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hyperairhmm, how do i manually report a bug from a .crash file?02:22
hyperairi tried running ubuntu-bug on it, but after i checked the checkbox saying send error report and clicked "leave closed", it just put a .upload file in the same directory and didn't do anything.02:22
kirklanddistro-info --devel is failing, and breaking my build scripts02:38
kirklandubuntu-distro-info: Distribution data outdated.02:38
kirklandPlease check for an update for distro-info-data.02:38
kirklandno update available02:38
StevenKkirkland: It's because there is no devel release currently02:39
StevenKraring is frozen and marked as such in LP02:39
ScottKbdrung: ^^^02:40
kirklandStevenK: understood, but usually we've opened the "s" archive by now02:42
kirklandStevenK: right?02:42
ScottKkirkland: No, not until after release, although usually we do know the name ...02:42
StevenKRight, not until after.02:43
kirklandScottK: okay -- and sabdfl hasn't yet given us our sprawling soliloquy settling such specification?02:46
ScottKNew record.02:46
kirkland(that took way to long to even write)02:46
kirkland(and that was only 5 s-words)02:46
kirkland"I'll take S Words for $200, Alex"02:47
hyperairxnox: ping. https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/usb-creator/udisks2 <-- is this complete?03:28
pittiGood morning03:52
unixpro1970hi pitti03:54
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dholbachgood morning06:16
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xnoxhyperair: nope. seg faults python interpreter at tear down.08:10
xnoxkirkland: No Name Yet =)08:11
hyperairxnox: damn. :(08:17
xnoxsomeone might open up with "No Name Yet" =)))) quite a reference08:18
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seb128ev, hey09:03
seb128ev, https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/4e7901e5fabda4c7b5f81a3999b7d9d3afc9259109:03
seb128ev, do you know why it managed to take a compiz version for that issue?09:04
seb128ev, one report has "1:0.9.9~daily13.03.29-0ubuntu1" as version, which is compiz and not unity09:04
seb128ev, which makes the issue be red on the bugslist since that version is newer than the unity upload that has the fix09:04
seb128ev, https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/e3d6ec94-aa94-11e2-9ec1-2c768aafd08c is the instance09:05
seb128ev, unity is a bit of a special case, because it's compiz which hits the segfault but we use the apport hook to redirect to the right component09:05
seb128ev, I'm just surprised e.u.c regrouped issues from difference sources packages (which is leading to the version issue)09:06
* ev digs09:06
evseb128: looking at source_compiz.py, we only switch over to unity as the binary package in the report if the user selects "yes" in the dialog that asks them if it's a bug in unity09:15
seb128ev, hum, no, in case of segfaults we return in the first if case09:17
seb128    if "Stacktrace" in report:09:17
seb128                    report.add_package_info(apport.packaging.get_file_package(words))09:17
seb128                    return09:17
seb128ev, so we don't ask the question in case of segfaults09:17
evah right09:17
seb128ev, but even if that was buggy, is that normal that identical bugs on different sources are "merged" together?09:18
seb128ev, that create the issue with the versions09:18
seb128wouldn't it be better to have 2 separate bugs in the tracker, one for the compiz source and one for the unity one?09:19
evseb128: the problems are keyed based on the crash signature or duplicate signature, the package doesn't come into play09:19
seb128ev, hum, I see09:20
seb128ev, could we have the table of versions be a combo source/version in that case?09:21
seb128ev, or do you have an idea on how to avoid having that bug flagged as regression when it's not?09:21
evseb128: yeah, this is definitely worth fixing. I don't mean to suggest that we're operating perfectly in this case.09:22
evcreating a bug for this now09:22
seb128ev, thanks09:22
evseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/daisy/+bug/117263509:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1172635 in Daisy "Error e3d6ec94-aa94-11e2-9ec1-2c768aafd08c doesn't get the right Package field" [Undecided,New]09:26
seb128ev, thanks, subscribed09:26
