AdonisKHey guyz, will ubuntu Gnome be released the same time as ubuntu?01:02
darkxstjbicha, have the media keys working now, but notifications are screwed01:11
FearNotManHas anyone had any issues with 13.04 not seeing the mouse and keyboard?  My bootup gets past grub and then I can't use the mouse or keyboard.  It's definitely the install because mouse and keyboard and USB ports all work great under 12.1001:18
FearNotManTried reinstalling a few times, no change01:18
darkxstFearNotMan, does the kernel see the keyboard? ie can you switch to a VT ok?01:23
darkxstjbicha, actually notifications work on one system.01:34
FearNotMandarkxst, sorry for the delay.  no switching to a VT didn't work, so I don't think the kernel was seeing the keyboard.01:55
darkxstFearNotMan, try with a normal ubuntu image, and if that still doesnt work file a bug01:55
FearNotMandarkxst, ok will do.  Thanks!01:56
darkxstricotz, did you ever test g-s-d with unity?05:47
Ponch0hey gnomies, is there an issue with the shut down button with a recent update or did I bring this on myself?05:48
darkxstPonch0, should be fixed with systemd in staging05:51
Ponch0darkxst: Hey hru? Ok, I've been shutting down with command line, i'll check it out later.05:52
Ponch0I didn't have that issue til about 2 days ago05:52
darkxstPonch0, was fallout from logind05:52
Ponch0oh ok thanks a bunch05:53
ricotzdarkxst, i think i did once05:55
darkxstricotz, .91 is totally broken, crashes (well shutdowns during startup)05:56
darkxstruns fine if I start it after logged in though ;(05:57
ricotzdarkxst, was that before the logind stuff?05:57
darkxstricotz, I didnt test it before logind05:58
ricotzi see, i will give it a try in a moment06:00
Ponch0and ubuntu software center is a hit or miss still crashes for the most part06:00
Ponch0"with SIGGSEV06:02
Ponch042 days now silly software center06:04
darkxstricotz, g_dbus_connection_real_closed: Remote peer vanished with error: Underlying GIOStream returned 0 bytes on an async read (g-io-error-quark, 0). Exiting.06:06
darkxstricotz, still crashes when built against ck, so proably not logind related since 3.6 runs fine06:26
ricotzdarkxst, at least downgrade dbus too if you havent06:28
apm1the release will happen at what time today ?06:36
Ponch0woot woot06:40
apm1not just yet ?06:41
apm1i think we still have a few hours to go06:41
darkxstapm1, you can just grab the last daily if your impatient, wont be changing now06:42
apm1darkxst, i just heard someone the installer on it is borked ?06:42
darkxstapm1, the "install alongside" bug might not have been fixed, not sure though06:43
apm1i am gonna do a clean install so06:44
apm1maybe i'll just supress the urge and wit a few hours :p06:44
darkxstricotz, I'm really out of ideas here, media keys should be fixed atleast (in my logind ppa). But no idea what is causing the crash on startup07:20
darkxstsgo11, for the shutdown bug syslog should have the answers07:45
sgo11darkxst, /var/log/syslog ? I will shutdown my machine with poweroff button today and check the log to see what will happen. I haven't used poweroff button for a long time since I have this issue. thanks a lot.07:47
ricotzdarkxst, media keys worked and working fine07:59
ricotzah i guess you meant with unity08:00
darkxstricotz, yes with unity08:00
darkxstthey should be really broken with .9108:01
darkxstprobably havent worked since .9008:01
darkxstI reverted the legacy key grabber, but only for unity08:03
sgo11darkxst, hi, I just reproduced the "can not shutdown with poweroff button" problem. can you please help me with that if you have time? thanks. The last msg I can find in syslog before this boot is "umount.ecryptfs_private: Failed to find key with sig [070acce8e67778227]: Apr 25 17:03:" Then I long press the "physical power button" to force shutdown.09:27
sgo11darkxst, does this mean umount.ecryptfs_private cause this problem? should I check some other lines in syslog? thanks.09:28
darkxstpossible, but sorry I no idea about that, your best bet would be to file a bug09:30
sgo11darkxst, ok. thanks a lot. :)09:30
sgo11darkxst, where can I file this bug? Is this related to ubuntu or gnome-shell? thanks.09:31
darkxstprobably kernel, so 'ubuntu-bug linux'09:32
sgo11darkxst, ok. thanks. :)09:33
sgo11filed the bug. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/117265009:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 1172650 in linux (Ubuntu) "System can not be powered off (randomly)" [Undecided,New]09:58
darkxstsgo11, you probably should attach full syslog to the report10:15
sgo11darkxst, ok. got it. will do that.10:17
darkxstapport should pick that stuff up, but apparently not in this case10:17
SmarteXno1 chattin?10:34
Andy80once I've Ubuntu 13.04 installed. What is the correct procedure to switch to Gnome desktop? I've found one but it's not updated (it refers to 12.04)11:38
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tommie-lieAndy80: install ubuntu-gnome-desktop11:39
Andy80tommie-lie, no other packages needed?11:42
tommie-lieAndy80: yes, but ubuntu-gnome-desktop depends on them, so they are puled in automatically11:44
tommie-lieAndy80: but note that some Gnome applications are missing from ubuntu-gnome's default (I think gnumeric, abiword and Epiphany/Gnome Internet, which are replaced by LibreOffice and Firefox, respectively), if you also want them, you'll have to install them manually11:46
tommie-lieAndy80: e.g. by installing epiphany-browser11:47
Andy80tommie-lie, oh, no problem for them... I just want to replace Unity :)11:47
