDust, now I understood. The kernel version never changes, but is patched. Am I right this time?11:07
esingItachi, Why would you want to keep 12.10 instead of upgrading to 13.04?11:07
MonkeyDustItachi  yes11:07
Ben64if you don't want to upgrade every 6 months, you should use the LTS version11:08
MonkeyDustItachi  it was confusing for me, too11:08
esingI worry that programs break more likely if one upgrades from one LTS to another LTS due of greater release cycles and more dependencies differences11:09
MonkeyDustesing  on the contrary11:10
Itachiesing, I want to install ubuntu desktop on college labs. Requirements are to keep the the lab computers as updated as possible. I thought to make an uupdate && upgrade startup script at system startup. But now I think I'll have to install 13.04 manually on each computer11:10
jpdsesing: Nothing to testing upgrades first?11:10
ItachiMonkeyDust, thanks for explaining me.11:11
Ben64esing: the non-LTS releases are more experimental and prone to breakage than LTS11:11
esingOh I see, so LTS is also safer concerning package breaks on upgrade11:12
Ben64yeah, trade "newness" for stability11:12
Ben645 years of support vs 1.5 years11:13
=== gugaua_ is now known as gugaua
MonkeyDustBen64  as of 13.04, non-LTS will be supported for only 9 months11:14
SomelauwI want to use opencv. I tried the tutorial on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenCV . Unfortunately, I can't find the package by doing: pkg-config --libs opencv11:15
MonkeyDustBen64  take a look http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/03/24/ubuntu_reduces_support_times/11:16
Ben64MonkeyDust: ooh11:17
Ben64MonkeyDust: makes sense actually, so people have to upgrade sooner if they want to keep security11:18
AwwHello :o11:27
MonkeyDustpinguyuser  pinguy is not supported here, type /join #pinguyos11:28
__CodingNinjahello all11:29
__CodingNinjaI'm assuming 13.04 will not have any new icons?11:30
SomelauwI want to use opencv. I tried the tutorial on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenCV . Unfortunately, I can't find the package by doing: pkg-config --libs opencv11:33
MonkeyDust__CodingNinja  some will change: show desktop, software center and others11:33
__CodingNinjahi MonkeyDust, shame they didn't do all of them11:34
jribSomelauw: how did you install it?11:35
ginololohello everybody11:35
MonkeyDust__CodingNinja  it's easy to install a different set of icons, i'm using Mashup11:35
__CodingNinjahi ginololo!11:35
jribSomelauw: ugh, ignore what that page says about "sudo su".  You can just skip that step11:35
__CodingNinjayes, I've installed different icons and themes,however its the whole "out of box" experience of others11:36
=== rose is now known as Guest15955
Somelauwjrib: I did ignore sudo su11:37
Somelauwand in python, I can just do import cv and cv211:38
jribSomelauw: how did you install it?11:38
SomelauwBut I can't use opencv from C++, because I can't link to it.11:38
Somelauwjrib: I followed the  instructions on  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenCV11:38
SomelauwCan I output the last 10 apt-get install commands somehow?11:38
AnkhwatcherHey I'm trying to connect to a VPN with NetworkManager, but when I open "Editing VPN connection 1" every field is greyed out and I can't put any settings in.11:39
AnkhwatcherAnyone know why that would happen?11:39
MonkeyDustSomelauw  try history | tail11:40
Somelauwjrib: sudo apt-get install libcv2.3 libcvaux2.3 libhighgui2.3 python-opencv opencv-doc libcv-dev libcvaux-dev libhighgui-dev11:40
jribSomelauw: and now what are you trying to build and how?11:41
Somelauwjrib: Well,  pkg-config --libs opencv should output the files I need to link with according to the opencv wiki.11:42
jribSomelauw: ok11:43
SomelauwAlso cmake doesn't work because when I do find_package( OpenCV REQUIRED )11:43
SomelauwSo I haven't found a way to compile a program using opencv.11:43
jribSomelauw: apt-cache policy libopencv-dev    returns?11:43
Somelauwjrib: libopencv-dev:11:44
Somelauw  Installed: (none)11:45
Somelauw  Candidate: 2.3.1-1111:45
jribSomelauw: you need this package11:45
Somelauwhuh, okay, I'll do another apt-get libopencv-dev? Then I guess the instructions are incomplete11:46
Somelauwjrib: thanks, now it works11:47
Somelauwand cmake works as well now11:47
Somelauwmakes me wonder why the package consists of so many parts that need to be installed separely11:47
AtuMI have 12.10 installed with 3.5.0-26-generix 64bit kernel installed... it boots up fine but then the first console becomes blocked.. i can however switch to the 2nd console and login.. any idea on what causes this?11:55
levolent2anyone know how to reduce GPU usage in Ubuntu 12 ? I'm looking for an equivalent to disabling Aero.11:56
ch1p53tremove gui11:57
AtuMlevolent2, I believe a switch to another desktop might be the only cure.. or what ch1p53t11:57
levolent2I want a minimal gui no 3d or flashy stuff11:57
levolent2you're saying this isn't able to be disabled like windows Aero can?11:57
k1l_levolent2: ubuntu 12 is not specific enough11:58
k1l_levolent2: what does "lsb_release -r" tell you?11:58
NewWorldAtuM:  How do you know it's blocked? Have you tried typing something and pressing enter?11:58
AtuMlevolent2, install the server version.. it defaults to cli.. almost no flashy stuff there11:58
AtuMNewWorld, yeah.. I see no input, nothing happens if i try to login there11:59
k1l_levolent2: did you take a look at Lxde (lubuntu-desktop) ?11:59
ch1p53tinstalling the server version is the best option12:00
AtuMNewWorld, sorry.. i see the input, but nothing happens after pressing enter.. it just goes to newline12:00
ch1p53tAtuM...have u tried installing bgp service in ubuntu?12:01
k1l_you can boot into the tty with every ubuntu version. no need for server version for that12:01
ch1p53tk1l_, he wants a minimal gpu usage12:01
ch1p53tthat's it12:01
AtuMch1p53t, nope .. don't know what bgp is..12:02
Lucincohello all12:02
levolent2kil_ lsb_release -r12:02
ch1p53tur not into networking12:02
AtuMone more thing.. the last output is "Skipping profile /etc/apparmor.d/disable: usr.sbin.rsyslogd12:02
k1l_levolent2: ok12:02
k1l_!lubuntu | levolent212:03
ubottulevolent2: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.12:03
levolent2if you're talking about installing another distro I am not interested. If that's the solution I'll deal with it.12:03
levolent2its laggy but bearable12:03
k1l_levolent2: no, you can install the GUI-Package12:03
k1l_levolent2: the package name is: lubuntu-desktop . after that you can choose which desktop you want to boot on login screen12:04
levolent2ok ill try it ty12:04
levolent2its just a gui? not sure why it would need its own channel12:04
AtuMlevolent2, channel?12:05
levolent2he's suggesting i change the gui and that gui apparently has its own support channel? #lubuntu12:05
k1l_levolent2: the programs behind that gui belong to the Lubuntu project.12:05
AtuMlevolent2, oh I see.. well most users run with default.. I have no idea on how to help anyone with lxde since i don't use it.. i think that would be a good explanation..12:06
levolent2but if its not changing the os other than upper fluff layer whats the suport chan for ?12:06
zambawhat is the best way of installing proprietary drivers on ubuntu these days?12:06
zambawe have a G86 nvidia card we want to get the prop. drivers for12:06
k1l_levolent2: its a special support channel for that gui.12:07
levolent2having its own channel implies its deeper than a skin change12:07
zambain previous versions of ubuntu a dialog popped up telling me that i had drivers that could be installed, but not here? (12.04)12:07
deavzamba you are thinking of the additional drivers applet12:07
k1l_levolent2: again: that packages get support by the community distribution Lubuntu12:07
deavzamba open up the system settings dialogue and select "Additional Drivers"12:07
k1l_levolent2: have a read yourself if that information is not enough for you12:07
AtuMlevolent2, things have to be integrated to work.. if you have lxde just as another gui some things might not work.. ubuntu makes that integration within lubuntu.. i think it's pretty nice to separate it12:07
daze~ ❯ cat /etc/passwd |grep php12:08
dazephp:x:996:33:php-fpm user:/srv/http:/bin/fase12:08
dazethis user is showing in my lightdm user selection :/12:08
k0r1nHey Guys, when can i start downloading 13.04? :P12:08
levolent2alright well do you think i should install it ? I'm not sure I want to make any modifications that will require I visit another channel for support.12:08
jribdaze: because his user id is < 1000 iirc12:08
k1l_k0r1n: when its released. or you go with the testing version12:08
zambadeav: aight, thanks12:08
deavk0r1n http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/12:09
dazejrib: as I understand it, users with id < 1000 should not be visible (they're considered system users12:09
levolent2if I have issues that means I go to 68 person channel instead of 1,68412:09
jribdaze: erm, yes you are right12:09
AtuMHow can i find out what's causing my system to "block" tty1 - there's no login screen after bootup. i can type but i can login only by accessing tty212:09
k0r1nk1l_: no no I want stable i've seen it should release tomorrow... but nothing definite yet . ?12:09
k1l_k0r1n: then wait for tomorrow!12:09
AtuMor any other tty other than tty112:09
k0r1nk1l_: Can you blame a man for being anxious? Little bit of conformation would be nice :P12:10
k0r1nbut thnx anyway :p12:10
levolent2ok let me ask another way: If I have problems after installing lubuntu that aren't related to skin/gui can I come here for help?12:10
deavlevolent2 it's better to have 68 people that know what they're doing than 1000 that don't know what they're doing. There's seperate channels so people can specialise and focus on their areas of specialisation.12:10
k1l_k0r1n: just wait for the release or try the testing ones if you re that impatient12:10
deavdo you have a problem levolent2?12:11
jribdaze: pastebin your /etc/lightdm/user.conf (actually you see the default is 500 and above are shown)12:11
AtuMHow can i find out what's causing my system to "block" tty1 on ubuntu server 12.10- there's no login screen after bootup. i can type but i can login only by accessing some other tty12:11
k1l_levolent2: if you are that frightened stay with what you are. i think you need to make more experience with ubuntu/linux first12:11
levolent2kil_ atum deav If I have problems after installing lubuntu that aren't related to skin/gui can I come here for help?12:11
AtuMgoing to ubuntu-server.. sorry guys12:12
deavsure levolent212:12
dazejrib: http://p.defau.lt/?rRwxhyzcoH1l9qInUcfoUQ12:12
dazethat's what's strange about it - it should definitely not be visible12:12
ch1p53tserver version12:12
k0r1nbtw lubuntu.. easy to install and easy to use, just a lot faster :P12:12
ch1p53tis better...12:12
jribdaze: did you change that yourself?12:12
dazejrib: as far as I remember, no. This is Unity on Arch Linux :)12:12
k1l_daze: shouldnt it say /bin/false instead of /bin/fase12:12
dazek1l_: :D12:13
jribdaze: wrong channel :/12:13
k1l_daze: and for that you better ask the arch guys.12:13
dazeok, changed /bin/fase to /bin/false and everything's ok12:14
dazemy blindness... :]12:14
dazeas for the arch guys, they're not supporting unity12:14
jribdaze: this is a lightdm issue12:14
jrib(on an arch install)12:15
dazejrib: no, this was an issue of my inattentiveness12:15
dazeI created the php user by hand when configuring nginx and set the shell to /bin/fase (notice the lack of L) :)12:15
dazeset it to /bin/false now and everything's good12:15
jribdaze: 1) you should ask for support in #archlinux if you are using arch.  This way you get better support.  2) even if the user didn't have /bin/false as a shell minimum-uid should prevent him from being shown.12:16
dazeah, well, then there might be a bug with not respecting the minimum-uid12:16
daze#arclinux despises unity :D12:17
jriblet's move on12:17
dazethanks for the help ;]12:17
dazeunity is great12:17
coperfixHola amigos12:18
two-wentyanyone able to help a novice with gnu grub and ubuntu not booting?12:23
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:23
two-wentysure, i have a couple of options at the gnu grub screen, ubuntu, another, memory check and memory check x212:25
two-wentyall end in nothing12:25
betraydlike a fake screen12:26
two-wentyblank screen when i cant type, but not command line as nothing happens12:26
meerkathello. which ubuntu 13.04 versions need seeding the most?12:27
meerkatare 32 bit still popular?12:27
betraydthe most, i bet12:27
noounixHell o12:28
two-wentythese are the choices i get12:28
FloodBot1two-wenty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:28
MonkeyDustmeerkat  32 bit is recommended, because it runs on both 32 and 64bit hardware, but most new hardware is 64bit these days12:28
cfhowlettnoounix, greetings12:28
noounixWhat cfhowlett ?12:29
two-wentywhere do i go from this screen:12:33
two-wenty    http://drjslab.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/1-Reset-generic-mode-.png12:33
two-wenty^^^random pic off the net of the same screen im getting12:33
meerkatwhat is the amd64+mac ubuntu version about?12:34
meerkatif you install ubuntu on a macintosh?12:34
ubottumeerkat,: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages12:34
noounixHow up w7 for the first choose , when my computer boot, because i use dual boot w7 and ubuntu12:35
k1l_meerkat: its for macs with 64bit x86 cpus12:35
k1l_two-wenty: just select the newest ubuntu?12:36
betraydthose options don't really do anything, is his problem12:36
betrayd "looks" like its installed12:37
k1l_!nomodeset | two-wenty12:37
ubottutwo-wenty: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:37
two-wentyill have a read, thanks12:38
noounixHow up w7 for the first choose , when my computer boot, because i use dual boot w7 and ubuntu12:39
x5ivesIs there a command to list a package's download size?12:44
gmg8513.04 tommorow!Or i could just get the daily build...any chance there will be any changes between now and tomorrow?12:44
jribgmg85: chance is nonzero if that's what you are asking12:45
akhileshi tried to update my Ubuntu,but unfortunately i clicked cancel button,and Boom!! all gone,now Ubuntu update manager saying me to download all packages!please help?12:45
gmg85jrib, ok...let me just wait12:45
cfhowlettgmg85, it ain't final till it's final.  I recall at least one version that Shuttleworth delayed at the 11th hour ...12:45
sam113101when's ubuntu 13.04 coming out?12:45
cfhowlettsam113101, soon.12:45
sam113101cfhowlett: is it tomorrow?12:46
gmg85sam113101,  tommorow12:46
cfhowlettakhilesh, go to terminal, run sudo apt-get update12:46
gmg8525th april 2013 says the release schedule12:46
cfhowlettakhilesh, then sudo apt-get upgrade12:46
sam113101is it better to reinstall ubuntu or to upgrade from ubuntu itself?12:47
akhileshcfhowlett:this will fix it?12:47
gmg85is it true that 13.04 has the alx ethernet driver bundled in its kernel?12:47
LjLx5ives: apt-cache show packagename will include its size12:47
DJones!13.04 | gmg8512:47
ubottugmg85: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+112:47
cfhowlettakhilesh, that will reset your download list to tell you what you need and then upgrade will get the packages12:50
usr13sam113101: Matter of opinion is the best you can hope for in the outcome of a question like that.  One is about as good as the other on one hand, on the other one is more convenient or more accessable.12:52
akhileshcfhowlett:ok,but what happens with the previously downloaded packages?do they available?and if i want to install that downloaded packages,what should i have to do?12:52
usr13sam113101: If you have /home on a separate partition, you could do fresh install and leave /home partition as is, but backing up /home is a good idea anyway.  It's up to you really.  One drawback to network upgrade is the danger of loosing power or somehow interrupting the process, in which chase, re-install is usually the only recovery option.  If you consider that, re-install is better.12:54
cfhowlettakhilesh, only the missing packages will be downloaded.  update resets your list, upgrade will download and install the packages12:55
x5ivesLjL: I see 'Installed-Size' and 'Size' is the later the Download-Size?12:55
cfhowlettakhilesh, good luck12:56
akhileshcfhowlett:again? can i upgrade a particular package from terminal?\12:56
usr13sam113101: If you feel like interruption is unlikely, (which in most cases it is), and if you are interested in easy/convienience, network upgrade is a good option.12:58
cfhowlettakhilesh, of course.  sudo apt-update   the sudo apt-get install packagename12:58
johnflux__Hey all12:58
cfhowlettjohnflux__, greetings12:58
johnflux__vim in 13.04  is compiled without clipboard support12:58
ubottujohnflux__,: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+112:58
usr13johnflux__: Really?  Why?12:59
johnflux__usr13: I have no idea why12:59
usr13johnflux__: Are you sure?12:59
BluesKajHey all13:00
LjLx5ives: it should be yeah, seems to correspond for me (you can double check by installing a package, during download it tells you the size)13:00
johnflux__usr13:  $vim --version | grep clipboard     returns:   -clientserver -clipboard....13:01
=== hachre1 is now known as hachre
johnflux__a "-" means that it has been disabled13:01
x5ivesLjL: and I assume it's in bytes?13:01
usr13johnflux__: Interestig.  Thanks info.13:01
=== stephan- is now known as stephanmg
johnflux__usr13: hmmm13:03
[tla]hi. i have a 12.10 server install and have accidentally overwritten the passwd and shadow files. passwd- is there but obviously i cannot move it back and pwconv because i cant sudo anymore. concerned that as the root volume is on device mapper i may not be able to recover by rebooting into recovery mode kernel. any advice / guidence appreciated before i reboot.:s13:03
johnflux__usr13: googling, it seems that actually you have to install vim-gtk   if you want the vim console version to have clipboard support13:03
usr13johnflux__: /join #ubuntu+113:03
MonkeyDust[tla]  no server backup available?13:03
cfhowlett[tla], ask in #ubuntu-server    ?13:03
usr13johnflux__: Good info.  Tnx agn13:04
[tla]MonkeyDust: nope but very few users so manually fixing - so long as i can get to the files - is doable13:04
p0wn3dSo when is the big day for 13.04 ?13:08
Rompoyp0wn3d, tomorrow13:08
x5ivesNever mind LjL, got an answer from #lubuntu.13:09
p0wn3dSo far the reviews show 13.04 significantly faster than 12.0413:09
Myrtti_o> LjL13:09
Rompoyp0wn3d, faster in what sense13:09
p0wn3dresponse times and loading apps13:10
Rompoyanyone knows why Ubuntu consumes double power watts than Windows?13:10
Rompoymaybe p0wn3d13:10