evseb128: cool, thanks. And feel free to grab me at the sprint if you want to talk through that one some more, or have anything else you'd like to see changed09:28
evseb128: it'd be great if you could spare some time that week so I can understand what your high priority items are09:29
seb128ev, sure, will do, thanks!09:29
seb128ev, for that bug, your suggestion of (package, binary package version) makes sense to me09:30
Laneyoh noes, it's "pull-lp-source is broken" day09:41
* tumbleweed loves those days09:42
tumbleweedesp when we can't fix them09:42
Laneytumbleweed: can't we fall back to stable?09:44
tumbleweedLaney: you can specify a release...09:47
Laneyrather not have to though - and stable is what you would have got before?09:48
tumbleweedno, devel is the default09:48
Laneyyes, but there is no devel now09:48
tumbleweedit doesn't know that there is no devel09:48
Laneyold devel → current stable09:48
tumbleweedit just knows that it doesn't know09:48
Laneyit knows the info is outdated09:48
xnoxLaney: to be honest s-series is registered so one should be able to use that.10:11
LaneyNow it would be two SRUs though10:11
LaneyMaybe earlier it could have been updated with placeholder data10:12
xnoxso one should fall back to future maybe and if nothing is published fall back to stable.10:12
LaneyI don't think you could pull from S-series currently :-)10:13
Laneyso yeah, even if the data was correct now it would try that probably fail?10:16
cjwatsonNothing published in it, indeed10:18
Nafallocjwatson: so... ubuntu-support-status still shows 18m support. that's not intentional, right? (I think you're the right guy for this question, repoint if not)10:43
stgraberNafallo: gah, no, looks like we forgot to fix LP to set Supported: 9m for >=raring10:44
Nafallostgraber: the change is needed in servers, not in the package at least? :-)10:45
stgraberNafallo: my understanding is that LP needs to be updated to set the field the next time it re-generates the indexes10:45
Nafallookidoki :-)10:46
stgraberthe problem is that the series as already been marked as released, so I guess it's too late for raring10:46
LaneyBut they're not going to be regenerated for raring now?10:46
Nafallooh dear.10:46
* Nafallo invisions a bunch of support requests that will claim support for 18months :-/10:46
LaneyMaybe they /could/ be - I don't know how hard that limit is10:47
Nafallobah. get the DBA to change the value on wildberry(?) instead ;-)10:48
stgraberwe usually don't re-generate the index files for the release pocket after having marked the series stable10:49
LaneyIt's the Packages file10:49
Nafallooh right. it's that part as well...10:49
Laneyso, fixing LP however that needs to be done, deploying it and then regenerating those10:49
Laneyor working around it in the software ...10:49
cjwatsonraring hasn't been marked as released yet10:50
cjwatsonBut the 18m is in LP code10:51
wgrantEasy to change10:51
Laneyquick enough to do today?10:51
cjwatsonwgrant: *So* glad you're awake10:51
wgrantAs long as we're OK with regenning the release pocket indices in an hour or so..10:52
cjwatsonWe'd been planning to release in eight minutes :)10:52
cjwatsonBut I guess we're not10:52
wgrantcjwatson: StevenK and I are off today, but I'm around.10:52
cjwatsonCan we cowboy more quickly than an hour?10:52
stgrabercjwatson: ah sorry, I didn't actually check the series status on LP, some people reported pull-lp-source being broken earlier and I just assumed this was because the series was marked stable (without a new devel series existing)10:52
cjwatsonstgraber: No, that's a "same day of release" thing10:52
wgrantA few hours earlier than I expected..10:52
cjwatsonNow, I also need to arrange for a publication in raring10:53
cjwatsonMaybe a trivial change-override would be easiest10:53
wgrantOr just be careful10:53
cjwatsonI'm sure I can find a section to change10:53
cjwatsonYeah, I know that's available but prefer not to do it at short notice10:53
Laneystgraber: yeah, that's distro-info-data10:54
cjwatsonIt's just http://paste.ubuntu.com/5600690/ isn't it?  I don't see any relevant tests10:54
wgrantcjwatson: That'll change it for non-release pockets of previous series too, won't it?10:55
LaneyNafallo: good find(!)10:55
wgrantThere appear to be no tests.10:55
