machstemhey guys, anyone around ?01:29
machstemtrying to figure out why my fstab wont mount my two NAS shares, both public/guest account (no credentials needed) using cifs01:30
machstemi rebuilt my box recently01:30
machstemcopied over my fstab for backup01:31
machstemcopied in the two shares01:31
machstembut when i try to access them, tells me i dont have the permissions01:31
machstemi can sudo mount -a manually01:31
machstembut won't work at boot01:31
machstemany ideas?01:31
machstemi installed lubuntu core01:32
machstemovertop of a mini.iso installation with minimal install01:32
machstemanyone? lol01:32
syn-ackGood evening06:31
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blumonkeyhi all14:19
blumonkeysome one could help me? I have an old ACER ASPIRE 3000 and i don't see the wirless. It seams not visibile how device. Thanks in advance14:20
phillwblumonkey: it seems you have a broadcom wireless card. head over to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185174 for help on it.14:27
blumonkeyphillw: thanks a lot!! i go faster to read it14:29
blumonkeyHi again phillw! The command "lspci" doesn't return any wirless devices. What does it mean and what i have to do? thanks14:42
phillwblumonkey: that does not bode well! try lsusb to see if it is there (I doubt it, but it's worth a try).14:48
blumonkeyphillw: i have tried lsusb ... but nothing abouth wirless device! My i do something more?14:53
blumonkeydario001@ubuntu:~$ sudo lsusb Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub dario001@ubuntu:~$14:54
phillwblumonkey: if lspci cannot see the card, it may be disabled in bios or with the 'turn wifi off' button which will most likely be a keyboard combination. The people at that link would be better placed to help you.15:04
blumonkeyThanks phillw15:07
SonikkuAmerica13.04! Yay!15:32
SonikkuAmericaI wrote my microblogging blurb about it yesterday... :\15:35
SonikkuAmericaI'm like "Get it! (Tomorrow.)"15:35
phillwwell, those who got it yesterday made a wise choice :D15:37
phillwyesterday's release candidate is the actual release :)15:38
SonikkuAmericaI got it three days ago. (Ubuntu with Unity and all.) XD15:38
phillwSonikkuAmerica: there were a couple of respins, but the update manager will take of all that.15:39
SonikkuAmericaIn my Lubuntu VBox, incessant [ do-release-upgrade -d ] spam will follow in terminal.15:39
phillw*take care of all that*15:39
phillwcdimages server is of course crawling, so I don't how long it will before my mirror is fully updated.15:40
installgentoochecked the website and it still at final beta 2?15:42
SonikkuAmericainstallgentoo: The site hasn't been updated yet.15:43
as2000wow. release day and channel is dead15:52
SonikkuAmericaas2000: Whoa! Lubuntu has only been around as an official !flavor since 11.10... take it easy!15:53
as2000hey I love Lubuntu. I just thought there would be peeps flooding the channel is all15:54
SonikkuAmericaAwesome. Ever think about spreading the word?15:55
meerkatlubuntu is good15:55
meerkatubuntu messed up with that metro stuff15:55
SonikkuAmericaSince when did the W8 Metro UI get ported to GTK+ or Qt?15:56
as2000as much as I can. Ha, getting my co-workers to convert is like pulling teeth. but I do have one other linux guy here and he is waiting for the downloads to populate15:56
* SonikkuAmerica introduces as2000, D.D.S.15:58
SonikkuAmericaI had a science teacher in high school who made the same concurrence w.r.t. teaching.16:01
zleapi have just downloaded 13.0416:07
n-iCewas it releases already? stable?16:08
as2000I think phillw is still populating the servers16:14
phillwthe cdimage ar16:14
phillwarea is done by the release team. my mirror is slowly zsyncing up as we speak.16:15
sonofzeusHi there16:15
sonofzeuscd /usr/src svn co [https://xbtt.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbtt/trunk/xbt/misc][7]{: target=”_blank”} xbt/misc svn co [https://xbtt.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbtt/trunk/xbt/Tracker][8]{: target=”_blank”} xbt/Tracker16:15
sonofzeusWhy isnt this command workin in the terminal?16:15
as2000Lubuntu website does not reflect download yet16:15
sonofzeusI'm a noob with linux and this command aint workin in my terminal , anyone knows why?16:16
