bjsnideryou can have all the workspaces you need if you use gnome00:01
fyksenI have just installed 13.04. Everything is set up, but I can't change the mouse sensitivity under mouse settings. Just the Left/right and the toubbleclick01:07
wilee-nileefyksen, I noticed the speed control is rather sensitive and only changes in the first milimeter of the left side.01:10
johnjohn1011i can't believe it's almost here01:20
jackwme too01:29
jackwcant wait for 13.0401:29
jackwi really want to the performance of Unity01:29
johnjohn1011wondering if they will port the new unity back to 12.04?01:31
bjsnidernot a chance01:39
bjsnidersmall stuff can be backported, not big stuff01:42
leoloveI need help with my wireless and 13.0401:47
leoloveRalink corp. RT5390 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe01:47
leoloveIt disconnects intermittently.01:47
leoloveAnd restarting network-manager solves it.01:47
leoloveIt is not scanning network at the moment01:48
bjsnideri guess it disconnected again02:00
Belialanyone else think the appmenu looks kind of off with the nautilus 3.6.x?02:05
Belialor "files" 3.6.x02:05
Belialthat large space between the title of the app and the actual one button menu just doesn't look right.02:06
Belialnitpicky, sure. but it drives me nuts.02:06
tyrogIts the solution canonical chose. But I hope they come with something better for 13.1002:07
tyrogBelial: You can use alternative file managers if you dont like02:09
Beliali'm not sure if i'd go that far. but i actually did think about it.02:09
tyrogYes. I can live with it too02:10
blob4000has anyone else lost the ability to open the About This Computer menu from the top right in 13.04?02:10
blob4000this is in Virtualbox, mind you02:10
Belialmine is working fine.02:10
blob4000nothing happens02:10
tyrogblob4000: mine too02:10
blob4000did you guys update from apt, or from iso?02:11
blob4000or fresh install?02:11
tyrogblob4000: fresh02:12
wilee-nileeblob4000, Have you tried logging out than back in or a reboot?02:13
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blob4000wilee-nilee: yes,02:15
blob4000i'm going to be doing the update to 13.04 on hardware shortly, so i'll let you know if anything's reproducable that i can see02:15
tyrogblob4000: Wait for the announcement and upgrade notes02:19
=== Jikai is now known as Jikan
blob4000tyrog: kk02:22
blob4000for those already running 13.04. impressions so far?03:06
blob4000stability, new features, speed03:06
tyrogblob4000: Faster to boot and shutdown03:06
tyrogUnity is faster than ever too. Stability is better than 12.1003:07
Mneumonicblob4000 I don't say this lightly.  Ubuntu 13.04 is the best version of Ubuntu that i've ever used.03:08
MneumonicIt's even more stable for me than 10.04 and 10.10 were03:08
tyrogIf you are using or plan to use Unity, then 13.04 is the best you can get03:08
MneumonicI've liked Unity since it was introduced but this is the first time that I can actually recommend it over other desktops03:08
tyrogMneumonic: From my experience all desktops are stellar, except the GNOME edition, where I get internal problems03:09
blob4000Mneumonic & tyrog: wow, that's exciting :P03:10
blob4000I am a Unity user03:10
Mneumonictyrog I don't doubt xu, ku and lu are all great.  12.10 xubuntu was amazing for me.03:10
Mneumonicblob4000 if you use Unity, 13.04 is a no brainer03:10
MneumonicUnity is lightning fast03:10
blob4000cool- looking forward to it03:10
tyrogblob4000: MUCH improved from anything before it03:10
blob4000Mneumonic: did you install from apt, iso, or fresh?03:11
MneumonicIt's actually kinda weird, I've been running 13.04 for a week and had no issues at all.03:11
blob4000sorry i meant, update or fresh03:11
tyrogIn my experience, much faster than gnome shell for example03:11
MneumonicI installed from daily iso03:11
blob4000do you guys recommend update from iso over apt?03:11
MneumonicI always recommend a fresh install instead of an upgrade03:11
MneumonicIn the past I've experienced some weird errors with upgrades03:12
tyrogAlt+tab transitions, speed to open Dash with Super/windows key, multitasking03:12