cjwatsonYeah, it would.  Hmm10:55
stgrabercjwatson: is that a per-series change? we probably want to make it just >=raring otherwise we'll end up with weird values for SRUs10:55
stgraberwhat wgrant said ;)10:55
Nafallosorry for blocking release...10:55
wgrantcjwatson: Let's just add a RaringUbuntuMaintenance10:55
Nafallorather do it now than after the fact though :-)10:56
cjwatsonYeah, we'll have to fix it for > raring too, but we can do that at more leisure10:56
stgraberNafallo: well, we definitely prefer to find that kind of thing before we released as fixing that one post-release would have been impossible (at least in a "clean" way)10:56
cjwatsonwgrant: Can I leave this with you to sort out?10:57
Nafalloyeah, glad I wasn't 8 minutes later with finding it :-)10:57
wgrantcjwatson: I think http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5600696/ should do it, but I'll check.10:57
cjwatsonYeah, looks promising10:58
cjwatsonNafallo: Yeah, don't apologise, glad you spotted this now10:58
cjwatsonI'll let the web team know10:59
wgrantcjwatson: Looks fine on DF. I guess we cowboy the new class, rerun cron.germinate (perhaps hacking it to just run over raring and not actually running germinate), then get the release pocket republished?11:03
cjwatsonWe could just let cron.germinate run normally, IMO11:03
cjwatsonIt's quick enough these days11:03
wgrantAh, true, forgot you fixed that.11:03
wgrantmawson:/srv/launchpad.net/codelines/current/raring.supported{,2} are the old/new if you want to check11:03
cjwatsonIn fact, if the cowboy is mid-publisher-run, it could catch a normal cron.germinate11:03
cjwatsoncjwatson@mawson:/srv/launchpad.net/codelines/current$ diff -u <(sed 's/18m$/9m/' raring.supported) raring.supported211:04
wgrantThat's the plan11:04
cjwatsonOf course, the support status in images will be wrong11:08
cjwatsonI think I'm going to Not Care11:08
wgrantIndeed, but that's a bit harder to fix and less important :)11:08
cjwatsonAnd if you never connect to the network, then support status is kind of immaterial11:08
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Nafallonafallo@wolf:~$ ubuntu-support-status12:06
NafalloSupport status summary of 'wolf':12:06
NafalloYou have 500 packages (98.0%) supported until January 2014 (9m)12:06
wgrantThanks for confirming12:06
Nafallo^- cjwatson :-)12:06
Nafalloyw :-)12:06
Nafallothanks for fixing it so quickly :-)12:06
=== cjwatson changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Ubuntu 13.04 released | Archive: frozen | Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and discussion of hardy -> raring | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots:
pitticjwatson, infinity, release team: congratulations!12:11
Nafallogood work guys! :-D12:11
pittiso for the first time after a release we don't have the name of the next one12:11
Laneyslippery series12:12
ricotzpitti, right something was missing ;)12:12
Nafallopitti: nonameyet.com is still registered, innit? ;-)12:13
pittislurpy smoothie!12:13
ricotzslim snake12:14
sladeninfinity: you're early!  (It's no 13:04 UTC)12:14
Laneygood stuff.12:14
infinitysladen: Releasing at version time is a silly and short-lived non-tradition.12:15
Nafalloand will fail after 24.10 as well.12:18
Nafalloand yeah, we'll still all be here :-P12:18
sladenNafallo: simples.  Just release the day after the release day.  *nods*12:26
NafalloI'm fine with 24h in a day, thank you very much ;-)12:26
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pittilool: FYI, I took the liberty of moving the remaining WIs of https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/client-1303-converged-network-stack to ubuntu-13.05 (please feel free to readjust as you see fit, of course)13:05
pittilool: I left one for me for 13.04, that's the one I'm currently working on13:06
loolpitti: all fine; thanks!13:13
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bdrungScottK: we need the codename for raring+113:38
ScottKbdrung: Yes, but it seems it should also deal better with the case of "no devel release exists".13:38
ScottKSince it happens every cycle.13:38
bdrungnot every cycle (we used to know the codename before the release)13:39
bdrungScottK: define "it". which tool should behave better without a devel release?13:40
