LargePrimeit iw worth haveing the host to install a different OS?00:04
LargePrimeis it*00:04
LargePrimeRoyK: maxb00:05
LargePrimeand also thank you for your help00:05
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LargePrimeI want to set up my 2 ssds in raind 1 for one portion of the drives and raid 0 for another portion of the drive. can that even be done via ssh?01:10
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thinkerwebI have 1 drive out of 2 of software raid 1, I've lost "/dev/sdc1 BIOS --fs Boot Partition bios_grub Flag", "/dev/sdc2 fat16 fs EFI System Partition boot flag", "/dev/sdc3 ext2 fs Linux Boot Raid raid Flag", "/dev/sdc4 --fs Linux LVM Raid raid Flag", How can I make this system bootable03:11
jetoleHey guys. Does anyone know what the url would be for the key for this ppa? I am trying to add it as a repo to preseed install and reading about how the d-i will complain if no key but shows how to add one via preseed03:53
pmp6nlHello, where is the default PostgreSQL database location in Ubuntu 12.04.? Thanks!04:46
blkperlpmp6nl: what do you mean? you mean the datadir?04:51
blkperlrun `pg_lsclusters` and grep the config file for datadir04:52
pmp6nlblkperl, are the databases saved in a directory somewhere that I could download them manually or capture them via rsync?04:54
blkperlpmp6nl: you can you use pg_dump to dump them to a file, then rsync them05:00
pmp6nlblkperl, ok so they have to be dumped first.  They cant just be grabbed from whereever when the server runs rsycn every so often?05:00
blkperlpmp6nl: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.1/static/backup-dump.html05:01
blkperlfor more general backup stuff: http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.1/static/backup.html05:01
pmp6nlThanks blkperl !05:01
blkperlpmp6nl: read the docs and figure out what works best for your use case :)05:01
pmp6nlwill do05:01
bryan_I need some help with UFW, I added port 51413 so I can access Transmission but it still won't let me access it remotely06:15
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AtuMcan plymouth be removed from 12.10 ?07:48
lens|workhi guys - i have multiple virtual hosts in my ubuntu box. is it possible to access them in lan using different ip address for each virtual host, so that i don't have to mess around with my hosts file ?07:48
AtuMlens|work, use bridge so each vm will have its own ip.. are you using nat?08:01
AtuMhello. it looks like my ubuntu server stalls on boot.. it seems to load most services and then doesn't show the logon screen on tty108:04
AtuMI've tried to disable a few things on bootup but it doesn't help.. it might be a plymouth issue but I don't know how to troubleshoot this08:05
AtuMthe server also won't go to reboot.. I have to break it with sysrq08:08
lens|workAtuM, i'm gonna go with creating a vm for each virtual host08:14
AtuMlens|work, oh.. you're talking about apache virtual hosts?08:15
AtuMlens|work, if you're using apache, then you can have more ips in the box and have virtual hosts definitions set for each of those ips.. i believe it should be quite simple to set up08:26
jamespagezul, please an I have a updated nova for the cloud-archive please - the changelog is not in sync with raring08:55
[S^K]I have installed ubuntu server on an Amazon EC2 instance, when I try to create a file using "sudo cat > file.conf" I get permission denied. sudo is working for all other command though. How can I fix this?08:58
[S^K]I cannot use sudo su for security reasons08:59
ogra_[S^K], use tee09:02
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:02
ogra_see the help page it has examples09:03
[S^K]ogra: how would I create the file to tee into though?09:23
jamespageyolanda, uploaded all four of those SRU's for precise - lgtm09:36
mlasalaHello! I have a question about "Ubuntu Server". I'm trying to install Ubuntu Server 1209:52
mlasalasorry, I press enter b4 finish writing :/09:52
mlasalaI want to install Ubuntu Server 12.04 JeOS as this guide says: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/jeos-and-vmbuilder.html09:53
mlasalabut when I press F4 in the installation screen I only see "Normal" option. I can't see the "Minimal installation"09:53
