b1tbktsilly question but shouldn't my maas/juju nodes contain a juju executable?01:23
sarnoldb1tbkt: I think the 'juju' executable is just for the human-controlled machine; I think the others are controlled by agents called something more like juju-agent ..01:26
b1tbkt'locate juju' with an updatedb db yields nothing01:28
b1tbkton naything except machine 001:28
sarnoldb1tbkt: how about a find /usr -name '*juju*' ? I like locate, but between never being sure what is visible to it, what it indexes, and how often, I tend to like an explicit 'find' when looking for things...01:35
sarnoldwell, rather, when _troubleshooting_ I prefer to use 'find'.01:36
b1tbktroot@10-10-21-23:~# find / -name juju*01:37
sarnoldwell that is odd :)01:37
sarnoldb1tbkt: does this machine show up in 'juju status'? or is still an unprovisioned node?01:38
b1tbkti can ssh into the boxes with native ssh ubuntu@[IP] but juju ssh is always 'waiting for maching to come up'01:38
b1tbktyes, it shows up in juju status01:38
b1tbktagent-state: not-started01:39
b1tbktthe agent should natively be a part of the maas isos, no? or does juju deploy the agent itself?01:42
sarnoldb1tbkt: I'm used to juju deploying the agent, but I've not yet tried maas01:42
b1tbktif juju normally deploys it then maas shouldn't interfere in any way01:43
freeflyinghi all, where can I find the source of juju's doc https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/, are they under juju's trunk? or some other place?03:16
sarnoldfreeflying: http://askubuntu.com/questions/52063/how-do-i-contribute-documentation-to-juju03:19
mfischfreeflying: l... nm!03:19
freeflyingsarnold: mfisch awesome, thanks :)03:20
mfischmarcoceppi: still awake ?03:28
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ahasenackhi guys, I can't seem to juju bootstrap using juju-core and canonistack (openstack), I get "error: no tools available". I was just able to bootstrap on ec2, though12:37
ahasenack2013/04/25 09:37:19 INFO environs: reading tools with major version 112:38
ahasenack2013/04/25 09:37:19 INFO environs: falling back to public bucket12:38
ahasenack2013/04/25 09:37:19 ERROR command failed: no tools available12:38
mgzI haven't got creds on whatever the bucket we have on canonistack is, so they've not been updated. you can copy the tools from ec2 to your own container.12:41
ahasenackI have no idea how to do that, nor what "tools" are. I'm coming from pyjuju12:44
ahasenackwho has those creds?12:44
marcoceppimgz: how is this tools thing handled for private clouds that we don't have access to in order to upload the tools?12:45
* marcoceppi thinks of documenting how to upload tools12:45
ahasenackmarcoceppi: good point12:46
ahasenackmarcoceppi: like, someone from Company downloads juju and wants to try it with their own openstack deployment, it won't work out of the box, right?12:46
marcoceppiahasenack: I'm not sure, trying to figure that out :) It sounds like there's something you can do based on mgz's response. I'm just not sure what that /thing/ is12:47
ahasenacksounds like there is a hardcoded path somewhere, path to a bucket12:47
ahasenackmaybe s/hardcoded/control-bucket/12:48
ahasenackbut that's unique for each one of us, right, it's random12:48
marcoceppiahasenack: it sounds like each "provider" has a global bucket maintained by the core team. If the tools arent' there it looks in your own bucket specified in the environments.yaml12:53
ahasenackI tried --upload-tools, but it requires something else12:54
ahasenackso I checked out "juju-core" from lp:12:55
ahasenacktime to read the README ;)12:55
ahasenackhm, the checkout needs to be in $GOPATH12:57
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ahasenackis the goal to have the tools available as normal ubuntu packages at some point?12:59
ahasenackhm, make still explodes13:02
ahasenackhmm, I have a silli question: does the charm directory have to match the charm name in metadata.yaml?13:30
ahasenacklike, I have ~/charms/precise/keystone-ha13:31
ahasenackbut the charm name in keystone-ha/metadata.yaml is just keystone13:31
ahasenackI can't seem to deploy it, juju complains about not finding the charm13:31
ahasenackah, never mind, got it, I was missing the <release> directory13:34
