jmichaelxso has anyone here who uses the proprietary video driver upgraded to raring yet? does VDPAU seem to be functioning acceptably?00:31
OerHeksraring is in beta, one day away from release00:32
jmichaelxthe nvidia propritary driver*00:32
OerHeksjmichaelx, try #ubuntu+100:33
jmichaelxOerHeks: i'd rather ask here, atm00:33
tyrogOerHeks: Actually it is release candidate right now xD00:35
Luke-Jrhow do I add apps to the top row of Search and Launch?00:37
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OerHekseven if you find the official iso, you get update errors, grinn00:45
tyrogOerHeks: what do you mean?00:46
toddHello, wondering if anyone here can help me with how to install previous version of QT on 13.0400:56
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SpaceghostHello, I am having a problem with a package of firefox, can someone help me if I put the pastebin with the errors?01:24
SpaceghostHere there is.01:25
tyrogSpaceghost: Paste that on the firefox and ubuntu channels, so you have more people seeing it01:26
SpaceghostOk thank you.01:26
Spaceghosttyrog: are the packages of Kubuntu the same than Ubuntu?01:30
tyrogSpaceghost: yes01:30
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Taggnostrhow can I change the default associations for protocols/extensions (e.g. ftp:// or .mp3)?01:59
Taggnostrin settings there's "default applications", but it only has a few entries (email, text editor, file manager, IM, terminal, browser, windows manager)01:59
amingvTaggnostr: for extensions System Settings>File Associations02:10
amingvTaggnostr: or right click on the file>Properties>File type options02:10
amingvFor protocols, I don't think that you can directly associate them with a particular application02:11
Taggnostrthanks, I missed that02:11
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=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
tyrogjust for curiosity: What is the torrent client people here use with KDE?02:50
tyrogRiddell: is there transmission for Qt?02:52
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Riddelltyrog: what does that mean?02:54
tyrogIs there the Transmission client from GNOME written to work fine with KDE?02:55
Riddellwhat's Transmission?02:55
tyroga torrent client, just like Ktorrent is02:55
RiddellI can see transmission-qt02:56
tyrogok, thanks02:56
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chachanhey guys, I'm getting a "Could not locate the org.kde.active.activityscreen package required for the Contour activity screen widget" in the middle of my desktop04:17
chachanof course, with a big error icon04:18
chachanany idea?04:18
chachanI tried installing contour but it wasn't enough04:18
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brian6705I'm having a hard time accessing my Kubuntu LAMP virtual box through my half-way complicated home network.  I think I need help setting up a static route between two routers?06:03
AlexeiRomanovok its the 25th!07:06
AlexeiRomanovWHERE IS IT?!07:06
AlexeiRomanovits been the 25th for SIX MINUTES!07:06
valorie25th here too07:06
AlexeiRomanovi WANT the 13.04! :D07:06
valoriethe RC is up07:06
valorieand I doubt there will be many changes07:07
AlexeiRomanovyea but when i installed the beta 2, EVERYTHING was broke07:07
AlexeiRomanovcouldn't update07:07
AlexeiRomanovyea, went to update and it failed everything07:07
valorieI've been upgrading on my test boxes, and everything has been butter07:07
valorieincluding the RC07:07
valorielast night07:07
AlexeiRomanovit COULD have been simply that my wifi was turned off and i hadn't noticed, but i thought i checked that.07:08
AlexeiRomanovi AM, after all, a ROMANOV07:08
AlexeiRomanovthe Russian Empire is rightfully MINE! step aside, Putin!07:08
AlexeiRomanovif it really was that i simply forgot to turn the wifi on, after downloading and installing 13.04 Beta 2, and unetbootin it to flash drive... and installing it... and it all failed because i forgot to turn the wifi on to update, then i went all the way back to 12.10.... ugh07:09
AlexeiRomanovbecause that would be very embaressing07:10
AlexeiRomanovi didn't even save the beta 2 either, it went right to flash drive... so i'll have to download it AGAIN07:11
AlexeiRomanovnot that it takes long at 15mbps, but WHY didn't i check the WIFI SWITCH!07:11
AlexeiRomanovthis requires more coffee....07:14
AlexeiRomanovi'll get into the ubuntu servers and force extract 13.04 from them... i CAN'T WAIT another day!07:15
drkphxlol starbucks run07:15
AlexeiRomanovin the beginning, there was only slackware.... and redhat... and then someone said, LET THERE BE UBUNTU KDE! or xfce... whatever your style..07:15
valoriewhy can't you just upgrade?07:16
valoriereally, it's fine07:16
AlexeiRomanovbecause its not in the software sources :/07:16
AlexeiRomanovi CLICKED "prerelease updates"07:17
valoriedo an upgrade now, and then update again tomorrow07:17
AlexeiRomanovmy father Nicholas is going to be very heavy handed with Canonical.... if i don't get 13.04 by morning.07:17
AlexeiRomanovgeez, doesn't anyone know the history of Russia? Nicholas Romanov was the last tsar and Alexei was his son.07:18