blob4000do you keep your home folder seperate?03:12
Mneumonici don't.03:12
tyrogminimizing, maximizing, everything is smooth03:12
blob4000tyrog: nice03:12
tyrogblob4000: Fresh install is always better.03:13
tyrog13.04 is a very good release so it deserves one anyway xD03:13
blob4000when you guys do a fresh install, do you backup your home folders elsewhere? or some other trick?03:14
tyrogYep, backup home folder. Some people have a separate /home partition to prevent that03:14
MneumonicI don't backup my home folder, but that's because I'm crazy03:16
MneumonicI keep everything synced to dropbox/ubuntu one and blow everything off my hard drive03:16
blob4000right on guys,03:17
blob4000thanks for the tips!03:17
tyrogblob4000: I didn't mean you shouldn't upgrade. As long as you have your ubuntu 12.10 without crazy PPAs, upgrade route should be smooth03:17
blob4000yeah, it's also that i'm coming from 12.04,03:17
blob4000going to 12.10 was a bit of a bump03:17
blob4000so i might just go fresh03:17
blob4000i don't have all that much on that machine03:17
tyrogblob4000: There are reports of people using ubuntu upgraded for years without problems03:17
blob4000yeah true,03:18
tyrogfor others, one upgrade makes the system unbootable. So YMMV, but if statistics count for you, most people upgrade just fine or with minor tweaks needed03:18
blob4000i don't really have the time to fiddle as much though, i can see that working for an ubuntu server or other window manager, but unity seems to get gummed up with updates03:18
MneumonicFor me it really comes down to this.  If it's not too inconvenient to do a fresh install, do one.03:18
blob4000yeah makes sense03:18
tyrogthats for sure03:19
Mneumonicoh blob4000, one more thing03:19
Mneumonicif you weren't already sold03:19
MneumonicUbuntu 13.04 is the linux distro that has gotten me nearly completely off of windows03:19
blob4000that's great to hear,03:19
MneumonicMy windows partition is literally a League of Legends and Defiance gaming OS03:19
tyrog12.04 lts already did that for me03:19
blob4000i use Windows only when i absolutely have to, and that's becoming increasingly rare03:19
lotuspsychje12.10 64bit on a ssd did it for me03:20
lotuspsychjefast as rocket03:20
Mneumonichave you been to phoronix today?03:20
tyrogMneumonic: try to run them with wine.03:20
MneumonicThey ran benchmarks of Manjaro linux (arch + XFCE) against Ubuntu 13.04....guess which one performed better03:20
Belial6-2 ubuntu03:21
tyrogWine has improved a lot over the years, to the point of running most dx9 games today03:21
Mneumonicyea, I can run LoL in wine but I get an abysmal framerate.03:21
blob4000wine amazes me03:21
MneumonicDefiance runs fine but my xbox 360 controller doesn't work in wine03:21
lotuspsychjeand playonlinux package03:21
lotuspsychjeand upcomming steam games03:21
tyrogoh yea, there is steam too03:21
blob4000i can't believe we already have Steam on linux, that seemed like such a quick process to go from announcement to release03:22
Mneumonicsteam for linux is growing nicely03:22
tyrogMneumonic: Ubuntu won the benchmark?03:22
blob4000ubuntu made that happen,03:22
Mneumonictyrog yep.03:22
tyrogagainst Arch? wow!03:22
lotuspsychjecheck this out: http://www.alienware.com/ubuntu/03:22
tyrogblob4000: and windows 8 too. Thank you M$03:23
Belialdoesn't surprise me. arch system may seem more responsive, but responsiveness doesn't always equal better performance.03:23
Mneumonicfor example, Warsow:  Manjaro - 29.27, Ubuntu 13.04 = 32.2303:23
tyrogMneumonic: Is that benchmark with Unity? Because they vary with each DE03:23
MneumonicAt first I thought Arch was really cool when I tried it....I quickly realized it isn't really any better.  It's just different....and less intuitive.03:23
Mneumonictyrop yep, it's 13.04 out of the box with unity03:23
Belialwhich is the surprising part.03:23
blob4000tyrog: totally true. windows 8 is a disaster for them03:24
Belialunity outshining xfce.03:24
blob4000tyrog: but a blessing for us03:24
tyrogBelial: actually arch is very responsive. But Ubuntu has improved a lot since steam was released for it in the first place03:24