MonkeyDustp0wn3d  this line in /etc/fstab speeds up your system, it moves temp files to RAM     tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noexec,nosuid 0 013:11
p0wn3dwell thank you. I will try it13:11
=== gluxon is now known as Guest16152
betraydhey BluesKaj13:13
BluesKajhi betrayd13:14
Rompoyanyone knows why Ubuntu consumes the double power watts than Windows?13:15
x5ivesIs there a command for listing a package and all it's dependencies' total download size?13:20
x5ivesWithout individually: apt-cache --no-all-versions show packagename |grep ^Size: -ing each one.13:22
MonkeyDustx5ives  try apt-cache show [package]13:23
p0wn3dIf I download the 13.04 daily build will it be the same as the one released tomorrow?13:23
MonkeyDustp0wn3d  yes13:23
p0wn3dLove the ubuntu community :)13:24
cfhowlettp0wn3d, dude.  it's HOURS away from official release ... patience.13:24
MonkeyDustp0wn3d  meaning: it upgrades to the release version13:24
p0wn3dOK I will wait. But I want to open my presents now :(13:26
=== maxx is now known as Guest35202
lmatUbuntu used to ship with gnome windows manager/desktop environment?13:28
x5ivesMonkeyDust: This doesn't show what I'm asking. Sure it might list the package's download size, and its dependencies, but I'm asking for a command that lists the packages download size + all the packages dependencies download size's.13:28
awaylmat, yes.13:28
lmataway: But now it comes with unity?13:28
x5ivesHopefully that made some sense.13:28
awaylmat, since 11.04 iirc13:28
lmataway: But unity is gnome?13:28
cfhowlettlmat, unity is NOT gnome.  if you want gnome download gnome ubuntu13:29
awayit's a shell for the gnome environment13:29
lmataway: interesting. Thanks!13:29
lmatIf I'm wanting to use the KDE, is there a reason to avoid kubuntu?13:30
awaynot really. if you want kde+ubuntu, install kubuntu instead of ubuntu+kde separately13:31
lmatIt's ubuntu with KDE, right? Nothing silly?13:31
ubottulmat: Kubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde13:31
lmatubottu: ahh, thanks!13:31
ubottu!Kubuntu and !Xubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with KDE and Xfce (respectively) installed as default, instead of GNOME. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio,  !Mythbuntu, and !Lubuntu13:31
lmatubottu: Wow, thanks!13:31
dtcrshrhello everyone13:31
cfhowlettlmat, different default packages and desktop environment but still ubuntu13:31
awayhello dtcrshr13:31
cfhowlettdtcrshr, greetings13:31
=== olli_ is now known as olli
dtcrshrim trying to update via apt-get update, but it claims some apps are broken, telling me to use apt-get -f install to fix them. But the fix wont work, asking for the same error13:32
BluesKajflavour is the wrong word , oncew you use kde you'll understand why13:32
dtcrshrbesides install -f , how do i fix apt-get:13:32
lmatIf I want to install from a USB stick, what do I have to do?13:32
ubottulmat,: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:32
awaylmat, download the .iso, then use unetbootin13:32
lmatI am getting an iso of the setup, do I unzi13:32
lmatubottu: You're excellent.13:32
cfhowlettlmat, unzip?  no, absolutely not13:32
lmatcfhowlett: I'll read, thanks :)13:32
awaylmat, ubottu is a bot :P13:32
dtcrshrlmat: i use yumi http://www.pendrivelinux.com/yumi-multiboot-usb-creator/ because i have a bunch of other isos on a big pendrive, its my swiss knife13:33
lmataway: A very knowledgeable and timely bot!13:33
opetjahi what wersion of compiz turns off if playing game fulscreen?13:33
awaylmat, it's triggered by users (as you can see above, cfhowlett used !usb to trigger it)13:33
lmataway: I'm not a bot.13:33
awayI know13:34
cfhowlettlmat, but can you prove it?13:34
lmatcfhowlett: I'm not a bot.13:34
* cfhowlett ... remains unconvinced 13:35
dtcrshrim a robot!13:35
dtcrshrbeep beep13:35
raven_how to create a complete default xorg.conf?13:36
mojtabaHi, My laptop shutdown unexpectly when was on during the night. Is there any way to find what has happened?13:37
qwertzui11hey guys, is the new ubuntu coming today or tomorrow?13:39
cfhowlettqwertzui11, 04/24/1313:39
lmatdtcrshr: that sure is a swiss army knife, I think I'll try out the simpler one ^_^13:39
qwertzui11cfhowlett: soooo today? im sitting in europe.13:40
mojtabaHi, My laptop shut down unexpectedly when was on during the night. Is there any way to find what has happened?13:40
MartynKeigherHey, i hve just installed the firebird odbc driver on my ubuntu server. whats the easiest way to TEST a connection?13:41
jpdsMartynKeigher: Connect to the port with nc?13:41
cfhowlettqwertzui11, chillax.  I'm in China.  I thinks it's 04/24/13 London (Canonical HQ) time although the release url may have GMT displayed13:41
lmatdtcrshr: you know... lili requires install, so I'll stick with yumi ^_^13:41
mojtabaHi, My laptop shut down unexpectedly when was on during the night. Is there any way to find what has happened?13:41
[tla]retry -- hi. i have a 12.10 server install and have accidentally overwritten the passwd and shadow files. passwd- is there but obviously i cannot move it back and pwconv because i cant sudo anymore. concerned that as the root volume is on device mapper i may not be able to recover by rebooting into recovery mode kernel. any advice / guidence appreciated before i reboot. :s13:41
jpdsMartynKeigher: Yes.13:42
awayMartynKeigher, netcat13:42
BluesKajmojtaba, /var/og/syslog13:42
MartynKeigherah. well the connection will be over a WAN13:42
qwertzui11cfhowlett: yay... im looking forward... in my experiences it then will release in the two hours. Where's the champagne? :D is there a channel for the waiting people? like last release? something like realeas-party or so?13:42
MartynKeighershould i have installed mysql odbc drievr instead?? i had lots of issues doing the mysql odbc install13:43
cfhowlettqwertzui11, probably #ubuntu-offtopic has a more lively discussion on those very points.13:43
qwertzui11cfhowlett: thx! :)13:43
BluesKajqwertzui11, release party will probly open sometime tomorrow morning GMT13:44
qwertzui11BluesKaj: thx, now i've got to backup all my files, for resinstall :D13:45
BluesKajwhy not just , do-release-upgrade , qwertzui1113:45
qwertzui11BluesKaj: i always reinstall... it's a nice way to "clean-up" and order my file mess ;)13:46
=== jpierre is now known as Guest99251
BluesKajqw just run autoremove and autoclean after every update and package upgrade13:47
mojtabaHi, My laptop shut down unexpectedly when was on during the night. Is there any way to find what has happened? I have ubuntu 12.1013:47
mojtabaIs there a way to find why my laptop shut down unexpectedly?13:47
=== BlackoutIsHere|O is now known as BlackoutIsHere
PigOnTheWingswill I be able to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.04 without fresh install?13:47
cfhowlettPigOnTheWings, no.13:48
PigOnTheWingscfhowlett, that sux ;/13:48
BluesKajmojtaba, already told you where to look for errors13:48
qwertzui11BluesKaj: i mean my mess of files i download (with firefox) and create. I just like that everything is clean and new. Often I reorder my projects-folder structure. I reorganise ;)13:48
cfhowlettPigOnTheWings, 12.04 is LTS.  14.04 is LTS.  had you gone from 12.04 to 12.10 ...13:48
meerkat12.04 to 13.04 should be possible if upgrading to 12.10 in between.13:49
meerkatatleast it used to work.13:49
meerkatwith earlier releases13:49
PodsMy laptop went off power and my ubuntu wont boot now13:49
cfhowlettmeerkat, indeed.  however, he wanted to go 12.04 - 13.0413:49
PodsI trued fixing by the rescue terminal13:49
PodsCant get to fix the grub13:50
PodsAny fixes anyone ?13:50
awaycan you get to the bios or something?13:50
Podsaway : No idea there13:51
PigOnTheWingscfhowlett, no I didnt, stick with 12.0413:51
ozcanesenhey is there a special channel for programming questions about ubuntu related tools?13:51
cfhowlettPigOnTheWings, 12.04 is LTS.  13.04 is not.  Consider your options.13:52
PigOnTheWingscfhowlett, yea, I know that, but I watched some reviews about 13.04 and its pretty good13:53
raven_problem xserver crash - trying to login, monitor flashes black and iam back in login screen - how to repair that?13:53
=== rose is now known as Guest30726
mojtabaBluesKaj: There is no such a file or directory!13:56
=== mpmc_ is now known as mpmc
BluesKajmojtaba, alt+f2 , type, /var/log13:57
mojtabaBluesKaj: This is the result: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598419/13:57
p0wn3dI can't get a response in ubuntu+1 - has anyone tested MATE with the 13.04 beta?13:57
mojtabaBluesKaj: It is todays log, I guess it must be related to the last night log.13:58
BluesKajp0wn3d, I don't see it ijn the 13.04 packages13:59
p0wn3dthank you13:59
cfhowlettp0wn3d, mate is not supported in #ubuntu.14:00
BluesKajPods, unless it's known by a different package name14:00
BluesKajp0wn3d, rather ^14:00
PodsBluesKaj : How do I fix the grub files ?14:01
wilee-nileep0wn3d, Appears to be in the link on this page for raring use caution. http://www.muktware.com/4064/mate-14-released-ppa-available14:01
BluesKajPods, what's the issue with grub , more detail needed14:01
dtcrshrlmat: yumi is quite easy, very windowze next next finish14:02
dtcrshrnot that complex as you think14:02
PodsBluesKaj  : My laptop basically went off charge , I use ubuntu 13.04 , and when I rebooted it , ubuntu froze14:02
PodsAnd it wouldnt work except the rescue terminal14:02
PodsGoogle tells me its something to do with the grub files14:02
AmnuriakHi folks, trying to get graphics working propperly again. Until like 2 hours ago everything worked fine (using propert. drivers) but now the "Display" settings only show up one monitor (instead of two) labled "laptop" though I'm using a desktop machine. I checked my drivers using several different guides, all specific for ATI/AMD cards (have a FirePro 2770) but none helped. I pasted my errors to http://pastebin.com/twG7LhBP14:03
wilee-nileePods, Are you getting to the desktop from recovery?14:03
raven_problem xserver crash - trying to login, monitor flashes black and iam back in login screen - how to repair that?14:03
Podswilee-nilee : No except for the terminal I am not getting anywhere14:03
invariantHow can I check whether my kernel has support for inotify on Ubuntu?14:04
wilee-nileePods, Besides this shutdown, have you modified grub?14:04
Podswill network booting the os help ?? wilee-nilee , BluesKaj14:04
raven_problem xserver crash - trying to login, monitor flashes black and iam back in login screen - how to repair that?14:04
invariantEquivalently: how can I check for kernel symbols being present?14:04
invariantE.g. CONFIG_FOO.14:05
=== tuco_ is now known as vasquitox
Podswilee-nilee : not except I ran a couple od apt-get updates  and sudo grub-install14:06
remilumieresalut à tous le monde14:06
Podswilee-nilee : to see if grub would reset by that14:06
Podswilee-nilee : Am i in trouble or is that recoverable ??14:07
BluesKajpods are you dual booting on the hdd ?14:07
wilee-nileePods, Grub install from where and when and what was the command?14:07
=== Zeev_i is now known as Zeev
Amnuriaktrying to get graphics working propperly again. Until like 2 hours ago everything worked fine (using propert. drivers) but now the "Display" settings only show up one monitor (instead of two) labled "laptop" though I'm using a desktop machine. I checked my drivers using several different guides, all specific for ATI/AMD cards (have a FirePro 2770) but none helped. I pasted my errors to http://pastebin.com/twG7LhBP14:11
PodsSorry I got discoonected14:12
izxHow do i list all packages which is installed via software centre and not through apt-get from terminal??14:12
Podswilee-nilee : There?14:13
PodsSorry I got disconnected14:13
wilee-nileePods, For me and BluesKaj Can you boot a live ubuntu cd and run sudo fdisk -l and pastebin it14:14
Podswilee-nilee : In the scenario that I dont have a live ubuntu cd ?14:14
raven_problem xserver crash - trying to login, monitor flashes black and iam back in login screen - how to repair that?14:14
wilee-nileePods, Is this a ubuntu install from windows?14:14
PodsRight now I am at windows and in the same system in another partition is my ubuntus14:14
PodsFrom network14:15
wilee-nileePods, Is this a ubuntu install from windows?14:15
jmnozraven_: check ~/.xsession-errors14:15
BluesKajPods, wubi ?14:15
jmnozraven_: it could be a broken ~/.profile for example14:15
Podswilee-nilee: No from a bootable pendrive14:16
PodsI got the OS online14:16
Podsthe ,iso file I mean14:16
wilee-nileePods, Do you have physical access to the computer, and the pendrive to boot?14:17
BluesKajPods, which windows version ?14:17
moofooWhen running ubuntu server, the screen shuts off after about 10 minutes, how can I make it shut off after 1 minute?14:17
jmnozmoofoo: man xset14:17
PodsWindows 7, yes I am working on the computer right now , on the windows partition of it14:17
moofoojmnoz: I don't use X, I use ubuntu server!14:17
Podswilee-nilee :^ and  I dont have the pendrive right away though14:18
jhutchins_wkPods: Network boot means loading the OS over the network from a server set up to provide that service.  I don't think it applies in your situation.14:18
jhutchins_wkPods: It's probably giving you helpful error messages that tell you why it doesn't want to boot.14:18
raven_jmnoz, "user not allowed to run x server"14:18
wilee-nileePods, Other than a manual boot from grub you need to be able to boot a live cd/usb.14:19
jhutchins_wkPods: How are you booting to windows on the system?  Are you selecting windows from the grub menu?14:19
Podsjhutchins_wk : It just freezes on the ubuntu start page14:19
jhutchins_wkPods: So we know grub is working.  Have you tried running fsck from single-user mode or from rescue mode?14:19
=== versi is now known as kalkov
Podsjhutchins_wk : It wasnt helpful though14:21
lmatthank you, yumi :)14:21
BluesKajsounds like a graphics driver problem14:21
=== ginololo_ is now known as ginololo
jhutchins_wkBluesKaj: Well, he says it's "freezing".  Doesn't say anything about error messages or the results of fsck or anything.  I think we're supposed to magically guess what's actually happening.14:22
Podswilee-nilee : say I get the usb, how do i recover my system?14:22
AceFaceHello, all!14:22
AceFaceI am having an issue with ssh on my server. I tried out 'byobu' and installed it on my ubuntu 12.10 server. Now everytime I login i get "-bash: /usr/bin/byobu-launch: No such file or directory" and NO welcome message (MOTD). Does anyone know how to get rid of the byobu-launch error and restore the motd?14:22
Rompoyanyone knows why Ubuntu consumes the double power watts than Windows?14:22
Podsjhutchins_wk : *she14:22
jhutchins_wkPods: It.14:22
jhutchins_wkPods: On the internet nobody knows you're a dog.14:23
sideeffectis there a possibility to visualize the NMR spectra with a NMR calculation in GAMESS? as i've read GAMESS can calculate the shifhts?14:23
betraydRompoy: see if your cpu governator is working/recognized in linux14:23
betraydjust a guess14:23
Podsjhutchins_wk : Rude14:23
BluesKajjhutchins_wk, I wonder if he can get to a tty and run apt-get update and upgrade14:23
Rompoybetrayd, how could I see that?14:24
jhutchins_wkPods: No, old joke from early internet days.14:24
Pradyumnawhere to download mp3 plugins directly?14:24
jhutchins_wkPods: Dog not meant to be derogatory.14:24
betraydthe logs would be a start Rompoy14:24
raven_problem xserver crash - trying to login, monitor flashes black and iam back in login screen - how to repair that?14:24
Rompoythe logs???14:24
PodsJust saying I prefer to be refered to as she since I am a girl14:24
Podsback to fsck , I did run a couple of tests14:25
jhutchins_wkPods: I'm trying to remember, I think you can press escape when Ubuntu is starting up and view the startup messages. That would be helpful.  If you told us what fsck command you used and what it did that might help us understand.14:25
Podsthe disk check ones14:25
phelpsI'm SSH'ing to my server and the time from MOTD to prompt is about 10 seconds, what could cause that ?14:25
Podsbut it gave me an error in running saying that the checks I ran earlier dont support jsck to run14:26
jpdsphelps: Slow server.14:26
Podsjhutchins_wk : So maybe I can get back here with the output of esp14:26
phelpsjpds: connecting to the server is fine (and quick), I get the MOTD quick, its after that, isn't the server14:26
Podsgood enough ?14:26
kvarleyAnybody know if running Ubuntu on the new HP Pavilion Chromebook will work?14:26
jmnozis it possible to find out which application is reading a specific keyboard shortcut?14:26
stat_viraven_: did you change the permissions of some X server files?14:27
wilee-nileePods, Grub fixes if this is the problem are a fairly easy fix if you know what to do, however there are variables that are involved, such as dualboot scenarios UEFI setups...etc, so a exact answer on fixing is not really available without more info that a live media would help with.14:27
ubottuNope, it'll be out when it's out, and not a moment sooner!14:27
sideeffectwrong channel14:27
Podswilee-nilee : Get it now14:27
PodsWhat in your opinion is the best thing to do14:27
PodsI could get a live media14:28
Pods^Although that would take a while14:28
Podsstep 2 ??14:28
Pradyumnawhere can i download mp3 plugins directly ?14:28
Pradyumnafluendo mp3 direct download?14:28
=== mpmc_ is now known as mpmc
Mangmohi @ all14:29
wilee-nileePradyumna, Install the restricted-extras for your desktop14:29
Mangmoany1 here who can help me with my little ubuntu problem?14:29
stat_viraven_: you might be able to fix this with `dpkg-reconfigure x11-common` and select which users are allowed to start the Xserver14:29
arand___On 10.04 I'm having locale/terminal issues, "locale" shows everything as en_GB.utf8 except LANGUAGE and LC_CTYPE which is en_GB; But when I write anything in vim the default encoding is latin1, and if I try to open something that is utf-8, it ends up as some garbage symbols. What could be wrong here?14:29
MonkeyDust!mp3 | Pradyumna14:29
ubottuPradyumna: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:29
ginololohi Mangmo14:29
Pradyumnamy college internet does not allow anyurl that has mp3 in it14:30
execatI installed 12.04, but the grub install failed. I inserted a live USB and did a grub-install by mounting my drive and grub-setup. Still boots to GRUB screen.14:30
Mangmohello ginololo14:30
izxHow do i list all packages which is installed via software centre and not through apt-get from terminal??14:30
anddamp0wn3d: hi, can I bother you in query about NX?14:30
ginololowhat is your problem ?14:30
Pradyumnai need a direct link so that i can download from outside and get it through usb14:30
lmatHow do I install ubuntu with windows already installed (to dual boot?)14:30