ScottKNo, there's a period where the devel release if frozen, but the new one doesn't exist yet.13:40
ScottKThat happens every cycle.13:40
bdrungthis is impossible. "distro-info --devel" should print the development codename. what should it print if it doesn't know it?13:41
ogra_ScottK, we usually had the series up on LP before the release13:41
ogra_this is the first cycle we dont13:41
ogra_since we didnt get a name early enough13:41
bdrungis mark working on the name?13:41
ogra_no idea, he is on the road since weeks13:42
vibhavAre the supported, lts, etc values in distro-info hardcoded?13:43
cjwatsonbdrung: yes13:43
bdrungvibhav: no, they are calculated based on the date. distro-info has it's own "database" (see distro-info-data)13:45
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mpttedg, hi, take a look at the table of contents for <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Networking>. Is that the kind of structure you had in mind?14:41
tedgmpt, Yup, thanks!14:43
mpttedg, most of the PC stuff is a couple of years out of date, so disregard that for now. :-)14:45
tedgmpt, Yeah, I've been using it as guidance for a feature list, but not the details of it.14:46
tedgmpt, I'm curious if anyone uses Bluetooth teathering anymore since most phones have WiFi.14:47
mptNo idea :-)14:47
mlankhorstI still use usb tethering from time to time, so tethering itself has to work at least..14:47
tedgSure, but I'm guessing most use USB or Wifi.14:48
tedgSeems like WiFi is becoming the 2.4GHz protocol of choice.14:48
Nafallowifi can be protected by WPA... not sure what the deal with Bluetooth would be.14:49
Nafallobut then again, I tend to get 3G dongles from work places ;-)14:50
stgrabertedg: I still use bluetooth tethering as it uses around a tenth of the power as a wifi AP would14:50
tedgstgraber, If you're worried about power, why not use USB?14:50
stgrabertedg: I do when I remember to bring the cable along with me ;)14:50
tedgHeh, okay.14:50
ogra_the bluetooth cable ?14:51
cyphermoxogra_: :)14:51
* Nafallo smacks ogra_ gently14:51
stgrabertedg: when on the bus/train, I usually like not having to pull cables out of the bottom of my bag just to get connectivity ;)14:51
tedgogra_, It makes your bluetooth faster, I'll sell you one, only $19.99.14:51
* ogra_ grins14:51
ogra_tedg, can you tweet that  ? swww.ismytwitterpasswordsecure.com14:52
stgraberI can sell you one that's even better than tedg's because it has gold plated connectors, but that's going to be $99.9914:52
ogra_stgraber, oxygen free insulation too ?14:52
stgrabersure ;)14:53
Laneybdrung: can haz new distro-info-data?14:53
Laneytumbleweed: or you14:53
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tumbleweedLaney: it has a name?14:57
LaneyI have the csv change - can push if you want?14:57
tumbleweedplease push, I'll be happy to review and upload14:58
Laneyok, one minute14:58
ScottKbdrung: OK.  Now we have the release name.15:00
LaneyScottK: see immediately above15:00
Laneytumbleweed: done15:02
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* tumbleweed supposses it's too soon to guess a jessie release date...15:10
ScottKIt's never too soon to guess.  You'll be wrong, but you can always guess.15:23
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* tumbleweed left that bit for now. Busy preparing all the SRUs15:24
seb128roadmr, hey15:46
roadmrseb128: hello!15:46
seb128roadmr, re. that checkbox bug, my "quite some users" is based on the errors.ubuntu.com stats, it has over an hundred reports in a week15:47
roadmrseb128: hm, is there a way to know if they are e.g. kubuntu users? I'm just concerned that I'm unable to reproduce the problem on a vanilla raring install15:47
seb128roadmr, nothing out of ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-gnome-desktop is depending on gstreamer1.0-alsa15:48
seb128roadmr, so yes, any user of xubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu, etc will have the issue15:48
bdrungthanks tumbleweed for updating distro-info-data15:48
roadmrseb128: oh perfect, that makes it easier to come up with a repro case15:48
seb128roadmr, well, the repro is easy, sudo apt-get remove gstreamer1.0-alsa15:49
roadmrseb128: oh I tried that and it didn't fail as expected, but I may have been doing things wrong... let me double-check15:51
