felipecwtf?! http://pastie.org/771244800:27
felipecwhy would find_branches_old() would work, but not find_branches()00:27
felipecthey return the exact same thing00:27
felipecbut one causes the server to choke when cloning, and the onter doesn't00:27
felipecis iter_files_recursive() borked?00:28
felipecforget about the cloning, simply storing the branches in an array makes it fail00:51
felipecthis is ridiculous00:52
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felipecwhy can't I list the tags from a Repository() object?18:19
felipecaren't the tags shared by all the branches?18:19
lifelesstags are per-branch18:19
felipeclifeless: I've seen branches that don't have the revisions a tag points to18:23
felipecthey show with a '?'18:23
lifelessIndeed. Broadly speaking 'iz bug'18:27
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beunoo/ lifeless18:35
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felipecit seems my computer runs out of memory simply traversing a repository with multiple branches19:36
felipecwould it be reasonable  to assume that I need to unref the object of the branches I'm not traversing?19:36
felipecor do I need to do something more?19:36
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