Mangmoafter a update, i log in and i dont see neither the unity bar nor any icons. but if i use LXDE as window manager this problem doesnt come14:31
Mangmobut using the normal ubuntu/gnome look, nothing happends and i only can restart with alt ctr f114:32
MonkWitDaFunkDual booting can be set up if you make you own installation disk and boot from it14:32
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how we can search through all email accounts at once? (like outlook)14:32
Awwlmat, just run the install disk and pick that option14:32
ginololo@Mangmo sorry I don't know ubuntu enough for that problem :-/14:32
lmatAww: I'm installing kubuntu (so I asked in #kubuntu, too). It seems to be different :(14:33
Awwlmat, it was say something like install along side windows14:33
lmat(I mistakenly asked here first)14:33
Mangmono problem, just wanted to give a try here14:33
AceFaceI am having an issue with ssh on my server. I tried out 'byobu' and installed it on my ubuntu 12.10 server. Now everytime I login i get "-bash: /usr/bin/byobu-launch: No such file or directory" and NO welcome message (MOTD). Does anyone know how to get rid of the byobu-launch error and restore the motd?14:33
jazzdleHey, guys. I have some problems with the configuration of my system and cannot load in graphics mode (that's not my question). I would like to take the output of different commands and files (for example Xorg.0.log) so I can show them in a forum. But in console mode I do not know how to find my usb and to mount it so I can put all needed in the flash and use it in this computer from which I am writing right now.14:33
lmatAww: I remember that from before, and expected to see the same thing with kubuntu, but I don't see it :(14:33
p0wn3danddam: sure whats up14:33
Awwlmat, hmm... weird:/14:33
lmatAww: Oh well, hopefully someone will answer me there :)14:34
betraydlmat maybe create partitions first?14:34
ginololo@Mangmo : ask again, maybe somebody else will answer you14:34
mojtabaHi, Does anybody know how we can search through all email accounts at once? (like outlook)14:34
lmatbetrayd: I remember ubuntu installation having that as a step.14:34
jhutchins_wkPods: I would try re-installing the kernel.  If you have an undistinguished freeze it's hard to figure out what to fix.  If you've just lost the GUI you can try to repair that.14:34
Mangmothx for the hint @ ginololo14:34
lmatbetrayd: Ubuntu came with a utility to create partitions on a disk that already had windows (!!!)14:34
MonkWitDaFunkWhy do you prefer kubuntu?14:35
ginololo@Mangmo you're welcome ;-)14:35
tarrudais there any command line tool to monitor all data sent/received by an application?14:35
=== mox is now known as Guest89880
Guest89880hi people14:35
Podsjhutchins_wk :  Since I have can access the insides of my system with alt+f1 , maybe fixing it is possible14:36
JockerKodingHi guys14:36
PodsCouls you please direct me as to what should I do next ?14:36
wilee-nileePods, Is the HD mounted in the f1?14:36
mox_hi people14:36
pmatuliscan anyone with a 32-bit 12.04 system confirm the location of PAM modules?  /lib/x86_32-linux-gnu/security ?14:37
wilee-nileePods,Can you run a update from there?14:37
MonkeyDustmojtaba  in Thunderbird: View > Folders > Unified14:37
PradyumnaDirect link for fluendo mp3 plugins ?14:38
mojtabaMonkeyDust: Then I can search at once through all?14:38
Podswilee-nilee : Is there a way to do that while I am on windows ?14:38
MonkeyDustmojtaba  it's the closest I get to what you ask14:39
mojtabaMonkeyDust: Thank you very much14:39
stat_vitarruda: such as tcpdump?14:39
peyamis it possible to connect skype through facebook?14:41
peyamI mean with facebook inlogg info?14:41
dummyanI have no root access to a ubuntu-running server and I want to request the admin to install certain packages. I was unable to find libpfm3-dev for 12.04 on packages.ubuntu.com. Can anyone please help me find the package where are the libpfm header files included?14:42
adamkpeyam: Doesn't really have to do with Ubuntu :-)14:42
wilee-nileePods, No, the problem you have here is your trying to do brain surgery with a pair of pliers, metaphorically. Get a live media and come back to the channel.14:42
wilee-nileeno easy quick fixes here.14:43
peyamadamk: I know when  you should have a clue anyway14:43
Podswilee-nilee : you are right , sorry :)14:43
arand___When I try to do "dpkg-reconfigure locales" I don't get any interactive language selection, just an error that en_ZM doesn't exist (which is irrelevant for me).14:43
MonkeyDustpeyam  I don't have FB, but I found this http://askubuntu.com/questions/80953/how-to-connect-skype-with-facebook14:44
peyamMonkeyDust: Ive seen it. not a real help14:44
peyambut thanks anyway14:44
lmatAww: Looks like I can shrink the windows partition in Windows (7).14:50
Awwlmat, yeah you can :D14:50
lmatAww: whoa, it's done.14:52
lmatAww: Thats was *fast*!14:52
lmatAww: it just divided the main partition into 256gb and 220gb14:52
Awwlmat, awesome~! :D Now to install kubuntu :P14:52
lmatAww: aye :D14:52
lmatAww: I had hardly started reading the documentation for Windows shrinking a volume...14:52
Awwlmat, its easy in windows :o14:53
lmatAww: okay, going to go install... gotta log off, talk to you later.14:53
BluesKajlmat, does windows give formatting to ext oprions?14:53
lmatBluesKaj: I don't know14:53
Awwlmat, good-luck!14:53
lmatBluesKaj: let me see what options it gives.14:53
AwwBluesKaj, no it doesn't not by defualt14:54
lmatnfts or exfat.14:54
lmatokay, bye!14:54
BluesKajok then use the kubuntu intsall partitoner for ext4 formatting14:55
Mathiasis it possible to boot from a sd-card using grub2?14:57
jhutchins_wkPods: Getting anywhere?14:58
jhutchins_wkPods: If you can get to the console but the GUI isn't working, all you have to fix is the GUI.14:58
jhutchins_wkPods: For that we need to know if you just have an auto-detected setup or if you did manual configuration.14:59
Podsjhutchins_wk : I have an auto detected setup15:00
stat_viMathias: Imho, first of all your motherboard needs to support that, then check out #grub15:00
stat_viOr rather BIOS.15:01
Mathiasstat_vi: it has, but the uefi/bios is locked up, but thx for the tip15:01
jhutchins_wkPods: /var/log/Xorg.0.log is where xorg writes it's info as it tries to start up.  THat might have useful information.15:01
=== harshadura_ is now known as harshadura_azus
Podsjhutchins_wk : Will get back to the channek in a bit . booting into ubuntu now15:02
jhutchins_wkPods: Great.15:02
jhutchins_wkPods: irssi from console15:03
meerkatis there no longer an alternate installer for ubuntu? I can find it for 12.04, but not 12.10 and 13.04.15:03
Podsjhutchins_wk : okay :) thanks a lot :)15:03
DJonesmeerkat: Thats right, the alternate installer was dropped starting with 12.1015:05
DJonesmeerkat: You can use the minimal install media though15:05
DJones!minimal | meerkat15:05
ubottumeerkat: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:05
PradyumnaFOr direct download of packages there is packages.ubuntu.com15:08
lonnieCan someone help me with this wi-fi issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/117215115:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172151 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "ASUS F75A wi-fi disabled by hardware switch" [Undecided,New]15:09
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
=== Odysimus_away is now known as Odysimus
techtonichoi i am running 10.04 with an asus x201e15:13
techtonicand gimp keep logging me out at the first click15:14
techtonicIt was working really well for a long time.15:14
lonnieWeird, Gimp would seem to have nothing to do with logout15:14
=== Karbowiak is now known as zz_Karbowiak
techtonicI know it it strange15:15
techtonicI uninstalled gimp and re installed it and still got same problem.15:15
lonnieThat's what I was going to suggest first.15:16
lonnieDo you have any other desktops installed?15:16
archithello , :(15:16
lonnieI wonder if it would do the same thing if you logged into another desktop other than GNOME15:17
architmy laptop is getting HOT HOT HOT after i have installed15:17
techtonicgimp version 2.615:17
Kiontechtonic: make shure you uninstall gimp on the terminal by the command sudo apt-get purge gimp15:17
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I search through all emails in thunderbird, when using Ctrl+Shift+F?15:17
Kiontechtonic: otherwise it does not uninstall its configuration files15:18
vlttechtonic: Sounds like a OOM issue to me.15:18
lonnieUbuntu 10.10 was great release. I wonder if upgrading to it would solve the issue.15:18
techtonicI tried edit, preferenes, color management, and chose no color management.  That did nothing.15:18
Kiontechtonic: have you checked your syslog ?15:19
lonnieCan someone help me with this wi-fi issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/117215115:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172151 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "ASUS F75A wi-fi disabled by hardware switch" [Undecided,New]15:19
wannado_I am kind of stuck: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpam /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ledit - Where do I find those libraries - in what packages?15:21
mojtabaDoes anybody know how can I search through all emails in thunderbird, when using Ctrl+Shift+F?15:21
BluesKajwannado_, do a locate in the terminal15:22
architmojtaba , its all given there15:22
architu put search string and search15:23
mojtabaarchit: you must specify each email one by one?!15:23
wannado_BlueEagle, I found /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpam.so.0 - I guess it is not linked correctly?15:23
mojtabaI have 15 email accounts15:23
Limewaxmojaba, use search field in right top corner, it searches all emails from all accounts.15:23
techtonicsyslog coming up.15:23
derbarbhaving trouble using duplicity to back up my files to ubuntu oe, getting a bad request error can someone help?15:23
architderbarb is right15:24
architu can search all emails15:24
wannado_BluesKaj, , I found /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libpam.so.0 - I guess it is not linked correctly?15:24
mojtabaLimewax: It gaves some non relevant search results15:24
Limewaxmojtaba: Seems to work for me. Strange.15:25
techtonicnot sure what this is:Apr 24 22:51:09 slippy kernel: [ 3909.252774] type=1400 audit(1366815069.529:30): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" parent=1 profile="/usr/lib/telepathy/mission-control-5" name="/usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors/" pid=8390 comm="mission-control" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=015:25
Safa_[A_boy]Hi all, I've just reinstalled my Ubuntu 12.04.... I installed 12.04.2 from torrent, when I want to update the system, the kernel version is 3.5 ! why?15:26
Safa_[A_boy]sorry for my bad English15:26
packywhich editing of grub is least likely to break it GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset" or replace quiet splash with nomodeset?15:27
wilee-nileeSafa_[A_boy], you are running x86 and the quantal stack has been included in that release15:27
bakarathi, i'm looking for a way to sync an embedded database across several computers (for a desktop app). would it be wise to sync it using ubuntu cloud?15:27
Safa_[A_boy]will, I want to know why my kernel version is old... :|15:29
wilee-nileepacky, Context and details please?15:29
lonnieCan someone help me with this wi-fi issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/117215115:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172151 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "ASUS F75A wi-fi disabled by hardware switch" [Undecided,New]15:29
AceFaceSafa_[A_boy]: ubuntu always uses an old kernel15:29
Safa_[A_boy]I don't think so ;)15:30
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wilee-nileeSafa_[A_boy], hat is the stock kernel fro that release, with your setup, what were you expecting?15:30
=== Guest91664 is now known as piero
=== zz_Karbowiak is now known as Karbowiak
packyi have a dual boot.... it hangs at purple screen and won't load linux unless i press E at the grub screen and change gfxmode $linuxgfxmode" to nomodeset15:31
derbarbcan someone help me? duplcity is asking for a gnupg passphrase, but i dont recall setting one.15:31
wilee-nileepacky, Is this a fresh install, and have you updated and checked for drivers?15:31
Safa_[A_boy]I am talking about updating the system, the kernel version available in the update is 3.5 ...15:32
packythis is a fresh reinstall... i've broken it before... and updates were run after... some 250 megs of updates... am not positive on video drivers15:32
wilee-nilee!who | packy15:32
ubottupacky: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:32
pieroI have fglrx-updates working but no HDMI audio. When run aplay -l, only intel hdmi is detected, but nothing about my HD 6000 series. Using 12.10. How can I start to make alsa detect my device?15:32
packywilee-nilee this is a fresh reinstall... i've broken it before... and updates were run after... some 250 megs of updates... am not positive on video drivers15:33
wilee-nileepacky, What is the release you installed?15:33
packywilee-nilee this is 12.1015:33
packywilee-nilee a dual boot setup with Win7 on a separate HD15:34
mrjoelhey guys.  how should I get two-finger tap on a touchscreen to simulate right-click?  Do I need to go the Ginn route?15:35
wilee-nileepacky, Check the additional drivers for a graphic driver, and if needed identify the graphic card. http://www.howopensource.com/2012/10/find-additional-drivers-in-ubuntu-12-10/15:35
crackhello everybody,i want to ask a question,Ubuntu-CN channel without?15:36
ttt1hello goodmorning, i need to download the ubuntu iso to make a boot pen drive, when idownload i get the wubi how can i get the iso along?? thankss15:37
techtonicttt1 did you try "unetbooin"?15:38
ttt1cancan some one help me15:38
genii-around!cn | crack15:38
ubottucrack: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:38
wilee-nileettt1, Wubi has been discontiued in 13.0415:38
lonnieCan someone help me with this wi-fi issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/117215115:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172151 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "ASUS F75A wi-fi disabled by hardware switch" [Undecided,New]15:38
ttt1so do i have to dowload ubu 13?15:38
wilee-nileettt1, It is the main release as of tomorrow15:39
techtonicttt1 no just download unetbootin15:39
crackdon't have Ubuntu-cn channel???15:39
ttt1thank you by any chance do you have the link to unetbootin15:39
packywilee-nilee under additional drivers there are no entries... ??15:40
genii-aroundcrack: You just need to do:  /join #ubuntu-cn  to join it, or click on the channel name in your IRC client window, if your IRC client supports that15:41
anddamhello, what's the physical size at http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598639/ +597 ?15:41
wilee-nileepacky, The run lspci in the terminal and find the graphic card and post it.15:41
crackI'm use mobile phone15:41
lonnieHow do I determine the driver that is used by my wi-fi card?15:43
genii-aroundcrack: Perhaps the program you use for connecting puts the new channel in a different place on the screen than the channel you are currently talking in.15:43
wilee-nileelonnie, lspci in the terminal15:44
techtonicttt1 sudo apt-get install unetbootin15:44
crackthe use of the /join #Ubuntu-cn this command,but not to go15:44
packywilee-nilee VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1213  (rev a1)15:44
techtonicAfter purging and reinstalling gimp it STILL logs me out at first click15:44
lonnie02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)15:44
lonnieBut what is the driver/15:45
genii-aroundlonnie: Alternately, sudo lshw -C network  ... and look for the lines starting with "configuration"15:45
packywilee-nilee Specs for my machine say GeForce 670M15:45
lonnieI need to report a bug, but have no clue where to submit it.15:45
lonnieI submitted here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/117215115:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172151 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "ASUS F75A wi-fi disabled by hardware switch" [Undecided,New]15:46
lonniebut that wrong I bet15:46
wilee-nileepacky, I'm not real up on nvidia, I have never had to use it, so will leave this for those that are. ;)15:46
wilee-nileegot you to the informed the channel phase, which is important. packy15:47
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packyi'm finding a way to add GEforce support to 12.1015:48
packywilee-nilee think i may have found what i'm looking for...15:49
tclarkehaving some apt-get update problems with 12.04 LTS...when I do an apt-get update I see a number of 404's and get a bunch of Failed to fetch for archive.ubuntu.com15:49
tclarkefor example:http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-amd64/Packages15:49
packywilee-nilee adding ppa support15:49
tclarkewhen I look in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-amd64/    there is no Packages but there are Packages.gz and Packages.bz215:49
tclarkehow do I fix?15:50
onboardI use usb3.0 device plugin USB3.0 interface ,when plugout usb3.0 device ,/dev/sdb1 file didn't  autor move  , any idea?15:50
wilee-nileepacky, Hard to say, be careful is all, the ppa's for nvidia can be unstable.15:50
aaronshafWhat is a good way, from the command-line, to force a refresh reinstall of everything, and to delete all data, etc? A to go back to "day 1"15:51
wilee-nileeaaronshaf, There is none.15:51
packywilee-nilee that is not comforting.... now i'm wondering the best way to add nomodeset to grub again15:51
wilee-nileeaarcane, You can clone a install though15:51
Faultless-spirithello all15:53
Faultless-spiritis there anyone with SAMSUNG R522 laptop ?15:53
genii-aroundpacky: You add GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nomodeset"   to /etc/default/grub    and then sudo update-grub15:53
Podswilee-nilee : So I am on my live media now15:54
Faultless-spiritis there anyone with SAMSUNG R522 laptop ?15:54
wilee-nileepacky, From the install not a live cd add nomodeset in sudo gedit /etc/default/grub  before where you see nosplash15:55
wilee-nileePods, You would have to chroot from the live and use a terminal editor otherwise I believe in a chroot.15:56
genii-aroundwilee-nilee: We try not to recommend using sudo with gedit.... ( hence !gksu factoid)15:56
wilee-nileegenii-around, Oh yeah my mistake packy that would be gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub the update grub as suggested.15:58
Podsokay I decided to reinstall os here15:59