tumbleweedbdrung: np15:52
roadmrseb128: yes, I'm an idiot, I was doing it wrong (tm). I'll update the bug with the repro case15:52
seb128roadmr, good15:53
Laneyslangasek: we think we found out where the pxgsettings processes were coming from16:47
slangasekLaney: and you will be killing them with fire now? :-)16:51
Laneysome of them with fire, some maybe a scalpel16:51
LaneyI think maybe signond's usage could go away too16:57
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Laneyit copies some code from a Qt merge proposal16:57
slangasekso the lines on http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/memory/arch/armhf/ showing 32M of usage on touch... those are the ones where the shell crashed, right? :P16:57
Laneyoops, that was meant to be #-desktop16:58
slangasekLaney: so reducing use of the process is one thing... having a sensible interface to the process is another.  Do you know why this isn't a dbus service?16:58
Laneyno, seems like it could be16:59
Laneyit's a weird interface16:59
vibhavWill we be writing "saucy" in all our changelogs?16:59
* vibhav cheers17:00
ScottKev: If I give you the specific IDs, can I get copies of reports to errors.ubuntu.com?17:16
evScottK: yup17:16
evScottK: I'm fixing the fact that you can't access them very soon, by the way. We're working through the final parts with Legal.17:17
ScottKhttps://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/6c589671ce9751e5bca7a74eff3a21046192b243 https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/bfe073cd44500dbbe762cd163878a096e16b5c46 https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/e1974e755b62066bdbd624110262af4d6e0071b117:17
ScottKev: Also, I can con firm that for packages that we don't send the bug reports to bugs.kde.org, the e.u.c reporting is working in Kubuntu 13.04.17:18
ScottK(you may recall we discussed this at the last UDS)17:18
evhttps://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/6c589671ce9751e5bca7a74eff3a21046192b243 was unsuccessfully retraced - it'll hopefully be reprocessed soon17:18
evScottK: excellent!17:19
evsame for https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/bfe073cd44500dbbe762cd163878a096e16b5c4617:19
evoddly we don't have a Stacktrace for https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/e1974e755b62066bdbd624110262af4d6e0071b1 - I'll look into this. I've never seen that before.17:19
evScottK: here's the not-retraced version, for whatever it's worth: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5601719/17:21
evfor that last one17:21
evpresumably you'll want locals and things17:21
evI'll try to find time next week to dig at it17:21
evlet me know if you find any other problems you want access to17:22
ScottKCan you look if there are any other recent crashes against akonadi 1.9.1-0ubuntu1 that might have been retraced?17:23
evScottK: those appear to be the only ones so far17:26
ScottKthank for looking17:28
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evcjwatson, bdmurray: given that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/1094777 is coming up quite a lot today from people who have not installed the release upgrader from -updates, I'd like to propose that we force an upgrade (with permission) before we run the release upgrader.18:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1094777 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Can't use c-n-r-gtk to initiate Quantal -> Raring update" [High,Fix released]18:51
evhttps://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/27a5550c8a96660e9b19630655aa1c613772e29b - confirms this - lots of instances of 0.190.1 for today18:51
ev^ mterry if you have thoughts as well18:52
evso to clarify, you start update-manager, it says there's a new version of Ubuntu available. It then does an apt-get upgrade (with your permission), then downloads and runs the release upgrader.18:52
mterryev, I thought we didn't show the release upgrade if we weren't up-to-date...18:53
evif they didn't have -updates enabled, they'd appear as up-to-date18:53
evbut I doubt that many systems have gone and disabled updates18:53
evso perhaps that check is broken18:53
mterryev, the flow may have changed in the move from Update Manger -> Software Updater18:54