mlasalaAnybody knows why it doesn't appear? There is any other way to do this?09:53
mlasalaWell, I figured out what happened. Seems the 12.04.01 rev doesn't had this option. The last one 12.04.02 has all the options included.10:03
zuljamespage:  will do so this mornign10:05
jamespagezul, cinder required as well - but I guess you know that!10:38
zuljamespage:  yep10:38
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LargePrimeI am setting up raid on a dedicated server I bought.  How do i repartition and format without having a "boot" screen?11:01
xnoxLargePrime: what do you mean by "boot" screen?11:01
LargePrimei only have ssh access.  and I am a rather large noob.  Can i reformat and repartition from ssh?11:02
LargePrimeif you have a link or a search i should do, that would be great11:03
zuljamespage:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca11:04
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jamespagezul: +111:04
xnoxLargePrime: well you need to do pxe boot with ssh support (dropbear) to launch installer. and then you can setup everything.11:09
xnoxcheck out debian-installer guides11:09
zuljamespage:  thanks uploaded11:13
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spidernik84Hello everyone! I'm looking for a way to safely preseed an LVM encryption password but I can't seem to find a way to pass it hashed. I managed to pass it to the installer via the preseed line "partman-crypto partman-crypto/passphrase password <pass>" but it's in cleartext12:28
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xnoxspidernik84: it must be clear text. there is no secure way to preseed the partman-crypto password.12:42
xnoxspidernik84: i recommend changing passwords later or control key distribution in some other way.12:43
rbasakI'm not sure it makes any sense to do that. The installer needs an unhashed passphrase or at least the LUKS header and derived key (or whatever it's called) in order to install. And generally the installer is bootstrapped over TFTP and can be MITMed there. Bug 833994 may be relevant to you though.12:43
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 833994 in debian-installer-utils "debian-installer does not support https when using with preseed files" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83399412:43
spidernik84thanks :(12:43
spidernik84So it's basically safer not to preseed them and type them12:44
LargePrimeshould we be using btrfs ?12:44
spidernik84how would you deploy encrypted machines on a large scale?12:44
rbasakUse a secured management network12:44
spidernik84we're talking about 10 machines in our case but it's still good to think in perspective12:45
spidernik84thanks to all :)12:45
LargePrimeinstalling a new server.  Is it wise to us btrfs on a server?12:46
xnoxLargePrime: no.12:46
LargePrimeext4 i guess?12:47
xnoxLargePrime: if you don't know what you are getting your self into, it's probably not wise =)12:47
xnoxLargePrime: ext4 is default trusted and proven.12:47
spidernik84is btrfs still a promising fs or just hype?12:47
LargePrimei rarely have a clue what i am doing12:47
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xnoxspidernik84: it's not stable until it's used, and it's not used.13:23
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LargePrimexnox: can i bugg you?  how many patitions does a server need?14:05
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LargePrimeis ext4 always better than ext3?14:50
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dpb_connect oftc14:57
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SpamapSjamespage: hey, any reason to not release the quantal 2012.2.3 openstack updated packages? They seem to have been in quantal-proposed for 15 days... bugs are all green. ?16:26
SpamapSadam_g: ^16:26
SpamapSDaviey: ^16:26
DavieySpamapS: one moment16:27
ScottKSpamapS: There's probably a few packages in that state.  We've been a little distracted.16:28
DavieySpamapS: I am happpy for them to progress. If it's not done today, I'd not like it done until Monday16:30
SpamapSDaviey: right, it being Thursday and all.. figured now is better. :)16:32
SpamapSthough one could argue "it is Friday in half of the world"16:33
DavieySpamapS: I decided it was Friday evening around lunchtime today.16:36