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orospakrhmm, is there an example out there (perhaps in the charm store?) of a charm that uses chef(-solo) for config and provisioning?  it seems like at least a little bit of glue is required, and I wouldn't mind being able to crib off someone! ;)13:46
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dpb_Hi all -- how well does jitsu work with juju-core?14:31
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jcastromarcoceppi: check out the post from bjorn on the mailing list14:37
jcastrodpb_: it does not, but the core team is real responsive14:37
jcastroso we plan on rolling in things people want relatively quickly14:37
dpb_jcastro: should I file a bug report?14:37
jcastroI think a tracking bug wouldn't hurt14:38
jcastromramm: what do you think?14:38
ahasenackwasn't jitsu always a "temporary tool", with things that would eventually make it into core?14:38
ahasenackmight make more sense to file a specific feature request against core instead of asking to "port" jitsu to juju-core14:38
marcoceppijcastro: yeah going to make an au post on it. make sure it find its way in to the docs14:39
* marcoceppi needs to test first14:40
AskUbuntuHow can I copy Juju tools for use in my deployment? | http://askubuntu.com/q/28539515:05
mgzmarcoceppi: is that still borked for you?15:06
jcastroit's still borked for one guy15:07
jcastroI think he's just writing up a question to FAQ/link15:07
mgzthat was what I suspected,15:07
jcastroI also only just now noticed that this was mentioned in the release notes and I totally missed that.15:07
marcoceppimgz: what castro said15:07
mgzbut didn't want to accuse him of reputation farming :)15:07
jcastrook so mgz15:08
jcastromoving forward15:08
jcastropeople who set up internal clouds15:08
jcastrowill they need to sync as part of the initial set up?15:08
mgzpeople are still having issues, but I'm not clear on the contexts of all of them...15:08
jcastroor will this be automated at some point?15:08
mgzjcastro: there's logic to copy tools from a public location to your personal container in your tenant15:09
jcastrook if this next guy still has a problem, I will ask him to file a bug and we can dig in15:09
mgzI need to recheck what circumstances everything gets triggered in though15:09
ahasenackright now ec2 seems to have the tools correctly15:09
jcastroI am just wondering where in the instructions we add that.15:09
mgzbecause there were quite a few changes across development and I'm now really confused about the current state :P15:09
ahasenackI bootstrapped a couple of hours ago with the latest version from the ppa15:09
ahasenacksync-tools isn't working for me, though15:10
dpb_mramm: what should I do for jitsu?  file a bug to have it ported?  File feature requests in juju-core?15:15
jcastromarcoceppi: are you working on an answer or want me to chip in for that tools question?15:17
marcoceppijcastro: if you have an answer, go for it. I've been playing around trying to replicate the error so I can post the solution15:17
jcastroso is it supposed to be just "juju sync" or what?15:18
robbiewjcastro: is it a known bug that "juju status <servicename>" doesn't work? e.g. juju status wordpress, should show me the status of all units in the wordpress ser15:18
robbiewonly asking to know if I should file a bug or not15:18
* robbiew using juju-core in 13.04....\o/15:19
ahasenackjcastro: see juju@, I posted a similar question there15:19
jcastroI think that's a known bug15:19
ahasenackjcastro: sync-tools, but it didn't work for me just now15:19
jcastroand would a random person's openstack have access to that url?15:20
ahasenackin s3 it's public afaik15:20
ahasenackso the idea is to copy it from the aws bucket into your private cloud's bucket15:20
ahasenackthat's what I understood sync-tools does15:20
robbiewjcastro: ack..good ;)15:22
ahasenackwith the caveat "Due to some internal limitations, you have to have Ec2 credentials to do15:22
ahasenackthis (our ec2 code requires creds even though the bucket is public)."15:22
wkharoldjust installed 13.04, doing the Juju Getting Started, want to use LXC, setup an environments.yaml stanza that uses 'type: local', juju bootstrap sez 'unknown provider type "local"'15:35