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camelinahatHeh apparently on the derivatives page (http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/derivatives) we're just listed as GNOME (not Ubuntu GNOME)12:14
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jbichacamelinahat: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+filebug :)12:16
camelinahatfiled: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/117268812:19
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1172688 not found12:19
camelinahat(show's private)12:19
camelinahatDo we have any release notes for this release?12:21
darkxstjbicha, so I fixed the media keys, but gsd is just really broken in a unity session12:21
jbichacamelinahat: just what people have added to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseNotes12:22
darkxstjbicha, broken as in it dies on login, I cannot work out why12:25
darkxstthis applies equally to .9112:25
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-gnome to: Ubuntu GNOME Development & Support | Our first official release, 13.04 has been released! Download from http://ubuntugnome.org/download/ | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com | http://ubuntugnome.org/community/
mgedmincool, 13.04 is out already?!12:27
jbichadarkxst: ok, that explains why the theming was broken on Unity then12:27
darkxstjbicha, basically :)12:27
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-gnome to: Ubuntu GNOME Development & Support | Our first official release, 13.04 is available now! Download from http://ubuntugnome.org/download/ | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com | http://ubuntugnome.org/community/
jbichacamelinahat: I didn't write a release announcement this time yet but we probably should make one12:29
camelinahatjbicha, I'd be glad to help, do we have a previous one to use for reference/template?12:30
jbichaKubuntu & Edubuntu's announcements are on Planet Ubuntu (but Kubuntu's it looks like you have to click through to see the whole thing)12:32
jbichafor 12.10 I just did https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-gnome/msg00050.html12:34
darkxstjbicha, really there should be a universal ban on dev's sending out these things ;)12:37
camelinahatdarkxst, lol I'm not sure I'll be much better unfortunately haha12:40
darkxstcamelinahat, sure you will!12:40
jbichadarkxst: :)12:40
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camelinahatjbicha, Should bug 1164592 be listed as a Known Issue?12:50
ubot5bug 1164592 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity freezes in Install Alongside screen" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116459212:50
camelinahatOh nevermind. I see it in the Raring Ringtail release notes.12:50
Guest67129any one nows how to build UBUNTU from source?12:51
jbichaI think the workaround for that is to use the advanced partitioner to resize the existing partition and a new ext4 / partition12:52
jbichaI see the Ubuntu release announcement pointed to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME12:55
camelinahatjbicha, Yeah I noticed that somewhere as well. Lots of locations to try to keep up to date.12:57
jbichawe could just clear that wiki page and point people to the website instead12:59
darkxstwho the hell wrote the release notes? the last thing we need is13:00
darkxst"There are some additional GNOME 3.8 apps in the GNOME3 Staging PPA but these apps have known bugs, some of which are serious or critical bugs. "13:00
camelinahatdarkxst, Not me. But to be honest I left the staging PPA out of the ones I'm working on at the moment. I did mention the primary gnome3 PPA but didn't reference staging at all (since it's discoverable on the gnome3 ppa but not necessarily 'standard' usage)13:02
darkxstcamelinahat, that is from someone on the ubuntu team I guess, certainly not us13:02
darkxstor they just cut+paste shit from wherever who knows13:03
camelinahatYep, that's why the 'Known issues' referencing Two sets of Online Accounts still shows the line "Hopefully for 13.04, we'll be able to use just one tool."13:04
jbichadarkxst: almost all of that stuff was written by me13:05
jbichaI'm happy to have other people do the writing ;)13:06
jbichathere, got rid of the hopefully line13:08
jbichafeel free to edit that page if you like13:08
darkxstjbicha, I don't think we should be advertising staging like that13:13
darkxstpresumably a *lot* of people will read those release notes13:13
jbichadarkxst: on the other hand, a lot of people read websites that *do* mention staging without any caveats13:14
jbichawe could have a page on the website to talk about the PPAs instead13:15
darkxstjbicha, yes I know, a lot of people follow random instructions off blogs that involve 'sudo *'13:15
camelinahatOh I agree if we're going to actively promote the GNOME3 PPA, we should definitely have a section of the site dedicated to explaining at least some of the basics (ie dist-upgrade very prominently displayed, etc)13:18
darkxstok so we need a secret_staging ppa, but as soon as we do that it will get leaked on all the blogs!13:20
camelinahatdarkxst, Oh yes, I've seen more than a few blogs saying 'make sure you use ricotz's testing ppa'13:22
darkxstcamelinahat, lol13:22
camelinahatSee: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/02/a-quick-look-at-new-gnome-classic.html13:23
camelinahatAnd even soe 'ask ubuntu' answers http://askubuntu.com/questions/210195/how-to-update-from-gnome-3-4-1-to-3-6 :(13:25
darkxstI wonder, if we made a ppa called death_of_your_computer_guaranteed would that fix that problem13:25
