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hikikodid you have any problems with the libgbm recently? I upgraded to have the latest mir libraries and I noticed that an example program I write using gbm doesn't work anymore (runtime errors), i switched to debian where I have an old libgbm version and it works fine06:48
tvossRAOF, ping07:05
smspillaztvoss: its a public holiday in Australia today07:12
tvosssmspillaz, ah, thanks07:12
alan_gtvoss: ping10:05
tvossalan_g, pong10:32
alan_gdo you know anything about "hardware cursor"?10:32
tvossalan_g, no intimate details, but I have a high-level understanding of its purpose and idea10:33
alan_gtvoss: all I have are a few notes I made talking to racarr - which are a bit low level, sparse, and confusing now I look again10:34
alan_gI was going to talk to alf, but between one delay and another...10:35
tvossalan_g, yeah, so how can I help?10:36
alan_gMaybe you can't - I was just hoping10:36
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alan_gSigh!  Why doesn't mir run from a remote terminal any more?14:27
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kdubmorning folks, status, hunting bugs15:05
alan_gafternoon kdub, status trying to understand how some of the code works15:06
kdubanything i can help with?15:07
alan_gIt's the gbm code, I think I just have to keep going until I get the right idea. :(15:08
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alan_gWhat I'd really like to do is run mir from a debugger in a remote terminal so I can step through it, but it doesn't seem to like not being in a VT.15:10
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alan_gracarr: what's the weather going to be like? Do I need shorts? Rain gear? ...16:03
alan_gIs the forecast accurate?16:04
racarralan_g: Who knows if the forecast is accurate16:05
racarrthe weather should be really good though today is our first overcast day in weeks16:05
racarrit would be pretty weird if it rained more than once16:05
alan_gespecially in the office16:05
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kgunnracarr: kdub ....i think i forgot to tell you guys, i'm going to EOD early & i'm out tomorrow17:12
kgunni have to drive to alabama to fetch my daughter/stuff from dorm17:12
kgunnsee you in oakland17:12
racarrSee you!17:21
racarrhave a good drive17:21
racarrI am going to be out from about 10 minutes from now for about 2 hours to look at an apartment :)17:22
racarr/win goto 3917:22
tvosskgunn, see you in Oakland17:26
alan_g|lifekgunn: see you there17:29
racarrWheeee oakland17:31
tvossracarr, ping18:03
racarrtvoss: Pong18:17
racarrabout to leave (need to within 5-10 minutes for an apartment showing)18:18
racarrbut what's up?18:18
tvossracarr, nothing special18:18
tvossgood luck for the appartement though18:18
racarrThanks :)18:19
racarrI am hoping to make a video today :) I fixed up all the quirks in the terminal18:19
racarrso emacs is usable now...haha18:19
racarrbut then when I tab more than a few times there is a crash18:20
racarrso I have to fix that...then video!18:20
racarrGotta run. cheers :)18:22
tvossracarr, cheers :)18:40
arssoni know this is mir channel, but could anyone tell me how to get nvidia official drivers to work in ubuntu 13.04? after installation desktop disappears.19:12
arssonor DE19:18
robert_ancellRAOF, Did you have any complaints about https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/surface-states-simplification/+merge/160583?20:59
robert_ancellkdub, is there a reason not to do ensure_no_live_buffers_bound in the destructor? I guess because the destructor may not have a GL context?23:07
kdubin the destructor of what? glRenderer?23:08
kdubglRenderer's lifetime is the same as the compositor, so on every draw, we don't construct/destruct the glRenderer23:10
kdubthe object that is in charge of securing and freeing texture resources for glRenderer is the (perhaps poorly named) RenderingOperator23:11
robert_ancellkdub, ah, cheers23:14
robert_ancellthomi, still busy? Can I get you to enable CI for unity-greeter?23:20
robert_ancellor tell me where to file bugs to request that23:20
thomirobert_ancell: CI and autolanding? for lp:unity-greeter?23:20
robert_ancellactually I'm not sure if someone else has done it - any way to check?23:21
kdubthomi, do you know if we're generating mir armhf packages anywhere?23:22
thomirobert_ancell: the easiest way is to look either in the jenkins server, or in the cupstream2distro-config source23:22
thomilet me check the jenkins server quickly...23:22
thomirobert_ancell: looks like it's already enabled23:23
robert_ancellthomi, ah, cheers - what is the URL for the jenkins server?23:23
thomithe public interface is jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com23:23

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