wkharoldpls tell me LXC will be supported ...15:35
mgzwkharold: `apt-get install juju`, juju-core will support local lxc deployments, but not in this release15:37
mgzthe good news is you can continue using juju for local charm testing, and deploy those charms with juju-core if you wish15:38
wkharoldmgz: tnx16:01
jcastroDaviey: hey, I'd like to update all the websites/AU questions/docs about how to install Juju from backports16:02
jcastroright now it's all pointing to the PPA.16:03
jcastroBut I've not done backports before, what are the steps?16:03
Davieyjcastro: Desktop, it should be enabled by default.16:03
DavieyServer, i believe it is aswell.16:03
DavieyHowever, it's possible people might have disabled it.16:04
jcastrook so on a clean install16:04
jcastroand I apt-get install juju-core16:04
DavieyFor most people, it's just a simple case of sudo apt-get install juju-core16:04
jcastroover time I'll get backports16:04
jcastrook so other than that, it's just the same as distro16:04
jcastroother than a link to how to reenable backports on a server if they explicitly turned it off16:04
jcastroanything else?16:04
Davieyjcastro: Usually, you have to specific juju-core/raring-backports .. his ISN'T required because it's not in a primary pocket aswell16:05
jcastrook so as far as the instructions are concerned, same commands as distro16:05
Davieyjcastro: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#Enabling_Backports16:06
* jcastro nods16:06
jcastrook I'll update everything now then, thanks16:06
Davieyjcastro: "If you previously disabled Backports, or the apt-get command doesn't find juju-core - it is most likely you need to enable it by.."16:07
jcastroDaviey: when do you anticipate the backport landing in 12.04?16:09
Davieyjcastro: I wouldn't like to comment.16:12
jcastrodays, weeks, or months would be good enough?16:12
Davieyhopefully soon16:12
jcastrobecause otherwise I need to write version specific instructions16:12
DavieyI'd suggest ~3 weeks, which should leave some bounce room.16:13
DavieyI am not in the Ubuntu backports team, so i can't be more firm.16:13
jcastroclose enough, thanks.16:13
jcastroDaviey: is pyju in backports as well?16:17
Davieyjcastro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes#Juju useful?16:20
jcastrohah, yeah16:21
mgzrelease notes there are pretty neat16:23
mrammdpb_: file feature requests for juju-core17:24
mrammor for tools to go alongside juju-core that do what jitsu did17:25
dpb_mramm: thx17:29
jcastromarcoceppi: check out manage.jujucharms.com and see if that works for you17:29
jcastromight need to wait for DNS17:29
marcoceppijcastro: it loads for me. What should I expect?17:30
mrammwe are also experamenting with a python API to talk directly to the juju state server over a websocket, so that some jitsu-ike commands can still be written in python17:30
jcastromarcoceppi: a UI to be able to score charms, etc.17:31
mrammhazmat has a very experimental branch up on launchpad already17:31
marcoceppijcastro: I just see the charmworld17:32
jcastrodo you see a login button on the right?17:33
hazmatmramm, its not that experimental..17:33
hazmatmramm, i mean the gui and landscape have been using it for months..17:33
hazmatoh. that one17:34
hazmatpython websocket confusion17:34
mrammit is like 2 days old ;)17:34
hazmatmramm, i want agents in python too17:34
mrammhazmat: interesting17:35
marcoceppijcastro: yeah, and I logged in, but no idea what/where to go from there17:35
jcastroI was just making sure it resolved for you17:36
marcoceppijcastro: ah, cool17:39
mrammhazmat: new kinds of agents, or replacing machine and unit agents with python?17:39
mrammI think there are quite a few advantages to the core agents being a self contained binary17:40
jcastromarcoceppi: we should have the new UI for managing ratings, etc tomorrow17:43
marcoceppijcastro: awesome17:43
jcastromramm: arosales: ok instructions all updated everywhere and pushed, just waiting for the RT response, last bit will be to announce to the mailing list.17:47
arosalesjcastro, thanks :-)17:47
mrammjcastro: rock and roll!17:52
dpb_mramm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1172814, https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/117281117:52