packywilee-nilee do you mean GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="nomodeset quiet splash"15:59
packywilee-nilee or in a separate entry?15:59
wilee-nileepacky, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= is already there add nomodeset16:00
wilee-nileepacky, And be sure to always run sudo update-grub when ever editing that.16:01
neoshroomIs there a variable for the home directory when using rsyslogd .conf files?  I'm trying to get sftp logs for chrooted users following the basic plan here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2081637 but I have my users chrooted to their home directories and not some universal /sftp/ directory.16:03
packywilee-nilee i see an empty GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="" after quiet splash would this be the place to add "nomodeset"16:04
wilee-nileepacky, Post all the text from that to a pastebin, I need to reboot to ubuntu I will be right back.16:05
otendI'm having some lvm troubles.  I'm attempting to remove a dying 1TB drive from a 4TB logical volume, and pvmove complains about there being only 1 extent available16:05
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jointhello. is everybody here excited about ubuntu 13.04 coming out tomorrow?16:07
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otendthat belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic; I'll answer there16:07
jointim banned in there16:08
wilee-nileepacky, I;m back is this a ubuntu install from windows?16:08
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otendokay, I think I found a worse problem with my LVM disk removal attempt: it's not taking /dev/sde as a physical volume16:09
packywilee-nilee i ran the install from the livecd not sure what you mean16:09
lawsaHi, there. This channel isn't on freenode, right?16:10
otendoh.  sda1 is the physical volume.  nevermind.16:10
otendlawsa, it is16:10
genii-aroundlawsa: Yes, it is16:10
lawsaneato! I joined irc.ubuntu.com ...16:10
crackit is16:10
lawsaI was having great trouble connecting to irc.freenode.net...16:10
lawsaOh well :)16:10
lawsaAww: yo16:11
lawsaBluesKaj: yo16:11
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wilee-nileepacky, Just making sure it is not a wubi install. Can you pastebin all the text from gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub16:11
AwwHello, lawsa16:11
Awwlmat, *16:11
lmatI'm running kubuntu now :)16:11
lmatI didn't see an option for dual boot when I started up, though :)16:11
lmatThe frame buffer is quite good!16:11
AwwYay! :D16:12
lmatAlthough, can I use framebuffer across multiple screens?16:12
packywilee-nilee, i'm not sure what you mean with pastebin, i'm guessing i can copy and past the contents16:12
lmatThat's probably too much to ask.16:12
Mr__Andersonhello everyone. Does anybody have updated info about Ubuntu Training & Certifications?16:12
wilee-nilee!pastebin | pack216:12
ubottupack2: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:12
wilee-nileepacky, The tab complete made pack2 it s for you16:12
otendis this how it's supposed to look?16:13
otendas in, with things being completely empty?16:13
otendcompletely full*16:13
KI4ROmr_anderson http://ubuntutraining.org/16:14
otendthere's one physical extent free16:14
otendI'm not sure what I'm supposed to do here.16:14
LemensTShow do i copy my whole magento directory to another directory? there may be hidden files and such, so cp -r probably wont work16:14
anddamafter switching video driver to proprietary drivers in a X session the video card signal isn't correct anymore for the monitor, it displays "INPUT NOT VALID". Video card is Radeon 6310, Xorg log is http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598699 , Ubuntu is Quantal16:15
Mr__AndersonKI4RO: what's that? a random blog?16:15
anddamI'm not sure how to revert the change from cli, where is the driver information stored?16:15
packywilee-nilee, ok.. think i've gotten that pasted for you16:15
anddamalso line 535 says "atiddxDriScreenInit failed. Probably kernel module missing or incompatible", what is the package for kernel driver?16:16
KI4ROMr__Anderson, Don't know...just googled ubuntu training and that was one of the sites that came up16:16
FodrorMe need GUI program for make my own OS. Help please.16:16
wilee-nileepacky, we need the url16:16
anddamI have fglrx and fglrx-amdccc-le installed16:16
packywilee-nilee, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598721/plain/16:17
FodrorMe need GUI program for make my own OS. Help please.16:17
Faultless-spiritis there anyone with solution with amd ati radeon hd 4650 drivers for ubuntu 12.10 ?16:18
wilee-nileepacky, In this line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" make it GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="nomodeset quiet splash"  then save it then run sudo update-grub16:18
packywilee-nilee, thanks for clarifying...16:19
FodrorMe need GUI program for make my own OS. Help please.16:19
wilee-nileepacky, No problem. ;)16:19
Faultless-spiritis there anyone with solution with amd ati radeon hd 4650 drivers for ubuntu 12.10 ?16:20
wilee-nilee was in windows and did not have my command cheat sheet16:20
pack2wilee-nilee and i have both my laptop and desktop running  - Packy :)16:21
wilee-nileepack2, Heh I wondered16:22
neoshroomIs there a variable for the home directory when using rsyslogd .conf files?  I'm trying to get sftp logs for chrooted users following the basic plan here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2081637 but I have my users chrooted to their home directories and not some universal /sftp/ directory.16:22
Noldorinhello. how can i constrain windows to never go beyond the bounds of the screen? (ubuntu 12.10)16:29
HeKToN guys when I restart my Ubuntu man witndos are opening with errors like dolphin for example. How ca I get rid off this ?16:31
HeKToN guys when I restart my Ubuntu many witndows are opening with errors like dolphin for example. How can I get rid off this ?16:31
HeKToNsorry even now it`s still loading previously used windows and I couldn`t even ask my question properly....16:32
dummyanwhat is the standard $term for 12.04 lts?16:37
wilee-nileedummyan, What?16:37
mac_12hi to everybody16:38
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mac_12has anyone try to make start ubuntu 13.04 on UEFI boot?16:39
wilee-nilee!uefi | mac_1216:39
ubottumac_12: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:39
dummyanwilee-nilee, ubuntu server 12.04, what is the standard value of $term when installed. seems someone changed it and for example when opening nano I get Error opening terminal: rxvt-unicode-256color.16:39
wilee-nileemac_12, Best place for UEFI advice is the ubuntu forums.16:39
wilee-nileedummyan, Ah, not sure16:40
fidelhi, i am running 12.04 64bit - using lightdm & gnome-shell. it happens from time to time that i dont see any desktop items on my desktop after logging in. that happens only sometimes so i cant really reproduce it. Restarting lightdm helps at that point - but it would be great if someone could offer me some help in troubleshooting that issue. any ideas?16:41
Kroachcan I make ls skip directories and show files only?16:41
alecbI was using ubuntu an hour ago with no issues. Now, I boot up, log in, and X crashes and brings me back to the login screen. no idea what's going on. what do I do?16:41
wilee-nileealecb, Any updates?16:42
alecbwilee-nilee: in between an hour ago and now? nothing explicit I did.16:43
packywilee-nilee that hasn't seemed to be the cure.... still hanging... have returned grub to previous condition16:43
wilee-nileepacky, You had more than one grub menu addition right?16:43
wilee-nileeand did you update-grub before rebooting?16:44
packywilee-nilee no.. only changed "quiet splash" to "nomodeset quiet splash" and then updated grub16:44
packywilee-nilee and then rebooted16:44
wilee-nileepacky, Not sure then you had said it booted with nomodeset, all you did was add it to grub, as if you had done at the boot menu.16:45
packywilee-nilee yes, and yet when you press E grafix mode was still set to $linuxgfxmode16:46
bhaveshWhy can I not upgrade from an LTS release to a non-LTS release?16:46
wilee-nileepacky, There is probably a driver setup for your computer, so I would pursue that on the channel.16:46
wilee-nileebhavesh, You can what are you trying to update to and from what release.16:47
betfanhttp://tinyurl.com/c3cvxz3   best soccer tips site... i`ve bought from them16:47
packywilee-nilee i'm back to giving that ppa a try16:47
wilee-nileepacky, which ppa16:48
bhaveshwilee-nilee, from Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS to Ubuntu 13.04 scheduled to be released tomorrow16:48
wilee-nileebhavesh, You need to go through 12.1016:48
packywilee-nilee sudo apt-add-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa16:48
humehi all - I'm running 12.10 on a Samsung laptop, and would like to use a BT mouse - but it does not connect. The mouse is identified by the bluetooth daemon, but it does not connect. Anyone got ideas on how to work with this?16:48
bhaveshwilee-nilee, okay.16:48
dummyanwilee-nilee, it was xterm - if you are interested :)16:48
packywilee-nilee sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings16:49
wilee-nileepacky, What does the current without the ppa do.16:49
stat_viKroach: I don't know a direct solution using ls for that, but you can use grep to filter out dirs, for examlple: `ls -F | grep -v "/$"16:50
packywilee-nilee i'm hoping an update in the drivers will cure my screen hanging16:50
wilee-nileedummyan, Heh, out of my pay range. ;)16:51
Kroachstat_vi: that'll do, thanks16:51
bhaveshwilee-nilee, Will I retain all my installed applications if I upgrade to  Ubuntu 12.10?16:52
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faisalthecodercan any one give solution.......... I am using ubantu parallel with windows 7.I hav given 30 gb for ubantu but i want to incerse it.is it possible without formatting if yes write solution16:53
wilee-nileebhavesh, Yeah you should, just be sure any 3rd party repos are off. Personally I clone all my installs just to be safe.16:53
wilee-nileeyou will check any third party repos if you have any after the upgrade top see if still valid. bhavesh16:54
sybrekhi .. anyone here with knowledge about postfix ? i want to know more about a specific email found in mail.log. Can i glean the user who has sent the email ? or even better how he sent it ?16:54
wilee-nileefaisalthecoder, This a install of ubuntu from windows a wubi?16:55
bhaveshwilee-nilee, okay, thank you.16:57
wilee-nileefaisalthecoder, If this is a wubi, note that it has been discontinued as of tomorrows 13.04 release, however here is the wiki on resizing. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ResizeandDuplicateWubiDisk16:57
GeekDudeI just (re) installed ubuntu, and configured GRUB to proplery display my second hard drive (was not connected during OS installation for safety), and used Boot Repair to make some changes (Had to fix a video input/output problem wiht my monitor), and after all that, I ran the 300 or so updates it wanted. During the updates, it mentioned something about GRUB (something like changed configuration files), and I chose to display the fi16:57
GeekDudeles side by side for comparison. Nothing happened, and now I'm concerned that I missed a GRUB update or something.16:57
faisalthecoder@wille-nilee bot are install in parallel16:58
wilee-nileeGeekDude, How did you configure grub to see the second HD, a update-grub alone should have found it.16:58
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GeekDudewilee-nilee, Added "(HD1) /dev/sdb" to "/boot/grub/devices.map" and ran "update-grub"16:59
GeekDudesdb was disconnected during OS installation.16:59
wilee-nileeGeekDude, A update-grub would have found it grub2 reads a sdXX any other customizations of grub?17:00
GeekDudewilee-nilee, I used boot repair to fix a glitch with my graphics card, had to enable a special setting.17:01
* GeekDude looks up what it was again17:01
faisalthecoder@wilee-nile what is wubi?17:01
billy_hello, im having trouble connecting my new computer building on ubuntu 12.04 to the internet. the ethernet driver isnt loading and im not sure what i should do17:02
wilee-nileeGeekDude, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152842817:02
GeekDudewilee-nilee, "Input signal out of range, please use 1280x1024" something like that17:02
wilee-nileebilly_, Run lspci in the teminal and post the wireless card17:02
wilee-nileebilly_, Or the ethernet17:03
billy_hello wilee-nilee, im using a usb wireless card but i cant even connect with an ethernet cable17:03
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Not sure what you have done to grub to be honest but if it were me I would purge it and reload it you have used a hackneyed approach.17:04
wilee-nileeGeekDude, resolutions are changed here gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub then run a update-grub17:05
billy_wilee-nilee: lspci - Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Ar8161 gigabit etherent (rev 10)17:05
kumpaanyone using i3 here ?17:05
GeekDudewilee-nilee, It's working, I'm just concerned about the prompt I got while running the system updates.17:05
billy_i found a linux driver that supposedly will work but i cant compile17:05
billy_as i have no internet connection and no build-essentials17:06
dhciI have a webcam w/ microphone and I'm trying to record with it; I see the device listed with arecord -l can someone look at my paste.org entry for this?17:06
wilee-nileebilly_, You have a 32 bit set up?17:06
billy_no its 64 bit17:06
GeekDudewilee-nilee, If I do purge and reload, (Why are all my problems grub related, in nearly every ubuntu install ¬_¬), how would I do it?17:07
billy_i see this17:08
billy_but its saying to install build-essential17:08
billy_i have no internet17:08
dhcii think module snd-usb-audio is responsible perhaps it doesn't want to list the microphone input device, but rather just outputs (didn't even think a webcam would have audio output17:08
billy_im wondering if i need to download all these build-essential packages manually17:08
wilee-nileebilly_, I see this fix, however I believe the quantal stack bricks a 64bit install, so be sure to check on this. http://askubuntu.com/questions/257852/ubuntu-12-04-not-recognizing-atheros-ar8161-gigabit-ethernet17:08
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SkinnyVAnybody could help me getting my web server operationnal? I'm very new to linux and everything is installed but when i try to connect to the webpage it ask for documentroot password17:11
maheanuuIaOra Hello to all,   I am showing "Pending" when I go to the print que, and cannot seem to get the printer to print, I am using Ubuntu 12.04.217:11
wilee-nileeGeekDude, This  UEFI setup?17:11
GeekDudewilee-nilee, UEFI?17:12
wilee-nileeSkinnyV, You mignt try #ubuntu-server17:12
wilee-nilee!uefi | GeekDude17:12
ubottuGeekDude: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:12
servvsis there any recommended VM software for ubuntu?17:12
Dougie187What environment variable controls the tab name in gnome-terminal?17:12
GeekDudewilee-nilee, I don't think I'm using UEFI. Should I go google how to purge and reinstall grub?17:13
lmatI have a small problem.17:13
lmatI am working on setting up multiple monitors on my desktop.17:13
wilee-nileeGeekDude, GeekDude,  sudo apt-get purge grub grub-common grub-pc && sudo apt-get install grub-common grub-pc will purge and reload, when asked where grub goes it should be the MBR sdX of the ubuntu install's HD17:14
lmat(KDE) And I got 3 monitors working just fine without any voodoo.17:14
lmatI tried setting up four monitors, and two of the monitors stopped working.17:14
lmatUnfortunately, the settings window is on one of those monitors! What should I do to turn off some extra monitors so I can go about setting up the system again?17:14
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Okay.17:14
wilee-nileeGeekDude, YOU can copy and paste that whole command to the terminal.17:14
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Should I do this from a liveUSB?17:14
wilee-nileeGeekDude, No the desktop, a live cd you would need to chroot in and not use sudo.17:15
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Be sure you are not UEFI, I think you would know it is a different install in general, this will not work in a uefi setup.17:16
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions17:16
lmataww away you can help?17:16
meerkatat what time is the release planned?17:17
GeekDudewilee-nilee, It uses the default BIOS as far as I know. It is a used computer, though. I reformatted the hard drive twice, but I don't know if that matters.17:18
wilee-nileeGeekDude, You are probably not uefi then, it is the newer safeboot by MS.17:18
GeekDudewilee-nilee, The second (currently disconnected) drive is XP17:19
wilee-nileeGeekDude, You can run sudo fdisk -l to confirm the ubuntu HD probably sda that is where grub goes when asked if it is sda, use the space key to tick it.17:20
SkinnyVAnybody could help me getting my web server operationnal? I'm very new to linux and everything is installed but when i try to connect to the webpage it ask for documentroot password17:20
GeekDudeubunto HDD is definetly sda17:20
HerbertWesthello there... ubuntu 13.04 release tomorrow?17:21
wilee-nileethen run sudo update-grub after the reload just to be safe and it should oick up the XP GeekDude17:21
wilee-nileeHerbertWest, Yes17:21
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GeekDudewilee-nilee, Okay.17:21
maheanuuCould someone possibly help me with a printer problem Using Ubunut 12.04.217:21
HerbertWestwilee-nilee good news ty17:21
GeekDudewilee-nilee, /dev/sda or /dev/sda1?17:22
GeekDudeboth are options17:22
wilee-nileemaheanuu, Have you tried the printers to see if driver is available?17:22
wilee-nileeGeekDude, sda that is the mbr17:22
GeekDudewilee-nilee, What does "mbr" mean? "sda" is the main hard drive, and "sda1" is the ubuntu partition.17:23
Awwlmat, I'm here sorry just saw your message17:23
maheanuuwilee-nilee, the printer is shown installed and sometimes prints but at the moment it is showing a "Pending" notice in the print que and I cannot clear it or do not know how to clear it17:24
wilee-nileeGeekDude, master boot record, the first 512MB of the HD, that is where the bootloader goes in this context sda1 has the other related files already.17:24
GeekDudewilee-nilee, So just "/sda", no partition selected17:24
wilee-nileemaheanuu, do a reboot I have found the printer ti be problematic if you cancel a print in general.17:25
asd123asdqweHello, I have a problem.17:25
wilee-nileeGeekDude, No partition the partition has the files needed already, you are reloading the master boot record that boots the computer.17:25
