smartboyhwDarkEra: Hurray expect a respin in the next 24 hours, Kubuntu has a encrpytion password matching bugfix to go in.00:05
smartboyhwMaybe no, but just a warning;P00:06
DarkErasmartboyhw, i think when it's related to Kubuntu only and the ubuntu studio iso's are ok, it doesn't affect us00:09
DarkErai could be mistaken though00:11
zequenceI hate tutorials/manuals/references that are written as if the person reading it should already know what it is instructing00:16
zequenceAfter much work, I'm finally doing some filtering with imapfilter using the lua scripting language00:16
madeinkobaiazequence : Congrats : )00:17
zequencemadeinkobaia: Thanks00:21
madeinkobaiaI just finished a study work on Ubuntu Studio : http://sta.sh/015tu875d4ft00:22
zequenceAside from creating a personal filtering system, I also want to create something easy for other developers to set up in order to track massive amounts of mail coming from different mail lists00:22
zequencemadeinkobaia: Looks nice00:23
madeinkobaiaIts kind of mix of many things, a graphical improvisation. Nothing official, now we could do something.00:23
madeinkobaiaWhat do you think of the slogan ?00:23
zequence"Sound & Vision"? It's stylish. Resembles a brand more than a slogan perhaps. 00:26
zequenceThe coloring is nice though00:26
zequenceFrom white to blue, and since they are two different subjects, it's also symbolic00:27
madeinkobaiaThanks for the feedback. (btw Its a Bowie album too)00:29
zequenceRight. Must be from where I get some vibes :)00:29
madeinkobaiaFor sure. I searched on gog, there are no notable brands using that sentence. First I started on "Audio, Video, Graphics", but its was a little bit long so I switched on that.00:31
zequenceWhen using it in context with Ubuntu Studio, it feels like it suits best in a poetic fashion. Like, a made up brand name. If you add the text to the picture, it becomes an expansion of the graphics00:34
zequenceThe more weight on "Sound & Vision", the more towards the poetic, IMO00:35
zequenceI was just thinking about what if we would use our own codenames00:35
zequenceOr, additional code names. 00:36
zequenceBut, it would just be confusing, I think. At least, not very helpful anyway00:37
madeinkobaiaThose kind of questions are important and needs reflexion. The concept is open. Now graphical studys are a good way for exploring new ideas.00:39
madeinkobaiaI ask my self if I will expose it on deviantart for celebrate the release out. As "non official" advertising of course. Now it is hidden, its just on my personal storage place on dA (dA = deviantart).00:44
zequenceI don't see any other reason not to publish personal stuff. 00:46
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zequenceI mean, I don't see any reason not to publish personal stuff00:47
zequenceReading through my inbox, which now holds all the mail from 1st of January. 79 mail lists so far (not all of them are actual mail lists)00:47
zequencemadeinkobaia: I even think it would be nice to showcase stuff on our website00:48
zequenceAnything that was done with Ubuntu Studio could be posted as "news"00:49
madeinkobaiaFor sure, could be great. 00:49
zequenceAnd one could keep a gallery of stuff too00:49
madeinkobaiaIt was done on Gimp at 100% 00:50
madeinkobaiaEven the text part (I was patient :D )00:50
zequencemadeinkobaia: Did you smudge the text? I don't know how to make it smooth myself, so I generally use Inkscape for doing text00:51
madeinkobaiazequence : smudge, you mean blur ?00:52
zequencemadeinkobaia: Yeah :)00:52
madeinkobaiaOh its really easy, you enter the text with the text tool (who unfortunately really needs to be improve) then you select your layer and in00:53
madeinkobaia..filter, then "blur", then Gaussian blur and you enter a blur between 0,1 and 0,9, the result will really smooth00:55
madeinkobaiaI translate from French, but I think its ok00:55
zequenceI've experimented with that, but if you want sharp text with smooth lines, I find it hard to do with Gimp. The text looks very uneven00:56