_mup_Bug #1172814: Need a way to run an end-to-end test on a juju environment. <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1172814>17:52
_mup_Bug #1172811: Need a way to watch juju-core environements <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1172811>17:52
arosalesjcastro, m_3: other charmers. Your guys' thoughts on adding lp:charms & lp:charm-tools to to lp:juju-project?17:55
jcastrodidn't know we had -project17:55
arosalesre the juju-dev list thread subj="juju-project17:55
arosalesjcastro, I think Danilo _just_ added it17:56
jcastroI haven't gotten the mail yet17:57
arosalesjcastro, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju-dev/2013-April/000943.html17:58
jcastrothat seems pretty straightforward and beneficial17:59
jcastroarosales: mramm: forgot to eat lunch, bbi ~30. The RT for the website is #61095 if you want to follow along18:11
_mup_Bug #61095: Crash trying to open tomboy preferences <tomboy (Ubuntu):Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/61095>18:11
marcoceppiarosales: I'm not sure if charms would work as it's already it's own distro, but charm-tools would be a good idea18:13
arosalesmarcoceppi, ya may not want to mess with lp:charms since it it is tied to the charm store.18:17
marcoceppiWe don't have a rabbitmq charm?18:21
hazmatmramm, new kind18:21
hazmatmarcoceppi, we do18:21
marcoceppihazmat: "rabbit" in charmworld returns nothing18:22
ahasenackrabbitmq-server probably18:22
hazmatmarcoceppi, substring searching needs ie. rabbit*18:22
hazmatneeds star18:22
marcoceppihazmat: Ah, didn't realize it needed wildcard for searches18:22
hazmatmarcoceppi, rabbitmq would work as well.. its tokenizing.18:24
ahasenackhi, what's the right update-alternatives command to switch back to juju-core? The command from the release notes isn't working18:32
ahasenack$ sudo update-alternatives --set juju /usr/lib/juju-1.10.0/bin/juju18:32
ahasenackupdate-alternatives: error: alternative /usr/lib/juju-1.10.0/bin/juju for juju not registered; not setting18:32
mgzahasenack: just run `update-alternatives --config juju` and pick from the list18:36
mgzI'm guessing the version number change has messed with it... really it should be 1.10 only or something18:36
ahasenackmgz: doesn't work18:36
ahasenack$ sudo update-alternatives --config juju18:37
ahasenackThere is only one alternative in link group juju (providing /usr/bin/juju): /usr/lib/juju-0.7/bin/juju18:37
ahasenackNothing to configure.18:37
ahasenackmgz: I'm using juju-core from the ppa, is the distro one different?18:37
mgzit is.18:39
mgz(for now)18:39
ahasenackok, that explains it18:39
ahasenackso the ppa one for now can't coexist with the py one18:39
mrammwe will update the PPA package recipe to match the release soon18:44
jcastromarcoceppi: nice work on those icons!18:53
marcoceppicant' wait to see them in the UI18:53
arosalesmarcoceppi, +1, thanks for knocking those out18:58
jcastromarcoceppi: ~20 minutes is what rick tells me for the site to update19:01
jcastromramm: arosales: RT pushed through, we're now all up to date doc wise.19:32
jcastroat least until like tomorrow or whenever you guys decide to switch over to PPA builds. :p19:32
arosalesjcastro, thanks I see that @ https://juju.ubuntu.com/get-started/19:58
mrammjcastro: I think we will just push "supported" updates into the backports repository20:03
mrammand use the PPA for development releases20:03
jcastroI like that20:03
mrammso we should not have to change the docs20:03
jcastroin hindsight20:04
jcastrowe should have done this for the previous releases too20:04
jcastrobut whatever20:04
mrammit is what it is20:04
jcastrothe ships are ablaze as you have ordered my conquistador.20:04
mrammwas watching the game of thrones last night -- you win or you die20:04
jcastroI just posted to the list to see if there's any other major transition issues people would like to see handled20:05
jcastroheya marcoceppi20:05
marcoceppiheya jcastro20:05
jcastroa follow up mail to mine wrt. the status of charm-tools with 1.10.x would probably help20:05
jcastrolet people know that those tools are all set to go20:05