phillwas2000: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/13.04/release/ seems fully populated?16:17
sonofzeushey has the Lubuntu 13.04 version released yet?16:20
phillwsonofzeus: I can't help. Have you tried #ubuntu-beginners16:20
sonofzeusIf so how shall I update my current install?16:20
phillwsonofzeus: yes it has, please read the release notes!16:20
sonofzeusHmmm srry but where can I find the release notes?16:21
n-iCeany idea in how to create a wifi direct AP to share internet over it? thanks.16:23
phillwsonofzeus: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Get_Lubuntu16:25
as2000phillw: thanks. lubuntu website I guess was not updated.16:29
phillwlubuntu.net will point to the correct area (it points to the wiki), but mario will have to edit the site.16:30
phillwto say it 13.04 is out.16:31
phillwyesh, top left "Get Lubuntu" points to the GetLubuntu wiki entry which has been updated.16:33
n-iCephillw: I'm downloading 13.04 :)16:33
phillwn-iCe: do you have 12.10?16:34
n-iCeyes sir16:34
phillwn-iCe: then you need not download 13.04. Head to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Get_Lubuntu for instructions on upgrading lubuntu 12.10 --> 13.0416:35
n-iCebut that's gonna be slow, don't you think? since ubuntu servers most be full16:35
phillware you using torrent down load for 13.04?16:35
n-iCeyes sir16:35
n-iCe20minutes more and it is more.16:36
phillwthat will possibly be faster.16:36
n-iCeI don't care about a clean install, since all my stuff is in dropbox16:36
as2000ugh torrent is slooooooowwww16:46
meerkatas2000, which one?16:50
phillwthe lubuntu iso's are now being updated on my mirror server.16:51
n-iCephillw: have you shared internet?16:52
zleapi downloaded the iso from the website, nothing to suggest it was beta 216:53
phillwno, I use a WiFi router here16:53
as2000meerkat: lubuntu16:53
meerkat32 or 64 bit?16:53
phillwzleap: if you got it from lubuntu.net, I think you will have got 12.10? Only "Get Lubuntu" on there is pointing to 13.04 AFAIK16:54
as2000meerkat: 32. says 1hour 20 mins to go. not bad I guess for release day16:54
as20008 0f 38 peers16:54
phillwhttp://phillw.net/isos/lubuntu/raring/release/ is gradually populating. It's on a 100 Mb/s back bone so it should be faster for those images with few seeders16:55
phillwit grabs alternates, then desktops16:55
meerkatas2000, how many % left?16:55
as2000meerkat: about 80% left, but I see its picked up a bit16:56
as2000getting 130-192k speeds16:57
meerkatah, yes. i see you. It says you only have 5%16:57
meerkatthere's another guy on that torrent that is eating a bunch of bandwidth. :p16:59
yo_mamais version 13.04 done or what?17:00
n-iCeyo_mama: yes17:00
n-iCemeerkat: mee17:00
n-iCeyou see me?17:00
yo_maman-iCe: I don't find any info on http://lubuntu.net/17:01
n-iCeyo_mama: there is17:01
yo_mamalink please n-iCe17:01
meerkatno idea who that is, though17:02
n-iCeyou see me?17:02
meerkatyou aren't on my list17:02
n-iCeI'm 400MB now17:03
yo_maman-iCe: how do I know that's not a Beta or a RC ??17:03
n-iCebecause the iso does not say tht17:04
n-iCesee ?17:04
n-iCeno beta or rc on the iso name17:04
meerkatyo_mama, 13.04 is out17:06
meerkatgo to lubuntu.net and click download17:06
meerkatthere it will be updated.17:06
n-iCe20 minutes to go17:08
as200031 minutes17:09
yo_maman-iCe: what are you waiting 4 ??17:10
yo_mamayou must have a slow connection bor :/17:11
n-iCeservers are full17:12
n-iCetoday was released17:12
n-iCeeverybody is downloading17:12
yo_mamause bittorrent!17:12
n-iCeI am17:12
yo_mamaI get 1.1 MB/s17:12
yo_mamabittorrent never gets full17:13
yo_mamathe more users the faster it gets17:13
zleapphillw, ok17:13
n-iCe1'm now17:13
n-iCe10m now17:13
hpuser4466When switching desktops using the mouse wheel, the desktop icons remain the same.  How do I make the icons change like switching screens on android?17:49
n-iCeWell, I think that's useful17:50
hpuser4466Each desktop should have their own desktop icon layout.17:51
hpuser4466Since icons are stored in ~/Desktop   It should be a matter of assigning a seperate Desktop folder for each desktop.17:53
hpuser4466Possibly add a fix to the desktop switching script to change ~/Desktop folders17:55
hpuser4466and do a refresh of the desktop.17:56
