d1bthis source receipe thing is so confusing, how do i even make one for a ppa?02:23
d1boh right needs to come from 'code'02:24
wgrantA PPA is just an archive that contains a set of packages. You might have uploaded those packages yourself, or you might have told Launchpad to build them from a set of branches using a recipe.02:25
* d1b was more than slightly confused by the interface and wiki articles02:28
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mgzhey, what determines how the series graph on a project page is layed out?08:47
mgzI created 1.10 off of trunk for juju-core, and launchpad doesn't know how they're related, and I don't know how to tell it08:47
mgzczajkowski: ^any ideas?08:47
czajkowskimgz: morning08:48
czajkowskicouldnt have started off on an easier question could you first thing08:48
czajkowskimgz: never had to use it and neither of the other two lppaders are about08:51
czajkowskiperhaps an old timer Lppader would know ? gmb ?08:51
gmbHOW DARE YOU08:52
gmbI mean, hello czajkowski08:52
* gmb reads backscroll08:52
czajkowskiolder wiser08:52
czajkowskismarter :)08:52
mgzgmb: so, https://launchpad.net/juju-core/+series renders the graph with both series starting from somewhere near the start08:54
mgzwhereas in fact, 1.10 branched after 1.9.1408:54
gmbczajkowski, mgz: Haha, one out of three ain't bad. I'm afraid the answer to that is "sodomy non sapiens." The people likely to know that I can think of are: sinzui (because he knows everything), abentley (ex LP-code team) and maybe gary_poster, who used to be on the Foundations team and was (I think) responsible for that page.08:54
wgrantThat was a Registry page08:55
wgrantAnd the series always start from the start08:55
wgrantThere's no branch point08:55
czajkowskiit's like beetlejuice08:56
czajkowskirefer to his as a lppader and not even his name and wgrant still appears08:56
wgrantI'm magical.08:56
czajkowskiwe can go with that if you want :)09:00
mgzso, because of the unusual birth of juju-core... all series will forever begin from the same origin?09:08
wgrantmgz: No, all series on any project being from the same origin09:09
wgrantThe model doesn't store a branch point09:09
mgzah, I see. the reason other graphs look nicer is they have saner (and shorter) series09:10
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avances123hello I'm having an error in a ppa build11:53
avances123Missing build dependencies: debhelper (>= 8~)11:53
avances123I see a bug related11:53
avances123or am I doing something wrong?11:53
avances123launchpad has debhelper 7.411:57
wgrantavances123: That's the version of debhelper that Ubuntu 10.04 LTS has.11:58
wgrantA package for 10.04 must be built against 10.04's packages11:59
wgrantIf you're backporting something that needs debhelper 8, you'll also need to backport debhelper 8 or change the package to not need it.11:59
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avances123ok wgrant thanks12:59
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xnoxmgz: I filed a merge proposal for udd14:50
xnoxmgz: https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/udd/open-saucy/+merge/16091514:50
mgzxnox: looking14:56
xnoxmgz: and I guess we didn't stop it yet either.14:56
mgzwait, is it really called saucy?14:57
xnoxmgz: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/125214:57
mgzyeah, just went to find that14:57
mgz...I'm a little worried about what kind of saucy salamander artwork we're going to get14:58
xnoxmgz: it's ok, we don't have artwork for non-lts DVDs any more ....14:59
xnoxmgz: I do not have rights to push it though.15:01
xnoxmgz: i'm not in ~udd15:01
mgzI shall push and rectify that if possible15:01
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mgzhm, nope, owned by the ubuntu technical board15:04
mgzbug one of them after release-day to get added to ~udd15:05
xnoxmgz: well one of them is sitting to the right of me, but he is busy with opening saucy atm.15:08
mgzright, wrong time to be invoking colin15:10
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czajkowskilol invoke colin15:12
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spundunhi all...19:11
spundunHow do I take ownership of my launchpad account that was automatically imported when inkscape was added?19:11
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