jcastromramm: we've had some issues with juju sync not working for some people wrt. getting the tools in their buckets20:06
jcastroahasenack: is yours still broken?20:06
marcoceppijcastro: Well, they only really live in PPA, the distro version won't have the pretty new charm create in it20:06
mrammwell, we should just mention that, and how to enable them.20:07
ahasenackjcastro: I can deploy on aws without any hack, and on canonistack after I set that public tools url in the environments file20:07
ahasenackjcastro: I haven't tried sync-tools anymore since this morning, when it didn't work20:07
mrammas for sync-tools -- any bugs on that will get very high priority20:07
ahasenackI get this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5602223/20:08
jcastromramm: ok so in the case of this guy: http://askubuntu.com/questions/284846/juju-doesnt-bootstrap-due-to-error-command-failed-no-tools-available-error20:08
mrammis there a bug filed for that?20:08
jcastrohow do people get the tools on their own internal openstack?20:08
ahasenackmramm: sync? no, I emailed the list about it because I wasn't sure I was using it correctly20:08
jcastroor do they put our canonistack url in their environments.yaml? (that can't be right)20:09
mrammthey should be able to sync them into local buckets20:09
mrammuntil the tools were in the right place in amazon that would not work20:09
ahasenackthat was my understanding. That the source is always aws, and the target is what you say with -e20:09
mrammbut it should work now20:10
mrammif not, that's a critical bug which should be addressed ASAP20:10
ahasenackcan someone else try?20:10
mrammeven if the solution is just to provide a workaround script that does the copy20:10
mrammand a real fix pushed in an update release20:11
jcastrodoes anyone have the URL to the s3 bucket?20:11
jcastrothe release notes only mention canonistack and hp cloud20:11
ahasenackit's hardcoded in juju, you shouldn't need it20:12
ahasenackit's in the code, I mean20:12
ahasenack(or so I think)20:12
ahasenackoh, for a workaround script20:13
ahasenackjcastro: https://s3.amazonaws.com/juju-dist/tools/juju-1.10.0-precise-amd64.tgz?Expires=1682453601&Signature=zak2C4ARkuqMDG24lxQwVPNhpQc%3D&AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIE2BLLQVB4JVA6RQ20:14
ahasenackbut that was locally generated, probably with my credentials20:14
ahasenackmeaning, not good for a blog post20:14
ahasenackI got it with juju sync-tools -e canonistack -v20:14
ahasenackthe -v showed it20:14
ahasenackbut I can actually download it, it works (wget, web browser)20:15
sidneiremoving all the query params works too20:16
ahasenackah, good20:16
ahasenackok, I remember now20:16
ahasenackthey said that juju requires creds, even though it's a public bucket20:16
jcastrook so for a normal openstack user20:18
jcastrojust "juju sync-tools" is the answer?20:18
ahasenackhm, here is another command line incompatibility20:19
ahasenack2013/04/25 20:17:51 INFO worker/uniter: HOOK error: flag provided but not defined: -r20:19
ahasenack2013/04/25 20:17:51 INFO worker/uniter: HOOK subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['relation-list', '-r', 'swift-storage:2']' returned non-zero exit status 220:19
sidneijcastro: it should be, but it requires you to have valid aws credentials20:19
ahasenackjcastro: I think so, bar that "use of closed network connection" bug20:19
ahasenackand what sidnei said20:19
mwhudsonjuju bootstrap (pointed at a maas install) fails with "error: no tools available"20:20
mwhudsonany ideas?20:20
ahasenackmwhudson: raring? which version of the package?20:21
mwhudsonahasenack: no, precise20:21
mwhudsonfrom https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/devel/+packages20:21
ahasenackmwhudson: 1.10.0 something?20:21
mwhudsonyeah, i think so20:21
ahasenack1.10.0-1~1189~raring1 is what I have (raring)20:22
ahasenackI was having that tools error earlier today and some days ago20:22
ahasenackmwhudson: and the default-series you are targeting? precise too?20:22
ahasenackmwhudson: I don't know then, should be the same I have deployed right now in aws. precise, 64 bits, 1.10.020:25
ahasenackmaybe with maas it behaves differently, was it working "before", for some definition of before?20:25