blob4000Mneumonic: agreed re: arch03:24
Beliali first ran arch back in 0603:24
Beliallove it, but i don't have time to tinker with the system.03:24
MneumonicArch was too unstable for me.03:24
tyrogUnity outshining xfce is absolutely incredible. I think I will run my own benchmarks across the whole 13.04 family lol03:25
MneumonicI know some users tell you that their arch install never breaks...mine was constantly breaking with updates03:25
Belialalso, i don't like how they ditched their old installer in favor for scripts.03:25
blob4000when did the enforcement of longer passwords come along? 13.04?03:25
MneumonicI should really just buy Defiance for my PS3 so I can make Ubuntu my only OS03:26
tyrogMneumonic: Actually Manjaro is to Arch what Ubuntu was to Debian in the first place03:26
MneumonicIn Manjaro's defence, it has the most beautiful XFCE theme I've ever seen03:26
tyrogManjaro is very good by all means. Surprises me more then seeing Unity beating Xfce03:26
Belialyeah, it's a good looking theme.03:26
Belialbut the numix gtk theme is off the chain.03:27
Mneumonicomg, numix looks incredible.03:27
MneumonicCan I use it with unity?03:27
Beliali've been using it.03:27
MneumonicIt works well with 13.04?03:27
Belialunity, gnome shell, xfce03:27
blob4000one thing i'm not clear on, when you update to a new release, let's say 13.04.. your ppas are out of date? like some of them are still expecting 'quantal' releases?03:27
tyrogblob4000: Upgrade Manager disables them for you03:28
blob4000tyrog: but what if i want that software to stay up to date? i have to find a new ppa that supports raring?03:28
tyrogAfter the upgrade you need to re-add them03:28
MneumonicI'm so anxious for 13.04 to release so I can do a fresh install03:28
blob4000tyrog: thanks ok03:29
tyrogMneumonic: Me 2. Even considering I did a fresh install from the Monday daily lol03:29
tyrogblob4000: I dont have many PPAs. Just the ones strictly needed. So that's not a problem for me03:29
Mneumonictyrog it's my OCD.  I just have to "know" that it's an install from the official release03:29
BelialMneumonic, http://ubuntuone.com/47EOMnfN5bdILCL6AyIzhN03:29
MneumonicBelial, that is beautiful03:30
Mneumonicthat is actually one of the best themes I've ever seen03:30
Belialyeah, it's pretty damn sweet. easy on the eyes.03:30
Mneumonici'm installing it now to test it in unity03:31
MneumonicIs it wrong that I love the 13.04 ringtail wallpaper03:31
Mneumonicthe purple one with the cartoon ringtail on it03:31
Belialit's not bad03:32
Beliali don't like the new version of purple salad.03:32
tyrogBelial: where is your Unity bar?03:32
Beliali autohide it03:32
Mneumonicblob4000 I forgot the best feature of 13.0403:32
MneumonicThey don't force you to have the workspace switcher on your unity panel03:33
tyrogI dont like autohide, enjoy always watching the icons right there xD03:33
tyrogMneumonic: i enabled it myself anyway03:33
Mneumonicbrb, gonna restart03:33
tyrogBelial: simple theme, I like it. Are you still doing adjustments?03:34
blob4000i wish i could get in the habit of using the workspace switcher more03:35
Belialoh, well the theme isn't by me.03:35
tyrogblob4000: the button, or the workspaces themselves?03:35
blob4000tyrog: both!03:35
blob4000i find that i'm often hunting for windows that are actually groupable, and should be on distinct workspaces03:36
blob4000i'm a real alt-tabber03:36
Belialhttp://ubuntuone.com/73E5sPSTNsNfyhb1jBHo7C there's one with the launcher03:36
blob4000i should get into the workspace keyboard shortcuts, because i prefer to work from the keyboard much more03:36
tyrogblob4000: They help you extend the desktop, giving you more area and also more organization03:36
tyrogWhen I do some heavy multitasking, I get easily confused if I don't use them03:37
blob4000Belial: that looks like a nice desktop :P03:37
tyrogblob4000: You just need to memorize the shortcuts table of Unity03:37
tyrogThen you are a Unity power-user xD03:37
Belialthanks, blob400003:37
Beliali'm happy with it03:37
blob4000Belial: is that image resized, or what resolution monitor is that from?03:38