maheanuuwilee-nilee, Ok, going to do that now, will return with results in a couple of mins17:26
wilee-nileewindows does the same thing here with printing17:26
asd123asdqweInserted blank cd-rw, ubuntu identified it. Then successfully burnt some mp3 to it, it popped out. Inserted again and now it doesn't even identify the disk.17:26
asd123asdqweHelp, please.17:26
asd123asdqweReboot didn't work.17:26
wilee-nileeasd123asdqwe, How did you burn it?17:27
GeekDudewilee-nilee, The command is now finished. "update-grub" here I come17:27
raven_3 active monitors: how to use the internal video card in addition to two monitors on a nvidia card? did a great mess up today trying to find out the values of the internal hardware to enter it into xorg.conf - no success - how to do it right?17:27
asd123asdqwewilee-nilee, default cd/dvd burner. Moved files and pressed burn, then OK.17:27
asd123asdqwewilee-nilee, now, when I insert it it starts spinning for a moment and then nothing happens.17:28
PraxiWorking on a shell script, how do I echo a variable?  Does this look correct?  echo "The backups were succesfully copied from $backup_files to $destination17:28
wilee-nileeasd123asdqwe, I have not seen that work in a long time but I gave up on it a while ago, I use brasero, you can blank the cd from brasero probably17:28
gosihi all17:29
GeekDudewilee-nilee, What file do I edit for grub2 settings?17:29
asd123asdqwewilee-nilee, I have this program, it says please insert disc.17:30
wilee-nileeGeekDude, What type of edit?17:30
confreyhi everybody17:30
wilee-nileeasd123asdqwe, can you explain that more?17:30
asd123asdqweNow the problem is that ubuntu does not sees inserted cd-rw disc. Any suggestions?17:30
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Changing the resoluton to "1280x1024 -60hz"17:31
wilee-nileeGeekDude, gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub17:31
confreyI've a 10.04, after installing it it asked me for installing STABroadcomWL driver17:31
confreyso I had my wireless working17:31
confreyafter installing 2.6.38 kernel, I haven't it yet17:31
wilee-nileeGeekDude, this line remove the # and set the resolution and run a update-grub #GRUB_INIT_TUNE="480 440 1"17:32
confreyhow can I recompile and install that moduel from its sources, already installed?17:32
_0xDE1337Are there mirrors to default apt repos? My university priorities connections to .edu addresses and having a mirror run by another university would really speed up package installs.17:32
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Sorry this line my bad #GRUB_GFXMODE=640x48017:32
raven_3 active monitors: how to use the internal video card in addition to two monitors on a nvidia card? did a great mess up today trying to find out the values of the internal hardware to enter it into xorg.conf - no success - how to do it right?17:33
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Okay. I was a bit confused...17:33
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lmatAww: In KDE, do you know how to close a window with keyboard/17:34
lmatAww: Or move a window with keyboard? Either would be immensely helpful!17:34
Awwlmat, I don't sorry :/17:34
GeekDudeout of curiosity, the difference between sudo and gksudo?17:34
MonkeyDustAww  lmat alt-f417:34
GeekDudewilee-nilee, ^17:34
mong_0xDE1337: something like this? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors17:35
MonkeyDustGeekDude  h-gksudo is for graphical applications, sudo is for the terminal17:35
DATCHANAwat's up17:35
lmatAww: I think I got it!17:35
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Despite changes, it still gives the error. I'll just use the boot-repair program for it instead of trying something manual.17:35
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Cool you got the correction, sorry about that.17:35
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Cool, what errors are you getting?17:36
_0xDE1337mong: I think so yes. Can I change my sources.list to that server?17:36
wilee-nileeGeekDude, I ask as it may be a XP problem is all.17:36
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Happens while the XP drive is disconnected as well17:37
mong_0xDE1337: i've not tried this, but i don't see any reason why not17:37
raven_3 active monitors: how to use the internal video card in addition to two monitors on a nvidia card? did a great mess up today trying to find out the values of the internal hardware to enter it into xorg.conf - no success - how to do it right?17:37
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Can you just run the bootinfo summary from the bootrepair and describe or pastebin the errors as well as the info summary?17:37
GeekDudewilee-nilee, BootRepair fixes this by "Uncomment GRUB_GFXMODE (solves the [no-signal / out-of-range] error)"17:38
wilee-nileeGeekDude, What resolution are you trying to set, it may not be available.17:38
asd123asdqwewilee-nilee, what additional information should I give?17:38
mong_0xDE1337: i have also stumbled upon this info: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37753/how-can-i-get-apt-to-use-a-mirror-close-to-me-or-choose-a-faster-mirror17:38
DATCHANAhow to know admin username and password on web site17:39
PiciDATCHANA: What web site?17:39
maheanuuwilee-nilee, No change printer still not printing and cannot clear "Pending" in print cue17:39
GeekDudewilee-nilee, The error was the same before and after I changed the resolution override line. Ubuntu just has mixed feelings with my gfx card. (It also messes up the shutdown GUI, makes it purple with random colored pixels around the ubuntu logo)17:40
wilee-nileeasd123asdqwe, YOU described a mp3 then "I have this program, it says please insert disc"17:40
PiciDATCHANA: That has nothing to do with Ubuntu support.17:40
_0xDE1337thanks mong I will look into that. Not at my main machine right now.17:40
DATCHANApici: wat else next17:41
maheanuuI had a problem about 2 weeks ago and had to re install 12.04 after an upgrade ate my lunch and took me totally down.  The computer has been shakey since the re install and still trying to get back to even17:41
PiciDATCHANA: If you're trying to break into someone else's website you won't find any support for that on this IRC network.17:41
Pici!illegal | DATCHANA17:41
ubottuDATCHANA: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o17:41
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Anyways, my initial problem/concern is fixed17:41
asd123asdqwewilee-nilee, YOU said to try Brasero, I ran it, it can't see cd-rw too, it says "please insert disc"17:41
wilee-nileeGeekDude, if the grub is stock do you get a grub menu with XP there as well?17:41
zebmckey /load .xchat2/budus.so17:42
GeekDudewilee-nilee, I do get a grub menu with XP on it, but only after using boot-repair to fix the input range error.17:42
compdocmaheanuu, re install 12.04 from scratch?17:42
blindpanda1sorry to get offtopic, but is there an index of freenode channels?17:42
ubottuxbmc: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:42
wilee-nileeasd123asdqwe, Ah, not sure really.17:42
maheanuucompdoc, yes and did a upgrade as it installed17:42
blindpanda1xbmc was that for me?17:43
compdocmaheanuu, sounds like a hardware problem. you ever check the hard drives SMART data?17:43
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Cool, have you checked that grub edit menu after the bootrepair and seen what it does?17:43
DATCHANApici: can u tell me the terminal code for download j downlader17:43
PiciDATCHANA: I don't know what that is.17:44
asd123asdqweDoes somebody else have some ideas about ubuntu not recognizing CD-RW?17:44
DATCHANAit is a smart downloader used for download purpose17:44
blindpanda1this channel has quite the google presence it seems... #1 for "usa legal irc chat channel" ... is there a freenode index where i might find the right chan?17:45
_0xDE1337mong: Looks like the automatic mirrors return a text file based on geoip but I need .edu address so I will need to do it manually.17:45
wilee-nileeGeekDude, When yo run bootrepair it gives you a url for the bootinfo summary, I would run it first, do the fix and compare the two.17:45
maheanuucompdoc, Now my printer prints when it decides it wants to, and at present is stuck in pending,17:45
stat_viblindpanda1: /list ?17:45
Pici!alis | blindpanda117:45
ubottublindpanda1: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:45
asd123asdqwewhat is russian channel?17:45
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:45
asd123asdqweOh, nice17:45
wilee-nileeGeekDude, It also describes fixes in the summary.17:45
=== asd123asdqwe is now known as APV1996
maheanuucompdoc, I do not believe that it is the hard disk, I had no problems until I started the upgrades about a month and a half ago and now I am shakey to say the least17:46
DATCHANAsorry it doest look like code17:46
compdocmaheanuu, coincidences like that happen every day. It doesnt hurt to check the smart data - just open Disk Utility17:47
maheanuucomp doc, DU says disk is healthy and I ran a check and no change17:50
compdocmaheanuu, excellent17:51
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Sorry, back, I had to go and play "catch the rolling trash cans in the extremely windy rain"17:51
maheanuucompdoc, ran DU and it reports disk healthy17:51
maheanuuNow what can I do to clear up a printing problem?17:52
wilee-nileeGeekDude, Any youtube links, lol17:53
fidelhi, i am running 12.04 64bit - using lightdm & gnome-shell. it happens from time to time that i dont see any desktop items on my desktop after logging in. that happens only sometimes so i cant really reproduce it. Restarting lightdm helps at that point - but it would be great if someone could offer me some help in troubleshooting that issue. any ideas?17:53
GeekDudewilee-nilee, Sorry, I was more concerned that our sprouting seedlings had blown off of our porch at the time17:53
maheanuuLooks like we're about to undergo a rain squall or more, the air is really heavy here17:56
maheanuuAre there any printer experts in the room today, I need help in setting my epson R200 up where it will do what I want it to do, as it does nothing at present17:57
cebordoes somebody know, the exactly time of the new ubuntu release ?18:03
Myrtticebor: "tomorrow UK time"18:06
cebor@ 0:00 ?18:06
PiciWhen its done.18:06
genii-aroundAnd so it begins.18:07
Myrtticebor: no, tomorrow. probably during office hours.18:07
MonkeyDustcebor  sudp apt-get install globaltime to know the time around the globe18:08
dev_scan anyone help18:11
derbarbcan someone help me? im trying to use duplicity to restore a backed up directory but it's asking for a gnupg passphrase and i never set one.18:12
dev_si just installed turbogear on my machine using application installation but i am getting it that how i can access it in the machine18:12
dev_si mean which directory it got installed18:13
HeKToN guys when I restart my Ubuntu many windows are opening with errors like dolphin for example. How can I get rid off this18:14
HeKToNIt tries to open some old files which don`t even exist anymore18:14
=== unop_ is now known as unop
dtcrshrcan anyone help me with dependencies, apt-get and stuff?18:17
sporkeee!details | dtcrshr18:18
ubottudtcrshr: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:18
Fuzzleshow come now i have no drivers in additional drivers normally my graphics shows, and its the same machine just a reinstall18:18
dtcrshrwell, it asks for a bunch of dependencies, and suggest to run apt-get install -f to fix it, what dont happen18:19
dtcrshrill make a pastebin, just a sec18:19
dev_si just installed turbogear on my machine using application installation but i am getting it that how i can access it in the machine18:20
dev_si just installed turbogear on my machine using application installation but i am getting it that how i can access it in the machine18:20
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=== rcerny is now known as miup
dtcrshranyone? i cant install anything with this apt lockup.. what should i remove?18:36
=== juju_ is now known as sunu_
iLogicalat which hour of 25th aprill will it come out?18:36
iLogicali mean 13.0418:36
bazhangiLogical, not known18:37
wilee-nileeiLogical, Be careful in upgrading at that time though.18:37
invariantWho/what controls/decides whether a particular version of a package will ever enter precise?18:41
BluesKajdtcrshr, sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a18:41
lonnieAnyone willing to read this issue I'm having and make a comment: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/117215118:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172151 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "ASUS F75A wi-fi disabled by hardware switch" [Undecided,New]18:42
dtcrshrthanks BluesKaj ill give a shot18:43
Gear_is it possible to downgrade an application and use an older version?18:45
Gear_I want to use VLC 1.1.918:45
Gear_I just built a video wall of 2x2 screens, but the video wall function in the new vlc doesn't work18:46
wilee-nileeGear_, You can force and lock in synaptic if you install it.18:46
wilee-nileeGear_, If that version is available.18:46
Gear_how do I check if it's available?18:46
Gear_from this windows machine, the video wall is in another room18:47
wilee-nileeGear_, Look in the ubuntu software center I guess to start with18:47
wilee-nileeGear_, I suspect you will have to custom install it.18:47
Gear_do you know how I could do that with linux mint?18:48
wilee-nilee!mint | Gear_18:48
ubottuGear_: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:48
Gear_I'm willing to change to literally any OS that will allow me to do this18:48
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MonkeyDustGear_  maybe there's a different solution - what makes that version of VLC so special?19:04
Gear_MonkeyDust: it's the last version which supported the "video wall" function19:05
MartynKeigherwhat verison of vlc u need???19:05
Gear_you could specify 2x2 or 2x3 or however many monitors and split the vidoe into that many windows with that aspect ratio19:05
Gear_I just built a videowall but I can't use it now19:05
Gear_I need 1.1.919:06
Gear_but I don't know how to build it19:06
MartynKeigheryou need it??19:06
MartynKeigher http://www.filehippo.com/download_vlc_32/19:06
MartynKeigherlook at list on right.19:06
OerHeksMartynKeigher, that is the windows vlc19:07
_0xDE1337Having issues installing 12.10 on my MacBook Pro. I have rEFIend installed and I am following this (http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx) guide to make bootable USB19:07
_0xDE1337But I am getting an error when I try to boot from it19:08
MartynKeigherah my bad...didnt realise i was in ubuntu room! lol19:08
MartynKeighersorry!!! :(19:08
Gear_anyway, I can't use the videowall I built until I can get 1.1.9 or earlier working19:08
foutianyone who can help me with iptables and here?19:08
Gear_I have the archive of the early versions but I'm not sure how to build it and make it work19:09
_0xDE1337Specifically I get "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key19:10
foutiI've got a vpn connection to a remote host which is running all fine...however when the vpn is connected I can't then ssh to my box using the public ip of the box....I understand i need to change some routing tables so that ssh packets are not routed to the vpn tunnel but instead back to eth0 but I've got no idea how do do that..19:10
MartynKeigherhopefully that link makes up for my windows DL link before! sorry again. see ya later19:10
foutiany pointers appreciated :)19:12
Gear_that's how to build the latest version but thanks anyway19:13
Fuzzlesi reinstalled 12.04 and my graphics card doesnt show in additional drivers anymore why?19:13
bazhangfouti, try #netfilter19:13
vithGear_: you could try installing from a .deb here; can't say for sure it will work though http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/natty/universe/base/vlc19:15
human_userQuestion: Which motherboard is built in the System76 Ratel Performance??19:17
Gear_also I'm using mint, butI there isn't a mint channel19:17
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:18
vithGear_: there is a mint channel, it just isn't on this network19:18
milanhey guys , i need help and i need it fas19:18
milani want to install ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS , and i did but it freezes after boot like evry other distro , so i need to19:19
Gear_do you think building a 2 year old version of vlc will actually work?19:19
wilee-nileeGear_, ##linuxmint19:19
=== xnomad_ is now known as khaled
milaninstall amd catalyst 13.3 to make it work , how can i do that when i cant get to terminal or anything but i can make it work in low graphic mode19:19
transit441why cant you get into terminal milan19:20
milanit freezes on bacground wallpaper screen . no panel , no nothing19:21
jhutchins_wkmilan:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto19:21
milanjust purple screen19:21
ZLQUESTION: Is amd ati mobility radeon hd 4650 laptops got high heat ?19:22
jhutchins_wkZL: That's a subjective question.  Does yours?19:22
milani have this problem with ubuntu 12.10 13.04, kubuntu19:23
shafoxhi i have ubuntu 10.04 lte , it was wokring fine till this evening i did a restart and from then onwards i can only see the black screen nothing else pops up. how to fix that ?19:23
milanbut i want this LTS, and i cant get it to work, it works only with amd catalyst 13.3 , how can i install it from low graphc recovery mode19:23
T-Gunni have an ubuntu VM, it has worked great. i just created another user, when i log into it the screen flickers black and windows that were just closed flicker when i hover over the shortcut bar on the left19:25
aelfrichello @ all19:25
T-Gunnwhat could cause this?19:25
ZLi have samsung R522 with Core2Duo 2.0GHz 4 gb ram and AMD ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 4650 but when i run Ubuntu 12,10 the heat increase dramaticly19:26
ZLwhat to do?19:26
milandid you installed updates?19:26
ZLall of them19:27
milanwell can u get to terminal?19:27
ZLbut now 12.10 is crashed... im in windows now... :(19:27
milando you have ati or nvidia gpu19:27
ZLits AMD ATI19:28
ZL4650 model19:28
aelfricIch have a upgrade fro 12.10 to 13.04 an my graficmode are 640x480 i have try to install the Nvidia Current, 304 and 310 all without changes....grafic card are GT56019:28
CapprenticeHave anyone tried "Oracle Developer Studio" ? How it differs from JDeveloper ? How to install it ? Im seeing .cpio archive only. How to do the instalation ?19:28
wilee-nileeZL, Is this a Ubuntu install from windows?19:28
ZLvia wubi19:29
milanZL, just install amd ati catalyst 13.3 via terminal19:29
