johnsterdotcomxnox: thank you very much00:04
Fudgehi looking to find out of Blulgarian language is supported by ubiquity11:21
xnoxcheck launchpad.11:21
xnoxmy feeling it is well translated.11:22
Fudgexnox  looking around now11:22
xnoxFudge: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+lang/bg11:22
xnoxFudge: the slideshows may have english strings but the UI is fully translated as far as i can tell.11:23
Fudgejust had a user on our support list xnox  which our image is for precise asking why it did not work for him on install, being ubiquity and if he can help with translation so came here to ask and if need be pass on some resources to him to help11:24
xnoxPrecise is good as well with BG translations: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+lang/bg11:24
Fudgethanx mate :D11:25
Fudgeit could have been that the user, being blind did not select the language from the first boot screen11:27
Fudgexnox  are you able somehow to tell me how to get to Bulgarian from the first language selection screen? i.e arrow down 900 times and hit enter :D12:31
xnoxFudge: boot the cd, wait for the drum-roll sound, press Ctrl-L, thus activating screenreader and then one can alt-tab and properly navigate the installer.12:44
Fudgexnox  ah form gui, I thought it may have been had to have been selected before thaat, thanks :D12:48
GrueMasterActually, the language selection on the boot screen will default to english if no user intervention, and I have seen a few occastions where it doesn't even prompt.  This is on 12.04.15:50
cjwatsonIt only doesn't prompt if you select a different language at the boot menu.15:51
cjwatsonThis was a messy compromise.15:51
GrueMasterI have had times where there is no boot menu unless you press a key right at startup.  May be efi related, not sure.  But it happens consitently 1/4 times on the servers I am imaging here at work.  I see it mainly on ubuntu-server-12.04-amd64.15:53
cjwatsonWell, that has nothing to do with ubiquity, which is what was being asked about ...16:01
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