JoseeAntonioRFuchs: hey, just seen this, will check in a minute01:51
JoseeAntonioRFuchs: I think I'll remove this last one, and will see if he pops up next time, I can put it back :) thanks for your help!02:08
FuchsYou're welcome. From what I get this is usually held on Wednesday evenings at the same time, so ensuring that there are at least some ops would be neat. While we can see what clearly is spam, we have no idea how that channel is handled (seems to be a bit special), so we won't be able to help much07:37
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QuintasanAlanBell: Hi, would it be possible to have MootBot join #ubuntu-pl-loco?13:50
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AlanBellQuintasan: should be there now16:14
QuintasanAlanBell: Thanks!16:48
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