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:29
wilee-nileeZL, So what is your definition of crash womt boot to the dektop?19:29
milanrestart it ll work19:29
enapupeis it out already?19:30
ZLWilee-nilee when i install it19:30
ZLi get crazy video options19:30
bazhangenapupe, no19:30
ZLi mean low video options19:30
CapprenticeHave anyone tried "Oracle Developer Studio" ? How it differs from JDeveloper ? How to install it ? Im seeing .cpio archive only. How to do the instalation ?19:30
enapupebazhang: when?19:30
bazhangenapupe, not known yet19:30
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:30
ZLits crashed becouse of the catalyst19:30
bazhang!13.04 | enapupe19:30
ubottuenapupe: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+119:30
enapupebazhang: maybe the first 'not .4'?19:31
wilee-nileeZL, As of tomorrow wubi is no longer a part of the latest release, it is a tryout option at best for a transfer to a partition or a fresh install, you might consider a regular partitioned install.19:31
Capprenticejhutchins_wk, may be you can help !?19:31
milando you maybe know how can i install amd catalyst from recovery mode19:31
milanor is it even possible, i cant get into normal mode, 12.04 freezes19:32
wilee-nileeZL, As well there is like one user on the ubnut forum that provides support and virtually no one here unless that user shows up. ;)19:32
ZLwilee-nilee: ok i will fresh install it19:32
jhutchins_wkCapprentice: Your best source of info for installing that would be from Oracle.19:32
kitanaubuntu 12.04 comes whit grub2?19:32
ZLtomorrow when 13.04 is out19:32
ZLto try it19:33
wilee-nileekitana, Yes19:33
ZLit might have no problem with the heat :)19:33
Capprenticewhat is a .cpio archieve anyway ? is it a super compressed archieve like .uha available in windows ?19:33
ZLand if there is no problem with the heat... i`ll install it fresh :) but still i wanna install it besides Windows19:33
jhutchins_wkCapprentice: Google can tell you about it.19:33
ZLbecouse there is some software which still can`t be runned under ubuntu19:34
jhutchins_wkCapprentice: cpio is often used with tape systems.19:34
wilee-nileeZL, Dual booting is better than canning a OS is my personal opinion. I use Windows for word.19:34
soulflare3VMs work great19:34
jhutchins_wkwilee-nilee: I much prefer vi to word.19:34
Xtremehey guys. I have a bluetooth headphone, i have install pulse and configured it with a2dp. i have pavucontrol and everything. but when i try to record (capture), my laptop mic is used instead of headset.19:35
Xtremehow can i fix it19:35
soulflare3is it associated via bluetooth?19:35
jhutchins_wkXtreme: What software are you trying to record with?19:35
soulflare3vi is amazingly powerful19:35
ZLwilee-nilee: maybe i`ll need some lessons about that :)19:35
Xtremejhutchins_wk, skype. but pavmeter cant even identify anything from it19:36
jhutchins_wkwilee-nilee: What about open/libre office?19:36
=== bac_ is now known as bac
wilee-nileejhutchins_wk, A okay doc writer, however I'm in grad school and libreoffice does not run plugins needed, besides even though I started on open source windows 8 has its uses, ;)19:37
Xtremejhutchins_wk, any suggestions?19:37
soulflare3AbiWord is a pretty powerful document writer19:37
wilee-nileeneither touches word in real world scenarios for full usage.19:38
XtremePS: i cant see my BH in input device in pavucontrol19:38
CapprenticeXtreme, install "audio recorder". Search on google. Audio recorder may be able to record from skype. It has the ability to choose specific apps for recording.19:43
XtremeCapprentice, i dint get you..19:44
Xtremei am trying to get my bluetooth mic work19:44
Xtremenot record skype19:44
soulflare3is the bluetooth service running?19:44
Capprenticewilee-nilee, What about installing kWord ? (calligra author), far more advanced than Libreoffice.19:45
Xtremesoulflare3, yes.. i am currently listening "whistle- flo rida" on it19:45
=== luigi_ is now known as 16WAAS3DS
soulflare3so it's playing back audio, but the mic isn't functioning, correct?19:45
Xtremesoulflare3, yes19:46
* monaco BRB me kqyr football19:48
lifeboyIs anyone here who knows dhcpd?  It seems since v2.4.2 ISC dhcp-server is ignoring client id's with zero length and will ignore a length of one in future as well.  My question is, how does one set the client length when using a PXE boot client.19:48
markovhis there a list of phones that ubuntu can run on?19:50
Xtremesoulflare3, :|19:50
bazhang!touch | markovh19:50
ubottumarkovh: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch19:50
soulflare3Xtreme, have you tried blueman?19:51
lmatWhat window manager is this? http://techhamlet.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/pear-os.jpg19:51
lmatpear os.19:51
Xtremesoulflare3, blueman is already installed19:51
lmatI would like to make my kubuntu look like mac.19:51
jhutchins_wklmat: Might find some discussion at kde.org19:52
mikeywaiteshey guys anyone upgraded to nginx 1.4 yet??19:52
soulflare3Xtreme, did you use blueman to setup the device or another application?19:53
Xtremeyes i used blueman19:54
chloehello sham19:54
jhutchins_wkCapprentice: BTW your cpio packages are likely to be intended for osX.19:54
cod3r9/mode $me +x19:57
Xtrememic doesnt work for A2DP?19:57
CapprenticeXtreme, have you tried to select the right port or hardware in Pavucontrol ?19:59
XtremeCapprentice, tried all. no luck20:00
lifeboyThis is the version (ISC-DHCP-Server) that comes with Ubuntu 12.0420:00
=== school is now known as Tux
XtremeCapprentice, soulflare3 got the bluetooth mic to work in pavucontrol.20:01
Xtremenow i can see it there and even moves when i tap my headphones.20:01
Xtremebut no software is able to use it :(20:01
tliimfeehey, I'm looking to connect to a wifi network using iwconfig20:02
CapprenticeCan u atleat give a try to "Audio Recorder" ?20:02
tliimfeeI'm using "iwconfig wlan0 essid NETWORK_ID key s:WIRELESS_KEY" but I'm getting invalid argument20:02
bjensenIm trying to install ubuntu 12.04.2 lts onto a server using an USB stick..which image should I use?20:02
burflhey folks, i am ssh'd into a vps server running 12.10 amd64 and trying to run the command "go install" as root.  "sudo 'go install' "  fails, reporting "sudo: go install: command not found"20:03
soulflare3bjensen, Either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your server20:03
lmatWhy isn't there a mac-looking linux window manager? I'm thoroughly surprised!20:03
lmatI guess I know what I'll do for the next couple years ^_^20:04
bjensensoulflare3: right. But can it really be that the image file only is on 700 mb?20:04
soulflare3lmat, there are themes for gnome that look like macs20:04
vltburfl: What did you expect?20:04
lmatLet it be known that I don't like Mac for anything. I don't even like the way it looks. I just want the people on my team to think I have a mac...20:04
lmatsoulflare3: yeah, that's what I'm doing now.20:04
burflvlt: i expect it to run the "go install" command, which is the compiler for the Go programming language20:04
soulflare3bjensen, yes, the image files for Ubuntu can be small, it's a base install. If you want other software you install it after20:05
bjensenWhen I make the bootable USB stick the installer wants me to mount the cd etc..but there isn't any..20:05
burflvlt: when i run "go install" alone, it fails because of permissions, but when I "sudo go install" it fails claiming there is no such command20:05
vltburfl: Is golang installed?20:06
burflvlt: it is, hence the permissions failure without sudo20:06
burflalso, i've already run a "go get"20:07
soulflare3burfl, can you just run sudo go and get a response?20:07
=== alan_ is now known as Guest60493
tliimfeeah, passphrase is currently not supported20:07
soulflare3installing go, maybe I can help find your problem20:08
burflsoulflare3 no20:08
opasnoohi does ubunto 12.04 come whit preconfigure iptables or do i need to use Gufw?20:08
burflsame thing20:09
soulflare3burfl, installing go on my machine, about 2 min20:09
mitussguys how can i clean my usb stick of viruses ?20:09
bjensenvlan-modules using an install..is that to support wifi?20:09
burflsoulflare3: thank you20:10
opasnoomituss:  format it20:10
mitussis there any software under ubuntu20:10
mitussi tryed it20:10
mitussbut does't work20:10
soulflare3mituss, You can get ClamAV or Avast Home Edition for Ubuntu20:10
mitussi need something to see every hidden files on it20:10
MonkeyDustmituss  use gparted to delete all on the usb stick20:10
opasnoomituss:  when you format usb it delets all20:11
mitussi know there was on hiren's boot cd a program to list all files writen on usb20:12
mitusson my stick it does not20:12
opasnoomituss:  omg when you format usb drive it shoud delete all hiden or not hiden files20:12
MonkeyDustmituss  gparted sees it as a partition, simply delete the partition20:12
soulflare3burfl, run sudo apt-get install --reinstall go20:12
guntbertopasnoo: you need to set firewall rules yourself - doesn't matter how you do it20:13
soulflare3burfl, run sudo apt-get install --reinstall golang *sorry20:13
mitussopasnoo belive me after a slow format and even after a clear 0 format it stil finds something like syberia something something20:13
guntbert!firewall | opasnoo20:13
ubottuopasnoo: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE from Lucid onwards) also exist.20:13
opasnooguntbert:  so i am vurnable by defoult if i dont set20:13
burflsoulflare3: i didn't use apt-get to install in the first place, i downloaded the tarball and extracted it into a directory, then manually exported it to my path20:14
soulflare3you can just use it from the software sources, and it runs out of the box20:14
guntbertopasnoo: no, you are not - by default no services are running - so no vulnerability20:14
soulflare3sudo apt-get install golang20:14
opasnoomituss:  some older usb come whit inbuld files  but i dont know it this is your case and meybe you pc heas viruses so on autorun usb it copy it on usb20:15
mitussmy pc is clean as a wisle20:16
opasnooguntbert:  sorry i am not thet in firevals but i want block all ecept qbittorent, mozila, HoN, and synaptic20:16
mitussi tryed it even on a macintosh20:16
soulflare3mituss, your PC maybe, but whatever you stick that USB into has a potential to be infected20:17
CircleLhello, can someone please give me the command to shut down my Ubuntu system automatically after 2 hours?20:17
opasnooCircleL:  probably shutdown -t 30020:17
opasnooCircleL:  sorry aint 300 it is 72020:18
mitussi think i should trow it away :(( my 16g kingstone20:18
CircleLor 7200?20:18
soulflare3CircleL, sudo shutdown -time 12020:18
opasnooCircleL:  60x60x220:18
CircleLsoulflare3, opasnoo, thank you!20:19
opasnooCircleL:  at least in windows it is in secons20:19
soulflare3minutes on Ubuntu20:19
CircleLThis ain't windows :P20:19
lnxslckhello guys20:19
guntbertopasnoo: let me repeat: if there are no services listening on your host they cannot be exploited - so no firewall rules are needed - and those rules for outgoing requests you know from windows are rather unnecessary when "everyone" can know what every program does20:19
opasnooi go cry20:19
lnxslcki have a problem with my ubuntu 13.04, after installing blueman i got a white screen20:19
MonkeyDustmituss  I just explained how to erase the usb stick20:20
lnxslcklike a white wallpaper, and i can't set any other wallpaper20:20
lnxslckany ideas?20:20
burflsoulflare3: does that set the path appropriately?20:20
guntbert!enter | lnxslck20:20
ubottulnxslck: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:20
mitussi try it right now20:21
MonkeyDustmituss  with gparted, g-partition-editor20:21
opasnooguntbert:  i am kinda stupit i thinked a hacker can send some code into my pc even if no service is lisening on specific port20:21
soulflare3burfl, I ran go env, output: http://sf3soft.net/uploads/images/screenshots/Screenshot_at_2013-04-24_14:21:33.png20:21
opasnooguntbert:  so thet is inposible?20:22
CapprenticeCirceL, There is a program for scheduled shutdown, that works with 12.04. That is  "Qshutdown". Search on Software center.20:22
soulflare3Capprentice, CirceL left already20:23
Capprenticeopasnoo, you can install firewall builder, and firestarter.20:23
guntbertopasnoo: don't worry - first they need some sort of access - as long as you are careful what and from where you install and as long as you don't run everything as root you will be safe20:23
thmzzHello, i have a quick question. I have 2 DNS servers, and have setup a PTR record to my server (it works). My server is behind NAT, with local ip address and trying to add a vhost on my BNC, but it get bind fail. How can i solve this problem so i get my hostname instead of ip?20:23
Capprenticeopasnoo, you can check your open ports using "Umit". For better result visit : anonymitychecker.com20:24
Mathisin Ubuntu 12.04 is there a keyboard shortcut for opening a console?20:24
snugglthmzz: you need to tell the computer it has that hostname, else it cannot bind to it20:24
opasnooCapprentice:  does ubuntu come whit Umit20:24
thmzzsnuggl: so in /etc/hosts right ?20:25
snugglthmzz: as it wont resolve to itself via DNS i guess /etc/hosts20:25
opasnooCapprentice:  no20:25
Capprenticeopasnoo, nope. Install from USC20:25
ubottuUse hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.20:25
CapprenticeMathis: ctrl+alt+t20:25
thmzzMathis: Alt+F2 i think and write xterm20:25
Mathisthank you20:25
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thmzzsnuggl: thnx20:25
CapprenticeHave anyone tried "Oracle Developer Studio" ? How it differs from JDeveloper ? How to install it ? Im seeing .cpio archive only. How to do the instalation ?20:25
warren-hillMathis: CTRL+AL+T works too20:26
soulflare3modu1smr1213hazo, hi20:26
warren-hillMathis: CTRL+ALT+T works too (sorry)20:26
Capprentice!ask | modu1smr1213hazo20:26
ubottumodu1smr1213hazo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:26
Mathisthanks alot, it works20:26
Mathisbye :)20:26
aelgushow to know if my webcam have a ubuntu driver? When I plug it into the computer it is detect, and the camera file folder is opened automatically.20:26
soulflare3cristian_c, hi20:27
CapprenticeWhat is the current time now at your country ?!20:27
cristian_cI can't browse my android device via bluetooth20:27
warren-hillaelgus: how is webcam connected ? USB , LAN?20:28
opasnooCapprentice:   what to put in target?20:28
cristian_cI've found 'Browse Files on Device'20:28
aelguswarren-hill: USB20:28
MonkeyDustmituss  I just did what you try, it can be done with gparted20:28
cristian_cbut I get an error20:28
cristian_cAny ideas?20:28
soulflare3cristian_c, are you allowing connections on your android?20:28
cristian_csoulflare3, devices are paired20:29
cristian_cbetween them20:29
soulflare3cristian_c, have you tried using blueman to browse the device?20:30
warren-hillaelgus: with it not plugged in type "lsusb" in a terminal , plug it in wait  a few seconds and type "lsusb" again will tell you if it can be seen by ubuntu and Vid:pid20:30
opasnooCapprentice:   UMIT what to put in target dropbox doesntshow anyting?20:30
bjensenI am having this issue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/127398/usb-drive-install-of-ubuntu-12-04-server-fails-cant-find-components-from-cd-r I am on a mac and the solutions they propose doesn't include a mac..20:30
aelguswarren-hill: Bus 005 Device 003: ID 0912:2301 Voquette, Inc.20:30
CapprenticePlease read some guide on how to use a port scanner. You are doing something wrong.20:30
cristian_csoulflare3, yes20:30
aelguswarren-hill: this is the camera identification with lsusb. But the /dev/video0 is connected with my native laptop web cam20:31
aelguswarren-hill: why there's not a /dev/video1 ?20:31
warren-hillaelgus: also try installing cheese from software center. It will find your webcam if there is a driver for it20:32
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
aelguswarren-hill: i already installed it, but it didin't identified another web cam instead the native cam20:33
aelguswarren-hill: the native cam is working well, but this USB cam is not. That means that I haven't the specific driver?20:34
CapprenticeVideo for linux is a software that you can use I guess.20:34
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burflsoulflare3: apt-get installs an old version :(20:34
warren-hillaelgus: I think so. just Googling to see if I can find one20:34
texla12.04 ..update manager ..the setting button is greyed out cannot open to adjust settings20:34
opasnooCapprentice: i just put my ip and it seys all 1000 ports are closed it thet normal?20:35
pasqualefilm colpo fulmine20:35
aelguswarren-hill: I tried to install gspca, but it didin't build in the ubuntu 12.1020:35
CapprenticeI think so.20:35
warren-hillThis page https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam is old but may help you find a driver20:35
burflit's a young language, there are significant differences between stable versions20:35
aelguswarren-hill: if I give you the camera model, it may help?20:36
opasnooCapprentice:  thet is wierd shoudent it shoow some port are using mozila beacuse i am on irc right now?20:36
warren-hillmay do20:36
aelguswarren-hill: just a sec20:36
Capprenticeopasnoo, its normal. port 80 is for http.20:37
aelguswarren-hill: this one http://www.myrcmart.com/mini-dv-camera-hd-video-recorder-50-mega-pixels-1280x960-pixels-p-4913.html20:37
opasnooCapprentice:  but it sed all ports are 1000 ports are closed and i am using mozila on port 80 so WTF20:38
aelguswarren-hill: Specifications: Supporting system Windows me/2000/xp/203/Vista; Mac os 10.4; Linux20:38
aelguswarren-hill: but the cd driver have only a .exe file, not a linux archive20:39
opasnooCapprentice:  and when i scan other pc on netwoer it seys thet he hes 5 open ports 455,443,135,139,8020:39
warren-hillaelgus: can't find anything at the moment20:39
raven_3 active monitors: how to use the internal video card in addition to two monitors on a nvidia card? did a great mess up today trying to find out the values of the internal hardware to enter it into xorg.conf - no success - how to do it right?20:39
warren-hillIf you can20:39
aelguswarren-hill: I need to know a thing. If I buy a cam that have the drivers, when I plug it, will appear automatically a /dev/video1?20:41
Fuzzleshow come ubuntu doesnt show my graphics driver in additional driver anymore?20:41
opasnooCapprentice:  i will start torrent and if it dosent shoow anything i will unistall this thing20:41
warren-hillMay be worth a quick question on https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+questions or Ask Ubuntu; someone must know where to get and install driver20:41
aelguswarren-hill: I have afraid to buy a camera and it didin't work20:41