mwhudsonno, this is a new install20:25
mwhudsoni sort of had it working with juju-py20:25
ahasenackah, ok, so many variables20:25
ahasenackmramm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1172895, fyi20:25
_mup_Bug #1172895: relation-list incompatibility with pyjuju: -r <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1172895>20:25
mrammahasenack: for the command line tool incompatibility type things, or anything else you find -- feel free to file bugs.   Even if they are just temporary issues or you don't know if they are reproducable -- we should be able to handle that with our bug triage process.20:26
mrammahasenack: perfect!20:26
mrammahasenack: I added the relation list issue to the immediate dev queue20:28
ahasenackmramm: nice20:28
ahasenacksomeone fixed a similar issue earlier today with --log-level vs -l20:28
mrammFrank was just working on that stuff, so I think it should be fresh in his mind20:29
ahasenackmramm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1172717 it says "merged", but the bug is open and the review request still pending20:29
mrammok, I'll look into it20:29
ahasenackprobably something to do with the rietveld integration (if I spelled that correctly)20:30
mrammyea, we don't have it all wired up to automatically close things in LP20:31
mwhudsonahasenack: you said you had the same problem, and now you don't?20:32
mwhudsondid you do anything to fix it, or did it just go away?20:32
ahasenackmwhudson: it just disappeared, they uploaded the right set of tools to that public amazon bucket20:33
ahasenackmwhudson: try sourcing aws creds, I think juju requires those even though the s3 bucket is public20:34
mwhudsonwhere do i put s3 creds in the set up for a maas environment?20:34
ahasenackmwhudson: I'm just guessing now, but try sourcing them in your shell for starters20:34
mwhudsonoh right20:34
ahasenackmwhudson: and re-run the command with -v, might have more useful output20:35
mwhudsontried that:)20:35
mwhudsonmwhudson@lava-leg01:~$ juju -v bootstrap20:35
mwhudson2013/04/25 21:32:12 INFO environs: reading tools with major version 120:35
mwhudson2013/04/25 21:32:12 INFO environs: falling back to public bucket20:35
mwhudson2013/04/25 21:32:12 ERROR command failed: no tools available20:35
mwhudsonerror: no tools available20:35
ahasenackok :(20:35
ahasenackdid you source the aws creds in that run?20:35
mwhudsontrying to find some, haven't used aws in a while ...20:36
ahasenackthat's the "public bucket" bit I believe20:36
jcastroimbrandon: ping20:36
mwhudsonahasenack: i forget, how do you even set AWS creds?20:36
ahasenackmwhudson: EC2_SECRET_KEY, EC2_ACCESS_KEY,20:37
ahasenackI think that's it20:37
mwhudsonoh right20:37
ahasenackyou grab them from the aws console somewhere20:38
ahasenackEC2_URL too, but probably not needed in this case20:38
ahasenackhttps://ec2.us-east-1.amazonaws.com is mine20:38
* mwhudson finds the right bit of his .bashrc20:38
mwhudsonno difference20:42
mwhudsonmwhudson@lava-leg01:~$ juju -v sync-tools20:47
mwhudson2013/04/25 21:46:20 INFO environs/ec2: opening environment "juju-public"20:47
mwhudson2013/04/25 21:46:20 ERROR failed to initialize the official bucket environment20:47
mwhudson2013/04/25 21:46:20 ERROR command failed: environment has no access-key or secret-key20:47
mwhudsonerror: environment has no access-key or secret-key20:47
mwhudson^ this looks like the sort of thing you were saying?20:48
ahasenackhm, yeah20:50
ahasenackbut you got it when you *used* the aws creds? :)20:50
mwhudsoni have now fond20:51
ahasenackyou didn't specify an env above20:51
mwhudsonwhich tells me which env vars to set :/20:51
ahasenackto tell you the truth, I have both sets :)20:52
ahasenackEC2_* and AWS_*20:52
mwhudsonyeah, different tools look at different vars i think :(20:52
mwhudsonok, that's doing something20:53
mwhudsonit only seemed to copy i386 and amd64 tools and i'm going to be deploying armhf...20:53
mwhudsonso i guess that's going to be another problem20:53
ahasenackit is :)20:54
ahasenackok, but this is important20:54
ahasenackyou had to set the aws creds20:54
ahasenackeven when not using aws20:54
mwhudsonand then run sync-tools20:54
ahasenackwhat did it output this time?20:54