Belialit's a cheapo acer03:38
Belial15.6in with a 1366x768 res03:38
tyrogBelial: Your desktop is "asking" for a Conky xD03:38
Belialit's two years old.03:38
Beliali would actually like a big conky clock03:38
blob4000oh here's a random quiz: favourite irc client when on unity?03:38
Beliali use xchat03:38
blob4000pidgin for me at the moment03:39
BelialMneumonic, if you use firefox, then the fxchrome addon goes really well with that theme. http://ubuntuone.com/73E5sPSTNsNfyhb1jBHo7C03:39
Mneumonictyrog...wow...numix <303:39
MneumonicBelial, I use chrome.  Chrome looks amazing in Numix03:40
Belialthere is an actual numix theme for chrome.03:40
Belialbut i haven't tried.03:40
Beliali don't use chrome mainly because the tab animations are really jerky in the linux version for some reason.03:41
Mneumonictrying the chrome theme now03:41
Belialstupid reason, but i'm really picky with that stuff.03:41
tyrogBelial: I use chromium lol03:41
Beliali think it did it for me with chromium too.03:41
tyrogFaster and Lighter than Firefox03:41
Belialevery time i open a new tab, the animation is real choppy.03:42
Mneumonicwow, the chrome theme is awesome03:42
tyrogI don't care too much about those details too. I prefer smoothness in the browsing experience03:42
Beliali hear ya.03:42
Belialblob4000, speaking of chrome and irc, if you do use chrome, circ is a new irc client for chrome.03:43
tyrogBelial: For example, Firefox scrolling is very clunky for me03:43
Beliali disable smooth scrolling in firefox.03:43
Belialbecause it isn't as good as in chrome.03:43
tyrogyes, definitely03:44
Belialeventually, if i want to see flash at all i'll be forced to chrome.03:44
Mneumonicwow i just found hte "Unity Tweak Tool" In the software center.  This is awesome software03:44
Belialwhich won't be a big deal.03:44
tyrogBelial: I saw on the screenshot that your kernel is somewhat outdated. Any reason for that?03:45
Belialthat was an old screenshot03:45
tyrogoh, ok03:46
Belialthere we go03:46
blob4000i'm surprised Unity doesn't come with more themes03:47
tyrogWOW. That theme is getting me crazy03:47
tyrogAre there variants?03:47
blob4000everyone wished Windows 8 would look like that...03:48
blob4000and not some bizarre half tablet thing03:48
Belialyou can change the colors with the gtk color chooser03:48
Belialas far as the reddish highlights03:48
tyrogWindows 8 looks nice, looks aren't its problem imo03:48
Beliallike to blue, etc.03:49
MneumonicI have to be honest, Windows 8 surprised me03:49
Belialthey're going to be releasing an icon theme soon too.03:49
MneumonicIt is the best version of Windows I've ever used03:49
johnjohn1011why aren't there more schemes for unity?03:49
Mneumonichowever...they expect users to use key combinations for everything and find hidden menus...it is failing hard03:49
johnjohn1011you like windows 8?03:49
MneumonicYea, for performance it is amazing.03:49
MneumonicFor a Windows OS I mean03:49
Belialhttp://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/092/2/4/numix___gtk3_theme_by_satya164-d5ygul6.jpg there's part of the icon theme03:49
Belialnot released yet03:49
Belialand that's inside of gnome-shell.03:50
Belialwindows 8 is definitely an improvement over windows 7.03:50
johnjohn1011Belial: nice03:50
Beliali like what they did with the desktop theme.03:50
Belialbut i wasn't crazy about metro.03:50
tyrogMneumonic: Windows 8 is very fast. But once you fullfill the hard drive, the usual array of trouble comes xD03:50
Belialmixing uis to me is kind of weird.03:50
Beliali like consistency.03:51
MneumonicSo do I, but I could tell from day 1 that Windows 8 would not catch on with casual users03:51
johnjohn1011yeah I tried to use windows 8 and it was having to learn all new paradigms for accessing data03:51
Beliali don't like how the modern interface uses fullscreen for everything.03:51
tyrogjohnjohn1011: The same for Unity. Except Unity at least makes some sense for the desktop user i think03:51
Belialespecially if you're using a big ass monitor with a high res.03:51
Belialwhy waste all that screen real estate?03:51