lmatI would like to get the package kwin-baghira. Everyone seems to say that it's in the repo (and there's even an ubuntu page on it, but apt-get won't get it.20:42
SmiloWhat do you guys think about 13.04?20:42
lmatIs there something like "alternate repositories" or something?20:42
SmiloDo you think its worth uprading20:42
aelguswarren-hill: I'm thinking to buy this one, in the box it says that it works in 2.6.0 linux kernel and above http://www.shopmania.com.br/webcams/p-genius-eface-2025-212334120:43
Picilmat: its in Hardy (8.04), but no release after that.20:43
warren-hillSorry I can't help more.  Ask on one of the forums .  If you already have the camera we may be able to find a driver , if you have not yet got the camera someone can recommend ones that work20:43
warren-hillHave to go , bye20:43
aelgusok thank you :)20:44
aelgusSomeone there's know a webcam model that works on Ubuntu 12.10?20:44
aelgusI need to access this web cam with OpenCV20:44
soulflare3my laptop's webcam worked out of the box...20:45
Picilmat: It looks like it was for KDE 3.5 anyway, and isn't likely to work with the current version of KDE anyway.20:45
aelgusneed to be an extra, USB web cam20:45
jribaelgus: most webcams probably work.  I have a logitech that works fine20:45
aelgusjrib: USB logitech?20:45
jribaelgus: yes20:45
aelgusjrib: its a PC or a laptop?20:46
jribaelgus: it's a tower... it shouldn't matter20:46
aelgusjrib: I'm asking because I have a native web cam in my laptop20:46
aelgusjrib: u think when i plug the new one, it will work ?20:47
wilee-nileeaelgus, There is a ubuntu wiki on certified working ones20:47
jribaelgus: I have no idea.  My experience is that most webcams seem to work fine20:47
lmatPici: What's the right way to make linux look like mac? :(20:47
soulflare3aelgus, The Logitech Webcam C210 works with Ubuntu 12.10 out of the box20:47
lmatPici: pear os seems to look like mac but what window manager do they use?20:47
jribaelgus: I would google "model-of-webcam ubuntu" and check the wiki link wilee-nilee mentioned20:47
aelgusjrib: Will do it20:48
aelgusBut it automatically create another /dev/video* ?20:48
aelgusbecause in Opencv i need to access it with an index20:48
wilee-nileeaelgus, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras20:48
soulflare3lmat, That looks a lot like the new Gnome 320:49
aelgusI'll try to get one of these, thank you guys20:50
iuyiuyCan someone help me with a wireless problem20:52
iuyiuyCan someone help me with a wireless problem20:52
mojtabaHi, Is there anyone who has worked with readpst command? Why it just skip some items?20:53
soulflare3iuyiuy, need more information20:53
MonkeyDust!info readpst20:54
ubottureadpst (source: libpst): Converts Outlook PST files to mbox and others. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.54-4 (quantal), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB20:54
iuyiuyCan someone help me with a wireless problem20:54
bazhangiuyiuy, details please20:54
soulflare3iuyiuy we need more info20:54
mojtabaMonkeyDust: I have installed it and I am converting my pst files, but it says almost xxx items skiped. Why is that?20:55
aelgusJust another question, maybe it is stupid but...if a webcam works with ubuntu 6.10 or 7.10 or 8.10 and etcetera, it will work with new ones line ubuntu 12.10?20:55
iuyiuybasicly when i installed ubuntu yesterday i turned my computer back on today and it wont detect any wireless networks and stuff.20:55
iuyiuyIm using a ethernet atm20:55
soulflare3aelgus, it should20:55
aelgussoulflare3: hmm, ok. Thank u :)20:55
iuyiuy@Soulflare3 i've given you the info20:56
uvalaI get maybe twice a session the error message "system problem detected"..it's been so on different machines for over half a year. is there a solution for this?20:56
texla12.04 ..update manager ..the setting button is greyed out cannot open to adjust settings20:56
soulflare3lmat, That is definitely Gnome, using the Faenza icon theme20:56
mojtabaMonkeyDust: I have installed it and I am converting my pst files, but it says almost xxx items skiped. Why is that?20:57
ZiberYeah, I've seen that "system problem detected' message, only rather recently.20:57
lmatsoulflare3: ahh20:58
lmatsoulflare3: Thanks :)20:58
deadweaselError in locking authority file.  <----  can't startx20:58
iuyiuySoulflare can you help now?20:58
deadweaselI removed X0-lock20:58
MonkeyDustmojtaba  never used it myself, i'm no help20:59
quidnuncDinstallException: 'Unknown distribution "quantal-backports" in "/var/cache/archive/mini-dinstall/incoming/gpac_0.5.0+svn4288~dfsg1-1ubuntu1~ubuntu12.10.1_source.changes <---- How do I fix this error when running mini-dinstall?20:59
iuyiuySoulflare can you help now?20:59
bjensenI just installed ubuntu lts 12.04.2 server edition on a encryped LVM. when it reboots it asks me of the passphrase. I insert it and nothing happens..20:59
iuyiuySoulflare can you help now?21:00
bjensenactually I can see the keyboard isn't getting any power...21:00
deadweaselError in locking authority file /home/user/.Xauthority        <----  can't startx after a reboot.  Alredy removed X0-lock...21:02
deadweaselError in locking authority file /home/user/.Xauthority        <----  can't startx after a reboot.  Alredy removed X0-lock....21:06
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genii-arounddeadweasel: Does ls -l /home/user/.Xauthority    show it's owned by "user"21:08
texla12.04 ..update manager ..the setting button is greyed out cannot open to adjust settings21:08
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dwwfeHi I have an issue installing the 'quota' package on 12.0421:17
dwwfeI got caught in a situation where I cannot install nor uninstall the package (it is incompletely installes I suppose)21:17
derpsup fools21:18
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dank101when will 13.04 come out21:19
nmycould someone help me with a pidgin problem?21:19
MonkeyDustdank101  about 24 hours from now21:19
deadweaselholy christ i need help.  Last time this happened I had to reformat from a backup.... and here I am again...21:19
dank101MonkeyDust :( fuuuuuu21:19
deadweaselUbuntu 12.04 x64...  Boots to login screen a-ok.  I put my PW in and it drops back to the login screen.  I press ctrl+alt_f2 to get to TTY and try 'startx' it says it's already running...21:20
Dr_willisdank101,  if you need it that badly. get the latest iso and just upgrade21:20
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  tried removeing/renameing your .Xauthority file yet?21:21
deadweaselno, will try that. standby..21:21
dank101Dr_willis, i know, but i still want it to come out21:21
darkrebasi tried the alsa_compile script from alsa, and im getting this output: alsa_utils_alsa-compile.sh: line 324: rpm: command not found21:21
darkrebasany ideas on what i can do?21:22
deadweaselok, I 'mv .Xauthority .Xauthority.bak'... still says it can't lock on to .Xauthority..21:22
zquadI installed the ppa and upgraded to gnome 3.6 on ubuntu 12.10, now many shortcut keys do not work eg alt+f2, any suggestions?21:22
deadweaselDr_willis: ok, I 'mv .Xauthority .Xauthority.bak'... still says it can't lock on to .Xauthority..21:23
deadweaselFatal error:  Server is already active for Display 021:23
deadweaselI have dual monitors...21:23
deadweaselon default AMD graphics card 6770...21:23
deadweaseli killed 4 different Xorgs that were running earlier... 3 were defunkt21:24
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  thats most likely because its owned by Root.. and thats the core of your issue21:24
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  sudo mv foo bar    to move it21:24
deadweaselDr_willis: oh soryr, will do, thank you!21:24
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  be sure lightdm is stopped also21:24
Dr_willissudo service lightdm stop21:24
zquadI installed the ppa and upgraded to gnome 3.6 on ubuntu 12.10, now many shortcut keys do not work eg alt+f2, any suggestions?  Infact F5 key does nothing when using chrome.21:25
lmatHow should I use apt-get to install gtk on my system?21:25
lmatapt-get install gtk is no good. Should I be using apt-get install gtk3?21:25
lmat(I was hoping not to do something too stupid ^_^)21:25
lupaaaIs it normal that I cant read file with perms -rw-r--r--21:25
lupaaaI see r for other group, so why I can't cat file.* ?21:26
genii-aroundlupaaa: Depends if you own it or not21:26
lupaaaI don't own it, I am under www ownership when trying to read file21:26
lupaaaBut isnt last group for other //everyone else?21:26
NewBieUbuIs there anyone here21:27
moomhi everyone! hope everyone is well21:27
dwwfeI have found the solution for my problem, I mounted /var/ with the noexec flag... this messes up the installation...21:28
NewBieUbuI am experiencing problems connecting my WUSB54G usb wireless adapter on Ubuntu 11.1021:28
darkrebasive got no sound on my system, any ideas on what i can do to test it?21:28
darkrebasand/or fix it, obviously ^^21:28
moomCan someone please help me with an issue? when I try installing imagemagick and use "conver -v" I get a error when loading shared libraries: libgvc.so.421:28
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity21:29
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.21:29
JoshDreamlandHi; the software center is telling me "CD/DVD 'Ubuntu 12.10 _Quantal Quetzal_ - Release amd64 (20121017.5)' is required". Why?21:29
dank101NewBieUbu, get ndiswrapper21:29
bazhangJoshDreamland, comment it out of the sources.list21:29
JoshDreamlandthanks, bazhang21:30
texla12.04 ..update manager ..the setting button is greyed out cannot open to adjust settings21:31
NewBieUbudank101 currently I have no internet connection to the desktop I'm currently using.21:31
mojtabaI have ubuntu 12.10, how can I upgrade to 13.04?21:32
Dr_willis!upgrade | mojtaba21:32
ubottumojtaba: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:32
soulflare3texla, try sudo /usr/bin/update-manager21:32
servvsis there any way to transfer files between a virtual machine and the host computer (using virtualbox)21:32
Dr_willisservvs,  you can use any method you would use btween 2 real machines that are networked.21:33
darkrebasNewBieUbu: you will find ndiswrapper also on your ubuntu install disc21:33
texlasoulflare3, I have already tried that no change in settings button21:33
Dr_willisservvs,  ssh, ftp, nfs, samba,  virtualbox has its own secial share feature also21:33
soulflare3texla, settings opens the software sources dialot21:33
NewBieUbudarkkrebas I installed Ubuntu using Wubi as a second os from XP.21:34
thePHPdevHello, I am trying to upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04 Beta 2, and do-upgrade-release is telling me there is non available.21:34
Dr_willisthePHPdev,  because its not officially released yet. You need to specifically tell it to upgrade to beat i recall21:34
thePHPdevIs there a command for that?21:35
NewBieUbudarkrebas lsusb shows my ID of the card if that helps21:35
Dr_willis!upgrade | thePHPdev21:35
ubottuthePHPdev: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:35
wilee-nileeNewBieUbu, Wubi was designed as a try out for a later partitioned install. It is not in the release as of tomorrow it is dead.21:36
NewBieUbudarkrebas ID 1915:2234 Apapter (Intersil ISL3886)21:37
darkrebasive got no sound on my system, ubuntu 10.04. the sound icon shows as muted, and unmute is greyed out. using a usb sound adapter21:37
darkrebasand no,  the answer isnt "upgrade to 12.10" before anyone says :P21:37
moomanyone can help?21:38
corrosive23what does lspci say?21:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:38
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moom when I try installing imagemagick and use "conver -v" I get21:40
Dragon64hi ho! I installed ubuntu 13.04 with a home partition I had previusly used for lubuntu. Now the desktop shows all the files and folders from my home folder ... any one know how to turn that off ? Thanks!21:41
moomI tried installing imagemagick via apt-get. However, when i run the "covert -v" command, I get an error indicating that the shared library libgvc.so.4 is missing21:41
moomOn Ubuntu 12.04 which uses libgvc.so.521:41
darkrebasive got no sound on my system, ubuntu 10.04. the sound icon shows as muted, and unmute is greyed out. using a usb sound adapter.21:42
lnxslckafter installing blueman, my wallpaper function stopped working, now i only have a white wallpaper21:44
lnxslckcan someone help?21:45
deadweaselDr_willis:  What's weird is that X works fine, I boot into it, dual monitors extended display, but when I put my password it it blanks, then returns to the X password screen.  over and over and over21:45
deadweaselDr_willis: when I moved .Xauthiry and did startx, it when to an x server with all blue background and the mouse21:46
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  startx is not starting a full desktop. or else compiz/unity is only partially loading21:47
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  try a differnt desktop like 'lubuntu' to see if it work properly21:47
deadweaseli can get into the guest account fine Dr_willis21:47
deadweaselit works great, just my account is borked21:47
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  that points to it being a user setting issue.. clean out/move your old setting files to some backup dir21:48
deadweaselDr_willis: Xorg sutff?  I don't know what to move21:48
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  move most every config file in your home to some backup dir then.. you can always move it back21:49
bjensenI just installed 12.04 lts server edition and when I want to do apt-get install then prompts me to insert a carom..how do I make it just download it off a mirror?21:49
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  most likely the issue is with a file in .config21:49
deadweaselDr_willis: so.... move anything .conf .config etc in home?21:50
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  thats one way to test to prove its a user setting issue21:50
deadweaseli'm sure it is21:50
deadweaselthis is the second time it's ahppened.21:50
=== adi__ is now known as soupsudtycoon
deadweaselI left an SSH session attached when I left work, and my shit was stalled when I came home, i rebooted, this happened21:50
Rolenunattemptng to install Unbuntu (latest version) with install option 1. it is telling me I dont have enough hard drive space...on a 1TB drive...any suggestions?21:51
deadweaselDr_willis: could you give me a hint as to how to do this via the CLI?21:52
Dr_willisRolenun,  how is your disk partioned now? whats on it21:52
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  i just use 'mc' as a file manaer in the cli normally21:53
Dr_willissomthing like  'mkdir backups'  'mv .config backups'21:53
RolenunDr_willis: it is all designated as ntfs. I just want to overwrite the drive21:53
deadweaselso everything in /home/user/*.config ?21:53
deadweaselor just xorg stuff?21:53
Dr_willisRolenun,  you want to delete everything? you can do that now. then restart the installer.21:53
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  what xorg stuff are you talking about>21:54
Dr_willisand the directory is .config21:54
NewBieUbulsusb recognizes usb wireless device (1915:2234)----dmesg | tail (p54usb cannot load firmware isl3886usb -2), I've downloaded and placed firmware file on my desktop of my Ubuntu 11.10 called isl3886.arm, from the directions I'm suppose to place it in the lib/firmware/ directory {{now what do I do}}??21:54
deadweaselDr_willis: I don't know, Do I just move anything with a .config?21:54
Dr_willisRolenun,  use the disk manager tools (parted, fdisk, gparted) and delete all the partions leaveing everything unallocated,  then you might need to reboot. and restart the installer.21:54
mikerussel_ni hao guys, anyone use teamview?21:55
deadweaselDr_willis: I did a 'sudo mv .config backups/'21:55
Dr_willisRolenun,  or you may want to manually partition.  a / partition and a partition for home and swap  - are common layouts21:55
timothyCan anyone help me with getting my files synced with ubuntu.......was a windows 7 os before hand.....used the windows installer from the website21:55
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  and is the .config dir in backups now?21:55
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  you are using ls -a to look show hideen files? it may be worth installing mc  so you got a nicer file manager21:56
deadweaselI don't seem to hve a .config dir...21:56
RolenunDr_willis: I'd love to, but the partition manager options arent available until after it tells me I dont have enough space. I am using the boot to cd option to change the partitions. thanks for the suggestion :)21:56
deadweaselwill do21:56
trismNewBieUbu: you don't need to download individual firmware, that firmware is in linux-firmware-nonfree21:56
deadweaselDr_willis: YES, I did move .config directory21:57
deadweaselit is moved21:57
deadweaselthanks for MC!21:57
deadweaselnice manager21:57
deadweaselso what is the command to start up the desktop21:57
deadweaseli used startx back in the day for 10.0421:57
timothyhow do i get my windows files to sync with ubuntu?21:58
Dr_willisjust start up lightdm21:58
Dr_willisstop using startx ;)21:58
Dr_willistimothy,  clarify what you mean exactly.21:58
bjensenon a base install of ubuntu 12.04 server..how can I grab a file off the internet? It doesn't have ssh, ftp, curl, wget, lynx..21:59
timothyi just downloaded ubuntu from the website, and it installed alongside windows. so when i started my computer, i went with ubuntu as my os, and now i dont have any of my documents or pictures or anything from windows21:59
timothyi can go onto my windows os, and everything is there, but on ubuntu, its like nothing is here22:00
Dr_willistimothy,  what are you expecting to be where exactly? it is a differnt OS.22:00
Slarttimothy:  it usually offers to transfer documents and stuff when you install it.. or at least I think it used to do that22:00
Dr_willistimothy,  your windows drive is mounted to /host/ i recall22:01
javier__hello, i need some help. I have tried ubuntu 12.10 with no success with this. I have tried installing the nvidia 310.44 driver for my gt640 and everytime i try to set the correct display size, my pc freezes. the command I am using is nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode = "DFP-1: 1920x1080 {ViewPortOut = 1850x1055+25+25}"22:01
javier__i am now on a fresh install of 12.04 hoping that someone can walk me through what i need to do22:01
deadweaselDr_willis: Same issues.  I get to LightDm login screen, put in pass, blanks out and returns me to lightDm login.  Guest account below works fine22:03
Dr_willistimothy,  using your file manager look in   the directory '/host'22:03