mterryev, I had thought we still prioritized updates over upgrades though18:54
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mterryev, how would we force users to get the update?18:56
evmterry: ensure that -updates is enabled, then trigger an upgrade18:56
mterryev, yeah, but how we would push out an update that did that?18:56
evmterry: if you mean for 12.10, I think we're screwed there18:57
evbut we can make this more robust for future versions18:57
mterryev, yeah, OK.  And 13.04 too for any similar problems18:57
xnoxit all depends on how far in the codepath of the downloaded tarball we get into, if any.18:57
xnoxmaybe we can sneak something in, in the upgrade tarball. But i would have thought that would be done by now, if it was possible.18:57
xnoxas clearly this problem was known when it was fixed.18:58
mterryxnox, we don't get as far as the tarball if I recall correctly18:58
xnoxmterry: then well no chance....18:58
xnoxev: do we know if security is enabled on those machines reporting the error?18:59
evxnox: no, but that might be worth recording in the future18:59
evfeel free to file a bug for that18:59
mterryI understand that this update is security-level-important if we want users to upgrade, but it's hard to classify in any way as an actual security update18:59
mterryIs there precedent for similar updates?19:00
georgelappieshi all, is anybody else experiencing 'ugly' non -anti aliased fonts in QtCreater / UbuntuSDK or any Qt5 based apps in Ubuntu 13.04?19:46
AbsintheSyringedoes anyone have any ideas why my Nautilus won't even start on 13.04?20:03
AbsintheSyringeI have/had this same problem on Debian Sid with 3.8.x kernel, but as soon as I would move back to 3.2 (wheezy) it would just go back to normal20:04
AbsintheSyringetried moving back to 3.5.x on 13.04 but that didn't do anything20:05
AbsintheSyringethat's the reason I have a feeling it might related to full disk encryption (lvm)20:05
stokachuis there a way in upstart when doing a 'start on started <service>' to wait a few second before starting its service? basically there is a couple second delay because of some network activity from the relied on service20:13
ScottKIt'd be better if the service on which you're depending didn't emit started until it actually was.20:15
stokachuah ok ill read up on the emit section, i briefly glanced over that20:16
slangasekstokachu: rather, it's the 'expect' stanza of the depended-on service20:18
slangasek('emits' is informational only)20:18
stokachuok cool, ill read up on that section20:18
stokachuslangasek: If your daemon has a "don't daemonize" or "run in the foreground" mode, then it's much simpler to use that and not run with fork following. One issue with that though, is that Upstart will emit the started JOB=yourjob event as soon as it has executed your daemon, which may be before it has had time to listen for incoming connections or fully initialize.20:20
stokachuis that saying there isn't a good way to wait for the application to be ready for accepting connections?20:21
stokachui see where it emits the start job but in my case that doesn't really mean its ready for processing20:21
slangaseksure there is - make the application daemonize properly (which means, the parent doesn't exit and return control until after it's listening on all appropriate sockets)20:21
stokachuso ill have to fork to get this to work as expected then20:23
slangasekhmm, so the cookbook is saying "it's simpler to use foreground mode" - yes it is simpler, but it's almost assuredly not going to give the desired semantics for dependent services20:23
stokachuyea my app doesn't fork at all20:23
stokachui was attempting to let upstart manage it without having to daemonize it20:23
slangasekstokachu: you could also use 'expect stop', that'd be easier to implement in the app20:23
stokachuok ill look into that20:25
stokachuemitting sigstop looks simple enough :)20:25
stokachumaybe i can get by with that20:25
slangasekfwiw, the existence of 'expect stop' is vastly underadvertised... mostly because it's not a common modality among existing software20:25
stokachuslangasek: but its a viable solution i would think20:26
slangasekyep, should be20:26
stokachuas far as the documentation is telling me20:26
stokachucool thanks!20:26
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