zequenceSomething about it being drawn seems so fundamentally different to how it happens in Inkscape00:56
madeinkobaiaUneven ? Normally there is no problem, I done like that.00:57
madeinkobaiaInkscape works vectorial, so its really more powerfull for work on text00:58
madeinkobaiaOn Gimp when you apply a filter you're text layer is automatically swtich on Bitmap. That's really a problem : (00:59
madeinkobaiaThat means that every effetyou will apply after will alter the render.01:01
madeinkobaiaWell, my "sound" and mainly "vision" start to be altered too :D 3 am, time to leave.01:04
DarkErasame here, still awake01:04
zequenceAh, just when I thought I had crashed my email server01:04
DarkErathe design looks nice though madeinkobaia 01:05
madeinkobaiaThanks darkera, a lot work and hours on it and at least 20 layers 8-) But I learned a lot stuffs.01:06
DarkEra20 layers? holy crap, that's a lot. But when you keep yourself going you learn and grow indeed :)01:08
madeinkobaiaThere are an amazing amont of filters and settings on Gimp, needs time to learn them all01:08
madeinkobaiaSome of my works have 100 :D01:08
DarkErayeah, gimp has a lot of stuff in it01:09
DarkEraright, time to head to bed. Chat you all later ;)01:10
zequenceDarkEra: GN01:10
DarkEranight zequence 01:10
madeinkobaiaMe too, Ok, guys see you later (or earlier ?) zequence  : good luck for mail server config : )01:11
zequenceI guess I'll sleep when I die, resurrect from the dead, and someone from The Walking Dead stabs me with a wooden poke through my head01:11
zequencemadeinkobaia: Good Night01:12
madeinkobaiaGood night Kaj :)01:12
smartboyhwzequence: Can you do me a favor, and copy the release notes from the wiki to main site?09:40
smartboyhw_Hello DarkEra:)10:02
DarkErahi there smartboyhw_ :)10:02
DarkEraspam cleaning: Check. Ubu Stu current checking: Check. Coffee: Check.10:07
smartboyhw_DarkEra: :)10:07
DarkEraall i need to do now is wake up my brain10:08
zequenceI'm still working on my imapfilter. Wish I understood the underaying stuff better. Wrestling with syntax is not the most fun thing to do in life.10:40
zequenceRight now, I'm not a big fan of lua, but I'm sure that's only because I've been getting too many nil related errors during these last days10:42
zequenceAnd not because it's a rotten dirty language10:42
smartboyhw_zequence: Hurray! But can you do me the favor?:P10:46
zequencesmartboyhw_: I'll take care of all the postings. Just give me the link, no problem10:59
smartboyhw_zequence: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/UbuntuStudio11:00
smartboyhw_zequence: One thing: Please let me have a look of the release announcement before it's out.;P11:01
zequencesmartboyhw_: The final release announcement is more a job for the project lead. I will talk not only about the release, but about the future. I won't be asking people about their opinion. All though, my job is as always to follow what I've understood to be best for the community11:07
zequenceI mean, I won't ask people about their opinion of the release announcement, that is11:08
smartboyhw_DarkEra: You did some testing on the current ISO?11:09
zequence..I just want to filter my mail with generic tools. How hard can it be?11:09
smartboyhw_zequence: It depends;P11:09
DarkErasmartboyhw_, no, not yet. I just finished writing it to usb stick11:10
smartboyhw_DarkEra: Alright :)11:10
* smartboyhw_ hates possible respins11:11
smartboyhw_The Kubuntu-styled new ubiquity for Kubuntu is quite buggy it seems11:11
DarkEratesting will have to wait til my wife comes back, i'm taking care of the kids at the moment :)11:12
smartboyhw_DarkEra: No worries:)11:14
smartboyhw_DarkEra: speaking of this, can you help us do some upgrade testing?11:22
* DarkEra needs a testing machine11:24
DarkErasmartboyhw_, from what to what version?11:24
smartboyhw_DarkEra: 12.10 -> 13.0411:25
smartboyhw_These things don't respin:P (except image upgrading)11:25