Dr_willisdeadweasel,  make a new user - see if they have the same issue22:04
junkNownUbuntu 12.10 installed. AMD prop. graphics installed. Everything working smoothly. I just ran ubuntus update. It updated a bunch of packages, I restart and now I have just a blank purple screen. If I boot into recover and continue, I can log in with cmd line and it works for maybe a minute before everything goes blank and dissapears.22:04
deadweaselDr_willis: I gotta go dinner, I'll try after22:04
deadweaselthanks for all your help Dr_willis !!!!22:04
RolenunDr_willis: Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, there's just no cure for stupid and I've got a baaad case of em...Apparently, the power plug to the HD was d/c'd when I put the HD back in :D all solved ;)22:05
deadweaselDr_willis: how to make a new user?22:06
Dr_willissudo adduser billgates22:06
Dr_willisdeadweasel, ^^^22:06
ubuntuaddictedNOOOO, your machine will blow up22:06
* Dr_willis wonders how many people have a billgates user....22:06
javier__Dr_willis...can you help me out22:06
count0nz-winsudo rm -rf /windows22:06
Dr_willisjavier__,  all i ever do is install nvidia-current and my 3 systems work22:06
ubuntuaddictedjavier__, i may be able to help, i just upgraded from nvidia-current to Nvidia 304.8822:07
deadweaselDr_willis: ok, new user made, do I just start lightdm and that user is there?22:07
ubuntuaddictedjavier__, what's the question22:07
Dr_willissee if that user can login. yes22:07
junkNownUbuntu 12.10 installed. AMD prop. graphics installed. Everything working smoothly. I just ran ubuntus update. It updated a bunch of packages, I restart and now I have just a blank purple screen. If I boot into recover and continue, I can log in with cmd line and it works for maybe a minute before even just the command prompt goes to blank black. I'm now a sad person and don't know what to do.22:08
javier__is there another command or way to change the display size to 1850x1055+25+25 or something? the 1920x1080 resolution is what my tv needs, but the PC thinks its a 72 inch when it is not22:08
javier__all of the borders and toolbars can't be seen and I can't shrink the display size on the tv22:09
ubuntuaddictedjavier__, you need to fiddle with overscan. how are you connected to your tv and what size is it?22:10
javier__so i am not sure what to do. I have down'oaded the 310.44 drivers and plan on running that in a moment22:10
EvilEyeCorp@junkNow You could try installing 13.04. I used that for my macbook and it worked wonderfully compared to 1222:10
javier__I am connected to the tv via hdmi and the tv is a 56 inch22:10
ubuntuaddictedjavier__, could you post the output of your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file on pastebin and paste the link here please22:11
javier__so can i run sudo -sh ./file.run in a terminal22:11
ubuntuaddictedjavier__, i wouldn't change GFX drivers yet22:11
javier__could you please remind how the pastebiin works again?22:11
Dr_willisjavier__,  i just use the nvidia-settings tool  to tweak overscan. or tell the tv to not use overscan (not all tvs have that option)22:12
ubuntuaddictedjavier__, open the file with a text editor /var/log/Xorg.0.log and copy its entire contents, then just paste that at pastebin and then copy the link from the url after you pasted your log, then paste that link here22:12
zquadhey guys. I am ubuntu 12.10 and gnome 3.6 my F keys are not working any suggestions?22:13
Dr_willisPc dosent care if its a 52 in ot 72in. its all about the edid info the monitor sends back for the most part22:13
Dr_willisjavier__,  so the ONLY issue you are really having is overscan?22:14
soulflare3zquad, do you mean the F1-F12 keys or are you talking about laptop function keys?22:14
javier__yes, pretty much. I haven't installed any drivers as of now. I have only installed a clean 12.0422:14
javier__I want to try 12.10 but only after I figure out what to do on 12.0422:15
zquadthe F1 - F12 keys are not working22:15
junkNownI'm curious, has anyone had issues when updating with the internal sandy bridge gpu if you don't use it?22:15
Dr_willisi would go through your monitor/tv menus closely.. and double check that you cant just disable overscan.. thats what i did on my Samsung.22:15
zquadno wait my laptop F1 - F12 keys are working but the usb keyboard keys are not :(22:15
ubuntuaddictedjavier__, oh, so you haven't even installed nvidia-current?22:16
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
javier__i also have a samsung but there is no disable of the overscan. it is set to just scan22:17
javier__and no i haven't installed any nvidia. It kept giving me problems so I was hoping for a walkthru22:17
=== Karbowiak is now known as zz_Karbowiak
soulflare3junKNown, opposite for me, at least on 12.10 - sandy bridge works but my nvidia doesn't. Hoping it is fixed tomorrow when I upgrade to 13.0422:18
Dr_willisinstall drivers.. use nvidia-settings to tweak drivers...22:18
Z`hi people..! will libreoffice 4 ever hit 12.04 LTS?22:18
javier__so just do a sudo apt-get nvidia-current?22:18
Dr_willisjavier__,  12.10 might work better.. 13.04 might work better22:19
Dr_willisjavier__,  thats all i ever use for my  (slightly older) nvidia cards22:19
javier__ok..can i upgrade thru ubuntu somehow or do I have to download and install via wubi again?22:19
javier__i was also reading that on 12.10 i had to install headers diffrently as well as change the kernel for the new driver22:20
soulflare3javier__, you are able to perform a distribution upgrade from within Ubuntu22:20
javier__is that applicable for 13.04 too?22:21
Dr_willisjavier__,  the package manager did all that for me  in the past22:21
javier__how do I upgrade to 13.04 from here?22:21
Dr_willisif this is a clean install. it might be faster to just get a  13.04 iso and do a clean install.. not upgrade22:21
javier__ok. I am more inclined to use wubi though22:22
soulflare3javier__, 13.04 comes out officially tomorrow22:22
=== erikjMk2 is now known as erikj
soulflare3wait guys22:24
soulflare3javier_ you cannot use 13.04 with wubi22:24
EderMCastroI have a small bug and do not know what caused this bug, after I installed a few apps the icons that appear in the windows, just the controls of the windows no longer appear now to operate the windows have to aim for the controls to see what hint to be able to click. I'm using: GNOME Shell
EderMCastroalgum brasileiro online que possa me ajudar?22:26
Myrtti!pt | EderMCastro22:26
ubottuEderMCastro: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:26
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tekkiddIs 13.04 still compatable with the proprietary AMD drivers?22:31
Dr_willistekkidd,  it has ati drives yes22:32
tekkiddawesome, thanks22:32
javier__hello again. so how can i get 13.04?22:33
javier__my pc froze and had to boot into windows22:34
OerHeksjavier__, wait 24 more hours.22:34
ddsschi, how do I install xrendr in ubuntu?22:34
ddsscxrandr even..22:34
soulflare3javier__,  you will not be able to use 13.04 with Wubi22:34
k1lddssc: that should be installed by default, iirc22:35
javier__ok. can I use a boot thumb drive?22:35
mongddssc: xrandr is included by default. maybe you meant arandr?22:36
ddsscmong, k1l : as per this tutorial : http://thomas-romera.com/2013/04/16/Install-Optimus-Drivers-319-12-BETA-On-Linux/ .22:36
Slideyany reports of people with failing bind9 servers today?22:36
Mangmohi@all, does any1 know a good video editing software for ubuntu?22:37
ddsscso I need Randr 1.4 and X.org 1.1322:37
k1l!find randr22:38
ubottuFound: libxcb-randr0, libxcb-randr0-dbg, libxcb-randr0-dev, libxrandr-dev, libxrandr222:38
soulflare3javier__, yes, you can boot from a USB drive22:38
k1l!find xrandr22:38
ubottuFound: libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg, lxrandr, lxrandr-dbg22:38
ddssck1l, which one of thse should I install tho?22:39
OerHeksddssc, see answer #2 why not use xorg edgers repo ? https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa22:39
k1lddssc: dont you listen?22:39
bazhang!info arandr22:39
ubottuarandr (source: arandr): Simple visual front end for XRandR. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.6-1 (quantal), package size 62 kB, installed size 456 kB22:39
k1lddssc: randr and xrandr are installed by default22:39
bazhangand arandr is the front end22:39
ddsscrighto, so how do I check which one I got installed?22:40
bazhangddssc, arandr you need to install22:40
ddsscbazhang, why?22:41
bazhangddssc, its the gui22:42
ddsscbazhang, can't I check it in the console?22:42
bazhangddssc, which version did you need22:42
ddsscso I need Randr 1.4 and X.org 1.1322:43
bazhangddssc, why those22:43
ddsscbazhang, coz tutuor sed so :f22:43
bazhangddssc, and thats to accomplish what22:43
OerHeksddssc, you are lucky that article shows howto undo the changes, it might not work propperly.22:43
ddsscbazhang, have hdmi working on optimus, hopefully.22:44
ddsscOerHeks, if you know something that does work properly, please do share22:45
OerHeksddssc, see answer #2 why not use xorg edgers repo ? https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa22:45
ddsscOerHeks, ok I'll try. is that repo for 32 or 64 bit ubuntu?22:46
=== josh_ is now known as agliodbs
tyrogddssc: both22:47
OerHeksddssc, both. If you have optimus, you would have a 64 bit processor.22:47
ddssctyrog, ok. hope this won't fubar my system ... :22:47
tyrogddssc: dont upgrade from that repository. Only install the nvidia driver from it, then disable the repository again22:48
ddsscOerHeks, yes I got 64 bit proc with ubunzu 12.10 64 bit installed22:48
OerHekswell, it is easy to reverse with ppa-purge22:48
lnxslckafter installing blueman, my wallpaper function stopped working, now i only have a white wallpaper22:49
olmariso... stupid Q's but is there an hourly ETA for 13.04? =)22:50
ddsscOerHeks, so with that repo I dont have to do any of the file editing turning off x etc, like in tutorial?22:50
lnxslckolmari, you can download a daily build22:50
ThiagovfarIs there an ubuntu phone-specific channel?22:51
OerHeksddssc, yes, just update & upgrade22:51
olmarilnxslck: well true... but this time I need live version... or is there dailies for that too?22:51
bazhang!touch | Thiagovfar22:51
ubottuThiagovfar: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch22:51
foobArrrI have this line ( 0 * * * * /bin/cp /home/foo/bar/foobar.gz /home/foo/bar/foobar_$(/bin/date +%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M).gz ) in my crontab, but it doesn't work. the command works, if I run it manually. 2 questions: 1) is there any (obvious) mistake in that line? 2) how do I debug crontab entries in gerneral?22:51
Thiagovfarbazhang: Thank you22:52
lnxslckolmari, yes they are22:52
olmarioh hmm.. :)22:52
olmariI suppose I could do that22:53
Dr_willisfoobArrr,  i find putting a complex command in a script. then running the scrfipt from crontab helps22:54
foobArrrk, sounds like a good idea22:55
ddsscOerHeks, I added the repo and updated and can't find package nvidia-graphics-drivers-31922:58
OerHeksddssc, raring quantal precise, should be there.22:59
ddsscOerHeks, Ive no idea what that is... some dependency?23:00
ddsscah ok23:01
ddsscim on quantal23:02
ddsscOerHeks, I did: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa23:03
ddsscsudo apt-get update23:03
ddsscsudo apt-get install nvidia-graphics-drivers-31923:03
OerHekssudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade23:06
Draxelishey it's the April 25th :) when is ubuntu 13.04 ready for download?23:06
lnxslckDraxelis, check ubuntu.com23:07
OerHeksddssc, you cannot just install the driver on its own, upgrade takes all dependencies.23:07
wilee-nileeDraxelis, 24th here23:07
Draxelisnot ready yet :/23:07
PigOnTheWingscan some1 help me with xchat indicator23:07
Draxeliscanonical is in the UK, so in the uk it's 25th now :)23:07
PigOnTheWingswhen i start xchat once, and close it, and go to messaging menu and want to reopen xchat it starts a new instance23:08
wilee-nileePigOnTheWings, Give details to the channel for help. ;)23:08
=== Kendall_ is now known as kendal
ddsscOerHeks, ok doing it now.23:08
tyrogTo discuss 13.04 launch, use #ubuntu-release-party instead :)23:08
PigOnTheWingswilee-nilee, hope it is nuff detailed :)23:09
ddsscOerHeks, my screen just went darker... hmm23:09
wilee-nileePigOnTheWings, If you close it you on a restart get a new session, you have logged off the IRC23:10
PigOnTheWingswilee-nilee, I still have xchat process running23:10
PigOnTheWingswilee-nilee, when I close it23:10
=== karen is now known as Guest14469
PigOnTheWingswilee-nilee, xchat-indicator dooesnt work like it worked in 12.0423:11
wilee-nileePigOnTheWings, The what does close it mean, it should not be still running.23:11
PigOnTheWingswilee-nilee, I set up xchat to minimize on close23:11
wilee-nileePigOnTheWings, How?23:12
PigOnTheWingswilee-nilee, well, I did that on 12.04 now I cant do that.23:12
PigOnTheWingswilee-nilee, on 12.1023:12
wilee-nileePigOnTheWings, How did you set it to minimize on close, I use xchat and now hexchat I have never seen that option.23:14
wilee-nileePigOnTheWings, YOu might try #xchat23:14
ddsschow long does this package upgrade usually last?23:18
wilee-nileeddssc, In what context?23:19
ddsscas in apt-get upgrade23:19
PascatI'm seeking to sell my old laptop with Ubuntu 12.10 LTS, is there a way to set it to a sort of 'no user setup' so the next time it boots it asks for someone's username/password? Sort of like pre-installed-zero config?23:19
wilee-nileeddssc, DEpends on what gets upgraded, are you asking about a release upgrade?23:19
wilee-nilee!remastersys | Pascat23:20
ddsscwell... I did sudo apt-get upgrade in console and now it's downloading everything but the kitchen sink :)23:20
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility23:20
wilee-nileePascat, ^^23:20
wilee-nileeddssc, This a fresh install, and if so what?23:21
ddsscwilee-nilee, does not compute23:22
ddsscwilee-nilee, nvidia 31923:22
wilee-nileeddssc, Really you don't know what a fresh install is?23:22
ddsscwilee-nilee, Im trying to locate my left mouse button23:23
Pascatits on the left of the right mouse button!23:23
wilee-nileeddssc, You are not making sense.23:23
ddsscdammit should've known23:24
lnxslckafter installing blueman, my wallpaper function stopped working, now i only have a white wallpaper. can someone help ?23:25
ddsscone thing I like about ubuntu tho, is that it actually shuts down when you tell it to23:25
Slideyany reports of people with failing bind9 servers today?23:26
ddsscOerHeks, so I installed the nvidia-319 pack like you said... now my unity is borked. can't even see the left side menu or any taskbar or icons... nice23:27
ddsschow do I restore my desktop? i got only blank desktop in unity. but right click menu works23:33
wilee-nileeSlidey, Have seen none here since being on all day, not really a place people might claim that though.23:33
sabgentonis 13.04 coming in the next 24 hrs?23:33
sabgentonSory is it still schedualed?23:33
fatloserhello gents, i have a question i'm not sure is appropriate for this channel, but since i do use ubuntu on this system , perhaps its relevant. My question has to do with data recovery. I took a 500 gb disk which stored a copy of some data which is important to me (mostly pictures) and repartitioned it, installing ubuntu to it (a 100 gb partition) , yet i still have 400 gigs of empty unpartitioned space left. Now my other disk failed,23:33
wilee-nileesabgenton, more or less probably23:33
fatloserSo the only way i have to have a chance to recover some data is by recovering it from this disk which has been repurposed for almost one year now23:34
sabgentonwilee-nilee: thx23:34
fatloseri'm hoping that in those 400 gigs of unpartitioned space something is left.23:34
fatlosercan anybody help me?23:34
ddsscfatloser, use some recovery tool23:35
fatloseri'm currently running dd to clone the disk to an image, but dont know whats next23:35
fatloserddssc: can you suggest one for ubuntu?23:35
Slideywilee-nilee clutching at straws really23:35
ddsscfatloser, nope. I can only suggest for win23:35
Slideywilee-nilee cheers anyway23:35
fatloserhm. :(23:36
wilee-nileefatloser, Testdisk? however your description is not very good.23:36
ddsscfatloser, plug your disk into a win machine and get this http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Back-Up-and-Recovery/EASEUS-Data-Recovery-Wizard-Free-Edition.shtml23:37
wilee-nileeexact details time and use of what discs when how and where23:37
fatloseri wish i had a windows machine around..23:37
ddsscwell Im sure in the whole linux world you will find a data recovery tool...23:38
ddsscbut then again, I wasn't able to find drivers for an nvidia card that work, so ymmv23:38
wilee-nileefatloser, a fresh partition/hd wipe with no more use can be recovered at times23:38
n-iCeguys, any idea? thanks http://askubuntu.com/questions/270084/how-can-i-share-the-internet-connection-via-wi-fi-direct23:39
fatloserits not exactly fresh, as i said... http://tinypic.com/r/2uo3v9d/4 this is the current parition map, and the reiserfs parition is partially full with data23:39
ddsscmaaan... why isn't there a start terminal option on right mouse click? or open in terminal or whatever...23:40
fatloseri'm hoping that the data i'm after lives in the unpartioned area, and is thus left intact23:41
fatloserbut thats just me being optimist.23:41
wilee-nileefatloser, You could try testdisk, but you will get unnamed data you will have to sift it if anything comes up at all.23:45
fatloserhm. since i'm after my pictures, wilee-nilee's suggestion of testdisk led me to photorec. i'll give that a spin, since it seems to ignore FS issues and concentrate on raw data on the medium23:45
wilee-nileeyeah photorec is it23:45
fatloserif this works i'm gonna be overjoyed.23:47
fatloserall of my lifetime's pictures - lost.23:47
sybiani got some problems to play darmok with the default ubuntu player23:47
fatloserthe irony is that the disk in question now is the OS disk of my backup server23:47
sybianit always crashes if picard said darmok23:48
ddsschas someone here managed to install nvidia 319.12 for optimus?23:52
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steckdosenleisteis there a way to restrict what programs are allowed to access the internet? e.g. disable internet access in general, only allow it for a small specific set of programs. (Im not talking about port-based filtering)23:56
rooisto47is there any easy to use software that let me put a logo on a video ?23:58
ddsscyup my system is positively fubared.... remind me to accept irc advice at face value in the future...23:59
ddsscnow I can't even boot into ubuntu in safe mode lol23:59

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