AlexeiRomanovthen the commies murdered the entire Romanov family in a basement, they were only kids.07:19
bazhang!ot | AlexeiRomanov07:21
ubottuAlexeiRomanov: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:21
valorieyes, I know all this07:21
valorieand you are off-topic07:21
AlexeiRomanovdid i just get kicked?07:21
bazhangAlexeiRomanov, lets move on07:22
AlexeiRomanovok, upgrading...07:22
bazhangAlexeiRomanov, this is NOT the chat channel.07:22
AlexeiRomanovi'm not chatting! i'm simply acknowledging your authority. you're putting me in a self reinforcing negative feedback loop.07:23
bazhang#kubuntu-offtopic please AlexeiRomanov07:23
valorieunwanted PMs are rude07:25
AlexeiRomanovcold hearted human calculators are crude, diseased spirits... goodbye.07:27
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=== Guest63420 is now known as Spaceghost
vivianHellos all07:50
viviananyone wanna shhot the breeze about a kubuntu install thats failing?07:51
smartboyhwvivian: Which release?07:51
vivian12.10 6407:51
vivian64 bit07:51
IdleOnedigital: any reason you need 8 clients in here?07:52
vivianThe problem is that I got a new Acer Travelmate. It had windows 7, I reformatted drive, installed windows 7 again after partitioning, leaving half the drive for kubuntu07:53
vivianwhen I boot up kubuntu, and install (dual boot purposes) after the install, it reboots all ok, but PC starts in windows 707:54
vivianBios isnt booting from UEFI07:54
vivianI changed it to Legacy07:54
vivianLeft drive as AHCI07:55
vivianI am going out, if anyone has some hints, tips, ideas, help, or links, pls message me07:57
JensKapitzahi, is there a way to remove the Actvities from Kubuntu desktop  for one special user? (right corner icon) - the taskbar icons are removeable but i can't find the delete option at the corner icon08:02
MamarokJensKapitza: you can't really remove Activities, but you can remove the icon. It will still be available through the right click on the desktop, though. That's what you want?08:04
JensKapitzaMamarok: yes08:09
MamarokJensKapitza: then please have a look at this blog, there is an update on it for newer versions: http://blog.hanschen.org/2008/10/23/plasma-how-to-remove-the-cashew/08:11
Mamarokmind you, you are entirely on your own here, not supported by us08:11
Mamarokand you could have googled that yourself :)08:11
JensKapitzaMamarok: ^^ thanks (i've googled activites not cashew) but i don't want to remove it for all users just for one08:12
MamarokJensKapitza: then it's Stealth Cashew you need08:16
JensKapitzaMamarok: just moving to the new KDE (unity sucks, and XP user will not move to windows 8  - KDE is much easier to use - [like XP] ), i'm searching some known features know.08:22
JensKapitzaA cool thing is the ability to configure multiple monitors with diffrent views [App-search, ... ]08:24
goodtimei agree JensKapitza08:27
goodtimealso kubuntu is the most costomizable desktop ive ever used08:29
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DLandonColeanyone around?10:42
DLandonColewould you be able to help me with a kubuntu install?10:43
smartboyhwDLandonCole: Yeah sure. What's the issue?10:44
DLandonColei have a 20GB hard drive i'm trying to install onto; it keeps saying that there's not enough space on there10:44
smartboyhwDLandonCole: Hmm how did you partition it?10:45
DLandonColei told it to use the whole thing10:45
DLandonColethere was a previous install of linux mint10:45
DLandonColei'm looking at the partition manager from the live CD and it sees it there as a 20GB drive10:46
DLandonColei'm just a bit confused10:46
smartboyhwDLandonCole: Hmm10:46
DLandonColein the manager, though, it's made two partitions10:46
DLandonColeone is 2.72GiB, and it's trying to install it there10:47
DLandonColeand then there's a 15.92GB space it seems to have allocated to swap10:47
smartboyhwDLandonCole: That MUCH swap?!10:48
smartboyhwTry re-partitioning then10:48
DLandonColeshould it not have done that from the installer?10:48
smartboyhwDLandonCole: I think it recongnizes non-swap space…10:49
DLandonColeok, i've used the partitionmanager to delete all the partitions and create a single, new ext4 partition on the whole disk10:51
DLandonColethat sound about right to you?10:51
smartboyhwDLandonCole: Yep sure:)10:52
DLandonColethanks so much for your help10:52
DLandonColeas you can tell, i'm pretty hopeless at all this :)10:52
smartboyhwDLandonCole: :)10:53
smartboyhwIt's weird that you are installing 12,10 now10:53
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smartboyhw13.04 is going out soon (possibly 6-8 hours later)10:53
DLandonColei didn't realise10:54
DLandonColewell, i'll just get something up and running first :)10:54
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kitzuneHappy release day :D11:15
taoyunwenLet's talk about our Linux release version and desktop environment?11:18
OerHekstaoyunwen, it is not out yet11:19
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CruX|new kubuntu will be released today?11:24
