CarstenGHi together.20:26
cqfd93Hi CarstenG!20:28
CarstenGWhat is with our manual?20:29
CarstenGToday is the great day :-)20:29
cqfd93Is the manual supposed to be on the official release dvd?20:30
CarstenGAs far as I know, not.20:30
CarstenGIt is released separately on our website.20:31
cqfd93Just asking, but it would be great :-)20:31
CarstenGYes, of course.20:31
godbykIt doesn't get released on the DVD.20:31
godbykJust on our website and amazon.com, etc.20:31
godbykI'm working on releasing it as we speak.20:32
godbykSo don't tell me about any more typos! ;-)20:32
CarstenGWe should try to get the next release in the official iso.20:32
cqfd93hi godbyk!20:32
CarstenGah, I just saw rev 20620:32
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/raring/revision/206 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/raring -r 20620:32
cqfd93time to pull and make20:33
CarstenGKevin, we will find typos after the release ;-)20:33
godbykWe always do!20:35
cqfd93When will the template ready for translation?20:35
cqfd93*be ready20:35
godbykAs soon as I've finished uploading these PDFs, I'll fix up the .tex files, generate the .pot file, and upload that.20:35
CarstenGI think we should remove these \clearpages and [baselineskip] before generating the pot file.20:36
godbykCarstenG: That's what I meant about 'fix up the .tex files'. :)20:40
CarstenGah, ok :-)20:40
godbykOkay, I've uploaded the PDFs and updated the ubuntu-manual.org website.20:48
godbykI have to wait on CreateSpace to proof the book before I can update the 'Buy this book!' link.20:48
CarstenGNice :-)20:49
godbykWhile I wait on CreateSpace, I'll fix things up and upload the .pot file for the translators.20:51
godbykThen write a press release announcing the publication of the manual.20:52
CarstenG What did I say at 22:33?20:52
godbykThen write notes to translators so they can get started (assuming the .pot file doesn't get held up for some reason).20:52
CarstenG... I just found a typo in the index :-)20:52
godbykCarstenG: I don't want to hear it! ;-)20:52
godbykWhere's it at?20:52
CarstenG»CDs and DVDs« is twice.20:53
godbykAh, I see it.20:54
godbykNot a huge show-stopper, at least.20:54
CarstenGand this Nautilus-->Files renaming looks bad in the index.20:54
CarstenGWe have »Files«, »files« and »files and folders«...20:54
godbykYou mean having a Files entry?20:54
godbykI think 'Files browser' may have been a better choice there.20:55
godbykHave they named the S cycle yet?20:55
godbykI hate having to wait so long to create the new branch.20:55
CarstenGyes, saucy salamander, or?20:56
godbykAh, yes: saucy salamander.20:57
godbykSo I can create the new branch right away and we can put some of our fixes in there before we forget about them. :-)20:57
CarstenGthe cds and dvds we can fix in raring too, or?20:59
godbykIt doesn't look the best, but it doesn't really stop people from finding the information.21:00
godbykWe really do need to proofread the index more frequently, though.21:00
CarstenGfor the pot file, I mean ...21:01
godbykOh, if you can track down the problem quickly, then sure.21:01
CarstenGI give my best :-)21:01
godbykCarstenG: Any luck?21:12
CarstenGnot yet21:12
CarstenGthe "burning" entry is with the new \indexstart and indexend...21:13
CarstenGmybe there is the problem...21:13
cqfd93I too, think this "burning" entry might be the problem21:16
CarstenGand it is the indexstart and indexend :-) If I change it back to the previous syntax with |( and |) then it works...21:17
CarstenGthis burning entry is the only one , which has a @ inside. (in the group of indexstart and ~end)21:20
CarstenGso maybe this creates an error with the argument #1 in the \newcommand?21:22
godbykHmm.. I'm not sure.21:25
godbykI guess we'll have to poke around there.21:25
cqfd93Got to leave (time to go to bed) Bye!21:27
CarstenGYes, I will upload the change back from insexstart to |(21:27
CarstenGby Sylvie.21:27
CarstenGI will follow you in 5 min :-)21:27
godbykCarstenG: Okay.21:29
godbykOtherwise, I'm ready to generate the .pot file.21:29
CarstenGand push21:30
CarstenGonline :-)21:30
godbykRebuilding PDF...21:30
godbykYeah, that looks better.21:31
godbykGenerating pot file...21:31
CarstenGgreat :-)21:32
CarstenGok, time for bed now.21:32
godbyk'kay. See you later.21:32
godbykThanks for your help, CarstenG!21:32
CarstenGLet's see how much is translated tomorrow :-)21:33
CarstenGYour are welcome :-)21:33
CarstenGSee you21:33
CarstenGg night21:33

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