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janimoogra_, so the nexus7 kernel has the rotation fixed and works with both ubuntu and phablet images now?09:36
janimoI did not follow that bug09:36
ogra_i dont think so09:36
ogra_as i understand touch is broken with the patch on u touch09:37
janimoand I thought at one point I read  ppisati he'd found a fix for both but I may be remembering something else09:37
ogra_if we cant make it work on both we'll have to drop desktop09:37
ogra_though there is also discussion about renaming the arch to grouper09:38
janimodesktop should be dropped for 13.10 anyway no? By then we should have non-alpha quality touch images09:38
ogra_then we could probably leave -nexus7 just idle in the archive09:38
ogra_we need an image to test desktop on09:38
ogra_apps specifically09:39
janimoogra_, ah right09:39
ogra_(stuff that doesnt run on touch)09:39
janimothey are still around until convergence at least09:39
ogra_the question is which image this will be09:39
ogra_even then09:39
janimochromebook would be awesomer09:39
ogra_well, i doubt we'll do a completely new image09:39
janimosince desktop non n7 is not really usable09:39
ogra_up to foundations :)09:40
janimoyou are part of foundations no ? :)09:40
ogra_only until end of the month09:40
ogra_UE is re-shaping a bit09:40
ogra_i'll be in what i like to call "phonedations" then :)09:41
janimoso not a big change :)09:42
ogra_desktop images stay in the hands of foundations  ... i'll do touch low level plumbing09:42
ogra_(and touch images)09:42
janimoogra_, so getting into android HAL stuff as well?09:42
ogra_well, getting rid of it as much as possible rather :)09:43
janimoany ETA on MIR replacing SF?09:43
ogra_(but keep as much as needed and probably even properly packaging it)09:43
ogra_dunno, within the next 4-6 week i would hope09:43
ogra_thats about the timeframe for staring daily S images, i hope Mir is in the archive and usable by then in S09:44
janimowhen does S open? We need a name first right?09:45
ogra_we'll see :)09:45
ogra_once sabdfl does his blog post09:45
janimothat's been a bottleneck recently09:45
xnoxNo Name Yet09:46
ogra_last release already09:46
ogra_buut this one is worse09:46
ogra_he's on the road since weeks though09:46
janimohas no wifi and access to wikipedia on the road? Traveling is a lame excuse :)09:48
ogra_dunno if hoos plane has wifi nowadays :)09:48
janimoogra_, I believe this is fixed right? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-nexus7/+bug/112019609:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 1120196 in ubuntu-nexus7 "Touchscreen input incorrectly rotated at boot." [Medium,Triaged]09:51
ogra_yeah, should be09:51
janimoI see I made a commit a cou;ple days after the bug being filed09:51
janimobut never got to follow up09:51
janimoI have not installed raring on grouper for a while09:51
ogra_same here09:51
ogra_and i have a lot of hacks in mine atm09:51
* ogra_ is looking into getting the dcontainer flip to work09:52
janimoogra_, oh so that one is happening?09:53
ogra_likely ....09:53
janimoit seemed it was vehiculated but not actually on the roadmap concretely09:53
ogra_depends how android will behave :)09:53
janimousing lxc?09:53
ogra_it currently blocks a lot09:53
* janimo hopes09:53
ogra_lxc needs recent kernels and patches on top09:53
ogra_that would break for all porters09:54
janimoogra_, aren't all nexus kernels working with lxc?09:54
ogra_unless they are into kernel hacking a lot09:54
janimon4 does at least09:54
ogra_i think the newest kernel we have is 3.509:54
janimothat is 3.4 though09:54
janimorest are 3.0/3.109:54
ogra_and there are features missing09:54
ogra_(proc namespace stuff afaik)09:55
janimoogra_, kernel team backported overlayfs on grouper, cannot similar tasks be done for cgroups?09:55
janimoI mean picking a handmade solutions instead of what looks like the stadnard container becasue of legacy kernels09:55
ogra_i dont think we have a final idea yet, but it might be that we "just use" the android layer in the ubuntu rootfs ...09:55
ogra_without any container09:55
hrwI hate playing with my old packages09:55
janimoalthough I am not sure when more modern kernels start showing up in android devices09:55
ogra_liub paths are distinct already09:56
hrwdpkg-source: info: local changes detected, the modified files are:09:56
janimoogra_, no container may be even better indeed09:56
hrwcan someone help me with "The source xf86-video-armsoc - 0.0+git20121019+rebdf1e3-0ubuntu2 is already accepted in ubuntu/raring" message? (upload goes to PPA) Raring has -0ubuntu1 only...10:13
ogra_there is a tarball that matches this version already10:13
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