SpamapSDaviey: ok, I'm going to push the big button and sru-release horizon,glance,nova,keystone,cinder,quantum16:40
DavieyPerfect, thanks.16:40
DavieyDuck. and. Cover.16:40
SpamapS$ ./sru-release quantal horizon glance nova keystone cinder quantum16:52
adam_gSpamapS, thanks17:01
tmclaugh[work]Hi, anyone on here use kickstart for building Ubuntu hosts?17:16
tmclaugh[work]wondering how common it is v. using preseed.17:16
jamespagethanks SpamapS17:16
jamespagenow we can do 2012.2.417:17
SpamapSits like the changes never stop17:17
DavieySpamapS: I blame upstream.17:19
SpamapSDaviey: no, definitely users are the problem17:21
SpamapSDaviey: if users would go away, upstream would have no problems.17:22
DavieySpamapS: I'm lobbying to turn off CI.  It keeps raising issues.17:22
SpamapSDaviey: probably best to just turn off launchpad really. ALl it does is report bugs.17:23
adam_gDaviey: down bugs.launchpad.net while you're at it17:23
Davieyadam_g: I suspect there are a few bugs not closed by that SRU just released.  Using the changelog parsing tooling we have, can you check that is not the case?17:26
adam_gDaviey: ya17:28
Davieyadam_g: Also.. I need some info from you..17:30
adam_gDaviey: oh?17:32
Davieyadam_g: never mind. Sorted17:32
ckramerGuys, is there official Ubuntu Openstack Grizzly installation documentation available? I'm looking around http://ubuntu.com/cloud but not finding much tech documentation.17:46
Teduardois there a preseed command to tell ubuntu to stop being such a baby about deleting LVM data off of the disks?18:25
Teduardoi have purge_lvm_from_device and device_remove_lvm18:26
Teduardodefined, and it still refuses to remove it18:26
xnoxthere are a few more.....18:30
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GeorgeJHello folks!19:59
GeorgeJIs 13.04 safe to install on my personal server? Or should I stick to 12.10/10.04?20:00
stgraberunless you like updating twice a year, stick to 12.04 for servers20:00
GeorgeJI have no problem with updating.20:01
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GeorgeJI guess what I'm asking is: Is 13.04 stable enough for a personal server? Is there any reason not to sitck with it? Aer users reporting any major flaws?20:07
sarnoldGeorgeJ: the release notes have the 'major' flaws listed.. I've been running it on my laptop for a month or six weeks or so..20:08
GeorgeJI've been running it on my laptop aswell. There shouldn't really be stability differences between the desktop and server versions I'd guess, since it's the same base.20:09
kpettitanybody know of a Windows 7 client that can backup a windows computer to ssh?  I'm trying to find a simple easy to configure tool20:30
GeorgeJkpettit: Wat?20:31
kpettitTrying to find a simple windows backup program that I can say "Backup these list of folders to SSH/SFTP in this folder..." type of thing20:32
ScottKThat's "a bit" off topic.20:32
kpettitI've seen few tools to mount SSH as a windows drive letter and a few commercial tools.  But I was trying to find something more simple.20:32
kpettitI'm trying to backup to a ubuntu server.20:32
ScottKThat doesn't make Windows backup software on topic.20:32
kpettitMaybe there is a better backup server on Ubuntu that has a good Winodws client20:33
ScottKI can live with that question.20:33
* ScottK hasn't run Windows in almost a decade, so no idea though.20:33
kpettitI just hate all the closed sorce "cloud backup" crap.  Just want something to work with my ubuntu server.20:34
kpettitAlot of the ubuntu backup software I've tried has been very cumbersome.20:34
sarnoldkpettit: at least one user here recommends bacula regularly, and wikipedia claims windows clients: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacula20:34
* kpettit looking at bacula...20:34
kpettitI've tested it before, but it's been a few years.20:34
GeorgeJkpettit: You can use WinSCP to transver files over SSH to a SSH box.20:39
kpettitGeorgeJ, yes.  I'd love something like that, that was automatic.  Something like a rsync script is all I need.  Backup seems more server driven from what I'm reading20:40
sarnoldkpettit: I think I've used this before http://www.rsync.net/resources/howto/windows_rsync.html20:41