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=== rosco_away is now known as rosco_y
rosco_yI was hoping to make more room on my default panel, but when I resize it, my icons grow to be very big--is there a way to fix the icon size on the default panel?11:37
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BluesKajHiyas all11:41
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Pastes: http://paste.kde.org | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl | http://www.kubuntu.org/ Kubuntu 13.04 out | KDE SC 4.10 updates http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.10
RiddellKubuntu 13.04 out!12:28
* rosco_y is not touching 13.04--He's hooked on LTS....12:29
Unit193Riddell: Congrats!12:30
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tyrogRiddell: What versions of Kubuntu support SecureBoot?13:37
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Captain_ProtonSecureboot is a grub or ffs shim thing as nothing to do with linux or DE, but to answer your ? I think 13.04 does have booting support13:46
tyrogCaptain_Proton: does 12.04 lts also have it?13:46
Captain_ProtonI am not sure. I would ask in #ubuntu if noone has the answer here.13:47
Captain_Protoni thought it start in 12.10 but at best in a guess13:48
smartboyhw_Actually it is 12.10 + 12.04.2 + 13.0413:48
FlameReaper-PC13.04 is already out?13:49
FlameReaper-PCIt's time!13:50
smartboyhw_FlameReaper-PC yes:)13:50
FlameReaper-PCI hope my university's mirror is back up13:51
FlameReaper-PCotherwise it can be a big pain >_<13:51
Captain_ProtonI have a urge to install Unity *shiny*13:58
Artakhawell if you like macs13:58
smartboyhw_Captain_Proton why!;13:59
Captain_ProtonMacs over priced crap13:59
Captain_Protonsomething to do.. but I hate mixing gnome and kde apps14:00
Captain_ProtonI guess I will hold out till they write it in QT14:00
Artakhathere should be a qt version of gimp |:14:02
Artakhaalbeit it would be rather ironic considering gtk was afaik made for gimp in the first place14:02
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Captain_ProtonI like krita but I understand it design for a different purpose14:05
Captain_Protonthere are some great hows and youtube14:05
Artakhai use kolourpaint for lighter image editing14:06
Artakhaand then gimp as the "heavy arsenal" :P14:06
Artakhai should try krita out though14:07
kitzuneShould I do a fresh install of final 13.04 or just upgrade my daily build?14:08
Captain_Protonkitzune: upgrades have work very well for many years14:08
SonikkuAmericakitzune: If you have the daily, you should be fine.14:09
smartboyhw_kitzune: Upgrade is OK14:09
Captain_ProtonI wonder if unity is moving to qt will they start shipping more kde apps over gtk?14:10
SonikkuAmericaCaptain_Proton: I feel like they already have. Empathy now uses the KDE notifier sounds.14:12
SonikkuAmericaCaptain_Proton: in Unuty14:12
Captain_Protonimo kontact is far better then thunderbird or evolution14:13
Captain_Protonlike krdc over remmia which had many problem over the years14:15
Captain_Protonman how many are it guys? I love being one but many is it boring :D14:16
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pianogmxhey guys...  has anyone reported problems doing an upgrade within Software Updates in kubuntu?14:42
* pianogmx worried that something would break14:42
Captain_Protonpianogmx: did your upgrade fail?14:45
pianogmxCaptain_Proton: no i havent tried it yet... i just want to make sure I dont break anything by upgrading14:46
Captain_Protonpianogmx: I always do my from the terminal. as it may try to replace something that may be locked. but for the most part I never had any problems14:47
pianogmxokay... im going to hold my breath and click upgrade14:48
pianogmxunless you suggest doing it from the terminal?14:48
Captain_ProtonIf it was me I would but I am old school14:48
Captain_Protonpianogmx: if you want to do it that way : sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:50
genii-aroundTo jump versions, you need: sudo do-release-upgrade14:50
pianogmxgenii-around: what do you mean jump versions?14:51
smartboyhw_pianogmx: 12.10 -> 13.0414:51
genii-aroundpianogmx: To go from for instance 12.10 to 13.04   dist-upgrade will only bump your kernel version higher for the distribution you're already running, if one is available14:52
Captain_Protonhe right my bad!14:52
pianogmxhuh... my do-release-upgrade has an error in it14:53
Drag0nflamezI just updated to Raring, and it looks all weird14:53
Drag0nflamezand mismatched14:53
smartboyhw_Drag0nflamez: How?14:54
Drag0nflamezsmartboyhw_ well, kickoff menu edges look mismatched, just like desktop widgets14:55
genii-aroundpianogmx: What sort of error? Please pastebin14:57
pianogmxwhats the quick way to paste terminal stuff to pastbin?14:58
pianogmxi forgot14:58
genii-aroundpianogmx: pastebinit for terminal14:58
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com14:58
Drag0nflamez_back apparently14:59
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Drag0nflamezsmartboyhw_: well, kickoff menu edges look mismatched, just like desktop widgets15:00
