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fluo75_Hi all, ;)17:33
fluo75_Is-it the place to talk about my Gnome-Ubuntu 13.04 installation crashing?17:35
jtaylorwhat exactly is crashing?17:38
fluo75_in fact, once i do a selection in grub. I get a blanck screen and nothing anymore... I tried every choice without any success...17:40
fluo75_i do not get any error...17:41
jtayloris something useful in /var/log/syslog17:42
fluo75_Sorry, i don't think i can access any terminal.  this is brand new PC (bought it yesterday), only this crappy WIndows 8. Therefore I wanted to move quickly to Gnome Ubuntu. In other word, I do not get access to any logs (unless you can tell me how I can do that )17:45
jtaylordoes a livecd start?17:48
jtayloror liveusb17:49
fluo75_liveCD: NO17:50
fluo75_Liveusb: didn't think of this one, sorry17:51
fluo75_I try and let you know17:51
jtaylorhow did you install it?17:51
fluo75_i can't install it, that's the problem.17:52
hggdhtwo points: if you did not install it, it cannot be a grub issue; (2) general support is best requested in the #ubuntu channel17:53
fluo75_sorry guys17:54
fluo75_not grub therefore but the grub like of install DVD17:54
fluo75_it is the DVD which is not working.17:54
fluo75_i move to the the "#ubuntu channel" if you wish.17:55
hggdhfluo75_: yes, please. This channel is for bug work discussion17:57
fluo75_Thanks a lot, have a good day ;)17:59
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jimmethAnybody on?23:41

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