johnjohn1011i like unity. took about 3-4 weeks03:52
MneumonicWindows 8 does a lot of things right....and some crucial things wrong03:52
Belialyeah unity grew on me03:52
Belialespecially after 12.0403:52
tyrogBelial: That Snap feature with a Metro app + Win32 app is just ridiculous, sucks a lot03:52
Belialthe dash + hud is an awesome combo03:52
johnjohn1011oh yeah it sucks03:52
johnjohn1011HUD is the best03:52
tyrogActually "grow on you" is the best description I find for Unity03:52
johnjohn1011best part of unity imho03:52
tyrogIn the beginning, it is VERY weird03:53
Belialyeah it's definitely different03:53
Beliali just wish they'd show the appmenu all the time03:53
Belialor have an option for it03:53
Belialdoesn't make sense for it to hide03:53
tyrogFor me that is ok03:53
MneumonicWindows key + A goes to the app menu03:53
Mneumonicin unity03:54
Beliali mean the global menu03:54
tyrogBelial: that is an innovation. Definitely helps to gain space for the content of your programs03:54
tyrogGnome shell could learn from this, instead they chose to create the Appmenu (cf. Nautilus)03:55
Beliali like having the global menu03:55
Beliali just want it to show all the time in the top panel03:55
johnjohn1011global menu needs to show all the time for noobs.03:55
Belialthere's nothing else using that space.03:55
tyrogBelial: title bar?03:55
johnjohn1011not intuitive for new users if nothing is showing03:55
Belialah yeah, i guess if everything were maximized.03:55
tyrogfrom a software design point-of-view, it must be very difficult to merge titlebar with the menus03:56
Belialmaybe show it for unmaximized windows and hide it when they're maximized to display the titlebar.03:56
Belialkde has it down pretty good.03:56
Belialin 4.1003:56
Belialthe button menu works for everything and anything.03:56
Belialqt, gtk03:56
MneumonicSo, any gamers in here?03:57
Belialor you can use it like unity does.03:57
Mneumonicif so, what games?03:57
tyrogKDE has grown very much on me lately too. I will have to decide between it and Unity03:57
Beliali'm somewhat a gamer.03:57
Belialbut for some reason bumblebee isn't working for me right now.03:57
johnjohn1011i don't game, ever since ubuntu got rid of same-gnome   hee hee03:57
tyrogBelial: NVIDIA has released drivers that work with optimus03:57
Belialyeah, but they stay on all the time.03:57
Belialuses the nvidia card to display everything.03:58
tyrogIm talking about the 319-series beta03:58
Belialit never turns off the nvidia card.03:58
Belialso battery life is still terrible.03:58
Belialbut it's a step in the right direction.03:58
tyrogso what is the point?03:58
tyrogIn windows you can choose03:58
tyrogapp by app03:58
Belialthey're getting there03:58
johnjohn1011when are they ever going to open source all that? it's about time03:58
tyrogwhat you want to use one, or the other03:58
tyrogjohnjohn1011: NVIDIA? Not a single line of code03:59
Belialthere's been a lot of progress since valve jumped on the linux wagon.03:59
tyrogNouveau is reverse-engineered03:59
johnjohn1011yeah but it's still far behind03:59
Belialyeah the opensource drivers are pretty bad for gaming.03:59
tyrogBecause it is reverse engineered04:00
Belialeven the radeon drivers.04:00
tyrogNVIDIA doesn't care, doesn't want to help04:00
johnjohn1011you figure with the china market, they wouid want everyone to use the graphics04:00
johnjohn1011ubuntu china release04:00
tyrogBelial: Depends on the card. Older cards perform better04:01
tyrogThe ones that AMD already dropped officially04:01
Beliali haven't had an amd/ati card since the x850 pro04:02
Belialawesome card.04:02
Beliali think i was choking it with my cpu though04:03
Belialall i had was a p4 2.8C northwood04:04
Beliali think at the time an amd athlon64 would have pushed it a bit better.04:04
Belialthe "c" series northwoods were good cpus though04:04
Belialthey were made to compete with athlonxps04:04
Belialthen they went to prescott after the northwood c04:05
Belialwhich was garbage.04:05
johnjohn1011so steam runs better on nvidia?04:06
Beliali don't know. i imagine in linux it does.04:06