pianogmxthe terminal thing didn't work right.15:03
pianogmxsudo do-release-upgrade15:03
Drag0nflamezok, i just updated to raring and plasma desktop now looks all weird15:03
mmind_salut, des français pour me guider pour l'utilisation IRC ?15:05
Drag0nflamezmon francais n'est pas bon, excuse-moi15:05
smartboyhw_!fr | mmind_15:05
ubottummind_: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:05
genii-aroundpianogmx: Perhaps try: sudo do-release-upgrade --mode=desktop15:06
pianogmxgenii-around: did you check my pastebin?15:06
pianogmxgenii-around: ok15:06
genii-aroundpianogmx: Yes, I checked it. Just I'm at work too so back and forth from the computer :)15:06
pianogmxgenii-around: nope same error15:07
genii-aroundInteresting. I haven't seen this error before.15:08
pianogmxwhat package handles do-release-upgrade ? maybe broken package15:08
genii-aroundpianogmx: update-manager-core and update-manager-kde15:09
genii-aroundpianogmx: You should also ensure that any non-standard repositories you may have manually added to /etc/apt/sources.list are commented out, additionally that any PPA you added are removed.15:14
pianogmxgenii-around: i am in the process of updating the core files for upgrading ....15:20
palassoThis section is blank: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes#Kubuntu Should there be a reference to http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-13.04 as with the section above (Xubuntu) ?15:22
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palassoSorry I meant below not above15:25
pianogmxgenii-around: yep... my upgrade core files were out of date.  i got it to run now15:26
genii-aroundpianogmx: Cool.15:27
pianogmxnow i got to find something fun to do for like an hour while this is doing its thing15:30
SonikkuAmericapianogmx: Whaddaya mean?15:32
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: im bored and i dont know what to do lol... just looking at headlines at lxer right now15:32
SonikkuAmericapianogmx: I assume you're performing a release upgrade...15:33
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: yes I am.15:33
SonikkuAmericapianogmx: Homerun or Kicker?15:33
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: huh?15:33
SonikkuAmericapianogmx: You now have a choice of which app launcher to use, courtesy of the KDE people!15:34
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: oh wow.  i have followed KDE news much... i guess ill go read about that.15:34
pianogmxoh wow... homerun looks interesting but maybe perhaps a little to "large" for me personally.15:37
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: /\15:38
=== palasso_ is now known as palasso
SonikkuAmericapianogmx: It's designed similar to Unity and both are now written in Qt.15:40
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: yeah... I know my girlfriend would like it.15:40
palassoMore info here: http://userbase.kde.org/Plasma_application_launchers15:40
SonikkuAmericapianogmx: I wonder what my crush would think. About Ubuntu in general.15:40
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: ?15:41
SonikkuAmericaHain't used nuttin' but Windows, she.15:42
pianogmxi set my girlfriend on a dual boot between ubuntu and windows on her netbook15:42
pianogmxright now I see her using windows 8 more... I think her ubuntu broke or she just wants to use windows for now.15:43
=== erry_ is now known as erry
SonikkuAmericaTouch netbook by any chance?15:43
pianogmxi on the other had, virtualize windows since my school teaches stuff that requires Windows...15:43
SonikkuAmericaI virtualize for music notation software only.15:44
SonikkuAmericaI doesn't work in Wine.15:44
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: no.  havent got one of those yet15:44
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica: saw that they had a tablet image for the nexus? i think?  that makes me want to get a tablet....15:45
SonikkuAmericapianogmx: It's Unity, but it looks good thus far; Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4/7/10 (GSM only)15:46
pianogmxSonikkuAmerica:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install - yeah... it does look interesting15:46
palassoSince this channel is used for Kubuntu support you may want to check out #kubuntu-offtopic15:46
pianogmxpalasso: lol... my bad15:47
SonikkuAmericaYeah... I'm too lazy to type15:47
SonikkuAmericaso I'mma stop now15:47
pianogmxsometimes i feel like the ubuntu servers are a little slow but then again, i guess ever person using ubuntu is doing upgrade all day today...15:48
SonikkuAmericapianogmx: Not me. I did the upgrade 72 hours ago.15:52
pianogmxmy terminal is bouncing between 45 mins to 1hr 15 mins15:52
lordievaderGood afternoon15:53
pianogmxits still morning for me15:54
pianogmxdrinking coffeee15:54
SonikkuAmericalordievader: Good morning from `Murrica!15:54
=== spawn[dead] is now known as spawn57
lordievaderHey pianogmx, SonikkuAmerica. How are you guys/girls?15:56
SonikkuAmericaI'm a guy and I'm good15:56
* pianogmx is a man with dr pepper on his mind15:57