smartboyhw_DarkEra: Try doing the Software Updater first 11:25
DarkErai only have 12.04 and 13.04 on this machine11:25
smartboyhw_Uh oh.11:26
smartboyhw_DarkEra: Try using ^*11:26
DarkEratime is not on my side today but testing 13.04 could be done though11:27
smartboyhw_DarkEra: OK11:30
smartboyhw_zequence: As a Ubuntu Forums user, please support https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/117221811:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172218 in ubuntu-website-content "Ubuntu Forums not listed as part of thriving community" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:52
zequencesmartboyhw_: Thanks. I reconfirmed it :)11:59
* smartboyhw_ salutes to zequence for his help12:01
smartboyhwHey DarkEra:)14:19
smartboyhwIt turns out we won't have any respins again (except for Kubuntu)14:19
DarkErai thought so :)14:20
DarkEragood afternoon by the way14:20
smartboyhwzequence: Do you want to do a session in Ubuntu Open Week-R for Ubuntu Studio?14:20
DarkErasmartboyhw, guess what, i found out i still have a 12.10 32bit iso on one of my external hd14:23
DarkErai could wipe the hd on my netbook, install 12.10 and test a upgrade if wanted14:24
DarkErai'm busy copying it to the home folder and create a usb stick at the moment14:28
smartboyhwDamn possible respin due to a package that shouldn't exist:O14:44
smartboyhwIn our images at least.14:44
smartboyhwDarkEra: ^14:47
* smartboyhw emits blood14:47
DarkErasmartboyhw, ok thanks, i'll wait and zsync later on when the respin is out. For now i'll keep myself busy with testing the upgrade. Had phone and starting to create the usb stick now14:48
smartboyhwDarkEra: Keep on with the upgrades, they won't be affected:)14:49
DarkEraok :)14:50
DarkEraheya madeinkobaia how are you doing today buddy? :)14:51
madeinkobaiadarkera : I am fine :)14:51
DarkErathat's great :)14:51
DarkErai need some food, bbl14:52
smartboyhwHello madeinkobaia:)14:55
madeinkobaiaI put in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-art/ubuntustudio-resources/art/files/head:/ON-AIR/   2 preview banners for G+/FB. That is a special version for the 13.04 release. Any feedback is welcome.14:55
madeinkobaiazequence : ^14:55
madeinkobaiaHi smartboyhw, how are you ?14:56
zequencemadeinkobaia: Great. I'll have a look14:56
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: Hurray!14:56
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw : Thanks : ) Witch version do you prefer ? 05 or 06 ?14:57
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: Both are OK I think.14:58
smartboyhwI rather prefer 05 though14:59
zequencemadeinkobaia: I think 06 has a nicer style, but 05 speaks more directly - easier to catch it with the eyes15:00
* smartboyhw has the same comment as zequence15:00
madeinkobaiasmartboyhw : Ok, Lets go for the 05 ! 15:00
zequencemadeinkobaia: Probably because of too much complexity around the letters. The splashes might work better around the letters :)15:01
smartboyhwzequence: 05 then?15:01
zequenceBadly explained, but you know what I mean15:01
* smartboyhw can understand even being an art crap:P15:02
madeinkobaiazequence : Hello, yeah no problems :)15:03
zequencemadeinkobaia: hi :)15:03
smartboyhwOK, we are really gonna respin soon.15:03
smartboyhwDoes anyone know what purpose of unity-assets-pool in our image?15:03
madeinkobaiaThe release is still for tomorrow ?15:04
smartboyhwIt's the package causing the respin (thx Microsoft for complaining about Skype)15:04
smartboyhwmadeinkobaia: It always is.15:04
madeinkobaiaOk so I will put the definitive version this evening in the branch, like that we can for tomorrow have our banners on line on G+ and FB : )15:06
madeinkobaiaI be back around 8 pm (gmt +1), that let us a little bit time of reflexion for any changes on the banners. See you all : )15:13
DarkEra05 looks nice indeed15:23
DarkEraright, had some food, installing 12.10 on the netbook now15:25
DarkErasmartboyhw, software updater doesn't show 13.04 yet so can't upgrade through that16:19