camelinahatdamn that's got to be a good one! Sign me up! ;013:26
darkxstdput might need to grow auto-completion first, since that would be a pain to type for every upload!13:28
camelinahatjbicha, I've published a draft of some release notes here: http://ubuntugnome.org/ubuntu-gnome-13-04/ (it's private so you'll need to log in with your lp account to see it)13:30
darkxstcamelinahat, just put the links straight in that page (rather than link to downloads page)13:33
darkxstmaybe dot points for the what's new13:34
darkxst(bullets even)13:34
darkxstppa-purge is incredibly broken in some cases, but lets not mention that13:37
rich1974it has only 9 month support, isn't it?13:39
camelinahatOkay added those edits, plus a link to the Ubuntu Release Notes as well.13:39
darkxstrich1974, yes13:39
rich1974for the moment, i installed gnome shell over 12.04 from USCenter...works pretty fine.13:41
rich1974but i get 9 fps vs 13 fps in unity. i am talking about stellarium13:42
forageI'm probably not the first, and I probably wont be the last to ask: what's the recommended way to upgrade from UbuntuGnome 12.10 to 13.04? Just like you would upgrade plain Ubuntu?13:42
darkxstforage, just run update-manager13:42
forageok, just like plain ubuntu13:43
darkxstrich1974, either result seems useless really, you can't play games at 13fps even13:43
rich1974i am not a gamer, i wounder myself why is that diffrence13:44
foragejust wondering, would I be missing out on something if I upgrade instead of reinstalling?13:45
rich1974i have a ati x1270 (rs690) dell inspiron 152113:45
darkxstrich1974, and i wonder what is stellarium13:46
rich1974stellarium is a planetarium app. it is like a game...13:46
darkxstforage, no, maybe you would save a few MB of disk space, but other upgrade is fine13:46
darkxstrich1974, OSS drivers or catalyst?13:47
forageok, cool. I sure hope GDM will become functional again13:47
forageotherwise it'll still be a reinstall13:48
rich1974it woud be a great idea to add a feature that we can upgrade from liveUSB. no, open-source driver, i had no support from amd anymore.13:48
darkxstforage, gdm should have been functional since like last release13:48
rich1974my laptop is from 200813:49
foragedarkxst: it isn't for me, I broke it somehow :-D https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/116964013:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1169640 in gdm (Ubuntu) "GDM fails to start after system crash" [Undecided,New]13:49
darkxstforage, of course there was the locale bug, if you installed of beta 2 (or daily's prior to that)13:49
darkxstforage, can't do much without logs!13:50
foragewhat logs would you like?13:50
darkxstbut check your /etc/default/locale file13:50
foragewhat would that file have to do with it?13:51
darkxstlook for LC_* lines, that don't include UTF-813:51
forageall fine here13:51
forageit's a GDM issue in combination with upstart in my case13:52
darkxstreinstall is unlikely to help there13:52
forageit will if it's a clean reinstall, but I sure would like to prevent that13:53
darkxstwell no more likley than an upgrade13:54
darkxstunless one of the configuration files is corrupted13:55
forageby clean reinstall I mean getting rid of the home folder13:55
foragecomplete disk wipe13:56
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foragebut if you can help out with getting gdm up and running again I would really appreciate the help13:58
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forageit "just" stopt working, failing to start automatically. Launching it manually as root does work13:58
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jbichacamelinahat: thanks for sending out the announcement14:53
jbichacould you unprivate the website bug so I can follow it?14:53
camelinahatjbicha, Yep, sorry about that. Done. Bug 1172688 and every look alright with the annoucement?14:56
ubot5bug 1172688 in ubuntu-website-content "Ubuntu GNOME derivative listed incorrectly as just GNOME" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117268814:56
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sweezelooking at the raring ppa + staging ppa, looks like a small # of packages are still at 3.7.x... is that something that causes problems?  will they be brought up to 3.8.x versions soon-ish?16:50
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blok_hey all, having some issues with the new release17:09
jbichasweeze: generally that's either because the difference from 3.7.92 to 3.8.0 was minimal, or because no one has done the work to package the new version and test it17:09
blok_live cd works great, but after install i get no usb or nic drivers17:09
jbichablok_: that sounds to me like a kernel problem, you can run ubuntu-bug linux to report it17:13
awochna_Is there an upgrade path from the old, unofficial Ubuntu Gnome (12.10) to the shiny new 13.04 official one?17:14
fluo75Hi all ;)17:16
fluo75The live DVD/Installation disk of U-G 13.04 crashes  for me almost from the start (just after "grub"), what can i do to help find the bug?17:18
Lsf_lf@developer, great version, thanks for doing … :-)17:44
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camelinahatI've got to head out for the day. Later folks. Congrats on the first full (official) release :)19:39
SonikkuAmericaHooray! 13.04!20:44
HadiManyone got trouble with gnome terminal settings (such as background color for example) ???21:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1172209 in Ubuntu GNOME "gnome terminal settings not applied" [Undecided,New]21:04

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