lordievaderOhh Dr. Pepper haven't drank that in a while. But I'm going offtopic...15:57
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AlexZionhi everyone, why there is an automatic cancghe of version in kubuntu !?!16:18
AlexZiontobay I just start my machine  and there was the icon for Upgrade ....., but just clicking it , it's started the procedure to upgrade to 13.04 ...., we are sure that to force people to upgrade is the best choice ?16:19
=== eristikophiles is now known as Hg
FlameReaper-PCWoo, sweet boot screen.16:20
pianogmxAlexZion: did it prompt you to enter in your credentials?16:20
FlameReaper-PCAt least much better than the previous versions16:20
pianogmxAlexZion: in no shape or form was i coherced into upgrading into 13.04, so it apparently seems from my point of view that your are trying to find something to speak negative about kubuntu just based on some off the hat generalization.16:22
=== Hg is now known as eristikophiles
AlexZionyeah sure pianogmx as you say , but I just Open my desk ...., click on tinme on the icno that normally is for a normal update , and the procedure do upgrade to 13.04 , it's just started , without asking me nothing ......., congratulayion ..., this is the  best way to make the biggest damage you can , canching version ....., congratulation again guys ....., finally I decide .........16:31
pianogmxAlexZion: congragulations... you possibly hit a bug..  consule https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs in reporting a bug .  Im sorry that Kubuntu doesn't uphold your expectations.16:33
pianogmxAlexZion: feel like you are better programmer than the people who programmed it? http://www.kubuntu.org/community/contribute please contribute than crticiize.  I am sure your not perfect... neither are we.16:34
AlexZionI use Kubuntu sonce 8.04 pianogmx but I'm getting tired of those things ...., seems in jubuntu the real goal is to keeo away users ....., and you do very well .............., anyway probablly I souldn't say nothing and just change distro .....16:34
AlexZionI'm not a programmer , and is not a programm error to make the problem ......, anyway ....., forgive me to disturb you pianogmx.....16:35
AlexZionahh , and thanks to anyone for this , so now Ill have to spend hours or maybe more , to fix it ...., thanks guys ......16:38
=== rosco_y is now known as rosco_away
Captain_ProtonAlexZion: I have heard alot of good things about suse. Also there is option in update manager to tell how and what you like to upgrade.16:45
* pianogmx - "Close minded people use the computer in a close minded way, and instead of realizing the imperfect reality of human beings, feel the need to criticize rather than to build up"16:46
pianogmxIf Alex was seriously using Kubuntu since 8.04, then wouldn't the person just wise up and realize that no OS (Windows, Linux distros, Mac) are perfect in their very nature...16:47
AlexZionCaptain_Proton:  yeah I'll check some other option to use KDE without be worried about it , I need a distro to work , and I cannot even image that it do something like this ...16:48
pianogmxso just a heads up AlexZion, nothing is perfect.  its just your willingness to work with imperfection.16:48
pianogmxhey i thought 13.04 was using a 3.8.x kernel?16:49
AlexZionpianogmx:  just one things , defending those stupid error , because they are , you are not making a good service to kubuntu ...., anyway , is just point of view16:49
AlexZionhere it seems not a real problem of perfect software16:49
Captain_ProtonAlexZion: I understand. I did distro upgrade is check by default. so why it did it. if you are running 8.04 were yo u staying there for 3.5 kde16:49
Captain_Protoni did check*16:50
pianogmxAlexZion, i didn't defened, rather I opened the idea of you contributing  by sending a bug report or fixing it yourself.16:50
AlexZionI'm on 12.10 Captain_Proton..., but it'sd ok , don't worry ......16:50
AlexZionI even tried to partecipate pianogmx but anytime the answer eas , not we will not change taht comma , so, after a while ......, you know ...16:51
AlexZionanyway , sorry to disturb you guys ......, and don't worry about what I said ....., have fun .....16:52
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mikkleMuon shows a distribution upgrade, but when I click "upgrade", nothing happens.17:03
mikkleI've tried updating software sources, etc. but nothing works17:04
pianogmxmikkle, you might have stumbled into the same problem i have had...17:04
pianogmxmikkle: i had to upgrade some packages in order to allow the upgrade to work17:04
mikklepianogmx, no packages show up for upgrading17:05
mikkleif I do a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" it says that 0 packages will be upgraded17:06
mikkleif I do a "sudo do-release-upgrade" it appears to be able to upgrade it...I haven't done it yet just in case this is not a safe method of upgrading17:07
mikkledoes anything know?17:07
mikkleI meant, "anyone"17:07
pianogmxmikkle: i had to look through my logs17:08
pianogmxmikkle: try going into terminal and reinstall 'update-manager-core'17:08
mikkleis apt-get reinstall a command?17:09