Belialbut on windows it all depends on the card.04:06
Beliali know they were able to get more performance out of l4d2 in linux than on windows with an nvidia card.04:07
Beliali think it was l4d2.04:07
johnjohn1011going to be a royal mess when wayland/mir come out04:08
Mneumonici'm hoping nvidia even decides to support wayland or mir04:10
johnjohn1011have they considered balking?04:10
Beliali'm thinking nvidia is going to support mir.04:13
Belialespecially since the next lts is going to be with mir and valve is only focusing mainly on lts releases.04:13
blob4000when did ubuntu start enforcing longer passwords for user accounts?04:14
johnjohn1011i still use password as my password04:15
blob4000johnjohn1011 haha04:31
roxan:D out yet ?04:43
Mneumonichi sebsebseb05:05
sebsebsebMneumonic: hi05:05
blob4000ok guys, well i took the plunge early, and installed 13.04..... and it's amazing!05:27
blob4000it's so much faster05:27
dom134Is it out on general release yet?05:29
Tex_Nickdom134:  I think final release is scheduled for April 2505:35
blob4000dom134: no05:36
blob4000i just updated early :P05:36
dom134thanks, will update soonest05:37
N1031982What time is the release os 13.04 and in what time zone?05:48
pskeshuHi, I'm using Ubuntu 13.04, and I'm unable to connect to my campus wifi05:53
pskeshuwith PEAP and MSCHAP05:53
pskeshucan someone help me?05:54
vanishinghi guys05:56
vanishinghas raring been released?05:57
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lucidfoxSo at what time (UTC) will Raring be considered officially released?07:18
valorieonce it's out07:20
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+107:20
OerHeksyou are in the right place to ask, but i don't know07:21
valoriebased on past experience, they flip the switch when they are ready07:22
valorieon 10.10.10 they wanted it at 1007:22
valorieI don't think they made it though07:22
elmargollucidfox, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-announce subscribe and you know07:24
lucidfoxat 10:10:10?07:24
valorienot sure how recursive they got07:25
Ergo^is it out yet? :PP07:38
OerHeksIf you cannot download it, it is not.07:39
Ergo^it wasnt a serious question ;-)07:41
Ergo^but im kind of surprised there is no countdown timer on ubuntu.com07:41
yeehiAt what time today is Raring released?07:46
valoriewhen it's ready07:48
valorietime to leave this chan for me, I think07:48
valoriehave fun07:48
bazhang!info systemd07:57
ubottuPackage systemd does not exist in raring07:57
Ergo^yeehi: ubuntu usually gets releases about 17 my time08:01
Ergo^which is about 7h from now08:01
lucidfoxAnd your time is?08:02
yeehiwhat is your time zone, Ergo^08:03
pk___so.. is final release on schedule?08:06
pk___if so, where will it hit first?08:08
bhaveshShould I upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04 from Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS with Cinnamon (If I don't care about unity)?08:12
bazhangbhavesh, what does cinnamon have to do with it08:13
bhaveshbazhang, Most of the upgrades in Ubuntu 13.04 are related to unity..08:13
bhaveshso should I upgrade if I won't be using unity?08:13
bazhangbhavesh, thats entirely your decision08:14
bhaveshI am asking for an advice, lol08:14
bazhangto simplify it to its only about unity, is a mistake08:14
bazhangits waaaay more than unity bhavesh08:15
yeehii have raring daily build updated, is it a good idea to reinstall using the gold release that comes out today?08:15
bazhang!final | yeehi08:15
ubottuyeehi: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.08:15
bazhangyeehi, if you want really slow servers, then yes08:15
bhaveshbazhang, kay08:15
yeehithank, bazhang!08:15
bhaveshI will have to do a fresh install, or upgrade to 12.10 first :(08:15
bazhangubottu, slow08:16
ubottuThe Ubuntu repositories and ISO mirrors are currently under heavy load. Please consider using !torrents to download ISO images, and be patient with APT updates.  Also, try changing !mirrors08:16
yeehiwill i get all the nice wallpaper and splash screens and everything just by a sudo apt-get update, bazhang?08:16
