MonkeyDustin raring, when I click "explore" in ubuntuone, it opens totem mediaplayer, not nautilus - hints & tips?07:46
MonkeyDustfor anyone reading, I submitted Bug #117216508:04
ubot5bug 1172165 in totem (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu One opens totem mediaplayer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117216508:04
JamesTaitGood morning all, happy Pig In A Blanket Day!08:20
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derbarbhaving trouble using ubuntu one to back up my files13:26
derbarbgetting a bad request error13:26
ralsinaderbarb: can you paste the error?13:29
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derbarbbeen having trouble using ubuntu one to back up my files.15:10
derbarbsuccesfully backed up /etc/vim but cant restore it, and cant backup my home dir15:10
joshuahooverderbarb: are you using deja dup (the backup app in ubuntu) for this?15:14
derbarbive tried both with deja dup and from the cli15:14
joshuahooverderbarb: what happens when you try to restore /etc/vim?15:14
derbarbfirst i get this: Error '('Error creating directory /etc/vim', 7)' processing .15:16
derbarbLevel 8:duplicity:Error '('Error creating directory /etc/vim', 7)' processing .15:16
derbarbthen it tries to restore a bunch of other files but it says skipping because of previous error15:16
derbarband then: Giving up on request after 5 attempts, last status 503 Service Unavailable15:17
derbarbbut the files it tries to restore are in .cache, not /etc/vim15:17
joshuahooverralsina: i'm not sure ^^ ...any ideas?15:17
joshuahooverderbarb: did you use ubuntu one to back these up?15:18
ralsinaderbarb: you have backed up files that you need to be root to restore15:18
derbarbyes, through duplicity15:18
derbarbi'll try that now15:18
ralsinaderbarb: that really sounds like a duplicty question, you have backed /etc/vim somehow :-)15:19
dobeyit probably can't restore /etc/vim because you probably don't have permissions to write to it15:20
derbarbwhere can i ask questions about duplicity?15:22
dobey#ubuntu probably15:22
derbarbwhat i really wanna do is backup my home dir, but i get that error15:22
derbarbthis is the error i get when i try to restore /etc/vim as root: Giving up on request after 5 attempts, last status 503 Service Unavailable15:41
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