mikklebtw, I have the backports repo enabled17:10
pianogmxmikkle: sudo apt-get remove update-manager-core17:10
pianogmxmikkle: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core17:10
pianogmxbefore you do that though... do sudo apt-get update17:10
AlexZionwell it's quite funny ; I didn't want to upgrade and the procedure starts just with a click....., people who want to upgrade they cannot ....., wow  really excellent release ....17:11
pianogmxAlexZion: to each his own...17:11
pianogmxAlexZion: let me know when you do something optimistic and constructive in the channel. id be impressed17:12
mikkleI got it to work by running "sudo do-release-upgrade -f kde -d"17:13
mikkleit opens the "Distribution Upgrade" tool and starts a proper upgrade process17:13
AlexZionwell pianogmx, sorry , but I will not anyore, I tried in the past but without result .....17:13
pianogmxmikkle: cool.17:14
mikklepianogmx, thanks for you help through these rough upgrade times17:15
pianogmxmikkle: no problem.  im kinda upgrading myself right now17:16
mikkleAlexZion, sometimes shit happens when using linux where you expect it shouldn't. fortunately there's a tremendously awesome community which usually gets these things sorted out fast, with a little searching17:16
mikkleAnd a new stable Catalyst (13.4) was released today. It's like upgrade heaven.17:17
AlexZionhi mikkle I know very well , and that's why I'm using it since years, but those kind of thing shouldn't never happen, I mean is the basic ......17:17
pianogmxAlexZion is just a troll who likes to run their mouth spreading FUD about Linux... possibly doesn't even have Linux installed on their PC but rather in a virtualbox and is using Windows right now...17:18
mikkleAlexZion, they shouldn't but they do so often that I've given up expecting the ideal and complaining about it when the less-than-ideal arises17:18
AlexZionmikkle: I mean is quite useless to have the most stable system , if open your pc and click on the normal upgrade icon , the system will detroy himself  ....17:18
AlexZionyeah pianogmx you got it buddy ....... ;)17:18
mikkleAlexZion, I don't think I get you. I have to admit though, on a side, that a totally problem-free system is boring17:19
AlexZionwell , so we should build a system that has ramndom problem at any starts ...., it would be much more funny mikkle ?17:20
mikkleok I'm out...back running 13.04 :)17:20
pianogmxmikkle.... nice17:21
AlexZionanyway , I really like Kubuntu and I already said , I used it for daily work since the most unstable version of it 8.04..., but like anytime someone  here tried to say something become troll ......17:22
AlexZionpianogmx:  just for you information about a new troll, I have a kubuntu 13.04 installed on Vbox as well since the alpha1 but for testing purpose ...., and I would like to decide by myself when to Upgrade , that's why I'm so disappointed about this problem ....17:28
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atoxhowdy, my plasma panel seems to have lost its transparency in the upgrade to raring, and I can't get it back. Compositing is enabled. Any help?18:05
pianogmxwell i managed to get my lappy to 13.04 without a hitch.18:05
pianogmxatox, have you tried re-applying your theme?18:05
atoxI did, no such luck18:05
pianogmxatox, are you using the built in themes or a downloaded theme?18:06
atoxdefault themes18:06
pianogmxatox, which one?18:06
atoxOxygen + Air18:06
pianogmxhuh... i have no ideas.  might be something to do with graphic drivers rendering transparency...???18:07
pianogmxatox, what gfx card you have?18:07
atoxtoggling the Blur effect seems to have solved it, magically, silly compositing18:08
pianogmxatox, oh lol.18:08
pianogmxi just played with the homerun launcher... kindof impressive...18:08
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pianogmxmeh... had to switch to kicker.  i might not be used to homerun because its new to me... but i like kicker better.18:20
manenbuIf I have 13.04 beta installed do I need to do anything special to get the final release or is it automatically updated?18:20
ahoneybunmanenbu: just run muon update manager and let it update everything for you18:30
ahoneybunpianogmx: I like them both18:30
pianogmxmanenbu: ahoneybun if i remember correctly, if you ran beta, you need to change a setting to make sure you get stable updates vs bleeding edge?18:31
manenbuany idea where that setting is?18:32
ahoneybunpianogmx: you mean for muon to look for normal releases over LTS?18:32
pianogmxmanenbu: i would double check that you also UNCHECK Pre-relased updatings in Software & Updates...18:32
manenbuit's unchecked18:33
ahoneybunmanenbu: cool18:33
pianogmxmanenbu: cool18:33
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Artakhai'm upgrading to 13.04 and the updater seems stuck18:58
Artakha........ -_\\ there was a dialog open19:01
Artakhai am so stupid19:01
OerHeksNo, you are not.19:04
Hello9Hello :)19:18
Hello9Wanted to share a new programming forum: http://thedevshed.net/forum/19:18
Hello9Feel free to join :)19:18
al3rtodoes anyone know if there exists a ''latexdraw'' channel19:25