bazhangyeehi, well that and what is mentioned above, yeah08:16
yeehithank you bazhang, i just wanted to confirm08:17
bhaveshWaiting for two years for next LTS release is quite hard08:17
bazhangyou'll hit final before anyone else08:17
bhaveshill upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 right now :)08:17
bazhangbhavesh, why not just use the raring install to preserve /home08:18
maxbToday is pretty much the worst possible day to be upgrading things. The archive mirrors will be under exceptional load as everyone tries to do it08:19
bazhangunless you like that sort of thing, which some seem to08:20
* bhavesh_ fixes DSL cable08:21
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bhaveshI still cannot decide if I should use 12.04 or 13.04 :(08:23
ubottuQuantal can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/quantal/desktop/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/quantal/server/ubuntu-12.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696908:34
lucidfoxUse 13.0408:34
lucidfoxI'd say08:35
Ergo^if it will be usable08:37
Ergo^12.10 was a mess08:37
Atlantic777Ergo^: I'm using 13.04 for about 3 months and it works great. :)08:44
Ergo^12.04 and 12.10 were ugly mess, all kinds of errors popped in and crash reports08:45
Ergo^hopefully 13.04 is ok in this regard08:45
k1l_Ergo^: they changed it to report every error with apport. that doesnt mean its more unstable then before08:46
Atlantic777Yup, I've got two machines (laptop and desktop), the same setup, similar hardware, installed 12.04 the same day and on laptop it works great and I still have troubless on desktop.08:47
Atlantic777And I'm talking about those annoying random bug reports and "system crashes".08:47
pk___ooh! torrents are up!08:52
pk___and also isos08:53
Ergo^pk___: the links can change - like they changed in past multiple times09:20
pk___if there's some last second bug and they have to make new builds ?09:21
Ergo^pk___: nah ;-) the torrents may just lead to some previous rc build09:23
Ergo^lat time it was like this09:23
Ergo^checksums changed09:23
Ergo^its way too late to do any changes in the image itself :]09:24
k1l_just wait for the official release. thats it09:24
pk___well the isos are there as well09:24
Ergo^pk___: ok not the checksums09:25
Ergo^and check them after announcment09:25
Ergo^there is 90% of chance they will be different09:25
Ergo^i know everything is there09:25
Ergo^its like this eevery year and people get banned for posting links to that09:25
Ergo^maybe they released everything earlier09:26
Ergo^but i doubt09:26
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pedor anyone saw mark stepping back about rolling release? http://www.markshuttleworth.com/20:12
pedorthat's not the link, this is the correct one: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/125220:12
k1lpedor: i dont see news about rolling or not rolling in that20:50
ethangI upgraded kubuntu to 13.04 and now my desktop is gone.  Perfect login screen, asks for my KDE Wallet password just fine, even opens Skype, but no desktop.  Just blackness.20:54
ethangany ideas?20:55
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pedorethang: I had the same problem... but I had tomatoid installed without the dependencies. it was a fresh install?20:56
ethangno, upgrade from 12.1020:56
pedorkubuntu? or ubuntu + kde?20:57
pedor:/ I have no idea, but try sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade20:59
pedoryou can open krunner, right/20:59
ethangpedor: krunner?21:00
ethangI'll try21:00
pedoralt+F2 and tipe konsole21:01
ethangit's open21:01
pedorso: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade21:01
ethangit's just updating some mysql stuff21:03
pedorhm, I don't think it will help. it seems more people are facing this after an upgrade...21:05
pedorethang: try this: startx21:09
k1lno, dont startx21:10
k1lstart the *dm, like lightdm (or the thing that kubuntu uses)21:10
k1lethang: take a look into .xsession-errors21:13
k1lethang: and you can ask in #kubuntu since 13.04 is released now :)21:13
sebsebseb 22:37

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