kpettitsarnold, sweet.  That looks promising.  Thanks20:44
GeorgeJkpettit: Also, cygwin can provide you with some unix tools, if that's what you're actually looking for.20:47
GeorgeJBut be carefull, I don't think permisions translate well between windows and linux.20:48
kpettitI've thought about that.  But it's a bit to big/combersome for simple backup20:48
GeorgeJWhat kind of backups do you want to do, anyway?20:49
GeorgeJA one-time backup? Or regular backups?20:49
kpettitregular backups.  Mainly trying to keep a copy of documents.  Outlook pst files, etc.20:49
kpettitI dont' want to mess with Windows OS backups.   Dealing with Windows is such a pain in the but.20:50
ssfdre38im having some problems with L2TPServer as im following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/L2TPServer and i get http://images.ssfdre38.net/images/FndZ6.png as my errors20:50
GeorgeJWell, I'm sure there's some kind of incremental backup system for Windows that can upload files via SFTP/FTP.20:50
kpettitGeorgeJ, I'm testing out that rsync windows backup client right now20:51
GeorgeJOr, you could just run Winblows within a VM, heh.20:51
kpettitI wish.20:51
kpettitI'm used to dealing with servers.  This desktop support stuff sucks20:52
RoyKkpettit: bacula works well, it's pita to setup, but once you know the basics it works well20:52
xet7Another option for backups is http://www.duplicati.com20:52
kpettitRoyK, can the user set what they want to backup, or is that all done on the server end?  That's what I was struggeling with looking at it20:52
GeorgeJkpettit: Well, TBH. I'm still using a Windows box atm, for my desktop. But once my SSD's arive, I'll be ditching Windows for ubuntu full-time.20:53
RoyKbacula is server-side only20:53
kpettitxet7, ohhh that looks nice20:53
GeorgeJThere's just no reason to keep using Windows. It's really slowing me down.20:53
GeorgeJUbuntu* heh20:53
kpettitGeorgeJ, I've got both running side by side.  I'm kind of forced to for development20:54
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ssfdre38can anybody help me with it?20:56
sarnoldssfdre38: wild guess.. does that kernel provide everything you need for ipsec?20:58
ssfdre38it should20:58
sarnoldssfdre38: you might want to read through the sources of the init scripts to try to see what steps they are doing to check for ipsec support and check yourself ..21:00
ssfdre38it starts up fine with no errors but when i do a check it display that http://images.ssfdre38.net/images/FndZ6.png21:01
kpettitxet7, that duplicati program is exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks21:01
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petey_is it possible to have a usergroup and user with the same name?21:16
petey_i think i did that21:16
petey_typing in 'groups' i get sudo, peter (my name)21:16
sarnoldpetey_: it is in fact usual for a user and the user's primary group to be the same name21:18
petey_oh okay21:20
petey_so i think i created a new usergroup - i need to add someone else to have access to files21:20
petey_but its not showing up21:20
petey_the usergroup 'dev' already exists21:22
petey_but i cannot make it the owner of the files21:22
LargePrimeRoyK: so i converted to 12.0422:02
shaunoIs there a workable tutorial for raising an openstack proof-of-concept on 13.04?  I'm running into wall after wall of outdated docs22:32
zapotahtheres something that has been bugging me for a while now. What features (or something?) were so important that ubuntu went with kernel 3.5 instead of something else for 12.04.2?22:45
sarnoldzapotah: iirc, they wanted to use the same kernel for 12.04.2 as for 12.10, so that installing 12.04 LTS on UEFI machines would stand a chance..22:47
zapotahsarnold: I see. Were there some uefi related critical changes in 3.5? (Havent read every kernel release note...)22:48
sarnoldzapotah: I don't know either, sorry22:49
zapotahsarnold: okay. thanks.22:49
bjrohanHey everyone. I am installing Ubuntu Server 13.04. I am at a point where it is asking what I would like to install. What is the difference between Kubuntu Active and kubuntu desktop22:50
sarnoldbjrohan: you may wish to ask in #kubuntu22:51
bjrohanok, thanks :-22:54
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