zequenceDarkEra: Start if from the terminal. Two options. I think -d would be one. See update-manager --help16:22
zequenceSince it's still marked as development release, you need to specify you are upgrading to the development release16:22
DarkErathat's what i thought since 13.04 is not released yet and still needs testing16:23
DarkErathanks zequence i'll look into that16:23
DarkErayep, got it. Starting upgrade now16:25
DarkErayay! upgrade finished18:02
madeinkobaiadarkera : : )18:36
madeinkobaiaThe final (?) version of the social network banner for 13.04 available here : http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-art/ubuntustudio-resources/art/files/head:/social-networks_googleplus/18:37
madeinkobaiaI also cleaned the Ubuntu Studio logo = before : https://plus.google.com/u/0/102125777892703446963/posts after : https://plus.google.com/u/0/112937756282972852089/posts18:41
madeinkobaiazequence : ^18:41
DarkErazsync time19:56
zequencemadeinkobaia: Ah, great work on the logo :)20:40
zequenceAnd that Debian banner looks awesome :)20:40
madeinkobaiazequence : Yep, the banner is one of my wp I made for Debian :)20:43
madeinkobaiazequence : For the logo I just added some blur, the borders are smooth now : )20:44
zequenceYes, the borders were ok against white background, for apparent reasons. They needed to be cleaned up :)20:46
zequenceActually, I've cropped the picture on the G+ site20:46
zequence..I think20:46
zequenceAnyway. It's good we have a nice set of replacements :)20:46
madeinkobaiazequence : Hope to see the result on line : )20:49
zequenceWe have new releases of ISOs out now20:51
zequenceShould finally be the final ones20:51
zequenceThey will need a bit of testing20:51
len-1304Ya about 2 hours ago.20:52
len-1304 Just downloaded... but have a dentist app now :P20:52
zequencelen-1304: Always fun :)20:52
len-1304I will test 32bit later when I get back.20:53
zequenceI'm zynking both ISOs now. It's getting late, but I should be able to pull off some testing20:54
DarkErazsync is done so i'm preparing the usb stick20:55
DarkErai hope i can do some testing to but have to keep a eye on our oldest20:56
zequenceEither I'm really stupid, or mail filtering is stupid21:11
madeinkobaia"The truth is often between opposite" (by "Lao Tseu", but I am not sure :D )21:12
zequenceBoth could be true too21:17
madeinkobaia...and reciprocally.21:19
zequenceI'm realizing I'm dealing with databases, but I'm not doing it hands on, so I take the long way around understanding what I'm doing21:19
madeinkobaialol, you're using "regular expressions" for create filters ?21:22
madeinkobaiaAny Led Zeppelin fan's on Ubuntu Studio ?21:28
zequenceI'm using a tool called imapfilter, to filter my IMAP mailbox. The filtering is done in LUA21:32
madeinkobaiazequence : ok21:34
zequenceI'm emigrating to the mutt email client, from Opera21:35
zequenceOr migrating :)21:35
madeinkobaiaDepends on the place you leave ;)21:37
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smartboyhwDarkEra: You zsynced the new image 20130424;23:28
DarkErasmartboyhw, yep23:34
smartboyhwDarkEra: \o/23:35
DarkErajust installing it on the third partition on the laptop23:35
DarkEraalmost done23:36
DarkErasmartboyhw, i also upgraded 12.10 to 13.04 on the netbook23:36
DarkErai'm on that right now23:37
* smartboyhw hugs DarkEra23:37
DarkErayou can see how much i care about the project23:38
DarkErai just want to thank you smartboyhw and zequence for being patient and showing me the way, i really appreciate that23:40
smartboyhwDarkEra: :) I should have helped you do some testing, but holy christ secondary 3 tests took most of my time away:( I have a Chinese History test tmr.23:41
DarkErasmartboyhw, it's ok and i understand. Your private life and school have priority23:42
DarkErait was a busy day here to with my kids so i couldn't do much anyway23:43
DarkEraat least i got the netbook install upgraded this evening23:45

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