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one______How do I install the java plugin?06:35
one______I bumped it in there but its not on the plugins list.06:36
one______In the firefox browser.06:36
Tm_Thi one______, this is not a technical support channel (channel topic is worth reading) (:06:37
one______Oh well operator abused me.06:38
one______That is why I cannot get into #ubuntu06:38
Tm_Tif you want to try sort out the reason why you cannot get into the support channel, this is the right place06:38
one______ok you sort it out06:39
Tm_Tfirst of all I would like to hear from you when and why you got banned, as I don't know the details yet (:06:39
one______I do not have the sorting.06:40
one______Operator abuse.06:41
Tm_Tyou should know something about the situation as you knew it's ops abuse06:41
one______Only operators have the sorting function.06:42
one______Do not re sort to this.06:42
one______Operator abuse sort function.06:43
Tm_Tone______: I'm reading some logs here and it seems that you've been warned and banned several times in the past because of the same issue, you're aware of this?06:44
one______you are?06:44
Tm_TI see records, I'm asking if you do remember this all06:45
one______I see records?06:45
one______Do you?06:45
one______What records are they?06:46
one______I hear records fievel goes west?06:46
Tm_Thow amusing specimen you are, this kind of behaviour wont get you unbanned (:06:47
one______Often wonting.06:47
one______Where is you and who made me his attorney.06:48
one______who, who06:50
one______Dis yu hear that?06:50
one______Must be an owl in here.06:51
* one______ cringes face and looks above and around06:51
one______Is it my blood you want?06:53
* one______ points finger06:54
one______You can't handle the truth.06:54
one______Operator abuse.06:57
one______This is the sort of abuse.06:58
one______Somwhere out there07:02
one______Someone is thinking of me.07:03
one______Somwhere out there07:03
one______Someone is saying a prayer07:03
one______Somwhere out there07:04
one______If love can see us through07:04
Tm_Tone______: thank you for cooperating, see you later07:06
bazhang<AlexeiRomanov> my father Nicholas is going to be very heavy handed with Canonical.... if i don't get 13.04 by morning.07:23
bazhangin #k07:23
bazhang@mark #kubuntu [AlexeiRomanov] (~quassel@cpe-76-171-11-147.socal.res.rr.com): AlexeiRomanov <AlexeiRomanov> cold hearted human calculators are crude, diseased spirits... goodbye.07:29
ubottuThe operation succeeded.07:29
bazhangI always check if there's a channel before recommending someone might find more/better help there07:32
bazhang<Guest84273> how to fix lua problem?07:33
vibhavops, can you update the #ubuntu-release-party topic to show the ubuntu-announce ML link?11:08
vibhavSomething like "Announcements will be posted at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2013-April/thread.html"11:10
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Myrttinice that for once the release is done early-ish in the day12:10
jribMyrtti: came here to mention the same thing12:16
jribwe won't have the "when is it out" chorus now :)12:16
jribanyone care to update /topic?12:17
Tm_Tlet's wait couple days12:18
Myrttiwell, the proper release is done next week Sunday, anyway12:18
makaraHI. I can't get into #ubuntu12:20
makarait redirected me to ##fix_your_connection and told me to poke the channel operator12:20
k1l_makara: as i told you, you got forwarded since you join/parted alot. but i removed the ban in the meantime12:20
makarawhich I did12:20
makaraand now I still can't get in12:20
jribMyrtti: what do you mean?12:21
k1l_jrib: just another debian is better/more important/ . rant12:21
Myrttijrib: http://bits.debian.org/2013/04/release-date.html12:21
k1l_makara: if everything is sorted out now please dont idle in here. thanks12:22
Myrttik1l_: if I'd want to rant, I'd be on #ubuntu-offtopic or elsewhere. As of now, I'm only teasing you.12:25
ubottuIn #ubuntu, cfhowlett said: !torrent use torrents ... bandwith is limited via direct download13:07
Picijussi, tsimpson: could we please get the curStable encyclopedia config settings updated for Raring?13:10
LjLi'm leaving for a few days. i should be able to connect and tweak/kill PartyBot as needed, but if not, i'm sure you can find some way to terminate its existence13:18
LjLit's running on ubottu.com this time13:19
Picitsimpson: thanks :)14:30
bazhang<UserError1> when in doubt, zero it out16:12
bazhangnot sounding very safe!16:12
h00kI agree16:14
bazhangubuntu secure remix is supported?16:14
h00kNot that I'm aware of?16:15
h00kAnd aren't kernel upgrades generally security related?16:15
bazhangoh yeah16:16
bazhangskype is malware. more details at msn.net16:17
bazhangKubuntu forces upgrades?16:20
h00kI meant > :(16:22
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, blitz said: !8ball is the usb device number static17:20
h00kthere's no !spam in #ubuntu19:20
Tm_Th00k: elaborate?19:23
Tm_Tthere's no spam factoid at all AFAIK19:25
Tm_TI'm unsure if it would be even needed19:25
h00kI thought there was one19:26
h00kmaybe I am mistaken19:26
h00kAnyway, I wanted to be like 'Please don't spam, we don't like it' without typing it.19:27
h00kSo I figured we had a factoid cause I was being lazy19:27
Tm_Tbot shouldn't be replacement for human interaction19:27
Tm_Tmerely a support tool (:19:27
h00kSure, but other factoids like !language save the repetative typing19:28
PiciIts the same reason why we got rid of the !hi factoid.19:28
Piciwell, similar at least.19:28
h00kHi, and welcome, etc, etc.19:28
Tm_TI don't even use language factoid nowadays, I just say it directly to the person instead (:19:29
h00kI usually do too :( most of the time19:30
17WABHR08Would you like to play a game of java chess?19:41
17WABHR08Feel free to msg my client if you wish to play.19:42
DJones...to many?19:48
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ThatOneRoadieCheers guys; fdsdf in the main channel is dropping NSFW/Gore links :D21:45
k1lThatOneRoadie: thanks21:46
ThatOneRoadiethankee sir21:46
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ubottuSonikkuAmerica called the ops in #ubuntu (GET IN HERE! SPAM!)22:21
ubottuIn ubottu, SonikkuAmerica said: !lang is !language22:42
mernilioHi all! I dont want to complain, but im banned from ubuntu-offtopic. I Really dont know why. Prolly because i said something stupid. But it would be nice to be un-banned from that channel.23:48
mernilioI often say stupid things while being drunk .. or reveal my religious faith being an orthodox muslim.23:49
mernilioEven though the good book dont allow us to use alcohol... :-P23:50
mernilioWell fertalizers and stuff do make us high....23:51
mernilioWith that said, Sorry for you Boston guys with that bombing. Im self a long-distans runner and i feel bad about it!23:52
mernilioBut its really a stunt from the american mlitary indistry to keep you on your toe.. with "terrorism". It was in matter of fact two brothers who had bought powder from a chinese store.23:54
mernilioIt doesnt matter with 3 people dead, but i doesnt make up American drones flying and shoot patriot missiles in Pakistan either!23:56
mernilioFirst: The drone-programme is a civilian programme in the US. Second. Pakistan is an allied with the United States. It is very strange an allied can go in and bomb on you own territory!23:58

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