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slashbelit looks like the release party could double up as a release party for the big brother too!10:58
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airurandoslashbel: what do you mean12:10
lubotu3YES! It's out!12:44
zmoylanand downloaded, found a usb drive...12:44
slashbelairurando: Debian is very soon to release13:00
zmoylansplitter! :-)13:01
* slashbel has always been in the Debian camp ☺13:01
slashbelwell, since around 200213:01
airurandoah wheezy isn't it slashbel?13:01
zmoylancome to the dark side, we have stickers! :-)13:02
* slashbel is already on Wheezy, all except one server13:02
chr62Hi, anyone there?14:56
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