ostpathusHi there, could i ask a question?19:31
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ethangI just upgraded my laptop to 13.04 and my desktop is a blank black screen with a mouse pointer that moves but the buttons don't do anything.  any ideas?20:29
monkeyjuiceethang:  so you upgraded the desktop also?20:32
monkeyjuiceor are you talking about the laptop20:33
ethangmonkeyjuice: I just upgraded it with the automatic upgrader20:33
ethangI'm talking about the laptop20:33
monkeyjuiceyou boots to login screen?20:33
ethangOh yes20:33
ethanglogin screen is fine20:34
monkeyjuicehave you tryed just rebooting20:34
ethangmonkeyjuice: several times20:34
monkeyjuicedo you no what video card you have?20:38
ethangI'm rebooting again - I'll try lspci when I get back to the command prompt20:39
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goodtimeisnt command prompt windows lol?20:40
ethangmonkeyjuice: NVIDIA Corp G94GLM [Quadro FX 2700M]20:43
monkeyjuiceethang:  not sure but seems your nvidia drivers are the problem , might ask at #ubuntu+1 see is someone can help ya20:52
SonikkuAmerica#ubuntu+1 ? That's for 13.1020:54
monkeyjuiceok wasnt sure20:54
SonikkuAmericaWe're a-supportin' 13.04 NAO20:55
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic20:55
monkeyjuiceok any ideas on the nvidia drivers?20:55
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto20:55
SonikkuAmericaIf you checked there and didn't find a solution...20:55
SonikkuAmericaI might be able to help... when was the last time I used Kubuntu? Doesn't matter really in this case...20:56
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monkeyjuicenot me ethang upgraded and now has blacksreen after login , running nvidia card20:57
ethangwith mouse pointer and perfect pop-up windows20:57
SonikkuAmericaethang: Did you use Additional Drivers or a script?20:58
ethangSonikkuAmerica: no20:58
SonikkuAmericaNeither one?20:58
ethangnope - just the little upgrade icon20:58
ethangdid it automatically20:58
SonikkuAmericaAre you using a tty now to talk to us, or another device?20:59
ethanga different computer20:59
ethangI have ther laptop up & running20:59
SonikkuAmericaHit Ctrl+Alt+F1 and log in20:59
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ethangSonikkuAmerica: done21:04
ethangI can get krunner working and konsole on the desktop21:05
ethangthey look perfect21:05
SonikkuAmericaBut nothing else?21:06
SonikkuAmerica[ lspci ] and pastebin the result21:06
ethanghaven't tried21:06
ethangSonikkuAmerica: please provide url for pastebin.  sorry21:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:07
SonikkuAmericaFirst http:// link21:07
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ethangSonikkuAmerica: here we are21:21
SonikkuAmericaethang: OK... try [ sudo apt-get purge nvidia* ]21:22
ethangOK done21:23
SonikkuAmericaDo you know your login name?21:24
SonikkuAmericaGood. Reboot. Tell me if you get a console login.21:24
goodtimei wonder if this was a mistake then21:25
SonikkuAmericagoodtime: What?21:25
goodtimeupgradeing lol21:25
goodtimenot done upgradeing yet21:25
ethangjust wait21:26
SonikkuAmericaOh. 'Tis a matter of paciencia21:26
goodtimei hope it isnt and i hope it see'e my ihone21:26
ethangSonikkuAmerica: I get the KDE login screen21:26
SonikkuAmericaOK. Log in.21:26
SonikkuAmericaethang: ^21:26
goodtimeiphone wont work on kubuntu so far21:27
SonikkuAmerica!info gpod21:27
ubottuPackage gpod does not exist in raring21:27
SonikkuAmerica!info libgpod21:27
ubottuPackage libgpod does not exist in raring21:27
goodtimeand it doesnt see my hp officejet 6500+ wirelss allinone21:27
natmandid a update from 12.04 -> 12.10 it changed a few things and messed some things up. Should i do a fresh install to go from 12.10 ->13.04?21:28
SonikkuAmericagoodtime: Try GTKPod.21:28
ethangSonikkuAmerica: ok just heard the KDE startup music - konsole and firefox are both on the screen - still black though21:28
SonikkuAmericanatman: Your call, really...21:28
ethangno panel, icons, nothing21:28
goodtimei did natt but ty SonikkuAmerica21:28
SonikkuAmericaethang: Is there a taskbar?21:28
natmanSonikkuAmerica: how is 13.04 looking anyways compared to 12.10?21:28
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SonikkuAmericanatman: KDE SC 4.10; Homerun or Kicker app launchers; extremely nice and sleek too.21:29
SonikkuAmericaethang: Hmm... at least X11 works... did you look in Additional Drivers?21:30
SonikkuAmericaethang: Or whatever the KDE equiv is?21:30
ethangSonikkuAmerica: where to find?21:30
SonikkuAmericaethang: I would say System Settings... but you don't have a taskbar...21:31
SonikkuAmericaethang: Oh, here: [ systemsettings ] from the konsole21:32
ethangOK up and running21:32
SonikkuAmericaOh goodness... running Unity, trying to envision where the drivers section is...21:33
ethangmy window manager got purged with the nvidia drivers.  I need to reinstall21:34
Artakhaupdated to 13.04 - kwin seems very slow at updating window decorations21:34
SonikkuAmericaethang: Get 13.04! (Or just 12.04, doesn't matter.)21:34