hpuser4466I think I answered my own question  ;- )17:56
hpuser4466Actually, pcmanfm should have a desktop icon layout configuration file which could be switched.18:01
hpuser4466(since pcmanfm controlls the wallpaper & icon arrangement right?)18:02
hpuser4466egad. I think i got it..18:04
hpuser4466Has anyone made a "fix" to cause LXDE to switch screens like android.   I could code this myself (after some research) but it someone has already done it...(let me know)...18:20
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Atum_Hey guys, I downloaded Lubuntu 13.04 x64 and I'm having issues with the internet connection19:37
Atum_I plugged the ethernet cable and it doesnt recognize. I was using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and everything seems to work fine19:37
Atum_I tried using the wi-fi, but it doesn't work.19:38
hpuser4466Atum..could be missing drivers (worst case senario) or maybe start your network manually via the console.19:40
hpuser4466Something like:   dhclient eth019:41
Atum_hmm I'll try this command19:41
Atum_It was weird because I was using ubuntu 12.04 just fine...19:41
hpuser4466Had that happen occasionally and had to manually start my internet19:42
Atum_well, the command thing doesn't work19:47
Atum_any idea how to proceed?19:48
hpuser4466oh shoot.. to cover myself i said "something like that"  ;- )19:48
Atum_It says: "File already exists", and still no connection19:48
Atum_so, missing drivers?19:49
hpuser4466will i had zero luck with my wifi recently..must have been a missing driver19:49
Atum_Is there any package with those drivers? or should I lookup at the manufactor website?19:50
hpuser4466what's your network chipset?   If you know the chipset then you can manually load the driver with modprobe -r  and try again.19:50
Atum_Hm, I'm not sure what is my chipset19:51
Atum_I guess its and Atheros19:51
hpuser4466lspci | grep Network19:52
Atum_I'll check it out19:52
Atum_thanks dude19:52
hpuser4466then check the output of:  lsmod19:52
Atum_sorry for bothering19:52
hpuser4466it's ok19:52
Atum_hm, Atheros AR9485, What should I be looking at "lspci | grep Network"?19:54
hpuser4466just a moment..I don't want to get too far ahead of myself...19:55
hpuser4466I'm checking something..19:55
hpuser4466I'm booting my second pc to check19:56
Atum_Ok, thanks dude :)19:56
hpuser4466try this again:19:59
hpuser4466sudo dhclient eth019:59
hpuser4466it worked for me to start my internet.19:59
Atum_I need the ethernet cable to be connected, right?20:00
hpuser4466ps..that's a ZERO in eth0.20:00
Atum_ya get it20:01
Atum_RNETLINK answers: File exists20:01
Atum_still no connection20:01
hpuser4466go to your network icon and disconnect your network20:01
Atum_try again?20:02
hpuser4466in the taskbar:  enable networking    <<disable it.20:02
hpuser4466try again..20:02
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sonofzeusHi there21:30
sonofzeusWhats the command to check my lubuntu version?21:31
sonofzeusits 3 am here so really need help asap, thanks.21:31
SonikkuAmerica[ lsb_release -a ]21:32
sonofzeus[ lsb_release -a ] without the [] right?21:32
sonofzeusHello sonikku you on m8?21:34
SonikkuAmericaMATE? Me? No!21:35
SonikkuAmerica"Help!" /quit21:36
SonikkuAmericaantiroach: I doubt that's possible...22:18
SonikkuAmericaIt could be if you run another X server in tty8 though...22:18
antiroachSonikkuAmerica: yea i tried, x just shit itself when it tried to load the 2nd driver22:18
SonikkuAmerica!language | If you don't mind22:18
antiroachSonikkuAmerica: ohhhhhhhhh22:18
ubottuIf you don't mind: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:18
antiroachSonikkuAmerica: sorry about the language22:19
SonikkuAmerica(the default is tty7)22:19
antiroachSonikkuAmerica: would you be able to direct me somewhere that could help me set that up?22:19
SonikkuAmericaOne sec...22:22
SonikkuAmericaantiroach: Try [ startx -- :8 ]22:25
antiroachSonikkuAmerica: ok, but wouldnt that just use the same xorg.conf file?22:25
SonikkuAmericaIt might...22:27
LogicallyDashingso, the release upgrade seems to have gone alright, login prompt displays 13.04, but it's still informing me there's a new release available, and suggesting I run 'do-release-upgrade'22:27
LogicallyDashingI'm pretty sure I can just ignore this?22:28