mwhudson(i don't know if bootstrap would have worked, to be fair)20:54
mwhudsonahasenack: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5602338/20:55
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ahasenackI haven't gotten that far yet with canonistack20:55
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ahasenackmwhudson: so you were using juju before with armhf, right?20:55
ahasenackpyjuju I mean20:56
ahasenackjcastro: ^^^ pastebin, a sample of sync-tools working after exporting aws creds20:56
mwhudsonbut i didn't get it quite working either20:56
ahasenackmwhudson: ok, I don't know if this will work with arm, I'm thinking "mongodb on arm...?"20:56
mwhudsoni got it bootstrapped20:56
mwhudsonthis time20:57
mwhudsonbootstrap completed quickly20:57
mwhudsonand status is now just hanging20:57
ahasenackbootstrap is more like a request20:58
ahasenackwhen it comes back, it doesn't mean it's done, just that the request was made20:58
ahasenackjuju status hangs because the bootstrap isn't actually done yet20:58
ahasenackit could return saying that, I think, but it doesn't and there was an almost-flame-war on the mailing list about this once ;)20:58
jcastromarcoceppi: ^^ see the pastebin for a possible answer for that question21:00
mwhudsoni would be very surprised if this bootstrap ever succeeds21:00
ahasenackmwhudson: this is bootstrapping via maas, right?21:00
marcoceppijcastro: excellent thanks21:00
ahasenackwithout having tools built for armhf :)21:00
ahasenackyeah, you might need to ssh into that node to see what is going on, /var/log/juju21:01
ahasenackif it's up already21:01
marcoceppijcastro: btw, merge request for icon.svg that I've sat on for a while is up: https://code.launchpad.net/~marcoceppi/charm-tools/icon-template/+merge/16102021:01
mwhudsonand if my juju-py experience is anything to go by, it will be asking maas for a amd64 node21:01
mwhudsonwhich it doesn't have21:01
jcastromarcoceppi: ooh nice21:01
mwhudsonah well21:01
mwhudsona node is allocated21:01
jcastrom_3: or negronjl, got time to check out marco's mp?21:02
negronjljcastro: give me a link and I'll check it out ...21:02
mwhudsonso maybe juju-core doesn't have *that* problem21:02
marcoceppinegronjl: https://code.launchpad.net/~marcoceppi/charm-tools/icon-template/+merge/16102021:02
negronjlmarcoceppi, I'm on it21:02
marcoceppinegronjl: thanks!21:02
negronjlmarcoceppi, 1313 lines!!!21:03
marcoceppinegronjl: Most of it is just template stuff!!21:03
negronjlmarcoceppi, sigh ... I'll review it :/ ... j/k21:03
marcoceppiThere's like 5 copies of the same SVG in it21:03
mwhudsonahasenack: part of the fun is that maas allocating a node is a netinstall21:04
mwhudsonso it takes a while21:04
ahasenackmwhudson: I'm eod, will peek back in in about 3h21:04
mwhudsonahasenack: thanks for the hints so far21:05
ahasenackgood luck21:05
mwhudsonahasenack: is there a bug for this 'requires creds' thing?21:05
marcoceppinegronjl: if it makes it easier, the only thing that I added is in scripts/lib/proof.py21:05
ahasenackmwhudson: no, we were just talking about it here during the day21:06
negronjlmarcoceppi, I was j/k .. reiewing it now21:06
marcoceppinegronjl: Ah, thanks21:06
ahasenackmwhudson: it seems to be known by the developers, as it was in the release notes, but maybe the implication for sync-tools isn't21:06
negronjlmarcoceppi, Approved and Merged.21:10
marcoceppinegronjl: \o/ thanks!21:10
negronjlmarcoceppi, np21:10
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dpb_`Hi all -- someone have a clue what's going wrong with this lxc ubuntu deploy on top of raring? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5602655/  looks like somehow python3 is being used?  But I don't see how, /usr/bin/python is showing 2.7, etc.22:51
sarnolddpb_`: hrm, I thought that had been fixed22:52
sarnolddpb_`: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/juju/+bug/113080922:52
_mup_Bug #1130809: lxc scripts break when user has PYTHONPATH set <apparmor> <apport-crash> <i386> <raring> <juju:Incomplete> <juju (Ubuntu):Fix Released by gz> <lxc (Ubuntu):Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1130809>22:52
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