ethangSonikkuAmerica: this is 13.0421:35
SonikkuAmericaethang: Before you do, try [ sudo apt-get -y install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop ]21:35
SonikkuAmericaethang: 2 lines up. Read.21:36
ethangSonikkuAmerica: working...21:36
ethangSonikkuAmerica: should I restart?21:37
SonikkuAmericaethang: Wait till it's done.21:37
ethangit is21:37
SonikkuAmericaReboot. And wait while I grab a Pepsi.21:37
Artakhathis oxygen font is neat21:38
monkeyjuicelooks like jockey-text -- list    gives you driver list21:38
SonikkuAmericaArtakha: It's "Ubuntu." (Unless you're actually using that font.)21:39
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Artakhathey're quite clearly two separate fonts21:39
SonikkuAmericaArtakha: The actual "Oxygen" font, then?21:41
Artakhathe ubuntu font's neat too though21:41
ethangno panel or background21:42
SonikkuAmericaethang: Nuts.21:46
SonikkuAmericaTry installing jockey-text21:46
SonikkuAmericaethang: ^21:46
ethangSonikkuAmerica: my battery is running out and I'm hungry.  I think I'll give up for now and try again later21:46
SonikkuAmericaethang: kbai21:47
efeshelloo :)22:16
efesI'm looking for an iso that fits a cd, not dvd. Newest 13.x is over 900 mbs :/22:17
thelionroarsI think Ubuntu and variants have moved away from CD sized images22:18
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thelionroarsYou can still get the LTS version (12.04.2) as a CD sized image22:21
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arrrrghi stepped away from my computer. i went to another one. played around a bit with xrdp. i connected to the original computer with it and quickly disconnected. then i return to the computer and now i can't get back to the original session. it's on :11 of all places. how can i log into it?22:24
arrrrghmaybe this really isn't a kubuntu issue22:26
arrrrghi'm going to ask elsewhere22:26
bjrohanHey everyone. I am installing Ubuntu Server 13.04. I am at a point where it is asking what I would like to install. What is the difference between Kubuntu Active and kubuntu desktop22:55
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DarthFrogbjrohan: Active is for tablets.23:02
thelionroarsbjrohan you want the server edition if you are going to run it headless (without a GUI). Consider Kubuntu or another desktop version if you want to have a GUI only23:05
luc4Anyone using 13.04 under vmware?23:08
keithzgSo, Muon Updater tells me "A new version of Kubuntu is available" and gives me a fancy button to click on to "Upgrade", but literally nothing happens when I click it.23:08
* keithzg is tempted to just open a VT and do-release-upgrade23:09
luc4keithzg: happened to me as well, I used the command line23:09
luc4Anyone else who is unable to make the panel appear when it is at the bottom of the screen?23:10
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goodtimeanyone ever make a bot useing irssi here?23:18
goodtime the editing of that path usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.6.1 is probably what's required for kubuntu23:20
goodtimebut i want to be careful23:20
thelionroarsgoodtime: I have made a simple one23:22
goodtimehelp me please23:23
thelionroarsdid not give it any inputs, it just spits out a line every now and again23:23
thelionroarsis that what you're after?23:23
goodtimei just need a simple bot that show international weather23:23
thelionroarsbased on input?23:24
goodtimeand other simple ping23:24
goodtimeyes thelionroars23:24
thelionroarsah ok23:24
thelionroarsI haven't worked out how to pipe input to it23:24
goodtimelike this !weather 0211423:24
thelionroarsmine is piping output from a simple python script23:24
goodtimeim useing irssi and its pearl script23:25
thelionroarswhich I run using python -u my_script | irc mybotsname irc.yourircnetwork.org -c '#channelname password'23:25
thelionroarsit needs to run unbuffered or you won't get your output sent23:26
thelionroarsnp, let me know if you get input working :)23:27
goodtimei that command i need to study more23:27
goodtimei need to understand it more than i do but i kinda got it23:28
goodtimedo i need tobe root?23:28
goodtimegood lol23:28
goodtimeim taking my time23:29
goodtimeill get back to thelionroars23:29
goodtimety thelionroars23:29
thelionroarsthat was an obscure question, you were pretty luck to get an answer :P23:29
figure8carI want to know how I can install the same QT development tools in 13.04 that were offered in 12.1023:42
figure8carI have tried editing etc/apt/sources.list but conflicts arrise.... Any ideas?23:43
goodtimeidk figure8car but you might have to do it23:44
goodtimeidk figure8car but you might have to do it a differnt way idk23:45
figure8carI was able to install QtCreator 2.5.2, but it is basically a single package.23:46
figure8carInstalling the 4.8.3 libraries looks to have many deps that a package manger should handle23:46
figure8carthere is a bug with the new tools that I see only with the new tool set, so I assume its in the new QT5x kit23:48
figure8carCreator 2.7.023:48

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