phillwLogicallyDashing: HMM, there is a possible 'zero day bug'...22:29
phillwI've only been told about it in the last 20 minutes,22:29
antiroachSonikkuAmerica: seems like it to me :|22:29
phillwLogicallyDashing: can you open a terminal session and run22:30
phillw/usr/bin/python3 /usr/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/check-new-release-gtk22:30
SonikkuAmericaYou can write a new xorg.conf to switch between...22:30
phillwThen reboot and see if it okay (it will open a window telling you there is a new upgrade, which you can close).22:30
LogicallyDashingphillw: it's inconvenient to get a gui, could you gimme a strictly just a command line command line?22:31
SonikkuAmericaOne sec...22:31
LogicallyDashingphillw: oh, wel if i don't have to interact with the command line in any way22:31
LogicallyDashingi mean22:31
LogicallyDashingif i can just leave the window22:31
phillwLogicallyDashing: /usr/bin/python3 /usr/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/check-new-release-gtk22:32
phillwjust copy and paste that into a CLI window (LxTerminal).22:32
LogicallyDashingphillw: i'm sayin' i'm accessing this machine over ssh. but, command seems to be working anyway22:32
LogicallyDashingphillw: it gives me Segmentation fault (core dumped)22:33
LogicallyDashingthat might be to do with lack of $DISPLAY, checkin'22:33
phillwLogicallyDashing: okies, I'll let brian do a bit more digging. I did a couple of commands for him while he was getting a 12.10 lubuntu iso to play with.22:34
LogicallyDashingphillw: I'm using check-new-release with no -gtk on the end, that ok?22:34
LogicallyDashing"No release found" good22:34
phillwno, it needs the -gtk at the end :)22:35
LogicallyDashingwell, look, JUST FOR YOU i'll walk over to the physical machine22:35
phillwbut, if you are not using ssh -X GUI's will not work :P22:35
SonikkuAmericaAhhh... back.22:38
LogicallyDashing** (check-new-release-gtk:4353): WARNING **: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus: Failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus-Rt8Hm7kkdA: Connection refused22:39
LogicallyDashingWARNING:root:timeout reached, exiting22:39
phillwLogicallyDashing: okies, thanks for your help. I'll wait to see what Brian finds.22:40
SonikkuAmericaLogicallyDashing: Do you require authenticaisohtoeh-whatever it's called?22:40
LogicallyDashingAnd then it asks for my password so it can run cat as root. *cat*.22:40
LogicallyDashingSonikkuAmerica: I have no idea what you're talking about22:40
SonikkuAmericaLogicallyDashing: Simple - just run "dog."22:40
SonikkuAmericaAuthentication. Blech.sdf22:41
LogicallyDashing(I didn't enter my password)22:41
phillwhmm, I ran it as normal user. but real machines are always slightly different to VM's22:41
SonikkuAmericaNot the [sudo] password...22:41
LogicallyDashingthe machine is an old-ass eeePC 900 with a Celeron22:41
LogicallyDashingI didn't use sudo, no22:42
SonikkuAmericaYou normally don't have to for [ do-release-upgrade ], it does it for you.22:42
phillwLogicallyDashing: if you see the upgrade is available again, please raise a bug.22:42
LogicallyDashingok phillw22:42
SonikkuAmericaphillw: I don't raise bugs, but I do have a dog and a couple of cats :)22:43
phillwLogicallyDashing: oh, just by the way... did you run sudo apt-get update before you ran the do-release command?22:44
LogicallyDashingphillw: nope! trying22:49
phillwthe bug you saw, is not the bug that is being investigated. If it now says you have 13.0422:50
phillwsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade22:50
phillwand see what that gives you.22:50
LogicallyDashingmysql needs upgradin'22:51
LogicallyDashinghere it go22:51
LogicallyDashingphillw: yeah, same behavior on login22:53
phillwrun the22:54
phillwsudo do-release-upgrade -d22:54
LogicallyDashingphillw: No new release found22:57
phillwyet after a reboot, it says there is?22:58
LogicallyDashingit says 13.04 is available, after it *just* told me that's the version it is *running*22:58
LogicallyDashingI'll reboot again if you want22:58
phillwLogicallyDashing: thanks, I'll have to ask on this...22:59
LogicallyDashingno prob22:59
LogicallyDashingAt least it didn't ask me to give it root for cat this time23:01
LogicallyDashingThat may be unrelated23:01
phillwBrian did ask me to let him know if it still happened after we tried that. I'm not sure how fast he will get back to me, the release team are all getting pretty tired now23:02
phillwLogicallyDashing: please issue23:06
phillw lsb_release -a23:06
phillwLogicallyDashing: say hi to bdmurray and can you firstly paste back what23:09
phillwlsb_release -a23:09
phillwgives you23:09
LogicallyDashingNo LSB modules are available.23:18
LogicallyDashingDistributor ID: Ubuntu23:18
LogicallyDashingDescription:    Ubuntu 13.0423:18
LogicallyDashingCodename:       raring23:18
LogicallyDashingI'll work out how to copy multiple lines at once in tmux someday23:19
LogicallyDashingp.s. hi bdmurray23:19
phillw!paste | LogicallyDashing23:19
ubottuLogicallyDashing: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:19
bdmurrayHi, which command is showing you a new release available?23:19
LogicallyDashingbdmurray: none of them! I only see it when I log in via ssh23:20
LogicallyDashingit doesn't seem to actually DO anything, so I'm not really WORRIED, but, bug23:21
bdmurrayI know the answer just trying to find it23:22
bdmurraythe file /var/lib/ubuntu-release-upgrader/release-upgrade-available determines whether or not that appears23:24
LogicallyDashingi can just remove it?23:24
LogicallyDashingthanks bdmurray23:25
phillwLogicallyDashing: I've never seen that one before! kudos to Brian.... Heck, they're good :D23:31
phillwLogicallyDashing: I'll go looking to see if it is a known bug after I've had some sleep. I've pulled the logs of here and with Brian into a scratchpad. Do not worry, If I report / update any bug, it will not have your name on it and will be reported / updated by mine.23:38
submanI'm running 13.04 on a netbook and my touchpad seems to stop working at random times.  The only solution I've found is to power down the machine with the power button and then reboot.  There seems to be no regular time interval involved.  Completely random.  Is this a known bug?  I've never seen this on this machine in the past.23:44
phillwsubman: Off the top of my head, as it is only 1st day of 13.04 out in the wild... Add in the  temp / CPU usage icon to your task bar and see if it is temperature realted?23:47
phillw"CPU Usage Monitor"23:48
submanphillw, the machine doesn't really freeze.  Programs continue to run.  I don't seem to be able to get the menu to come up or Alt-tab to another program, like an open terminal.23:49
phillwsubman: Using that would, at least, rule out a temperature issue. Intermittent / random errors are hard to track down, but on smaller systems it can be a temprature problem.23:50
submanphillw, I get home tonight at around 9pm Eastern and I'll see what happens.23:51
submanphillw, the only problem might be if at the time it is temperature related and I cannot switch to the monitor to see what is going on at that time.23:52
submanphillw, maybe something like psensor would work with Lubuntu?  Will that program create 'temperature alerts/notifications' in Lubuntu?23:53
phillwI scatched my head for ages as to such a problem, and it was the occaisional tab opened on a 'not very well behaved' web site that would stress my CPU out. (Shockwave Flash sites). Now that I have the monitor, I can see any spike in cpu usage along with a fairly reliable report of CPU temperature.23:54
phillwsubman: I use the old fashioned Mk1 eyeball :)23:55
submanIs there something that will display in the menu bar?23:55
phillwsubman: yes.... "CPU Usage Monitor" :) Just add it. (mine is just to left of my clock, but you can place it where you like).23:56
submanI'm not running Lubuntu on this machine at the moment, that is another strange issue, but I'll try it at home tonight.23:56
phillwsubman: let me just check to see if it needs adding :)23:57
phillwsubman: it's part of the lxde suite (lubuntu)23:58
submanExcellent, I'll try that.23:58
phillwIt's saved me a lot of grief!23:58
submanAs for this machine here at work, I run quite a few desktop environments.  The original being Ubuntu 13.04.  When I installed Lubuntu on it it added a few entries to the login screen and now there are too many to be seen and no method of scrolling to see them!23:59

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